Marvel's Cloak and Dagger (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Lotus Eaters

1 [pages rustling] - [horn honking] - Previously on Cloak and Dagger Daddy! MINA: We aren't drilling for oil.
It burned ten times better than oil.
Burns twice as hot.
Pumps in the old rig couldn't handle it.
What gives it that snap? My secret ingredient: cardamom.
My name's Tandy Bowen.
You knew my dad.
You were there when Billy got shot.
You could tell everyone what you saw.
O'Reilly! - [gunshot] - No! - [grunts, gasps] - Ty, what's wrong? [timer dings] "Eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, leg of dog.
" Tongue, Dad.
The quote is "tongue of dog.
" Not leg.
Is that the reason my witches' brew never works? That and magic doesn't exist.
What do you call turning flour, sugar, and water into that? Delicious chemistry.
I'd be willing to bet, Mina, that primitive humans would label what you're doing Dad! What are you doing? You can't eat that till you're at work, that's the rule.
You're awfully superstitious for someone who doesn't believe in magic.
Yeah, well, you always come home.
- Don't you? - And I will again.
I think I cracked the perfect cookie.
[sniffs] Oh my God, it smells amazing.
What's in it? What would you say if I asked you that question? I'd say, "Figure it out yourself.
" So, figure it out yourself.
Hey, it's tongue of dog, isn't it? - Bye, Dad.
- Bye, honey.
See you soon! We'll make our homes on the water We'll build our walls, aluminum We'll fill our mouths with cinnamon Fill our mouths Evening, Tommy.
What's the latest? Status quo.
Drill's at 2300 meters, moving well.
No shale to date.
Temperature crept up to 150, but I'm guessing it'll come back down again like it has been.
How'd the installation go? The conductive shielding tiles? Never came.
- Wait.
They what?! - They said they told you! [men shouting indistinctly] - Hey, boss.
- Hello.
Hey, guys, head to Level 3 when you can.
Hey, Sam! What's going on with the shielding tiles? I was told they weren't coming.
- At all? - That's what I was told.
Son of a Hey, Ivan.
How's your daughter? I need Bowen.
- I'm sorry? - Nathan Bowen, right now! [door slams] We'll fill our mouths with cinnamon now We'll make our homes on the water We'll build our walls, aluminum now Hey, why is this taking so long? I need to talk to [power rumbles off] - [Klaxon blaring] - [excited chattering] Hear all the bombs - [rumbling] - Fade away Hear all the bombs fade away - [humming to song] - Hear all the bombs fade away [humming continues] What should I do? That was my shot.
Duane saw it all happen.
He saw my brother get [sighs] He could've put that asshole behind bars, and now he's dead.
And and I told him to do the right thing.
I told him! And now he's dead.
What do I do? My dad he used to say our failures are the steps we climb.
To what? I don't know.
Look, I know this is gonna sound I'm not even sure how to bring it up.
What? There was a survivor, of the rig, the one that blew up.
I think he might be the key to clearing my dad.
But, um, there's there's a problem.
Look, I know this is just about the worst possible time, but I need your help.
- With what? - A door.
[door opens] [woman speaks indistinctly over PA] Is this a normal thing for you? What? Sneaking into a hospital with someone in a coma.
Not a coma.
Eight years ago, they pulled a dozen bodies off the rig that exploded.
Only one of 'em was still alive.
Eight years ago as in? As in the night my dad crashed off the bridge.
The explosion on the rig is what made Connors pull the trigger.
It also put the vacant sign on Dr.
Hess here.
See? You are into some messed up shit.
Ty, look, I know this seems crazy.
- Seems? - I don't know what else to do! ROXXON has stopped at nothing to hide what happened on that rig, and they're blaming my dad for the whole thing.
Only survivor means only person that knows the truth.
This is the only way I know how to get justice for my dad.
[woman speaks indistinctly over PA] [sighs] You owe me.
I know.
All right, so what do we do now? [sighs] I don't know.
Count to three? Are you making this up right now? Completely.
TYRONE: All right.
One - Two.
- Three.
[whooshing] Can you hear me? Loud and clear.
This is the door.
This is the door.
And you think I'm the key? Look.
What do you think is gonna happen? I have absolutely no idea.
Hey, what's the worst that could happen? It doesn't open? I can think of a lot of worse things that can happen.
[wind howling] - [Klaxon blaring] - Tandy? Tandy! Tandy, where are we? I don't know.
I Ty? What's wrong with that guy? Oh, don't don't worry.
- He can't see or hear - Ty! TANDY: That guy just tried to kill us.
So, clearly, he saw us.
The rules here must be different.
What the hell is going on? The worst that can happen.
Look, we got to get out of here.
All right? Come on! In here! In here, look! What the hell is going on? IVAN: My word.
Something new.
[laughs] Something delightfully, incredibly, wonderfully new.
And you talk! [chuckles] What a time to be alive! Important question, uh [Klaxon blaring] Are you here to kill me? What? No! No! [chuckles] Splendid.
Come on.
- You're Ivan Hess.
- Who? - Ivan Hess.
- I don't know who that is.
Well, who are you then? Uh, I'm me.
I don't have a name.
What do I need a name for? Do you have a name? Yeah, I'm I'm Tandy, and this is Tyrone.
You both must be very special to have names.
Where are we? We're here.
That's where we are.
[phone rings] Excuse me a moment.
[chuckles] I'm afraid I can't do anything about the Klaxons, but I can at least eliminate that damn ringing that happens halfway.
So many bells.
Now, uh, where were we? Doesn't matter.
You guys wanna you guys wanna sit, and, uh, and watch the game with me? It's it's a very exciting game.
It's, um, bottom of the 67th.
It's, uh, tied 1,382.
Wait, wait, wait.
Halfway to what? IVAN: Hmm? You just said "halfway.
" Uh, yes, to the end.
End of what? Why, everything.
All of reality.
Time, space, you, me.
Those unpleasant sociopaths running through the halls.
Starts with the Klaxons, then, um concludes with a bang! Has no one told you? Oh my God.
You rang? Get it? Ty? - I think we're on the rig.
- How is that even possible? Wait, wait, wait.
Doesn't that mean everything is gonna explode? IVAN: Of course it is, in about a minute and 47 seconds.
Give or take zero seconds.
So, exactly in one minute and 43 seconds.
42 now.
- 41.
- Wait, wait, wait! How how do we stop this?! Stop what? 39.
The explosion! [laughing] You-You can't stop it! I mean, you could if you got to the core room, and, uh, hit the kill switch button.
Then, closed up all the shut-off valves.
Okay, where where are the shut-off valves? - In the core room.
- Where is the core room? It's downstairs, of course, in the core.
TYRONE: Okay, okay.
Kill switch and then the valves.
Tandy? Yeah, let's go.
Hey! But you'll never get there! - It's positively impossible! - [door opens] [Klaxons blaring] [chains clanking] TANDY: What's going on with these workers? [glass shatters] Hope you got better at your thing.
Yeah, me too.
[grunting] [Tandy yelps] - [grunts] - [steam hisses] [grunting] [man groans] - [grunting] - [woman yells] - You All right? - So you have gotten better.
I think it's easier here.
Still progress though [booming rumble] Wait, was that the explosion? No! No, no, it couldn't have been! I mean, not the big one anyway, right? Else we'd be dead.
[rumbling gets louder] [silence] What did the stag say to the doe? I'm not one to brag, but I told you so.
What's going on? What's happening? What always happens.
It starts with the Klaxons, concludes with a bang.
- [Klaxons, alarms blaring] - I told you this already.
And it just repeats? You know, for having names and being special, your intellect is in need of a polish.
- How many times? - Hmm? How many times has this repeated? That's a good question.
I tried counting once.
But as you start approaching 100,000, the numbers become mush.
You know, it makes you think about the nature of numbers.
I mean, if you think about it, - what are they? - [explosion] Wait, what was that? Yeah, I think we better go.
Otherwise, we'll be ripped apart.
Which, I assure you, is quite unpleasant.
TANDY: Can you tell us what happened here? To what? TANDY: To here.
All of here! Eight years ago.
TYRONE: Listen, just tell us what's going on.
What's happening right here, right now, every time this whole thing repeats.
Ah! A question I can answer.
Um, okay.
After the Klaxons and emergency lights is the initial energy expulsion.
That boom we just heard? It turns well, everyone but me and now you, into bloodthirsty monsters.
I call them "terrors.
" Wait, what? I have a theory about this energy we're drilling for.
When, uh, improperly released, it infects the mind with pure fear.
That fear spreads from person to person, and, well, terrorizes.
Anyway, after about a minute, the phone rings, some angry guy on the line.
Thirty seconds after that is the first explosion.
Everything gets real unsteady after that, particularly, my cohorts.
Until, of course, you know, the big bang that, uh, ends it all.
Or begins it all.
It's, uh, hard to know really.
Tomato and the egg.
Uh, you might want to hide.
Monsieur Flambé is coming.
You don't want him to see you.
- I-I think we better - Yeah.
[door opens] [panting] [panting] Monsieur Flambé.
That's a good one.
French is funny, oui? [chuckling] Wee! IVAN: We're lollygagging.
And there's no better way to be gagged by lolly than to be here when Wrenchy appears.
He's not very nice.
Not as bad as Axey and Chainy, though.
Look, you you asked us where we came from before.
We came from the real world.
- And we need your - Real world? Yeah! Yeah, none of this is real.
Now, do you mean that in a philosophical sense? Because it it's very hard to prove anything is real.
No! No, I mean, this is This is not the real world.
This is some sort of catatonic state, and you've been in it for eight years.
[chuckling] [door opens] So, you don't remember anything from before this, do you? Before what? This is all there has ever been.
I-I think his mind is shot.
- There's no way we can - No! No, I need him, Ty.
We have to help him to figure out what really happened here.
There's gotta be a way to get to him.
Ivan, your daughter.
You remember her, right? - Daughter? - Yes! Yes, her name is Mina.
[chuckles] I've heard some whoppers in my time, but, uh, a daughter? I don't have a daughter.
I always wanted one deep down inside, you know.
She's out in the world right now finishing your work! What work? - I don't have any work.
- Yes, you do! The work you did with my father, Nathan Bowen! You guys were partners.
Nathan Bowen? Bowen.
Where do I know that name? Oh, you mean the guy on the phone? I'm sorry, did you just say Oh my God.
I gotta take this.
It's work.
Nathan Bowen.
Three very bad things are going to happen.
Number one: structural collapse.
And when the legs buckle and the hull hits the water, that'll cause number two, a very large explosion.
He was talking to you.
Eight years ago, he was talking to you.
I don't understand why he keeps calling.
- It's rather annoying.
- [phone rings] [ringing distorts] [ringing continues] Daddy? NATHAN: Hi, pumpkin.
NATHAN [over phone]: Tandy, I'm confused.
What are you doing on the rig? That's a really good question.
I called work, and they connected me.
I just really needed to talk to you.
All right.
What do you need to say? I just [explosion] I miss you.
Tandy! TYRONE: Tandy, what the hell was that? Listen, we need to find a way to get out of here.
We we can't get sidelined [power rumbles off] [Klaxons blaring] [alarms wailing] Tandy, listen to me.
We need to shut off the valves.
We have to get everybody out of here.
- Okay? - Absolutely.
But, Tandy All right, fine, fine.
I'll I'll just see if I can do it myself.
[Klaxons, alarms continuing] CHARLIE: Look at the temp, it's gonna spike! We keep that up, we'll have to change out that bit.
It's not the bit.
I mean, check out the vibration indicator.
We're still cutting through this rock at a clip.
CHARLIE: Well, then, what's heating everything up? SAM: I don't know, but the pressure's building.
How's that possible? Nothing has changed! Let's get the Mud Man on the line.
Maybe he [explosion] [Klaxons, alarms continuing] CHARLIE: Shit! Sam, are you okay? [shrieking] [valve creaks] [phone rings] Daddy? Are you there? NATHAN: I'm here, pumpkin.
I can't believe it's you.
Why are you acting so surprised? You see me every day.
Not anymore.
What do you mean? It's just that you've been working so much, I feel like I never get to see you.
I miss it.
TANDY: Miss our talks.
Our long car rides.
I even I even miss your bad jokes.
NATHAN: Well, I'm here right now.
What do you want to talk about? It doesn't matter.
I just want to talk.
TANDY: Is that okay? NATHAN: Absolutely.
Tell me about your day.
NATHAN: You don't want to hear about all that boring, science stuff, do you? TANDY: Yeah, I do.
I really do.
I promise.
[valve creaks] [rumbling] - [sniffs] - It didn't work.
What didn't work? [power rumbles off] The whole thing, the way to get him out of here.
I got down to the core, hit the kill switch, it didn't work.
None of it.
I mean, I got right to it, and it didn't work, Tandy.
You did? Wow.
- That's actually quite impressive.
- [explosion] I'll be downstairs if you need me.
Look, we need to get back to the real world.
Okay? Find something else to do.
Because this isn't working.
No, I don't want to go back, I Not yet! I wanna stay.
I wanna talk to my dad.
I don't think that's how it works.
We came here together.
I-I might need you to get me out.
You might not.
You think I'm just gonna leave you here? Okay.
Yeah, okay.
You're right.
Let's get out of here.
All right.
How are we gonna do that? I don't know, but we were both touching him, right? Just let go.
On the count of three, okay? One - Two.
- Three.
[woman speaks indistinctly over PA] Why are you such a good liar? [grunting] I should just leave, you know that? [woman speaks indistinctly over PA] [Klaxons, alarms blaring] Tandy? What happened to you, Tandy? You were supposed to go back with me to Ivan's hospital room.
Ivan? Cookie guy? His name is written all over the papers.
Wait! Where'd you learn that? Wait, wait, Tandy.
How long have you been here since I left? Well, let me answer that question with a question of my own.
- Yeah, okay, shoot.
- [phone rings] What was your name again? [phone ringing] - Hi, Dad.
- Tandy.
No, not today.
It's just the same old, same old.
- Tandy! - Wait, where did we leave off last? - Oh, right, right.
- Tandy, look at me! Okay.
Oh - What the hell was that? - You need to snap out of it! You've lost your mind just like Ivan.
You mean the papers on the desk guy? No.
No, that's a special kind of crazy.
Get it together.
Okay? We both need to get out of here.
No, I'm fine just where I am.
You're not anywhere! You're stuck in the mind of an insane, catatonic mud man! - What's so bad about that? - Everything! Everything I just said in that sentence is is ridiculous.
Tyrone? Right? Your name is Tyrone? Okay, good.
You you do remember me.
I remember bits and pieces of my life, but From what I remember, it was horrible.
Nobody called me.
Nobody called me because nobody cared.
No one knows me! They think that they do, but I was homeless, aimless, fatherless and friendless.
- Look, you have one friend.
- Who? Me.
Yeah, we're not friends.
I came along with you on this, so I could If I remember correctly, I made an emotional appeal.
A damsel in distress and you ate it up.
No, Tandy, I'm I smelled your weakness a thousand miles away, and I played you, because that's what I do.
I play people.
[explosion] No, Tandy, no! That's not who you are.
Not here it isn't.
Here I have my stuff.
- [glass shattering] - I have my cards.
I have my hat to throw 'em into.
I have the monsters that stop by, and I have my phone, and once everything resets again, I'll have my dad, too.
[explosion] IVAN: Oh, this one's back.
So, how are you? [power rumbles off] [Klaxons blaring] You know, maybe I better - [door opens] - If you touch that phone What? You'll what? - How long have you been here? - I don't know.
I stopped counting after 200.
Tandy, you're sick! No, actually, for the first time I can remember, I'm not.
Look, I get it.
You want to hear your dad's voice again, and I-I get it.
No, you don't.
Look, I might be the only one who does.
- But it's not worth it.
- Bullshit.
[explosion] You're saying if the situation were reversed, you wouldn't want to stay and talk to your what was it, your your brother? What was his name again? It was, uh It was Bobby, right? - Billy.
- See? You feel that? That anger rising because somebody forgot his name.
That is exactly what I feel every day! [phone rings] What did I say? - You're pulling a weapon on me now? - [phone ringing] Don't touch that phone.
It's not a phone! It's not real! None of it is, Tandy.
It's a memory in Ivan's Hey, Daddy.
No, I'm just talking to this guy I used to know.
[line clicks off] Why did you do that?! Because none of it is real! Now I'm gonna have to wait for everything to reset until I can talk to him again! And I'll be right here to hang it up every time until you stop! - [grunts] - [shatters] - Are you kidding me right now? - [grunts] Tandy! Look, I'm trying to help you and stop you All right! Fine, Tandy, fine.
But have you told him the truth? - What truth? - That nobody calls you? That you have no friends? That you push everyone away? That you're a thief? [grunts] I bet you he doesn't even know you're a liar either.
[explosion] Does he know that you're in such a state since he's died that you've turned to drugs? What would he think of his drug addict daughter? [screams] [sighs] I'm sensing some aggression between you two.
You know what? Never mind.
Go home, Tyrone.
Damn it, Tandy, you can't just Okay, okay.
Look, I-I give up.
I get it.
I would do the same thing if it were Billy.
But honestly, I I don't remember the sound of his voice anymore.
I wouldn't even know if it was him.
The real him.
[explosion] Tell you what.
I'll leave you here.
Let you be here as long as you want.
If you just ask him one question.
- What question? - Something Ivan wouldn't know.
What are you talking about? Look, if this is your dad, your real dad, then you can ask him something that only he would know.
If he answers, then maybe you're right.
Maybe your time is better spent here.
But if this isn't your dad [phone rings] Just one question.
- Just one question, then I promise, - [phone ringing] I'll leave you alone.
[phone continues ringing] Daddy? I need to ask you a question.
NATHAN: Anything, sweetheart.
Who's in the back of your car? I don't understand.
You're driving over Paris Road Bridge right now.
Who's in the back seat? Nobody.
[explosion] There's no one in the back seat.
Daddy Yeah? I miss you.
I'm right here, pumpkin.
You're not.
- [metal scraping] - [steam hissing] [crying] Goodbye, Dad.
[clattering] [explosion] IVAN: Exciting news.
The Red Sox scored.
The game is no longer tied.
[power rumbles off] What are you doing? Where do you think this cookie came from? Well, if that isn't a theological question, I don't know what is.
Your daughter made this for you eight years ago! I don't know what you're talking about.
Hey, I-I just wanna watch some more TV.
The Red Sox are finally winning, - and if they can hold on - No! No, you have a responsibility as a father.
You can't just leave.
It's not fair.
A girl needs her father.
To be there more than she would ever admit, and longer than she would ever admit she needed him.
And listen, sometimes shit happens and they can't be there.
And it's nobody's fault, but sometimes sometimes they have a choice.
And you have a choice.
A father has to do the right thing.
That is what they're supposed to do.
Do you understand? [phone ringing] [hangs up phone] She made this for you.
Do you remember? I do not.
In her Easy-Bake Oven, with her own special recipe and her own secret ingredient.
I vaguely understand what you're trying to do, - and I feel I should appreciate it - Cardamom.
Of course.
It's a natural anti-depressant.
She never got the chance to tell me.
That's what it is.
It's, uh It's cardamom.
Mina My Lord, uh, where is she? She's been visiting you.
Every day in the hospital.
Do you wanna see her? More than anything.
But but I can't.
I can't get out of here.
- I'm trapped.
- You might not be.
You just need to get to the core room, and close the valves.
I thought you said you tried.
I did, but he has to be the one to do it.
- It's his mind.
- That's impossible.
I can't get down there.
I've tried.
[chuckles] Time and time again.
See, I've I've considered every factor, every variable.
[explosion] Actually there are exactly two variables you haven't factored in yet.
[glass shattering] You, my dear, are your father's daughter.
I know.
[explosion] We should get to it.
It isn't gonna be a tied game forever.
Ain't it funny, when you think [grunting] [yelling, grunting] [groans] - [groans] - [metal clatters] Don't count your chickens till they hatch My momma said don't share your bed quite so fast [grunting] [alarm wailing] [explosion] Ain't it scary when you think you know somebody But you don't [grunting] Ain't it funny when you think you love somebody But you don't - [valve squeaking] - [grunts] Ain't it scary when you think you know somebody But you don't He's okay.
You're okay.
[chuckles] Who are you people? Where's my daughter? I need to see Mina.
Dad! - Dad! - Hi.
[Mina laughing] IVAN: Oh, I missed you.
- Oh my - How you doing? You look great.
You okay? Yeah, of course.
- You? - Yeah.
Your dad? What he said about the steps we climb? He was right.
He usually was.
Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs Fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs They fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs Fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs Fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs fade away Hear all the bombs fade away [phone ringing] - Hello? - Hey.
Hey, is it too late to call? Totally.
Lenny the altar rat has a big meeting in the morning.
[chuckles] How'd you get this number? Well, you're not the only one with a sweet con-artist sleight of hand.
And, um I don't know.
I just needed someone to talk to.
About what? I dug out this old tape.
My father, um, gave us his old hand recorder, and we messed around with it.
I haven't thought about it in years, I mean Then you did.
- Why'd you call me? - I I just needed someone who would understand.
Press play.
[recorder buzzes] TYRONE: I want to play with it! BILLY: Dad gave it to me, Ty-Ty.
TYRONE: But let me play with it, please! BILLY: Yeah, okay, okay.
Can you make this sound for me? There you go.
[Billy beatboxing] - BILLY: Go.
-[Tyrone beatboxing] BILLY: Uh, uh, uh.
Billy J is here to play all the way from the ward I got a smile and a style y'all can't never ignore Heed my call, I will ball, I'll bust and I'll break ya First rattle in the battle be ya last mistake With a beat lifting up from my baby bro, Ty I'ma float, I'ma fly, I'ma touch the sky From up here it's a clear look down on New Orleans And all you chumps look like ants And franks and beans - TYRONE: "Franks and beans?" -[Billy laughing] BILLY: I don't know, this is harder than it looks.
I need a pen and a paper, I think.
[recorder clicks off] He was actually pretty good.
[laughs softly] Yeah.
Yeah, he was.
You, on the other hand you were horrible.
Oh, come on.
I was like six years old.
Yeah, even for a six-year-old.
- But I'll excuse it, you know why? - Why? 'Cause you hadn't met me yet.
Yeah, that must be it.
[chuckles] Hey.
Can you play it again? Yeah, yeah.
[tape rewinding] When we arrive Sons and daughters We'll make our homes On the water We'll build our walls Aluminum We'll fill our mouths With cinnamon now