Marvel's Cloak and Dagger (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Funhouse Mirrors

1 Previously on Cloak and Dagger We're just taking back what's ours.
- Tyrone? - Duane? - Look at you! - So you own this place? What if you could get Connors on something else? Like dealing drugs? He cleared the field for a mystery dealer to play monopoly.
I don't work for you.
We're partners.
Partner is not the word you're looking for! Not after the night you shot my boy.
ROXXON is placing the blame of the oil rig explosion on Nathan.
I've been looking at my dad's old papers.
Trying to connect the dots.
My name is Mina Hess, and I'm working with ROXXON Gulf to save the world.
So, we're doing a reading? How go things with that boy of yours? - He's not mine.
- He's yours enough.
Is this your way of having "the talk?" Cause you're kinda predicting the past.
This reading ain't for you.
It's for this city of ours.
So, what's wrong with the city? Shit goes down from time to time.
And why do you need me? I ain't smellin' sex on you, but a connection to a power.
The power I felt in that boy.
What does Tyrone have to do with anything? I don't know yet.
That's what the reading is for.
First, we look at the past.
Then, the present.
And if the Loa are with us today, we'll see the future.
Sorry I'm late.
Uh Miss Hess? You on a field trip or something? No.
No, I'm Liz.
Your new intern? I didn't ask for an intern.
- But Mr.
Caruthers said - Caruthers? Yeah, okay.
I get it now.
Oh my God.
Is this not a thing? I didn't ask for an intern.
I just saw you speak and I got really excited to learn from you, and You know what, wow, I I'm sorry to waste your time.
You're gonna need waders.
The good kind.
Never cheap out on waders.
And pick up some heat-resistant gloves, goggles, snake-repellent, mosquito hat, two feet of netting, bug spray.
that's just leaving money on the table.
I'll replace your ass if I hear you skipping clubs again.
Spot in the quarter first, then uptown.
Make sure your count and your product is right.
Keep your head on, and don't go visit your little girlfriends.
I got it, yo.
What you doin' back here, little man? Wanted to see about a job.
You want to fix houses? I wanna work with you.
Got no openings.
Look, I could really use something after that game.
I feel you.
Tough break about State.
I been there.
But you played with heart.
That's what counts, right? Doesn't change what happened.
That was my last game.
I don't know, I'm just wondering if I chose the wrong path, you know? If I should find something else to do.
You don't want to do what I do.
You're smart.
You could work in an office.
No, man, I wanna be here.
Back in the Ward.
Boy, most folks just trying to get outta here.
What if I never left? What if that night had gone any other way? What night? The night Billy died.
What if What if there was some other life I could've had? Come on, man.
You headed to college.
Bet you got some cheerleader just waiting to take all your troubles away, right? Yeah, right! Don't take it all so hard.
You gonna find the right path for you.
I know it.
I gotta get back to it.
You stand tall, young brother.
I noticed a lot of birds flipped today.
Been bird watching.
Yeah, making friends.
Influencing people.
Not asking questions has been my thing because you've made it clear that you don't want them asked.
And I like that about you.
Be prepared to like me less.
People in this city have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to things out of convenience.
And the people in this station house are people too, but you are forcing them to pay attention.
That's kinda the point.
I know you know whose attention you're coming after, - and I - And what? - You reckon it won't work? - No.
I'm concerned that it might.
Connors is flammable.
Don't play with fire, okay? Yo! What you think you doing?! You better watch yourself.
Unless you wanna step to right now.
No, I'm good.
I best not see you again.
The past of New Orleans is a roller coaster of destruction and rebirth.
Natural cycles we live and die by.
What do you mean? Like another hurricane? In some cycles.
In others, fire.
Famine, disease.
We're a goodie bag of bad oogie down here.
And you think some kinda disaster's coming? I do.
But I think we gotta understand the past to get an eye on it.
What does this have to do with Ty? Do you know the stories I told you? The other ones lying on the shelf? You know I do.
Even when I tell 'em on the tour, that's when everybody leans in.
I think it's time we lean in ourselves.
Get an eye on what the next story's gonna be, 'cause I got an itch.
And it's telling me that story may be your man's.
So now we're visiting each other.
So now we're wearing rubber pants? Judge less or leave more.
Pretty dope how you pulled that off.
How's your thing going? It's not.
I was following this kid and he pointed a gun at me.
I mean, I should have just blipped away, but I didn't.
What kid? This drug runner for an old friend of my brother's.
He's got some upper hand over Connors.
Well, did you try and con Duane first? Yeah, I asked him for a job so I could bust Connors from the inside.
- And? - No openings.
Sometimes you gotta create openings.
This kid.
How old was he? Like my age.
I don't know.
You could be him.
What? Deal drugs for Duane? Might be a cool look on you.
I mean, look at me.
I'm a ROXXON intern.
- For real? - For fake for real.
I'm going swamping to get close to this girl whose dad survived the rig explosion.
- Swamping? - She's an environmental scientist.
Her dad worked with my dad.
You can be like her as well.
Sure, in another, better, life.
Maybe you'll make a friend.
She's not my friend.
She's my mark.
Are you gonna do your hope thing on her? Use what you got, right? You can too.
I can what? Use people's nightmares against them.
Hey, maybe you can get some leverage on this kid with the gun.
Steal his job.
Guess we're both up for different lives.
The further adventures of the scientist and the criminal.
Hello? Miss Hess? Hey! Come on up here and science! Okey dokey.
Nice! You got the good waders.
Did you save your receipts? Yep.
Hold on.
- Uh, Miss Hess? - Mina.
Uh, what's up with all these blueprints? Did you design the new ROXXON building? No.
I just made the building green.
No one approved a poop chute to a company compost pile.
What a waste.
Cookie? Wow.
What gives it that snap? My secret ingredient.
Natural antidepressant.
Hey, that's the, um, that's the oil rig, right? The one from eight years ago? The one that went Um, yes.
But seriously, these cookies took so long to get right.
ROXXON's resident genius had trouble baking? My new oven is a fickle beast.
Burnt everything.
Then I re-calibrated the thermostat and now yummers.
Cookies are tricky like that.
They really are.
Well, you ready to get to work? Time to go spot check the equipment.
Hope you like mud.
Anybody ever tell you that you work too hard, O'Reilly? Yes.
But I never listen to them.
Well, there's another thing we have in common.
So, what's up? Looks like you're on to something there.
Yeah, that club dealer the other night.
She mentioned that she's never met her boss.
Which got me thinking, "How the hell does he stay so insulated?" Maybe he's just smart.
Keeps himself removed.
That's what I would do.
Me, too.
But if you dig around enough, certain patterns point in certain directions.
That one club girl gave you all this? No, I think she skipped town, but I found five others working different spots.
Then I followed them back to the next line in the chain.
What have we got here? The errand boys.
But I can't seem to track them to a central location.
They criss-cross the city, and I keep losing them in this area of the district.
You in the mood for company today? Are you offering to help? I used to stomp those grounds.
Sure, but I'm driving.
The present is daunting.
We never step in the same river twice.
But if we understand the past, we understand the cycle.
And know what to look for in the now.
What do these stories of old tell you about what might come anew? Through famine with the basket boy and girl.
Feud with the brothers Wilson.
Through war and disease, it always came down to two people.
The divine paring.
If Ty were one of them, one of the pair Who's the other? So, your dad, does he still work for ROXXON? Are you looking for something? Bee Arthur.
The Golden Girl? The American bumblebee.
There used to be one every ten feet.
Every marsh orchid, there was Bee Arthur.
Then one day, they were just gone.
Sounds like Colony Collapse Disorder.
What's that? The phenomenon where bees in a colony suddenly disappear, and leave behind only a queen.
Like magic.
No magic.
Just science we don't understand.
You heard this theory that bees' navigation memory is disrupted by pesticides? They go out foraging and get hit with all these chemicals.
And they can't find their way back home.
Well, someone read my Master's thesis.
"What's Colony Collapse Disorder?" Shut up.
You passed the test.
I'm glad you're looking for that bee.
When we stop looking for something, that's when we let it disappear, right? I'll look, too.
65 million years ago, there was a mass extinction of bees like the one happening now.
Then the asteroid that wiped the dinosaurs hit, but guess what.
Bees came back? Hells yeah, they did.
They're like the New Orleans of insects.
Because why? Bees survive.
This is an impossible city.
One disaster after the next.
New Orleans always comes back.
I love it so much.
Yeah, it's a pretty sweet place.
There's something pretty special underneath it, too.
- What? - I'll show you.
So that girl you took off? Needed a fix, huh? Don't make me sound like a junkie.
Sometimes it just feels good.
But the cop in you got curious.
Decided to follow the supply chain.
They're still selling drugs to kids.
A free bump doesn't mean I'm giving them a free ride.
Maybe I'll just pick up the runners, squeeze one for info.
You know the key to this stuff? To getting inside someone else's mind? Thinking like them? Seeing the world the way they do.
That way you can predict what they're gonna do.
You giving me lessons now? I'm just saying.
You start thinking like the other guy, you live a little longer.
Or you start thinking like the other guy, then you might slowly become him.
Pull over here.
- Stay right there! - Bag! He had a bag! We could have driven here.
Well, yeah.
We could've.
I'm so excited to show you my valve.
I'm excited to see your valve.
Is it a part of the new rig? Rigs are the shotgunned beer of natural resource extraction.
My valve is part of a complex and thoughtful system connected to a new drill.
One that respects nature.
So what happened last time, doesn't happen again.
How do you know it won't? Because I fixed it.
I mean, no one knew how hot this stuff was gonna be.
No one except Nathan Bowen and my dad, of course.
It took everyone by surprise.
Really? Well, how hot does oil burn? Caruthers had you sign an NDA, right? Yeah.
Yeah, and the NDA about the NDA.
We aren't drilling for oil.
What then? I won't be able to run tests until we start pumping, but my dad said it burned ten times better than oil.
And it's twice as hot.
Pumps in the old rig couldn't handle it.
Drill should have stopped, but it didn't, and then - Boom.
- Yeah.
Cookies are tricky like that.
So, how'd you fix the oven? That's where my valves come in.
I installed pressure release points across the city.
I added heat shields to withstand the super hotness.
It sounds like you thought a lot about what went wrong the first time.
Every day.
Your dad must be really proud.
You're the only thing standing against ROXXON and a total meltdown.
Well, someone's gotta make lemonade out of assholes.
I read this article back in the day.
Said that Nathan Bowen was the one who caused the explosion.
Some sort of miscalculation.
My dad once said, "Nathan Bowen never made a miscalculation in his life.
" Hey, I I think that guy's waving at you.
That's Stan, the suit who lurks.
Your heat shield? It's malfunctioning.
I don't know what's wrong with it.
Okay, I'll check on it.
Stay here, Stan.
Hey! What the hell, man? Why you sweating me? Dude! Have you lost your damn mind? You go back and you tell him I said we need to meet.
You tell him he's garnering unwanted attention.
And you tell him, this is about saving his ass.
You hear me? O'Reilly, the bag.
Someone else must've gotten to it.
- You have a partner.
- I got nothing.
And you got nothing, except some payback coming your way.
Get out of my sight.
I looked for it.
I-I thought I saw where it went.
Let's go.
Looks like the heat shield took on extra pressure.
None of this makes sense.
Are you sure it's in the right spot? What do you mean? Looks like the valve should be ten meters thataway.
Oh my God.
Bless your eyeballs, yes.
This is wrong.
You only had to do one thing, Stan.
- Put it where I said to.
- I did.
You drilled into a shale bed.
- It's a ten foot difference.
- Ten meters! There was so much pressure, the pipe almost burst.
We would've had to use a crane if we put it where you wanted.
- So you're cutting corners? - It was my call! It was a dumbass call.
Scarborough's gonna hear about it.
I'll come back with a crew tomorrow and re-install it myself.
You can stay in the office with the A/C.
Be a bitch about it.
Gimme my bag! No! A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket I wrote a letter to my love And on the way, I dropped it I dropped it, I dropped it A tisket, a tasket a green and yellow basket I wrote a letter to my love and on the way, I dropped it I dropped it, I dropped it And on the way, I dropped it Help! The future comes at us like a freight train.
With as much empathy for our wellbeing as a locomotive would have.
There's no stopping what's coming at us? No slowing down the train? Energy builds, energy releases.
There's no changing that.
But once the wheel's turning Only the divine pairing can stop it from crushing us all under it.
Any idea as to when? It's hard to tell.
But soon.
I mean, every disaster has a build up, right? They always talk about a point of no return.
There's always a point of no return, darling.
It's called the end.
You lost the bag? On top of all the other shit I gotta deal with, you lost the bag? You dumb Ty, I don't have time for you right now.
And what is this? Just something I found in the street.
Thought I should grab it.
And why would you bring it here? Your boy dropped it at the first sign of the cops.
I kinda figured you'd want it back.
You know what's in there? Chris, grab that up, would you? So, you want a reward or something? I wanna do what you do.
It's like that, huh? Do you know what I do? I mean, what I really do.
You wanna learn? You ride with me today.
We'll finish up Kev's run.
See if you really want all this.
That guy has no business out here.
Stan's not like us.
He doesn't care.
Not to mention, he can't read a blueprint.
Where'd you learn how to read one? Um there was this dad who visited my school when I was a little kid.
He was all about making science fun.
Potato light-bulbs, baking soda volcanoes.
He brought these blueprints for rockets.
and he let me keep one.
Sounds like my dad.
We tricked out an Easy-Bake Oven together.
He seems like he taught you a lot.
Are you anything like him? We've got some of the same wiring.
Feels like I'm more of a Nathan.
- Is that a good thing? - It's a great thing.
My dad is a genius fluids engineer.
He was the Mud Man.
Working right down in the rig with the other guys.
Nathan was like Steve Jobs to my dad's Wozniak.
I heard he wanted to change the world.
I still do.
Can I talk to your dad sometime? I'd really like to get to know more about Nathan Bowen.
I-I don't think so.
- Sorry for prying.
- Don't move.
It's Bee Arthur.
- What? There's a bee on me? - Don't touch it.
Trust me.
Hi, bee.
Bye, bee.
Yeah, I got your message.
What? Something about saving my ass? I can't talk long.
Let's meet up tonight.
Take care of all this.
All of what? Tell you when I see you.
So now, that kid didn't give me what I wanted, but I got enough.
I got a guy who knows a guy, who might know your guy.
The mystery dealer.
But we gotta catch him tonight.
You in? That phone call didn't look like good news.
Now, don't you worry about that.
Got that on lock.
This life ain't so bad, man.
No matter what they tell you.
So you like doing this? Now, what's "like" got to do with anything? I do what I have to do to survive out here.
I-I just never imagined you We all couldn't end up in English Turn, boy.
Some of us have to work.
Look out there.
This city? It's a city of survivors.
Survivors of what? Whatever the world throws at you.
The world keeps trying to bring us down.
But we rise up.
This guy at my school always tells me that.
We try to hold something in, that energy builds up, and it comes out somehow.
In ways you don't expect.
It's like that out here.
Whatever you put out, it comes back.
It always comes back.
It won't come back fair.
It won't come back right.
But it comes back.
Like justice.
Justice is for white people in some other place.
Not us here.
I can't believe you live here.
Bet your dad loves it.
Does he live nearby? Why do you keep asking me about my dad? Oh, I I don't know.
I was I was just wondering.
He seems awesome.
He is awesome.
But is there anything you wanna tell me? Like what? You know way too much about rig schematics for one.
You're blonde, the right age.
And the dad who went school to school teaching science for fun? That was Nathan Bowen.
You're not Liz.
You're Tandy.
And you're kind of a shitty liar.
I've been turnin' these cards over ever since my Nana taught me all those times ago.
And these two positions, they always scared me the most.
And this time is no different.
I was hoping this cycle would break pattern.
For your boy.
But it's the same as it was for all the others.
What is it, Tante? One will live.
And one will die.
What? When you rolled in here the other day, I didn't think you had any iron in there.
Shoulda known.
- Known what? - That you got balls, man.
I mean, you always did punch above your weight.
Stealin' that radio.
I mean, you jumped in the lake to save Billy.
Hell Wait, you were there? You were there when Billy got shot.
- That's why Connors - What do you know about him? You're working with the cop who killed Billy.
He he was your friend.
And he's dead.
I'm not.
What was I supposed to do? You knew.
All these years.
You know my parents think I'm a liar? Think I'm crazy.
I-I thought I was crazy.
You are if you playin' me just to bust some cop.
Use what you got, right? Well, I see what you used.
Yeah, to build a business.
My dead brother built this business.
His blood's in your mill and you could've changed everything.
What would've changed? Billy would still be dead! Maybe you too.
I mean, you could come forward now.
You could tell everyone what you saw.
Then I'd definitely be dead.
What good would that do? Huh? I told you.
I survive.
Survive? That cop's got you in his pocket.
You deal drugs.
You talk a good game, you talk about heart.
What kinda heart are you showing? - Say that again.
- I will.
I'll say it and I'll keep saying it.
Every day, you kill my brother all over again.
Come on, man, you you can do better than this.
For what? Justice? For Billy.
So he didn't just die for nothing.
This is my guy, so give me five minutes, then come in.
Don't look so nervous.
We're not done, okay? We can talk more.
But you gotta go.
Now! Out the back.
Hey, Angie.
Hey! Reinforcements, I see? Baked fresh this morning.
I think he's looking forward to seeing you.
Hey, Dad.
Dad, I saw Bee Arthur today.
How'd you find me? Oh, right, you're a stalker liar.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I lied to you.
Why couldn't you just tell me the truth? I would've taken you to him.
I guess the truth never occurred to me.
The truth? The truth never occurred to you? All I do is lie.
What did you want anyway? Answers about my dad.
About what happened.
I thought Ivan may know.
I'm sorry, Tandy.
My dad can't come to the phone right now.
Can I try and talk to him? Yeah, go for it.
Hi, Mr.
My name's Tandy Bowen.
You knew my dad.
I just wanted to say hi.
I'm so sorry that he can't help you.
It's okay.
I think I know someone who can.
Let's just get this all settled.
Yeah, let's.
You're gonna help me with a problem.
Whoa, wait! What what? In about a minute, a cop's gonna come through that door.
She's our problem.
You're gonna take her out.
Hold up! I ain't shooting nobody! Look, you need to clean up your mess! Your little errand boys got all sloppy! This cop's only on to you because you can't run a tight ship! Why don't you do it?! My hands are dirty enough.
You take care of this, I'll keep all NOPD off your back.
Okay? What? You never shoot anyone before? Not to death.
Be better for business when it's done.
Trust me.
Use what you got, right? Get ready.
O'Reilly! No! Shit! Runner! Ty? Ty, what's wrong?