Marvel's Iron Fist (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch

[train passing faintly] [faint creaking] [doorknob rattles] [Colleen grunting] [both grunting] [groans] [grunts] [Shannon] Wait! Wait, this isn't Stop! - We're trying to help.
- By breaking in? [Shannon] We're chasing him.
The guy who says he's Danny Rand? - He escaped from a mental - There's nobody here but me.
And I can take care of myself.
[grunts] - If he does try to contact you - That'd be a mistake.
I want nothing to do with anything Rand.
As you can see.
- Call us.
- Get out.
[sighs] [Danny sighs] I'm sorry, they, uh they broke the lock.
I'll send a bill.
Pretty sure they can cover it.
Listen, I'm gonna make this up to you, I promise.
[Colleen] Are the cops coming by? I haven't broken any laws.
I'm putting myself on the line here.
And I don't like it.
There won't be any more trouble.
The third tenet of the Bushido code is mercy.
But even that has its limits.
Don't be here in the morning.
[theme music playing] Dad? Dad.
You caught me sleeping.
I can come back.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's so peaceful in here, I can't help but doze off.
I'm sure we'll find Danny within the hour.
And it's not like he's all that sophisticated.
Make sure to pay for the door repair at the hospital.
And I don't want anyone talking.
Now, what about the pier deal? Patel? Oh, um Well, uh, he's not responding to our offers.
He said he's not interested in selling.
- I don't think he's gonna budge.
- Add 10%.
But we're already a million over the appraised value.
- Why is this so important? - Oh, you don't need to know that.
And I want you to put Joy onto Patel.
She'll be able to close it.
I can handle this.
Doesn't it occur to you that I'm doing this all for you? That I work day and night so I can hand you something that's successful? That works out easily, because I want you to succeed? Yeah, I guess.
You guess? [sighs heavily] - I believe you.
- Really? Because it doesn't seem that way when you directly disobey an order.
I asked to have Danny moved to a safe location, and you tried to have him killed.
- You don't understand that - [grunts] [groans] If you just do things my way, it'll all work out for you, Ward.
Can't you see that? Danny has nowhere else to go, but to come to us.
So I'm asking you, when he reappears, keep him safe until I decide what to do with him.
Do I need to spell it out any further? No.
No, I got it.
I I'll take care of all of it.
You're my son, and I'm gonna make you a great man.
- Just cooperate.
- [grunts] - Please.
- Yeah, I get it.
Hey, I love you, Ward.
I love you so much.
[hip-hop music playing] [music continues loudly] I don't know what he's doing here.
Hey! Hey! - [music stops] - [sighs] Thought I was pretty clear.
Very clear.
Then why aren't you gone? I'm worried for your safety.
[sighs] Please.
I don't need you to protect me.
[grunts] Are you sure? Because the fat one who smelled like toe fungus - landed a blow.
- And paid the price.
Still he never should have gotten that close.
You, um You mean like this? [grunts] You see, the tiger form uses internal force, and not external strength.
So it's not necessary to use charging momentum.
Which lowers the risk of moving in.
[grunting] You're working too hard.
Too much external force.
It's internal force you want to master.
[grunting] [both panting] And you should master silence.
[Colleen groans] [panting] Leopard Punch.
But again, all this power derives from the harnessing of inner force.
Your chi can be focused and brought into the fight to overcome any obstacle.
[sighs] Amazing.
[grunts] I love it.
[panting] Thanks for showing me.
What? [sighs] Come on.
Really? Really.
[pants] We were having fun.
[pants] Yeah, we were.
But it doesn't change anything.
You can't be here.
[pants] What if I pay your rent? Cover whatever you need for the next six months, huh? I'll just stay for a week.
You're an escaped mental patient who can't even afford a haircut.
[chuckles] Yes, I can, I just haven't gotten around to it.
Look, I'm Danny Rand! - [chuckles] - Like you see on the building.
And I'm Colleen Wing, who's too broke to fix this door, so Look, I'll have all this solved by Friday.
Door included.
Then Then I can pay you an entire year's rent.
How does that sound? - Friday? - Yeah.
Come on.
[chuckles] Okay, whatever.
But you sleep in that corner.
And you don't go anywhere near the students.
And use the bathroom at Starbucks.
You're the boss.
And it might help if you took a shower.
All I'm saying is when people start to discover it's Danny, we're gonna have a problem.
We can't admit that it's him, even if it is true.
You and I need to be united on that front, okay? Wouldn't it just be easier to accommodate him? Do you really want to negotiate with somebody who clearly has mental problems? No, but we have to do the right thing here.
We are doing the right thing.
What, exactly? [sighs] I'm working on something that will be generous, efficient and benefit both sides.
Trust me.
Once the paperwork is done, we can talk about it.
Besides, I have something else that needs your attention.
The pier deal and Raj Patel.
You're kidding, right? Why do we care about that crappy pier? Just [sighs] help me out, please? You used to come to my room when we were kids and ask me to do your homework with that same line.
[chuckling] And I passed calculus because of it.
I don't see the problem.
Just send me the goddamned files.
Thank you.
You know in another life, this would have been romantic.
In another life, you wouldn't have drugged me and sent me to a mental hospital.
Fair enough.
We're friends.
Can't we start acting like it? So you came with a peace offering of oranges and flowers? [chuckles] Yeah, it's, uh it's a Buddhist tradition.
It's meant to remind you of our bond.
Kind of like the M&M's.
[sighs heavily] Danny, what happened to you? [stammers] Why are you back here? It's complicated.
And every time I try and tell the story, people freak out.
But you and Ward, you're the only link to a life that I had.
It kept me going under very difficult circumstances.
- Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but - Yeah.
it's all I got.
No, it doesn't sound ridiculous.
I was 13 when Dad died.
And I still hadn't quite gotten over you and your family.
[stammers] I was lost.
I I didn't care about anything.
I was just going through the motions.
But I had this I had this vision this dream [breathes deeply] that kept happening over and over.
[chuckles] I was a kid [sniffles] back at school and there Dad was at the end of the day, just standing by the fence waiting for me.
And I'd run to him, and he'd take my hand just as I passed the gate.
And then the dream would end.
But his smile [sighs heavily] I must have had that dream a hundred times.
I had a dream about him, too.
When? In the hospital.
At first, I I thought he was a hungry ghost.
The people from where I'm from believe these ghosts wander because they've been neglected by their family.
Danny - Uh - No, no, no.
I know.
- It sounds weird.
- [chuckles] The drugs they had me on were intense.
Yeah? Huh.
But it even smelled like him.
Calvin Klein, right? Marc Jacobs.
You mind if we go inside? [chuckles] Yeah.
- [Joy sniffles] - That's cool.
[chuckles] I wanna be fair with you, Danny.
When Dad died, I was left with a huge responsibility.
Our fathers created something important, and it's my job to keep it healthy and vital.
- [Joy clears throat] - [chuckles] This is our offer for your shares.
I think it's quite generous.
Hundred million dollars? Ward wanted to give you 40, but I got him to go higher.
Just think of all you could do with that.
I have to change my name? The world already thinks Danny Rand is dead.
Let's just leave it that way.
You can pick a name you love.
You can start all over.
It is gonna be great.
What happened to you? - Danny - Is this how you treat family? Yes, actually, it is.
[Danny scoffs] You know, the generosity of this offer speaks for itself.
Look, you may not understand it, but Ward and I worked for this money.
We worked day and night, while you were off doing whatever you were doing.
So don't turn your nose up Danny Hey! Danny So you're gonna be the guy who walks away from $100 million? [both sigh] It's not about money.
[scoffs] I thought you understood.
I have to live in the real world, Danny.
This is how it works! [sighs] I've been meaning to ask what's this? You should see the other guy.
- Someone attacked you? - Hell, no.
I, uh I got this at the club.
Darryl please.
- How many times? - Come on, sensei.
I got my moms and two brothers.
You think I could cover that with what I make pushing a broom? I get it, but those private fights are illegal.
All the shit I could've got into, you want to bust me for making a dollar fighting? You're up for a scholarship, Darryl.
And when the committee calls me, they ask about character as well as skill.
I want to be able to give you the highest recommendation.
Scholarships and school, that's all in the future.
I have to live today.
You dishonor yourself when you fight for money.
There's more at stake here than just your bills.
Excuse me.
Are you the one who takes care of these? The gravestones? No, the family takes care of those.
What if everyone in the family's dead? I don't know, man.
I just cut the grass.
But you could ask in the office.
- Step away from me! - Wait, wait.
I said step away from me.
Hey, J-Money, it's Danny Rand.
- Look, you remember me, right? - No.
Come on.
You were an intern in the legal department in my dad's office? You called his secretary Margaret a hatchet-faced bitch.
I was standing right there.
You gave me five bucks to keep quiet.
Where was my office? Um you didn't have one.
[stammers] They put you in the copy room.
My desk? Uh it was a folding table.
With a with a file under one leg, because the floor, it was it was too uneven.
Yeah? I went to your funeral.
I've been handling the estate since the crash.
That includes making sure that the graves are tended.
Thank you.
The least I could do.
Your father gave me my first job.
He always wanted Rand to be something good in the world.
I'm guessing you're not a fan of the Meachums? We have a very complicated relationship.
Well, they don't want me anywhere near there, so That's totally understandable.
They don't play well with others.
We need to dig up every shred of physical evidence we can find to prove your identity.
Was I wrong? To turn down $100 million? It may have been the smartest thing you did, other than coming to me.
You are worth billions, Danny.
- Not millions.
- [scoffs] It seems like that's all anyone wants to talk about.
Because it's the only language that they speak.
And it is important that you learn to understand it if you want to win.
They're supposed to be my friends.
I can help you get your business back, but I cannot help you make friends.
All right, so what's it gonna cost me? Nothing.
But if we win, my firm is on permanent retainer for Rand.
Deal? Deal.
We have a suite set up for occasions like this.
I need you to lay low and I need you to keep from drawing any attention to yourself.
Okay, I'm, uh I'm staying at the Chikara.
Is that in Brooklyn? The new place with the glass floor? [laughs] No, it's a it's a dojo.
- Has plastic mats.
- Ah.
Do you have any money for some new clothes? Because this homeless hipster thing isn't working for you.
Why is everyone on at me about how I look? It's New York City.
It matters.
[sighs] [chuckles] If this is too much for you - What? - Oh, you've got your look.
Your sweaty, scowly, stick-up-your-ass thing.
Wow, confidence builder.
[breathes deeply] I can handle Patel by myself.
Sit this one out.
Not a chance.
Too important.
Okay, but you cannot be a drag tonight.
We're doing something unusual and I can't have you screwing it up.
Am I that big a problem? You've got a nice smile.
- Use it.
Just as an experiment maybe.
- [sighs] [chuckles] Hmm.
[chuckles] - Raj! - [cork pops] - Figured there's no time to waste.
- [chuckles] Exactly.
Man after my own heart.
- [car door closes] - Thank you.
Let me pour this.
- Thank you.
- Ward? - Sure.
- [Raj] So, what's on the agenda? A night you will never forget.
- I like the sound of that.
- [chuckles] - [man] There you go.
- [Harold] Yeah.
- [man] Good! Good! Stay loose.
- [Harold] Yeah.
[man] Good.
Stay loose.
Good, move, move, move! Keep it moving.
Keep it moving.
Don't let him get you.
Don't let him get you.
- [grunts] Good! - [grunting] [panting] Push! Yeah, nice! Yeah, good.
Come on, move in! Move! - Good! - [grunts] [grunts] That was good.
Oh! [exhales heavily] - You okay? - Mmm-hmm.
[groans] Ah, maybe we should move on to weapons now.
I think I'm ready.
[Gao] We are disappointed.
I I'm sorry to hear that.
[Gao] There are discussions about your loyalty.
Why? I'm doing everything you ask.
I've got my best people working on the pier.
[Gao] Why did you leave? [stammers] There was an emergency I had to attend to.
[Gao] What emergency? [glass crunching] There's there's an impostor trying to infiltrate the company.
A young man claiming to be Danny Rand.
[stammers] I needed to see for myself.
[Gao] And? [stutters] It's not going to be a problem.
[Gao] We have an agreement.
You must honor it to the letter or there will be consequences.
Yeah, I I understand.
- [Gao] Kneel.
- What? [Gao] On your knees.
The, uh the glass.
[Gao] Kneel.
[Harold grunts] [breathing heavily] [Darryl] Scissor punch! [speaks Japanese] [in English] Scissor punch.
Shuffle step.
Round hook punch.
Round hook punch! I got a Red Hook punch.
- Red Hook? - But it goes like this.
- [students chuckling] - [student exclaims] - [slams stick] - [Danny] Enough! The dojo is a place of respect.
And who the hell are you? Maybe you wanna test me and find out.
[students exclaiming] You chatter like monkeys.
Your kicks and punches are like lace curtains.
Silence your inner voice.
Draw strength from your center.
Go slow at the beginning.
- [student blows raspberry] - [students laughing] [grunts] [groaning] [Colleen softly] Come on.
What the hell? Who put you in charge? Is this a kindergarten, or are you training warriors? I am trying to provide a safe place for people.
Half the kids out there get beaten on a regular basis by family or bullies.
This is the one place where they don't have to worry about that, until now.
I'm sorry.
I know you're in a bind.
Having a tough time.
But you can't be here.
[sighs] [sniffs] [breathing heavily] Sensei.
[Joy] And here we are.
- [Raj chuckles] Already? - [car door closes] What is this? I thought we were headed to a restaurant.
We'll get there.
But first things first.
Trust me, you're gonna like this.
[siren wails] - [elevator bell dings] - [indistinct PA chatter] [machine beeps softly] I don't understand.
And, frankly, this is starting to creep me out.
Meet Kevin Kennedy.
On life support following an auto accident for over a year.
He weighed 185 and has O negative blood.
In 30 minutes Kevin's family will enter this room with a priest who will say last rites before the doctor takes him off life support and he dies.
- Joy - Wait.
Because Kevin was awesome, he signed up to donate his organs.
One of which is a liver.
Which is a perfect match for Terence.
His liver will never go to the national list.
It will go directly to your nephew.
How the hell did you manage this? Rand has many friends.
We'd like to add you to that list.
And the pier is my buy-in.
[sighs] [wind gusting] - [knocking on door] - [door opens] [door closes] You, uh really went above and beyond last night.
You want to tell me what's so important about this pier? It's just an acquisition we need.
For the future.
So you're not gonna tell me.
It's strategic.
That's all.
You know it really pisses me off.
What? The fact you won't tell me what you're planning.
This is our company, Ward.
[sighs] Do you ever think about walking away from it? [chuckles] Yeah.
Dad put all that stuff in the will.
He wanted us to run Rand.
We lose everything if we leave.
I know.
But people have been known to start over with nothing.
You're really thinking about this, aren't you? [chuckles softly] I'm tired of a lot of things.
I'd miss you.
So you wouldn't come with me? I love Rand.
- If it's not like that for you - [clears throat] that's fine.
You know I back you no matter what.
Right? - [sighs] - I just want you to be happy.
[chuckles] [sniffs and clears throat] - Here you go.
- Oh, thanks.
Your case is turning out to be more of a challenge than I thought.
- How so? - There is no proof of Danny Rand anywhere.
Every single record, your birth certificate, doctors' visits Didn't you at least have a library card? Uh yeah.
Danny, it's gone, too.
Now I think that the Meachums are behind it, of course.
If we do not have something definitive, we are going to lose, and I don't like that.
Is there anything you didn't tell me? Something you might have missed? Maybe.
Hello? Hello? Hey, uh can you help me? Yeah, sure.
What do you need? I'm, uh just looking for an X-ray from a visit when I was a kid.
I don't know.
Do you have a date? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was in July, 2001.
I, uh [scoffs] I broke my arm skateboarding.
[man] Sure, sure.
The X-rays from that period are on that shelf to your right.
[Danny grunts] [groaning] [panting] [both grunting] [man groaning] [fire alarm ringing] Uh, VC guys think it's a good investment, and I think so, too.
I'd like to take a look.
Danny It's hard, really.
Trying to get my head around all this.
This is not the time or the place.
[Danny] You were like a brother to me.
A terrible jackass of a brother, but still I looked up to you.
What does that have to do with anything? I know you sent that guy.
You were the only one with me the day I broke my arm.
- What guy? - Why is this so important to you? - Do you hate me that much? - Yes.
Because the Danny Rand that I knew, he's dead.
- And I want him to stay that way.
- [glass clinks] - [shouting] - [Joy] Stop it! Stop it! - [Danny panting] - Back up.
- I don't understand.
- Isn't it obvious? I'm not your sister, he's not your brother.
- We don't want you here.
- [breathing heavily] Danny, listen we can work this out, okay? I have Hogarth now.
We're coming for you.
You can't deny what's mine.
What my father meant for me to have.
[breathing heavily] - [man] Sir.
- [grunts] Give me everything you have on Danny.
I have to face Hogarth tomorrow, and I don't want to be caught off guard like I was just now.
[safe beeping] Do you feel bad? About what you said? About what we're doing? I wonder why it has to be so complicated.
And I really wish that I could find something in Danny to hate because - it would make things a lot easier for me.
- He just tried to attack your brother.
[sighs] He also said Dad visited him - in the mental hospital.
- What? Yeah.
So maybe he is as crazy as you say he is.
[hip-hop music playing] [crowd cheering and clamoring] [crowd exclaiming] - [grunts] - [crowd cheering] Let's get him out of here! Well done! - All right! - [crowd cheering] How do you think of this guy, huh? How about some respect? Well done! Now, I told you it was gonna be a great night, didn't I? Yeah! Well, I hope you didn't lose your money on that one.
'Cause now we got the open round! [crowd cheering] That's right.
Any of you guys wanna get in and take a shot, sign up with Leon right there.
Who's it gonna be? Gonna be you? Who's gonna be the tough guy, huh? You? You gonna be the tough guy? How about you, pretty boy? You? You gonna be the tough guy? Who's in? Come on, who wants to take a chance? It keeps getting better! Look what we have here! You got, like, a fighting name or something? Daughter of the Dragon.
She calls herself the Daughter of the Dragon! [crowd jeering] You sure you wanna do this, honey? Call me honey again, I dare ya.
Oh, I like it when you talk dirty.
Okay, then.
We got any challengers? Who's it gonna be, huh? Anybody wanna take on the little lady? Rusty, uh that's not fair.
I paid my entry fee same as her.
Leon? All right.
Place your bets! Fighters I don't wanna have to call an ambulance, huh? - For him? - Cut the bullshit.
You get in over your head, you tap out.
And Rusty, I warned you last time about the biting.
Do it again, and I will 86 your ass.
I swear.
I heard you.
Ain't gonna be no need of that, I'm pretty sure.
Knockout or tap out, and that's the end of the fight.
Otherwise whatever works.
Hmm? All right, all bets are in! - [crowd exclaiming] - Hold on to your junk, boys! [man] Come on, man! Cut the Floyd Mayweather shit.
This is a [grunts] [spits] [both grunting] [groaning] Ahh! [Rusty groans] [crowd cheering] [grunting] [crowd cheering] The Daughter of the Dragon! [cheering continues] Yeah! I don't know where you came from, but you're welcome anytime.
[panting] Good to see you again, Jeri.
Wish I could say the same.
Okay, well let's get started, shall we? Please do.
Since the time of our last offer, we have had a change of heart.
Due to your client's continuing harassment and threats to me and my brother, we have decided to lower our offer to 20 million and added a restraining order.
The restraining order is a nice touch.
I thought so.
But since the time of your last offer, we have had a change of heart as well.
We are still insisting on the full rights guaranteed as the sole heir of Rand, which includes a controlling 51%, board seat and compensation, but we are now adding a corner office, support staff, and a housing allowance in the amount of one million per year.
[chuckles] Your sense of humor has always been your best attribute, but come on.
You can't even prove he's who he says he is.
At best he's crazy, at worst he's a con man.
Take the offer and be thankful that we don't sue you.
Ward I'm glad you mentioned my sense of humor.
I thought it was my ass.
As for proof of identity [clears throat] What's this? Turn it over.
I was, uh I was always a poor speller.
[chuckles] This doesn't prove anything.
Anybody could have made this.
Look closely.
There is a child's fingerprint in the unfinished part of the clay, right next to Joy's name.
I assure you it is an exact match.
And I will be happy to depose Joy to establish provenance.
How did they get this? I have no idea.
Did you steal it? That is immaterial.
You know that it will hold up in court.
It proves Danny's identity, and that is all we need.
I will bury you in motions and delays, discovery and depositions, and he will not see a dime for at least ten years, maybe longer.
- We will see you in court.
- [sighs] [Ward] It could have been so easy.
You could have just taken the money and had a great life.
It's my name.
And it means something.
- Hey, I'll be back in a second.
- Mmm.
[Ward faintly] Yeah, I think Joy helped Hogarth, but I can't prove it.
We need another plan.
We can talk about it when I get there.
Yes, sir.
[elevator bell dings] [elevator bell dings] [sighs] [Harold] His being represented by her grants him legitimacy.
- [Ward] Yes - And your fixer almost killed him.
Why did you go see him? I do what I want.
No, actually, I do what I want.
I can walk out of here, go to the corner for a cup of coffee, go to the movies, talk to people on the street.
You can't.
[grunts] If I go to The New York Times and tell them to come Your sister'd be killed and so would you.
How do you know that? Because this is mild.
This is what happened when I went to see Danny and they found out.
I'm trapped, Ward.
I'm trapped and I need you to keep helping me.
[sighs heavily] I don't have anyone else.
[grunting] [yells] [dramatic music playing]