Marvel's Cloak and Dagger (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Suicide Sprints

1 - Previously on "Cloak & Dagger" - Dad! Daddy! Find rich kids and jack them of their rich-kid stuff.
What did you do to me? Red-headed? Scar on the left side of his face? This cop you described, he doesn't exist.
Hello again.
Now you don't Now you see me Now you don't Going, going, fast as I can Going, going, fast as I can We don't know what we are running from We don't know what we are running from Leave the light on Leave the light on Leave the light on For myself when I come home Yes.
I know.
There is nothing wrong with selling out.
That is part of politics, but when you do, you need to get paid in capital.
Who pissed her off this time? Best I can tell, someone released a press release without her release.
I get a little perturbed.
You follow? With a company like Roxxon, you are already rolling the boulder uphill.
So, what are you gonna do? About what? About seeing the coach for the first time since you threw that punch? - I don't know.
- Well, here's what you do.
Show up early, practice free-throws, like Larry Bird.
What's with you and Larry Bird, Dad? Get me the number for Pest Control.
but he's underrated, and he's always had a good work ethic.
So, you think I lack work ethic? I think sometimes you're all over the place, Tyrone.
You know what? Forget about Larry Bird.
You want a role model? Look right there.
Eight years ago, fate pushed us down hard.
- Mm-hmm.
- She got up first and picked us up with her.
- I know.
- You know that, right? Yeah, of course I do.
Hell, be more like her.
Coach will want four more like you on that court.
I I don't think I could ever live up to that kinda game.
I don't think Larry Bird could.
But try, you know? For us.
Okay? You okay? I'm in deep shit.
- I need to get out of town.
- What happened? Do you remember that guy from the other night? At the club? Well he tracked me down and - He was pissed? - He was a lot of things.
Did he hurt you? I'm fine, okay? I got lucky and stabbed him in the gut to put him down.
Stabbed him with what? A knife, Liam.
What else do you stab people with? Since when do you carry a knife? All right, how about the guy? I mean, uh did you just hurt him or did you I mean, is he - I don't know.
- Okay.
And where is it now, the knife? - It's gone.
- Are you sure? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm positive.
- What are you doing? - Calling Saint Elizabeth's to see if anybody's brought him in.
No, call call Tulane Medical, the good one.
He comes from money, right? Yeah.
- Tulane Medical Center.
- Yeah, emergency room please.
Please hold.
What should I be hoping for? If he's alive, then that means he can still ID me.
If he's dead, then I killed somebody, which Jesus.
Which one should I be hoping for? Just control what we can control, okay? We'll get you to the dry cleaner's.
We'll get you some new papers.
We'll get you someplace safe.
Yeah? Yeah, okay.
You look tired.
Yeah, I had trouble sleeping again.
And the pills I prescribed? I'm not taking 'em.
Why not? The same reason I don't drink.
It's about having some control.
It's about having complete control.
Then explain that fight to me.
Why'd you hit the other boy? Because he's an asshole.
He pushed on me first, so I I didn't do anything wrong.
- Then why not tell me about it? - Because I I knew what you'd say.
And what's that? The same thing you've been saying for the last three years.
That losing my brother begat survivor's guilt which begat compulsive tendencies which results in bottled-up anger.
Old Testament verbs aside, you sound like you know what you're talking about.
Except it's not anger in the bottle.
Know what it is? It's poison coursing through your veins every day.
And when that bottle gets shook up the poison comes out in unexpected ways.
You have no idea.
What's that supposed to mean? All this anger inside of me What if it came out and pointed me to the person who poisoned me? If I could find the person who caused it? And punish him poison him? You talking about finding that cop? I thought you moved past that.
No, no, no, I'm just I'm talking about a "what if.
" What if this guy really existed? What if I could find him? This poison running through my veins, doesn't it belong in his too? Eye for an eye, right? Let me throw a "what if" back at you.
What if God heard you talking like this? What would He say? Who's to say He's not the one who gave me the idea in the first place? Let's keep on this topic tomorrow morning, okay? Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
"Has thou not known? "Has thou not heard "that the everlasting God, "the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the Earth, "fainteth not, neither is weary? "There is no searching of his understanding.
"He giveth power to the faint, "and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.
" "That bringeth the princes to nothing, he maketh the judges of the Earth as vanity.
" "Yea, they shall not be planted, "yea, they shall not be sown: "yea, their stock shall not take root in the earth: "and he shall also blow upon them, "and they shall wither, "and the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble.
"To whom then will ye liken me, "or shall I be equal? Saith the Holy One.
"Lift up your eyes on high, "and behold who hath created these things, "that bringeth out their host by number: "he calleth them all by names by the greatness of his might, "for that he is strong in power, not one faileth.
" "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength "they shall mount up with wings as eagles "they shall run, and not be weary and they shall walk, and not faint.
" Make me a channel of your peace Where there is hatred Let me bring your love Where there is injury Your pardon, Lord And where there's doubt True faith in you O Master, grant that I may never seek So much to be consoled as to console To be understood as to understand To be loved As to love with all my soul Make me a channel of your peace Where there's despair in life Let me bring hope Where there is darkness, only light And where there's sadness, only joy Everything you asked for will be in the left breast pocket.
- What about the ammunition? Is it - Everything you asked for.
Hey, Elmer.
- You know Tandy? - I know her work.
Listen, you guys wanna move swag, you have to come back after hours.
Listen, Elmer, we got in some trouble, and Tandy needs to get outta town, needs a new ID, ASAP.
Trouble? Did you commit a crime? I thought you said, "No questions asked.
" If you didn't commit a crime, I got a guy who can knock up a Minnesota for three bills.
But if you did, you'll need a much better one.
Okay, how much better for how much? It'll run you guys 11 grand.
Situation you're in, you're going to need a new identity, clean social, even an address of record.
I got a guy who can throw in a credit rating too.
Anyone comes looking for you, you're not you.
Then you can do whatever you want.
So, what do you want? I wanna leave New Orleans and I never wanna look back.
Then you're going to need legit docs.
Well, I don't have that kind of money.
I can scrounge up five or six.
Liam, no, you don't have to do that.
That guy that you hurt is in ICU, and he's going to wake up.
Clock is ticking.
Can you dig up the rest? Yeah.
Yeah, I can see what I have stashed away.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Tandy, is everything okay? Yeah.
Yeah, no, everything's good.
I just need to go to the bathroom and grab a couple things, so.
- Hi.
- Wow.
Uh Okay, uh, you must be Tandy.
This is Greg, my boyfriend, the one I've been telling you about.
Yeah, your mom has told me so much about you.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
It's a pleasure to do a lot of things.
Well, you know we we've been celebrating.
Greg has been working hard on a new angle for our Roxxon case.
He actually filed an injunction for us this morning.
In all fairness to your mom she's really been on top of it, you know, and I've been doing some digging Yeah.
No, it seems like you've really been working your pants off, Greg.
We don't talk to guests like that.
It's okay.
My bad.
Um, I have to use the bathroom and grab a couple of things.
- Before you go in there - Mom, I'll be out in a bit.
Honey, before you say anything Oh, anything, like, "What the shit?" Because what the shit, Mom? I wasn't certain whose it was.
Mom, we bought this bag when I was seven, remember? Hell.
Maybe you don't.
Honey, it was a moment of weakness.
Yeah, well, no one lives in the moment like you do.
Mom, please tell me you still have that cash.
We needed it for the injunction.
You cannot be this stupid! Watch your mouth.
This is my house.
No, this is not a house.
This is a temporary shelter.
And that is not your boyfriend.
He's just another asshole on a sex tour of the FEMA islands.
Are you really going to stand there all high and mighty, Tandy? Where'd the money come from? And the pill bottles, each with a different name? - You think I'm blind? - No, just that you don't care.
Okay, okay, why why don't we just sit down - Slow your roll, Greg.
- No, don't you talk to him like that.
You know, how about I just don't talk to anybody? Here we go.
Things must be getting tough, because Tandy's gonna run away.
If your father was still alive, I swear to God, he would be heart-broken! Well, there goes Fenwick's lunch.
Six more laps, young ladies, then maybe we will get to the business at hand! Wow.
There he is.
Coach, listen, I'm sorry late.
I lost track of time.
I didn't say, "Stop.
" Keep going while I update Mr.
Johnson on what we've been doing all day at practice.
Twenty-five for that haymaker you threw.
Fifty more because you were late.
I'm going to tack on another 20 because you actually had the balls to show up.
No, look, that's all on me.
Look, I'll suit up, and I'll take the punishment.
Hell no.
Stay in your civvies, get up on the bleachers.
Think about what you could have done different.
Twenty-eight more laps! - Thursday good? - No, I need these now.
The pictures are in, like, an hour.
I need you to fix the tear.
The "cumberbatch" too.
- Yes, yes, okay.
- Thank you.
This is only $5,500.
- Well, it's all that we have.
- Then you haven't got anything.
Come on, man.
There's gotta be something you can do.
This isn't a charity.
Do you trust me? - Course I do.
- Then hand me the money.
Here's the down payment, non-refundable.
- That's not how it works.
- We fail, you still profit.
Ain't that America? I just need to borrow one thing to get the rest.
Borrow what? Can I see the little button thingee? Hey.
How's it going? Boom.
Jenna Westen binged sushi on Bourbon.
- Tourists.
- Food poisoning.
That makes you my Harrison.
What's the play? Abandoned purses? No.
No, too small, too conspicuous.
There are three sensible cash grabs in here.
Cards in a cage, ready to be liberated, and the big cash bar over there.
Cash bar.
Cheap pricks.
And what's the third grab? Someone's in charge of the tips for the caterers, band, bartender.
Probably the wedding planner.
Sometimes I forget that you came from all this.
You know, she should have it on her person.
Should be at least a couple grand in there.
We need to find her, find a way to lift it.
What do we do if somebody talks to me? - Talk back.
- As Harrison Westen? Heck no.
Someone's bound to know the Westens aren't here.
- Anyone else.
- Who? I don't know.
Whoever you want.
Break all my bones Sell me a lie Help me feel all the hurt that began so I know I'm alive It's no life to get there Sittin' there playing with fire It's the last thought I held right now The more I feel I'm alive I wanna be free I want to be free from the fear in me Some things can break me But nothing can take down the part of me So if you're waiting, forever aching At least I'll be free - Free from - I wanna be free Free from the fear in me You've always been there for me through thick and thin, through my successes, but more importantly my failures.
And I'm not sure what I would've done without you, who I would've become without you there, every step of the way.
But you were there for every step every slip every time I got up again.
Thank you for this day and every one that's come before.
I love you so much, Dad.
Those schoolgirl days Of telling tales And biting nails are gone But how do you thank someone Who has taken you From crayons to perfume? Oh, it isn't easy But I'll try - Oh, what's up, Benny? - Hey, Ty.
You okay? I mean with what happened today, missing practice and everything.
Oh, you wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Try me.
We're on the same team, right? Yeah.
Yeah, man.
I suppose we are.
I mean, one of us messes up, we all pay.
That's what went down today anyway, right? All right, listen, guys.
I'm sorry you had to run suicides, okay? - I didn't mean to - You didn't mean to what? Miss practice? Hit that kid? Miss those two easy boards against Waverly? Look, what the hell are you guys doing? We're going to state finals next week, and we're concerned that you're gonna be screwing it up for us.
No, listen, I promise I won't I chatted up the wedding planner, but she doesn't have the cash.
- Okay, so who does? - The maid of honor.
Apparently, she insisted.
Linda did not appreciate her bossiness.
Linda's the wedding planner? Uh-huh.
And Delia that's the maid of honor is the thorn in Linda's side, treats her like the help, is always putting her nose in other people's business, and has resting basic face.
Is that a thing? No, but it should be.
Liam, thank you.
For what? For helping me with all of this.
For never asking any questions or second-guessing me.
Not ever, really.
Thank you for just being you.
You make it easy.
You remember the first time we met? Of course.
I was trying to get into Aperture.
With that horrible Utah ID.
Well, someone was busting my chops, asking for my zodiac sign.
You said vertigo.
It made you smile.
Yeah, it very much did.
Hey, but you didn't let me in.
Well, that would've been malpractice.
- But you came back.
- With a better ID.
Land of Lincoln.
I know I don't come from money or class like you do but if you give me a chance, I'll keep you safe.
I'll do what I can to make you happy.
I'll love you.
Tandy? Are are you okay? Tandy, what? Umm I have to I have to go.
Hey, Ma.
No, no, Coach kept us late running.
He was in a mood.
Yeah, it still kinda is, so, uh, might not be back for a bit.
Yeah, of course I'll stay safe.
Excuse me.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
Sorry, was I making a scene? No, not at all.
You look sad.
God! I'm such a No, you're not.
What's wrong? I run away from everything.
I mean, whenever anything goes wrong or hell, goes right, I I hightail it outta town.
- Sometimes literally.
- I get it.
I do it too.
- It's kind of you to say, but - No, I swear to God.
You know I switched my major four times? - Where'd you go to school? - Tulane.
- Is that how you met Lynn? - Yeah.
- How about you? - Obligatory distant cousin.
- Ah.
- So, what'd you land on? For a major? Clinical psychology.
Well, definitely broke down in the right place.
Huh! I don't know about all that.
I'm still limited to the basic questions.
- Like what? - Like "Tell me about your father and mother.
" The first one's dead, and the second one is killing me.
Is that what's upsetting you right now? No.
No, there's this boy out there who wants nothing more than to spend his whole life with me.
- Sounds horrible.
- Right? Me? All I could do is run away.
Maybe my Mom was right about me.
Okay, I need you to do me a favor.
Get it together, fix your mascara, and do something that'll make you happy tonight.
Drink, dance and worry about the rest of your life tomorrow.
Can you do that for me? Yeah.
Yeah, I can do that.
You feel better now? I really, really do.
Thank you for everything.
People went crazy over those figs in a blanket.
We gotta go.
- Come on.
- What's up? Resting basic face is onto us.
We gotta bounce.
No way.
No way! I told you he was trouble.
From day one, girl.
Yeah, I didn't.
Hold on.
Sorry, I'll just be I swear to Saint Francis I just had a $20 bill.
Can I get a fifth of the O'Harrens, please? - Hey.
- Hey, Mom.
- Sorry I missed dinner.
- Don't sweat it.
Thanks for calling to check in.
- Hey, Ma? - Yes, sweetheart? How do you do it? How do you keep it all together? Keep everything running like clockwork after all we've been through? We're not the first to suffer.
We won't be the last.
You're probably too young to remember this, but a while back I wasn't together by any definition.
But after some time, I came to a conclusion.
- What was that? - I had to put it away.
All the anxiety, all of the guilt.
If I couldn't then I'd turn it into something positive.
Did it work? Well, I'm keeping it all together, aren't I? Trying my best to put some good folks in office, make life safer for some other families.
That's amazing, Ma.
You okay? Yeah, I will be.
Thank you, Ma.
Mom, Billy's trying to make me eat cooties.
You don't eat cooties, you idiot.
You get 'em from a girl.
Don't make a scene, you two.
Stay close.
Don't wander off, Billy! Billy! Billy.
Tyrone! Tyrone! Tyrone! Tyrone! Tyrone.
Whoa! Oh.
- You okay, Ma? - I don't know why I'm so dizzy.
- Hey.
- Because you put too much on yourself.
What? No, it's important No, no, no, it's not.
Someone poisoned you.
A long time ago, Ma.
What are you talking about, sweetheart? Nothing.
- You just need some rest, okay? - No, there's just too much to do.
There's so much there's so much going on, you know? Yeah.
I know.
So, what happened to you when we were dancing? What made you run off? - It's kinda hard to explain.
- Try me.
I don't know if I can.
Can you I know that you live in that church.
What are you talking about? I know when you're lying, too.
- Liam, one time I - You're a good liar, but you're not as good as you think you are, not with me.
Why didn't you say anything? 'Cause you didn't you didn't want me to know, so I I didn't.
Look, I I know you've got your demons.
Everybody's got demons.
If you just give me a chance I can help you.
We can handle it.
Liam, listen.
There is no "we.
" Sorry.
Liam Walsh? You have the right to remain silent.
Leave the light on For myself when I come home Leave the light on For myself when I come home Hey, it's me.
Listen, I got pinched.
And, Tandy, I put all my money into your new life.
I I need your help.
Leave the light on For myself when I come home For myself when I come home For myself when I come home For myself when I come home For myself when I come home For myself when I come home For myself when I come home For myself when I come home For myself when I come home For myself when I come home For myself when I come home You don't know me at all You don't know me At, at, at Now you see me Now you don't Now you see me Now you don't Leave the light on What if I don't? What if I don't? Leave the light on For myself when I come home