Marvel's Iron Fist (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Under Leaf Pluck Lotus

I wanna tell you about this great new product.
It will only take a minute.
I guarantee you've never seen anything like this.
At an estimated triple profit Hitting the market in two weeks With a revolutionary, synthesized opiate offering security and versatility.
Pills, patch, powder, drops.
It's 100% pure 100% of the time.
Boasting a faster absorption rate, a slower metabolic rate and the most exciting part, the CP450 liver enzyme inhibitor.
Which prevents the human body from ever building a tolerance to it.
So, as you can see The value of this particular heroin is unprecedented.
Why not let an expert be the judge? [woman] Oh, honey, you don't need to worry about that mess anymore.
This is ridiculous.
[scoffs] [snorts and gasps] [man sighs] What the hell is this? If you broke him My mum always told me patience is a virtue.
[gasps] [grunts] [panting] It's like the first time.
[laughing] Oh, my God! How much can I order? [woman chuckles] [theme music playing] And it isn't opium based? [Sandi] Every test I ran on that sample proves it's chemical.
No need to harvest opium from foreign countries.
In fact, the most amazing aspect of this drug is that there's nothing illegal about it.
So with the right supplies, any amount can be made in a real lab.
Whoever the Einstein is behind this made sure there'd be no limit to how much one can make.
A drug like this could mean a major epidemic in this city.
I'm gonna deal with this.
- Wow.
How are you - Hey.
Thank you so much for your help, Sandi.
Thank you.
Inside, you'll find all the reports from federal, state, and local agencies.
Our chemical plant on Staten Island has passed every onsite inspection.
I have 15 documented cancer diagnoses that say you're wrong.
I acknowledge how terribly unfortunate this is, but Rand Enterprises had nothing to do with it.
So it's just a coincidence that all the victims live within a one-mile radius of your facility? We have been compliant with every applicable environmental law and regulation.
I'm afraid you're looking for something that isn't there.
We'll be hiring our own team to do the looking.
That's your prerogative.
We have nothing to hide.
But if you do manage to establish a connection to the emissions from that plant our company still followed the law.
Then the laws are wrong.
[Joy] If that's true, your fight doesn't belong here.
Rand Enterprises cannot be held responsible for governmental guidelines.
[Regina sobs] [sniffles] I think we're done.
[Regina exhales] It's being shipped in through the new Rand Pier, Ward.
[scoffs] [sighs] Is that heroin? You bring drugs in my office? I had to find out what we're dealing with.
What makes you think this has anything to do with us? Hai-Qing Yang.
He's head of the Yang Clan Company.
What are you talking about? The Yang Clan Company.
It's a front.
- For what? - The Hatchet Men.
It's a criminal syndicate.
[Ward sighs] Hai-Qing Yang used to have a deal at our pier.
When we bought it, we shut them out.
Now, they got pretty angry, but don't worry, I cleared it up.
- Hatchet Men? - Yes.
I asked Hai-Qing what the Hand wanted with the pier, and then they sent me a box.
This was inside.
It's a message.
Do you know how crazy this sounds? It's not.
Look at the symbol on the bag.
[Ward sighs] - [Ward] A snake? - [Danny] It's not a snake.
It's the symbol for Shou-Lao the Undying.
The Undying? From K'un-Lun.
Shou-Lao made me a living weapon.
Okay, now you've lost me.
- The dragon.
- Ah.
Look, don't you see? It's all connected.
[sighs] Okay.
Let me make this simple.
The Hand is using our company to smuggle synthetic heroin into the city.
We need to stop it.
Harold said so himself.
You were there.
[inhales sharply] And you've figured all of this out because some Chinese dude left a box at your door? Yes.
[scoffs] No.
- But Harold - That's between the two of you.
I have real business in the real world to deal with.
[scoffs] Fine.
- I'll leave you to it then.
- [quietly] Thanks.
Hey! [sighs] - Megan? - Yes, Mr.
Rand? You're an assistant, right? Does that kind of mean you're, like, my apprentice? No, I'm here to help with scheduling, phone calls, day-to-day stuff around the office.
Oh, like this morning when I wanted to speak to one of our Rand scientists.
- Exactly.
- Right.
So, um, if I wanted you to go out and buy me, say, a box of Fruit Roll-Ups you'd have to do it.
I could make that happen.
- Want some Fruit Roll-Ups? - No.
[chuckles] But I, uh I do need to know when the next shipment arrives at the Red Hook Pier.
- Could you tell me that? - No.
But if you like, I can call Sarah Galvin in Transport and have her bring that information to you.
I'm on my way down now, anyway.
She's right off the elevator on the fourth floor.
I'll let her know you're coming.
I'm so glad we had this talk.
- Going to lunch.
- Yes, Mr.
Me, too.
How'd the meeting go? Exactly what you said.
They don't have a case.
You don't seem especially happy about it.
Just questioning things, I guess.
What kind of things? Are we on the right side of this? [chuckles softly] I don't know.
Did you know that some gang called the Yang Clan had a deal with Patel before we made that pier acquisition? Someone was using it.
Who cares? [elevator dings] [Joy sighs] Have you been talking to Danny? No.
[sighs] Then what are you trying to say? You wanna know the truth about that meeting? It was brutal.
Just looking those people in their faces, knowing exactly what they were suffering from.
That's because you're a good person.
I don't feel like it.
Because you're also a good businesswoman and that means you have to make hard decisions.
You have to find a balance, and you do that better than most of us.
Why can't I stop asking myself if we're doing something wrong? Regarding the plant? You know we're not.
[sighs] As it stands now, no.
But what if they discover something new in the future? - There are laws that don't exist yet.
- [elevator dings] [sighs] No one can live their lives like that, Joy.
I know.
I know, I just I wish it was my fault.
Sounds ludicrous, but at least then there'd be something I could do about it.
Help them.
You know what this is really about, right? I was so scared when Dad got sick.
These people are just grasping for the same answers I did.
We can't blame them.
Everyone wants the ability to prevent bad things from happening, but unfortunately, sometimes it's just a matter of chance.
[scoffs] That's the last thing a control freak wants to hear.
[Ward chuckles] [Regina] I'm gonna talk to him.
Rand? [stutters] Sorry, do I know you? I read about that drug thing you did in the paper.
You have the power to change things at this company.
That's why I I wanted to show you this.
My son.
That's his fourth-grade photo.
Class picture day.
He has cancer.
[stutters] I don't understand.
He got it from the Rand chemical plant near where we live.
It's spewing poison into the air, the ground, all around us.
- I didn't know.
I - You're different than the others.
Please, will you help us? I am so sorry.
We'll make this right.
[Claire grunts] Okay, switch left.
[Claire panting] Okay, push kicks.
- [Claire grunts] - Try that again.
Use your hips more.
- [grunts] - Better.
Oh, what was that? Come on, hit me.
- [grunts] - [chuckles] Okay.
[Claire panting] You are not to be underestimated, Claire.
Hell, I'm still getting used to bringing the hurt instead of fixing it.
Well, for what it's worth I've never had a student progress as fast as you have.
[panting] Guess I got tired of people doing things for me all the time.
[groans] Tell me about it.
[Claire grunts] In that case, we better keep practicing.
[grunting] Hey.
- You're Danny Rand, right? - [chuckles] I've seen you on the news.
Talk about a riches-to-rags-to-riches story.
Yeah, it's been pretty crazy.
You live in this city long enough, nothing surprises you anymore.
[grunting] Um one sec.
[panting] Hi, Danny.
Need something? I, uh, just wanted to have a talk with you.
Well, um, it'll have to wait till I'm done.
Oh, but I ordered takeout.
- You what? - [chuckles] [Colleen stammers] Sorry.
I'm in the middle of a lesson.
[chuckles] - Claire Temple.
- Hey.
How do you know each other? - Oh, well, um she - We we don't really She gave me a couple of bucks when I lived in the park.
- [Colleen chuckles] - I see.
[Colleen] Oh, what the Excuse me, hi.
[laughs nervously] What the hell is going on? [mutters indistinctly] I told you, I ordered takeout.
No, no, no, no, no.
You cannot just show up here with all of this stuff expecting some - Is this a date? - What? No.
Of course not.
I mean, uh, unless you want it to be.
- No.
- Okay.
[both] Good.
- [laughs] - It's definitely not that.
- [Colleen] Oh, wow.
- [Danny] I just I need your help.
And that requires candlelight? This was my dad's favorite place.
It's the only takeout I know.
[chuckles] Smells good.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You know, I'd be thrilled to spend the rest of my session just joining the two of you.
I've never had takeout like this before.
- Oh, the thing is, it's - A great idea.
It's a really, really good idea.
[Regina on laptop] You're different than the others.
Please, will you help us? I am so sorry.
We'll make this right.
What an idiot! Does he have any idea what he just did? I'm sure he has no idea that he was speaking for the entire company.
- [sighs] - What do you wanna do about it? Well We weren't gonna settle before, and we're not gonna settle now.
Especially when they're asking double the original number.
That's blackmail.
They didn't have a leg to stand on before.
Now they do.
The principal shareholder of Rand Enterprises has accepted responsibility.
[sighs] [clicks tongue and breathes deeply] "The board member was coerced into an admission of fault under false pretenses.
No legal connection has been drawn between Rand Enterprises and any of the affected individuals.
" We'll win this in court.
A case like this could take years.
Still cheaper than settling.
Ward, they're threatening to release this video by the end of the day.
So? Doesn't buy them anything.
Just because you have a guilt complex going on Don't throw this back at me! I always act in the company's best interests.
I just wanna make sure your emotions aren't clouding the fact that this was clearly a setup.
Who cares what it was? I'm saying we have to consider what it looks like.
[sighs] Let me think about it, okay? I'll have Megan gather the board.
Make sure the idiot is in attendance.
Throwing Danny to the wolves will only make this worse.
Before all this shit went down, he's in my office, running his mouth about a dragon? He's in a completely different world, Joy.
He lives in ours now.
[door closes] - [cell phone chimes] - [sighs] Thank you.
[exhales] To the precious Buddha, the unsurpassable teacher.
To the precious dharma, the unsurpassable protection.
To the precious sangha, the unsurpassable guides.
To you three rare and supreme sources of refuge, I offer.
So when you were at that monastery, could you get a burger, or was it all just vegetarian crap? [chuckles] We only ate vegetables we grew in the monastery.
But sometimes I'd sneak out with my friend Davos.
We'd, uh, go eat some donkey.
Donkey? Donkey's actually pretty good.
My grandmother could stir fry the shit out of donkey and veggies.
I'll take your word for it.
[Danny clears throat] [Claire] Mmm.
When you weren't sneaking out were you just waiting around what, meditating? Not exactly.
We learned martial arts.
That must have been tough with you being so young.
It was what it was.
[Claire] Well, still after everything you'd been through with the crash I don't know, that would have been a really hard thing for me to have handled.
I, um I focused on my training.
Anything that distracted me from that, I renounced.
Material attachments, uh indulgent activities, romantic entanglements.
Wait, you you took a vow of chastity? Yeah.
[chuckles] Of course.
Why did you wait this long? To come back, I mean.
[Danny] The way was closed.
I had to wait for it to open again.
[clears throat] So you said you wanted to talk about something? Oh.
Yeah, I, um I just [clears throat] I don't really know where to start.
I would love to stick around and hear more, but I've gotta get going.
You don't have to go.
Um, do you mind? No, take whatever you want.
[both chuckle] Cool? Namaste.
- See ya.
- [Claire chuckles] What's going on? Are you okay? It's Rand.
Some bad people have gotten on the inside.
They're using the company as a cover to conduct their own business.
What kind of business? They're trying to get a synthetic heroin into the city.
Heroin? Okay, you need to go to the police.
That would just make it worse.
Rand would be held responsible, and they'll just find another way to get their drugs in.
[sighs] So what are you gonna do? [sighs] Well, look Ward doesn't believe me.
But if I can prove to him it's really happening he'll have to help me shut it down.
To prove it, you need evidence.
There's a shipment tonight at 8:30 at the Rand Pier.
There's an inspection process before the containers get loaded onto the trucks and sent out for delivery.
They open each one up and boom! Stacks and stacks of synthetic heroin.
Wouldn't they hide it? They don't have to.
They own the pier.
[sighs] I just need you to watch my back.
[chuckles] You're joking.
You want me to come with you? Yes.
I'm just a karate teacher, Danny.
- No, you're not.
You're a fighter.
- [sighs] I know you've been testing yourself - in an underground fight club.
- What I get it! You you're unsatisfied, you're restless.
I know those feelings.
Years and years training in K'un-Lun wasted, waiting on a threat that never arrived.
- [Colleen] This is crazy.
- It's not crazy.
People die from this.
If this synthetic heroin gets on the streets, it'll affect your students.
It'll be on their streets, and everything you've done for them will have been for nothing.
I need your help.
We can do a lot of good together.
[sighs] I'd have to cancel my evening classes Hey, listen.
If it helps, you can forget about rent this month.
I already said no.
I bought your building.
I'm your new landlord.
[clears throat loudly] - [sighs] - What, is that a yes? I want the leak under my sink fixed.
[Ward] As the memo indicated, the class action suit against our Staten Island chemical plant has escalated rather quickly.
I had hoped that Mr.
Rand would be here to speak for his actions, but the concept of work hours is still foreign to him.
[chuckles] However, we're a team and we need to support our colleague as he continues his transition back to this life and this company.
So let us do what we do best and save the day.
I've carefully weighed our options.
And after consulting with Joy I've reached a conclusion.
Settling would be a mistake.
Paying these people off admits there's something to hide, when there isn't.
This was an act of pure manipulation, and I'm calling their bluff.
I think you might be letting right and wrong interfere with what's best for the company, Ward.
Really, Lawrence? Are you willing to sacrifice $200 million during one of the most challenging fiscal years this company has ever had? The bad publicity could cost us even more in the long run.
Can we honestly take that kind of risk? [Ward] We settle here, and suddenly everyone is knocking at the door, looking for a handout.
This looks bad.
They'll boycott our products.
[sighs] If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it's that my brother has never given us a reason to doubt him.
Look at his track record.
Every decision has been impeccable.
I may not always see it at the time, but he has never once failed this company.
If we can trust Ward, we can trust this is a risk worth taking.
Shall we have the vote? Awesome.
I think I may lose my lunch watching you disgrace my katana with your wuxia bullshit.
[chuckles] All right.
Show me your style.
[chuckles] You're pretty good.
It's just meant to be used the Japanese way.
Check this out.
[both chuckle] You're amazing.
Play time's over.
Let's get going.
We need your phone to take pics.
- You got it? - Uh, yeah.
[speaking Mandarin] Everything all right? [sighs] My phone was on silent for meditation.
The office has been calling.
[sighs] Are we doing this or what? Lead the way.
Daniel Rand's miraculous return to Rand Enterprises is making headlines once again after a video where he apologizes for a corporate scandal puts the fate of the company at stake.
Suck on that, Dad.
A spokesperson for the class action suit - [cell phone vibrating] - claimed that Rand Enterprises callously turned a blind eye when it was brought to their attention that a chemical plant may have been responsible for 15 cases of cancer in a Staten Island neighborhood, endangering the lives of innocent children.
[sighs] [sighs] [cell phone vibrating] [Colleen] Better put that hood up.
- [Danny] Does it bother you? - [Colleen] What? [Danny] That everyone knows me now.
It doesn't bother you? All that attention seems annoying.
[Danny] I got used to it as a kid.
[Colleen chuckles] Well, just watch yourself.
[Danny] How so? [Colleen] You've gone from homeless man to billionaire in a matter of days.
All that money, press, power, makes you a target.
People may try to take advantage.
You didn't.
[guards chatting indistinctly] [Danny whispers] Hey! Those guards are carrying machine guns! Yeah, 'cause they haven't got the faintest idea how to fight.
This wasn't the deal.
You can go home if you want.
Eat leftover takeout, wait for the repairman to fix your kitchen sink.
Fight strangers in cages.
You think I'm proud of that? Come on.
It is what it is.
First time I fought in the cage I convinced myself it was just about the money.
For my students, for my dojo.
Then I went a second time.
It's okay.
It feels good, winning.
What felt good was hurting those guys.
Really good.
Scared me.
Yeah, well, the world hasn't exactly been kind to us.
But maybe doing something like this [whispers] Walk where I walk, and they'll never see us.
[guards chatting indistinctly] [Danny whispers] Come here.
[Danny breathing heavily] [both breathing heavily] Thanks for doing this.
[breathing heavily] Don't thank me yet.
It's just nice having someone to count on.
You have the Meachums.
Joy Do you have someone? Let's just get this over with.
[both breathing heavily] Hey.
If it sounded like I was prying earlier, I apologize.
[sighs] I'm not good at this stuff.
What stuff? Talking.
If it helps I don't even know what I'm doing or saying until it's taken the wrong way, so [chuckles softly] I'm sorry if I misread your intentions with the takeout.
As Lord Tuan says, "One never really knows one's own true intentions.
" So [chuckles softly] [guards chatting indistinctly] [man] Yeah, you might as well.
What's our timeframe on that? Hey, we need to get closer.
[grunts] All right.
Here it comes.
[man] Open 'em up.
[guards chatting indistinctly] What the hell is that? Supplies? I don't know.
[chatter continues] Danny.
Look, we're on the right track, okay? Trust me.
It's just more equipment.
[Danny] Why would they need guns unless they have something to hide? [sighs] All right.
This is the one.
It's gotta be.
[chatter continues] [Colleen scoffs] Keep an eye out for me.
Wait, what? [hushed] Danny! [chatter continues] [sighs] [man] Let's lock this one up.
[door slams] Shit.
[engine starting] [grunting] [man grunts] [tires squealing] [panting] Danny [indistinct chatter on TV] [commentator] Has found its way nicely to Marks.
Up the field.
Oh, that's a lovely ball.
Back again Who are you? Who are you? Radovan, the chemist.
I'm Danny.
[rumbling] [gun fires] [Colleen mutters] [both grunting] [bottle shatters] [both grunting] - [bone snaps] - [yells] [both grunting] [gasps] [groans] [groans] - [gasping] - You're coming with me.
Leave me, I beg of you.
- [breathing heavily] - I got you.
Come on, I got you.
[Radovan gasping] - [Danny grunts] - [breathing raggedly] [gasps] [both grunting] [exhales] [chuckling] [Radovan groaning] That was crazy.
How did you - Is he shot? - He's been stabbed.
We need to get him to a hospital.
Jump in.
You don't understand.
I'm a wanted man in several countries unless they find me first.
[groaning] If we don't help him, he's gonna die.
Oh - We know a nurse.
- [tires squealing] I'm sure you're aware of this.
That video has gone viral.
Ward? Ward.
- Hey, wake up.
- Mmm.
- [thunder rumbling] - [grunts] Look at me.
What did you take? Tell me what you took.
I need to know.
Ward! Mmm.
I'm fine.
[sighs] Well, that makes one of us.
I don't know what's going on here, but I do know that we have a problem, and I need you in your right mind to help me figure out how to correct it.
[laughing] Shouldn't listen to Joy.
- Why are you doing this to yourself, Ward? - [grunts] Doing it to him.
Who? Danny? Shh.
He'll hear.
Hey, um you're scaring me.
No way out.
Yes, there is.
We're gonna fix this, okay? Mmm.
You stood by me.
- [Joy chuckles nervously] - [sighs] We're family.
[softly] Oh, God.
[Claire] Give me your credit card.
[Danny] Yeah.
Whatever it costs.
[Claire] His lung is collapsing.
He's going into shock.
- I have to improvise a chest seal.
- [breathing raggedly] When he inhales the card should suck into the wound stop the air from going into his chest and collapsing his lung.
When he exhales the one unsealed side should allow the air to escape.
And let his lung - re-expand.
- [breathing raggedly] [exhales heavily] [Colleen sighs] That was impressive.
Hope you don't want your card back.
What are we gonna do with him? I was hoping he could stay here.
I have lessons here, I We can move him to your bedroom.
We'll figure something out.
I'll hire security guards.
You can't trust anyone! [Radovan breathing heavily] - Hey, hey, hey.
- [Radovan grunts] - Take me back.
Take me back.
- [Claire] Shh.
No, you need to relax.
It's okay, you're safe here.
- Sabina.
- [Danny] Hey, shh Is that your wife? Do you want us to call her? My daughter.
They have her.
Who has her? The Hand.
Oh, shit.
You gotta be kidding me.
What? You know about the Hand? Yeah.
What do you know? That you just started a war by taking him from them.
Do you realize that? My colleague at Metro-General Hospital was gutted.
It was an army of ninjas, [stuttering] and they tried to kill me, too.
It was all covered up.
Forced me to quit my job.
They've been here all along.
The Hand is everywhere.
Why did they want you here in New York? Heroin.
I invented a formula.
[exclaims softly] You were gonna make it here and export it to the world.
He's the source.
[Claire] That's what the Hand does.
They kidnap children to control their parents.
I've seen it myself.
Sabina is all that matters.
Then I'll find her.
Wait a minute.
Okay, this is not something a rich kid from the Upper West Side can just "handle," okay? This is a job that requires someone with special skills.
Okay, we all have our limitations.
You have to accept yours.
Listen I know I'm not the best businessman [chuckles] and I don't think I'll be the CEO my father was.
But this? I've been training my whole life for this.
This is the one thing I know I can do better than anyone else.
I am the only one who can defeat them.
[sighs] God! My mother says I can't escape meeting people like you.
That it's my destiny.
'Cause if you really believe that you can take these sons of bitches out [sighs] then I have to believe, too.
But going against them on your own, that's some foolish bullshit, no matter who you are.
He's not alone.
Hey I can't ask anything more from you.
You've done enough already.
You don't have to.
This is my choice.
[thunder rumbling] [man] I don't know who this guy was or where he came from.
But he could fight.
I'm telling you, he punched through solid metal with his bare hands.
[Gao] His hands? Are you sure it wasn't his fist? [stammers] I guess.
[Gao] Kneel.
[choking] [dramatic music playing]