Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s05e22 Episode Script

Atlantis Attacks

- [GROANING] - [BASK] Your king has been defeated.
From this day forward, you will all show obedience to Bask.
Well? Kneel! Still loyal to your brother, the Black Panther? He is weak.
He made Wakanda weak.
His fate is decided.
That fate is death.
I could not challenge you for the throne, but I found one who could.
And you did the work to bring her back.
So, know this with your last breath: you were bested by me! [GRUNTS, YELLS] - No! - Aah! [GRUNTING] Wait! What? What's happening? - No! Let go! - Shuri! Clear! - [GRUNTS] - Aah! [GRUNTS] Stop him! Cut off Klaue's arm if you have to! What? N-No, no, no! No, no, no! Queenie! All of you! I-I'm not doing this.
I want you to know that none of this is my fault! [YELLS] I did not do that! - I had nothing to do with that! - Come along, Klaue.
- We are leaving.
- You're not going anywhere.
White Wolf, everyone.
I think my invitation to this coup got lost in the mail.
[KLAUE] I'm not with them! I'm not with them! Quiet, Klaue! What? [BOTH GRUNT] [KLAUE YELLING] [YELLS] [ALL GRUNT] [YELLING] [GRUNTS] All right.
You're out now.
You don't need me anymore.
You stay with us, Klaue.
Right now, you remain my best weapon.
They're gonna be They're here.
[BOTH GRUNT] [ASCENDING WHIRRING] [PANTING] [ALL GRUNT] You're out of options, Black Panther.
Klaue, can you swim without your arm? Swim? But why would Oh, no.
No, no, no! Don't you do it! - Do it! Do it! - Brace yourselves! [ALL YELL] [GROANS, LAUGHS] Oh, what a rush.
[COUGHING] Eh? That is it! I've had quite enough of this entire affair, thank you very much! I only joined the Shadow Council to expand my business opportunities and maybe smuggle a little more Vibranium out of Wakanda without somebody in black pajamas punching me in the face! As far as I'm concerned, the whole of Wakanda can stay hidden in this stupid jungle for all time! I'm done! Well, looks like we finally broke Klaue.
He will return someday.
Forget about him.
Right now, we need to get Shuri out of there.
Shuri is right where she needs to be.
Oh, so you got a plan to go after Bask.
We are not going after Bask.
I'm sorry.
It sounded like you just said we're not going after Bask.
Hunter, Bask defeated me in combat.
I cannot challenge her again.
I cannot be king again.
Then I'll do it.
You know the law.
Only one of the royal bloodline may challenge her.
That means it has to be Shuri.
Yeah, but Killmonger's not just gonna let that happen.
- He'll try and stop her.
- And that is now our job.
If Shuri is to take the throne from Bask, we must find help.
What kind of help are we gonna find in here? [BASK] Princess Shuri, Killmonger thinks I should rid myself of you right now.
Execute you before you challenge me for my throne.
Would you do that, Princess? When the time is right.
In my own way.
There is great fire in you.
The same as my own.
Both of us have been saddled with weak brothers.
Both of them stood in our way.
Now both of them are gone.
You underestimate my brother.
He has only ever worked to keep our people safe.
He opened Wakanda's doors to the world and let Atlantis thrive.
Those water-breathers want to see Wakanda in ruins.
The Atlanteans only want justice for the death of their king.
Killmonger is responsible for that.
They'll come for him, in force.
They will demand we give him over.
Allow me to show you how I deal with Atlantis.
[DOORS THUD] - Shuri.
- Traitor.
Leaving her alive is mistake enough, my Queen.
But giving her freedom of the palace? Far too dangerous.
- She and her brother are - She is not your concern, Killmonger.
Do not think that by being my liberator you are now also my advisor.
Madame Masque, - is my weapon ready? - Nearly finished.
Just another few [TRILLING] The Atlanteans.
They're waiting for your response.
Watch, Shuri.
Wakanda, this is Elanna, Imperator of Atlantis and Ruler of the Deep.
I demand to speak to King T'Challa.
T'Challa is gone.
I am Bask.
I rule Wakanda now.
I order you to hand Killmonger over to us for the murder of my father, Lord Attuma.
Killmonger is Wakandan and will not be handed over to Atlantis.
If you will not give me Killmonger, then I will give you war! Ten thousand years ago, I drove Atlantis into the sea.
It seems you have learned nothing since then.
You see, Shuri? Your brother's coddling has let the Atlanteans grow strong enough to threaten Wakanda.
That time is now over.
I will show you all a new Wakanda, where no enemy will be allowed to thrive! Bask, you cannot do this! The Crown is too unpredictable.
Its power cannot be used safely! The Crown is the Sword of Wakanda, and I am the heart.
Atlantis has threatened us for the last time.
[WHIRRING] Elanna, I have considered your words.
Here is my answer.
The sea is no longer your home.
It is now a cauldron of my wrath! - No! No, you can't! - It is done.
What is the meaning of this? - My Lady, look out! - Aah! Witness, Shuri.
The end of an empire.
[WHIMPERS] Princess, Shuri.
There you are.
Where else would I be? The Dora Milaje won't let me out of their sight.
The Dora Milaje serve Wakanda.
You must do the same.
By becoming a monster, like you? Showing mercy to our enemies makes Wakanda weak.
One day they will rise again, and again Wakanda will crush them.
Atlantis is not our enemy.
Atlantis is not anything anymore.
[SCOFFS] You talk of strength.
You say my brother was weak, but T'Challa saw something you cannot.
And what is that? Wakanda, Atlantis they're not things.
They're not chess pieces to take or defend.
They're people who only want to protect themselves.
Force will be met with more force because you have given them no choice.
Someday you will come to see that [WEAPONS BLASTING] What? What is this? [ATLANTEAN] Atlantis, attack! [ATLANTEAN #2] Atlantis, attack! For Attuma! It is exactly as I told you.
Some of Atlantis has survived and invaded the city.
Prepare the weapon and we will finish them off.
No! You can't fire into the city! [GRUNTS] They are going to destroy our own people! - Your people! - Don't blame me.
Blame the Atlanteans.
It was never about them.
It was you! It's always been you! You blamed Bashenga, you blamed Atlantis, when all this time the weakness was you! How dare you! You look at me and see yourself.
I look at you and I see nothing.
A shell of a woman, with an empty heart! My heart burns for Wakanda! It has burned out.
The people who will die from that cannon they are Wakanda.
Their deaths will be by your hand.
Is that who you are, Bask? [ASCENDING WHIRRING] [SHIELD CLANGS ON GROUND] Stop the weapon.
I am not ready to slay my own people.
Madame Masque, proceed.
I said, stop the weapon! [WHIRRING INTENSIFIES] - [GRUNTS] - [KILLMONGER] I overthrew T'Challa because I wanted a leader with the strength to make the difficult choices.
It disappoints me, my Queen, to see you share his flaws.
You never wanted a leader.
You wanted a figurehead you could manipulate and Killmonger, stop the weapon now! Ah, my Queen, you cannot stop what I have already set in motion.
- [CREATURE SCREECHING] - [BLACK PANTHER] No! But I can! [BOTH GRUNT] [SCREECHING] Hunter, disable the cannon! I'm just getting to have all the fun today.
I'm more the "no strings attached" type.
[GRUNTS] [YELLS] But you have a nice flight.
[GRUNTS] No! [BOTH GRUNTING] A new Wakanda is rising one where you have no place! All this destruction all because of you! [YELLS] Your schemes will destroy Wakanda! I am saving Wakanda by doing what is necessary! - [GRUNTS] - Hah! [BOTH GRUNT] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [BOTH YELL] [BOTH GRUNT] [GRUNTS] [YELLING] How fitting your time ends here, at Bashenga's feet! It is his weakness that brought you here, T'Challa.
You are wrong.
[CRIES OUT] Bashenga was not weak.
[GRUNTS] He showed courage and sought peace! [GRUNTING] [BOTH GRUNTING] This world belongs to the strong! [YELLS] [YELLS] [CRIES OUT] [GRUNTS] This is my world, Killmonger, and you no longer have a place in it.
Black Panther! [GRUNTS] Elanna! You destroyed my city.
My people are scattered across the sea! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [YELLS] It was not me! Bask is the one who fired on Atlantis.
We can stop her together if we can All of you are guilty and all of you will suffer! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Out of my way.
I am your queen.
Not my queen.
We don't have time for squabbling.
We need to shut down the cannon.
The Princess speaks truth.
She has always been the smart one.
It's too late.
The overload can't be stopped.
The Crown is going to explode and wipe out the city.
[TIGER SHARK] I like the sound of that.
Hello, Princess.
You owe me a meal.
[ROARS] [YELLS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [ROARS] [YELLS] [BOTH GRUNTING] Hunter! [WHIRRING INTENSIFIES] [GROWLING] Shuri, stop that cannon! [BEEPS] [GRUNTS] I will pick my teeth with your bones! If I had a nickel for every time [YELLS] [GRUNTS] [GROWLS] [GRUNTS] [SCREAMING] [LAUGHS] [GROANING] I can't stop the cannon from overloading, but if I remove the Crown, I think it will power down.
That'll destroy you.
If I don't, it will destroy the city.
I have to try.
I brought this upon Wakanda.
Everything I have ever done was to protect our people.
I will not stop now.
[SCREAMING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Elanna, please! Stop this! You and I did not choose this path.
We do not have to follow it.
You destroyed my city.
Now I will drown yours! [YELLS] Aah! [GROANS, GRUNTS] [RUMBLING] [WAKANDANS CLAMORING] T'Challa, what's happening down there? Elanna is flooding the city.
I must destroy her trident, but I do not know if I have the strength to [YELLS] The Crown.
It's powerful enough for him to stop them.
Its power could also kill him.
Shuri, you must be strong.
You are Queen of Wakanda now.
Your people must come before your family.
Hunter, go.
Do what must be done.
[BOTH GRUNT] [GRUNTS, GROANS] Special delivery! [BOTH GRUNT] That is the second time you have saved my life today.
Well, glad someone's keeping count.
From Shuri.
No! The Crown is too dangerous.
Maybe, maybe not.
It's the only way to stop this.
- Bask says you can do it.
- Bask says? Hey, things move fast in Wakanda, huh? Now put it on.
Save the da [GRUNTS] [GROANS] Wakanda falls today.
All of you will fall! - Atlantis will - [YELLS] [BOTH GRUNT] [SCREAMS] Looks good on you.
[YELLS] [BOTH GRUNTING] Aah! Elanna, you must call off your attack.
Never! All this it is exactly what Killmonger wanted.
We can stop this, you and I! I don't want to stop it! Then I must! What are you doing? [ASCENDING WHIRRING] [YELLS] [GRUNTS] Forgive me for doubting.
Challenge me you did in your own way.
Let me help you.
No, Shuri.
Our only duty is to protect our people.
Do your duty.
Farewell, Queen of Wakanda.
There's nothing.
Nothing left.
It's all been taken from me.
Gone! Lady Elanna, we have survived the worst the shadows could throw at us.
- We can finally - [SHURI] Hunter! [GASPS] Hunter! [CRYING] It's all my fault.
We were just He is gone.
Brother! [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] [LAUGHING] This is the fate of all Wakandans.
There will never be peace between us.
Do it.
Take your vengeance.
Give me a warrior's end.
[SHURI] T'Challa.
[GROANS] Justice, not vengeance.
Bask called me weak because I would not be a sword against our enemies.
Mercy is our strongest shield against - against - I understand.
Tiger Shark has committed many crimes against Wakanda.
Punish him as you like.
And I promise to give you Killmonger.
Take him.
Deliver justice to your people.
Deliver peace.
Yes, T'Challa.
We have both paid too much today to not consider it now.
[BIRDS TWITTERING] You have done well restoring this place, Shuri.
Hunter always loved the tree house.
Hunter only loved it because you did.
But after all that went between us, I will miss him.
There's much work still to be done.
But when we wish to think of him, this is where we will come.
Very wise words, my Queen.
[SIGHS] I'm never going to get used to being called that.
- And you? - [CHUCKLES] What about me? Now that you are no longer king, what are you going to do? I believe I will take some time to spend amongst our people and to reflect on all that has happened.
[CHUCKLES] Be careful, T'Challa.
It almost sounds like you are going to retire those claws of yours.
Do not worry, sister.
Being your brother will always be exciting.
That will not change now that you rule.
Wakanda will always need the Black Panther.