Marvel's Iron Fist (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Eight Diagram Dragon Palm

[traffic bustling] [grunts] [panting] I dedicate myself to the service of all beings of K'un-Lun [screams] [grunts] [theme music playing] [exhales] [sighing] [Ward] Ah, you're awake.
What is this place? What happened to me? Last I remember, I was climbing up Yeah, like goddamn Daredevil.
Why'd you follow me? - You kicked me off the building? - Of course I did.
It's what you do when you see someone trying to break in.
You are really pushing the limits of karma.
[Harold] Now, boys.
[Danny exclaims softly] You see him, too? Danny.
You died.
- I saw pictures.
- [Harold] Yeah.
I did die.
You look the same age as when I last saw you.
Your visit - it wasn't a hallucination.
- No.
No, I had to see for myself.
We had to protect ourselves, protect Rand.
You know, it's not every day that someone comes back from the dead.
Is it? But here we are.
So are we good? [breath trembling] Danny? You're all I've got.
[Harold] You're home now.
[Danny breathing shakily] You have no idea how long I've been waiting to hear that.
So, wait.
[stutters] How are you still alive? [Harold sighs] I was diagnosed with cancer.
Uh, lung, pancreatic.
It attacked my whole body.
I fought the good fight for three years, but, you know, I kept getting worse and worse.
Toward the end I barely hit a hundred pounds.
- [Danny softly] Jesus.
- [Harold] Yeah, tried him, too.
Dad, are you sure you should be saying this? It's okay.
Danny needs to know this.
So there I was.
Hadn't even gotten over losing my best friend, not to mention you and Heather.
I've got two kids to take care of.
[sighs] Their mom gone and in the middle of this this misery, some people approach me with a cure, and it placed me in their debt.
And they cured you? - Just like that? - No.
No, what they failed to tell me was that I had to die first.
Yeah, I still remember my last breath.
Scariest shit I've ever experienced.
And three days later [sighs] I'm breathing again.
So, who saved you? Well, you mentioned these people during your stay at the hospital.
- You called them the Hand.
- The Hand? Here? Yeah, they're they're like the Illuminati, only real.
They've infested Rand.
That can't be.
All of my years in training.
All of it, just in case the Hand ever showed its face in K'un-Lun.
Yet you've never seen them? [Danny] No.
The story of the Hand was like a fable.
More like Satan and his demons than anything real.
Nothing I thought I'd actually have to fight.
Oh, they are very real.
And yet, here you are.
How did you put it? - Sworn enemy of the Hand? - Yeah.
It's what the Iron Fist is supposed to do.
Is it something you're supposed to do? [stutters] This Iron Fist, is that how you punched through that steel door at the hospital? - Yeah.
- [sighs] Danny, help me get out from under this evil.
They won't let me reveal myself to the world.
They won't let me hold my own daughter in my arms.
- So, Joy doesn't know you're alive? - No.
No, I had to beg to let Ward and my assistant know.
Anyone else who discovered I was alive was was eliminated.
Please don't tell Joy.
I'll keep your secret.
- [sighs] - I wouldn't let anything happen to Joy.
My shifu would've called this destiny.
Then embrace your destiny.
Well, I can't.
Not if I'm stuck in the courts trying to get back in Rand.
Drop all litigation against our friend here.
No more roadblocks.
Offer everything he's owed as the rightful heir of Wendell Rand.
[Ward] Are you kidding me? Uh, no offense to Danny, but he's been living in a monastery studying kung fu.
This isn't a negotiation.
Maybe we should give him his dad's old office, while we're at it.
Yeah, great idea.
Make it happen, Ward.
- [sighs] - I've got big plans for you, Danny.
Where should I start? What's the Hand doing in Rand? Well, that's unclear.
I've only ever met a couple representatives of the of the Hand.
You know, they show up in my home whenever they want with their demands.
- What about now? - Well, only recently they they demanded we purchase a local pier out near, uh, where where was it? Red Hook.
Yeah, Joy closed the deal on the pier.
Talk with her.
We've needed a fighter like you back in the family.
Hey, maybe I could teach you kung fu some time.
- [Harold] Hey, that'd be great.
- Yeah.
Feel free to call or come by any time.
[chuckles softly] You need to watch yourself, Danny.
[scoffs] I'm not afraid of the Hand.
Good for you.
I'm talking about Harold.
Be careful.
He's not a replacement for your dad.
[elevator bell dings] The only person Harold cares about is Harold.
[Darryl] Now, watch this.
[grunts] Boom! [chuckles] - Sensei Wing knocked the shit out of him! - [chuckles] Right.
[crowd cheering on video] [cheering stops] You know the rules about cell phones in my dojo.
Line up.
Make seiza.
I'm sorry, Sensei, but they never get to see you go all out.
No, it's me that needs to be sorry.
I'm a hypocrite, and I shouldn't have gone there.
I don't need an apology.
What you did was awesome.
I posted it online.
You what? People gotta see what a badass you are and come for lessons.
More students means more green.
It's a win-win.
No, it's not.
By fighting for money, I've stepped way outside the code of Bushido.
- It was a one-time mistake.
- That's bullshit.
- Why else are we learning to fight? - The scholarship.
[scoffs] Like I'm ever gonna get picked for that.
Don't sell yourself short, Darryl.
Line up.
[speaks Japanese] Push down your ego [exhales] and let's begin.
[speaks Japanese] Why did you change your mind? I channeled my inner Dad.
- Figured he'd want it this way.
- That's nice and all, but have you put any serious thought into what he's gonna do here? Hell if I know.
You're the one that opened the door for Monastery Boy with the bowl.
I know it was you.
Danny's always been your soft spot.
[door opening] [chuckles] - You clean up pretty good.
- [chuckles] The tie might be a touch effeminate.
[chuckles] I like it.
Come on.
Thank you all for coming out on this momentous occasion as Rand Enterprises welcomes Danny Rand to his rightful place in the company - that bears his name.
- [camera shutters clicking] Danny will continue the legacy of his father, Wendell, and join us in guiding this great company into the future.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Danny Rand.
That was great.
Step up, stick to the page and leave.
[clears throat] [chuckles] Hey.
[clears throat] Um [exhales] It's, uh it's been a long road to get back home.
And that's what Rand is to me.
My father, Wendell Rand, instilled in me a love and respect for this company that has never faded.
I left here, ten years old, on a jet with my parents.
We never reached our destination.
I lost my family in that crash, and I became the lone survivor.
I then was rescued by monks and raised in a monastery, a much different life to what I had here in New York.
Ultimately it taught me the value of life of hard work of never giving up on the things that matter to me.
And Rand matters.
- [reporter] Mr.
Rand? - [clamoring] - [reporter] Mr.
Rand! - Uh, yes.
Uh, Jennifer Many, New York Bulletin.
Is it true you were recently committed to Birch Psychiatric Hospital and placed under the care of Dr.
Paul Edmonds? Uh, yes.
- That's true.
- [Joy] Oh, Danny.
I, um [sniffles] Coming back here I don't know [stutters] Even though everything was familiar it felt so overwhelming.
I felt out of control.
But thankfully, Joy and Ward guided me to Dr.
Paul Edmonds to get the help I needed.
I couldn't have come back strong without them.
[reporters clamoring] [Jennifer] Mr.
Rand, how long was your stay at Birch Psychiatric Hospital? Is it true you had violent outbursts? Thank you for coming out.
[clears throat] - Thank you.
- Danny.
[clamoring continues] [sighs] That answer was much kinder than we deserved.
As Yu-Ti, the August Personage in Jade, says, "Kindness is the eternal law.
" [chuckles] Hey, look, have you got time to go through that pier deal you put through? The pier? Why? I'm just, uh just trying to get my bearings.
Um Yeah, just check with our assistant Megan.
She'll set something up.
Hey, morning, Megan.
Um, I just wanted to, uh, set up a meeting with Joy.
I'll check her schedule.
[sighs] We should be able to squeeze you in sometime in the next two or three days.
Three days? In the meanwhile, your first appointment of the day is here.
Oh, cool.
Who? - Hey, J-Money! - Ooh, we don't do that.
Oh, okay.
Your father's office.
Even found his old desk.
Now, don't get all weepy on me.
I'm not.
It's just, uh [inhales deeply] It's been a while.
- Is everything okay down there? - Oh, man.
This is crazy.
Man Danny, what are you doing? [chuckles] Oh, I, uh I used to stick stickers under my dad's desk.
[chuckles] They're still there.
[chuckles] Of course you did.
Now, we can continue this walk down memory lane, but since it is all billable hours, what do you say we get to work? For the record, I have never seen a deal come together so fast.
What did you do? Oh, I, uh, pretty much had to raise the dead.
Well, anyway, let's get you signing these before anybody changes their minds.
So, uh what is my job? Well, you don't actually hold a position here.
- But I thought - Oh, let me let me explain.
As 51% shareholder, you hold the most dominant position on the board.
So as much as you don't have a say in the day-to-day business - My voice will still be heard.
- Exactly.
Do you think we can get access to the Rand business accounts and records? Well, with your name and your holdings shouldn't be much you can't access.
Word to the wise? Ease into things.
For most of these people, you are a hostile takeover.
Yeah, sure.
No problem.
I'm gonna send a courier to pick up these contracts once you're done.
Daniel you have an extraordinary opportunity here.
Don't foul it up.
So, um [sighs] Once I'm done signing all this then what? Door open, door closed? Open? [chuckles] [grunts] [sniffs] [sighs] Okay.
Twelve million people are currently infected with leishmaniasis in roughly 98 countries.
[softly] Hi.
[whispers] Hey.
Keep going.
[chair rolling] [whispers] Hey, can I, uh just sit next to Joy? Thanks.
[board members murmuring] [grunts] Okay? Like I was saying, this anti-parasitic antimonial will have far-reaching effects.
- There are approximately two million - Hey, what is this? Pricing strategy for a new drug we patented.
This will hit market in Asia, Africa, South and Central America, even Eastern Europe.
These are all possible customers.
Which means we can make this in bulk, making the production price less than $5 a pill.
So, we can sell for $50 per dosage.
It'll fund new research and give a nice boost to our profit margin in the pharmaceutical division.
Excuse me, but, um, how many people die from, uh What is it? [Ward] Leishmaniasis.
If left untreated, latest numbers show roughly 50,000 a year.
And we have the cure? We can save lives at five bucks a pill, but you wanna raise the price? [Ward sighs] I know how this looks, but this is how business is done.
We should sell at cost.
[sighs] [board members murmuring] Hey, that's that's not how it works.
This is normal business.
Then normal is not the best path to take.
We can make our profits elsewhere.
Please, Mr.
We know how to do this.
The World Health Organization will make most of the purchases and subsidize it for Third World countries.
No one who needs this will be left untreated.
No one should make a profit off of the misery of others.
It's wrong.
We need to sell the drug at cost.
To be clear, Danny, are you, as majority shareholder, drawing a line in the sand on your first day? Yes.
This is ridiculous.
[Ward] That may very well be, but if Mr.
Rand wants to put his foot down on this, we'll do it.
We'll go to market at cost.
[Danny] Thank you.
Hey, um, my schedule cleared up.
Do you wanna go talk about that pier deal? - Yeah, sure.
- Yeah? [hip-hop music playing on stereo] [grunting] [grunting] Shit.
[panting] Shit.
[music stops] [crowd cheering on video] [Colleen grunting on video] [sighs] [cell phone vibrating] [sighs] - Hey.
- [Harold] Hey, yourself.
Good job today.
You handled Danny's introduction to the world with real class.
I couldn't have done it better.
What are you gonna do about that reporter? If you don't control the story, she will.
- I didn't put him in there.
- Oh, now, son.
This isn't the time to point fingers.
It's the time for solutions.
Can I count on you to handle this reporter? I'll handle it.
Well, taking care of this will more than make up for that drug pricing screw-up this afternoon.
[sighs] Joy is keeping Danny busy.
It won't happen again.
That's what I like to hear.
- Love you, son.
- [line disconnects] Megan! Sir? Contact that reporter, Jennifer Many.
Tell her I will answer all of her questions tonight in my office.
These monks you hung with.
They were, like, real deal, robe-wearing Shaolin-type bald monks? Yeah.
- Huh.
- Pretty old school.
So you were running around the mountains wearing robes.
Hey, you'd be pretty surprised at how comfortable a good robe can be.
Hmm, yeah.
Just try not to come to work wearing one of those robes, yeah? So I'm guessing, after this afternoon, you're regretting giving me that bowl, right? - [chuckles] - Ha! Certainly was quite the entrance.
- While you weren't necessarily wrong - Yeah? there was probably a better way for you to win those people over than swinging your 51%-shareholder dick around.
Well, when you put it like that.
So why did you give Jeri that bowl? Dredged up so many old memories these feelings that I've, I don't know, pushed down.
Locked away.
- That make any sense? - Yeah.
Yeah, it does.
You coming back has made me think about all the people I've lost.
You know, my parents my mom, dad.
You know, your dad he really cared for you.
You're lucky you didn't have to see him at the end.
It was horrible.
Anyway your return made me take a hard look at the person that I've become, and I didn't like it.
I just didn't think that Dad would like it either, so I had to do the right thing.
You know, if it helps any, I think Harold would have been crazy proud of you.
[crowd clamoring] [crowd cheering] [Colleen] That's the best you've got? Really? This guy's twice your weight.
How about you add another fighter? And when I win, you double my payday.
You are one crazy chick, you know that? But I like you.
You ready for the fight of your life? [crowd cheering] [ringmaster] You better be! Hey! You better be! Because the Daughter of the Dragon has returned! [crowd cheering] But she doesn't think the Duke here is enough of a challenge.
So, on her request, she wants a little two-on-one action.
[crowd cheering] And I got just the guy for her.
Jimmy Pierce, you still here? [crowd chanting] Jimmy! Jimmy! [crowd cheering] Ah! This little girl thinks she can fight me? - [crowd cheering] - [ringmaster] Yeah! What can I tell ya? Bring it in.
Look, you guys know all the rules, huh? Tap out or knock out's your only ways out of this cage.
Otherwise, whatever works.
Hmm? You sure you wanna do this? - Fight! - [crowd cheering] [grunting] Go! Go! Go! [Jimmy] Stuck, little girl? Let's go.
- Get up! - [Duke groans] - [bones crack] - [crowd exclaims] [groaning] [cheering] [yelling] [laughing] [Joy sighs] [Danny] Why would Rand wanna buy this pier? [Joy] I don't really know.
Ward said to buy it.
I facilitated its purchase.
Is that normal, for chief counsel to buy things without knowing why? I don't really need to know the "why.
" Ward's leadership has led Rand to success after success and Why are you so interested in this? When I got to the - the monastery, post-crash - Mmm-hmm.
I learned of a certain position.
A powerful, important job, and I wanted it.
Your dad always said to set your goals high.
- [chuckles] Yeah.
- [chuckles] Everyone there, and I mean everyone, said there was no way a xiaoguilao like me could do it.
- A xiaogui what? - Yeah, it's, uh It sort of means, like, uh, an outsider.
- That's what they called me.
- Sounds kind of mean.
Sort of cool, too.
[laughs] Besides, it it just made me want the job more.
I get that.
So, problem was, I I never thought through why I wanted this job.
I mistook my stubborn will for a sense of destiny or something.
I never counted the cost of what it would actually mean for my life.
- And you got the job? - Yeah.
I fought the whole way for it.
I earned it.
Was it worth it? Uh, I don't know.
We'll see.
[chuckles] [inhales deeply] So how long you planning on staying here? [Danny sighs] I don't know.
- I've been pretty busy since I got here.
- [both chuckle] After living in a monastery for 15 years It's a big step up.
You have no idea.
- First off, my room? - Yeah? It was nothing like this.
Six by six, a dirty mat on the floor.
[stutters] A blanket, you know.
A literal pot to piss in.
Every morning, I'd walk a mile uphill with jugs the size of my torso, just to get mine and my shifu's daily ration of water.
- Every morning? - Every morning.
That was the easy part.
Then it was training.
- All day, every day.
- [indistinct students clamoring] When we weren't training, it was fighting, sparring.
[scoffs] Every moment was a struggle.
[indistinct clamoring continues] - Failure - [clamoring continues] led to a beating.
Victory led to the next fighting style, the next lesson.
Sounds like abuse.
Well [scoffs] it made me what I am today.
Which is what? I don't know.
[chuckles] Another guy living in a deluxe apartment? [sighs and chuckles] - [sighs] You want a drink? - [chuckles] Yes.
You know how to make a vodka tonic? Well [sighs] if it's just vodka and tonic, then, yeah.
I think I can handle it.
- [knock at door] - I'll get it.
Um, light on the tonic.
[sighs] [Joy screaming] [Joy grunting] Danny! [grunting] - [bones crack] - [groans] [Joy] Danny! [Joy grunts] [yelling] [elevator bell dings] [Joy grunting] [grunting] - [grunts] - [Danny straining] [alarm blaring] [grunting] [grunting continues] - [elevator bell dings] - [all grunting] - [bones crack] - [screams] [elevator bell dings] [in Mandarin] Back to the Golden Sands.
[panting] [in English] Go! Hey.
- [panting] You okay? Yeah? - Yeah.
- [Danny] Okay.
- We have to call the police.
- I know where they're going.
- What? [Ward] You have no idea how bad it is.
It's like we have goddamn Tarzan walking around the place, fresh from the jungle.
How so? I shouldn't be telling you this, but we have this drug that we've spent years working on.
We get it tested, patented Now, I can't go into specifics, but know this.
This is a game changer.
This drug will save millions of lives.
- Wow.
- Right? So we're in our pricing-strategy meeting, getting ready to boost the price, make a huge profit, and be able to fund years' worth of new lab research.
- Sure.
- In walks Danny, and he uses the full weight of his majority shareholdings to force us to sell the drug at cost.
At cost.
- [chuckles] You're kidding me.
- Mmm-mmm.
That is a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.
He is worse than these bleeding-heart-liberal-trust-fund hipsters wandering around Williamsburg.
Uh, thanks for the interview.
What, you're leaving so soon? We've got bourbon to finish.
Tempting, but, uh, I have an early morning deadline.
Ellison? Listen, don't give the front page to Karen.
I've got a hell of a story for tomorrow.
[exhales] [clears throat] [groans softly] [sighs] [faint clatter] [rattling] [sighs] - What happened to you? - What happened to you? [sighs] That's why I'm here.
Hey, can you, uh Can you keep an eye on Joy for me? Wasn't he stalking you? - It was a misunderstanding.
- [Colleen] Right.
I guess being a millionaire covers a multitude of sins.
[Danny] Billionaire.
What do you know about the Golden Sands? I don't know.
There's a bunch of Chinese restaurants with that name.
Any of them attached to hatchet-wielding criminals? [Danny] You know 'em? Triads.
- Dangerous.
- [scoffs] Sounds right.
[Colleen sighs] This is the Golden Sands you're looking for.
It's a front for the Yangshi Gongsi, the Yang Clan Company.
- I need to have a word with them.
- Are you kidding me? [Colleen] Why do you wanna mess around with Triads? Hello, can I help you? I'm sorry, we're closed.
I need to speak to the head of the Yangshi Gongsi.
I don't want any trouble.
[Yang] Then you should not come looking for it.
[in Mandarin] He's the one.
Eh? This one bested all of you? [in English] I am Yang Hai-Qing head of the Yangshi Gongsi.
And you are? - Danny Rand.
- Of Rand Enterprises? One and the same.
Why did you send your men after Joy Meachum? Why did your company steal our pier away from us? What? We had a deal with the previous tenant.
Joy Meachum broke that deal.
We wanted words with her.
[scoffs] No.
You wanted to kidnap Joy to broker a new deal.
Maybe we should use you to broker a new deal.
Is this why you walk into my place? I'm here to let you know it's not within your best interests to come near Joy ever again.
Why is Rand so determined to keep the pier all to itself? Look, another group of people forced us to purchase it.
Who could force a giant business like Rand to do anything? [in Mandarin] The Hand.
[in English] I had no idea.
Please extend our deepest apologies to Miss Meachum.
[Danny] Do you have any idea what the Hand are doing with the pier? Why are they in New York? [in Mandarin] I want them out of Rand! Please [Gao] Put it on.
[Harold] Where are we going? [Gao] For a ride.
- [grunts] - [Colleen] Okay, exhale.
[exhales heavily] [grunts] - Better.
- Yeah.
- Feel good? - Yeah.
- I heard you and Danny grew up together.
- [exhales] Yeah.
Parents were best friends.
Joke around the house was Danny and I were pledged to be married.
- [grunting] - That's pretty close.
[exhaling] He was a good kid.
He was kind.
[chuckles] If you would've told me that one day he would fight off men with axes - [scoffs] - [Danny] Hatchets.
They won't be a problem anymore.
- And how did you do that? - We just had a talk.
This talk happen with your fists? Uh, it's more of a sharing of ideas.
We, um we came to an agreement.
What what are you doing? How did you put it, Joy? This ain't my first rodeo? Look, I can pop it back into place.
[Colleen breathes deeply] So back in K'un-Lun, my shifu would make me count to three in Mandarin before he would fix it.
- [exhales nervously] - Okay? - Yee - [bone snaps] - Shit! - [Danny chuckles] [groans] [chuckling] Look, if this is about fighting for cash - What? - Hey, I'm not judging.
I used to fight in a few illegal fight clubs on my way back from K'un-Lun.
But just so you know I'm more than willing to pay up on our previous deal.
I still owe you rent for six months.
Answer is the same.
Thank you, though.
All right, let's make a move.
- [chuckles] See you around.
- Yeah.
[Joy sighs] [sighs] So how are we gonna tell Ward? [chuckles] He finds out men with hatchets attacked his sister? [scoffs] I thought you said you didn't want the cops involved.
Hmm, good point.
That doesn't mean I don't wanna know what the hell was going on tonight.
You and me both.
[chuckles] [Danny sighs] See you.
[Gao] You have been a good and faithful servant to the Hand.
The pier was secured.
Now, receive your reward.
[curtain lifting] [Harold softly] I haven't seen her in person since she was a child.
Someone hit my daughter? [Gao] My people said she had a run-in with some criminals.
She's lucky she has such a talented bodyguard.
She's fine now.
Could this good and faithful servant ask for one more favor? What do you want? [man] Which one of you hit Joy Meachum? Me.
[grunting] [choking] I'm ready to go home now.
[knock on door] [dramatic music playing]