Masterchef (2010) s10e10 Episode Script

Gerron's Wedding

1 Gordon: Previously on "masterchef" You are the most talented home cooks in all of america.
Technically, this is beyond reproach.
Bri, ceviche, one of the best of the night.
- It's perfect.
- Thank you.
It just makes me wanna reserve at wuta's place again.
- You're not ready to go home.
- No, I'm not! You gotta trust me.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
Listen to your teammate.
Ah! You burned me! Please respect our intelligence and don't bring us crap.
Michael, liz, put your aprons on top of your bench and head home.
- And then there were 14.
- Awesome! Awesome! Gordon: Tonight, wedding bells are ringing for a masterchef favorite.
Last season's "masterchef" winner gerron.
This incredible wedding will be the site of your next team challenge.
This is serious.
Joe: You will make the entrées for this amazing wedding.
The losing team will face elimination.
I am about to freaking explode.
Gordon: No one's actually cooked at this level for this many ever before.
Noah: Just falling apart.
They're really falling apart.
Gordon: What's that for? - Flossing my ( bleep ) teeth? - ( gags ) noah: I'm deathly allergic to selfish.
- Oh, no.
- Steaks on! The only thing we're missing is the field.
Or do you wanna milk that thing, it's so raw.
I almost want to die.
Wedding? It's ( bleep ) dinner for divorce.
( music playing ) guys, come on, this wedding is gonna be amazing.
- Oh, wow! - Holy cow! Look how pretty! It's a wedding! Dorian: The wedding setting makes me a little homesick.
I haven't been away from my husband this long since we've been together.
- It's beautiful.
- It is so pretty.
But I'm here for a purpose.
I'm here to fight for my family.
It's season ten, and for the first time ever we're hosting a wedding inside the masterchef kitchen.
You're probably wondering who's getting married.
- Absolutely.
- Yes, chef.
He's a much loved member of the masterchef family Last season's "masterchef" winner gerron.
- Wow! - Oh! Gosh.
Fred: Oh, my god, it's gerron.
I don't think my heart is ready for this.
Like, this is actually kind of insane.
This incredible wedding will be the site of your next team challenge.
Now, your captains for tonight-- two cooks have really impressed us individually.
We'd like to see how they perform leading a team.
So, tonight, we'd like to put bri and wuta to the test.
- Hey! - Wow! - Aprons on, please.
- Yes, red team.
Wuta: For this challenge, I'm hoping to shine.
I'm ready to start having people realize that I'm a force to be reckoned with.
Now, you guys get to pick your own teams today.
Yes! Wuta, who is number one on your team? My first pick is going to be noah.
- Noah.
- Thank you, brother.
Why noah first? I've watched his technique, something that I struggle with, and he's probably cream of the crop.
- Bri, off we go.
- Okay.
I choose fred.
- Oh! Thank you.
- Gordon: Why fred? This is a wedding challenge, and it's all about making the plate as beautiful as possible and I know that fred is very capable of that.
My strategy is to pick people who I know will mesh together well and support me as their captain.
- Number two is going to be jamie.
- My man! Wuta's strategy is just to pick the strongest contestants, the strong loud voices.
Right, wuta, you have a strong lineup.
You have a fish cook, a meat cook.
- Yep.
- Who's plating? Magic micah, let's go.
That's my plater.
Renee, what team would you like to be on right now, red or the blue? I would love to be on the red team.
On the red team.
Fourth pick is who, please? - Sarah.
- Noah: Let's go, alpha! Let's go.
Team alpha, baby, let's go.
- Sam.
- Thank you, bri.
- Dorian, come on down.
- Noah: Let's go, dorian.
Team challenges have not been good to me at all.
I haven't won one yet, so I want this one to go well.
But at the same time, I'm worried.
The red team has a lot of strong personalities.
That could be a hindrance.
I'm gonna pick renee.
Thank you.
Okay, wuta, you picked first and you get to pick last.
Keturah, let's go.
My nigerian sister.
Pick up the apron, please, subha.
Subha: I'm the last person to be picked, so I'm feeling a bit upset because I wanna be on a team where I'm welcome.
Captains, please join your teams, thank you.
This is the team that I wanted from first pick to last, but they're all strong cooks.
Bri probably didn't want some of these stronger voices on her team, but if I can handle seventh and eighth graders, I can handle some adults.
So, tonight the losing team will face elimination.
The bride and groom want filet mignon and they want lobster.
Red team, you'll be making the lobster.
We got this.
I am jacked right now.
I'm super pumped.
My wheelhouse is seafood.
No way we're coming out without it being perfect.
Blue team, you'll be making filet.
Yeah! Now, take some time and come up with a plan worthy of a masterchef wedding.
The guests will be arriving soon.
Off you go.
Let's do it.
All right, well, clearly I can't cook lobster 'cause I'm allergic to shellfish, so let's start thinking of where I'm going to be going.
Noah: I do not have a lot of confidence in this at all because I'm deathly allergic to shellfish.
I know that I'm gonna be in a hell of a lot of trouble.
So, I'm up for all discussion, but I'm thinking we do, like, a roasted lobster tail.
Maybe like a purée.
Jamie, I see you saying something.
- What's up? - So we got one of the best spots in the world to eat lobster in charleston.
I've had it a hundred times.
I like to split 'em in half and then I wanna stuff that with some breadcrumbs, parsley, garlic, and then the meat from the other half of the lobster.
- Noah: I like that.
- Wuta: Anytime I've had lobster, it's always a big, beautiful, tail meat.
Jamie has other plans.
I'm not gonna question it because he's shown us time and time again he really knows how to cook fish.
It's a wedding.
It needs to be elegant.
- Yes.
- And with a roasted lobster, that's kind of rustic.
- It needs to definitely be, like, clean.
- Yeah.
Clean lines and good light flavors, - 'cause that lobster is gonna be heavy.
- It's gonna be rich.
Okay, so I already have some great ideas.
Let's do a pomme purée.
Who'd like to be on that? - I'm gonna do the pomme purée.
- Fred.
Okay, perfect.
And then pickled clamshell mushrooms as well.
And we're gonna stand them up on the plate so it looks super whimsical.
- I got the pickle.
- Shari.
Okay, perfect.
- A red wine reduction sauce.
- I got that.
Subha, perfect.
And then the filet, - we need a couple people on that.
Who would like-- - me.
- I'll take it.
- Yeah, I'll work with them on that.
Okay, so you guys just work together, please.
Aarón: Welcome! Appreciate you coming.
Thank you so much.
Hi, guys.
Hey! - Hey, guys.
- Good to see you again.
How are you? - Chef, you doing good? - What's up, buddy? How you doing? - How are you, beautiful? Good to see you.
- Good to see you.
Shari: This is a big challenge and this is a lot of pressure on our shoulders.
- Lindsay.
- This is not just any wedding.
Gerron is "masterchef" royalty.
Like, he won last season.
His standards are high.
We need to make this the best day of his life.
So, obviously, tenderloin does not have a lot of flavor.
- What are you thoughts on tossing in some bacon - unh-uh.
- To start with that or something-- - unh-uh.
I think we should keep the filet kind of simple.
- Okay, cool.
- Salt and pepper only, and baste with thyme and garlic.
That's great for cooking one or two individual filets, - but butter basting 45 filets is not realistic.
- Agreed.
- Let's all-- let's all talk.
- For crunch, would you like-- - we're gonna do a hard sear on both sides, for sure.
- Nick: Definitely.
- Then I think we rest it-- - no, you can't do a hard sear because since there's no fat in a filet, it will get grainy.
All right, we all need to listen to each other.
- I know.
I know.
- We do.
We do.
Bri, do you wanna put someone in charge - You're next.
- Of cooking the meat? Or do you just-- - because I'm just afraid - I can't even get my voice in.
Renee and I have slightly different styles for cooking.
I got my robe by a perfect filet mignon.
Renee: I know beef.
I know steaks.
I know all the "moo" that you need to know.
I just don't wanna be pushed off to the side because meat is what I do.
I'm not even being respected or heard by my teammates.
This isn't a good start for me.
- Excuse me, everyone.
- Hey, chef! Please, all of you get to your seats.
Let's go.
We got this.
Team blue, guys! - Bri: Yes.
- Team blue.
Let's go.
Wuta: I'm just excited that I'm gonna be cooking for my masterchef hero.
The reason why I'm here is gerron, because I saw a chef that looked like me, who does what I do, had that same passion that he probably has in the classroom, lay it all on the line in the masterchef kitchen.
This inspires me a ton.
I look at my team, and I say we have to hit this out the park.
How does it feel to be back? I truly, truly am honored to be able to do this in one of my favorite places on earth.
This is one dinner I promise we will not screw up, okay? Now, for the real reason why we turned up.
Here comes the bride.
Gerron and brandi, it is now time to exchange your vows.
Do you, brandi, take gerron to be your lawful husband - until death do you part? - I do.
Gerron, do you take brandi to be your lawful wife - until death do you part? - I do.
Now, by the power vested in me, I now declare you husband and wife.
You may kiss your gorgeous bride.
( cheers and applause ) please, all of you, help yourselves to some amazing cocktails.
- We're married! - We're married! ( indistinct chatter ) - this is so pretty.
- Yeah.
Teams, you will have 90 minutes to make the entrées for this amazing wedding.
30 minutes into our cook time, we will be tasting a single completed portion of the dish that you intend to serve to our vip guests.
Your 90 minutes starts now.
- Okay, let's go, let's go.
- Guys, we have to go this way.
- Here we go, guys.
- You guys need to move faster.
- You're in the way.
- Move, move, move.
Fred: 90 minutes to make 45 dishes.
I'm definitely trembling, but I'm trying my best not to show it.
Are we gonna talk about it or are we just gonna go into it? We're good, trust me.
We got this.
Wuta: We have really strong chefs, so I'm trusting th that they're making the right decisions.
I don't want to micromanage adults.
Ah, here they come.
Ready? Bri: Don't forget, we're making that first plate - for the judges to taste in 30 minutes.
- Yeah.
So if you need to make a smaller batch to decide, - do that.
- Yeah.
Subha, you want me to help with the shallots - so we can do them quick? - Yeah.
Sarah: I've made lobster before, but cooking on a massive scale is a much bigger deal.
- Like that? - So-- uh, yep.
But try not to break it.
- See how it cracked right in here? - Oh, yeah.
- It's all right.
- Not only that, they're not clean.
We have to clean them.
We have to devein them.
We have to kill them.
Wuta's vegetarian.
He's not even willing to do that.
- Wuta.
- Yes? - How many do you have done? - Four.
Just make sure that they look neat, okay? Noah: Right out of the gate, as a leader, wuta's taken a backseat.
- Go grab me a lemon.
- Lemon? - Yep.
- Sorry.
He's just rolling asparagus with prosciutto.
Ah, ah, ah! Zest, not juice.
Our leader is not establishing a gameplan.
Let me - We did not set the lines.
- Are you listening? - I'm listening.
- The left fridge is the only fridge-- listen to me.
- We're talking.
- The left fridge is the only fridge that's ours.
"you do this, you do that, you do this.
" everyone's just throwing things on like a buffet.
- All right, oh, god.
- What do you need? - Right this second? - He can't touch the lobster.
- Don't touch the lobster.
- You can't cut the lobster.
- Yeah, I gotcha.
- Red team, blue team, judges' tasting in just over 20 minutes from now.
- What did he say? - What's he saying? - Is everyone on that? - I would speed up if I was you guys.
( bleep ) gordon: Just over 80 minutes to go, guys.
Our first portion in 20 minutes.
Yep, heard.
How fine do you need this chopped, wuta? Wuta? Wuta, is this good? Wuta? - Wuta, is that what you want? - Just for the judges, right? Just judges tasting right now, correct? - Yeah, essentially.
- Cool.
We don't need to tie these.
These are perfect.
Here, let's separate the ones that are all consistent size - with the little ones.
- Are you guys getting those steaks seasoned? - We're about to.
We're just-- - we're organizing.
- Okay.
- Bri, I'm gonna put the wine in now, okay? - I think a little more.
- Little bit more? - Thank you for checking.
- All right.
- Okay, bri.
- Hi.
- What's the plan? - Okay, we're doing a filet that's seared, finished in the oven, traditional style, a pickled clamshell mushroom.
We're gonna stand them up.
It's gonna look very whimsical.
And we're doing a red wine reduction and a thyme oil.
Subha, do you know how to make a red wine reduction? - Yes, uh, joe.
- What's the most important thing - about a red wine reduction? - Shallots not too brown.
- They should be just translucent.
- Yeah, they have to sweat.
You should turn that down actually a little bit, okay? And then, bri, you as a captain need to get in there, okay? Timing is gonna be essential here-- how long it takes for that filet to cook, 'cause that's gonna determine what you need to do for all 45.
- Yes, chef.
Thank you.
- Right, wuta, tell me about the dish.
What are you doing? We're doing a stuffed, uh, lobster.
- Whose idea was that? - Jamie's.
What are you doing, young lady? This is a fennel purée and this is a potato purée.
We're gonna see which one works better with the full dish.
I mean, naturally, the fennel will go better than the potato purée.
- Right? - Both: Yes.
- What are the blue team doing? - Wuta: Potatoes.
I don't think the bride and groom want to to see two pomme purée.
- Okay, chef.
Yep, heard.
- So stick with the fennel.
- Gordon: Dorian, what are you doing? - Getting the asparagus ready.
Right, so, he's doing asparagus as well.
Does that sound like a lot of time wasting there? Wuta, are you listening? I'm trying to help.
We're looking at 45 portions.
As a captain, look at me, you seem a bit frazzled.
I'm lost for words at this point.
I'm looking over and wuta is a deer in headlights.
Gordon: Jamie, why have you cut the lobsters now? Well, 'cause I wanted to get all the guts out.
- When you kill a lobster, what happens to it? - Yes, chef.
- It dies.
- Yeah.
So what's the first thing you've gotta do? - Put it in the oven.
Put it-- to cook.
- Cook it.
That's right.
You can't cut a lobster like that and leave it there.
All the goodness runs out of it.
- Do you understand? - Yes, chef.
You two have got one portion of fennel working.
- Micah: Yes, chef.
- This is not how to make a purée.
Look how chunky this is.
- How long is that gonna take to cook that thick? - Quite awhile, chef.
We need to speed up.
Wuta, are you in control of this team? - Uh-- - do you know what's going on? We're making some big, bold mistakes.
- Wuta: What's a mistake that you're seeing? - No, but just-- the purée.
If I was making a purée for a wedding tonight, I'd be slicing on the mandoline.
If I slice it super thin, what happens? - It cooks way-- - it cooks faster.
No one's thinking, guys.
Keturah: Watching wuta right now is giving me anxiety.
It's clear to me that he's struggling.
He's trying to listen to everybody, and you know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen.
Oh, boy.
Wedding? It's ( bleep ) dinner for divorce.
Bri, can you tell me how dark you want these mushrooms sautéed? Not too dark, because they need to be able to stand up.
- So, red team is in meltdown.
First of all-- yeah.
- Meltdown? Jamie's cut all the lobsters in half.
- Aarón: So they're drying out.
- Wait, is wuta in control of his team? - No.
- Who's in charge? - They're all doing their own thing.
- No leadership.
Blue team, a little bit less confusion.
One variable, bri has subha making a red wine reduction sauce.
I don't know if I would trust subha with the sauce.
- Okay, go ahead and strain it, okay? - 10-4, captain.
Gordon: Ten minutes until the judges' tasting.
I think we should twine them, for sure.
- It's not gonna take long.
- Yes, it will.
I honestly am against it, but do whatever.
- Y'all pushed me out of the way.
I normally cook steaks.
- No, it's not-- - but it's-- it's whatever.
- Guys, no fighting, please.
They are not listening to me at all and I am about to freaking explode.
- Yeah, awesome.
- Bri, I need you over here! This is a waste of time because they're already beautiful.
- They don't need to be tied.
- Okay, well, we need to focus - on this judges' portion right now.
- Yes.
So just help sam, nick, subha, everyone that you can right now.
Bri is a great leader, but she is being influenced by nick and sam because they're masculine men.
"oh, they know meat.
" - sam, is that good? - It's perfect.
- Cool.
- It's nice and tight.
Red team, blue team, judges' tasting in just over two minutes from now.
Gerron: Isn't it crazy being back here? - You're my wife, baby.
- I'm your wife! Everyone, bring your finished products over to the plating area.
I got the pickles.
They're behind you - on the table.
- Awesome.
Thank you.
Bri: I need the steak, sam.
- A little rare.
- Uh, it's a little rare.
- Wuta, speed up, please.
- Are we ready for lobster, captain? Yes, let's get it on the plate.
Is that purée done? - Yes, over there.
It's at the bottom of the plate.
- Oh.
Oh, yeah.
All right, I'm bringing you a claw right now, okay? - You ready to go? - Yes.
Okay, so, visually, first for me, - where's the green? - The herb oil, that's it.
- There needs to be more effort in there.
- Okay.
- Add a green element.
- Who cooked the filet? - Sam.
- It's not even seared.
It's, like, poached.
It looks like boiled meat.
- I agree.
- Just-- just two seconds.
Oh, my gosh.
What's that for, flossing my ( bleep ) teeth? Wow.
I'm sorry.
That won't happen again.
What you got right is the actual seasoning is beautiful.
- Really beautiful.
- Okay.
- The sauce, this needs to come down.
- Yes.
Yes, chef.
It's not bad flavor-wise, but it needs to cook a lot more.
- Thank you so much.
- That's not a bad start.
The steak was not a hard enough sear, and then this is literally - what I brought up to the judges.
- Yeah, no.
So we're not doing the strings at all.
Use the shears, cut them off.
- Period.
- Renee: Thank you.
Guess what.
I was right.
Tying filet mignon is a waste of time.
Can I put you on your own little task? Can you come up with a green element for the dish? On our first team challenge of the season I got kicked off the grill doing burgers.
Number one mistake.
They regretted it.
Let's do asparagus.
Let's do asparagus.
Can you handle that, renee? Thank you.
This team challenge, they're kicking me off the damn filet mignon and put me on vegetables.
- We got it, guys.
- Okay.
Wuta, I need the captain over here, please.
- Thank you.
- Yes, chef.
Okay, in the dining room, look at the dress, the attire.
- What is it? - Uh, formal.
So we can't have claws cracked.
- They're not putting the bib on.
- I got you.
I got you.
- Oh, dear.
Who cooked lobster? - Jamie.
And what's it seasoned with? Parsley, and it's breaded with breadcrumbs, onions, a medley of things.
- Everything tastes delicious to me-- - yeah.
Like, the lobster, the filling.
I just think the whole format is wrong.
Gordon: What it needs is finesse.
- Yeah.
- You're up against a filet.
I'm internalizing it 100%.
Okay? So get a meeting and get it going now.
- Guys, bring it in real quick.
- Yeah.
We're on the lobster because that's the most-- so, yes, please, can we do the lobster like how I would normally do lobster? Pull the meat on the top.
The sauce is perfect, but let the meat be out.
If people wanna use a fork, that's the only tool that they need to do.
Jamie: It's my fault.
Wuta put me in charge of lobster and I messed it up.
- The seasoning was on point with the lobster.
- Thank you.
- But the execution was all over the place.
- Yeah, we're switching gears.
We may as well be sat on end of the dock, and we're in the masterchef restaurant, the masterchef kitchen.
Two previous winners in there.
I need you guys at your best.
- Yes, chef.
- You got it.
Make it look pretty, jamie.
We not in the back of your truck.
We're 30 minutes down.
We only got 60 minutes left.
We don't have enough time to switch gears.
And if we switch gears and mess up, we definitely don't have enough time to switch gears again.
Wuta, what do you wanna do with these claws? - What did they say about claw meat? - No.
They don't have anything to crack it with.
We're just gonna do the tails.
Keep it nice and simple.
- All right, cool.
- Heard, captain.
Let's do it old-school style.
When I cook the tails, I usually cook the tail on the outside.
- Like, I'll pull it out.
- Perfect.
That's the only way I've ever served lobster to my mama.
Take off the little arms, too, if you can-- the little hands on the other side.
I think the pressure is high for me on this dish because it's really important to show that I can be a leader in the kitchen.
So I'm putting sarah on the lobster.
- Like this? - Uh, perfect, yep.
And I really am hoping that she can guide us to victory.
This is what we're gonna do.
You cut it straight down the middle, break all of these rib bones.
Then put your fingers inside - and pop it on top.
- And pop the meat out.
Dorian: Every single thing that the judges said about our plate, I brought up.
So now we have to switch gears, and it's frustrating.
I need help presenting these lobsters.
Me and dorian are about to be free to help you with that.
- Sarah: Awesome.
- Wuta: We can have four hands on it.
Now he's got sarah in charge of the lobster.
We should not be in this position.
How are the potatoes looking, fred? Fred: Straining them right now.
Gordon: Right, let's go, bri.
What is he doing? What are you doing? I'm passing it through a sieve, chef.
Gordon: Oh, dear, oh, dear.
- Hey, blue team.
- Yes, chef.
How many days do you think it'll take to push a mashed potato through there? How do we make mashed potatoes? Ricer.
And we're sticking that through there? I've never seen mashed-- why are you putting them through there? I was trying to go and remove any impurity, chef.
- It's a potato, you doughnut! - Okayokay.
Sorry, chef.
We don't need that extra step.
- You don't need that ( bleep ).
- Okay.
Come on! Is this all you've got? I've never seen mashed-- why are you putting them through there? I was trying to go and remove any impurity, chef.
- It's a potato, you doughnut! - Okay, okay.
Sorry, chef.
We don't need that extra step.
- You don't need that ( bleep ).
- Okay.
Fred: I basically want to be any human being except for fred chang right now.
I almost want to die.
All the goodness is in there.
Fred, taste that.
- How good is that? - It was amazing, chef.
And I apologize.
I will not do that again.
I'm trying to help you.
It's delicious.
Knowing that I get to skip that step, it actually makes me feel really relieved because now I can just finish the potatoes faster.
You gotta speed up, blue team.
Speed up, everybody, yes? - Absolutely, chef.
Thank you.
- Let's go.
Aarón: Sarah, that's gonna take a long time.
- Dorian, get in there and help out.
- Break those ribs.
Don't touch 'em in the center, 'cause they have spikes.
So I've taken the charge on this lobster.
We're gonna cook it on the shell.
Y'all, this is taking-- - it takes a long time.
- It takes too much time.
We're gonna have all hands on deck, though.
It's gonna be quick.
I'm just trying to teach everyone so that we can knock these out and get 'em in the oven or they're gonna be completely raw.
This is a lot of manual work, guys.
You gotta do 45 of those.
Let's go.
40 minutes, guys.
So what are we using? Olive oil? - Yeah, I think olive oil.
- All right.
Bri knows what we're doing with the asparagus, right? I'm gonna roast them, because it doesn't take the bright green out of 'em.
- Let's blanch and shock.
- I think blanch and shock.
Okay, I'm just gonna be quiet.
I'm just not gonna speak my word.
- Renee, we wanna hear you-- - no, I got kicked off steak, and that's what I do.
I cleared all that space off.
Shari: I feel like renee is really abrasive.
In the team challenge, you have to put your ego aside and you all have to give, otherwise you're going to lose, and I don't wanna go into another elimination challenge.
So, we need to get, like, the eye on the prize.
We got this, renee.
I know it sucks, but we gotta-- we gotta get through this.
Come on, renee.
- Seriously stop.
Look at me.
- Nope.
Nope, I'm working.
- I'm working.
Don't slow me down.
- Listen.
Come on.
Renee, we need to be in a good attitude.
- Come on.
- I am in a good attitude! I don't give a damn no more.
Just tell me what the hell to do and I'm gonna do it.
You gotta speed it up, sarah.
You gotta get somebody there.
Noah, I need your big hands in there.
Gonna get my gloves on.
Being deathly allergic to shellfish, I'm feeling nervous.
- I can do this.
- Go like an assembly line.
I'm cutting straight down the spine.
I start cutting the lobster open, ripping the meat out, getting it all in my face.
Here we go.
I am itching like a ( bleep ).
My throat's starting to seal up.
I'm starting to literally try to get my nose clear.
Oh, no.
As ridiculous as this is, I'm putting my life in danger for the betterment of the team, because I want to win more f than anything on this planet.
I've got my epipen in my side pocket.
I'm a juggernaut.
I'm ready to run through a wall.
It's time to freaking get there or get out.
- You okay over there? - Yeah, I'm good.
- Stuff these up, noah.
- Yes, chef.
- I need things in the oven.
- Come on, let's go.
So, blue team, they've gotta be super careful.
It's all about the timing when you cook a filet mignon.
- You can't cook that and let that rest and cook it again.
- Nope.
- You need to cook and go.
- Yo, I think we should put some in the oven now or something.
- I don't think so.
I don't think we should.
- Okay, okay.
All right.
We have three ovens to work with.
I got a good one for you.
So now they've shifted gears, the red team, so they're gonna roast the whole tail - which is easy to access.
- Good, good idea.
Gordon: The thing is, the red team overcomplicated their lobster to begin with, which has set them back.
And now you've got one, two, three, four, five, in fact, six of the red team all on the lobster.
- All right, we're doing good, guys.
- We're doing great.
We're getting it now.
Looks like we got a system.
That's what I'm talking about, guys.
All right, guys, there's just under 30 minutes left.
I'm gonna leave this to you guys.
I'm gonna go check in on the party.
See you later, boys.
Just under 30 minutes remaining.
Yes, chef.
- Hello, bride and groom.
- Hi! - Hey, joe.
- What do you think coming back here? What are your memories of this place like? Fun? You know, winning "masterchef" was a dream come true.
And to be back and be able to, you know, experience my wedding here is just, like, unbelievable.
I just need the food to be perfect, so that I can go home and sleep at night.
Please gauge the done-ness of the lobster.
Those have been in there for ten minutes.
These have been in there for seven minutes.
The stuffing's falling out.
- We gotta-- - what happened to these? What's going on? - They're just falling apart.
They're falling apart.
- Why? I have no idea.
They're literally falling apart.
Sarah: Our lobster looks mangled-- popping up in the oven, the stuffing's going everywhere.
We've ( bleep ) this all up.
We're talking about someone's wedding.
We can't serve them a messed up dish.
This whole pan is not neat enough.
Wuta, 26 minutes to go.
We are running out of time and if we don't figure out a way to deal with the lobster, - the red team's done.
- Sarah: Come on, keep moving! Gordon: Red team, get a grip! Oh, my lord.
We've ( bleep ) this all up.
- The stuffing's just, like, popping off.
- Falling off.
That's all falling off.
We got a disaster here.
What'd you do? Put them in water? - Yeah, we blanched them.
- We blanched them first.
What's happened now, they've gone in there raw.
What happens when you hit them with that naked heat? - Yeah, they shrink.
- So, how do you rectify that now? Cut that in half, stuff it, and put it on the plate.
Just half the shell, 'cause they've all curled up.
All right, guys, new plan.
We got roughly 20 minutes left and we gotta come up with a completely different idea.
Give me a tray to put these on.
And they need to be brushed with butter, guys, okay? Because the meat's curling up, we gotta take all this meat, cut the tails in half, and then load meat back into them.
It wouldn't be that big of a deal, but there's 45 daggone lobsters.
After you clean it off, put that lobster meat in there.
Not much.
We gotta make sure we have enough stuffing.
Wuta: The stakes are extremely high.
I'm cooking for one of my heroes.
The thought of letting down gerron? It hurts.
15 minutes to go.
Here we go then.
- Are the steaks going into the oven? - Yes.
Can someone temp them? - Because nick and I are still on the stove.
- Yeah.
Let's-- - they need to go in the oven.
- Yeah, I agree.
- Right, what are you doing now? - I'm tasting these things.
You're tasting what? Hey, you may be drunk in a minute.
Stop tasting the ( bleep ) thing! - He needs to do something.
- Grab a ricer.
- Okay, okay.
- Help with the potato.
Let's go! Subha: Absolutely.
Folks, one of the proudest moments of my professional life came from coaching this man to becoming america's ninth masterchef.
Yeah! Brandi, you're a lucky woman.
Thank you.
I am.
So congratulations to both of you.
- Cheers.
Cheers to everyone.
- All: Cheers.
- Butter, butter.
- Yes.
Noah: My face is just getting really itchy.
I'm gonna need some benadryl on the fly.
- Now, wuta.
Wuta, look at me.
- Yes.
You're the captain.
You control your team now.
Look at your plates.
Make sure they're all the exact same.
- Yes.
Yes, chef.
- Lobster goes on last.
Try not to slide the food on the plates, guys.
It goes on once and once only.
I don't want anything to go under the shell.
Then we'll put the shell right here and clean it-- - and swipe.
- Perfect.
- How's the reduction? - Subha's got the first batch of sauce.
- Renee, can you plate the asparagus? - Okay.
Find that presentation.
How are you doing yours? Because mine's, like, looking kind of lumpy.
- I'm rotating the plate if I need to.
- Okay.
Bri: Everybody knows me as the plating queen, and I wanna show that it's true.
Every dish needs to be clean, nice, elegant, refined.
- Do you like that? - It needs to show a little more on the edges.
- A little bit more on the edges? - Yeah.
The steak is gonna cover some of it, too, fred.
- So - Yeah.
How are you, guys? Welcome back to the masterchef kitchen.
- Cheers, joe.
- We did your wedding in season nine.
- How was that experience? - It was great.
I mean, there was definitely some issues in the food.
- I remember that.
- So I think, you know, having steak and lobster, it's something that these home cooks should be a lot more familiar with.
Keep the classics and do it right.
Aarón: No, no.
Nick, you gotta pull it off the flame, buddy.
Now what you're doing is just burning that.
Put it off your flame.
Nice to see all these familiar faces.
- Everyone excited? - Yes.
What's it feel like coming back here? - A lot less stress.
- Gerron chose as his favorite proteins filet mignon and lobster.
How difficult do you think it is to take those luxurious proteins and create a dish that's meritorious of this monumental occasion? They've gotta nail the cook on the lobster.
- We get rubbery lobster, we're gonna be-- - yeah, I don't wanna be-- - we're gonna be disappointed right here.
- But not only rubbery.
Most people eat lobster poached, lobster rolls-- simple, simple.
Now you gotta make it like a gourmet banquet dish.
Breaking down the lobster is gonna take them time.
So I don't know how much time they have to cook, but-- - 90 minutes.
- That's a lot of lobster to cook in 90 minutes.
For sure.
- Sam, can I have a little more oil? - Yeah, take it.
Sam and I are working through as many steaks as we can, and sort of keeping a bunch of different timers in our heads to know when to flip all these steaks.
- So you think we have enough, yeah? - Well, nick, we have 27, plus two, four, six.
I'm worried, because we have 45 steaks that we have to present all at the same time.
It's gonna come down to the wire no matter what.
Bri: Nick, sam, how are those steaks looking, boys? - They're looking good.
- Bri: And they're temping good? - Uh, they still have to finish in the oven.
- Okay.
All right, everyone.
Seven minutes left.
Let's go.
40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45.
- Yes, sir.
- Good.
Noah: Micah, that's looking beautiful.
My god, that looks beautiful.
- Nice job.
Nice job.
- Guys, circle.
- Mashed potatoes need to be a circle.
- Fred: Circle? - Okay, okay.
- Okay, are these steaks ready? - Hold on a minute.
- Those steaks are ready.
But just come here.
Just touch them.
- I didn't check.
- I know.
You need to check them, though.
- Who cooked these? - Nick and I cooked.
Oh, my gosh.
- Blue team.
Blue team! - Guys, guys, guys! - Yes, chef! - Turn around! Oh, my gosh.
It's raw.
It's simply not acceptable.
The only thing we're missing is the field.
Or do you wanna milk that thing, it's so raw? - Come on, guys, please.
- Yes, chef.
Gordon: This is "masterchef" season ten.
Come on! The only thing we're missing is the field.
Come on, guys, please.
Renee: This is a disaster.
Time is about to be up, and nick and sam's filets are still raw.
But you know what? Who got kicked off of doing filet mignons? This girl did.
I'm gonna take control now 'cause I'm embarrassed.
All right, so you two are in charge of the meat.
- Yes, chef.
Yes, chef.
- You go back on to your stoves.
- You, come here.
- Yes.
You two-- stop! Get down here.
No, subha.
Not you, us.
Subha, you come over here.
You're with her! - Yes, chef.
- Come here, subha.
So we got two, two, and two, and the captain, and you don't move from there.
Nick: Gordon has essentially taken over our team, and it's embarrassing.
The only possible way we have hope at winning this challenge is if the other team really screwed up their dish.
We have to hurry up.
Come on.
Jamie, what do you need help with? These aren't quite done.
It's gonna take to the last second to get it cooked all the way.
Oh, my god, that stinks.
- ( coughs ) - you all right? - ( coughs ) - get away from the lobster.
- I am dying.
- We'll put it on broil, okay? - I need you to keep an eye on the lobsters over here.
- I got these ones.
- Guys, how we looking over here? - We're doing great.
Spoon, spoon, hey.
( whistles ) - how long, please, sam? - Done.
These are gonnbe a little over I think.
- You okay? You okay? - Yes, chef.
- Yeah, absolutely, chef.
- Slow down.
Slow it down.
Backs, please.
Subha! Psst.
Earth to subha! Steaks are ready.
Get out of the ( bleep ) way! - Tongs? Psst! Tongs? - Yes, I'm wiping up here.
- Chef, I-- I have tongs.
- Come on! Steaks on! - Subha, there's tongs behind you.
- Yeah, yeah.
- ( bleep ) now! - Sorry.
All right, let's get some lobster on the plate.
It's still cooking.
It's still cooking.
It's still cooking.
- Here, here, here.
- Guys, put the tray right here closest to you, guys.
- Get another tray, jamie.
- Coming right now.
Two minutes, everyone.
I need garnishes on.
I need lobster plated.
Let's go! Everybody is on one end.
Micah, we got plates down here, sweetheart.
- Guys, spread out.
- Come on.
Split the mushrooms into two so we can all work with you! Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, chef.
No, it's not okay! Not ( bleep ) at all.
Subha, you gotta clean.
Buddy, you're spreading.
I am cleaning there.
Wuta, you do inspection at all of them! Bless them! There's no breadcrumbs right there on this one.
Zero on that.
Zero on this one.
- The plates still gotta stay clean.
- Then clean them, dorian! - Let's move.
We've got 30 seconds left.
- Let's go! Let's go! - We got time.
Move! - Someone I need cleaning plates.
- But I'm cleaning-- - it's okay.
I'm going after subha and cleaning.
- Come on.
- Aarón: Ten, nine, eight, - seven, six, five - Breadcrumbs right here.
Breadcrumbs right here.
Four, three, two, one.
Hands in the air.
Well done.
- Thank you, chef.
- Dang.
Let's go.
Service, please.
Sam: Time is up.
I'm just really hoping that we got cooked meat on the plate.
- I would eat it.
- Renee: I'm pissed.
Bri was not being vocal at all.
But we finally got these freaking plates out, and hopefully, fingers crossed, we win.
- What a nightmare.
- Guys, I'm happy with these plates.
Jamie: Well, I made a bad call in the beginning, but the lobster was definitely more of a challenge than I would have anticipated.
Wuta says that they look done to him, but I think it looks like a mess.
So, we'll see.
Okay, gerron, brandi, so, here we have it.
We have a lobster baked with bread stuffing with purée of fennel, a beurre blanc, and then asparagus in prosciutto di parma.
From the blue team, we have the filet, potato purée, sautéed asparagus, red wine reduction, - and pickled mushrooms.
- Oh, wow.
Which dish speaks to you more and why? The red team's dish speaks to me more.
I just think it looks really nice on the plate - and I like the scrape here.
- You like it.
- Gerron? - Agreed.
I would say that the red team has a lot of finesse when it comes to this fennel purée.
But then also this lobster, and the ability to put a lobster stuffing on top of the lobster.
- That's boss.
I like that.
- Very good.
- Dig in.
Buon appetito.
- Brandi: All right.
Thank you, joe.
Denise: I like the red team's lobster a lot better.
The breadcrumbs were really good and it had a really good flavor.
Christopher: Both of them are seasoned well, but I prefer the blue dish because the taste, the seasoning, and the way it was prepared.
I like the red team's lobster over the blue team's steak because of the breadcrumbs.
The stuffing was really good.
Patricia: I prefer the blue team's filet mignon.
It was seasoned perfectly, and I like the way that it was cooked.
I don't taste the red wine sauce - as much as I would like.
- No.
But it does have a great flavor, - and well-seasoned.
- It really does.
I think it's hard to season a steak - to perfection.
- Right.
And the blue team has definitely done that tonight.
Ralph: I think the red team's lobster dish nailed it.
The blue team definitely undercooked their steak.
So, if I had to vote, I think it'd be for the red team.
Brandi: I don't know.
Taste the lobster and tell me what you think.
My lobster seems a little undercooked.
It's kinda chewy or something? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
That's definitely undercooked.
That's definitely undercooked.
Ooh! All right, just checking in, bride and groom.
How are things preceding? You're getting through all these dishes? Uh, the red team, my lobster was uneven.
Joe: Obviously, it missed the mark.
- It's raw.
Yours is raw as well.
- Gerron: It's raw.
- It's just really, really inconsistent.
- Filet is good, though? - Oh, man, the flavor.
- The filet is excellent.
- Loving the filet.
- Thank you, joe.
The lobster is actually cooked through.
I took a piece of it that you guys were like, "I'm not sure if it's cooked.
" I took a piece of that.
It's cooked.
I think we did enough right on this plate.
I think we had a lot of different components that all came together.
Guys, eat some lobster.
Eat some lobster.
Enjoy it.
As a team, I can look at these guys and feel like I led them into victory.
How was tonight's lobster? - Ehh - Man: Kind of a car wreck.
- Yeah? - Y'all doing good over here? - Look at that.
- Dude.
- What's wrong? - We got some sashimi here.
- You got raw lobster.
- I mean, that's not even-- it's just kind of butchered.
Now that the cook's over, all we can do is wait.
I just really hope they enjoy it.
I haven't been this nervous at a wedding since my own.
It's bigger than the competition right now.
It's about giving people a nice meal for their wedding.
- ( inhales ) - you all right? Noah: Just itchy and puffy and I took, like, three benadryls, an antihistamine.
So I'm gonna be passed out in about two hours.
- You're about to be knocked.
- Does this help with that? - This is just breathing.
- It helps with the breathing.
Just breathing in that lemon oil, baby.
What an amazing evening.
Brandi, gerron, thank you so much for giving us a chance to host this incredible evening.
Now it's time to meet your talented home cooks that executed tonight's dinner.
- Whoo! - The red team and the blue team.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Both: Thank you.
- Yeah! - Whoo! We all wish you a lifetime of health, happiness, - and of course great food.
- Brandi: Yes.
Thank you so much.
Unfortunately, as we know, it isn't all good news.
One of you two teams is safe, the other team will be facing elimination.
Now, the fact of the matter is that we tasted all of your food.
We spoke to all the guests.
Gordon: And we were completely embarrassed to find out a number of dishes prepared by the losing team were undercooked.
That is unacceptable.
The winning team did have some bumps along the way, but were able to serve a delicious meal in the end.
That's right, the winning team, the team that will be safe from elimination-- and all you guys, season nine, you know how that feels, right? - Yes.
- Yeah.
Congratulations goes to The Blue team! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Great job! Great job! Bri: We had some road bumps for sure, but this is my third win, and I can't help but start gaining some confidence.
Winning immunity means that I'm just one step closer to that masterchef title, which is why I'm here.
Blue team, congratulations.
Our bride and groom absolutely adored it.
- So did our guests.
- Joe: Good job.
- Thank you.
- Good job, guys.
- Thank you so much.
- Good job, guys.
Red team, sadly, the dish wasn't executed to masterchef standards.
You will be facing elimination.
- Again.
- Head back into the kitchen and start clearing down both teams' kitchens.
- Thank you.
- Yes, chef.
Wuta: I had this great opportunity to produce something memorable for them.
But the lobster was undercooked.
That's really embarrassing.
Nobody wants to go to a wedding and walk away saying, "eh, I'd rather have the beef.
" - I'm sorry, guys.
- It's not your fault, dude.
- Yeah, but it is.
- I'm willing to take my lumps.
You can't shift gears five times in an hour and a half and expect to come out with a good product.
It's my fault because my idea, the judges did not like when they tasted it.
I didn't have a plan, you know? We didn't execute because I was overwhelmed with looking at all these different parts.
Wuta: I actually blame myself because he who wears the crown falls on the sword.
So, I deserve to be in the elimination because we let gerron down.
( music playing ) thank you for enjoying our special day with us.
And it's that much more meaningful that all of this is taking place in the masterchef kitchen.
- Love you guys.
- Love you, too! - We love you, gerron! - Hey! ( music playing )