Marvel's Cloak and Dagger (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Ghost Stories

1 Previously on Cloak and Dagger This guy, Connors, gives me an ache in my big toe.
You think we can get him for killing my big brother? - O'Reilly! - (GUNSHOT) No! It protects me, it's looking out for me.
- Then why'd you pick this one? - It spoke to me, I guess.
That was your brother's.
TANDY: Peter Scarborough took everything of my dad's and said it belonged to Roxxon.
What's up with all these blueprints? Did you design the new Roxxon building? TANDY: You're Ivan Hess.
Can you tell us what happened here? The initial energy expulsion, it turns everyone into bloodthirsty monsters.
I call them "terrors.
" Your dad? He was right.
He usually was.
ALIEN 1 (ON TV): I can't see him anywhere! ALIEN 2 (ON TV): We've gotta get back to the spaceship.
- (LASER FIRING) - ALIEN 3: He has a laser.
TYRONE: One, two, three, four? - Billy, come on.
- Leave it on.
- Why? BILLY AND TYRONE: One, two, three, four.
I declare a thumb war.
Oh! Close one, Ty.
- One, two, three.
- One, two, three.
- Life is full of distractions.
- (CARTOON CONTINUES) You need to overcome them.
Go ahead.
Try again.
- One, two, three.
- One, two, three.
I'll never beat you! You will someday.
But you'll always be bigger than me.
Are you kidding? You gonna be tall as a tree.
Giant thumbs, whooping my ass.
When will I be your age? When I'm older, you'll be older.
Will I be just like you? Nah.
You could be better.
NATHAN: How's this for pressure? If you fall down, you'll never get to play ballet again.
You don't play ballet, Dad.
Oh, you don't? No, you dance.
Do you really want to be a dancer? More than anything.
Then hold yourself up.
BILLY: Bigger.
Hey, I mean it.
"Bigger, stronger, braver.
" NATHAN: Even if someone else falls down, - that's how you succeed.
- OTIS: Ready to go! You hold up.
'Cause you're my little girl, okay? Okay.
ADINA (LAUGHING): What? (LAUGHING) Good day today.
DANCE INSTRUCTOR: Pirouette, fifth and close.
Perfect, Katie.
The rest of you are close.
So, what we gonna do? (TIRES SCREECHING) - (NATHAN GRUNTING) - Daddy! - (EXPLOSIONS) - (GUNSHOTS) (SIZZLING) So, will these be celebration pancakes - or comfort pancakes? - Neither.
I passed the psych evaluation.
I said all the right things.
And don't feel like celebrating.
I get it.
- I did shoot a guy.
- In self-defense.
I'm not sure it's as simple as that.
What do you mean? Is it Connors? Think he had more to do with it? - These are good.
- Yeah? (LAUGHS) - There's more where that came from.
- Really? I like making girlfriend pancakes.
- I'm your girlfriend? - You are eating the pancakes.
I'm gonna take down Connors.
We are.
But how? PATRICK: We'll be in touch.
IVAN: Tandy? Hey, Mr.
These are for you.
Little Tandy's a young woman, so's Mina.
Thank you for the flowers.
Did Scarborough bring you anything? Paperwork.
He wanted to make sure I wasn't a liability, and I'm not.
I don't remember anything after that night.
But you do remember that night? All your fellow rig workers going aggro? You guys weren't drilling for oil, right? We didn't know what it was exactly.
Your father, he did have a theory, about the energy below the surface being ancient, special.
Toxic to humans.
I don't remember much.
I'm sorry.
You are the only first-hand account there is.
And they blame my dad for everything.
There's, um There's something I didn't tell Scarborough.
Your dad wrote a memo warning the company about the design of the rig.
I should've listened to your father.
He saw Roxxon cutting corners.
I thought he was just being paranoid.
Okay, so this memo, do you do you have it? Nathan put it in a safe deposit box with other evidence, just in case.
Metrolake Bank.
It'll be under the name "Bernoulli.
" It's an old joke.
Long story.
Now, this can't come back to me, but Roxxon, they can be dangerous.
And my daughter - Her entire future - I understand.
You have a lot to lose.
You're lucky.
(DOOR OPENS) Mom? - Hey! - Hey.
You look really nice.
Oh, thank you.
And thank you.
It's great.
Sure you don't want to add a little kick? Not today.
Speaking of, look, I know that you haven't been showing up for the memorial tradition these past few years Mom.
I wanna be there.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Really.
- Then we'll need the perfect balloon.
- (TANDY LAUGHS SOFTLY) - What do you think we should get? Anything.
Just not like that one time you got the Bar Mitzvah balloon.
(LAUGHING) That was pretty hilarious.
Up into the sky to honor Dad's memory.
- Mazel Tov! - (TANDY LAUGHS) You know what? I'll get the balloon.
So, um do you remember Dad keeping a safe deposit box? Sure.
For his work stuff.
I went crazy for years trying to find it, but there's no record of it in the city.
I might have a theory.
A theory? I'm my father's daughter.
How's your day look, Tyrone? Today? - Seriously? - What? Nothing.
I think the key's in here.
(GASPS) TANDY: Here it is.
(SNIFFS) MELISSA: I was pregnant with you.
We'd had trouble before then, but it was a rare night off.
Your father always worked too much.
But it was date night.
We were at the ballet.
I thought you guys were at the movies.
You're right.
Maybe I just wish it was at the ballet.
It sounds better.
Let's say the ballet.
Why not? We were at the ballet and your dad took my hand.
(DISHES, CUTLERY CLINKING) I was thinking I'd have the guys over.
(GARBAGE DISPOSAL WHIRS LOUDLY) (LOUDER) I was just thinking I'd have the guys over! What guys? Red Hawks? OTIS: Yeah.
ADINA: I have a busy day today.
OTIS: Yeah.
We'll stay out of your way.
(DISPOSAL STOPS) OTIS: They've never been to my home in all these years.
It's my turn to host.
And we could all use some space to spread out and finish our work.
(KNOCKING AT DOOR) - Can I come in? - Not today.
- Okay? - Ty! Today is today for me too.
Look, I've never had a girl over before.
Not that my parents know of.
Relax, okay? - Parents love me.
- Yeah, I bet they do.
TYRONE: Why are you here? What? No hug? - Not even a handshake? - Come on, Tandy.
Tyrone? Who's this? Oh, this is, um - This is my friend.
- Tandy.
Well, why did you stop by today, Tandy? Um, today, I guess.
Yeah, my dad died the same night as Tyrone's brother.
So I just thought I'd come check on Ty.
That's very nice of you, Tandy.
Thank you.
Are you guys doing anything special for Billy today? No.
We're not.
- We're just in the middle of breakfast.
- Oh, I'm I'm sorry.
- I'll let you guys get back to it.
- Nice meeting you.
You know if you wanna come over tonight, my mom and I are doing something.
It's small, but it's something.
Okay, maybe.
ALL (ON VOICEMAIL): The Bowen's! Leave a message.
CONNORS: Hey, O'Reilly, get over here.
I need your eyes.
This was the kid, right? - What kid? - The one who bolted after you fired up that yellow banister and then disappeared.
He ran out from behind me.
I didn't get a good look.
That's him, Suzy.
That's the little shit! Timing of it all is suspect.
- That sounds personal.
- He got away.
He's got to be found.
He's got to be dealt with.
- Alright, Big Chief.
- (BIG CHIEF LAUGHING) (MEN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Look, man, I got to check up in here, man! BIG CHIEF: And look at this big white whale of a couch.
Ha! How's a man to sit on a couch like that? - You don't.
- Huh? You just stand back and marvel at it.
Oh, my, my, my.
Crate and Barrel.
(MEN LAUGH) - You know, I was tellin' Ty - Tyrone.
- How you been, son? - I'm good.
Hard day, ain't it? Yeah, it's (MEN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) I'm good, I'm good, I'm good.
MAN: Mmm! Man! I tell you.
I always thought the cloak he started on was something special.
Hey, what's the difference between a cloak and a cape anyway? A cape is just an add-on to a shirt.
But a cloak it hugs you.
- No.
The, um (CLEARS THROAT) I am (SNIFFLES) just, uh We will we'll get back to working in a minute, just just give me a minute, okay? Okay.
- (CHATTER CONTINUES) - (PHONE CHIMES) (MEN LAUGH) (CHATTER CONTINUES) (DOOR CLOSES) Police at my door? - My parents would freak out! - I'm sorry.
But Connors is after you.
You have to lay low.
No, I'm not doing that.
- I'm putting that bastard away.
- Tyrone, please.
I can't do anything else.
Do school, do basketball, do anything else.
He killed my brother.
Alright? I belong in this asshole's way.
I'm putting Connors where he belongs.
Yeah, and how are you gonna do that? I don't know.
- I'm working on it.
- I need you to let me handle it.
I been letting you handle it, and you ain't done shit.
So, no.
Alright, I'm not stopping.
Not today.
Today's the day, isn't it? The anniversary of your brother's death.
- You remembered? - Connors does.
He's been on edge.
Like a special kind of edge.
You think he remembers? Connors? Yeah, I'd put money on it.
I'm gonna make sure he never forgets.
AUNTIE: 4,000 people died from the Spanish Flu in New Orleans.
Tragically, the virus targeted the young and the healthy.
But none had more tragic a tale than Jack Rogers, who died pulling all of his blood out in a blood transfusion to save a dozen patients, including his lover, famed Jazz clarinetist, Bobo Smiths.
What's a blood transfusion? Giving your own for another.
There's no greater sacrifice than that.
The ghost of Jack Rogers is said to haunt St.
Theresa's church, playing that old licorice wand late at night, hoping to draw Bobo back for one more song.
You don't need to be afraid of ghosts.
Only spirits looking to settle a score would harm a person.
Ghosts aren't about abject fear.
They're about justice.
They're here to right a wrong.
Where your mama at? Welcome to my dark side It's gonna be a long night Oh, la, la, la, la Acting like I'm heartless I do it all the time That don't mean I'm scarless That don't mean I'm fine But you'll see When someone else makes you this way Oh, I'll drain your life Til there's nothing left but your blood shot eyes Oh, I take my time Til I show you how I feel inside Welcome to my Welcome to my dark side Ooh Ooh, welcome to my dark side Ooh Ooh, welcome to my dark side Sorry, what's this for? I have a plan to nail Connors.
What are you thinking, Ty? I'm gonna be Billy.
He was my brother.
She told me.
Sorry about what happened.
What do you mean you're gonna be Billy? Well, today's the anniversary of the night Connors shot Billy.
You said it's got him on edge.
I can haunt Connors.
Psych him out.
Make him believe that this kid he's looking for isn't me, but the boy he shot eight years ago.
Connors will believe I was Billy's ghost all along.
Okay, I mean, even if this didn't sound insane, - what would it get us? - A confession.
Not for for drugs or for corruption, we get him for Billy! We want to help you, Ty, but - this isn't a good plan.
- Look, you got a better one? I'm doing this with or without you.
Even with the sweatshirt and the resemblance, and the anniversary, why would he believe you're Billy's ghost? Have neither of you read "Telltale Heart?" Yeah, in high school.
Okay, maybe it was the abridged version.
It's a short story.
You're saying you want to use his guilt against him.
No, no, no.
I'm saying I want to use his fear.
Look, his whole life is built on lies.
A man like that is is always looking over his shoulder.
This time when he looks - it'll be Billy.
No, it's too dangerous.
You're a civilian.
- And a minor.
- But I'm fast.
No one's that fast.
You said he's one of the good ones, right? - You did? - Oh, God.
Look, can I trust him? You can, but trust him with what? - I can do something.
- (FABRIC RUSTLING) Something that would sound crazy unless you see it with your own eyes.
I think with this cloak I can control it.
(DOORKNOB RATTLING) (LATCH UNLOCKS) Mom? Mom! Mom! (PHONE BEEPS) OPERATOR: 911, what's your emergency? My name is Tandy Bowen.
I need help.
Breaking down - (BEEPS) - Let the words fall from my mouth All the things I've never shown All the things you'd never know I've been careless, I've been thoughtless I know that I'm a work in progress My heart's chaotic, empty bottles I, yeah, I just sip this drink 'til it's alright Ooh, ooh - (KEYS JINGLING) - Ooh Ooh, ooh - Who's there? - Ooh (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) Ooh I stay ready for anything, yeah And I put that on everything, yeah Telling me I should let it be, nah, That ain't part of my pedigree I never thought I'd give it all away But I set myself free - (DINGING) - I never thought I'd give it all away - (ELECTRICITY CRACKLES) - But I need you to see I'm breaking down Let the words fall from my mouth - (EXPLOSION) - (GUNSHOTS) (WATER SPLASHES) - (WHISPERS) You killed me.
- Empty A feeling with uncertainty I couldn't be Left inside a room with me Now I believe Running only gets you where you see Now, I'm not paying you assholes.
- (PHONE BEEPS) - You get, you get You get You get, you get - Got your text.
- Yeah.
Fuchs saw the kid on his beat.
Said this kid matched the one in your sketch.
This isn't him.
It's the one you had Suzy draw.
Right, let's go.
Any idea who he is? Nope.
Seen him around though.
- Oh, where at? - Around.
I'm sorry I didn't catch him at the mill.
That kid was fast.
I saw you running, but honestly, it looked like you were chasing no one.
- What? - There.
Don't you see him? No.
He's right there.
Don't Connors, you feeling okay? (FOOTSTEPS RUNNING) - There! - I don't see anyone! Who are we chasing? (GUNSHOT) (FOOTSTEPS RUNNING) (GUNSHOT) (GUNSHOT) (GUNSHOT) (GUNSHOTS) - Who are you? - You know who I am.
You just tried to kill me.
But you can't.
Cause you already did it.
You know what today is? - You can't be - My name is Billy Johnson.
You took me.
You took my life, and it was a good life too.
- I'm losing it.
- Man, you already lost.
I ain't never gonna let you be, you hear me? Not until you admit what you did.
I didn't do anything.
- You're the one - I did nothing wrong! I was scared of you, you and your gun.
It was the explosion.
The rig.
Whole damn thing blew off, and I I - fired.
- At who? Why can't you just admit what you did to my goddamn face? Huh? I shot you, okay, kid? I shot you.
And you cleared the whole thing up, right? It happened quick.
My uncle helped me get into Vice.
I I I did what I could.
And I I couldn't undo it.
It's done.
Okay? I killed you and buried you.
- You got that right? - I got it all.
What the hell's going on? - What is this? - O'REILLY: Detective Connors you're under arrest for the murder of Billy Johnson.
(HANDCUFFS CLICKING) (BREATHING HEAVILY) - What do you want? - For starters? - Answers.
- To what? What happened on that rig? It exploded.
- It happens.
- No.
No, they don't do what that one did.
People didn't just die in the core.
They were infected, right? I'm sorry.
- "Infected"? - They lost their mind to terror.
And they panicked and turned against each other.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You know, my best guess is when you salvaged that rig you guys found Ivan Hess alive, and the rest of the workers were dead.
And the core infected them with terror, and it kept them from escaping, and it kept them from keeping each other alive.
That's an evocative story, but I never saw any evidence of that.
Oh, no worries.
I brought you some.
This is a memo.
My dad wrote it.
And he warned Roxxon that direct human contact could be dangerous without the shielding he recommended.
- It's easy enough to fake.
- Not that easy.
But this is just Exhibit "A" of the meltdown.
The rig didn't melt down, honey.
Here's a piece of the rig, "honey" without the heat shielding.
No wonder the whole place blew up.
No one would know what that means.
Oh, Greg did.
But you had him killed by your water bottle girl.
Destroyed all the evidence.
But you missed a couple things.
And the lies that you told them again and again? To the press? My mom? To Mina and the families of all those workers? Maybe the newspapers deserve to know.
What's in your craw, kid? You and Roxxon destroyed my father's good name.
"Good name"? How well did you know your old man, anyway? Ignore me.
I dare you.
What's it gonna take, huh? Blowing the whistle might seem like the idealistic thing to do, but it isn't going to get your mother out of the trailer park, is it? I've got money.
Enough socked away to set you up for the rest of your life.
You just let me let me take that evidence off your hands.
We don't need to involve the authorities or the press.
Now, you just think carefully.
What do you want? (EMPHATICALLY) Really want? I want my father back, asshole.
(SLICES) (RUMBLING) - Video's in evidence.
- Locked and logged.
You saw that kid.
I mean, what he can do.
I'm from New York.
I've seen it before.
I ever tell you about my friend, Misty? - No.
- I'll tell you about her later.
Pancakes tomorrow? And what about the day after? I can do that too.
And the, uh, day after that? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) (WAVES LAPPING GENTLY) When I got a confession out of him, it was it was like music.
It was real and awful and sweet.
I didn't get a confession.
But I did scare the shit out of him.
Blowing the whistle on these assholes and putting Roxxon out of business.
These past eight years have sucked, but maybe we do have a future.
Maybe we do.
I'm glad you came.
Mom, this is Tyrone.
His brother died the same night.
We got to be friends, so - Ma'am.
- I'm so sorry for your loss, but I'm glad you could join us.
Yeah, thanks for having me.
Hey, I brought this lantern.
- Thought it'd be a nice change.
- Let me find my lighter.
Are you dying to tell her? When the papers come out, she'll know.
She'll know it'll be alright.
You're not gonna miss that money? It's not about the money.
It's about Dad getting his good name back.
- Here we go.
- MELISSA: I got it.
Uh Tyrone, would you like to say a few words? About your brother? Um Maybe a moment of silence? Then the lantern? Okay.
(WHOOSH) TYRONE: What is that? TANDY: It's my old front door.
(DOORKNOB RATTLES) Is this a fear? (LOUD CLACK) Or a memory? I think it's both.
- (LOUD CLACK) - (CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING) - (LOUD CLACK) - (MUSIC STOPS) (PROJECTOR WHIRRING) (LOUD CLACK) (RIPPING) - (RIPPING) - (CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING) (NO DISCERNIBLE DIALOG) (MUSIC DISTORTS) (MUSIC ENDS) (LOUD CLACKING) (WHOOSH) We're at the end of the line And she keeps me from closing my eyes Keeps me from sleeping at night Don't let me go We've been talking a while Looking at everything bright Wrote, and she asked me, I'm fine Just don't let me go There came a time When you were the only one You were the only one The only one Maybe I could be your only price Maybe you could light it white Even when I'm falling back You'd still believe I tried MELISSA: Don't rely on anyone, Tandy.
You hear me? When it comes down to it we're all on our own.
We're at the end of the line She keeps me from holding her tight - Trying to make sure she's fine - (PHONE CLICKING) - (CELL PHONE CLICKS) - Don't let me go (LINE RINGING) PETER (ON PHONE): Peter Scarborough.
It's Tandy Bowen.
I thought about it, and you know what? I'll take the money.
- PETER: I'm happy - (PHONE BEEPS) OTIS: It's safe here.
- And you know it.
- I can't stay here.
What are you talking about? (CRYING) I don't feel safe here! ADINA: Not anymore! I'm scared, Otis.
I can't.
Maybe I could be your only price Maybe you would light it white Even when I'm falling back You still believe I tried And maybe we could be a symphony And maybe I could learn to play You could write that story While I just ride the wave But life is never like that But life is never like that She took me in And now I feel still No, life's never like that Life's never like that Life's never like that Maybe I could be your only price And maybe you would light it white Even when I'm falling back You still believe I tried Fuchs! Hey, get up! I want celebration pancakes! Oh! You're making a feast this time.