Mask Girl (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Mo-mi and Mi-mo

Hey, Granny!
Oh my!
Why are you waiting outside? It's hot!
I bought some snacks
and new clothes for you.
- Let's go in. Are you hungry?
- Yes, I am.
- Why are you acting up again?
- Mo-mi, stop it!
That woman from earlier,
she'll commit murder.
This is your final warning!
If you do this again,
we'll be forced to take action.
Hey, c'mon. That's enough!
Please! Stop her!
Wow. This jeotgal is really good.
I'm surprised
you like it. Kids usually don't.
You know, I stored it underground
for a long time.
Wow. "Underground"?
Maybe that's why it's good.
She really said that to you?
Honey don't worry about it.
I'll try to get some people
to look into that woman.
It might take a little while
to find where she is,
so first I'll get information
on your mother and daughter,
and then I'll update you
as soon as I have news.
You should at least
give your grandmother a call, right?
My grandma's
probably happy that I'm gone.
Grandmas don't think that.
Hmm? She must feel bad
because you left home and abandoned her.
If you want to stay with me,
then you need to call
and tell her you're all right.
Don't tell her
you're staying with me specifically.
Okay, fine.
And who is that?
Is that your son? In that picture?
Oh, awesome. I didn't know you had a son.
He's not here anymore.
He's far away.
Ms. An told me
to give this to you.
By the way, I'm sorry to ask this,
but is this the first time she,
uh, has run away from home?
Oh, she's done it once or twice,
but, uh, she always comes back, so
Well, uh, why don't you try
waiting for her a little longer?
There's a high chance she'll return soon.
Oh God! Mi-mo!
Where are you?
I'm doing all right.
So don't look for me.
- And don't report me as missing.
- But w wait!
Living with me
is just a nuisance to you, anyway.
That is not true!
You said I made you uncomfortable
and reminded you of her.
The kids at school hate me too.
When I think about it, everything
will be fine if I just disappear, right?
Uh, but Mi-mo, wait.
Wh What What are you talking about?
I won't call you again.
W Wait. Hello? Mi-mo
Uh Uh Hello?
It's Mo-mi.
How on earth
Is Mi-mo doing well?
You're asking about Mi-mo after so long?
Mi-mo's fine!
did Mi-mo ever mention a an older woman?
A lady she met at school?
No, she didn't.
I don't know how
you managed to get my number,
but if you care about Mi-mo,
then don't ever call me again.
Mom listen!
Number 1047,
your time is up. Come out.
Number 1047, come out now!
Come out right now.
Come out right now!
- Wait. I just need to make one more call.
- You can't! Come out right now!
- I need to make one more call!
- Get out of the booth right now!
- I just need to make one more!
- Out right now! Hold her!
Hold her down!
Don't move. Stay still. Stay still!
Honey did you make a scene
in the phone room?
First, that incident
with the woman last time,
and now this one
You know, I barely managed
to convince the warden not to
not to put you in the hole?
I'm sorry.
She did say
they're restricting your access
to the phones for two weeks, though.
Also, I'm looking into that woman already.
She changed her name,
so it's taking me a while.
I found the
school that Mi-mo is currently going to.
If you want, call and check for yourself.
I will put in a good word for you
with the chief warden.
One call should be fine.
Hello, um,
is this Seongrim Middle School?
Yes, that's correct.
Okay, could I speak with Mi-mo Kim?
She's a seventh grader.
I really need to tell her something.
Oh One moment, please.
Number 1047,
your time is up. Come out.
The call disconnected.
Good job.
Bye! I'll see ya.
Mmm. Mmm!
Oh! The tomato is so good.
Crop harvest is good this year.
You know, I look for the sweeter ones,
and I put them aside just for you!
Aren't they tasty?
Have as much as you'd like.
We're so glad you're enjoying them, right?
Have some, have some! C'mon!
Go on, try some.
By the way,
why does Mask Girl look so miserable?
How was it? Could you reach the school?
Ma'am, um, do you think,
maybe I could get, you know,
some pictures of Mi-mo going to school?
You want pictures?
Just get a kid around her age,
in a school uniform,
and take a picture in front of the school.
Of course not,
she just has to look similar enough.
Not a mirror image of the girl.
this woman hasn't seen her girl for years,
she'll never tell them apart.
Ah, Jesus. It's all crooked.
I think they took it
from a distance
'cause, um, getting too close
would be weird.
Thank you so much.
This makes me feel better.
Really? I'm glad to hear that.
You should feel relaxed.
After all, the surgery's tomorrow.
Isn't that right?
Ma'am, I'm sorry,
this is the lowest we can go.
Our prices are fixed,
so unfortunately, I'm really
Hey, hey. I'm paying in cash.
So give me a discount.
Do we have a deal?
How much is it?
- 9,700 won. Would you like a bag?
- No, it's fine.
Here. Put it here.
I'm back!
Are you sleeping?
- Whoo!
- Oh
Is it my birthday?
I didn't know.
How did you know it's today?
I saw your ID in a drawer.
- Granny?
- Huh?
- Blow the candle out.
- Uh-huh, uh-huh. Sure. Um
I consider you my real
So you have to live long.
Number 1047, hospital transport.
I wish you the best of luck.
You look so different in that!
- Don't you think so? Huh?
- Mmm.
You know, I bought these for her.
You look pretty in a skirt.
Right? Are you happy right now?
- Yes, I'm thankful for these clothes.
- Mmm.
Okay, so no one outside of this facility
knows about the surgery.
So you'll have to behave
at the hospital, understood?
I understand, ma'am.
Very good.
God will be with you, Mo-mi.
If anything happens,
make sure to let us know.
Yes, ma'am.
You ready to go?
Let's eat! Mi-mo, dear!
Wow! Granny, that's a lot of food.
Ah, I guess. There's a lot indeed.
- So eat up.
- Okay.
I think, um,
I should get a job, you know?
What do you need a job for?
Well, to, um to send you on trips
and buy you clothes
and good food, of course.
I'll make sure
you live a long and happy life.
What's wrong?
Oh nothing's wrong.
Oh, uh, eat your food.
Your soup's getting cold.
Wow. This soup is good.
- How may I help you, ma'am?
- I just wanted to ask you something.
Do you know that lady at our church,
the one who's close to Mi-mo
and sells tteokbokki?
Do you mean Ms. Nam?
Yes, her. Uh, would you mind,
uh, giving me her number?
Uh, and her address if you have it.
- Oh. Uh, well Uh
- Oh
She came by my house
and prayed for us the other day,
so I wanted to send her a thank-you gift.
- Oh! I see. One moment, please.
- Oh sure.
We just got to the hospital.
Yeah. Uh, yes, ma'am.
Here you are, your hospital gown.
When is the surgery?
We'll begin as soon as
the blood test is complete.
Okay, perfect.
Do you think I, um,
could get a Bible if that's okay?
A Bible?
The surgery's very serious.
Anything could happen.
I'll feel a lot better
holding a Bible right now, you know?
Do you mind?
Cuff her.
Yes, ma'am.
First we get your Bible,
then you change into your hospital gown.
I, uh
I need the restroom right now.
Can you wait until she comes back?
It's pretty urgent.
She'll be back very soon. Just hold it.
I need to go now.
How do I use the bathroom like this?
You'll make it work.
This is a human rights violation.
I'm not here for myself, right?
I'm donating my kidney to her daughter.
is how you treat a donor?
I'm just following the rules. I'm sorry.
- Then I won't go through with it.
- What?
I don't wanna donate my kidney
if I'm going to be treated like this.
I don't think you can change your mind.
Call the warden,
and let her know I won't do it.
Eun-suk should know I refused as well.
23-7 HUISE-RI,
There's something weird about that
tteokbokki truck lady.
Get in.
Come on, get in. Get in.
Uh, "Jinil-gun."
Uh Oh Oh my, what does this say?
"23-7, Maemi-eup,
Huise-ri, Jinil-gun," sir.
So that lady knew
that Mi-mo is Mask Girl's daughter,
and she told the entire school?
I wanted to know
how the rumors started, so I asked around.
And everything led back to her,
the tteokbokki granny!
But then I remembered
that she was really fond of Mi-mo.
So why would she spread rumors, you know?
Something just feels off.
Oh my God! Oh my God, are you okay?
Goddamn it!
Hey! Hey! Stay right there!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Stay where you are! Let's go, c'mon!
- Let's go!
Oh! Oh God!
- Oh my God! Oh no!
- Horrible!
- Oh, ma'am, are you all right?
- Poor lady Oh my
Are you Are you all right? Somebody
Oh no! You can't just
run in front of me like that!
- We should go get a doctor.
- You really scared me. Jesus!
Wait! She's getting up.
She's standing. I can't
- Let me help you into the hospital.
- Somebody get her some water.
- Oh my dear
- Oh! I'll help you in there.
- C'mon, huh?
- Is she actually a patient here?
Hey, where are you going?
You should You should go
to the hospital!
Huh? Where's she going? Ma'am!
C'mon. Th This way
No, no, no, no, no
- Where's she going?
- What is she going?!
That's my car!
Hey, no! Oh my God.
My God! Where are you going?
Are you crazy?!
- What am I gonna do?
- Over here!
Oh no! My car!
She took my car! What am I gonna do?
She took my car!
- What?
- What?!
- You goddamn idiot!
- You gotta be fuckin' kidding me!
Are your eyes on your face
just for decoration, you fuckin' idiot?
I'm gonna fuckin' pull your eyes out!
Don't hang up.
It's me, Mom, don't hang up.
Please, listen to me.
Mi-mo is in danger right now.
Mi-mo's in danger? What do you mean?
Oh-nam Ju's mom is trying to hurt Mi-mo.
Oh-nam Ju's mother?
That woman has been stalking Mi-mo
and just ruining her life this whole time.
So that woman is the mother of Oh-nam Ju?
Mom, do you know anything
about her that I don't?
Well, I
I think Mi-mo's with that woman right now.
And actually, I'm on my way to see her.
You're on your way, right now?
Don't do that!
She's really dangerous.
Don't go face her alone.
Report her to the police first.
If you know her address or phone number,
give it to me right now. Please!
Uh just a second.
It's "23-7 Maemi-eup,
Huise-ri, Jinil-gun."
Thank you so much, Mom.
You, get out here now.
Wait, but I wanna go with you.
I have something to say to Mi-mo.
- Please? Please!
- I can't let you come along.
Get out of here.
Law Enforcement. What's your emergency?
Is this Is this the police?
Sir, to 23-7 Maemi-eup,
Huise-ri, Jinil-gun.
Damn it.
Who can fucking read this?
Oh no. She's awake.
She's not supposed to be awake yet.
I'm sure you're wondering
why I'm doing this.
Sorry, Mi-mo.
This is your mother's fault.
Do you know how my son died?
Your mother
butchered him.
She cut him up into pieces.
I really didn't want it to come this far.
But you came to me.
So I went to see her,
and I wanted to tell her about it.
But she looked she looked so peaceful.
She even had the audacity to
tell me that she found salvation.
Stupid lying slut.
How dare she speak
about salvation to me?
My whole life
was a living hell.
I'll say it again.
You did nothing wrong.
Don't worry.
If you want to blame someone, blame her.
Your mother.
Okay, it's working.
I'm going to send
your last moments to your mother.
Oh Oh my God! Oh my God,
your your face. There's blood!
Uh Are you all right?
Yes. Could you, um, maybe give me a ride
to Maemi-eup, if that's okay?
But Maemi-eup is the other way.
Uh, I fought with my husband
and got out of the car.
I don't even know where I am right now.
If you could help me, I'd be so grateful.
Must've been a big fight, huh?
Ouch! Okay. Uh, you can get in. C'mon.
I fought with
my husband the other day too.
I was so angry
I almost jumped out of the moving car.
Ugh! I mean,
I should've gotten a divorce then.
"Think of the kids," I said to myself.
So I didn't divorce him,
but he still keeps ordering me around!
It's not like he makes that much money
to feel like such a big shot. You know?
Do you know what happened
when we had our first child?
He was nowhere to be found!
Something to say?
What is it?
I'm so cold.
- Here. Better now?
- Granny!
I'm so sorry!
Please let me live.
Shouldn't have ripped it off.
Now what?
Finally, when we found him,
he was in the hospital,
sleeping in another room!
Ah, man!
Um, I'm sorry, uh, do you mind
if I check something on the navigation?
Oh, of course.
And then, when we had
our second child, you know what he did?
I got a C-section, and he just
Breaking news.
This afternoon, the serial killer
known as Mask Girl
has managed to escape
while receiving hospital treatment.
She's a woman in her forties,
with short hair, around five foot five.
She was injured during her escape
and has a wound on her face.
If you see anyone
who matches this description,
please report it
to the police immediately.
- Hey.
- Yes?
Uh, I'll just get out here.
But thanks a lot for your help.
Is this the police?
Um, can I help you?
We got a call not long ago,
and the caller reported
a middle school girl locked in here, so
Oh, my dear Lord.
But I live alone.
I'm sorry, but could I just have
a quick look around, if you don't mind?
I'm sure you understand. We got a call,
so we should check, you know?
- Mmm. Sure, but make it quick.
- I will.
Why would you have a rock
like this in your house?
Whoa, it's like there's actual power
emanating from it, huh?
Is this a real rock?
Wow, that is so interesting!
- All right. Well, let's take a look.
- Mmm.
What's over here?
Nah, it's the bathroom.
There's something here too.
What is it?
This is the kitchen.
This right here
should be in the fridge. Or it'll go bad.
Oh, just leave it. Come on out.
I guess it was just a prank call.
Yeah, you came here for nothing.
- Well
- Well, God bless you.
Thank you. Bye.
It was just a prank call.
A damn prank call.
Somebody help me!
Hey. Did you just hear that?
What? Hear what?
I'll go check again.
Prison fugitive seen near Huise Mountain.
Requesting backup to Mount Huise.
Copy that.
Vehicle three'll be right there.
I should hurry up with this.
I'm soft. The problem is I'm too soft.
What goes around comes around.
This is a simple and fair punishment.
Divine mission.
Uh, could you wait here, sir?
I'm just gonna get the child.
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm in a hurry to get back.
- So you really can't wait?
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
My beloved savior
he will hold me fast.
What the hell?
Why did you
break into my house like a damn thief?
What on earth did she do to deserve this?
What about
What about my son?!
What did he do wrong?
- Granny!
- Who's this kid?
Mi-mo's in there!
Just go get her!
Where do you think you're
Hey, Mi-mo!
Mi-mo, are you okay?
Mi-mo! Are you okay? Huh?
Mi-mo! Are you okay?
- How did you get here?
- I'm sorry, Mi-mo!
I'm really sorry for lying to you! I am.
I only did it because I like you. Oh
I didn't I didn't spread the rumors,
I swear I didn't.
I know.
I missed you so much!
I missed you.
- Wait, I'm
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I can't untie it!
It's too tight!
Uh, what? Are you trying to be
a good grandmother now?
You're going to be punished
by the heavens.
You go and say that
to your daughter!
Die, you fucking bitch!
Mi-mo Get Mi-mo first. Go!
Hurry! Go get her.
Uh, who are you? Who are you?!
Let's get out of this place first.
Help me.
Okay, get up.
Oh my!
Look who's here.
You came to me
by your own free will.
Oh my Lord!
You got sick of being alive, huh?
You had to
go this far?
is all because of you.
You bitch!
Get out! Get out of here now! Go!
You bitch,
just die already!
Don't die!
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Grandma! Grandma!
Grandma. Grandma.
It ends right here.
You fucking
You wanna end this?
It already ended
when my son died.
Oh, for crying out loud.
Mo-mi Kim.
Put your hands up.
It's over.
Who's that old lady?
Oh my.
The Lord ha
The Lord has sent me his army.
Hey. That's not a gun, is it?
It's a gun! She has a gun!
Ma'am, put the gun down!
Now! Put the gun down!
Only if you do it first, you bastard!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Put the gun down now!
If you don't, we will be forced to shoot.
This is your last warning!
- feel exactly what I felt, bitch.
- Put the gun down!
- Put your gun down!
- Feel my pain.
Mi-mo Kim!
- Where did you get that?
- Oh, I bought a used one.
- Did you sell something to afford it?
- Of course not!
I bought it with my own money, okay?
Shall we?
Since that day,
so much has changed.
Ye-chun's parents
became my temporary guardians.
And I went back to school.
The hate I felt towards other people
I don't feel that anymore.
that woman who used to appear
in my dreams
she never appeared again.
6:31 P.M.
DECEMBER 15, 1989
Wasn't she wonderful?
Yeah! Ms. Mo-mi Kim, what's your dream?
My dream?
Uh, I
I wanna become a person
that everyone loves very much.
Whoo! A round of applause!
You were great.
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