Masterchef (2010) s10e09 Episode Script

Tag Team Tears and Tantrums

1 Gordon: Previously on "masterchef" Joe: Tonight you have a team challenge.
Your future in this competition depends on these people.
Nick was captain for the red team, michael for the blue.
Joe: It's time to teach your teams how to make a three-course italian meal.
Yes! Let's go, blue! The team that will be safe from elimination is the red team.
Aarón: Blue team, you have to prove that some of you still deserve to be in this kitchen.
Hey, nick! You have a very, very important decision to make.
-Tonight - Switch! It's the elimination challenge the home cooks have been fearing all season.
It's the famous tag team challenge.
- Oh, lord.
- Two of you will be going home.
When it says hell is a burning lake of sulfur? That is what the tag team challenge is.
It's season ten.
We're taking it higher.
This challenge makes a chef or breaks a chef.
- You're not ready to go home.
- No, I'm not! - 3 - This was the most chaotic - thing I've ever experienced.
- 2 Please respect our intelligence and don't bring us crap.
- 1 - I haven't ever witnessed something like this.
- Switch! - ( screams ) ( music playing ) let's go, blue team.
I was the captain of the losing team, and I do feel like I deserve this elimination challenge.
I just have to trust today in my ability to cook.
Blue team, this is the moment that you all have been dreading.
Put those black aprons on.
Dorian:As frustrating as it is for me to be cooking for my life with this black apron on, I have to remember that I'm here for a purpose.
And to make that choice to leave your family, to come out and to follow a dream is not easy to do.
So I'm going to push through it.
Today, we want you to work together in teams of two in a "masterchef" classic.
- Bring it, bring it.
- It's time for the famous tag team challenge.
Renee: Holy freaking crap.
When it says hell is a burning lake of freakin' sulfur? That is what the tag team challenge is, and my butt is not going to be down there and get burned.
In this challenge, you either talk or you walk.
So, listen, because tonight two of you - will be going home.
- Wow.
You couldn't drop a bigger bombshell.
I was not expecting that at all.
The judges, they're setting the standard up.
Nick, because you were the winning captain of that incredible three-course italian fine dining challenge, you get to pair the eight home cooks into teams of two.
Come and join us three down here, please.
- All right.
- Oh! Moving up.
Having to decide the fate of the blue team, it's a huge decision to make, and two people are going home tonight.
The equation of this pairing is in your hands.
Let's start off with sam.
Who would you put alongside sam? Nick: I'm going to put sam with shari.
- Shari.
- Yeah.
I paired sam with shari because they're both very soft-spoken people, and success in the tag team challenge requires communication.
Let's look at the second pairing.
Who are you going to place with dorian? I want to stick her with subha.
- Oh, my god.
- No.
Subha, swap places with noah, please.
- Dorian.
- Yes, chef? - How are you feeling? - It's sabotage.
I honestly think that's sabotage.
But I understand it.
It's a competition.
Partnering with me is sabotage? Where is the team spirit? The only way that subha and I will be able to beat this is if subha can take direction and ask questions.
Nick: Dorian, I think if subha is managed correctly in the kitchen, he's probably one of the strongest cooks here.
- Thank you.
- We'll see.
Subha, how are you feeling right now? I'm hoping that dorian and I could work together.
Tonight, you got to find your voice.
- Yes.
- Remember that.
So, noah.
After seeing the first team challenge of having sarah and noah as captains, I am really curious about what the dynamic would be if they were on a team, so I want to put them together.
Nick: Of all the competitors here, noah stands out as the alpha male and sarah stands out as the alpha female.
And I think as a team sarah and noah will clash and go down right away.
- Alphas, baby.
- Gordon: So, our final team-- - michael, liz.
- Yep.
I want to see an intensity from them tonight that I don't think I've seen yet in the kitchen.
Nick, head upstairs to the safety of the balcony.
Thanks, nick.
( clears throat ) gordon: Smart picks.
Well done.
Understand this, "masterchef" is the world's favorite cooking competition.
It's aired across the world.
- And tonight - Ooh-la-la.
You'll be cooking some of our favorite dishes from all of our sister shows.
From the philippine islands, a beautiful pork spring roll.
From india, we have vegetable samosas with a mint chutney.
From Italy, we have the most amazing meatballs.
- From mexico -Orale.
We-- we have a beautiful fish taco with pico de gallo.
From morocco, the most amazing beef skewers.
And from china, the most exquisite pork dumplings.
- Nice.
- Beautiful.
I'm scared to death because I've eaten all of those foods, but I've never made any of them.
I'm from the midwest.
We make plain chicken and plain beef.
Tonight, each team will have to replicate this exact platter.
But that's not quite enough.
- There's more.
- It's season ten.
So you also have to add one more dish of your very own to that platter.
Oh, come on.
Shari: Finding out we have to add another item to this tray? I'm already feeling a bit defeated.
I have been on every losing team so far, and I hate leaving my fate in other people's hands.
Right, all of you, please head to your stations.
Noah: Me and sarah being paired together is a match made in heaven.
She's an alpha operator.
I know that when I need to get my ass kicked in gear, she's going to do it.
When I'm going to kick her ass in gear, I'm going to yell at her a little bit because I don't kick women.
So, let's go.
On your stations you'll find everything that you need to make our around the world platter of delicious bites.
You'll also have access to our pantry to make your seventh dishes.
Joe: So, take a couple of minutes now to discuss and go gather your ingredients.
If we just do a lamb lollipop, that'll get the lamb in there.
Immediately, I think we'll have those flavors melding.
I was thinking more jerk, but let's go with the lamb.
I think that's perfect.
Okay, coconut coated caribbean shrimp with a little bit of masala in it.
Listen, dorian's got an impression that she makes that in her sleep.
There's indian food, that's what subha's good-- they can do this.
I'm thinking I'm going to grab a potato.
I'm going to grab something to make a tater tot.
- We can make chips if we have to.
- Chips is weak.
We can do a really ( bleep ) slider.
I made this before.
It's delicious.
I can do a ponzu sauce with a shrimp tempura.
- Yeah.
- It's just soy sauce, a little bit of mirin if I can find it, and some orange and lemon juice.
Liz definitely does not have as much experience with international food as I do, so it makes sense for me to take a little bit of charge to insure I don't go home.
Right, let's start breaking away, getting your ingredients.
Let's go.
Co on, hurry up.
Yes, y'all got it, guys! Teamwork makes the dream work.
Oh, my god, it's already a mix.
Yeah, we won't need that much.
What else do you need? Tell me what you need.
- I got all the lamb, so - Okay.
Sarah:I want to be paired with noah because if there's anything that's important with a tag team challenge, it's constant communication.
Noah doesn't ever stop talking.
That will never be a problem.
- So we got everything.
- Yeah, we need a blender.
- I got it.
- That one.
That one, too.
- This one? - Yeah.
I absolutely do not want to be with subha because he does not work good under pressure.
- Yeah.
- Subha, you sure that's everything? Tamarind, tamarind, tamarind.
- Tamarind.
I don't see-- - tamarind.
No tamarind here? - I don't see tamarind.
-And I'm scared that the bulk of the responsibility is going to fall on me.
We have perfect bib lettuce.
- And I did grab buns.
- We have tomatoes.
- I grabbed four buns.
- Is there mayonnaise? - Let's go! Line up! - We got to hurry, sam.
Shari: I'm worried.
Sam and I, we're both really nice.
I think I'm going to have to just keep telling him what to do next.
- Did you get shrimp, sam? - I did get shrimp.
Truthfully, I think sam's going to have to do the same for me.
And if we don't motivate one another, we're going to run out of time.
Right, have we all got everything we need? - All: Yes, chef! - Good.
Now, you'll each take turns cooking.
If you're on the sidelines, you're there to help.
If you're the one cooking, listen to your teammate.
When we call "switch," you'll tag your partner and swap out.
You'll have 75 minutes to make all of your dishes.
Tonight, anything less than excellence and you might not be moving on.
Right, let's get into positions.
Those starting, stay where you are.
Those finishing, onto the side, please.
Wuta:This challenge either makes a chef or breaks a chef.
There's no room for error.
You have to work together as a team or you may be going home.
- Is everybody ready? - Yes, chef! Your 75 minutes start - Now! Let's go.
- All right! Your 75 minutes start - Now.
Let's go.
- Come on, guys! - All right, liz.
Let's go.
- Come on, subha! First you gotta get those pots out.
Let's get those pots out, subha.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Pots are here, okay.
- Liz, quickly chop the garlic.
- Okay.
Move faster, move faster.
Doing great, sam.
You got this.
The filipino spring roll I want to get started on early because I know exactly what they're supposed to taste like.
My mother-in-law is filipino, and she makes it all the time.
So this is something that I should be able to knock out of the park.
Great knife skills.
You got that.
Look at the knife work! He's a ninja! Like a boss.
Noah's starting, because he's very good at prep.
He has amazing knife skills, but I have better plating skills than he does.
So we think it's just a nice way to get us going quickly out of the gate.
Tonight is a big, big night, because tag team challenge-- extremely difficult.
You gotta communicate, you gotta be fast, - you've got to close and finish.
- Absolutely.
Start with the potatoes, subha.
Use your peeler.
- Yes, yes.
- You don't need to cut them.
There's no ends to a potato.
- Yes, okay.
Got it, got it, got it! - Okay, come on.
Subha's gonna start, I'm gonna finish, because subha gets flustered with plating.
But out of the gate, he's already wasting time.
So, how do you prioritize this platter? What's the most important thing you start first? For me, all the fillings need to be addressed immediately, so go for your samosa filling with the potato mixture.
Gordon: There's an art in those, guys.
I'm gonna work on the meatballs.
Get that cheese in there.
You got this, sam.
Joe, the italian meatballs, you've done them in your sleep.
- What's the secret behind them? - The longer the meatballs stew in the tomato sauce, the better they're gonna be.
So the sooner you can get those meatballs made - fried, and into the sauce gives you an advantage.
- Yes, absolutely.
I'm gonna immediately start making the filipino egg rolls.
We're gonna put a little bit of the carrot in there.
Ooh, okay.
Take a little back.
Yeah, there you go.
The filipino spring roll, it's got that pork filling in there, so the essence of that is making sure they're not too thick.
- It's not easy.
- Just start these kabobs.
Cut it into squares.
Perfect squares.
- I'll prep the pepper! - Okay, it's right there in front of you, subha.
- It's right there in front of you.
- Oh, there it is.
Got it.
Now, the moroccan inspired kabobs, the secret there is you have to have everything in regiment form in terms of the way it's cut.
One cube too small, too big, then it's cooking at different temperatures.
I'm gonna knock out the dumplings and the stuffing.
How important are those potstickers, getting the color on there? Let me tell you, there is an art, there's a finesse to it.
You can't have it overstuffed and have it too loose when it comes to the actual amount of filling.
- You're doing great.
- Thank you, sarah.
You're doing great.
I'm so proud to be your teammate.
Subha, can you get the grills out the oven and put 'em on top? - What's that? Grill? - Forget it.
I'll do it.
Think about the size of the taco when you cut that.
- That's too big, though.
- What's that? - Trim it down, quick, quick, quick.
- Yep.
- The taco? - What I would like to do is actually take those strips of fish, marinate it with sufficient time, make your tortillas and let them sit, - and then address the mango salsa later.
- Right.
- They are making seven dishes.
- Bri: It's crazy.
I never made a samosa before.
- Hey, salt, salt, salt, salt.
- Yep.
Gordon: Thirty seconds to go until we swap.
- Let's go! - You know samosas, subha.
- Yes, I'm doing it.
- You have to move with a sense of urgency.
Move like you're in a restaurant.
Wait, wait one second.
I need those meatballs rolled and in the sauce before you get out of your station.
- Too big? - A little big.
Take a little bit out.
- I'm gonna-- yeah.
- What are you gonna work on next? I'm gonna get the marinara going 'cause it's gonna take time to cook.
- All right, we're communicating.
We got this.
- Noah: We're doing good.
We're gonna be switching in just a few seconds.
- Good job, sam.
- Aarón: Here we go.
Talk to me when I'm in there, okay? Judges: Five, four, three, two, one.
- And switch! - Let's go, let's go, let's go! - Noah: Okay, sarah.
- Michael: I love it.
Michael, watch the meatballs.
Watch the meatballs.
All right, nice looking meatballs.
Who formed the meatballs? Liz got those meatballs formed.
What is your seventh dish gonna be? We're doing a classic shrimp tempura with our homemade ponzu sauce.
So I gotta get working on these sauces really soon.
All right, make sure you taste as much as you can, okay? Got it, yep.
- I'm worried for them.
- Yeah.
Okay, get the meatballs in the sauce.
- They gotta get in there sooner rather than later.
- Got it.
You got it.
- Right, how are you feeling? - Feeling okay.
Tell me about the dish.
What are you doing? Right now, we have the sauce for the meatball going, and we have the meatball almost made.
It's not quite there yet.
The seventh dish.
What is the dish? Lucky number seven, we're gonna go with a slider.
Okay, so, just make sure that we don't leave each other, - when we swap out, a problem.
- Yes, chef.
- Not on the same page, you're going home.
- Yes, chef.
- Let's go.
- Shari, how are we doing on samosas? We're-- I'm getting it started right now.
Shari and sam, y'all kick it in the butt.
What do we need to do for the marinade? Subha, right now I'm doing the stuffing for the-- - meatballs, correct.
Got it.
- No, not for the meatballs.
- Okay.
- I will be fuming if she goes home.
Micah: Subha's not doing anything of actual use.
You should know what needs to happen on this dish.
Dorian, talk to me.
Tell me what's in the mind.
( sighs ) I can't look at you.
Just come on.
Not what she's doing, subha.
Think about what you're gonna do.
Wuta: Dorian, you got this.
30 seconds to go until we switch, guys.
Gotta outrun the bear here, sarah, but we are the bear.
Stand by! Judges: Five, four, three, two, one.
- Switch! Let's go! - Switch! All right, go ahead.
All right, you got this.
Come on, guys, you got this.
Nice brunoise.
Remember, I don't know what any of that means.
- Happy to be safe up here.
- Yeah.
We gotta get the slider marinated, otherwise that is not gonna have that flavor we need.
Gordon: Just under 45 minutes to go.
Let's go, guys.
Great job, sam.
You're doing awesome.
- I'm so proud of you right now.
- Shari, what a good coach.
It smells awesome.
Smell it.
- That smells really good.
- Smells awesome.
All right, what's going on, guys? - You guys talking? - Yes, chef.
Absolutely, chef.
All right, so you got-- meatballs are cooking.
- Yes, chef.
- That's done.
All right, great.
What is your seventh dish going to be? We're gonna be doing a lollipop.
Who's taking control here? You guys are two strong voices.
We're melding really nicely.
I feel very calm.
- No one's dominant? - Just move with purpose.
All right, you just need three portions, guys.
- Don't go crazy.
That's enough.
- Yes, chef.
All right.
We're done with that.
Get rid of the ricer.
Subha, subha.
It's an egg roll, subha.
- Subha, it's an egg roll.
- This is the egg roll? Set it aside.
I'll get it when I get up there.
I'm gonna dump the peas in there now.
No, we're not worrying about the peas right now for the samosa.
Subha's not listening.
He's not hearing me.
I'm trying to give him direction, but he's all over the place.
Cut it up into cubes, remember? - Okay, okay.
- The cubes for the kabobs, remember that? - Yes, yes, yes.
- Okay, so cut that meat into cubes for me, please.
Cut that meat into cubes.
( screams ) - ( bleep ) - dorian:I was a young mom, I've had to work a ton of different jobs.
I've struggled hard to get here.
And I don't know if subha really wants to still be here.
I feel like the weight is totally and completely on me.
- Do you know how to make a meatball? - Sorry, wait? Do you know how to make an italian meatball? - Uh, no.
- You don't.
Ooh, I'm so mad right now.
Last 30 seconds.
Get ready, guys.
Put a pinch.
Just a little pinch.
Judges: Five, four, three, two, one.
- Switch! Let's go! - Switch! - Micah: Come on, dorian! - Gordon: Let's go! Come on, dorian! Come on, you can do this! - You got it, girl.
- Relax, focus.
Don't need to be nervous, I'm right here.
I'm not nervous 'cause you're right here.
Everything is copacetic.
Copacetic, we got this.
Communication right out of the gate is flawless.
We are firing on all cylinders.
Turbo, nos, we're boosting.
That looks perfect.
That's dead on.
( bleep ) come on, subha! Speak up, help her.
I don't know what she's doing.
Dorian? You don't know what she's doing? Wow.
I'm making meatballs! - ( bleep ) - okay, okay.
All right.
Let's go.
- ( bleep ) - okay, listen, not the best start.
- No.
- ( exhales ) I've seen you in the trenches before.
- Yes, chef.
- You've got this.
Come on, dig deep.
What you need to do now, hey, is take him under your wing.
Okay, deep breath, okay? - ( sobs ) - come on, you're not ready to go home.
No, I'm not! Dorian, dorian, let's do it-- come on.
Oh, god.
I've seen you in the trenches before.
- Yes, chef.
- You're not ready to go home.
No, I'm not! Let's prioritize what needs to be done, okay? - Think about everything you sacrificed to be here.
- Yes, I did.
- Now just think, think how important it is.
- Yes.
- Okay, take control.
- Yes, chef.
Yes, chef.
- Good girl.
Welcome back.
Well done.
- Thank you.
Dorian: Chef gordon is right.
I have to stay calm and not let my emotions get the best of me.
And I want to show the judges my best.
Dorian, you've got this! Micah: You are strong, dorian! As soon as I jump in, finishing the lollipops, cutting them? Do you know how-- no, don't.
I got it.
All right.
I came into "masterchef" on a lamb dish.
I cook it a lot at home.
It's my husband's favorite dish, but it's taking a lot of time, and that's making me really nervous.
Sorry, just-- I'll tell you what, just let that rest.
- Check the meatballs.
- I'm gonna check it.
I'm gonna put some on, though.
Okay, I think we're beyond testing.
We just gotta plow through.
- All right.
- Hello, joe.
How are you? All right, sam.
Don't shut down, sam.
Keep talking.
- Hi, chef aarón.
- Where are these meatballs? The meatballs, we have the mix right here and we've already fried it up.
- You haven't made them yet? - Those are gonna get made here soon.
Meatballs do better when they sit in the sauce.
When they get in the sauce, yes.
I think they're a little behind here.
Shari: We're so behind.
Our time is our worst enemy right now.
And being here, this is a dream for me.
I know I can cook, but I doubt myself a lot, and tonight is not the night I want to go home.
Did you marinade the fish yet? Um, we have thmarinade done, but it is not quite marinated yet.
All right, here's the deal, guys, try to get all of your fillings done, get your stuff marinating, all right? - Thank you.
- All right.
Come on, shari! We're coming up to 90 seconds to go until the next switch.
Come on.
Let's go.
( gordon claps ) this has not nearly enough ( bleep ).
There's already salt in there.
I just think they need a little tiny dust of cumin on the outside.
Not too much.
It's strong.
Stand by! Dorian, spring rolls, I'll come back and do that.
- No, no.
- Dorian, it's okay.
- No, subha, don't worry about this.
- Yes, okay.
- Gordon: Here we go.
- Looking good, sarah.
Judges: Five, four, three, two, one.
Switch! Let's go! Get over there and taste that meat.
Tell me what to do, all right? Come on, come on.
Drop-- sarah, drop.
- Taste that for seasoning, sam.
- Okay, okay, okay.
This is intense.
This is the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life.
I haven't ever witnessed something like this.
Pinch the sides.
Pinch everything so it doesn't open.
- Move faster, move faster.
- Just take a deep breath, come on.
Michael: We're getting super behind.
We haven't even started our seventh dish yet, and I'm really frustrated right now because I feel like all of this is resting on my shoulders.
Leave it to rest like that.
Move on to the next one.
- Subha, start doing-- start doing-- subha.
- Yes? The shrimp only take seconds to cook.
We don't have to do that right now.
- Finish your samosa.
Finish your samosas.
- Yes, okay.
I got it.
Set that other stuff aside.
Subha and dorian's team, like, it's stressing me out - too much to even go there.
- I can't even look.
Dorian and subha, it's like watching your parents go through a divorce.
It's pretty terrifying.
I don't want to use this one.
Subha! Come on! I don't need to know where the ricer is.
Right, you need to focus on your strengths.
What's your strengths? My strengths is to make the samosas.
I'm making them now.
The samosas.
That's exactly what you need to do, okay? - Yes, absolutely.
- Who showed you how to make the perfect samosa? - My mom and my sister.
- And your sister, so you know what you're doing now, yeah? - Absolutely.
- Start thinking about that seventh dish as well.
- What is the dish? - We're gonna make a coconut crusted caribbean shrimp.
I know we're behind, but we can pull this back, okay? - Yes, absolutely.
- Come on, guys, you've got this.
- Let's go, focus.
- I'll work on the sauce right after this, okay? I don't know how to crimp these, do you? Kinda.
I can do it, I can do it.
Sarah: You're looking good, you're looking great.
- We got this.
- 60 seconds to go until we swap! Just get that ready for me.
I'll do it.
- Here we go.
- Give me one second here.
Don't make a career out of it, just hurry up.
- This gives a nice little bite.
- I don't care what it gives it.
- I just want it to be done.
- Come on, subha! Yes! Judges: Five, four, three, two, one.
- Switch! - Let's go! Now I'm doing it all by my damn self.
What the ( bleep )? Now crimp it.
There you go.
Roll your finger, crimp it.
Perfect, sarah.
So, dorian, you want me to just boil them, right? They don't get boiled, subha, they get fried.
Dear, oh, dear.
Subha and dorian are a disaster.
Subha could drag her out of this kitchen tonight.
Liz and michael, way behind.
They're in jeopardy of not making it.
These are wrong.
I gotta do it again.
- Oh, goodness.
- ( bleep ) shari and sam may not be able - to complete all seven preparations.
- Shari, at the next switch, - I'm gonna grill the fish and grill the beef.
- Okay, sam.
They're literally, like, a whole step behind everyone else.
More importantly, noah and sarah, they've just put the lamb on the grill, and I don't know if that will be cooked in time.
Noah: Little bit of salt, little bit of pepper.
I'll be throwing the flavor on it as we go.
40 seconds till the next switch! ( bleep ).
We need to make the tacos.
We might need to call an aible with the slider.
At this point, we realize our seventh dish, it's out the window.
We're not doing it.
There you go.
Dump it and fry it.
Renee: Good job, michael! ( snickers ) come on, honey.
That's it.
That's it.
- This is it.
- Yeah, you can roll those suckers.
Start getting things in the fryer.
- Here we come.
- I'll finish them, dorian.
- Dorian, don't worry.
- Judges: Three, two, one.
The taco? Don't worry about that.
Switch! I'm actually gonna have a stroke.
Marinate as we go.
We'll marinate as we go.
- Get the other skewers on there.
We are so behind.
- I know.
- Liz, go, go, go, go, go! - Michael: Flip those over.
Flip 'em over.
We just gotta get it cooked.
Put the samosa in.
- What's he doing? - Put the basket in.
Please, lord jesus.
Keturah: Subha, do the samosa! - I will get the tacos.
- Okay, all right.
- Subha, leave the tortilla.
- Subha, you're not listening! Why doesn't he listen? I absolutely know what I'm doing in the kitchen.
I've been cooking for 30 years.
But I can't do that when somebody's coming back on my neck and shouting things which I know how to do.
( bleep ) take it off, subha.
- Put it in the form.
- Okay, hold on.
Hold on.
Subha, take it off! You still got it on the heat.
- It's done.
- Okay, hold on.
- It's very thick.
- No, I'm not gonna hold on.
We got six minutes and four seconds.
- It's very thick.
- Put it in the form, subha.
Subha, put the tortilla in the form.
Okay, you want me to put in the form-- oh, ( bleep )! Subha! Jeez! Subha, put the tortilla in the form.
Okay, you want me to put in the form-- oh, ( bleep )! - What happened? - The one tortilla we had, - he dropped.
- Oh, no.
- 45 seconds to go! - Wow.
I'm really nervous for dorian right now.
Really nervous.
My wig is about to come off.
I don't want her to leave over subha's lack of ability.
Subha, you are not listening.
- I was-- I'm gonna fix this.
- You're not listening.
- Don't shout.
- You're not listening.
I caused a little bit of drama.
15 seconds to go until the last switch.
Just get 'em out if they're done.
- They look good.
- Oh, my god.
Come on, those look good.
Those look great.
Come on! Throw that here on the side.
Come on, come on.
Throw that here, the lid.
- Throw the lid off.
- You might need to tell me-- it's fine, it's fine, it's fine, it's fine.
Drop 'em in, all three.
All: Three, two, one, switch! Gordon: Last five minutes, let's go! Dorian, take over! Come on, you can do this! Look awesome, they didn't explode.
That's what we're talking about! For right now, I don't have time to do them fancy.
No, just get them in.
It's about the flavor.
Two minutes and 30 seconds left! Dorian, let's go! You ain't going home.
- Mangoes.
Mangoes and-- - I'm not worried about no ( bleep ) mangoes.
Shari, shari, one taco's better than nothing.
- Start plating some food, guys! - Let's go.
Shari, plate the meatballs and grate some cheese on top.
The dumpling, michael.
Get those in there.
- Yeah.
- Set the tortilla in the mold.
Set the tortilla in the mold.
One minute, 15 seconds left.
- I can't watch any of it.
- How long do those take? It doesn't matter.
I gotta get 'em on the plate.
Wonderful, put it on the plate.
Just put it on the plate! Liz: You got it, michael! Come on, you got it.
Good job.
Subha: Meatball on the brown plate.
Yeah, meat on the brown plate.
Meat on the brown plate.
You've got time.
- Just put it on the plate.
- Hustle, hustle, hustle.
- Twenty seconds to go! - Finishing touches! Wuta: Finish strong, finish strong.
Liz: We got it, michael.
We got it.
- Shari: Your sauces? - Liz: You got it.
Noah: Let's make it pretty! Dress the plate.
Parmesan all over the damn meatball! Come on, come on, come on.
Don't forget the salsa on the shrimp.
- Where is it? - On this.
Dorian, put the fish on the tacos.
Plate the fish.
Dorian, the fish! Ten, nine, eight, seven - Six, five, four, three - What else, sam? What else? White vinegar.
A yogurt sauce.
It's okay.
- Two, one, stop! - Hands in the air.
Jamie: Dorian, I'm proud of you, darling! - Huh? - We're ( bleep ).
- Everything's on the plate.
- Dorian, you did your best.
Dorian, look at the other teams.
Dorian, we did awesome.
Dorian: It's hard putting your fate in somebody else's hands, and I'm better than what's being presented to the chefs, and I always want to give them my best.
And today I don't feel as though they're getting my best.
Gordon: Wow, tag team challenge? That was a tag team meltdown! Let's taste what's on those platters and find out who's cooked for the last time.
First up, michael and liz.
- Want to take it together? - No, I'm just gonna-- I'm nervous 'cause I'm worried about the final cooks on our dishes.
Working with michael, it was hard, and what broke down was the communication.
We have to judge you on what you give us.
- Right.
- And when you look in there - It's raw.
- It's not even seared.
That's dangerous.
When it's not right, you don't serve it.
What happened to those? Look at that.
I've got all that raw dough in there.
You don't need to take the potatoes so fine to mush.
- Yeah.
- Who didn't crimp these? I did.
I did not, I should say.
And why are they sat in this oil? What is that? - It's a sesame oil.
- ( sniffs ) I just got this oil explosion of sesame seed that has absolutely numbed my jaw.
In fact, right now, I could take a seat, and pretend I'm at the ( bleep ) dentist, it's that numb.
All, right, I'm gonna start with this spring roll 'cause this looks a little bit more promising.
Who took the lead on that one? I made the filling and I rolled it and I fried it.
Here's the deal, it's over, over-saturated with the aromatics.
- It's really strong.
- Okay.
All right, skewer dish.
The seasoning is unbalanced.
- It's just really far off the mark.
- This is brutal.
All right, tell me about these meatballs.
Liz: So just ground beef, garlic, panko.
You didn't use egg either, right? - No, joe.
- Jeez.
You didn't use egg either, right? - No, joe.
- Jeez.
The meatballs are really hard, really dry, really difficult to eat.
And the seventh additional platter was what? Michael: We did a shrimp tempura with a spicy chili dipping sauce.
- And the chili sauce? - Sriracha, soy, and pepper and salt.
I wish you would've omitted the sauce.
It is so strong.
Joe: You can't come up here and fake it and put sriracha or just soy sauce in a thing and tell us it's a sauce.
Please respect our intelligence and don't bring us crap.
- Thank you.
- Wow.
- Wow.
- Thank you, chefs.
Michael: I'm disappointed.
We just didn't come through as a team today.
I've worked really hard to be here.
I'm not ready to go home right now.
Next up, noah and sarah.
- Yes, chef.
- Yes, chef.
Sarah: It was great working with noah.
It was a very 50-50 workload, and I felt like we communicated very well together.
But there are parts of every dish that I'm concerned about.
For me, it's a bit of a mess.
Both: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Seventh dish was what? Noah: Chinese vinegar lamb lollipop.
Mine was cooked beautifully.
What you've done is charred them beautifully, so I feel like I got a grilled lamb chop.
- Thank you, chef.
- Good job.
- Who filled the samosa? - I did, chef.
- So, it's nice and full.
Did you taste it? - Both: Yes, chef.
I put a little bit more salt than I normally would.
Hopefully it's right.
- It's good.
- Thank you, chef.
- Who made the dumpling? - Sarah: I made the dumpling.
- Who seasoned the mix inside? - Noah flavored the filling.
So, it needs a dipping sauce.
There's no dipping sauce.
But the actually seasoning's on point.
Thank you, chef.
All right, so, noah, sarah, spring rolls.
Well, the meat looks cooked through.
Good flavor.
And now we're gonna go on to taco.
What'd you season the fish with? Cumin, paprika, salt, pepper.
It's not complete.
It needs, obviously, the mango salsa, but I think the taco is a good representation of what it should be.
All right, so, I'll start with the skewers.
- Who cooked them? - It was 50-50.
All right, this is actually a pretty good medium rare.
Was there any seasoning put on them? A little bit of vinegar just at the end.
The char on the meat's good.
As a simple steak, it's okay.
- Meatballs.
- Sarah: I made the meatballs.
How long did they simmer in the tomato sauce for? - About 12 minutes? - Yeah.
If you had, like, 45 minutes, it would've raised the level considerably.
- Both: Yes, joe.
- Thank you.
Thank you all, so much.
- Good job, guys.
- Not bad.
( whispers ) much better than I thought.
Dorian, subha, let's go, please.
- Go grab it.
- This is the tasting that we're all waiting for.
Dorian: I'm feeling defeated, and I just hope that the judges see that in the midst of the chaos that we are great cooks and we want to be here.
What on earth happened? He just gets flustered under pressure.
I would have to run in and get us caught up, and then he would check out.
From the beginning, we went in with the attitude, that, you know, we were going to fail.
So when you have this spiral attitude Who went in with that attitude.
"we're going to fail"? - Was that dorian? - As soon as we started, she got emotional, she started to cry.
So, you were positive and she was negative.
- Yes.
- Wow.
Let's be honest, you two aren't gonna be opening a restaurant together.
- No.
- But you can work together for 75 minutes.
Both: Yes, chef.
I'm amazed you've got that on a plate.
Visually, you've got some great colors there.
But there's one big achilles heel here.
- The fish.
- Fish.
It's a mess.
- So, samosas, who stuffed them? - I did, chef.
They look like a proper samosa.
The seasoning's nice.
Really good.
- Who made the potstickers? - I did, chef.
- Finally a potsticker colored on both sides.
- Yeah, perfect.
Aarón: Yeah.
- That's delicious.
- There's no sauce, though, huh? - No sauce.
- Too bad.
Really good.
Aarón: Who took the lead on the spring rolls? I did, chef.
The pork's cooked through.
I like the speckle of herbs there.
The skewers.
You've got peppers, you've got red onions.
Very nice medium rare.
Good char.
I think it's the first one that actually got the marinade onto the piece that we're tasting.
This actually came out very nicely.
- What's the meatball recipe? - Ground beef, panko breadcrumbs, eggs.
- Only beef you used? - Only beef.
Salt and pepper.
The marinara sauce with the grana padano's delicious.
- Who made that? Perfectly spiced.
- I did.
The seventh dish, describe it.
Subha: It's a caribbean shrimp with some indian spices mixed in.
It does look good.
- It actually tastes quite decent.
- Yeah, very good.
That spice is really good.
What'd you spice them with? Garam masala, some smoked paprika, some cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper.
Joe and gordon: Thank you.
- How did that happen? - This flavor and the seasoning of certain things is so good.
What are you waiting for, a glass of wine? - Oh, we're done.
- Thank you, chef.
- Keep your heads up, guys.
- Good job.
- Nice job.
- Good job, guys! Subha:I'm amazed that considering all the chaos, we put out good quality, tasty food, which the judges love to eat.
Sam, shari, let's go.
Shari: This was the most chaotic thing I've ever experienced, and I have two little kids at home that are constantly running at my feet as I'm trying to cook.
I feel like this tray is doomsday.
75 minutes for that.
I think you both are strong individuals, but as a team, diabolical.
Who cooked the samosa? I believe you threw it in the fryer.
I did the seasoning and the shaping.
The seasoning's on point.
Absolutely on point.
Really good.
- Thank you, chef.
- Refreshing.
- Potstickers, who cooked these? - Sam: I did, chef.
- How long did you cook these for? - About five minutes, chef.
( bleep ) - ( bleep ) - what is that? - Raw.
- It's completely raw.
( bleep ) - what is that? - It's completely raw, chef.
You feel confident with the cook on this spring roll? Well, after, you know, the potstickers, no.
- Joe: They got it cooked? - Yeah.
Here's the deal, apart from their looking atrocious, the flavor of the filling is actually really good.
And now we're gonna go on to taco.
It's just missing fruit, missing acid.
- Understood, chef.
- I'm sorry, chef.
What was the recipe on the meatball? It was 50-50 beef and pork.
I put some egg in, some grana padano cheese, some parsley, salt, pepper.
This is actually very good, except-- how long did it stew in the tomato sauce? 15 minutes? That's not enough.
Too bad.
There's no sauce on the beef skewers? - Correct.
- You didn't get to it? - Mm-mm.
- No, chef.
Aside from being one-dimensional because you only put peppers, the cook on the beef is actually pretty good, but incomplete.
And where's our bonus dish? We didn't get to it, joe.
- Man.
- Oh.
Joe: The flavors are actually good, so it's a whole bunch of stuff that has potential, but is incomplete.
- Too bad.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, chef.
- Thank you.
Sam: We failed.
We didn't execute the way we should have.
And there was supposed to be a seventh dish that we didn't even do.
We need a moment to discuss.
I think noah and sarah came on point.
They had one of the most together platters, but the best eating was dorian and subha in terms of spice.
Joe: You actually can taste subha's contribution.
I'm more in shock with michael and liz and sam.
- Aarón: Yeah, me too.
- Joe: And shari.
There's the big no-nos for me tonight, with the raw pork wrapped up.
- That's a disaster.
- Raw fish.
Where you do self-edit and say, "this is not right.
" this challenge tonight was incredibly difficult, and tonight's performances shows.
With that said, two individuals will be leaving the masterchef kitchen tonight.
Noah and sarah, you guys were far from great tonight, but far better than the rest of the bunch.
And for that, you're safe.
- Woman: Good job, you guys.
- Yeah.
Woman: Good job.
Noah: I couldn't be happier.
We were a wolfpack getting what we needed to get, moving with purpose.
Dorian and subha Complete dysfunctional teamwork, but in the food itself, we tasted good spicing, good flavors.
We decided To keep you in the competition.
Please head to the balcony.
Dorian: I worked my tail off.
We didn't do it as beautifully and as calculated as we wanted to, but we got it done.
Right, you four make your way down, please.
Thank you.
Liz: I'm nervous because I've been in the same business for 35 years doing the same thing.
But this whole entire experience, it's given me that second chance.
I'm finally following something that I want to do for myself, and it's too soon to leave.
All four of you fell apart tonight.
Shari and sam, step forward, please.
Sam, shari, some fundamental flaws, but a couple of highlights.
Head upstairs.
Hey, come on.
Michael, liz, everything left to the last minute.
Raw fish, a meatball that you could play golf with.
By far, your worst performances.
This one hurts for me personally 'cause I think you guys have so much potential, and I just think this particular challenge overwhelmed you.
Michael and liz, you've cooked for the last time in the masterchef kitchen.
Come up here and say good-bye, please.
Michael:To make it to the top 16 of "masterchef"? It was an honor and a privilege, and this is an experience I'll never forget.
Gordon: Please put your aprons on top of your bench.
- I love you, liz! - Take care, and head home.
Thank you.
Liz:It's sad.
I want to stay till the end, but I came into the masterchef kitchen to learn about myself, to grow, and I did that.
- It was a blast out there, michael.
- A hundred percent.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye, guys! - Bye, everyone! - Have fun! - Time to go home.
- I know, right? Give me a hug.
( music playing )