Marvel's Iron Fist (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Snow Gives Way

[theme music playing] [horns honking] [indistinct chatter] [hip-hop music playing over headphones] [chuckles] That's my building.
You should sell it and buy some shoes.
I'm, uh guessing June doesn't work here anymore? [chuckles] - [chuckles] - Doesn't matter.
Uh, I'm here to see Harold Meachum.
I'm sorry, that's not possible.
I'm Danny Rand.
The son of Wendell Rand.
I've, uh, been away a long time.
And you're here to see Harold Meachum? Yeah.
- One minute, please.
- Okay.
[chuckles] I used to ride my skateboard around in here.
Someone will be right out to see you.
- Oh, thanks.
- Mmm.
- [Danny gasps] - [man] Welcome to Rand Enterprises.
Touch the interactive screen - to access the company directory.
- Whoa.
This is new.
[music playing on screen] - You don't belong here.
- Oh, wait.
- Uh, I I'm Danny Rand.
- Now.
- Come on, guys.
Just call Harold.
- You're out of here.
Whoa! Hold him.
I just want to talk to Harold.
- Come on.
- No.
[groans] [grunts] - [guard] Hey! - [baton clicks] [grunting] [grunts] [door buzzes] [button clicks] [beeping] [elevator beeps] [cell phone chimes] [beeps] [cell phone chimes] [elevator beeps] [elevator beeps] Excuse me.
Excuse me! Who are you? Where's Harold? Excuse me? Who are you? [Joy] Oh Ward? [chuckles] Joy? [chuckles] [stammers] It's Danny.
Danny Rand.
How did you get up here? The elevator.
I, uh I came to see your father.
[Ward] Look, but I think you're in the wrong place.
No, this is definitely the right place.
[chuckles] I'm sorry, but I'm calling security.
- They can help you.
- Wait, no.
[stutters] It's me.
Look, I know it sounds crazy, but let me just talk to your dad, okay? Then I can leave you guys alone.
I'm afraid Harold Meachum is dead.
What? I I didn't know.
When? Why isn't anyone picking up? Can you get security up here? [slams phone] He died of cancer 12 years ago.
I'm sorry to hear that.
All our parents are gone now.
Okay, well, thanks for dropping by.
I'm gonna show you What? No, no, no.
[stammers] I guess I need to talk to you, then.
What you need is to get out of my office.
Look, uh, it's me.
Why don't we just all walk over to the Stage Deli? We can have a cup of tea.
We can talk about this.
Stage Deli's been closed for years.
It it doesn't matter where we go, okay? I just want to talk.
You are absolutely insane if you think I'm gonna sit down and have a cup of tea with you.
- I know this is strange, but - [Ward] Really? You think? Maybe, that's because Danny Rand is dead.
Please, get out of here now.
Ward [sighs] you need to calm down.
Calm down? Are you seriously telling me to calm down? - Get out, or I will throw you out.
- Ward, you need to back off.
Keep telling me what to do All right.
All right.
Let's all calm down, yeah? Look, whoever you are, I think it's best if you leave - Look, I don't want to leave! - [gasps] [sighing] [stammers] I'm sorry.
I I didn't mean to - Your last chance, buddy.
- [Joy] Ward, wait.
[gun cocking] [Ward] About time.
Take this crazy piece of shit away.
Look, it doesn't have to be like this, okay? I'm not dangerous.
[Shannon] He attacked the guards.
[Joy] Serious? Blindsided our guards in the lobby.
- I'm calling the police.
- No.
If he gets arrested, he'll be out again in a few hours.
If you set foot in this building again, our guards will take it as a personal threat and will respond with whatever means necessary.
I think you know what that means.
Look, Ward, don't do this.
You're gonna feel real stupid once all this is cleared up.
Come on! [Joy sighs] - You okay? - Yeah.
Still it's been, like, 15 years since Danny and his parents died.
This guy just shows up out of nowhere? What? [chuckles] You know what's weirder? He looked like Danny.
Right? Joy [chuckles] I know.
I know.
It's crazy.
It's It's not Danny.
It's not.
[Joy sighs] [breathing heavily] [Wendell] Heather, stay in your seat.
Heather! [breathing heavily] I'm okay.
[chuckles softly] I'm okay.
Yeah, I I'm good.
I don't give a shit what you are.
[chuckles] You know, you you remind me of Billy.
[chuckles] He was, uh he was head of security when I left.
I guess he retired.
[elevator beeps] [doorbell rings] [indistinct chatter] [gasps] [chuckles softly] [dog barks] [dog growls] [growling softly] [panting] [chuckles softly] [chuckles softly] [dice clattering] [young Danny] One, two, three, four [young Joy] Park Place.
That's mine.
You owe me money.
[young Danny sighs] Okay.
[young Joy] Ward, it's your turn.
[dice clattering] One, two, three, four, five.
Kentucky Avenue, 250 bucks.
I don't think so.
What do you mean, "I don't think so"? I don't wanna pay it.
- You have to.
- It's the rules.
Dad says rules are for pussies.
[Wendell from inside] Hello! - [Heather] Hey, we're home.
- We're up here.
[groans] Oh, but here comes Mommy and Daddy to protect you.
And give you lots of hugs and kisses and tell you what a sweet little boy you are.
It's disgusting.
- Ward.
- [Wendell] Hi.
What happened here? [sighs] Danny's been kind of a problem.
[doorknob rattles] [sighs] [siren wailing in distance] [hip-hop music playing over headphones] [man] Hey.
Hey! Uh Uh, I didn't mean to spook you.
It's all right.
I, uh [clears throat] I don't really spook.
I'm Big Al.
Don't think I've seen you around here before.
Uh, I've, uh been away a while.
Traveler, huh? Yeah.
Nice iPod.
I got an iPhone.
[Danny] Nice.
You can find anything you want on the Internet.
- Yeah? - Seriously, I I found my sister living in Florida.
[both chuckle] Called her up.
She's still a bitch.
[both chuckle] You want me to look someone up? [stammers] Anybody.
Before whoever owns this phone cancels the service.
Eh Look up Danny Rand.
Oh, yeah.
There was a kid.
I I remember this.
The whole family died in a plane crash.
Very sad.
Uh, is that the one you're talking about? Yeah.
Anybody else? Look up Harold Meachum.
Oh, wow, another dead guy.
[chuckles] Is that him? Thanks.
Whoa, he had he had a big funeral.
Mayor and everything.
Look at that.
You know him? Yeah.
Sort of.
You know you can get shoes at the shelter on East 13th.
- Okay.
- Just make sure you piss in 'em first.
You know, they carry the bad juju from the previous owner.
Only way to get rid of 'em is with your piss.
Or or the blood of a she-goat.
Uh, that's hard to find around here.
[chuckles] What? Oh, nothing.
It's just, uh I'm guessing people think we're pretty much alike.
- Special creatures.
- Yeah.
[chuckles] [chuckles softly] Hey, Joy! Joy, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here? [stammers] I've been waiting to talk to you.
It It really is me.
Oh, hey, come on.
I promise, I'm not gonna hurt you.
I know you're not.
I'm texting my driver right now, which means he's going to be pulling around the corner any second and if you're still with me when he gets here, I'm gonna ask him to detain you, because he's not just my driver, he's also my guard.
- My armed guard.
- Joy, hey And I will make sure that you're arrested.
And I will see that your case goes to trial and that you are convicted of malicious harassment and sent to jail for the maximum time.
Joy, come on.
Hey, look, it's We used to be friends.
- It's me.
- [scoffs] Daniel Thomas Rand.
Born April 1st, right here in Manhattan.
We were on the same soccer team.
The Bombers.
[chuckles] I played the goalie.
[scoffs] Anyone could look that stuff up online.
You you're living in my house.
- This is my house now.
- [chuckles] Yeah.
Yeah, it seems that way.
[chuckles lightly] Your dog's pretty scary.
[chuckles] [car horn honks] Did you break in? My dog was closed in my study last night when I got home.
You did that? Now that is so not okay, my friend.
- Sorry, buddy - [horn blaring] [tires screeching] [gasps] [panting] Thanks, but I, uh I wasn't asking for money.
[chuckles] Uh whatever.
Is this you? Yeah.
I'm Danny.
Colleen Wing.
[speaking Mandarin] [both speaking Mandarin] Uh, speak English or Japanese.
I haven't spoken Mandarin since I was a kid.
Oh, uh, I'm sorry.
Um I was just wondering if maybe I could get a job with you.
I've already got someone who cleans up.
- No, wait.
I meant - See ya.
[Joy] So the guy is still around.
- [Ward] What guy? - The Danny Rand wannabe.
He was waiting outside my house this morning.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
He never touched me.
He just said he wanted to talk.
Same thing as before.
But get this.
I think he may have broken into my house as well.
That takes this to a whole other level.
- This guy's dangerous.
- I know.
[inhales sharply] I'm a little freaked.
I'm gonna make sure Shannon has people posted outside your place.
[sighs] There was another thing.
So strange.
[chuckles nervously] What? He he stepped out on to the street, right in front of a car but then he just sort of put his hand out and jumped over it like it was nothing.
So, great! He's an insane homeless acrobat.
- [chuckles] - Call Cirque du Psychopath.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Like I said, it was strange.
Either way we're gonna have to deal with this guy.
I know it sounds crazy, but should we actually just talk to him? Why would we want to do that? Well, um, I'm just wondering if there's any chance - it could actually be Danny.
- No.
Joy we went through this.
Definitely not.
This is either a crazy guy or it's some sort of setup.
And if that's the case, he's really smart.
He's playing on our emotions.
Why? 'Cause we lost a friend when Danny died.
Wouldn't you love it if somehow he was still alive, walked into our office all these years later? [chuckles] I don't know.
Or do you really think the timing is coincidental? Right when we're about to announce our expansion in China? Okay.
Someone walks in who potentially owns 51% of the company.
Even if it's bogus, the perception is there's a leadership struggle.
- And who gains from this? - Our competition.
It could be anyone.
[chuckles] So you're thinking this is some sort of corporate sabotage? Makes sense, doesn't it? [sighs] [indistinct chatter] [valet] Thank you, sir.
Hey! What the hell are you doing? I wanted to talk.
I didn't know any other way to get to you.
[Ward] No way.
Stop! Sorry.
I, uh haven't driven since my dad put me on his lap and let me drive around our place in the Hamptons.
Stop the car now.
- I said stop the car.
- Ward, I just need to talk.
[gun cocks] - Pull over.
- [sighs] Put the gun away.
- Now.
- Look, I just want to talk, okay? You can talk to the police.
That's who you can talk to.
[sighs] I have been met with nothing but anger and hostility since I've been home.
And honestly [stutters] it's kind of aggravating.
So I'm going to ask you one last time.
Please put the gun away.
[gun cocks] Ah! Oh.
How does it feel? Huh? [chuckles] Not so good.
[breathing heavily] Bang! [gun drops] [sighs] You will never get a penny from us.
[scoffs] Who said anything about money? Then what do you want? I want answers.
I want to know what happened.
To me, to my parents to the company that has my name on it! That's all you want? Answers? Yeah.
I'll tell you everything I know.
- Okay.
- [sighs] I'm listening.
[sighs] Wendell Rand, his wife Heather and their son, Danny, died in a plane crash in the Himalayas.
The plane was never found.
Their bodies were never found.
- Keep going.
- That's all I know.
Oh, come on.
[scoffs] I know you know more.
I was 15 when they died.
Why would I know anything more? And why do you think that there's more to know? And why do you care? - Because you are not Danny Rand.
- Yes, I am.
Show me a DNA test that proves you're a Rand.
I have no living relatives.
A fingerprint test.
I I was ten when we crashed.
- I never had fingerprints taken.
- Then you've got nothing.
Oh, man.
You know what? You were a dick as a kid, and you're still a dick now.
- You don't know anything about me.
- No.
You used to lock me in the freezer at the Rand cafeteria.
At one of the company picnics you put a dead frog in my sandwich.
You would kick me in the balls every chance you had.
This sound familiar? None of that is true.
Yes, it is.
I can only wonder what it's like inside that crazy little head of yours.
[chuckles] You wanna know what it's like? Hmm? It feels like this [tires screeching] When you're a ten-year-old boy and you watch your mother die and you know you and your father are next, it feels like this! - You're crazy.
- Yeah! Yeah, maybe.
- Stop this.
- [breathing heavily] Stop.
Stop the car! - [Wendell] Hold on, Danny! - [Heather] Oh, my God! [screams] - [Ward] Stop the car! - [breathing heavily] Stop the car! [tires screeching] [both panting] I'm I'm sorry.
I I I didn't mean to This isn't over.
[breathing heavily] Oh I know.
[breathing heavily] [hip-hop music playing over headphones] I thought you might be hungry.
- Thanks.
- [grunts] Yeah.
Chicken parm.
The Italian deli on Bleecker.
They throw 'em out at the end of the night.
Plenty of food if you know where to look.
That's where it all went wrong.
Where all what went wrong? All mankind.
It's true.
For, like, a couple million years we were all hunters and gatherers.
Life was good.
People grew strong and tall and lived into their 70s.
Then, like, 10,000 years ago, they all got hit with the idiot stick and decided to start [sighs] farmin', build cities.
And everything went to shit.
- Yeah.
- Not me, though.
[chuckles] No way, man.
I'mma stay true to my purpose.
I'm a I'm a hunter-gatherer.
You're lucky, then.
Buddha said, "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose.
" Sure, that makes sense.
What's your purpose? To protect K'un-Lun from all oppression.
Honor the sacrifice of Shou-Lao the Undying.
[chuckles] Well, okay then.
[chuckles softly] - Just remember to have fun along the way.
- [chuckles] All right, man.
- Thanks for the food.
- Yep.
[Colleen speaking Japanese] [continues speaking Japanese] Great.
Thank you, guys.
That was a lovely class.
Please take some flyers.
Pass them around, invite your friends to take a class.
We need more students here.
Oh, also Thursday nights will be closed for AA meetings.
They pay more than you do.
Otherwise this place is closing.
Here for a lesson? What can $2 get me? [chuckles] Cup of coffee down the street? Hmm.
I never had coffee before.
Or maybe a pair of flip-flops at one of the stalls.
Down the street.
I'm, uh I'm okay.
So you should probably go.
I, uh [clicks tongue] - I want to challenge your master.
- [chuckles] You wanna what? It's protocol.
I visit your dojo, I need to challenge your master.
Well, okay but I'm the master, and I don't accept your challenge.
Okay, um Yeah, look, I'm closing up, so Do you, uh do you teach kung fu lessons? - Nope.
- You should.
You'd probably get more students.
I don't need the hassle.
I could teach a couple classes.
I mean, that's what I was asking when I was talking about work.
I'd be cheap.
No hassle at all.
Where'd you train? K'un-Lun.
Which is where? You, uh can't really get there from here.
[inhales sharply] Nice try.
Now it's time to go.
- [chuckling] Well, if you - You really need to leave.
This is just a practice sword.
It doesn't even have an edge.
Trust me you don't wanna know what it feels like to have a practice sword smack you hard on the side of the face.
[chuckles] I already do.
Ask Master Lei Kung the Thunderer.
I'm asking you nicely one last time.
Please go.
I apologize for any inconvenience.
Hey! [chuckles] Thanks.
[both grunting] - [grunts] - [groans] You're the security guard from Rand.
Why are you [grunting] - Ow! - [gun clatters] [gun cocks] [guard] Go.
[grunts] [groans] [magazine clatters] [crowd cheering] [firecrackers bursting] [parrot squawking] [both grunting] [uncocks gun] [Shannon groaning] Ow! Who sent you? - Who sent you? - [bone cracking] [groans] Ward Meachum.
[grunts] [percussion continues] [cell phone vibrating] Hello, Shannon.
Thank you.
[sighs] We have a situation.
Something that we need to discuss in person.
I think it can wait until the morning.
Of course.
Right away.
[elevator chimes] [beeps] [beeps] [door unlocks] Hi, Dad.
The Chinese yuan is gonna drop.
- It's gonna affect our expansion there.
- [sighs] I'll take care of it.
Oh, like you're taking care of the Danny Rand situation? How do you even know about that? Shit.
Are you behind this? Is this another one of your stupid tests? No, Ward, I'm not behind it.
I wish you'd take things like this more seriously, so that I don't see my company destroyed.
- So it's your company now? - It's always been my company.
You know, I could just ignore you.
There's not a thing you could do about it.
Oh, sometimes you still sound like you're an eight-year-old.
Yeah, yeah, Dad.
I get the whole "disappointed-in-me" thing.
You've been doing it my whole life.
I expect more of you.
That's all.
Is he here all the time now? How much does he know? - What does it matter? - I think you know why it matters.
Ward, try to learn from me.
You hire people when they're young, single, looking for something to commit to, to build their lives around.
Pay 'em twice what they're worth.
It builds loyalty.
It's something I learned from Wendell.
Hey, will you ever betray me, Kyle? [Kyle nervously] No, sir.
You're a good man, Kyle.
Why don't you take the rest of the day off? It's nearly midnight, sir.
Aw, too late then, huh? See? He loves me.
Jesus, Dad.
- What the hell is wrong with you? - [Harold] Never felt better.
[sighs] [grunts] Of course.
So let's talk about the real issue.
This, uh, Danny Rand character.
You tried to have Shannon handle him, that didn't work out so well.
Apparently not.
Hmm So what's he saying? What's his story? He sounds like a lunatic.
I don't know what his story is.
- You haven't talked to him? - Well, no.
I'm not gonna play his game.
How the hell are we supposed to deal with this guy if we don't know anything about him? Hey [snaps fingers] listen up.
The first rule of war and business is to know your enemy.
Yes, you've told me that, but in this case Have you considered this might be someone hired to make us look bad at a time we don't wanna look bad? Yes.
Joy and I have been all through that.
[Harold] Yeah.
Much trickier if this actually is young Danny Rand come back to life.
[chuckles] That's impossible.
Stranger things have happened.
If this is Danny - Dad, come on.
- Think! [sighs] If this is Danny we can't let him go public.
No, we cannot.
Now, there are other questions to consider as well.
If he's still alive, does that mean his parents are still alive? Who else knows he's alive? What does he know? Who has he told? How the hell did he learn martial arts? Why has he waited this long to show up? Huh? And now that he's here what does he want? - I don't know.
- Neither do I.
Which is why you can't just send some idiot to beat the shit out of him.
Understood? [sighs] Now we need to approach this with finesse.
[Ward] Like the way you handle everything in life? Don't be smart with me, Ward.
Leave this to me.
I'll tell you exactly what to do.
[Ward sighs] Like always.
[chuckles softly] Like always.
Al, are you awake? [sighs] "As long as the cycle of existence lasts, may your happiness never decline.
May you attain the constant joy of the bodhisattvas.
" [indistinct chatter] [gasps] How did you get in here? This was always my second home.
I know all the ins and outs.
[sighs] Your brother tried to have me killed last night.
What? [chuckles] No.
Can we finally talk? Okay.
But I have mace in my purse, and I can touch one button and have a guard here.
[laughs] I'm not gonna hurt you.
So what makes you think Ward tried to kill you? Which, by the way, sounds preposterous.
Your security guy came after me.
With two other guys.
- With guns.
- Shannon? Are you sure? [chuckles] Mmm.
[gulps] Very sure.
Well, you seem to have gotten away.
This time.
[chuckles] All right, even if Shannon did attack you, I have to believe that it was something he might have instigated on his own.
Either way, it doesn't make a difference.
You know [clears throat] my brother's a very black and white kind of guy.
Something's either true or it isn't.
I'm a little more open.
Meaning? - You look like Danny Rand.
- [chuckles] Danny Rand is dead.
Maybe the truth is somewhere in between.
"If you wish to see the truth then hold no opinions.
" [chuckles] It's a Zen saying.
[Joy] Okay.
So, then [chuckles] I guess I should call you Danny? Yeah.
All right, Danny.
You said you had some questions for me.
I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to answer all of them, but I'll do my best.
I have a lot of questions, too.
Why don't you go first? [sighs and chuckles] It's it's all kind of crazy.
I don't even know where to start.
[grunts] Well, why don't you just start at the beginning? We were in our jet.
Flying over the Himalayas.
Then things started to to go bad.
We were, uh We were flying too low.
And the the plane it started to come apart and, uh [sighs] And, um [sighing and mumbling] - [Joy] And then? - And, um And then, uh [breathing heavily] [Danny sighs] You What? Why would you [breathing heavily] [grunts] [breathing heavily] [sighs] [wind gusting] [orderly] Looks like he had another one of those episodes.
[nurse] Better to let him sleep.
[indistinct announcement on PA] [Danny sighs] [breathing heavily] [Wendell echoing] It's just turbulence.
It's gonna be okay, Danny.
It's gonna be okay! [Heather screaming] - [Wendell] Just hold on, Danny! - [Danny] Dad! [Heather] Oh, my God! Heather, stay in your seat.
Heather! Heather [Heather] We got you, Danny.
- [Heather screams] - [Danny] Mom! [Wendell] Heather! I love you, Danny.
[hip-hop music playing over headphones] [dramatic music playing]