Marvel's Iron Fist (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Black Tiger Steals Heart

[breathes heavily] [groaning softly] [Colleen moans softly] [both chuckle softly] - [Danny] Sorry.
- It's all right.
[chuckles] What? Where are we? Home.
Hmm It's not the dojo.
Hmm, no.
But it's the safest place I know.
How do you feel? [takes deep breath] Yeah, I'm, uh [chuckles softly] I'm tired.
I was so worried about you.
You okay? I feel great.
[chuckles] Hmm.
What happened? [Colleen sighs] You healed me, Danny.
Saved my life.
It's a lot having to keep a secret like this.
And I I understand now why Ward's why he is the way he is.
Yeah, I think we might be losing him, Joy.
You put him in a terrible position, Dad.
Lying to everyone.
Standing right next to me while I cried over you, knowing he could do something about it, he could make it better.
No, he couldn't make it better.
No one could.
[sighs] Hey, Joy.
Joy, I understand your feelings are hurt.
I do.
I had no choice.
I was trapped.
I had to stay hidden.
You told Danny.
Danny found out.
That wasn't my choice.
You know, sometimes in life, um, things happen that we're not prepared for.
You know, we just do the best we can.
Do you remember those nights? When I was sick? And you and Ward were there every two hours.
Yeah, we had to turn you in your bed.
Keep you from getting bedsores.
You were just teenagers.
But you wouldn't let the hospice nurse do it.
You were so thin and fragile.
You were like parchment.
I was afraid they might break you.
And sometimes sometimes I'd wake up and I'd see you there, asleep in the chair and you'd be looking just like you were when you were kids.
So peaceful.
[takes deep breath] And in that darkness, I'd pray.
I would plead to the universe that if I if I ever had a second chance, I'd do anything.
I would do anything, I'd pay any price, to keep you away.
Keep you away from that pain and that heartache.
I wanted to protect you from suffering, because you'd endured so much already.
Joy Joy, I I love you.
I'm I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry for, you know, I'm sorry for all of all of this.
[sighs deeply] I'm just glad the universe listened.
[chuckles] Yeah.
[Joy sighs] What was it like? What? Death? Hmm.
It was like when I was a kid coming home from school through the snow, and and then I'd be standing on the porch, freezing, and on the other side was comfort.
Comfort and warmth.
But this time This time when I tried the handle, the door wouldn't open.
And I could hear you.
I could hear you and Ward on the other side, and I I wanted to be on the other side so much.
But the harder I tried the further I'd just I'd drift away and [takes deep breath] it would become colder and colder.
[sniffles] And, uh, and I was here.
[chuckles] Restored.
[sniffles] Joy I want us to be together again, happy.
Happy and whole.
I want that, too.
But this is strange.
This is - Hey, I know.
I know.
I know.
- This is really unreal.
I I know.
Ward Ward found it difficult at first, too.
But after a while [sighs] Where is he? - I'm worried about him.
- Ward has a problem, Joy.
You know that, don't you? Yeah, Dad, I know.
I know he has a problem.
I've talked to him about it, and it hasn't helped.
Oh, well, you know, addicts can be they can be unpredictable.
But we've gotta do everything we can to help him.
That shouldn't keep us from getting Rand back and turning it into what I'd always hoped for.
Our family's legacy.
- I got a plan for that.
- Yeah, I know.
Ward told me about the the blackmail.
- I I want you to step away from that.
- Why? You just leave that for, you know, that that Hogarth and the courts to work out.
I don't want you risking anything.
Where's the risk? People will ask you questions, and you're you're gonna wanna answer honestly and truthfully.
Yeah, under oath.
Hopefully, it won't come to that.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Look, I know that secrets secrets and lies have they've taken a toll on our family.
They've almost ruined us, but I want a future free from all of that.
For you, for me - for all of us.
- [chuckles] Hey.
[Joy takes deep breath] [theme music playing] [indistinct chatter] [Colleen sighs] This is where I came when I first returned from my grandfather's in Japan.
What is this? A monastery? A school? Uh, a bit of both.
A safe place for people who need a home.
They took me in, helped me get settled.
Who's "they"? Bakuto and his group.
Your sensei? Our sensei.
Everyone here.
- [Danny] Huh.
- This is my family, Danny.
Maybe the only one I've ever known.
[indistinct chatter continues] I'm glad you're here.
Danny, Colleen.
How are you feeling? Yeah, I'm, uh I'm all right.
Thanks for showing me how to heal her.
Of course.
I see it took a lot out of you, though.
Are you ready to recharge? What do you mean? Colleen told me you were the Iron Fist, the Immortal Weapon.
Uh not many people know what that is.
[chuckles] Well, it's always been a special interest of mine.
But you weren't taught how to recharge your chi? [sighs] Let's just say my training went a little sideways.
Fair enough.
Then step this way.
Just follow my lead.
I've studied many traditions, so you'll recognize most of the moves.
But in this order, they're gonna take you somewhere else.
I call it harnessing the Five Elemental Energies.
[breathing deeply] Why are you frowning? I'm not.
But you are.
Our bodies always give away our inner truth.
Release whatever's binding you.
Pain, lack, fear and replace it with energy, abundance, trust.
You are rooted tied to the force that binds all life.
Let it course through you.
Let it replace everything that is broken.
[both exhaling sharply] Now how do you feel? [chuckles] Hungry.
[chuckles] I can fix that, too.
Colleen, can you go ahead and let the kitchen know that we're on our way? There's something I'd like to show Danny first.
She's very special.
[chuckles softly] Yeah.
Colleen has spoken to me about you quite a bit.
That's funny she's never mentioned you.
She's just being protective.
Does that bother you? No.
But why keep all of this a secret? [chuckles softly] There's a difference between "secret" and "secure.
" You see, we take in people from all walks of life who need safety.
They need that because their lives were complicated even dangerous, sometimes.
Because of that, we try and keep a low profile.
We give them a safe haven and much more.
What's that? Well, each person needs a purpose, something to believe in, a place to belong, a community that can help you become all that you can be.
[scoffs] So it's a cult? [chuckles] Yes, just, uh, just like the Girl Scouts.
So be prepared.
[chuckles] And Gao? What have you done with her? She's been taken out of commission.
There's no need to worry.
She murdered my parents almost had us killed.
I need to know where she's gone.
I've placed her in confinement until we can be sure that turning her over to the police will get us the right results.
Her power is far-reaching.
We can't take any chances.
[instructor] Good pace, guys.
This place [exhales] it seems familiar.
[chuckles] It should.
The same atmosphere that shaped you in the monastery is present here.
We're seeking to build character, discipline, educate young people in the same way.
Did Colleen tell you everything about me? Not everything.
Please, my office is this way.
[man 1] Sensei.
I understand when you say you're training people.
[man 2] Can I get you to sign this? But for what, exactly? [chuckles] You wanna know what's in it for me? Well, yeah.
Ever since I got to New York, whenever people find out I'm the Iron Fist, they they want to use it for their own purposes.
We're not using people.
They make their own choices.
Participate only in things they feel comfortable with.
Please, come in.
Have a seat.
A change is coming, Danny.
Something significant.
And I wanna be ready.
I want my family and friends to be ready.
When I heard about what you did with the pricing of the drugs at Rand, I knew we had similar values.
The world we live in now is run by corporations, not governments.
Oligarchies of the rich and powerful.
But that's not gonna last much longer.
But Rand is a corporation.
Exactly my point.
Since you've been back, what have you discovered? A well-functioning organization focused on the common good, or something else? Rand isn't what you hoped it would be.
But you are just the person who can turn it around.
I'm sure of it.
What I'm about to show you is something that's been kept secret for decades.
Hidden by the Chinese government because they didn't know how to explain it.
But I think you'll understand it immediately.
1948, a group of Chinese soldiers got lost in the mountains during a mission being recorded for propaganda purposes.
They were headed into a remote area, but someone was there protecting this passage.
[inaudible] And as you can see, he had no interest in letting them pass.
That's where you're headed, Danny.
That's what you could be.
That's what an Iron Fist is.
Why are you so interested in the Iron Fist? [clicks tongue] I've spent my entire life in and around dojos and monasteries, training with masters of all kinds listening to their stories and legends about Immortal Weapons.
I thought they were fairy tales for children until I was gifted that film.
Once I saw it, I became obsessed, learning all that I could about the Iron Fist.
What it was capable of.
What it could achieve.
That's how you know about the healing.
All the qigong masters talk about it, but as a theory, because they haven't met you don't possess what you have.
And, Danny, there's more where that came from.
I showed you how to heal Colleen, and I've just opened up a way for you to recharge your chi.
I can help you become what you were meant to be.
But that was the Iron Fist doing his duty.
Guarding an entry.
If that's why you're interested in me, then [scoffs] you got the wrong man.
I don't need a guard, Danny.
I need a partner.
With you at my side, no one would stand against us.
The Gaos of the world would be destroyed.
So what do you know about Gao? I've been trying to stop her for a long time.
I have seven students here rehabbing from her drugs.
When you ask me what's in it for me, that's what it is.
There are Gaos everywhere.
I need you to train and lead a group of people who will take care of those that our culture's left behind.
The marginalized and forgotten.
People like Colleen.
People like you.
[chuckles] Come on.
I'm a billionaire.
Is that how you feel? Inside? You know you don't fit in at Rand.
I've read the news.
You can use help there as well.
I can provide that.
But your destiny is here.
Doing something only you can do.
[line ringing] - He's not picking up.
- Oh, let it ring.
[Danny on phone] Hey, Joy.
[Joy] Danny? Uh, I've been meaning to call.
What's up? [Joy scoffs] Yeah, right.
Well, Danny, I have someone here who wants to speak with you.
[Harold] Danny.
Harold? You're alive.
Oh, why wouldn't I be? Uh, I came to the penthouse.
There was there was blood everywhere.
[stammers] I thought Gao - Oh, not a chance.
Hey, listen - [stammers] And Joy? She knows? Yes.
Yes, it's all right.
I told her everything.
Hey, we're, uh, working on a plan to get Rand back, and, uh, you're a big part of that.
Look, I'll get there as soon as I can.
Hey, no excuses.
This is important, Danny.
I haven't been very reliable, I know.
But you'll be glad to hear that Gao is finally out of the way.
- What? - Yeah.
I met this guy named Bakuto.
He helped me put an end to her.
Oh, she's dead? I can't confirm that.
I'm trying to find out if she's been sent to jail or something else.
But I've been assured by Bakuto that she's out of commission.
Oh, and who exactly is this, uh, Bakuto? He's a friend.
I think.
Hey, Danny, just be careful, all right? And, uh, get here as soon as you can.
- [softly] Oh, he did it.
- What? Yeah, he did it.
- He did what? - He did it.
He did it.
Oh, man, he has he's eliminated Gao.
- He has eliminated - Who's Gao? - Oh, we have to celebrate.
- What We have to celebrate.
Oh, yes.
Wait, explain this to me, who - who's Gao? - [clattering] Balvenie, 40-year-old.
This is supposed to be the best best single malt of all time.
- Dad, it is too early to be drinking - Come on.
Open it.
- and I'm I can't.
- One for you.
One for me.
Come on.
- One for you, and one for me.
- No, I don't want it.
Dad, stop! - Yeah.
- Dad.
I didn't I didn't I'm I'm so sorry, Joy.
Um I'll clean this up.
[writing] - [knocking] - [Bakuto] Come in.
He's just finished a call, sir.
[Bakuto] To whom? Joy Meachum.
And she passed the phone off to a Harold.
Harold Meachum? Are you sure about that name? Yes, sir.
And they spoke about Madame Gao.
[Bakuto sighs] Send the entire transcript to my computer.
And see if you can trace back that call to its exact location.
Right away, sir.
[sighs] How was he? [sighs] He seems ready.
- [sighs] - Thank you for all you've done.
I didn't do anything.
I know this has been hard on you.
We can tell him now though, right? Soon.
I still need to test a couple of things.
But we need to be honest.
I need to be.
I don't like keeping things from him.
He'll understand.
What if he doesn't? Then he's not right for you.
It's complicated I know.
But it's for the best.
He may be hurt in the beginning, but if he feels about you the way you feel about him he'll make the right choice.
[indistinct chatter] [Darryl] Danny! [chuckling] Hey, Danny! - Hey, Darryl.
- What are you doing here? Colleen brought me.
- Are you coming onboard here? - Oh, thinking about it.
[chuckling] That would be so kick-ass.
I I've been telling them about you.
This is the guy that whacked that kid with a pole.
[chuckles] [chuckles] It's, uh not my greatest moment.
Well, I thought it was awesome.
So you like it here? It's what you wanted? - Yeah.
It's great.
- How come? People care about me here.
I can, sort of, fit in wherever.
[chuckles] - This is the first family I've ever had.
- [Gil] Food's good, too.
Yeah, and I've been learning a ton.
- I bet I could take you now.
- Yeah? You think? [both grunting] [chuckles] See? I told you.
[chuckles] So, what's your day like? Can you come and go as you please? Kind of.
We have free time.
We all live in the dorms here.
But there's a curfew.
- You ever try and sneak out? - [all chuckle] - Security's too tight.
- And nobody really wants to.
Are there any areas off-limits? Yeah, a few.
Mostly back that way.
[indistinct chatter] [indistinct chatter continues] [indistinct chatter in the distance] [guard 1] I talked to all of 'em already.
[continues speaking indistinctly] Clear the east perimeter.
- [keypad beeping] - [door opens] [guard 2] You know the deal.
Tray by the door when you're done.
[door closes] - [keypad beeping] - [door opens and closes] Of course.
I'm guessing you can see me.
Well, I'm glad you're finally getting what you deserve.
Punishment is so juvenile.
And quite boring, I might add.
[chuckles] Not for me.
I'm not surprised.
You're still a child.
Yeah, well, at least I'm not in prison.
Is that what this is? I offer you freedom, was willing to let you live whatever life you wanted.
And you rejected that offer, pursued and kidnapped me.
Then you ran towards slavery as fast as you could.
You're an idiot.
Really? Now you're baiting me with insults? I am treating you with respect by being who I truly am.
Not everyone around you does the same.
[grunts] That's not true! They are stealing your ability to trust.
That is how they crush you.
Who? The Hand.
[scoffs] What are you talking about? Open your eyes, young man.
Where do you think you are? [breathing heavily] [gasps] I see you found what you were looking for.
She's a piece of work, isn't she? Always spinning a new web.
I was just looking for some answers.
You won't find them here.
Trust me, I've tried.
But I'm glad you came because now you know she won't work with us but she won't work against us, either.
I deliver him back into your capable hands.
Enjoy your evening.
What's wrong? Gao's here.
[sighs] Did you talk to her? Manipulating as always.
Working an angle.
Trying to get me to question everything.
Even you.
In what way? She implied that this was the Hand.
There was a ceremonial knife in his office.
I recognized it because men from the Hand used one like it.
Colleen? I wanted to tell you from the beginning.
- Please, just listen.
- No.
Listen to me.
Give me a chance to explain Explain what? The Hand are murderers and killers! Gao! It was all Gao.
She doesn't represent us.
She she is part of a rogue faction of the Hand that deals drugs and destroys lives, - but that is not who we are.
- That's your story? That she's the bad Hand and you're the good Hand? Come on! You've been lying to me this whole time! That's not true.
I didn't Did Bakuto give you that money the first time we met in the park? Don't be ridiculous.
Was it okay with him when I stayed around at the dojo? - This isn't some conspiracy, Danny.
- Then explain it to me.
Make it make sense.
Because right now, all I'm hearing are lies - and evasion - I already met you! I already felt the way I feel.
And was that before or after you knew about the Fist? Before.
[gasps] And was it his idea that you sleep with me? Danny So when did Bakuto approach you with this this idea of recruiting me? Because that's what all of this is about, isn't it? - Recruiting isn't what we do.
- But it is.
The only reason anybody is interested in me is because of the Fist.
My feelings are for Danny Rand, not the Iron Fist.
Then why lie? Why go along with this? Because you've been brainwashed! Oh, that's hilarious coming from someone who grew up inside of a cult! Just think about it.
Every time someone mentions the Hand, you freak out.
You run off to the docks or or to buildings filled with fighters without a second thought.
Why? Because you grew up in a place hearing one story about us and nobody ever questioned that view.
I understand.
But those were lies shoved down your throat - when you were a kid - No.
by people who live in the past.
Just consider for a moment that maybe just maybe they got it wrong.
Danny, this is my family.
And my family are dead because of your family.
You're not listening.
- That was Gao.
- I am listening.
Everything you're saying is bullshit.
[scoffs] And coming from someone that I thought I could trust.
[exhales sharply] [door opens] [door closes] [breath trembling] Hello.
Please, be seated.
What the hell is this? Sorry to interrupt your dinner, but, please eat.
I I don't mind.
[utensils clatter] My name is Bakuto.
I'll be taking over from Madame Gao.
Danny told you about me.
Not directly.
But you should know by now that our reach is extensive.
I guess I was too optimistic to imagine the Hand would let me go.
I think you'll find I'm much more easygoing than Gao.
You see, she leads through fear.
I find partnership to be a much more effective method.
Oh what are you proposing? Everything that is Gao's is now mine.
You proceed as you have but with a different goal.
And what would that be? A way out.
A return to public life for you.
Go on.
I'm listening.
[indistinct chatter in the distance] - [keypad beeping] - [door opens] [indistinct chatter continues] [door buzzes] [grunting] [indistinct chatter on speakers] [Harold on monitor] Look, Singleton, we have to be extra cautious at this time.
[indistinct chatter continues] [grunting and yelling] - This is disappointing.
- [grunts] I was hoping you wouldn't take the bait and dig further.
Even sneaking down to kill Gao would have been better than this.
[grunts] More lies.
Simply a test.
And you failed.
[grunts and yells] [both grunting] [groans] [grunting continues] [indistinct shouting in the distance] [gasps] No.
[all grunting] Wow.
You are the worst Iron Fist ever.
Davos? [panting] [Harold] You weren't banging the assistant in the copy room again, were you? What? - Harold? - Surprised to see me, I know.
[stutters] What are you How? [Harold] Oh, it's really too much to go into.
Right now, it hardly matters.
Um, we need a moment.
Can you make sure we aren't disturbed? You might wanna check the file I left on your desk.
- [Lawrence] I don't understand.
- Oh, yes you do.
Prostitution, embezzling money from the Rand pension fund into your Cayman accounts Listen, I don't know what this is all about - or how this is even possible, but - This is about legacy.
Mine and yours.
[Lawrence] What? If you thought it was possible to kick my children out the door and steal everything we, as a family, built over the years, then you're sadly mistaken.
This is a blackmail scheme.
Well, it won't work.
No, it won't.
No, it won't.
Blackmail's about the last thing on my mind.
I'm here to talk about our children and what we owe them as fathers.
- I'm calling security.
- Oh, this is exhausting.
You know, you don't think I had them turned off for routine maintenance? Come on, Lawrence.
Now Now, I think we can, uh we can both agree that our children and their lives are the most important thing, right? - I guess.
- Yeah? Have you thought at all about what your, uh, fall from grace might do to them? How they might be bullied, pursued by the media, shamed on all fronts? Oh, yeah.
And Michael.
Don't bring him into this.
Oh, he's so fragile already.
Manic depression, barely treated.
Oh, I know.
I know.
[stammers] I know what it's like to have a troubled son.
- Stop.
- See? We share so much, you and I.
That's why I thought it was, um, important to come and offer you an easy solution.
Which is? You're gonna kill yourself.
It's so simple, you know.
A powerful man, stressed by a life and a job that simply overwhelmed him.
You go out a tortured hero.
None of this comes to light.
You better get the hell out of here.
I don't know what you're up to, but I can tell you right now that I will never Honestly? You want 'em to see the real you? I don't care.
Oh, well, that's just sad.
Because a father's first responsibility to their kids is to provide a beautiful lie for them to live in.
How much longer until the, uh, system reboots? Two minutes, thirty.
Well, make sure you get the fingerprints and the gunpowder residue right.
[chuckles softly] I guess you better hurry.
[Davos] Lei Kung sent me to bring you home.
Who the hell are these people? It's the Hand.
- What? - [alarm blaring] Then we'll kill as many as we can on our way out.
[guard 1] Backup, two-man teams! - [guard 2] Move it! - [alarm continues blaring] - [guard 3] Over here! - [guard 4] Stop! [all grunting] [grunting] - [alarm continues blaring] - Sensei, what's going on? - [Colleen] It's Danny.
- [Darryl] What? Find him! [guard 5] Come on! Come on! Let's go! Move! Okay, we make it to the gate, you summon the Fist, - knock it down.
We're out.
- Right.
We're gonna be seen, though.
I can hold them off for a bit, but we have to go quickly.
[indistinct shouting in the distance] Stealing apples from Master Q'uon was harder.
Ready? - Yeah.
- Let's do it.
[both grunt] - Darryl.
- [Davos] Who's this? - Get outta the way.
This isn't your fight! - [grunts] I don't understand.
- [Davos] The gate! - Move! [Danny groans] [gasps ] - [bones cracking] - [yells] - [grunting] - No, no, no, forget him! Forget him.
- To the gate.
- Darryl.
[grunts] The Fist! You have to use the Fist.
Knock down the gate.
[Darryl groaning] [indistinct shouting in the distance] [groans] - [guard 6] Hold it! - Danny, now! We're out of time.
[grunts] [indistinct shouting continues] [guard 7] Block that area.
[Bakuto] Your anger, your hatred, your confusion it's destroyed your chi.
The Fist won't work.
You cannot access it.
[yells] [men yelling] [all grunting] [groans] [Davos yells] [Davos] This wasn't the plan.
[all grunting] - [Colleen] Eric.
- Colleen.
[grunts] [panting] Please forgive me.
Shit! - [gate buzzes] - [door clatters] [grunting continues] Danny! Hurry up! Danny! Go, go, go, go, go, go! - [guard 8] Close the gate! - [both grunting] - [guard 8] Come on! - [Colleen whimpers] [gate buzzes] [Davos] Come on.
Come on.
[groaning] What? Keep moving! Keep moving.
[alarm blaring] [indistinct shouting] [breathing heavily] - [indistinct chatter] - [people groaning] [grunts] Did he get away? You did your best to stop him.
Just like I asked.
You didn't kill him, did you? No.
Killing Danny is the last thing we want.
[Darryl groans] - Let's get him patched up.
- Come on.
This young man is our future.
Come on.
[groans] [Joy] It's my sad duty to inform you all that Lawrence Wilkins committed suicide last night.
[surprised muttering] This is an emergency, and Rand needs to respond accordingly.
Now, we have been riddled with controversy over the past few weeks.
The Danny situation, the firing of me and my brother and now we have this.
As soon as the news hits the airwaves, our stock, which is already falling, will plummet even further.
Unless you see fit to reinstate the visionaries that led Rand to historic profits.
Right the ship.
Show Wall Street and the world that stability is being restored.
Now, there will be whispers about the why of Wilkins' death, but Rand should quiet those fears with a show of strength.
The Meachums will set things right.
Now the truth is [inhales sharply] you need us.
I move that we reinstate the Meachums and Mr.
[woman 1] I second the motion.
[man 1] All those in favor [all] Aye.
To family.
You did it, Joy.
You really did it.
[chuckles softly] I'm not sure I did anything.
Oh, come on.
You were essential.
You know I've been thinking.
[chuckles] For a long time, I felt your presence.
[stammers] It gave me this sense of comfort.
I thought it was just my imagination, uh, the wishful thinking of of a daughter who missed her dad.
Now I know it was something else.
You were there watching manipulating, conspiring.
No, Joy, it's not like that.
But it is.
And you know it.
You remember the promise you made? No more lies.
Complete honesty.
[inhales sharply] Well, Dad, I need to know did you have Wilkins killed? Joy, I know the promise I made.
And I'm a man of my word.
I did not have Lawrence killed.
[chuckles softly] I'm glad to hear it.
But I'm afraid to say there is someone we are gonna have to destroy.
His name is Bakuto.
[indistinct chatter] [panting] [Danny panting] We have to stop.
They're not following.
We won't be able to get you through the airport like this.
- We need to get you stitched up.
- Airport? We're going home, Danny.
The way to K'un-Lun is open, and you are not there to protect it.
We're going back.
[breathing heavily] Look, I understand, but I can't just leave.
You had no trouble leaving us.
- That's not true.
- One day, you were just gone.
- [groans] - Without a word.
I kept waiting, Danny, thinking you'd be back.
What happened? I'm not sure I can explain.
You owe me an answer.
The people of K'un-Lun need to know why they were abandoned.
And what about the people here? The ones who were just trying to kill you? You have failed, Danny.
Failed in every way.
The Fist won't even ignite now.
Our only chance may be to return and submit to Lei Kung.
And let's hope he can restore you, because if not I don't know what happens.
[groaning] [dramatic music playing]