Marvel's Cloak and Dagger (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

First Light

1 [soft piano music] [indistinct chatter] MISS AINSLEY: All right, girls.
To the barre.
Today, we're going to try a pirouette.
Start from first, and Tendu.
Fifth and close.
Perfect, Katie.
The rest of you are close.
Tandy, focus.
Let's try again.
- First positions.
- [thunder rumbles] [dog barking] BILLY: You sure it's the same guy? DUANE: Yeah, I'm sure it's the same system we put in.
Heard that a block away.
So, how we gonna get it back? Get what back? ROCKWELL: We installed a car stereo, and the rich prick stiffed us on it.
Ty, is that my hoodie? - It was in my room.
- [laughs softly] So, what we gonna do? Look, little man, you know how Mom and Pops are.
It's starting to rain.
You need to get home.
[thunder rumbles] [scoffs] - [thunder rumbles louder] - [indistinct chattering] GIRL: See ya, Tandy.
Hi, Mom! - [beeping] - [car drives off] [car horn honks] Research and Development, please.
Nathan Bowen's office, please.
Hi, Daddy.
All right, look, I'll pop the lock.
You slide out our B&O.
No big.
BILLY: They call it "grand theft auto.
" Grand literally means "big.
" Hey, man, we're just taking back what's ours.
- Yeah.
- So let's go to the cops.
[Rockwell laughs] The cops? Yeah, right.
- Come on, man.
- DUANE: Look, what are you so afraid of? If I get in trouble again, my pops is gonna beat the black off me.
Looks like he already did, B.
Yo, whatever, man.
Yo! [hangar clatters] [thunder rumbles] TANDY: Tendu.
[giggles] [car horn honks] Get in here, you waterlogged pumpkin.
Quick, quick.
Close that.
Let's go.
[scraping] [door unlocks] [thunder cracks] What happened to Mama? I think her back is still hurting.
How was practice? Did you chop a board in half? [giggles] That's karate, not ballet.
[chuckles] That's right.
Is her back ever going to get better? She's been taking a lot of pills.
- Look, we're all gonna be okay.
- [cell phone buzzes] I gotta take this.
It's work.
- [phone beeps] - Nathan Bowen.
[rain pours heavily] [indistinct police radio] - [Billy babbles] - [Tyrone gasps] Ty, what are you still doing out, man? You said you were scared, so I thought I'd do it for you.
So, you thugging now? What? You feel like a big man now? No.
I just feel scared.
Look, man, we're gonna go take this back, okay? [police siren whoops] OFFICER: Don't move.
Run! [siren wailing] NATHAN: If you shut the rig down, three very bad things are going to happen.
Number one, structural collapse.
And when the legs buckle, and the hull hits the water, that'll cause number two.
- [tires squeal] - A very large explosion.
And those two, they don't even compare to number three.
Complete energy dispersion.
Are you following? Come on, come on! [panting] - [tires screeching] - BILLY: Come on, let's go! OFFICER: 181, we're code six with two suspects.
Possible 459.
NATHAN: There's confidential, but there's also negligent.
- If this rig goes - [tires squeal] With all due respect, sir, I think it's time - that we call in the government.
- [loud rumbling] - Are - [metal clanging] [truck horn blows] - Daddy! - [tires screech] - [metal sheering] - [grunting] Come on.
Come on, come on.
Stay there.
OFFICER: Freeze! - Where's the other one? - He didn't do nothing! We were just taking this back.
I swear! [bottle clatters] - [explosion] - [gunfire] [grunting] - [gasps] - [water splashes] Billy! - [thudding] - [water pouring] [panting] Dad! Daddy! If I was not myself And you were someone else I'd say so much to you And I would tell the truth 'Cause I can hardly breathe [water rushing] When your hands let go of me [metal groans] [screams] - [metal crunching] - Daddy! And my feet brace themselves I'm there in the water [grunting] Still looking for love [explosion] - [energy surging] - I'm there in the water - [grunts] - Can't you see? Can't you see? [metal creaking] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh [distant electronic music playing] [knocking] So drunk in love From the look in your eyes The neon shining down on you I'm lost in the moment Said you could tell I built a few bridges I burned a few well But it don't really matter I'm over myself Tonight I wanna be somebody else In that lush life The usual.
I'll be dancing with you all night And something had me thinking We could stay this high - [women whooping] - I can't help feeling There's somewhere better with you In that lush life Baby, if you stay until the sunrise Maybe in the morning we could still be high I can't help feeling There's somewhere better with you - [steady breathing] - [distant voice yelling] COACH: controlling the boards! Manning, you take another three, and I am going to go back in time, and kill your grandmother! Johnson! Sixteen is owning you, son! He's throwing elbows.
Stripes isn't calling it.
So it's the ref's fault? No, I'm I'm just saying that Nothing, sir.
[R&B music plays] You look good out there.
Yeah, you too.
[chuckles] No.
I'm not a very good dancer.
Oh, so you're just here to floss in VIP? I'm here to meet someone like you.
You know, this really isn't my thing.
Mm, so what is? You're gonna think it's lame.
Now you gotta tell me.
I like a good house party.
You know, dope playlist.
- Mmm.
- Songs that can get inside of you.
And you can just chill.
- Pathetic, right? - No! It's kind of adorable.
I have a house.
Yeah, my uncle let me have the run of the place for the weekend.
Really? You got a dope playlist? - [crowd cheering] - [buzzer] [whistle blows] Come on, ref! [slow R&B music playing] Just two lovers trying to find our way back Hey, I think my dad used to drink this.
Used to? What? Is he in AA or something? No.
He's in the bottom of Lake Borgne.
You wanna talk about it? [scoffs] Not in the ever.
We are breaking the rules [buzzer] COACH: Let's go defense! [grunting] Come on, man! Come on, focus, Ty! Stay in the game! Cold as a valley - [kissing] - Where I lay my head [gasps] Hey, hey.
We have all night, right? Well, you tell me.
If this isn't gonna happen, then I need to get back out.
[scoffs] Um you know what? Hey.
I feel you.
- Maybe we should both leave.
- Now hold on.
I just dropped six bills on bottle service.
[clears throat] I'm gonna make double that tonight.
Doing what? - My side business.
- Well, what is that? [clears throat] Find rich kids slip a little something into their drinks and jack them of their rich kid stuff.
[weak chuckle] [grunt] Hey.
Are you okay? [sighs] Let's ransack this bitch.
Hellfire, hellfire Take my soul I'm waiting, waiting CROWD: Defense! Mothers, children Lock your doors I'm waiting - [grunts] - I'm ready to go [shouting] Are you kidding? Are you kidding me? [grunts] Hellfire, hellfire Take my soul I'm waiting, waiting I'm ready to go Yeah, mothers, children [grunting] Ref! What are you doing? Get off me! I'm ready to go Yes, I am - [grunting] - [whistle blowing] - [grunts] - [moans] - [grunts] - [clamoring] - Come on! - Hellfire, hellfire Take my soul I'm waiting Back up! Go to your bench! - [grunts] - REF: Get off the court! Come on! Go back to your bench! Mothers, children, lock your doors I'm waiting I'm ready to go [car engine idles] [car engine revs] [car drives away] [door unlocks] Go to bed.
Put on your face Know your place Shut up and smile Don't spread your legs I could do that But no one knows me No one ever will If I don't say something If I just lie still Would I be that monster Scare them all away If I let them hear All I have to say? I can't keep quiet No, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I can't keep quiet No, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh A one-woman riot Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I can't keep quiet For anyone - Anymore - [distant door slams] MOTHER: He cannot go around punching people.
- Cause no one knows me - [parents arguing] No one ever will If I don't say something - Take that dry blue pill - [arguing continues] They may see a monster [sniffs] [coughing] But I have to do this I can't keep quiet [arguing continues] No, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh - Oh, I can't keep quiet - Let it out, let it out now - No, no, no, oh - Let it out now - I can't keep quiet - Let it out, let it out now - No, no, no, oh - Let it out now - Oh, I can't keep quiet - Let it out, let it out now - No, no, no, oh - Let it out now I can't keep quiet Ooh, ooh, ooh No, I won't keep quiet MELISSA: You can't do this! These things belong to my husband! These things belong to the Roxxon Corporation.
We're taking them back.
MELISSA: Trip, tell them they can't do this.
This says they can.
Roxxon is placing the blame of the oil rig explosion on Nathan, saying he went rogue on some research project.
MELISSA: What about our insurance? TRIP: It's through the company.
MELISSA: And the house? TRIP: I'll find out what I can.
What do we do in the meantime? Just stay strong, okay? [train crossing bell dings] [car door opens] How'd we do? - We got five hundred.
- Five hundred? No, Liam, there's gotta be more.
That was a diamond necklace! Yeah, well, owner said that the diamond had micro-etching.
- Makes it traceable.
- What about the ballet tickets? That's $400 times two times a seasonal series of seven shows.
Well, they're useless in a week.
They get new barcodes.
Micro-etching? That's not a thing.
You got played! What's going on with you? Just hoping for more.
You need to blow off some steam.
I need to steal more shit.
Okay, I hear there's this party in the woods.
It's supposed to be pretty big.
[indistinct chatter] [school bell rings] [indistinct chatter] Tyrone.
Tyrone! Hey.
Hey, Evita.
The squad is throwing a party tonight in Culper Woods to celebrate you guys making State, and the rest of the girls made me promise to get you there.
They did? Give me your phone.
[scoffs] My phone? Look, after the game and everything Give me your phone.
Here's my number, and a GPS pin for the party, and here are a bunch of emojis that don't actually mean anything, [chuckles] but should remind you that I'm a human being who you will let down if you flake.
- You got it? - I do.
Just, um why you? Specifically? Emojis.
[soft piano music] Hello? Anybody home? Anybody drunk? Passed out? All of the above? [phone camera clicks] [unzipping] [pills rattle] [hip-hop music] Wait on it Everybody watching while the clock still ticking I'm gonna make a move, I don't need no rhythm I'm gonna make a move, I don't need no rhythm - [distant shouting] - Wait on it Everybody watching while the clock still ticking I'm gonna make a move, I don't need no rhythm I'm gonna make a move, I don't need no rhythm I ain't never on the scene West side blowin on some collard greens Got a feelin so spent I can never take no rest I ain't never on the scene West side blowin on some collard greens [indistinct chattering] I can never take no rest [grunts] Jesus! I'm sorry.
I had a day, and it's possible I started this party too early.
Yeah, you don't say.
[groans] Your jacket.
Is it ruined? No.
Noah, truth be told, I never wear this thing.
Probably use a little more high school experience on it.
[chuckles] Well, you should wear it more often.
Hangs nicely off your shoulders.
What's your name? Tandy.
Did you know my dad named me after his first computer? I did not.
Hand to God.
How 'bout you? My mother's grandfather.
And his name was? Uh, yeah.
[chuckles] Yeah, Tyrone.
Well, Tyrone this thing is useless, so I'm gonna go get some proper towels.
Something a little more "absorbating.
" Absorbative.
[snickers] Yeah.
I'd appreciate that.
EVITA: Tyrone! Hey, you made it! Emojis.
They they, uh, they hold power.
Come on.
Buy a girl a beer.
- That much power? Huh? - Mm-hmm.
[chuckles] Okay.
How much? Five bucks a cup.
Get one for her, please? What's wrong? My wallet.
It's TYRONE: Hey, blonde girl! EVITA: Wha [scoffs] [panting] [grunts] - [whooshing] - [Tandy exclaims] - [grunting] - [stone cracking] - [Tyrone panting] - [Tandy gasping] [Tyrone coughs] What did you do to me? What did I do? What was that? How should I know? Because your hands are doing the exact same thing, but Wait, are you that kid? From the beach? The beach? After the storm? - I gotta go.
- No, stop running.
Who are you? [gasps] [Tandy screaming] Hello? Uh Crazy white girl? [breathing hard] [metal creaking] [breathing heavily] [grunting] [sighs] - [patting] - [rustling] Do you believe in God? I just said his name a few times.
Liam, I'm serious.
God Heaven and angels.
I don't think so.
Did I ever tell you about that night? Car crash? No, not really.
- I mean, I know your dad - Died.
I really think I did, too.
Or, at least, I I should have, but There was this This what? This hand.
It reached out, and Forget it.
You know, you do that a lot.
Do what? You stop talking right when you're about to say something.
[birds chirping] [electricity buzzing] WATTS: We take any allegations of police misconduct quite seriously.
JOHNSON: Where's my other son? WATTS: Coast Guard found his body washed up last night.
What? Tissue test revealed drugs in his system.
- [Mrs.
Johnson gasps, sobs] - That's not true.
I want to see him.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Mom, Dad.
He's lying! You're lying and you know it.
One of them shot Billy.
I saw it.
We've got no evidence of that.
His body was in no state to look for bullet holes, but no officer fired a weapon that night.
Our search for video surveillance also turned up this.
[machine clicks] Tyrone? What what's what is this? Billy didn't do anything wrong.
He was just trying to help me.
And this cop just killed him.
WATTS: Red-headed? Scar on the left side of his face, that's what you said, right? That's what he looks like.
Son I've worked here for over 20 years.
I know everybody.
This cop you described, he doesn't exist.
CONNORS: Yeah, I'm on my way now.
No, they all seem receptive to the proposal.
It's a hell of a deal.
I got the real stuff with me.
I'll meet up with him later tonight.
All right.
All right, bye.
[cell phone ringing] [beeps] Vice.
[phone beeps off] [car door closes] [car engine starts] [zips] [water running] - [door opens] - MELISSA: Hello? Tandy, is that you? Uh, yeah.
Yep! [whimpers] Son of a [hisses, moans] Hey, Mom.
What are you doing here? It's been what? Two, three weeks? Oh, the pipes broke over at Liam's, so Finish your shift already? I finished my last shift.
That manager is an asshole.
Seems like all your managers are.
Right? But we don't need any of 'em.
This guy that I'm seeing? He's a lawyer.
Is this one married? He's noble, and he's smart, and he is gonna get us back into court again.
Mom, you know court has never been kind to us.
We're gonna buy that whole damn diner.
How's that sound to you? Yeah.
Yeah, sounds like a plan.
- Of sorts.
- Sweetheart, what happened to your hand? - You're bleeding.
- I'm fine.
- Let me look at it.
- Mom, I'm okay.
- [whooshing] - MISS AINSLEY: All right, girls.
To the barre.
[soft piano music playing] Oh, why don't you let Mommy try and help you? Around the front we tie it.
- And what do we do? - Bunny ears! A bunny ear.
And then another bunny ear.
Look at this little one.
She used to love dancing so much.
And we used to love watching her.
MELISSA: Everything was so perfect.
I loved you so much, and you loved me back.
And this one.
Oh, Nathan.
She used to be so full of hope.
[high-pitched ringing] What just happened? I don't know.
What do you mean? What do you mean, what do I mean? Did you not see that? No.
See what? Wha Well, we werback at the ballet, and Dad Did you really not see any of that? Tandy, are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm good.
Yo! Yo! Yo, thank you for stopping.
You got money in there? Uh, no, no, but listen, I can pay you back when when When I go on and get my dignity back.
[sighs] - [footsteps] - [knocking] Hey.
- What you been up to? - English.
I'm reading The Outsiders.
How was school today? - Same as always, I guess.
- Well, I hope not.
I got a call from them.
They say you didn't show.
- It's okay.
- It most definitely is not okay.
I know it seems bad, but it was just one day of school.
It's not just one day of school.
I don't know what's going on with you lately.
That fight.
- You stumbling up the stairs last night.
- I wasn't stumbling.
And don't think I didn't smell your jacket.
It reeked of alcohol.
I was at a party with some kids from school, Mom.
- What kids? - Enough already, Ma.
Enough of what? The smothering.
I get it! I miss him, too.
I'd do anything to get him back, but what I feel is already enough weight.
Ma, I don't need yours, too.
Weight? I - Is that what I'm putting on you? - Yes! You and Dad! It's it's like you're afraid if if I don't do everything just right, perfectly, you're gonna lose me.
Oh, baby, I wish it were that easy.
I'm afraid that even if you do everything perfectly, I'm gonna lose you.
You hear me on that? - You feel me? - Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
I, um - I'm sorry about school.
- Don't let it happen again, okay? No, ma'am.
[indistinct chatter] - Here you go.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
[classical music playing] - [rattling] - [engine idling] [rattling] [indistinct police radio] [panting] [indistinct chatter] MAN: Excuse me, miss? I think you dropped something.
RICK: Hello, again.
[waves lapping] [seagulls cawing] RICK: Told you she'd use the tickets.
You know how I knew? Because this little townie bitch thinks we're idiots.
Dude, look, I'm sorry I jacked your stuff.
Oh, yeah? How sorry? [struggling] - [scratches] - [Rick grunts] RICK: Oh, that's how it's gonna be, huh? - [Rick grunting] - [Tandy panting] Now, I'll see you guys at home.
- GREGORY: Rick.
- RICK: Good night.
- [whimpering] - Don't cry.
Come on, it's not like we haven't kissed before, right? It was a pretty good kiss.
You owe me one.
[indistinct police radio] [car stops] [car door opens] [car door closes] CONNORS: If we're gonna do this, now's the time.
It's set to move from the evidence locker to the oven tomorrow.
They're gonna burn 20 keys of baby powder.
How do I know it's any good? I got the NOPD forensic test for the whole batch.
Legit evidence said it's 96% pure.
- [grunts] - [exclaims] [grunts] [car engine starts] [tires screech] [grunts] - [Tandy gasps] - Go on, stop fighting.
- [Tandy gasping] - Come on.
[grunting] [belt unbuckling] Just give up.
No! - [Tandy grunts] - [Rick exclaims] [gasps] [groaning] [gasps] [Rick whimpering] [panting] - [Connors grunts] - [Tyrone exclaims] Who the hell are you? - [low rumbling] - [panting] YOUNG TYRONE: Billy! [water splashes] - OFFICER: What the hell did you do? - I don't know! OFFICER: You shot a kid! [Connors panting] Jesus.
- I need to call my uncle.
- What's he gonna do? CONNORS: He's gonna fix it.
[whooshing] [grunts] [gunfire] [gate squeaks] Please.
Don't shoot! [gunfire] [panting] [light piano music] Starlight raining over me Like drifting through a memory Wake up in your crystal sky We're floating just to feel alive Starlight raining over me Like drifting through a memory Wake up in your crystal sky We'll float until we fly [vocalizing] Fly Hey Fly Slowly falling through the night Illuminating coastlines Headlights toward the afterlife Bright enough to shine Colors fade into the waves Swimming through reality I see your eyes above it all I can hear you call Starlight raining over me Like drifting through a memory