Marvel's Iron Fist (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Shadow Hawk Takes Flight

1 [theme music playing] [wind howling] [Danny groaning softly] [Simon] Ah.
There you are.
[breathing heavily] Where am I? You are at Birch Psychiatric Hospital.
[Danny softly] What? I shouldn't be here.
That's usually the first thing people say.
[grunts] [stammers] Can you loosen these straps? Ah that, I'm afraid I can't do.
Not just yet.
Word is you like to put up a fight.
I'm not dangerous.
[chuckles] I had a fellow down the hall say the same thing just before he bit the doctor's nose off.
[breathing heavily] I need to get out of here.
- No! Hey, hey, hey! - [grunts] I know how disorienting it must be to to wake up and find yourself in a place like this.
But trust me, we're here to help.
And I think I know exactly how.
You need to kill yourself.
It's really the only solution for any of us.
I mean, look, I have tried four times, and they keep saving me.
Do it now, while you have a chance.
[breathing heavily] Just give me the go-ahead, and it's done.
- [grunting] - Was that a nod? - No.
- Yes? [Simon chuckling] [orderly] Hey! Hey! Simon no! I was just saying hello to the new guy.
[indistinct announcement on PA] We're gonna get you cleaned up now.
But first, I need you to swallow these.
[gags and swallows] [Danny gags] [gasping softly] I'm going to need your support on buying this piece of property in Brooklyn.
[Joy] The warehouses? They important to you? Ah, business as usual.
Real estate's your domain, so, sure, I'll back you.
Thank you.
That'll be one less headache.
Speakin' of headaches [sighs] what's the latest with the Danny Rand wannabe? I still feel shitty for drugging him.
[sighs] I can't get over this feeling that maybe just maybe Don't.
You're just torturing yourself if you think this might be Danny.
[chuckles] Probably.
But even so Let's say you're right.
That would mean that he somehow miraculously survived a plane crash in the Himalayas and that, for some unknown reason, he waited 15 years to come back with no shoes and a tendency toward violence.
[sighs] I know I know.
We'll get to the bottom of this.
Either way, this is the right thing to do, you know? This guy whoever he is, he needs help, and we've made sure he's getting it.
We could have just had him arrested.
So we're saints.
We're not bad guys, if that's what you think.
[scoffs] - [Danny] Oh! - [Heather screams] - [Wendell] We're gonna be okay! - Dad! [breath trembling] Did I wake you? I was meditating.
Is that something you do? - [Danny sighs] - Hmm? I was trying to focus my chi so I could get myself out of here.
How'd it work? It didn't.
It's the drugs.
You need to let me out of here.
Well, it's either here or jail.
But I have you for 72 hours, so I think we should make the most of it.
Can can you at least unstrap me? Are you gonna behave? Yeah.
[exhales heavily] Let's start with this Let's find out what's going on.
First off, what's your name? Danny Rand.
Like that rich kid who died in a plane crash? I am that rich kid who died in a plane crash.
Okay, obviously I I didn't die.
Why don't you tell me about that? We we crashed.
And then? And then [wind howling] I woke up.
I was in this huge snowdrift.
I was hurt.
It was snowing.
You must have been cold.
I was cold.
But I could see pieces of the plane scattered over the mountainside.
I I had to go and check.
I found the cockpit first.
Both pilots were dead.
Then I found the main fuselage.
[breath trembling] My dad was inside.
I love you, Danny.
Wendell Rand? Yeah.
And he was dead, too? [sniffles] What about your mother? Was she there, too? No.
No? Where was she? - Stay in your seat.
- [Heather grunts] Heather We got you, Danny.
- [Heather screams] - [young Danny] Mom! Mom! I don't know.
So what did you do? I didn't want to leave my dad.
But I was so cold.
I was thirsty, hungry.
I I had to try.
Try what? To survive.
I stepped out, but the the snow was so deep, the wind, I I kept on falling, and suddenly I looked up, and there were these two men standing above me.
Chodak and Tashi.
And who were they? Monks.
Order of the Crane Mother.
Monks [takes deep breath] of the Order of the Crane Mother.
What kind of monks are those? They were warrior monks.
Let's just put that on hold for a moment and switch gears.
Why don't we talk about what happened with John Anderson? Who's that? Well, isn't that you? This is your passport, isn't it? That's your picture.
John Anderson of Toronto, Canada.
I I've never seen that before.
If you want out of here you're gonna have to start being honest with me.
We'll talk about this some more.
[indistinct chatter] [metal scraping faintly in the distance] [Colleen grunting] [all grunting] - [panting] - [man] Yeah, man! You might want to sound a little less - like a [panting] - [man] You guys are no good! like a fat duck, Darryl.
I could hear those feet slapping on the sidewalk a block away.
Yes, sensei.
My shoes are too big.
I could smell your garlic breath before you walked out your door.
Sorry, sensei.
And what the hell was that, Jenny? What are you doing? Yoga? You move about as fast as a pig swimming in gravy.
I can't.
If I say anything, I'll just end up crying.
This was a fail, guys.
These exercises are about trying to teach you how to perform in the real world, so do better.
[orderly] You ready? What's he doing here? He's your tour guide.
You gonna try and stab me? Sorry about that.
I get stressed.
[indistinct chatter] They call this a hospital, but don't let that fool you.
Huh The big one, Dink, murdered his parents with a hammer.
Got off with an insanity plea.
Leo fried his brains with methamphetamines and Tony is just an idiot.
[Danny grunts] Let it go.
Let it go.
And this is your home.
Not much to look at, I know.
I'll be out in 72 hours.
[chuckles] [Simon sighs] [indistinct announcement on PA] [indistinct chatter] [Simon] That what they tell you? 72 hours? [chuckles] Me, I had a little incident inside a pharmacy.
Seventy-two hours later, I'm a bipolar with mixed affective episodes, layered atop a substance abuse disorder.
That was two years ago.
Billy was living under a bridge.
Seventy-two hours later, he's a paranoid personality disorder.
That was just over a year ago.
And Jimmy was screaming at people in Times Square.
Seventy-two hours later, he's a schizoaffective disorder.
He's been here almost 15 years.
Don't think you'll be any different.
I need to get out of here.
Well, we all want out.
That's why they dope us every eight hours until we are just mindless donkeys.
Who you calling donkey? Oh, no.
I'm sorry.
My mistake.
[Dink] You apologize, too.
For for what? For being alive.
That's just stupid.
[chuckles] Apologize now or I'm going to hurt you.
Remind me what's wrong with this one again.
[grunts] - Hey! Hey! Hey, you! - [Simon] Whoa! Whoa! No! No! No! - You're out of here! You're out of here! - He started it! No! No! It's okay, Danny! It's okay! It's okay, Danny! It's okay! [orderly] Open.
[Danny] Why? [grunts] [gagging] [coughing] [breathing heavily] [indistinct announcement on PA] [softly] Are you okay, Danny? What? It's nothing.
It's just You're the first person to call me Danny in here.
[chuckles] I need to get out of this place.
Do you have any family you can call? No.
Friends? Is there a phone I can use? I'm not supposed to do this, but what are they going to do? Put me in the nut house? [cell phone ringing] - [Colleen] Chikara Dojo.
- [Danny] Hey - It's Danny.
- Who? Danny.
You, uh, you met me at the park.
Uh I looked you up at your dojo.
Why are you calling me? I'm at the Birch Psychiatric Hospital.
Uh, I need your help.
Why would you come to me for help? You're the only person I know in New York who doesn't want to kill me or put me in a mental hospital.
[scoffs] Then I might want to rethink that.
No, listen.
I'm not crazy, okay? They drugged me.
They they they brought me here against my will.
You saw me being attacked the other night.
You know there's something going on.
[scoffs] Why would anyone be after you in the first place? You'll have to ask the Meachums, okay? Aren't they, like, one of the richest families in New York? Yeah.
And they have a problem with you? Yeah, they do.
[sighs] Look, Danny, it sounds like maybe you're in trouble, but I just don't think I'm the person to help.
No, Colleen you are the only person who can help me.
Really, I'm sorry.
- No, please - [line disconnects] [sighs] [breathing heavily] Dad.
[Harold exhales heavily] Take a look at this.
[Danny on video] suddenly I looked up, and there were these You put cameras in there? It's the 21st century.
We're all connected.
[Danny] Chodak and Tashi.
[Edmonds on video] And who were they? [Danny] Monks.
Order of the Crane Mother.
[stops video] See, he talks about being rescued by two monks.
- Is that possible? - Well, anything's possible.
What doesn't make sense is there are no monasteries anywhere near where contact with the plane was lost.
And Order of the Crane Mother doesn't exist.
Unless Kyle is an idiot who doesn't know how to do simple research.
[stammers] Sir, there's no mention of it anywhere.
[typing] But he's said enough that makes me think that this might actually be Danny Rand, back from the dead.
[Ward] I've been giving a lot of thought about what to do with him.
Oh? Unfortunately, lobotomies are a thing of the past, but there are still a lot of countries that are pretty free with psychosurgery, which can potentially have the same effect.
No, no, no, no.
- Or even just heavy doses of Thorazine - No! Dad, we have to deal with this.
We can't deal with it until we know what we have.
He's only given us a few clues.
No, we need to know more before we can, uh, decide how we should proceed.
So we just wait? Yeah.
And watch.
Oh, there is one thing you can do.
Danny, if this is Danny, has only made one phone call out to a Colleen Wing.
She runs a dojo near Chinatown.
I'd like you to go and talk to her.
See what she knows why he called her.
I have to do this? Why don't you send one of your guys? You are one of my guys, one of my most trusted guys.
Do this for me.
[chanting Buddhist mantra] [chanting continues indistinctly] - [grunts] - [Heather screams] [gasping softly] [indistinct chatter in the distance] How you feeling this morning? Drugs make me feel like I'm under water.
We've got you on some pretty high doses, but I understand that's what it takes with you.
You haven't been as cooperative as we'd like.
I lied about the passport.
Okay, well, that's a step in the right direction.
So you're ready to be John Anderson? I bought the passport in Morocco.
It's stolen.
I know it's a federal crime, but it's the only way I could get back into the States.
I'm not John Anderson.
I'm Danny Rand.
We'll talk about it in our next session.
How's that? [sighs] Keep practicing your kata.
At least an hour a day.
Excuse me.
Are you Colleen Wing? I am.
I'm sorry to intrude.
My name is Ward Meachum.
[chuckles] What can I do for you? [clicks tongue] Well, this is rather awkward.
I'm wondering if you've had any contact with a man who's going by the name Danny? Mid-twenties, homeless no shoes? Why do you ask? It's personal.
That's why I've come here myself.
He's threatened me, as well as my sister.
Really? He actually held a gun to my head.
Why would he do that? [takes deep breath] Honestly I think he has some serious mental problems.
[sighs] Uh, okay, so how did you find me? Because of the threat, we've had someone keep an eye on him, note anyone that he might be in contact with.
Your name was on the list.
[Colleen] Yeah, look I don't know the guy.
But you've met him? He came around here once.
[train passing in the distance] Did he hurt you in any way? - That'd be a mistake.
- [chuckles] It would be very helpful for us if you would be willing to sign some papers that would attest that you felt threatened by him.
Threatened? Hmm [smacks lips] Yeah, I don't think so.
Look it's for his own protection as well.
The man needs help.
[sighs] And as a token of thanks, I think Rand would be happy to set up a [takes deep breath] neighborhood improvement donation - [car horns honking in the distance] - to be spent however you choose.
[man in the distance] Move your damn car! How about this? I'll have some papers drawn up, simply say the man acted unusually made you feel uncomfortable.
I just don't think I'll give you some time to think about it.
You'd be doing us a great favor.
[train passing in the distance] Bit of money would really bring this place up a notch.
[indistinct chatter in the distance] Come in.
[Danny sighs] I was gonna show you this later, but since you're already here What is it? It's a commercial I found from about 15 years ago.
[announcer] understanding that the most important products are the ones that power lives - [Edmonds] That boy That's Danny Rand.
- We are Rand! I'm sure it was real nice to be part of that family.
Have all the money in the world.
[chuckles] Look how happy they seem.
Sometimes, when our own lives are a struggle, it's easier to imagine we belong to some other world.
Some happier world.
Right after we shot this, we all went to the circus in Madison Square Garden.
I didn't want to do the commercial.
It's how Dad talked me into it.
[chuckles] The circus.
[chuckles] The acrobats were amazing.
And I sat next to my mom.
[chuckles] Joy was on the other side.
[chuckles] We had popcorn.
John Anderson.
That's your name.
You are not Danny Rand.
I am Danny Rand.
I don't care what you think! - [orderly] Here we go.
Come on.
- [grunting] [orderly] Come on.
Calm down.
[panting] [grunting] Come on.
Get him up.
Ask him where he's been the last 15 years.
Ask him why he suddenly come back now.
We actually get a shrink who's trying to help the guy.
Why are you always saying sorry to me? You're like some scared little rabbit who's always apologizing.
Sor I'll I'll I'll try not to do that.
I don't give a shit what you do, Kyle.
I'm just pointing it out.
For your own betterment.
Thank you, sir.
See, what's really interesting is I think this might actually be Danny Rand.
I have no clue how that's possible.
And this guy here, he's not asking the right questions.
Sorry [gasps] Oh, you can't help yourself, can you? You know what my dad used to do? Whenever I messed up, which according to my dad was pretty much all the time, he'd whip me across the back with his belt.
And with each I'd have to apologize for forcing him to exert himself.
[scoffs] God, I miss him.
But now I don't apologize for anything.
Kyle, get the car ready tonight.
- The car? - Yeah, the thing with the four wheels.
Yes, sir, it's just you never leave the penthouse.
Oh, I'm thinking it's time.
[sighs] [takes deep breath] [phone ringing] [woman speaking indistinctly on phone] Okay, put him on.
Uh, Joy Meachum? This is Dr.
Paul Edmonds from the Birch Psychiatric Hospital.
I'm treating the patient your family admitted.
Yes, how can I help you? I'm wondering if I can ask you an odd question.
[chuckles] Uh, okay.
Uh, years ago, when you were about ten years old, you did a commercial for Rand? Uh-huh.
"We are Rand.
" Anything else stick out about that day? [sighs] They put me in a stupid dress.
[chuckles] It was cold out.
I don't know.
Did you do anything afterwards? Oh, yeah.
The circus.
Yeah, we all went to the circus afterwards.
You're sure? Yeah.
Yeah, it was Danny's idea.
He didn't want to do the commercial, and his parents had to bribe him.
[chuckles] I remember because he wanted to be an acrobat after that.
He was always jumping around.
Well, uh, thank you.
That's it? Yeah, it was it was an odd question.
Why do you ask? I'm afraid I can't really say.
Patient confidentiality.
[stammers] Well, now you have me curious.
Wish I could say more.
[sighs] [groaning] [door closes] [continues groaning] Hello, Danny.
Harold? Do you remember that song I used to sing that would annoy the shit out of you? Um "Danny Boy.
" Right? Yeah.
[humming] And I am dead As dead I well may be And you will come And find the place where I am lying And kneel and say An Ave there for me I thought you were dead.
And I thought you were dead, so I guess that's something we have in common.
I didn't die.
No, clearly not.
Uh, I understand you were taken in by some monks.
What? Order of the, uh, Crane Mother? Yeah.
How did you know? Oh, we dead know a lot.
But not everything.
Where exactly is this monastery? - [Danny groaning] - Hey.
Where is the monastery? K'un-Lun.
It's one of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven.
I probably never should have left.
At least I understood my place there.
Oh, and what was your place? I was a warrior.
Only in the middle of a fight did I fully come alive.
The harder someone hit me, the the more everything came into focus.
What kind of warrior are you? Hey, listen to me.
What do you mean you're a warrior? I became one in a long line of Immortal Iron Fists.
Living Weapon.
The sworn enemy of the Hand.
Wait, what's that? Sworn enemy of who? The sworn enemy of the Hand.
What exactly does that mean? It is my duty to destroy the Hand.
And this is something you can do? You can destroy the Hand? I am the only one who can do it.
Please Harold, you have to get me out of here.
Oh, don't worry.
I'll take care of everything.
Right now you should just go back to sleep.
Look up everything you can on the Iron Fist.
Iron Fist.
Yes, sir.
- [Joy] Thanks.
- Mmm-hmm.
Hey Does this look like the guy who was in here the other day? I couldn't really say.
[scoffs] This whole thing has me so rattled.
Um, I just You know, if this really is Danny, then what we're doing to him it's pretty shitty.
You said it's probably not him.
Probably not.
Well, if it is him, he's going about proving it in a really strange way.
Honestly, what other options does he have? [scoffs] I need to have these messengered somewhere.
[chuckles] [footsteps approaching] [Ward] Hi.
Me again.
Sorry to interrupt, but I was hoping we could make a trade.
Oh, yeah? What kind of trade? If you sign these then I will leave you this.
- $50,000? - You could do a lot with that.
This must be very important to you.
It is.
[sighs] If I sign this, then what do you do? [sighs] I just want everyone to be safe.
My sister, you, myself, even the man in question.
With your backing, I can assure that he gets the long-term help that he needs.
[breathing deeply] [wind howling] - [Heather screams] - Heather! [groans] [sighing] Special delivery.
[sighs] What is it? From Joy Meachum.
[chuckles] You have a visitor.
Is it Joy? [indistinct announcement on PA] [Danny sighs] You okay? No.
[chuckles] They've got me on all kinds of drugs.
Why? [sighs] To keep me safe.
Didn't expect to see you.
You figure out a way to get me out of here? Why would Ward Meachum want me to sign papers that say you're dangerous? Because the family thinks I'm a threat to them.
And why would they think that? I'm guessing because I'm Danny Rand and I probably own more than half the company.
[scoffs] Wait a minute.
Danny Rand, as in Rand Enterprises? Yeah.
[laughs] It couldn't be something simple.
It is simple.
The Meachums are trying to bribe me.
[chuckles] They got plenty of money.
You gonna sign the papers? Are you dangerous? To them? Very dangerous.
And to me? No, of course not.
You must know that.
Otherwise, why would you come here to see me? I don't know shit.
I'm trying to figure out what's going on.
Every word I have ever told you is the truth.
[sighs] Okay.
But, really, I can't be involved in this.
I understand.
Uh, just one last favor.
[sighs] What? Deliver these to Joy Meachum.
- [knock on door] - [Megan] Someone's here to see you.
A Colleen Wing.
She says she has a message from Danny.
Show her in.
[sighs] Thanks.
[sighs] I got no clue what I'm doing here.
Danny asked me to give this to you.
[laughs] [Joy crying] Oh, my God.
It is Danny.
Let your brother know I'm not signing these.
[breath trembling] [crying] My God.
[elevator chimes] What was Colleen Wing doing here? [Joy sighs] She didn't sign them.
Danny sent all but the brown M&M's.
[chuckles] That supposed to mean something? Yes.
When when we were kids we would eat them together.
All but the brown ones.
Nobody would know that but Danny.
Joy, I'm sorry, but a bunch of M&M's doesn't prove anything.
It does.
This is Danny, Ward.
I have been in denial this whole time, but this is definite proof.
We gotta get him out of that place.
We've we've got to talk to him.
No, Joy.
Not now.
We've already discussed this.
Whoever he is, he is in a safe place right now.
The best thing to do is wait until we get a full report from the doctors there, and then we can consider our next step.
Ward, no Joy, I insist.
Jesus, Ward, what are you so afraid of? You should be a little more like dad.
Yeah? Grow some balls.
[sighs] [Ward scoffs] [indistinct chatter] I was just going to see you.
[Danny] My 72 hours are almost up.
Time to let me go.
[Edmonds] I'm gonna be making that decision very soon.
[Danny sighs] I did a little research last night, and, uh, I want to ask you a few questions.
[sighs] When you were a kid, where did you go to school? Um down the hall to our library.
I was homeschooled.
My, uh my mom taught me.
Any other teachers? There was, uh, Mrs.
Valdez for art.
[chuckling] Mrs.
Krol for music.
Miller, PE.
How does this make sense? [sighs] How does what make sense? [sighs] Danny And I do mean Danny, because I believe you're the real Danny Rand.
[chuckles] Where have you been the last 15 years? - [stammers] I've I've been away.
- Away, yes.
I know.
But where? [chuckles] What what you said before about, uh, a monastery, is that all true? Yeah.
- In China? - In in K'un-Lun.
Where is that? It exists in another dimension.
Another dimension? Yeah.
It only appears on this earthly plane every 15 years [stammers] give or take, depending on the celestial tilt.
Is this all a part of you trying to focus your chi? Yeah.
[stammers] If I can focus my chi, then I can summon the Iron Fist.
And the Iron Fist is The Iron Fist is It's me.
[chuckles] Can I go now? Are you Danny Rand, or are you the Iron Fist? I'm I'm both.
Danny [sighs] I believe you've been through some great trauma.
Your plane crashed.
You lost your parents You barely survived yourself.
And I'm guessing things didn't get better after that.
I believe all that.
But the rest [sighs] Danny, sometimes when our circumstances are too overwhelming to deal with, we create a false reality, one that helps us deal with the loss and suffering.
I, uh We we give ourselves superpowers, secret identities, Iron Fists things that make us feel strong, special.
I I I don't think I understand.
If you want me to give it a medical label, I'm gonna suggest that you have an anxiety disorder with psychotic features.
- Wait, no.
- No, this should be taken as good news, because now it means we can make a plan for treatment.
I don't want to make any false predictions.
This this will take time.
No, you need to let me out of here.
Danny, for your own safety, I can't release you now.
I'm telling the truth.
I have the power of the Iron Fist.
[stammers] If I can summon my chi, I can I can focus my energy into my hand, creating a powerful weapon.
That's a new one on me.
But I do know that ever since the incident, I'm seeing a lot more people who honestly believe they have super powers.
I am the Iron Fist.
I'm happy for you to convince me.
Do do you want to show me the Iron Fist? Let's see how it works.
[sighing] I can't.
[sighs] Not not until you take me off these drugs.
What I'd like for you to do is to open yourself to the possibility that there is no Iron Fist.
Just Danny Rand.
[chuckles] A young man who suffered an unspeakable tragedy.
We'll talk about this tomorrow.
Looks like more people are beginning to realize this is the real Danny Rand.
I found nothing on Iron Fist.
There's a beer named Iron Fist, a clothing line, but nothing helpful.
A mystery.
[takes deep breath] As it stands, purchasing this property will provide an inroad to domestic production, which will prove very valuable down the line.
- If you take a look at the prospectus - [cell phone vibrating] Excuse me.
[continues vibrating] Sorry, I have to take this.
- What? - [Harold] Oh, you sound a little testy.
I was in the middle of a meeting, a meeting about buying warehouses in Brooklyn, which I'm only holding because you insisted.
Well, this is more important.
[sighs] I'm listening.
I've become convinced that our friend is who he says he is.
We need to have him moved.
As soon as possible.
But, uh, look, I don't want to be involved in whatever solution you have in mind.
I I don't do that kind of thing.
Have some of your men do it.
What are you talking about? What are you planning to do with him? We're putting him somewhere safe.
Somewhere safe? We can't risk him falling into the hands of anyone else.
He said he is the sworn enemy of the Hand.
Do you realize how important that could be? No, not really.
Well, if it's true, Danny may be of great value to me.
- Dad - We still have that house on Long Island, right on the water.
Let's move him there with a dozen or so men to keep Dad, why? Why are we protecting him? Aren't you listening? Danny may be of great value to me.
This is just crazy, Dad.
Nothing good will come of this.
Ward do as I ask.
[sighs] Yes, sir.
[takes deep breath] [sniffles] [sighing heavily] [dialing] [sniffs] It's me.
There's been a change of plans with the patient.
[sighs] Hey! You're being moved.
Gotta put this on.
Hospital rules.
[mutters indistinctly] Where am I going? [orderly] He's all yours.
[Danny grunting] [all grunting] [Danny groaning] [breathing heavily] [Danny grunting] [groans] [breathing heavily] Ward Meachum sends his regards.
[grunting] [panting] [keys jangle] [Danny grunting] [breathing heavily] [chuckles] [dramatic music playing]