Marvel's Iron Fist (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

Lead Horse Back to Stable

- Davos? - You did it, Danny.
The trial of Shou-Lao.
You survived.
You're the Iron Fist.
The people need to meet the Immortal Weapon.
I'll be your second.
Standing beside you on the pass.
Protectors of K'un-Lun.
It's not what I thought.
It's not what any of us thought.
But you have a duty now.
And we'll face it together.
There's no sign of whoever was following us.
I think we're clear.
We need to leave this place as quickly as possible and return to K'un-Lun.
Father can re-balance your chi and restore the Fist.
How is Lei Kung? - Is he pissed off? - He's troubled.
He's confused as to why you would abandon your post and leave us unprotected.
And, yeah he's also very pissed.
How did you even find me, Davos? I saw you taken by those men outside that dojo.
- I followed you to the compound.
- No.
I meant here.
New York.
You were right about the Internet.
It's very useful.
I saw some equipment in Bakuto's office.
I think he can track cell phones.
I left mine back at the compound.
Another reason to leave this city as quickly as possible.
We're not going anywhere.
Not yet.
Danny, the path will not remain open forever.
If we miss it, it will be years before we can return.
They killed my parents, Davos! - What? - The Hand.
They poisoned the pilots.
They they crashed my plane.
They're the reason for all of this.
But you wanted to be the Iron Fist, Danny.
I am the Iron Fist.
You knew what your duties would be and you don't get to decide what that means.
- The hell it doesn't.
- You don't belong here! If I'm supposed to be the destroyer of the Hand, then I should be here, destroying them where they are.
You're a warrior, like me.
Trained to be the Iron Fist.
But I'm not the Iron Fist.
I wasn't chosen.
You were.
And you took it and ran.
- I didn't run.
- You were gone, Danny.
There one moment, then nothing.
You failed us.
And for what? For what? What do you have to show for abandoning us? I have the truth about what happened to my parents.
And you want to take them all on? Without the Fist? Please, Davos.
I need your help.
And once we do this, we go back? Once the Hand is done there'll be nothing left for me here.
Now, I need to get this wound taken care of.
I know someone who can help.
Someone I trust.
That woman who helped you escape the compound, who is she? No one important.
Colleen? Where did you go? You know where I went.
I was looking for Danny after you attacked him.
He's hurt.
He could be bleeding out somewhere.
He attacked us.
We had no choice but to defend ourselves.
He's been told lies about the Hand his entire life.
He's been programmed to kill us.
- That's not who he is.
- I wish things could have been different.
I wanted him to overcome his prejudices.
I wanted him to join us.
You wanted me to lie to him.
To spy on him.
He had no one he can trust.
And when he found out that I was deceiving him, that I'd been keeping the truth from him, what did you think was gonna Respect your sensei! Kevin Michener was orphaned during the incident.
Becca Yoo's family kicked her out of the house when she was 15.
They had nowhere to go.
No one to care for them.
This corrupt society was willing to let them rot on the streets.
They were lost, just like you once were.
But you found them.
Trained them.
You brought them into the Hand.
Now Kevin's interning in the mayor's office and Becca's in medical school.
We gave them a purpose.
A family.
I can save Danny, too.
He doesn't understand the good we're doing.
- I can make him see.
- The time for understanding is over.
He sees you as one of us and that is all he will ever see.
The Iron Fist must be controlled.
The Hand needs him.
When you find him, you will tell me where he is.
Do you understand? Hey.
Hey, Danny.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
- Who are you? - Davos.
- He's a friend.
- Are you the healer? I What? We need your help.
Oh, my God.
Come on.
There's something in there.
- Try not to move.
- Okay.
Got it.
- Can you stitch me up? - You're losing too much blood.
- What about healing yourself? - What? Like you did with Colleen, when you burned the poison out? - Just make your hand glow or whatever.
- She knows about the Iron Fist? I, um I can't.
Not right now.
Okay, uh hand.
Hold tightly here.
You might not like this.
- Oh, God.
- What is that? Are you sure about this? I'm sure you're gonna bleed to death if I don't do this.
Shit! Just a few more.
- I'll just do them one at a time, okay? - Oh, it really hurts.
Why don't you do something to take your mind off of it? Like, explain to me where the hell you and Colleen went after I saw you get taken away at the dojo by some mystery man.
And why you just showed up at my door, bleeding, - with a completely different mystery man.
- Davos.
- You mentioned that.
- He's from K'un-Lun.
The monastery? Seriously? Hey, can we go over this a little later, please? Come on! That was two! Mmm.
You seem to be a very gifted healer.
- Thanks.
- It was Bakuto.
The guy who saved us in the dojo.
He's the one who stabbed me.
What about Colleen? Is she okay? She's fine.
Where is she? Hey, uh, Davos.
Can you check the perimeter? In case we're being followed.
Uh, I've I've already checked.
- Just do it again.
- I'm I'm not going to leave you.
It's okay.
We need to make sure we're safe.
The Hand have been here before.
God damn! Colleen is in the Hand? - No way.
Not possible.
- It's true.
She's been a part of them from the beginning.
She helped us to fight Gao.
Bakuto and Gao seem to hate each other.
Maybe Colleen was helping Bakuto get rid of Gao for whatever he's planning.
How do you mean? He's building an army of Hand soldiers here, in New York, Claire.
This doesn't make sense.
Colleen is a teacher.
She helps kids get off the streets.
Yeah, by sending them straight to the Hand.
She was trying to do the same thing to me.
There's got to be more going on here.
You said it was like a cult compound? I mean, maybe she's been brainwashed.
She lied.
She's been lying to me from the beginning.
Everything she said.
- Just just using me! - Danny Danny.
Calm the eff down.
What just happened? You went nuclear.
It's nothing, okay? I'm fine.
- You're wrong about Colleen.
- I'm not.
I'm gonna defeat the Hand, Claire.
Whatever it takes.
It's what the Order of the Crane Mother has trained me for.
And did those monks teach you how to deal with a broken heart? The way you two feel about each other? That's real.
Are we done? I don't think there's any internal bleeding.
But that wound could easily get infected.
You need antibiotics.
- You have any? - No.
Too many aggro would-be crime fighters keep showing up hurt and cleaning out my supplies.
It's clean.
Or cleaner.
A friend of mine left it here.
Is your friend okay? Probably doing better than you are.
Anything else you need? I just need to restore my chi.
Well, you're on your own with that.
Hey, you look like you need a A refill.
No, I was gonna say some sleep.
You were up all night.
After these past few weeks, constantly feeling like I'm drowning, it's like I know what I'm doing again.
I'm back in control.
We're gonna get you free, Dad.
The files you copied off that tablet are exactly what we need to do it.
No, that was just about the drug business.
Oh, no.
There's a lot more to it than that.
This is fraud on a scale that would make the SEC have a heart attack.
See, they've been hiding accounts all over through Rand holdings.
Massive amounts of cash.
And it was just sitting there until a few hours ago.
Oh? What happened? Well, it started moving to a collection of offshore holdings based in South America.
That's Bakuto.
Bakuto, that's what he wants.
He's stealing every cent in Gao's piggy bank.
These are Rand accounts.
- It's our bank.
- This is it.
This is the silver bullet I've been looking for, Joy! - Joy.
- Mmm.
I am so proud of you.
Hey, you.
The Hand has taken away so many years from us.
And we're gonna to make 'em pay for it.
Pay with everything they have.
Hey, how about a juice? Something fresh.
Keep your energy up.
Yeah, um - I could use a stretch.
- Yeah.
Hey, we heard anything from Danny? We, uh, need him here.
His phone is dead.
I am starting to worry about Ward.
Oh, I wouldn't worry about your brother.
He'll come back.
He always does.
Where's Danny? He went up to your roof for his meditations.
He needs to restore his chi so he can summon the Iron Fist for our battle with the Hand.
He told me to watch over you.
Yeah, I bet he did.
Well, as long as you're watching, are you hungry? I ordered pizza.
What passes for food in this world is poison for both the body and soul.
I guess you guys don't order a lot of delivery in K'un-Lun.
- How much has Danny told you of K'un-Lun? - Not much.
Just, uh, that it's a remote monastery up in the Himalayas, full of karate hunks.
Kung fu, not karate.
These books.
Why are you studying Reiki? I'm trying to understand how it is that Danny does what he does.
Healing through chi.
Reiki is thought of as a pseudoscience, but there are stories of it healing tumors and curing disease.
So, maybe it's more real than I thought.
You know, chi is the breath of life.
It's what powers the Iron Fist.
Where does that come from? The Fist? It's a force that lives in the heart of Shou-Lao until a warrior from the monastery can claim it.
What, or, uh, who is Shou-Lao? A dragon.
Dragons aren't real.
Why would you think that? Okay, you mean, like a small thing, like a komodo dragon? Or like Pete's Dragon? I don't I don't know who Pete is.
But think infinite.
So do you have to kill it? Shou-Lao is undying.
Do you have it? The Iron Fist? No.
There's only one.
I trained for it, same as Danny.
But ultimately, Lei Kung and the elder monks decided it was Danny who should enter the cave.
He was the first outsider to be chosen.
Why him? I don't know.
But I think Lei Kung made the wrong choice.
Danny's trying to do good.
Make the world a better place.
No, no, no, no.
This this is not his world.
Well, I think it is.
I think it always has been.
He abandoned K'un-Lun.
The people who took him in.
Cared for him.
I treated him like a brother and he stole the Fist from K'un-Lun.
He stole from us! The Fist was sup I apologize.
I shouldn't have raised my voice.
- What did you do just there? - I centered myself.
Calmed the storm inside me.
- I've seen Danny do that.
- It's how we were trained.
You don't let emotions cloud your actions.
So you just lock it all away.
Pretend your emotions aren't there.
A weapon doesn't know feelings.
You know, Danny should be back by now.
Perhaps his chi is more damaged than we thought.
But Master Lei Kung will be able to fix it once Danny returns to K'un-Lun.
Wait, you think he's going back? I'll make him.
If I have to.
Uh, it's just the pizza.
You know what? I'll be right back.
I should go with you.
Uh You know, it's hard enough being a delivery guy without a warrior monk accidently kicking the crap out of you.
So just wait here.
Already paid for it.
- Danny told you.
- So it's true? You're in the Hand.
I need to talk to him.
I don't know that he wants to talk to you.
- I don't know that I do, either.
- Claire, please.
They killed friends of mine and you knew that.
And that is why I couldn't tell you.
Either of you.
You let me think that I was actually doing something to stop them.
We were.
There are different groups within the Hand, okay? I'm part of one that is trying to help people.
Then did you think about trying a different name for the group? Like the Ear? Or the Arm? I didn't want to hurt you.
You lied, Colleen.
To the both of us.
What did you think was gonna happen? Right.
This was a mistake.
Look, I don't wanna attack you just because my feelings are hurt.
I just spent the last hour defending you to Danny.
I told him that I thought you were a good person, no matter what.
So if I let you in what are you gonna tell him? See anything? Rocks.
Same as yesterday.
Guarding the pass.
You know what the whole rest of your life is gonna be.
- Guarding the pass.
- Guarding K'un-Lun.
Danny? I didn't know where else you would go.
Is Bakuto with you? No.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
Claire stitched me up.
You don't look fine.
She's just running a little low on antibiotics.
You need to go to the hospital, Danny.
That's because your sensei stabbed me.
- He says you attacked him first.
- That's not what happened.
Okay, then what did happen? He's not a good guy, Colleen.
He's building an army in there.
How can you not see that? - He is empowering those kids.
- To do what? To become the kind of people who help make the world a better place.
He's getting them jobs in hospitals and businesses.
He's using them for his own means.
It's the same thing he's doing to you.
Are you gonna believe everything they taught you in K'un-Lun? The world is more complicated than what a bunch of monks think.
- The Hand is evil.
- You're wrong! Why are you even here, Colleen? Because because I care about you.
And the way things are going I wanted to say I tried to make things right between us.
Did Bakuto tell you to say that, too? Just stop.
I'm telling you the truth.
How can I ever trust you again? I am the Iron Fist.
Protector of K'un-Lun.
Sworn enemy of the Hand.
And I am Colleen Wing.
And I took an oath to serve the Hand.
Look, I know you won't believe me but I am sorry for everything.
It's not it's not horrible.
That's your reaction to Joe's? The best slice in New York.
It's it's chewy.
We have to go.
Where? Do you still have the tablet I took to China? Yeah.
I need to get it to my father's old business partner.
He can help us out.
Okay, Danny, think this through.
You can't just keep charging into this.
The Hand wants something from you.
Rushing in blindly could be it.
I only want one thing and that's to see the Hand destroyed.
And then you go back to K'un-Lun? Davos, could you give us a minute? I'll be outside keeping guard.
Danny, I don't like what's happening to you.
Look, I'm fine.
I finally know what my purpose is.
- To destroy - Destroy the Hand.
Yeah, I get it.
But you can do a lot more than destroy, Danny.
Look, I don't know why you left K'un-Lun but whatever it is that you're looking for, you're not going to find it back there.
You had a traumatic experience as a kid.
And I think that all that rage and anger that you've been burying since you were ten years old is still there.
And if you are not careful if you do not figure out a way to deal with it then destroying is going to be all that you are good for.
Thank you, Claire for everything.
Look, I I just need one last thing.
Name it.
Can I borrow your car? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Becca? - Sensei Wing.
- Heard you were working here.
- I know, can you believe it? When you met me, I was pickpocketing on the L Train.
Now I'm going to be a doctor.
- Can we talk somewhere private? - Yeah.
I need antibiotics for a wound that might have gotten infected.
It's not for me.
The infirmary at the compound should be stocked if that's Yeah, I can't really go to the compound.
Not now.
That's why I came to you.
I could get in trouble.
Am I your sensei or not? No, of course.
Whatever you need.
The Hand always comes first.
Mmm It's good to have you back, Danny.
He told me everything.
We were just trying to protect you.
By lying to me? Oh, Joy.
He was just respecting my wishes.
He was trying to keep you safe.
- Well, look what that got us.
- Oh, that was in the past.
Now we're ready to take the fight to the Hand.
As a family.
Hey, who's your friend lurking in the elevator? This is Davos.
- He's from K'un-Lun.
- Oh, does he have the Iron Fist, too? No.
I do not.
But he's as skilled a warrior as I am and he's ready to fight, as well.
Bakuto's compound's a fortress.
He has too many men for us to go in alone.
- We'd be swarmed before we got to him.
- Well, you're not going in.
We're gonna draw him out.
How? I copied the data from the tablet before you left.
Joy's been going through it.
Bakuto has been transferring the money that Gao was hiding in Rand to his own account.
And now that we've been reinstated in the company, I have access to the same accounts Bakuto's been draining.
- And I can close them.
- And when that happens - you think Bakuto will come here? - Well, hell, I would.
You know, they may claim to have loftier ideals, but the Hand are just common criminals with good marketing skills.
You take their money and they'll come running.
You two stake out the compound.
Once we close off the accounts, he'll come out into the open.
That's when you can strike.
Even if we take Bakuto off-guard, and he's away from his soldiers, he's still a skilled fighter.
Yeah, but he'll be no match for the two of K'un-Lun's finest warriors.
Especially when one of them has the Iron Fist.
I just want to make sure we're all on the same page here.
We are talking about having Bakuto arrested, right? No.
No more traps.
No more interrogations.
This has to be done the way it should have been from the start.
You're talking about murder.
We cut off the head and the snake will die.
Did you get it? - It's right here.
- Thank you.
I did my job.
That's how the Hand functions.
Everyone does their job.
Your job was to tell Bakuto if you found Danny.
Brian, Mary.
You guys been keeping up with your training? - You need to come with us.
- Bakuto wants to talk to you.
Tell him to meet me at my dojo.
That's not gonna happen.
Guess we better not keep him waiting.
No one inside you don't know, understood? - You vouch for him? - That's Gary.
He helped us with the Miami thing.
Oh, well let's hope tonight's a little less messy than that.
How long has Singleton known? Well, I had to keep a few cards close to my chest.
No, they're just here as a precaution.
And the other guy? I mean, is it really a good idea for anyone else to know you're alive? Well, if things go well tonight, I don't think my, uh my demise will be an issue much longer.
Is that your plan? Just come back from the dead? If Danny can do it, why can't I? Even if we have to murder people to do it? Whatever it takes, Joy.
Whatever it takes.
So are we ready to turn off the Hand's accounts? Dad, I just got you back.
I mean, if we do this the Hand's not gonna take it lightly.
This could make everything worse.
Hey I've wasted too much time imprisoned by these monsters.
I don't want to lose another day.
- But what you're asking Danny to do - Enough! I thought you were stronger than this, eh? Did I back the right child in this war or not? It's Danny.
He's at the compound.
Come on.
Shut down the accounts.
Atta girl.
Seriously? Where's Bakuto? Are we still in the compound? Is this detention? Huh? Why won't you answer me? Because I've ordered them not to.
And you taught your students how to respect the chain of command.
- Something you seem to have forgotten.
- Bakuto, what the hell is this? You were supposed to tell me when you found Danny.
I blame myself for this.
Bakuto, I believe in the Hand! But I don't know if I believe in you.
Not anymore.
You've let Danny infect you with doubt about our cause.
And there's no cure for that.
What are you gonna do? Bakuto? After all that we've been through, at least we can take some comfort knowing that in your final moments you'll still be giving to the Hand.
What do you mean, "giving to the Hand"? Bakuto! After everything you have taught us how could you betray the Hand? Nothing? You're not gonna give me one of your little sanctimonious speeches about the code, teamwork and all that? What was it you used to say, sensei? A single arrow is easily broken.
Because right now, you look pretty broken to me.
Shit! She broke my damn nose.
Ah! I still don't understand.
I didn't let you drive because it's not my car.
And besides, you don't even have a license.
- Do you have a license? - No, but it's different.
I'm rich.
Well, last time I drove with you, you wrecked Brother Kuo's cart, remember? You wanted to take the unpaved road around the lake because you thought you'd see the girls from the village bathing.
And all we saw was your dad doing his private meditations.
- In the nude.
- Yeah, I know, okay? I remember.
Do you ever think that maybe the Thunderer was wrong? About certain things? Everyone meditates in their own private way.
That's not what I meant.
Sometimes I get these these flashes.
It's like a a fire burning inside of me.
Every time it happens, it it gets harder and harder to control.
Did you ever think that maybe this turmoil you're in is because you questioned Lei Kung's teachings? If you'd just followed the path he laid out for you, none of this would be happening.
Sometimes my anger gets the better of me as well.
Why? I thought the Iron Fist was my birthright.
You wanted to be chosen? It's all I ever wanted.
To be the protector.
To guard the pass.
And you took it from me.
I accepted that.
You were still my brother.
But then you ran, like a thief in the night.
- That's not what happened.
- Then explain it to me.
I want to know why you abandoned us.
Why you abandoned me.
Ever since I got to K'un-Lun ever since the crash, I I've always felt empty.
I thought maybe the the Iron Fist would fix me.
But it didn't.
At first, I thought maybe it was a mistake.
That I wasn't supposed to be the Iron Fist.
I was looking for a sign.
Then I saw this hawk.
And I watched it fly further and further down the mountain, and that's when I knew.
The way to K'un-Lun was open.
I could leave.
I was looking for a sign and instead, it showed me a path.
Maybe it is a sign.
A sign telling you, Danny, that the path is open.
That K'un-Lun needs protection.
It's where you belong.
And look what a mess you've made here.
I've seen this world.
I'm I'm not sure it's worth fighting for.
Come home.
Danny, what is keeping you here? Wait, we have to wait for Bakuto.
Whoa! Hey! Whoa! Colleen, wait! Hey, hey! - I'm not here to hurt you.
- Why not? You're the destroyer of the Hand! I'm the Hand! So light up your damn fist and destroy me! Colleen, please.
It's not what I thought it was.
Look, I know what it's like.
To spend your whole life believing in something and have it pulled away.
But we have to stop fighting.
We have to stop running.
We have to stop destroying everything.