Mask Girl (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Kim Mo-mi

[wind howling]
[subdued music playing]
[exhales deeply]
[music fades out]
[theme tune playing]
[somber minimalist music playing]
[woman] Next person, come in.
Open your mouth.
Next person. Come in.
Open your mouth.
Tilt your head up.
Lift your tongue.
Turn around, spread your legs,
and bend down.
Bend down.
[gate shuts, locks]
Mm-hm. She won't make it
through the night.
[door shuts, locks]
[door locks]
[cellmate] Whoa!
Jesus fucking Christ.
You were on TV, weren't you?
You're Mask Girl!
You look way better in person.
I swear the plastic surgery
isn't super noticeable.
Everyone said you were
a plastic surgery addict,
but you don't look it at all.
And so, how much did it cost?
Thirty million won.
Thirty million?!
It cost her 30 million won!
[women chatting excitedly]
[cellmate] Eyes and nose are a given.
Did you get your jaw contoured?
Wow. Anywhere else?
Did you get a boob job too?
[Mo-mi] These are just
my original breasts.
Except for her boobs,
she got everything done!
[women chatting]
- [cellmate laughs]
- [woman] Except for her boobs.
- [women chatting, laughing]
- [woman 1] Honestly, though.
I wanna try plastic surgery
to see if I can become prettier.
[woman 2] She had work done?
Wow! Looks so natural. Hmm.
[Mo-mi] You should get a neck lift
for your sagging skin, old-timer.
And if you get your under-eye fat removed,
you'll look much younger.
[women oohing, chuckling]
A minor nose job
might also be useful, I think.
[gasps] You're basically saying
get a new face.
[women laughing]
What a true professional! If you know
a doctor that does a good job, hook me up.
So when I get out,
I can get everything done.
Get everything done and what?
Milk another man dry?
You're trying to
sink your teeth into a rich man's neck
and live the easy life, right?
- [woman 3] You bitches are a shitshow.
- [woman 4] You're all insane.
- [woman 5] Think I wanna get a nose job.
- [blowing loudly]
[woman 6] Oh my. It's cold.
Let's go. C'mon.
[woman 7] Let's go, c'mon.
[woman 8] Move!
[cellmate] Girl, don't stare, don't stare.
Who the hell is that woman?
[cellmate sighs] That's An Eun-suk.
"An Eun-suk"?
[cellmate] That woman's the queen here.
She even has authority over the warden.
She's connected to politicians,
conglomerate owners, you name it.
You may get released and land a top
position if you manage to win her favor.
- That much, huh?
- Yeah. Look away. Don't be stupid. [tuts]
She gets skincare here
whenever she feels like it
and even calls in shamans to do rituals.
Oof, it's cold.
And how did that woman end up here anyway?
[cellmate sighs]
For aiding and abetting murder.
She hired someone to chop up
her husband and his mistress into pieces.
Isn't it insane? [laughs]
Oh right. You did it too.
Hey, Eun-suk is calling you.
[footsteps rapidly retreating]
Have your legs
been injured?
You dragged your feet.
So you're Mask Girl, correct?
You look way too similar.
You look way too similar
to the bitch who seduced my husband, so
stay the hell out of my sight
if you understand what I mean.
Or else I'll kill you myself.
[whimpers softly]
Why isn't she feeding her?
She's in here for adultery.
Eun-suk made a rule that adulteresses
must starve for three days.
- [cellmate] Hey. What are you doing?
- She must be hungry.
[cellmate] You're putting
yourself in danger.
It's okay.
[adulteress chuckles]
[cellmate through teeth] It's not okay!
Enjoy your lunch.
[washing machine whirring]
[whirring slows down]
[thug 1] My face is like an apple ♪
[thug 2] So shiny and so pretty ♪
Got my eyes done, got my nose done ♪
Got my entire face done! ♪
[thug 2] Fuckin
What are you looking at?
[thug 1] Hey.
Hey, you!
[chuckling] Oh, this this fucking bitch.
Do you want me to put you in the washer
and clean you too?
[thugs laughing]
[thug 1] Don't act out,
and mind your own business
if you don't wanna die.
[somber tone playing]
Want me to make your face
all crooked again? Huh?
[Mo-mi inhales, exhales deeply]
What's wrong?
What ya staring at?
An ugly woman.
- Fucking bitch.
- [Mo-mi grunts]
- [thug 2] Hey, hey, hey!
- [thug 3] Hey!
- [thug 1] Do something!
- [thug 3] Let go, bitch! Stop!
[thug 1] Let go! Let go!
- [thug 2] Hey!
- [thug 1] Let go of me!
- [thug 3] She's crazy!
- [thug 2] Fuck!
[dramatic music playing]
- [thug 1] Shit!
- [thug 3] Tramp!
- [thug 2] Hey!
- [thug 1 screaming]
- [thug 2] Let go!
- [thug 3] Hey!
[thug 1 groaning] Let go!
Get off of me! Let go! Let go!
[thug 2] Stop!
- [groans]
- [music stops]
[door shuts, locks]
- Why am I the only one being locked up?
- Because you hit her first.
- They picked a fight with me first.
- [scoffs]
you can't mess with Eun-suk's gang.
[door locking]
[guard] Number 1047.
Your punishment is over.
[door locks]
[Mo-mi sighs]
[cellmate sighs]
Mask Girl.
I told you you were putting yourself
in danger. Don't stir shit.
The best thing to do in this hellhole
is stay quiet as a mouse,
then get parole for good behavior
and get out while you're young.
A nail that sticks out
is bound to get hammered in.
Anyway [yawns]
[dramatic music playing]
- [Mo-mi grunts]
- [thug 1 groans]
[thug 2] Leave her alone, you crazy slut!
[thug 3] Stop it, you bitch!
Are you crazy?
- [thug 1] Grab her! Grab her!
- [thug 3] You bitch!
Crazy bitch, stop it!
Leave her the fuck alone!
Stop it, bitch!
[whistle tooting]
[thug 2] I'm gonna kill you,
you fuckin' slut!
[women shouting]
[guard] Number 1047,
you are sentenced to 15 days in solitary.
[thug 1] Get me help!
[thugs shouting, screaming]
[thug 2] Leave her alone!
[music stops]
[muted electronic music playing]
[music becomes dramatic]
[thug 2] Bitch! Leave her alone!
You fucker! Guys, come help us!
[thug 1] Help me! Please help Help me!
[thug 2] Pull her hair! Somebody stop her!
- [thug 1] Help me!
- [thug 2] Get off of her! You're crazy!
[music stops]
[woman] I'm so exhausted.
All thanks to that Mo-mi Kim.
[relaxation music playing]
[Eun-suk] Can't you have her
locked up in solitary confinement forever?
[woman] We already locked her up
far longer than what the rules stipulate.
They're going to run an inspection soon.
I hope things don't get too wild.
If the inspector catches wind of this,
you could also get roped into it.
Well, anyway,
isn't my face too wrinkly now? Mmm?
Let me have a look.
Oh, you're right.
You do need a couple filler injections.
One shot and your skin
will be smooth like that.
I can hook you up.
[woman] That'd be perfect. Thanks!
[guard] Number 1047,
your punishment is over.
- [thug 1] I'm full.
- [thug 2] Me too. I ate too much.
That's exactly what I'm saying.
I need to go on a diet,
I'm really struggling.
- [thug 3] Are you serious?
- [thug 1] Bullshit. You look fantastic.
Fuck. That psycho bitch is here again.
- [thug 2] Why is that bitch already out?
- [thug 3] Yeah, why? Shit.
- [thug 1] Hmm.
- [thug 3] Where are you going? Hey!
Damn it.
[dramatic music playing]
[thug 1 whimpering]
[thug 1] Hey! What are you doing?
[thug 2] Oh my God! [crying out, wailing]
I can't run any faster!
- Oh! I'm sorry!
- Help me. Help me! Help me!
Okay, okay. W Wait a second.
I'm sorry, don't hit me!
Please don't hit me. I'm sorry.
- [Eun-suk] Stop it!
- [music stops]
How about we leave each other alone.
Truce, no fighting.
[thug 1] Say it's okay! [panting] Yes?
[Mo-mi sighs]
- [thug 2] Oh my God!
- [thug 3] Let me help you! Are you okay?
[thug 1] Fine. Shit.
[thug 2] Did she hurt you?
Bitch is crazier than I thought.
[poignant music playing]
[guard] Notifying all inmates.
A meeting between the inmates
and the new warden
will be held at the auditorium.
All inmates, please come
to the auditorium.
Face left.
Move forward.
[warden] I don't care
about the crimes you have committed.
It's simple.
In front of God, we are all sinners.
My first duty is to help you
in sincerely repenting
and beginning a new life.
That's what I really want for you.
My dear ladies,
free yourself from your mind's prison
and look for salvation.
Then, this place
will feel like heaven.
Do you understand?
From now on,
we don't answer with a "yes, ma'am."
We always say, um,
"I love you," you got it?
[inmates murmuring]
Repeat after me.
I love you! [chuckles]
[all] I love you.
Very good. Louder!
[all] I love you.
Very nice. Once more!
- [all] I love you.
- Very good.
Look at the person next to you.
Look them in the eyes and tell them.
What do you say?
She's acting like a cult leader,
not a prison warden, don't you think?
- Shout it together! Everyone!
- What is she doing?
I love you! Everyone!
I love you.
[inmate] I love you.
- She's new. Just came in today.
- Ah, so, uh, you came in today?
Number 2058. You're so young.
Uh, how did you end up here?
I severed the dick of an asshole.
[gasps softly] Ah
Do you know
that a person's body was created by God?
And therefore, we should definitely not
intentionally destroy such creations.
Can I go?
I love you.
[new inmate sighs]
- [guard] She's Mask Girl.
- Oh, Mask Girl, huh?
I heard a lot about you.
That you had been showing exemplary
conduct in the penitentiary. [chuckles]
To me, you know,
it doesn't matter what you did
when you were outside of those walls.
In my prison, everyone is treated equally.
Here, we are all God's children.
You know that, right?
Very good. I love you.
[warden chuckles]
I heard zen chai is your favorite,
so I made one.
[Eun-suk] Oh my goodness. You're the best.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome. [chuckles]
I heard a lot about you
from the previous warden.
So you'll take care of me?
Oh no. Take good care of me.
[warden chuckles]
[Eun-suk] Cheers. [chuckles]
[sighing] Gosh.
The cherry blossoms are so pretty.
Excuse me.
Are you really Mask Girl?
Yeah. That's her.
Oh shit, that's fuckin' sick, man.
I never thought I'd meet Mask Girl here.
You know what?
You've always been my hero.
All of my friends
super look up to you, you know?
Look up to her?
All those scumbags
you chopped up into pieces.
I chickened out
and only cut a guy's dick off.
Wow, fuck.
I'm gonna fuckin' brag when I get out.
[grunts excitedly]
That girl from earlier,
doesn't she seem a little cuckoo?
[sighs] These days, I feel like there are
more and more kids who are just nuts.
[door knocks]
- Number 1047, you've got a letter.
- A letter?
Isn't this the first letter you got
since you got here? Who's it from?
[guard] It says "MG Love" on the envelope.
[cellmate] "MG Love"? Wow.
So it's not a legend. You really do
have fans outside, don't you?
[cellmate] So many years passed and
there's still someone thinking about you?
My God! [laughs]
What is that?
That's not a letter.
It looks like some kinda news article.
[ominous music playing]
[cellmate] "Is violence genetic"? What?
[cellmate] Hey, what is this?
"It's your turn to feel what it feels like
when your kid is broken, bitch"?
Huh, who the hell
sent something like this?
[cellmate] You're reading
that article again?
What does it change
if you keep looking at it?
It only torments you.
[sighs] Anyway.
How come you never mentioned
you had a kid all this time? I'm hurt.
But how the hell
could they say that about a child?
It isn't her fault.
I can't believe it. God. Ugh.
[Cellie] Yeah?
I need to get out.
[Cellie] What?!
You shittin' me?
Oh my goodness, you mean it!
[grunts] Do what you want!
Do you think getting out of here
is something you can just
do when you feel like it?
I didn't hear a thing.
Not a word!
[tense music fading in]
Are you working on all of these at once?
It's easier for me to work that way.
This really slows you down, though.
Do one at a time.
Pick up your speed!
2:14 P.M.
2:50 P.M.
[music intensifies]
What is it?
I have to use the restroom.
Go ahead. Be quick.
- Where are you going?
- I'm going to the restroom.
You may pass.
Go on.
[woman] What you're planting
right now are strawberries.
Because strawberries prefer cool climates,
they do well in the winter.
But in the central region of Korea,
if you don't cover them up well,
their leaves or flowers in full bloom
could be damaged by frost.
Yes. Uh, red lettuce there.
Green lettuce here.
- Ouch! Oh, something stung me!
- What's going on?
A bug. It's a bug, a bug!
Ah, gosh, where'd it go?
Goddammit! Ow! It's there
It's there, uh!
Uh We're running a bit low
on seedlings here.
They're in storage. Go bring some.
[woman] It's not here. It's gone.
Where did it sting you?
- Is it gone? Oh, it hurt a lot. [sighs]
- [woman] Are you okay?
Ah, thought I would die.
[dramatic music playing]
[music abates]
[music intensifies]
[music abates]
[music intensifies]
[siren sounding]
[guard] Hey, stop! Get down right now!
- Get down!
- [whistle tooting]
[guard] Get down! Get down right now!
[siren continues]
I don't
I was so good to them, no?
How could someone
try to break out of our prison?
It doesn't make sense at all.
What the hell did you do
in the control center?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
[warden sighs]
Lock Mask Girl up.
In solitary. For at least a month.
[guard] Um, the maximum duration
for solitary is two weeks.
Ah, true!
- Right, two weeks, two weeks. Two weeks!
- [guard grunts, groans]
Make up reasons to hold her
for as long as I say.
How about "causing a disturbance"
or "threatening officers"?
Are these sufficient reasons?
Do I
need to explain everything?
- No, ma'am. I apologize, ma'am.
- [warden sighs]
Get out.
Get out!
[footsteps approaching]
[door knocks]
[guard] Number 1047.
[Mo-mi groans]
[hatch locks]
[hatch opens]
What is this?
[guard] It's the Holy Bible, obviously.
Why did you give me this?
According to the warden, you did what you
did 'cause you were tempted by the devil.
[hatch locks]
[Mo-mi scoffs]
[footsteps retreating]
[suspenseful music playing]
[music ends]
- You're dismissed.
- [guard] Ma'am.
I think you should see
prisoner number 1047
in solitary confinement.
Who's that?
Um, Mask Girl.
What about her?
Did she cause trouble again?
No. But, uh
How long has she been in solitary again?
- A little over a month.
- One month?
- It's already been that long?
- Yep.
She's here.
[warden clears her throat]
[poignant music playing]
[softly] What is she doing?
She's praying.
She does that all day.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our tres
[Cellie gasps] Oh my goodness!
Are you okay?
Your lips have split, sweetheart.
Oh, those fuckin' assholes!
I mean, how could they
lock you up in solitary for over a month?
Isn't this illegal?
Should I just report them?
[Mo-mi inhales deeply]
It's okay, my friend.
It was a meaningful time for me.
You seem kinda different.
Do I?
Uh Well, um, I
It's because I became a child of the Lord.
What? What are you talking about?
When I was in there,
the Lord spoke to me directly.
that he will save me.
All of my life,
I always believed
I'd never be saved no matter what.
But the Lord appeared to me,
despite my wrongdoings
and all the sins I've committed.
After I began walking with the Lord
changed drastically for me.
[music fades out]
[new inmate] Dude
You're pretending to believe
in Jesus, right?
To get on the good side of the warden?
Are you plotting
something again, by any chance?
Come on! If you are, take me with you.
[guard] Recreation time is over.
All inmates, please move quickly
to your respective cellblock.
I repeat
But honestly,
I don't believe it either.
- Are you for real?
- [woman sobbing]
- What's wrong with her?
- It's her daughter.
She needs a kidney transplant,
but she can't give her kidney to her.
- [sobbing continues]
- [Cellie sighs]
[Cellie] I didn't think
she had a single tear in her.
But then again,
a child means everything to every parent.
[footsteps approaching]
[Mo-mi] Hey.
Get out of here.
Get lost, or I swear to God
I'll strangle you.
What's your daughter's blood type?
If it's possible,
I would like to give
one of my kidneys to your daughter.
Tell me what her blood type is.
Great. My blood type is AB too.
[Eun-suk breathes shakily]
Is that true?
[Eun-suk whimpering]
[poignant music playing]
- [Eun-suk] Mo-mi!
- [footsteps approaching]
[Eun-suk laughing]
The third round of results is available.
We just received them.
You can give your kidney to my daughter!
- I really can?
- Yes!
It's a total miracle.
Thank you so much.
How can I ever repay you?
There's no need.
I'm so glad it all worked out.
Thank you! [sobbing] Thank you. So much.
[guard] Today, we'll be having a special
character development training session
with volunteers from outside.
All day long, they will be giving you
their undivided attention
and also have Bible study with you. If you
have any questions, feel free to ask.
Also, be sure to let out
all that's in your heart.
I committed a lot of crimes
and sins in my life.
You know, I was never, like, happy,
not even for a day.
But, for the past few weeks or so,
I've begun to, uh,
to really find peace in my heart.
I've asked for
forgiveness from the Lord, you see.
[woman 1] That's right.
And no matter what your sin is,
if you ask for it, you will be forgiven.
And God will save your soul.
I know you will also be absolved,
sister Mo-mi.
I'll pray for you.
It was nice meeting you.
[Mo-mi] Yes. Thank you.
[woman 2] We meet again.
It's me.
Oh-nam Ju's mom.
- [unsettling music playing]
- [Mo-mi gasps]
You got
my letter, right?
- [Mo-mi breathes shakily]
- [Kyung-ja] You didn't reply.
I was so sad.
I guess you weren't even curious
how I lived all this time.
[music intensifies]
[music abates]
[Kyung-ja] I was basically
born again that day.
Father God
had given me another life to live!
So I could punish that devil of a bitch.
[music intensifies]
The police are investigating
a dismembered body
that was found in a compact vehicle
discovered at the bottom of the reservoir.
A local resident
discovered the compact vehicle
that had sunken into a reservoir
in Cheolhyeon-gun yesterday,
around 4 p.m.,
and reported it to the police.
The police are attempting
to identify the body
and track down the owner
of the discovered vehicle.
[music abates]
[music intensifies]
[Kyung-ja] In order to find that bitch
away from the police's prying eyes,
I also had to change my face.
Just as she did.
[music fades out]
Wow! [gasps]
You are the woman who bought the gun.
You look totally different! Wow! [laughs]
Oh! [chuckles]
[man chuckles]
- Appreciate your work.
- [man] No problem.
[Kyung-ja] I had to get
a new place to live as well.
[woman] No one lived here before.
They used this place as a factory,
making all sorts of paste
and salted seafood.
[chuckles] It's interesting, right?
So here, they stored salted seafood.
- You can check it out if you're curious.
- [Kyung-ja] Yeah.
I looked all over the country,
every nook and cranny, to find her.
I couldn't find her anywhere.
[anchor] Mask Girl,
the notorious serial killer,
has finally revealed herself.
Rumor has it she has become addicted
to plastic surgery.
She is now being escorted
into the police station.
[reporter] Here. Please give us a comment.
[breathing shakily]
[Kyung-ja] Is this truly
[quavering] your will?
[poignant music playing]
Father. [sobbing]
- [Kyung-ja] At first
- [girl] Hi, Mi-mo!
I believed that this
was the Lord's sole will
and decided to forget and move on.
Let's go.
- But no matter how much time passed
- [Mi-mo] What did you do yesterday?
- I just couldn't do it.
- [girl] Not much. I just stayed home.
When I saw her face,
I saw
that bitch in her.
- [girl] Thank you very much.
- [Kyung-ja] Sure. Bye-bye.
Kid. Kiddo!
Come over here.
It's fine, come over. Yes.
Here you go. [chuckles]
Come on.
Have some of this.
I don't have any money, though.
It's fine, don't worry!
It's Granny's treat. You can just eat.
My grandma said not to eat anything
people give to me for free.
Oh, she taught you well.
Bye now.
[Mi-mo's stomach rumbles]
[Kyung-ja chuckles] You must be hungry.
Here, eat up.
It's fine, it's fine. Eat up, eat up.
Wow! I love it. It's so good.
Is that right?
Come on. Eat up now.
If you want more, I'll give you more.
Here. Have this with it as well.
Huh? Good morning, Granny!
Oh my! It's you, Mi-mo!
Grandma, this granny
is a tteokbokki truck owner.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
[Grandma] Oh
you go to this church, ma'am?
I moved to this neighborhood recently,
so I am attending this church.
- [Grandma] Oh.
- [woman] Oh, Ms. Shin. Good morning.
- [Grandma] Good morning.
- Hello, sweetie.
- [Mi-mo] Hello, ma'am.
- Okay, then. See you next week.
- [Kyung-ja] Yes, see you.
- [Mi-mo] Bye-bye, Granny!
[Kyung-ja] Come by again
and have some tteokbokki!
- [Mi-mo] I will!
- [Kyung-ja] Okay. [chuckles]
When I saw that bitch's mom again,
my insides began to boil with rage.
Ladies, I'll give you a lot.
Enjoy. Go ahead.
- Thanks a lot.
- Thanks.
There's a rumor,
but I don't know if it's true or not.
What is it?
Mask Girl's kid
actually goes to this school.
- "Mask Girl"?
- [Kyung-ja] Yeah.
That girl who wore a mask and,
uh, became a murderer.
- She chopped up bodies and went to jail.
- I've heard about Mask Girl!
- She murdered, like, two people.
- Three.
- Three?
- Yeah.
That woman's daughter
goes to the school right now?
I heard she was in first grade.
She had, uh,
a strange name.
What was it, Kim
- [woman 1] Mi-mo?
- [woman 2] Mi-mo?
- [woman 1] Isn't she in our kids' class?
- [woman 2] Oh no!
- Monster's daughter!
- Monster's daughter!
[kids laughing]
[Mi-mo] Granny. [sobbing]
What's wrong?
Why are you crying?
'Cause the other kids
are making fun of me.
[sobbing continues]
Listen to me carefully.
From now on,
if someone is being mean to you,
punish them harshly, any way possible.
What? How can I do that?
You have to ensure
they can never do it again.
[girl crying]
[Kyung-ja] You're moving?
Oh dear, I'm so sad to see you go.
Don't cry. Granny will go see you often.
- Will you?
- Of course I will.
Just give me your new address.
You really have to come, okay?
[Kyung-ja] Of course.
[Mi-mo sobbing]
[nasally] Oh yes.
Are you guys from the magazine?
Great. I wanted to tip you off.
It's about
Mask Girl's daughter.
Do you want to know more?
[Ye-chun] You!
Mi-mo's mom, do you know who she is?
[Miss Bed-wetter] Is that loser
from a rich family or something?
You don't know, do you?
What about her?
Forget it.
Are you kidding me?
[Miss Bed-wetter] Ah! Shit!
Come back here!
When I catch you,
you're dead! [gasping, panting]
[Kyung-ja] Kiddo. Are you all right?
Don't you go
to that middle school right there?
[Miss Bed-wetter] Yeah, so what?
Does a kid named Mi-mo Kim
go there as well?
[sinister music playing]
- [Mi-mo] How could you?!
- [Ye-chun] Wait! Why are you doing this?
Please! [screams]
[Mi-mo] You lied to me! You bitch!
[Ye-chun] Stop it! Listen to me.
I didn't spread any gossip about you
- [Mi-mo] Shut up, you backstabber!
- [screams]
My God! Mi-mo! What's going on?
[sobbing] Granny, please
Come in, sweetheart. Quick! My goodness,
you came all the way here alone.
[Mo-mi breathing shakily]
You little devil.
You need to feel
what I've felt all these years.
That heartbreak
when your baby disappears.
[sweetly] I'll keep you in my prayers.
[Mo-mi breathing shakily]
[music intensifies]
- [Mo-mi] Wait a minute.
- [cries out]
- [Kyung-ja] Oh my gosh!
- [guard 1] 1047, get away from her!
- [Mo-mi] Move!
- [guard 2] Do not move.
[Mo-mi] I can't let that woman leave!
Let go! She can't leave this
[Kyung-ja] She's mistaking me
for someone else.
[Mo-mi] She told me
she's going to kill someone!
- Oh my goodness.
- [Mo-mi] Don't let her go!
- [guard 2] Stay still!
- [Mo-mi] No, let go!
She's a killer.
If she leaves, she'll kill someone.
That woman is Oh-nam Ju's mother.
I can't let her leave!
- Let go of me, you don't understand!
- [guard 2] Stop moving!
You have to catch her! She's going to
kill someone! You can't let her go!
Stop her!
[music fades out]
[somber minimalist music playing]
[music fades out]
[dark percussive music playing]
[music climaxes, abates]
[music fades out]
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