Marvel's Iron Fist (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

Bar the Big Boss

[breathing heavily] Hey.
Hello there.
A little help here? No.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- [grunting] No.
[shudders] - [distorted] I'm so hungry.
- No, no, no.
[shouting] No, no, no, no, no, no, no! [crying] No, no.
[breathing heavily] - First you, then Joy.
- No, not Joy! Not Joy! - [nurse] Everything all right? - Huh? - [breathing heavily] Huh? Huh? Huh? - Your heart rate's high.
[panting] [laughing] I I don't like being strapped down.
- [chuckles] What's your name? - Nurse Hill.
What's your first name? - Stacy.
- Stacy.
That's a nice name.
You you know who I am, how much I'm worth, right? - Of course, Mr.
- Call me Ward.
[chuckles] I will pay you whatever you earn in a year, if you unstrap me and get me out of here.
What kind of nurse would I be? [exhales sharply] I have to get out of here, so that I can - Get more drugs? - No.
I have to get my sister away from my [breathing heavily] my I know this withdrawal feels severe.
Frankly, it's the worst I've seen in a long time.
But as the Bible says - "This too shall pass.
" - Please.
Stacy, get me outta here.
I will pay you whatever you want.
Whatever you want.
[yelling] Get me out! Get me out! [inhales deeply] - Hello, Ward.
- [Ward] What are you doing? Oh, relax.
- [grunting] - I'm here to help.
There you go.
You've been poisoned by Madame Gao's synthetic heroin.
- You know her? Who are you? - My name is Bakuto.
Think of this drug as a shortcut past your withdrawal symptoms.
- Are you with the hospital? - [chuckles] No, no I'm with the Hand.
[groans] Oh, shit.
- Though, I'm no friend of Gao's.
- What do you want? [sighs] I want to be your friend.
I can get help you get out of here.
And most importantly, I can free you from your father.
[chuckles] And how can you do that? I can make sure he never comes back.
From the dead, I mean.
It's a gift that we've given to a very chosen few.
We can see that we made a mistake in giving it to Harold.
You know this, too.
This has a cost, right? We are living in a new age where governments aren't the true controllers of man's destinies.
It's corporations like Rand Enterprises that govern the world.
- So you wanna run Rand like Gao.
- No.
No, not like Gao.
She's all stick and no carrot.
I want you in charge, because Harold has become - Goddamn dangerous.
- He can't be trusted.
Our relationship would be more quid pro quo.
Take this drug I'm giving you now, for instance.
There are countless poor souls that are addicted to Gao's drugs, going through your same withdrawal.
And you're saying you would share this with Rand? All of this and freedom from your father forever.
It sounds good, no? [inhales deeply] Yeah.
I do have an immediate favor to ask of you.
- And that is? - Help me capture the Iron Fist, and you and your sister will be safe.
[theme music playing] Bakuto My sensei wanted to kill me.
Don't believe anything she says, Danny.
She's Hand.
I I was.
I'm not anymore.
What sort of a relationship do you have with her? Davos, relax.
This is Colleen Wing.
You're Davos? From K'un-Lun? You told a member of the Hand about me? He didn't know I was with them.
So you lied to him.
To what? Seduce the Iron Fist to your side? - Or was it to kill him? - [Danny] Hey.
- I would never hurt Danny.
- She helped us escape the compound.
She paid a steep price for it.
Or they faked her defection to get her on the inside with us.
- It's what they do.
- That's not why she's here.
She's running from them.
- She's on our side.
- Fine.
Then she can help us blow up the whole compound with Bakuto and his minions inside.
You can't do that.
Hey, students from my dojo are in there.
They're not bad.
They just They don't know what's really going on.
So those were your students I broke to pieces, who tried to stop us from escaping? Hey, stop! Stop! Stop! - [Colleen breathing heavily] - You see? She's still with them! - This asshole was your best friend? - Look, just calm down! The both of you! - You're behaving like animals.
- I'm the only rational one here.
The Iron Fist destroys the Hand no matter what.
If you can't do it, I will.
I will! - [screams] - Hey! Hey! Hey! - Let her go! - He's ignorant.
Don't let him bait you.
It's all he knows.
All he's ever been taught.
When did you become such a milkmaid, Danny? We're gonna take care of Bakuto, and we're doing it with Colleen.
You know, this place has confused you.
It's no wonder you can't summon the Iron Fist.
You know, last week, if you would have told me that I'd be here, working with my daughter, I wouldn't have believed it.
[Joy scoffs] Reunion would be a hell of a lot better if we weren't taking down drug dealers.
Oh, well, we take our blessings where we can find 'em.
You used to say that to me when I'd sit with you during your chemo treatments.
[scoffs] Yeah, I remember.
[sighs] Yeah, you'd sit and talk to me about school and your latest drama with your friends, and Oh, you sang that one song over and over.
- [chuckles] "Crazy in Love"? - Yeah.
Hey I know it wasn't easy being there by my side during those treatments.
I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
I mean, those moments - I felt like I had you all to myself.
- [chuckles softly] Well, it meant a lot.
Well, here we are with a second chance.
[chuckles] Promise me when this is all over, we can make up for lost time.
- Mmm-hmm.
- You, me, Danny, Ward.
- Like a Like a family vacation.
- Yeah.
[chuckles] Hey, I've always wanted to go to Australia.
- Deal.
[chuckles] - [Singleton] You've got a visitor.
Told you no one but Danny was allowed up here.
Hey! [chuckles] - Oh.
- [Ward sighs] - Ward.
What are you doing here? - I came to have a word with Joy.
Where have you been? I mean, Dad said you were getting help.
Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better.
[inhales deeply] Um I need to talk with Joy alone.
Well, anything you have to say to Joy, you can say to me.
Hey, it's okay.
Just give us a sec.
[Joy] So how are you? Give the hospital a call.
Find out how he's been released.
[Ward] Yeah, much better.
I was hoping we could head out and catch up.
Uh, yeah, definitely.
But right now we're in the middle of something big.
- What? - Well, I'm I'm helping Dad free us from the Hand.
Oh, Jesus.
- What? - He's using you, Joy.
He's not using me.
I came up with the plan.
- He needs me.
Ward, he needs us.
- You need to get away from him right now.
You've no idea what you're up against here.
No, I know exactly what I'm up against.
I've laid out everything the Hand's doing.
I'm not talking about them.
I'm talking about Dad.
- He needs us.
- No.
He's always been a bastard to me.
Ever since he came back from the dead, it's like a It's like a piece of his soul got left in the grave.
He will use you, hurt you, and throw you aside without a second thought.
- You're not making any sense.
- [stammers] I understand.
I Let's just go so we can talk, okay? - Where are we - What's the problem, Ward? No problem.
I just wanna spend some quality time with Joy.
The hospital that you sent me to recommended that I make amends to her.
- Part of the whole NA business.
- That's funny.
Singleton called the hospital, said no doctor signed off on your release.
Trust me.
I'm on the road to wellness.
Joy is part of it.
[sighs] Joy, let's go.
I haven't had a dad for 13 years, Ward, and by some miracle, he's he's here.
I want us to stay here with him, okay? - Do you understand? - God damn it! - You need to get away from Harold.
- Hey, now, son Don't "now, son" me.
- You see how off he is, right? - You're the one that seems off.
That's because whoever this is, isn't He isn't our dad, okay? This this thing crawling around in our dad's skin, he is violent, dangerous He's killed two men, that I know of.
I have no doubt that he killed Wilkins.
- Have you seen Kyle around lately? - Who's Kyle? It pains me to say this, Joy.
It's clear that Ward still needs help.
Doesn't matter.
Let's just go.
- Let's just go now.
- Kevin.
- [Ward grunts] - [Joy screams] [both grunting] Dad, stop this! [grunting] Get back! Get back! Do it! [panting] Ward.
Why couldn't you have just come with me? Why does everything have to be so [yells] goddamn hard? - Let her go.
- Oh, you've lost it, son.
I don't care what you think.
Joy's coming with me.
I'll come with you.
I'll come with you.
- Just put the gun away.
- I will put the gun away when we are on the elevator and away from here.
Deal? Deal.
It's fine.
Don't worry about it.
It's fine.
I can stop this.
- No, don't.
- Shut up, both of you! Push the button.
[breathing heavily] [Ward] No, no, no, no, no.
I told you, not until I got Joy out of here.
What the hell's going on? Who are these guys? Looks like I interrupted a lovely family moment.
Your backstabbing brother has turned us over to the Hand.
I promise you this is for the best.
Harold is a monster.
No, you're the monster.
All of you.
You goddamn idiot.
You're screwing everything up.
[grunts] [groaning] You need to take control of your passions, Ward.
You'll never be a great leader until you do.
[men groaning] [sighs] I'm sorry about that, but no one pulls weapons on me.
All of you, please, to the couch.
Take a seat and calm down.
Ward would you please stop the transfer of my money? Let Joy and I leave, please.
None of this was part of the deal.
Do it.
[sighs] Did you really think taking my money would work? - Oh, what's this deal? - [Joy gasps] [scoffs] Hmm.
You must really be quite the bitter pill, Harold, because your son is giving me access to Rand in exchange for killing you.
That, and helping me capture Danny Rand.
[Ward] Done.
- Can Joy and I leave now? - No.
Come, sit over here.
You weren't really gonna have Dad killed, right? [Bakuto scoffs] You poor people are such a mess.
I know a good family therapist that could help, should any of you survive the night.
Wait, what? [grunts] - Hey! Hey! Hey! - [Joy gasping] [breath trembling] I'm gonna come back for you, Bakuto.
And I'm gonna show you no mercy.
You're not coming back.
Once we remove your head from your body, there will be no returning - You're not killing my father! - [man] Hey, lady! Hey! Hey.
You're testing the limits of my patience.
Stay still, Joy.
Don't move.
Everything'll be okay.
Don't do this in front of Joy.
I will get you anything you want.
Name it.
- Your phone.
- What? Your phone.
- Why? - Well, obviously, I'd like to make a call.
[chuckles softly] [Colleen inhales sharply] You were very brave out there.
I was very stupid out there.
Everything Bakuto said to me was a lie.
And I believed him.
That's because he is a piece of garbage, and you're human.
[sighs] The longer I spend in New York, the more I realize the duality in life.
[sighs] My grandmother always said that that was the truest sign of wisdom.
I didn't get it then, but now [breathes deeply] I'm gonna put you in a hotel.
You're not safe here.
- You've been through enough as it is.
- No, I'm not hiding.
I want Bakuto dead, too.
[Davos] We're losing focus.
- [Danny sighs] - [cell phone ringing] [Bakuto] Hello, Danny.
Bakuto? I'm sorry it's come to this, but you've left me with few options.
Bakuto, you can't.
You should take this as a compliment.
It shows how much you mean to me.
[gasps] - No! - [gasps] - You're gonna be okay.
- [groaning] - [softly] No.
- [Joy groaning] [Bakuto] I need you to know how serious I am.
It's a clean in and out.
Get her to the hospital within 30 minutes or so, and she'll be okay.
But if you're not here within half an hour - you'll lose another family.
- Okay.
I'm coming.
- You're not going.
- Of course I'm going.
- The Iron Fist does not surrender.
- Look, I'm not gonna let them die.
- Who cares about them? - [Danny breathing heavily] Wait for Bakuto to leave the building, then we take him down.
I'm not losing my family to the Hand again.
- Danny.
- I'm the Iron Fist.
You don't tell me what to do.
[door opens and closes] - [Ward] I'm gonna get you through this.
- [groans] Here.
Compress these on both sides of the wound.
[Joy groans] - And this should help with the pain.
- [sighs] Let me get her to a hospital.
Danny said he's coming.
He will.
I don't know.
Two minutes to go.
Maybe Danny's figured, with all of you out of the way, he'll be in charge of Rand.
- That's not who he is.
[inhales deeply] - Shh! Relax.
Danny always knew the right thing to do.
Unlike you and me.
All the questionable shit we've done in the name of Rand Hey, hey, hey.
That's not true, Joy.
This is all very touching, but time is up.
This blade has cut down kings, emperors, lords and tyrants.
If you would have told me I might use it on a businessman? Well, I wouldn't wanna desecrate the integrity of your blade.
[Joy gasps] You're not gonna want to move, Harold.
I don't wanna have to swing twice.
Any last words? Yeah.
Ward I invested my life into you, to raise you to be a great man.
You've been the biggest disappointment of my life.
Joy, I apologize for choosing Ward over you.
It was a mistake.
Never trust him again.
[softly] Joy.
I love you.
[crying] Dad! [smacks lips] I'm ready.
[sobbing] Stop, please.
- [inhales sharply] - [Danny] Stop! Oh, cutting it close there.
Cover him.
[Ward sighs] - Let him go.
- [Harold grunts] - [groaning] - Oh, my little girl.
Hey, it's okay, Joy.
[Harold murmuring] It's okay.
It's okay.
- It's okay.
Don't move.
- [Joy whimpers] - Danny - Hey.
- You came for us.
[crying] - She needs a doctor.
Once we leave, then she'll get medical attention.
- [Joy whimpering] - Then let's go.
I'm sorry, but we have to do this.
You don't need those.
I've surrendered of my own free will.
Oh, it's just a precaution.
Even without the Iron Fist, you are a formidable opponent.
Unfortunately, Ward, I won't be able to live up to my part of the deal.
[handcuffs click] On the bright side, now you know how to get rid of your father for good.
You set this up? - I'm sorry, Danny.
- [Bakuto] Time to go.
- Don't let them take him.
- [Harold] Hey.
[shushing] [Joy] We can't let them take him.
Danny's making a noble sacrifice for us.
- No.
It's not okay.
- Shh.
- Hey, hey.
- Danny! Shut up! Oh, I'm sorry for the outburst.
You carry on.
Once they leave the building, I'll get you to the hospital.
Hey, it's okay.
Hey, get your ass over here and help us.
[Bakuto] Those people upstairs are pit of vipers.
You should thank me for getting you away from them.
What use do you have for the Iron Fist? [chuckles softly] You know, when I was a child, my mother told me the story of the Sack Man, a sort of bogeyman who shows up at disobedient children's homes and steals them away in his sack to sell them.
It's nonsense, really, but it kept us in line.
Nobody wanted to be captured by him.
[scoffs] So what? You want your own personal Sack Man? [scoffs] Oh, not just mine.
There's someone in our organization who's very anxious to work with you.
- We're going to change the world.
- [Danny scoffs] Well, the promises I've made you are still in place.
I'll help you realign your chi so you can access the Iron Fist again.
I'll help you become what you were meant to be.
I don't even know what I'm meant be.
How are you gonna help? [Bakuto chuckles] [elevator bell dings] [grunts] [screams] - [breathing heavily] - [chuckles] [grunting] [all grunting] I kind of got this feeling you're not allowed to kill me.
That doesn't mean I won't do what it takes to subdue you.
[both grunting] We have some of the best doctors in the world.
You'd be amazed at what they can stitch back together.
[grunting] - [bone snaps] - [screams] [both grunting] [screams] [screaming] [both grunting] [all grunting] [struggling] [screaming] [breathing heavily] [grunts] [panting] [Bakuto] Colleen, do you really think you're worthy to challenge me? These two are warriors.
You are nothing but a betrayer.
You have no honor.
I should have recognized you were too weak to be Hand.
Deep in your soul, you know that you are nothing more than a teacher of children at a dojo that I gave you.
He's trying to draw you out.
I know.
But he's mine.
[thunder rumbling] [Colleen panting] [both grunting] [both straining] [grunts] Whoa! [thunder rumbling] You've learned well.
But you're only as strong as your weapon.
[both grunting] What matters is how you use your weapon.
[grunting] He's her sensei.
This is her fight.
[Bakuto grunting] - [Bakuto groaning] - [grunts] [Colleen breathing heavily] Colleen [groaning] - [screams] - [groans] [breathing heavily] You were right, Bakuto.
I never was cut out to be Hand.
Kill him.
If we kill him we're no better than them.
- So what? [stutters] We call the police? - [sighs] We have enough on him.
He'll be the first leader of the Hand to ever get arrested.
- Danny, we do what we came to do.
- Is this really who you want to be? Hmm? A living weapon? An assassin for K'un-Lun? Is that what your father had in mind for you when he was raising you to be Danny Rand? If you kill me, then all you'll ever be is K'un-Lun's Iron Fist in a long line of living weapons whose only purpose is to be used by others.
[in Mandarin] We stay the course.
[grunts] - [Davos grunts] - [Danny and Colleen gasp] [groaning] [thunder rumbling] - [yells] You out of your mind? - You're the Iron Fist.
Your duty is to kill the Hand not put them in cages.
The rules are different here.
There are consequences.
- You can't just go around killing people.
- That's not why you didn't do it.
You couldn't because you haven't got it in you, Danny.
You're not a warrior.
- You are a failure.
- It's not that simple! You of all people don't get a say in this! Don't talk to her like that.
K'un-Lun would have been better off if Chodak and Tashi had never found you.
- [screams] - [both grunting] [screams] You'd choose this putrid hellhole over the people who raised you? Get up! [breathing heavily] This has nothing to do with K'un-Lun.
This is because I left you.
[both grunting] [panting] [both grunting] [Davos groaning] Yield.
[both grunting] I kicked your ass back in K'un-Lun and I kicked your ass here! - [Davos grunts] - Yield! Danny! [breathing heavily] I hurt you.
I get it.
It was selfish and wrong of me to leave without telling you.
But coming here has taught me that the Iron Fist isn't just for K'un-Lun.
Others before me may have felt it was their destiny but I am Danny Rand.
And I'm the Iron Fist.
[grunts] [breathing heavily] [softly] I'm sorry.
I wish you could understand.
I never will.
All I know, the way to K'un-Lun is open and there's no one guarding the pass.
There will be consequences for this, brother.
[spits] You okay? I'll work through it.
Holy shit.
[Danny] You sure he was dead? He was stabbed in the heart.
There's no way he's alive! - But how could he - His men must have taken him.
They wouldn't want anyone getting the body of a Hand leader.
Harold came back from the dead [breathing heavily] We should go.
[breathing heavily] [indistinct chatter on PA] - [Ward] We need help here! - [nurse] What's the injury? She's been shot.
Please, she's my sister.
[nurse] Sign in at the desk.
You'll be notified when she's in stable condition.
[man] Clear the floor, please.
[man speaking indistinctly on PA] I got this.
[man speaking indistinctly on PA] [indistinct chatter] [coughing] I forgot how disgusting people are.
[sighs] - [Harold sniffles] - [man continues coughing] What you did back there bringing Bakuto to my home, siding against me I couldn't help but think of my relationship with my father.
You know, there came a time when I had to topple the king.
Took a lot of balls to try and kill me again.
And, uh now you know my weakness.
- It was a mistake.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
No, it was It was a mistake to think that anything could get in the way of the three of us taking back control of Rand.
The three of us? - What about Danny? - Oh, he's served his purpose.
Whether he kills Bakuto or Bakuto kills him.
- [cell phone vibrating] - [man continues coughing] [grunts softly] [Danny] Harold, it's Danny.
[Harold] Hey, I'm relieved to hear your voice.
- What happened with Bakuto? - [sighs] We've taken care of him.
- Oh, so you cut off the head of the snake? - Yeah.
And Joy? How is she? Well, she's going into surgery.
She'll be fine.
All thanks to you.
What hospital are you at? I'll come over.
No, no need.
Ward and I are here.
You should get some rest.
You've earned it.
Where will you be? I'll be at the Chikara Dojo.
For the time being, anyway.
Hey, there is no way I can repay you, Danny.
You know, you freed me from the Hand.
I can return to my life.
With my children.
All thanks to you.
- You're like family to me.
- Okay.
Talk later.
[man coughing] [coughs loudly mockingly] [sighs] When Bakuto put the cuffs on me, I I had no idea if the Fist was gonna work or not.
- Does this mean you're better? - [scoffs] Let's not go overboard.
Guess it just means I don't want to be someone's Sack Man.
- What? - Never mind.
[sighs] That whole thing with Davos was - Ugly.
- Yeah.
I really screwed things up with him.
I don't want the same thing to happen with you.
[sighs] When my parents died, I I always felt this need to find a family.
At first, I I thought it could be in K'un-Lun.
And then, I thought it could be with the Meachums, but But what I found in you is It's new.
It's different.
I feel the same.
[chuckles softly] Come on.
[music playing indistinctly] [sighs] [groans] [upbeat music playing loudly] - [music stops] - [cell phone chimes] What's wrong? - [cell phone chimes] - How does Ward even know where you are? [cell phone chimes] - No.
- What is he talking about? [men speaking indistinctly] Looks like Gao's men.
Or Bakuto's.
[panting] [footsteps approaching] [all grunting] Danny! What are they doing here? - Danny Rand! On the ground! - [both grunt] Let's go! [grunting] [both panting] [dramatic music playing]