Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy (2015) s03e07 Episode Script

Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves

[MALE VOICE] Why are you here? I I bring good news.
I have completed the mission you set for me.
Thanos has been defeated.
That is not why you are here.
[RUMBLING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [YELLING] [GRUNTS] [WIND HOWLING SOFTLY] [MALE VOICE] Why are you here? I bring a gift my share of the millions of units that the Guardians were awarded for defeating Thanos.
That is not why you are here.
[GROWLING] Ugh! It had to be cryo-snakes.
[GRUNTING] [SIGHS] [MALE VOICE] Why are you here? Because I need your help.
At last, you are honest about your presence.
Now, how can I help you, Gamora of the Zen-Whoberi? You freed me from Thanos, from the affects of his cruel upbringing, from competing to be Ronan the Accuser's lackey.
Take it.
Millions of units.
[BEEPS] To repay you for giving me another chance at life.
Your debt is not to me.
[DOOR OPENING] No, sister.
Your debt is to me! [YELLS] [YELLS] [GRUNTS] Nebula.
What are you doing here? I want what's mine.
[YELLS] The units? I earned them.
By bringing Thanos to justice for his crimes against the galaxy.
[GRUNTS] What about his crimes against me? I tracked you down because I deserve those units.
[YELLS] [GRUNTING] [YELLS] [LAUGHING] You don't deserve those units any more than I do.
Maybe, but I'm not stupid enough to just give 'em away.
[ROARING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] You won't get the units.
But maybe I can give you something better.
Now I really do need your help.
Like I said, you changed me.
Gave me a new purpose.
Made me see a better way of life with your gift.
Can you do that to her? I did nothing to change you.
I merely reminded you of your better self.
The change you seek for your sister must come from within her.
That is why I allowed you both to enter this sanctum.
You let her in here? This is a journey you must take together.
Ha! You're not actually buying this mumbo jumbo, are you? - No, you are.
- Or what? You'll send me back to the Kyln? You'll find the bounty on my head is very disappointing compared to Father's.
I won't turn you in yet.
Like he said, we're taking a journey together.
I'm going to show you the value, the power, of doing good.
Doing what now? How long do you think you can keep me tied up like this? Just be open.
It might surprise you.
If, by the end of this, you feel nothing, then I'll let you go.
You're wasting your time.
But since I have no choice [TRILLING] You always have a choice.
Well, not this time.
Not yet.
But you've had plenty in the past.
[NEBULA] What would possess you to bring me to this dump? You don't recognize it? [VILLAGERS GASP] [VILLAGER] Look! [YOUNG GAMORA ON P.
] Attention, peasants.
Lord Thanos has learned that a powerful artifact is buried here.
In his mercy, he will spare you two hours to clear out with your possessions before we begin excavation.
We can't possibly evacuate the entire town on such short notice! Aw, don't sell yourselves short.
You just need the right motivation.
[CHUCKLES] My way was faster.
Even Thanos was furious with you for that stunt.
[GRUNTS] How was I supposed to know the flood would ruin his stupid artifact? This guilt trip you're taking me on isn't working, sister.
What are you doing here, strangers? [GAMORA] Many years ago, your town was destroyed.
Obviously, you never recovered.
[MURMURING] But today, we bring you units, [BEEPS] so that you may rebuild.
[VILLAGERS GASP] [MURMURING] [QUIETLY] You're going to see how good it feels to make amends.
Stranger, we have lived in misery for long cycles.
I do not know what angels brought you today, but [NEBULA] Aw, don't sell yourselves short.
You! [NEBULA] You're so right, sister.
I feel much better now.
Seriously, what did you expect from these peasants, sister? Gratitude? Forgiveness? Acceptance? Hey! Watch it! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] Would you stop? [GRUNTS] - You stop! - No! You! [BOTH] Uh-oh.
Climb up! [STRAINING] Ow! [GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [BOTH PANTING] [VILLAGERS SHOUTING] Can't make out what they're saying, but it doesn't sound like "thank you.
" Shut up and get back to the ship.
Not till I get my units back! The point of coming here was to help you learn to feel good about doing good, not to fight.
You know what makes me feel good? Fighting, and having lots of units.
You are not going to hurt any more people.
We're leaving! Make me! [GRUNTING] No! No, you are not dragging me off this [SCREAMING] Must be tough, all that wet hair.
It has a few upsides.
But those swamp rats down there didn't exactly give me the warm and fuzzies.
Whether or not they thank us or forgive us, those units will still improve their lives.
[YONDU] Well, evenin', friends.
It's come to my attention that y'all recently came into a windfall of units.
Unfortunately, the wind's blowin' in another direction ours.
[WHISTLES] Now, if y'all would be so kind as to drop all your units into this here sack [NEBULA] Your guilt trip failed, sister.
I feel nothing, so now you can let me go.
That was the deal, right? Ohh, this guilt trip is just getting started.
Pitchforks and torches? [GRUNTS] Seriously? [CLAMORING] [SPACESHIP APPROACHING] [CHITTERING] What say we cool down these hotheads? [CHITTERING] [CHITTERING] And now that y'all in a much more givin' mood Creatures of the deep, please accept these units and our sincere apologies.
[SCREECHES] Don't be frightened.
We mean you no harm.
[ROARING] No, but that thing does! [CREATURES SCREECHING] Well, lookie what we caught sunken treasure.
[CHITTERING] [NEBULA] These runts even know what units are? Just do it.
[SNIFFING] Not a chance.
[SCREECHES] [SCREECHING] Okay, maybe I am a little sorry! [SNORING SOFTLY] That's it, eat up, nice Elemental Beasts.
[CHITTERING] Nice enough to give us your units, that is.
[GAMORA] While we hope to provide restitution, we know that we cannot undo the harm we did.
[HALFHEARTEDLY] But these units will help you to rebuild your lives, and we hope that someday you may forgive us.
Go! [GRUNTS] Wait.
Where are you going? [PANTS, GRUNTS] Please, join us in a celebration feast.
What is happening? We have heard about the Guardians' triumph over the dreaded Thanos.
You were so young when you attacked us.
You must have been under his thrall.
So, you forgive us? Yes.
For burning your crops.
And vaporizing your wells.
And stampeding your livestock off a cl [GRUNTS] Thank you.
We are grateful.
[ELECTRICITY ARCING] [CHOMPING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING, SUCKING] Okay, now what? These people aren't going to poison us.
See? You cannot eat what you did not earn.
That's Thanos talking.
He's still controlling you.
I betrayed him just as much as you did! Betraying him is not the same as being free of him.
You don't have to live by his code anymore.
[GUNSHOTS] [VILLAGERS GASP] [WHIMPERING] [YONDU CLEARS THROAT] Ladies and, uh, well, whatever y'all are, you've recently come into a bushel of good fortune, and we have come to harvest.
Ooh, uh [NERVOUS CHUCKLE] Uh, hey, there, darlings.
Funny meeting you here, being you're usually gone by now.
What's that supposed to mean? Uh, nothin'.
We're just here for the feast.
I thought we were just gonna steal the units they gave away, like all the other times.
"All the other times"? [GRUNTS] Come on.
Let's stop these parasites.
[GRUNTS] Why would I risk my neck for a bunch of dirt diggers? [GRUNTS] Because I'm telling you to.
Look, much as I'd love to watch you two tear each other apart [SNAPS FINGERS] Ravagers! Time to blow this dirt patch! They're getting away.
[GRUNTS] So? With all the units! [DEJECTED MURMURING, WHIMPERING] [YELLS] Then what are we waiting for? Come on! [VILLAGERS GRUNT] [HIGH-PITCHED MECHANICAL HUM] Enjoy your celebration, ladies.
Looks like a real barn-burner.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Thanks for the save.
You have the keys to the ship.
Can we leave now? [DEJECTED MURMURING, WHIMPERING] [DEJECTED MURMURING, WHIMPERING CONTINUE] Let's go! Come on! I can't leave these people.
I'm going to help.
Can I trust you? [LAUGHS] What are you, stupid? [CLICKS] Time to make your choice.
We both know how that's gonna go.
[YELLS] [COCKS] [WHIMPERING] Didn't your mother teach you not to take things that don't belong to you? You mean like that laser cannon? Shut up! [GIRL] Help! [COUGHING] [CRYING] [COUGHING] [CRYING] [CRYING CONTINUES] Aw, krutack! [WHIMPERING] [CREAKING] [GIRL SCREAMING] Hold on! [VILLAGERS CHEERING] My way is still faster.
[SIGHS] Okay, scram.
[GRUNTS] What? You stayed.
You helped.
I think you liked it.
Oh, don't read into it.
Ship, now! Yondu and the Ravagers have to pay for what they did here.
I knew you'd see the value of doing good.
What? No! They have all the units you stupidly gave away.
And I still want my cut! [RAVAGERS WHOOPING] [YONDU] All right! Yeah! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Another successful haul.
Let's all be grateful for Gamora's sappy, self-righteous do-goodery, 'cause we done good by her! [WHOOPING, LAUGHING] [BLAST] Ohh! Go see about that racket.
[STEAM HISSING] Looks like Gamora's ship.
That can't be good.
Yes, it is.
And no, it's not.
[YELLS] We're coming for you, Yondu.
Better get those units ready for me! We are not gonna let those ladies take what we worked so hard to steal from.
[CRIES OUT] Hey! Doors are expensive, you know.
Bill me.
[WEAPON COCKS] Oh, I think y'all gonna pay up right here, right now.
[GROWLS] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] [GROANS] [SCREAMING] [CRASH] [WHISTLES] [WHISTLES] Look out! [GASPS] You done killed Pointy! Aah! Oh! Oh, h-hey, now, ladies, let's maybe talk this over.
I'm sure we can come to a mutually agreeable agreement.
[NERVOUS CHUCKLE] How about you hand over all the units, and we let you live? [CRYING OUT] Sounds agreeable to me.
[GROANS] Oh, come on now.
What about y'all's commitment to good deeds? I'm starting to think it'd be a good deed to remove your name from the Galactic Census.
Huh? Okay, okay, okay! Kraglin, bring 'em out! So, if we deduct the cost of the door you broke out of the total Eh let's just call it square, huh? I suppose now you're gonna make me go with you to return these.
I've been trying to force you to do good this whole time, but it doesn't mean anything unless you choose to do it.
The choice has always been yours.
Not always.
[YOUNG GAMORA] Good news.
You are orphans no longer, because you all belong to Thanos now.
I don't belong to anybody but me! [GROANS] Not anymore.
[GROWLS] Whose guilt trip has this really been, sister? Whose choice started me on this path? Whose forgiveness are you truly seeking? Ooh! Wow.
[GAMORA, NEBULA] Shut up! I guess I thought if I could show you the power of contrition, the value of helping others, maybe I could undo the damage I did to you, and you might forgive me.
Well, you said it yourself.
The choice has always been mine.
[BEEPS] [YELLS] [GRUNTS] [TRILLING] Way to go, Gamora.
You failed her again.
[BEEPS] [NEBULA] Attention, Ravagers.
This ship is now mine.
From now on, you work for me.
And we're taking a little trip.
Every last unit you stole from all those people is going back to them after I take my cut.
Good choice, sister.
Hopefully, the first of many.