Masterchef (2010) s10e11 Episode Script

Backyard BBQ

1 Gordon: Previously on "masterchef" We're hosting a wedding inside the masterchef kitchen.
- Oh, my god! - Oh, wow.
Oh, dear.
Who cooked lobster? - Jamie.
- I messed it up.
I need lobster plated.
Let's go.
- Blue team! - Oh, my gosh.
Gordon: The only thing we're missing is the field.
It's raw.
It's ( bleep ) dinner for divorce.
The team that will be safe from elimination is blue team! Red team, you will be facing elimination.
Tonight - Aarón: Beef.
- Noah: Oh, boy.
We are firing up the grills for the first ever masterchef barbecue.
Joe: History is being made on our fantastic patio.
- I'm a grill master.
- ( sighs ) you've never worked a barbecue? No.
It's an elimination challenge - Stop the clock.
- With a sweet twist.
We decided today that your main course isn't enough.
Are you ( bleep ) kidding me? Welcome, guys.
Line up, please.
- Oh, it's a grill.
- Wuta: It sucks being the teamaptain and losing.
Let's go.
I put a stacked team together.
And now I have to cook against some of the strongest cooks in the competition.
So, I'm gonna have to be on my a game.
Welcome to the gorgeous masterchef patio.
Yesterday we had our first ever wedding in the masterchef kitchen and in the end, the blue team won.
- Good job, guys.
- Good news for you guys is that you're all safe from elimination.
- Thank you.
- All of you, head up to that beautiful balcony, kick back, and help yourselves to a drink.
Shari: I've been on every losing team so far, so I'm so happy right now.
We get to drink some cocktails All: Cheers.
And just catch some rays.
Red team, you know what that means.
Today you are facing elimination.
Wuta, you lost your voice yesterday, but talk to us now.
I had a game plan, and I quickly abandoned my game plan because I didn't believe in myself or my cooking abilities.
I trusted my team and I didn't trust myself.
Jamie, I'm gonna be honest.
I think you were overcomplicating the entire dish.
It was a wedding.
It wasn't a dish where you serve a lobster in a shell.
It wasn't that kind of moment, right? - Yes, chef.
- All right, red team, please, all of you take off those red aprons and put those black ones on.
Let's go.
- Yes, chef.
- Jamie: The team challenge, it was kind of a crap show with regards to lobster, and I know it's my fault.
And I'm fine taking my lumps, but this is my chance to redeem myself.
So, I'm gotta get my head straight.
It's just like fishing tournament.
Every day is different.
I just gotta go do my thing.
Today, youl be cooking out here.
For the first time in masterchef history You'll be cooking while using a summertime staple in america.
It's practically a religion.
We are going to grill.
Hands up, who likes to grill? - Me, chef! - Chef.
- This guy.
- Gordon: Love it.
Dorian: Oh, man.
I grill at home all year round.
But I've never worked with a gas grill before in my life, so this is gonna be a challenge for me.
Keturah, have you ever attended a barbecue? Yes.
Have you ever cooked on a barbecue? - No.
- Gordon: Oh, my lord.
- You are from England, right? - Yeah.
You know that barbecues, how famous they are back in the uk.
I know but, like, other people throw the parties and I go.
Gordon: Wow.
- But today we're breaking that, right? - Yes.
Well, there truly is no better ingredient to sizzle up on those grills than bold, beautiful beef! - Oh, boy.
- Oh, wow! - Oh, my gosh.
- It's what's for dinner.
Let's roll.
Let's roll.
Let's roll.
Let's roll.
- Let's roll.
Let's roll.
- That's what I'm talking about.
- Let's go.
- Micah: Hell, yeah.
It's a fricking cornucopia of meat.
It's dang near the whole cow.
Beef is what's for dinner, but beef is what's gonna send me up to that white apron.
I'm so excited.
Here we have a beautiful array of some of the best cuts that any grill master can ever hope for.
All provided by wonderful beef ranchers and farmers.
- Ooh.
- Gordon: Amazing.
- Come on, guys.
- Tomahawk, baby.
- Give me the tomahawk.
- How beautiful is that? - Gorgeous.
- Seriously? - Really? - Keturah: Wow.
We're gonna need some big plates.
You used to only be able to get this quality of meat in fine dining restaurants and steak houses.
But now you can pick it up at your local grocery store.
Just consider this our very own masterchef backyard barbecue.
We're looking today for a hearty plate.
The beef should be the star.
The dish should pop with flavors and excite just like a summer firework show.
Now, in addition to all this mouthwatering beef, you will have access to the full masterchef summer patio pantry to make your steak dish sing today.
The home cook with the worst dish, sadly, will be eliminated.
But the home cook with the best dish today will win an awesome prize.
Their recipe will officially be published on the "beef-- it's what's for dinner" website - Unreal.
- Wow.
That is visited by millions of people.
- Yo! - Yes.
Now, today you'll have one amazing hour to cook us a very delicious, composed, grilled meat dish.
- You guys ready? - Yes, chef.
Your one hour starts now.
Let's go, guys.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go! - Sorry, sorry.
Is this, like, a skirt steak? This is going to be hard for me.
As a vegetarian, I'm looking at these beef cuts and I'm seeing steaks with bones that look like we're on "the flintstones.
" - I've never seen that before.
- More rib eye there.
Sarah: Being from texas, it's cattle land, and we barbecue all the time.
My kids love steak.
And we barbecue all the time.
I'm safe.
I'm not going home tonight on this dish.
Excuse me.
Look at you, keturah! Not making any mistakes today.
Wow, keturah, how many pieces of steak you got there? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
As someone who's never grilled before, I'm trying my best to think about all the things that could possibly go wrong.
- So, our first masterchef backyard barbecue.
- Very exciting.
- Gordon: What an amazing challenge.
- Aarón: Absolutely.
And everybody fancies themself a great backyard barbecue warrior, right? - Sure.
- The weekend comes around, - you wanna impress your family and friends.
- Not me.
- When I wanna grill, I go to your house.
- Oh, really? There you go.
Let's talk about the hero, the meat.
- What cut would you use? - I'm gonna go bone-in rib eye.
- 100%, all day long.
- Gordon: Joe? I like a bit of a fattier steak, so I'll go with the new york strip.
Gordon: I'd take one of those t-bones.
The advantage of t-bone, you got the strip loin and you got the fillet.
- So that's a dream come true.
- Perfect.
This is elimination, so we need to elevate this tonight.
Use the grill as your backbone, but we wanna see - the attraction on the plate.
- Ah, here we go.
It needs to be restaurant quality.
That's what they're gonna struggle with today.
- Ooh-wee! - What are you putting in, noah? - Bourbon.
- Both: Ooh! It's pretty killer.
I'm really happy with that.
Noah: I've been grilling my whole life.
Being a proud southerner, I feel this is my wheelhouse.
Are you kidding me, you're giving me a grill? I'm a grill master.
This is like michael phelps in a fricking lap pool, okay? This is a natural habitat.
It's not the right herb.
Silverback gorilla in a rainforest, okay? This is my jungle and I own it.
We're rolling right now.
Gordon: Just over 50 minutes to go.
Get used to those cuts.
Marinade it, cook it, understand the flavor.
- Okay.
- Right, young lady, how you feeling? - I'm really nervous, chef, I'm not gonna lie to you.
- Nervous? - Yeah.
- Nervous about what? Come on.
Tell me about the dish.
What are you doing? Um, I'm making a steak of some sort and then salad-- a side salad with walnut and apples, and then some sweet potato fries with parmesan or pecorino.
So you're going all out, aren't you? - I hope so.
- You're not done yet, are you? - No.
- How upset would you be if you did leave? - I'd be really upset.
- Yeah.
So would we.
Start visualizing that dish in your mind.
- Okay, thank you, chef.
- You can do this, yes? Good luck.
- Micah, how's it going, man? - Going good, subha.
Thank you.
I started cooking every single day when I was 12 years old.
I had to cook burgers and meatballs for my family, but I've never worked with something this nice in my entire life.
- yeah, baby - the quality of the beef that they've given us is amazing.
Everything is top of the line, and I'm so pumped for this.
Gordon: Just over 40 minutes to go.
- Looks great, noah.
- Thank you.
- Us, southerners, we know how to cook.
- Gordon: Wow.
- It smells delicious.
- Lot of grilling happening here.
- Beautiful.
Really good, indeed.
- Perfect.
Joe: Jamie's cooking with a vengeance today.
- Yeah, jamie's going.
- He wants a comeback.
- All right.
- I thought that giving a grilling challenge - would really have these people in their comfort zone.
- Oh, shoot.
I see people like keturah, dorian, who seem like they're really in a panic - being behind a grill.
- Damn.
That's really concerning.
Then you see, like, jamie and noah, and they look like they've been behind a grill their whole lives.
- Out here, there's no faking it.
- No.
Did that go out? No.
I'm feeling really anxious because I am completely lost That's not even cooking.
And I don't like not knowing how to do something.
Think about it, think about it, think about it.
So, I'm freaking out right now.
Guys, keturah's in a meltdown.
What is going on? ( keturah screams ) ( bleep ) oh, what is she doing? Um-- oh, my god! ( groans, sighs ) that's not even cooking.
Okay, focus, focus, focus.
Just center yourself, keturah.
You got this.
- Take a deep breath.
- Thanks.
Keturah: This challenge is difficult, but I'm not giving up because all I really wanna do is take my love of cooking to a grander scale and open my own restaurant.
( sighs ) it's been a dream that I've had since I was a kid.
So I have to buck up and get it all together.
Okay, you can do this.
39 minutes remaining, guys.
- Shari: Looking good, sarah! - How long is the tomahawk gonna cook for, though? - Because that's a huge bone.
- I don't know how long you cook that thing for.
That thing scares me.
All right, do you have enough meat there, sarah? You have carnage is what you have, sarah.
It was definitely a food fight up there, - I gotta say.
- I got you.
So what do you got going on? Talk to us about your dish.
I was fortunate enough to get a tomahawk.
Never worked with it, but I'm gonna give it a try.
I'm gonna do a brussels sprout with bacon lardons.
So who takes care of the grilling duties? I would imagine you do on the weekends.
You know, when we found out we were having twin boys, my husband wanted to go get the most manly thing he could, - but I'm the grill master at our house.
- I love that.
That's the way it should be.
Ladies rule in the kitchen.
Thank you, chef.
Thank you, joe.
Subha: Smart work, jamie, showing the south carolina style.
- Show 'em how to do it.
- I'm trying, I'm trying.
- Right, jamie, how you feeling? - I feel good.
Tell me about the dish.
What are you doing? So I'm gonna do a tomahawk rib eye with anchovy butter and a southern skillet - of creamed corn jalapeños.
- Smart.
And then duck fat fried broccolinis - with some small potatoes.
- Top ten is around the corner.
- Can you come back strong across this grill? - Yeah.
I have no-- I have no doubts.
Trying to redeem myself.
Trying to stay here.
I think if I elevate this just a little bit more than I would normally, I think I'll be okay.
- Good, good idea.
Good luck, young man.
- Thank you so much.
Jamie: I have to deliver on this challenge and get on top because I started a nonprofit.
We rescue folks during hurricanes and floods and stuff.
And I wanna win this money so that I can buy a food truck, and it'll give me an opportunity to cook for these folks.
- Jamie, it smells delicious.
- Thank you.
This is his challenge.
- Chef aarón.
- How are you? - I'm doing really well, chef.
- All right, well, - tell us your dish, noah.
- Look at those rubs.
So, what we're gonna have is we're gonna have a romesco sauce, roasted peppers, tomatoes are on the grill right now.
I'm gonna do a little bit of corn, then I'm gonna make a chimichurri sauce - with a hash.
- Wow, that's a lot of stuff.
- You feeling good about where you are right now? - Yes, chef.
Very, very confident.
My dad had me from day one, as soon as I was able to walk, - be able to get on the grill.
- Let's see if it pays off.
I can't wait.
I love that.
I love that pressure, chef.
That's why I'm here, is to try to feel that pressure.
- Good luck.
- Thank you, chef.
35 minutes remaining.
Keep it going.
- How you doing, dorian? - I'm doing okay, girl.
Working out here on this grill is crazy.
- Ooh.
- I have sarah on one side, who's very quiet and very into what she's doing.
Then I have noah on the other side, who's very vocal.
- That's dead-on.
- And he's a grill master.
And it seems like the more he talks, the worse I feel about my grilling skills.
But one of the things that I go by is never let them see you sweat, no matter what.
Okay, dorian, you're doing good, girl.
You got this, girl.
Wuta, you're looking great over there.
- Right, wuta.
How you feeling? - What's up, chef? - Pretty good.
- Tell me about the dish.
What are you doing? I have a new york strip since I'm a new york boy.
- Yep.
- I have a cumin, garlic, - and lime rub.
- Gotcha.
I'm gonna give a chimichurri, then I'm doing potato salad.
You gotta have a barbecue, you gotta have potato salad.
But how do you bounce back? How do we get back on the track? Trust me, I already bounced back.
When was the last time you ate red meat? - Eight years ago.
- Who are you gonna depend on - to make sure that's absolutely perfect this evening? - I gotta taste it.
I gotta taste it.
I'm gonna put it in my mouth, spit it out.
As long as it tastes good, I'm gonna be happy.
- Good luck, young man.
Think about the plating, yes? - Thank you.
Wuta: I'm working at a disadvantage again as a vegetarian, but being a struggling reader all throughout middle school, I never thought I had the chops in education to be this teacher that could teach kids about words and teach kids about reading.
And now I'm living that dream.
So I'm going to push myself the same way I pushed myself in my profession to get through this challenge.
Lemon, garlic, oil, red peppers.
Whoo! That is hot! Here we go, guys, focus.
Speed up, please, let's go.
- Yes, chef.
- Shari: Here you go, noah.
- He has a lot of passion.
- Good technique there.
Looking good, noah! Fred: He's gonna kick ass at it.
- All of you look at me.
Stop the clock.
- Yes, chef.
Stop the clock! Listen up! - Season ten.
- Yes, chef.
- Oh, man.
- We decided today that your main course isn't enough.
You've got half an hour left.
We wanna see a dessert.
Are you ( bleep ) kidding me? Micah: Of course they're gonna make us do a fricking dessert.
Why wouldn't they make us do a dessert? Gordon: That's right.
A delicious, grilled dessert.
If there's any day I wanted to be safe from elimination challenge, this is the day.
Keturah: Oh, my god.
I feel like I'm about to have a meltdown.
( exhales ) stop the clock.
Stop the clock! Listen up, you got half an hour left.
We wanna see a dessert! Are you ( bleep ) kidding me? That's right.
We wanna see a grilled dessert.
You can do anything you want.
Be smart, don't overcomplicate it.
The clock starts now! - Let's go! - Yes, chef.
Whoa! Gordon: One portion, guys.
What the hell am I gonna make? Is there red onions anywhere? I'm thinking about meat, which already got me in outer space.
Now I have to come back to earth and make a dessert? One stunning, beautiful, grilled dessert.
I don't eat sweets and my dad has diabetes, man! My mom's a health nut nurse.
- ( exhales ) - holy crap, though.
Two dishes now.
That's insanity.
Aarón: Stay calm, everybody.
Remember, the steaks can sear and they can rest.
You can do this, let's go.
I hope I'm able to get everything done in time.
I mean, I'm definitely feeling a little bit of the pressure.
But that seems to be the theme of this-- this year, is pressure.
Man, if you're surprised by anything-- I'm always expecting maybe, like, stand on one foot and do something, sing a song.
I mean, anything goes.
It's season ten.
Season ten, it's gonna push out the weak people, though, that can't handle the heat in the kitchen.
And it's as hot as a son of a ( bleep ) right now, so, you know, it is what it is.
All right, guys, here's the real challenge.
Now you gotta make a grilled dessert.
- What do you make? - I'd get some of those peaches and do a fast-tracked grilled peach cobbler.
Use the barbecue like an oven.
- Gordon: Exactly that.
- Sounds good.
Aarón? For me, I'm gonna use that pineapple, carve it out, grill the whole thing, and just make the most beautiful sort of berry hash, and maybe just do a quick little whipped cream - and just dollop it with that.
- Wow.
- Love you, bye.
- I tta do an elvis classic, a grilled peanut butter, banana sandwich.
Drizzle it with a little maple syrup infused with butter.
- Sandwiched together? Powdered sugar on top.
- Yeah, sandwiched together.
- Yeah.
- I like that idea.
Gordon: Guys, 25 minutes to go.
Fred: What's jamie's dessert? - Okay, I see peaches.
- I got some peaches halved in the pan right here with some brown sugar and a little bit of water, get them flambéed a little bit.
Smelling good, guys.
- Thank you, chef.
- Let's go.
That's smart, dorian.
You got this.
Right, dorian, season ten.
- It's the season of the twist.
- Season ten, chef.
- Y'all keep doing it.
- Come on, do you think we'd make it easy for you? - Yeah, I was hoping that you did, chef.
- No chance.
Tell me about the dessert.
What are you doing? - I am doing a plum french toast.
- I love french toast.
Your passion and determination in the competition is pretty evident.
- Thank you.
- But how far can you go? I'm gonna go all the way, chef.
I can't go home unless I win.
Unless you bring that trophy home.
Unless I bring that trophy and a check home.
- What would it mean to you if you won? - It would mean a lot.
It would be life-changing for me.
Everything that I hear people saying, I'll start to believe it.
You're absolutely right.
Young lady, you got 20 minutes - to nail this, yeah? - Thank you.
- Make it count, yes? - Thank you.
Dorian: In the past I've come up against a lot.
I've gone without food.
I've gone without shelter at times.
But I've been able to push through it.
And the masterchef kitchen is like me replaying my whole life over again, fighting my way through it, and I'm not gonna give up no matter what.
- What's he putting on that kabob? - It looks like peach - and strawberry.
- Strawberries.
Joe: I think that's risky.
Like, you think a fruit kabob, yeah, easy.
But not so easy.
Aarón: No.
Had a little snafu yesterday, so today's the opportunity to stay right here.
I'm really pressed for time right now.
Hopefully, I can get this crème fraîche done.
Gonna do what I can.
Hopefully it's enough.
- Looks great, jamie.
- Thank you.
All right, micah, what do you got? Grilled peach kabobs.
So, I did peaches, plums, and strawberries with a honey raspberry dark rum glaze.
- Looks good.
- On the side, I have a honey raspberry lime dipping sauce.
Micah: My dessert appears to be simple, but it's tricky.
It takes a level of finesse to work with grilled fruits.
If I overcook the strawberries and undercook the peaches, it's gonna taste disgusting, so this has to be perfect.
Aarón: Nice and simple.
- Yes, chef.
- Those look great.
Gordon: 15 minutes to go, guys.
Let's go! ( sighs ) keturah: I am panicking.
I feel like I need to make something that ends up being simple, so I'm going to make a s'more.
I don't even know what that is, but I've heard it.
I know the ingredients, but I have no clue what to do with it.
Oh, ( bleep ).
- Let's go.
You good? - Oh, I don't know what I'm doing.
- What? - I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know how to do it.
Well, you know they go super quick, so I wouldn't use a grill.
- Look at the flame-- - just the-- okay.
That way you'll get them nice and coated.
Okay, chef.
Thank you.
( bleep ) ( groans ) come on, caramel.
Guys, we're down to seven minutes.
Just under seven minutes to go.
- It's still warm.
- Start thinking about the presentation.
Masterchef worthy-- more importantly, that dessert needs to scream the word "grill.
" wuta, you're looking great over there.
I'm feeling pretty good.
I'm kind of getting used to being in elimination.
If I get my flavor profiles right, I think it's gonna go very well for me.
Smell the sauce.
This sucks.
( bleep ) I'm so pissed, but whatever.
- Micah: Dorian, do you have any mint? - Yes.
- Can I have some, please? - No.
Psych, I'm just playing.
- ( laughs ) - wow.
I was like, "I thought we were friends!" ain't got nothing to do with being friends - in the kitchen.
- Amen.
- Shari: Looking really great, noah.
- Thank you.
- I'm feeling great.
- 90 seconds to go, guys.
Aarón: Let's go.
Here we go.
( cheers and applause ) you can do it! Sarah, come on! One stunning dessert, one beautiful, - grilled meat entrée.
- Come on, guys.
( cheers and applause ) whoo, son! There you go, jamie.
Looks good.
Aarón: Come on, wuta.
Make it sing.
60 seconds to go, guys.
Keep it going.
- Aarón: Here we go, come on.
- Finishing touches.
Let's go! It's dead-on with grill marks, the color is awesome.
There is no second place.
There's first place, and I need to grab it.
Shari: Come on, keturah, you got this.
- Aarón: Here we go, final push.
- Come on.
You should be plating it right now.
Shari: Make it beautiful! No, I don't want it like that.
Shari: Come on, sarah! Aarón: Use spoons, everyone.
I want to win this, but I'm so far behind right now, I'm kinda freaking out a little bit.
45 seconds to go.
I waited until the very last minute to plate, and now I'm second-guessing myself.
Remember, dessert on the side, please.
I have literally seconds to plate this dish.
I just have to figure it out.
Aarón: Come on, sarah, you can do it.
Shari: You guys got it, come on.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
- Here we go.
( bleep ) - come on, sarah.
You can do it.
- Let's go, wuta, come on! - Let's go, let's go! - ( bleep ) all: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
And stop.
Hands in the air.
- Great job, guys.
- Gordon: Well done.
Good job.
This was a tough one.
This was not easy.
Aww, man, I'm feeling pretty good.
It's a rustic plate, but I think this is-- this would be an $85, $95 plate at home.
No, I'm not feeling confident.
We'll see what happens.
First of all, can I just say the energy, what you put into that-- exceptional.
Well done.
Give yourselves a round of applause.
Thank you, chef.
Good job, guys.
But it is elimination.
Sadly, somebody's going home.
- Dorian, please, let's go.
- Noah: Let's go, dorian.
- Come on, dorian.
- You got it, dorian.
I think the judges are going to love the plating.
I'm just really concerned about my steak.
I don't have any experience with beef on the grill.
But I'm glad that I get the opportunity to show them that no matter what the challenge is, I'm able to overcome it.
Describe the dish, please.
I have a t-bone steak with a sweet potato purée and blistered grilled tomatoes with roasted garlic.
Visually, it looks delicious.
Also, one of the most difficult to pull off.
Why with the t-bone? Because you got the fillet, the tiny, little, sort of rolls royce cut, then you got the big, incredible new york strip.
I think for me, I just love the fact that you were able to harness in your creativity from a visual standpoint.
Roasted tomatoes look beautiful.
They don't look like they're hammered over.
And then you kind of bring it back with the sophistication of the silky purée.
- Very well thought out.
- Thank you, chef.
Hopefully, the steak is right.
Shall we? How should we expect the meat to be? I am praying to everything that's mary and holy that it's medium rare.
- Gordon: Beautiful.
- Joe: Perfect.
Gordon: That's medium rare.
- Joe: Wow.
- So we expect a fillet to be a little bit closer in terms of medium.
And, in fact, that's also perfect.
- How'd you manage that? - I have no idea.
For me, it's cooked perfectly.
Little bit too much spice in the purée.
- Okay.
- The flavor of the cook is just spot-on.
You can't deny that.
Maybe a harder sear on the outside, - but I just love the simplicity and it delivers on flavor.
- Thank you, chef.
So, miss dorian, can you explain your dessert, please? I have a brioche french toast with a grilled plum and bourbon compote, and, um, sweet cream.
It's delicious.
I love the acidity, the creaminess.
I'm amazed you got a dessertous.
That refined in such a short period of time.
That's the difference between you and a lot of them standing behind you, - you don't take things easy.
- Thank you, chef.
You bring home cooking to another level.
Good job.
- Thank you, joe.
Thank you.
- Gordon: Great job, well done.
- Great job.
- Whoo, dorian! Keturah: Those are the kind of tears I wanna see.
Tears of joy.
Well done.
Jamie, please bring your steak down.
- Whoo! - Jamie! I'm walking up to the judges with confidence.
I know my steak is perfect.
Anchovy butter is a hard one not to like on a steak.
This is my chance to redeem myself.
Gordon: Describe the dish please, jamie.
So, I went with the tomahawk rib eye and I topped it with some garlic anchovy butter.
I did some duck fat fried broccolini with shaved fingerling potatoes and a southern style spicy creamed corn.
Looks like a properly styled cover of a food magazine.
It's certainly contemporary with the aesthetic.
The crust on the steak looks fantastic.
- Can't wait to try it.
- Thank you.
Tell me about the cook.
What are we looking for? I tried to take it to a perfect medium rare for you guys.
That's good news for us.
So, let's see.
- Aarón: Gorgeous.
- Beautiful.
Joe: Yeah, it's like a perfect medium rare.
- Very nice.
- Good job, jamie.
Great job! - Steak's cooked beautifully.
- Thank you.
Corn, delicious.
The one downside to this dish is when you sauté that broccolini in duck fat, - it needs to be sparse.
- Okay.
Because it gets you straight back to there and there.
- We got fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat.
- Okay.
But I think you got a strong message to send everybody in this competition based on the screw up with the lobsters.
And I wish you continue taking your frustration out on food, - because it's fireworks.
- Thank you.
- Really great.
- Thank .
Describe the desserts, please.
Smoked peaches, and topped them with crème fraîche.
Did you deglaze with bourbon or any-- oh, I did.
I did glaze the pan with some dark rum and actually flambéed the dish.
Yeah, it's like a caramel peach dessert.
And I can close my eyes and taste the grill.
- Thank you.
- I love the juiciness of the peaches.
They mimic the steak.
- Absolutely.
Thank you.
Thank you, chef.
- Very good.
- Thank you.
- Awesome.
Thanks, guys.
Thank you.
Next up, wuta, please.
Thank you.
( cheering ) wuta: I look at my dishes, and they're kind of messy.
But barbecue food is always kind of messy.
Gordon: Thank you.
Describe the dish for me, please.
So I have a new york strip with roasted red pepper chimichurri.
I have a potato salad with bacon, and some charred, grilled corn with rosemary butter.
Wuta, I'm gonna be very honest.
This does not look appealing.
There's a lot of dark muted colors that it's kind of rough to get over.
You're a vegetarian.
You haven't eaten meat in a decade.
How is this gonna be cooked? I think it's a medium-- medium rare.
Let's try it out.
Gordon: Oh, boy.
Let's try it out.
- Oh, boy.
- Yeah, it's a definite medium, but the problems begin there.
Gordon: Wuta, this isn't a new york strip.
Trust me.
This is a hanger steak.
Yeah, it's not a-- it's not a new york strip.
- These grains underneath there.
- Yeah.
Look at the way the grains run.
I think I just made a mistake.
Gordon: Well, if there's one thing, this steak is so fibrous, it literally needs to be undercooked.
It's such a difficult one to get right.
It's overcooked.
And there's some issues with all the other elements.
This isn't really a chimichurri.
A chimichurri is more of a loose vinaigrette with chopped herbs, not purée.
But I do like the seasoning, personally, on the steak, wuta.
There is some saving grace there.
And describe the dessert, please.
For dessert, we have a take on a s'more.
I put bananas in the dark chocolate and roasted the marshmallows.
- You actually grilled the shortbread? - Yes.
- Actually, quite good.
- The chocolate's gone a little bit grainy.
That's what happens when you just put chocolate in a pan.
Chocolate's chemistry-- you can't just stick it in a frying pan - and throw bananas in there.
- Aarón: It's bizarre.
No, it's not bizarre, it's good.
He actually put the shortbread on the grill.
I mean, it has a grill sense to it.
- I think it's successful.
- It's a little dry.
- Well - Well, I like it.
- Gordon: Thank you, wuta.
- Joe: Thank you.
Thank you, gentlemen.
I cooked the wrong meat.
Not only that, but I'm coming off of a team challenge that as a team leader, I lost.
It doesn't feel great.
This is crushing.
Miss sarah, can you please bring up your dish? - Let's go, sarah.
- Whoo, sarah! - Great job.
- Go, sarah! - That is huge.
- You go, girl.
- Looks great.
- Beautiful.
Bri: Awesome.
Presentation is breathtaking.
That would turn heads tonight in any restaurant across america.
- Thank you, chef.
- Describe the dish, please.
Today I have for you a tomahawk steak with brussels sprouts, bacon lardons, and a little bit of crisp green apple with a sweet potato purée.
You think it's a perfect medium rare? - It should be, joe.
- Yeah, let's see.
What do you think, guys? That is perfection.
- Renee: Good job! - Wow.
Aarón: Man! That's the stuff you see in the textbooks right there.
- Thank you so much.
- Wow.
Oh, my god.
For me, delicious.
Purée, fantastic.
Fried sprouts.
You just need a perfect glass of wine.
Great job.
- Thank you so much.
- You cooked and seasoned that like a fat, tattooed, bald, bearded, new york city steakhouse grill man.
- Thank you, joe.
- And I know several.
That's what I was going for.
Gordon: Great job.
Describe the dessert, please.
This is my rustic grilled version of a blackberry pie.
I cooked down some blackberries with a little sugar, put filo dough on top, and made a caramel sauce.
- Looks good.
- How'd you get the color on that filo? I put a little bit of butter all over it, and then I put it on the top rack of the grill and cooked it closed with the heat on high.
- Mmm.
- Gordon: It's delicious.
Maybe a little bit of balsamic vinegar in there.
But the fact that you've managed to cook that the way you have in the grill, I'm glad you went all out to be that adventurous.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
Good job.
Sarah: Oh, my god, this is incredible.
I learned how to grill before I learned how to cook, so I am on cloud nine right now.
Micah, please bring up your steak dish.
- Let's go, micah! - Let's go, micah! Jamie: Looks good, buddy.
Describe the dish please, micah.
I have a barbecue rubbed t-bone with charred lemon broccolini and a smokehouse sweet potato purée.
So, visually, you got a great char on there.
- Are you certain it's cooked beautifully? - I believe so, chef.
- Joe: How is the steak supposed to be cooked? - Medium rare, chef.
Let's see what we got here.
- Perfect.
- Aarón: Perfect.
Joe: Perfection.
Cooked beautifully.
Well done.
The steak's delicious.
The purée's a little bit grainy.
If you could grill the potatoes on there, leave them grilled on there.
For me, I just love your rub.
I want more of it, red chili and all the spice - that's emanating from that.
- Thank you, chef.
Micah, please describe your dessert.
I have a summer fruit skewer grilled with plums, strawberries, and peaches and a raspberry lime dipping sauce.
Now, you're comfortable that the strawberries will cook at the same time that something dense and meaty like a peach would cook? No, that's why I ended up taking them off the skewer - and grilling them differently.
- Smart.
I mean, it's so simple, yet so elegant.
- Delicious.
- You were the only one that using the grill was able to caramelize the natural sugar of the fruit, which is something that's very difficult to do without burning it.
- Aarón: Really great.
- Gordon: Dessert of the day so far.
- Great job.
- Thank you, joe.
Thank you, chefs.
Shari: Great job, micah! Way to go, micah.
- Keturah, please bring up your dish.
- I'm apprehensive.
I know it's not my finest work, but it took everything in me - to just complete my dish.
- Describe the dish, please.
This is a take on ensalada voce and steak frites with a spicy ketchup.
- What steak did you use? - I used the tomahawk.
The intention of serving that rare, was that purposely done? I thought that it was supposed to be medium rare.
- Except that's not medium rare.
- That's rare.
- Joe: Should we try? - Gordon: The salad, give us an insight into the salad.
- What have you done there? - Lettuce, micro greens, mint, parsley, walnuts, apple, and some apple cider vinaigrette.
The meat-- you've got flavor.
The seasoning is in there.
- The ketchup's delicious.
- Thank you.
Salad, you know, it's a little bit sort of plain jane.
I expect more than a salad from you.
Yeah, for me, you know, you said tomahawk - Yes.
- And I'm looking for the hawk in the tomahawk, and I'm just-- I'm puzzled and perplexed why you chose to slice that.
Show us the bone.
Give us some reference there.
Yeah, I'm gonna be a little bit harder.
This is like a tomahawk massacre to me.
It's just kind of all over the place.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Fred: Oh, my god.
All right, so tell us about this dessert.
What is it? This is a take on a s'more with a vanilla and maple glazed grilled peach.
How did you cook it? In the barbecue? I toasted the marshmallow itself on an open flame and then I melted down the dark chocolate, poured that on top, and then I grilled the peach with vanilla.
For me, it's a dessert that riddles panicked.
I look at that and it's-- it reminds me of season one "masterchef junior.
" whoa.
- Thank you.
- It's all right, keturah.
- Head up, head up.
- It's all right.
Thank you, babe.
Noah, let's go, please.
- Yes, chef.
- Gordon: Bring it up.
I feel very confident that I nailed and executed all aspects.
I'm here to really expand the boundaries of what a steak dish can be.
I mean, we're talking about getting our recipe on a national website.
- I mean, we ain't playing games.
- Describe the dish, please.
All right, the star of the show is the encrusted bone-in chicago rib eye cooked medium rare.
You have a homemade romesco sauce, a homemade chimichurri, and it's stacked all on top of a southern brussels sprout confited potato and bacon and asparagus salad.
- Fantastic.
- So, first off, visually, it looks beautiful.
- Thank you, chef.
- Let's get that right.
I love the fact that you've already identified medium rare.
- Because that's the way to eat a bone-in rib eye.
- Absolutely, chef.
Watching you on the grill was like watching a drummer.
- Thank you.
- Phil collins standing there, literally, eyes closed-- just incredible.
Let's give it a-- let's give it a whirl.
- Enjoy.
Bon appétit.
- Shall we? All right.
Taking the sunglasses off for this.
Yeah, you gotta.
- It smells delicious.
- Thank you so much, chef.
- Joe: The moment of truth.
You ready? - Yes, chef.
- Oh, boy.
- Damn.
- Joe: The moment of truth.
You ready? - Yes, chef.
- Oh, dear.
- Oh, boy.
Aarón: Ooh, that's a little over.
It's like a medium well.
What happened? - Medium.
Overcooked it.
- No, no, that's a medium well, buddy.
Oh, noah.
- Of all days.
- Yes, chef.
So the fragrance of the rub is delicious.
I love the confited potatoes, I love the corn, what you've done-- the romesco.
The saddest news, and the shock for me - on a day like today, you've overcooked the meat.
- Yes, chef.
You seemed very confident.
You were overconfident.
- Describe the dessert, please.
- We have a southern classic.
We have a peach melba with a peach melba raspberry cream with a little bit of lemon zest.
- Any marinade on the peach? - I shocked them with a little bit of honey, a little bit of bourbon.
Then I put them on the grill so they had a real round flavor.
- So, the flavor's there.
- Very nice.
The peaches still a little too tough.
- Joe: Yeah.
- Too tough.
Yeah, your peaches are perfectly medium rare.
Your steak was perfectly medium well.
It's too bad it wasn't the other way around.
- Yes, joe.
- Gordon: Thank you.
- Thank y'all.
- Damn, what a shame.
For the first time on this competition, I feel embarrassed.
I came into this competition with everyone saying that I'm the number one guy on a grill, and I look like a fraud.
That was a tough challenge.
We need a moment right now to deliberate.
Excuse us, please.
The hero was the meat, right? And we have got some outstanding meat there.
- Yeah, we have some-- - sarah was extraordinary.
- Yeah.
- I think jamie nailed that.
Dorian also had some bright spots as well.
Gordon: Yeah, I was impressed with that.
- Yeah.
- A disappointing few, though.
- Gordon: Tough.
- Aarón: Yeah.
- And, noah, what a shock.
- I know.
That's what happens when you try to be too much of a cowboy.
- Oh, jeez.
- Gordon: Yeah.
- Are we good? - Absolutely.
Gordon: Dorian, you presented a dish earlier that was restaurant quality, it showed finesse, but more importantly, it was you on a board.
Young lady, you're not going home.
Head up over there.
Fred: Good job, dorian.
The next cook's dish looked phenomenal-- just really impressed on the cook of the tomahawk, and that person is jamie.
- Yeah, jamie! - Thank you, guys.
Appreciate y'all.
- Good job, jamie.
- Way to go, jamie.
Jamie: It's a great feeling I'm not going home today.
My bags are already packed after yesterday, because during fishing tournaments, if you don't do well the first day, you pack your bag just in case.
So, luckily, tonight I get to unpack them.
Okay, so the next cook cooked a perfect medium rare steak and then they went on to execute probably the most difficult dessert of the evening.
And that home cook is Micah, you're safe.
- Yeah, micah! - Thank you.
- Way to go, micah.
- Noah: Good job, micah.
Proud of you, micah.
- Both: Good job.
- Wow.
Only one of these home cooks is gonna have their recipe featured - Sarah.
- Sarah! On the "beef-- it's what's for dinner" website and that home cook is sarah.
- ( cheering ) - congratulations, sarah.
Thank you so much.
Please join your colleagues up there on the balcony.
Good job, sarah.
- Good job.
- Great job.
Sarah: This is so amazing.
I get to have my backyard but elevated recipe on this beef website, and it's a tomahawk steak.
I mean, come on, I'm a military girl.
If there's any steak I want featured, it's a tomahawk steak.
Okay, noah, keturah, and wuta, please, all three of you, head to the back.
- Thank you.
- Yes, chef.
Wuta: I'm in the bottom three yet again, and I'm just hoping, I'm praying, that this isn't going to be the dish that sends me home.
Now, sadly, keturah, noah, and wuta, at least one of you is leaving the masterchef kitchen.
And let's be honest, across the board, none of you excelled.
Keturah, you may not have cooked on the grill a thousand times, but that was not masterchef worthy.
Noah, you know, we love bravado.
We try to get confidence out, but then there's a chance - of overstepping that mark.
- Yes, chef.
Wuta, young man, you're an asset to this competition, but what you put on the plate was subpar.
Joe, aarón, and myself, came to a consensus, and there is one dish that is outstandingly bad.
The person leaving "masterchef" is Keturah.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Noah and wuta, - make your way to the balcony, please.
- Noah: Thank you, chef.
Noah: It's a humility check for me.
I was uberly confident on the grill and I got cocky, and it caught me.
It's okay.
Use it as a learning experience.
Keturah, unfortunately, the dish was lackluster, and we felt that you-- you gave up.
I'm sorry, your journey has come to an end in this competition.
This is a tough moment for me right now.
This is something that I wanted, so I'm a bit sad.
You've done very well.
You should be very proud.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate that.
Keturah, please, place your apron onto your bench - and have a safe trip home.
- Thank you! - Good job, keturah.
- Thank you, ladies.
Thank you, sirs.
Keturah: There is a passion for food that burns within me, and it sucks to not be a part of the competition anymore.
But, you know, I've gotten hands-on tuition by some world renowned chefs and restaurateurs, so, it's-- it's bittersweet.
- Bye, keturah! - Good luck! ( music playing )