Masters of Sex s01e04 Episode Script

Thank You for Coming

Previously on Masters Of Sex I said that we'd be friends.
You're kicking me out.
Tell you what? That I don't like being dragged out here in the cold when you're drunk and insulting?! Why would I insult you when you're all I think about? The flowers were an apology, as was my letter, my phone calls-- Stay away from me.
I mean it.
The truth is Virginia's the one missing out.
I'm perfect for her.
And I'm not going to be on the market long.
You didn't want to get married? Are we talking about my husbands again? So there's more than one? I can't conduct my research in a brothel.
And this study will suffocate.
Dear, God.
You are a dog with a bone.
You know, I met a young man at the brothel, a prostitute, a homosexual.
The men who pay to see him, they're salesmen or lawyers or a provost of a major university.
I'm begging you to reconsider.
What the hell is this, Bill? Two years, and nothing.
Why can't I have a baby? My wife is coming in next week.
I've decided she'll join my cervical cap trial.
Bill thinks that he can do everything by himself.
But technically, I'm the one who got his wife pregnant.
It's been a good day.
Masters Of Sex - 1x04 "Thank You For Coming" Do we both orgasm? Yes.
Not always at the same time.
But sure.
Climaxing's not a problem for her.
And do you two rely on the same positions again and again? She likes to mix it up position-wise.
But we usually start off the same way, with, um with me going down on her, and me warming her up.
She's, uh-- she's not shy.
She tells me how fast to go, how long to stay in a certain spot.
Is this the kind of stuff you want to hear? _ Tonight, you will be participating in a medical study that examines the physiology of sexual response during automanipulation.
Essentially, what happens to the body during masturbation.
You'll be asked to identify yourself by name only once, after which time, your identity will be encrypted.
A record connecting your name with your code number will be maintained in a secure location that is separate from the data files in the archive.
It will not be possible to identify you personally from the information you provide for this study.
At this point, we will interview you and record your responses.
You may find the questions intimate.
Please answer as candidly as possible.
Once we have a good understanding of your sexual history, you'll be taken into an examining room where Dr.
masters will give you a general-health assessment.
Following that, we will introduce you to the equipment that will monitor your physical responses Then we will ask you to disrobe.
And we will place electrodes on certain parts of your body.
You will be provided with whatever stimulation you may require.
And then we will ask you to Begin.
Shall we get started? Thank you for coming.
Pam? I'm afraid I had to kill her.
You scared me.
I let her go early and made dinner for the kids.
Mm, I see.
Well, spaghetti-- or a failed attempt at spaghetti.
Cereal was the fallback.
What's this? Nothing.
Oh, didn't you have a gig somewhere? Yeah, Cleveland.
I just got back.
Well, do they pay you in cash? Because I could really use-- No, it got canceled, actually.
Macelli's Imperial Dance Hall burnt to the ground last Saturday.
We showed up for work to a smoking pile of rubble.
I'm out two hotel rooms, four bus fares, and 20% of the door.
Hey, have you eaten yet? I can make you a plate.
You would make a terrible wife although I'm one to talk, right? George, I have two hours of reading left to do.
Come on! It's 10:00.
Seems these days, all you do is work.
What's happened to you, Gin? I grew up.
And just so you know, the kids are not allowed to watch television on school nights.
You have too many rules.
And you don't have any.
Well, you used to like breaking rules with me.
You remember in Miami when we got tossed out of that hotel 'cause you were making all that noise.
I was not making as much noise as you were.
I miss your noises.
George, please.
Come on.
Don't stop, baby.
You are not sleeping over.
Don't stop.
Oh, yes.
- By the dawn's early light - Bill? what so proudly we hailed through the perilous fight - o'er the ramparts we watched - Bill? Bill! I used to sleepwalk a lot as a child.
One morning, my father, uh, went to get the paper and found me sitting behind the wheel of his Plymouth, fast asleep, my hands on the wheel.
But that was years and years ago.
And you weren't aware that you were doing any of it? Didn't hear the racket? I'm sure our neighbors did.
Well, I'm sorry to-- to have scared you.
Do you think it might have been triggered by anxiety about the baby? No, of course not.
Let's get back to bed-- big day tomorrow, which could be an altogether different kind of nightmare.
Oh, stop.
She's only gonna be here for a week.
We rarely see her.
You can endure her for seven days.
I'm sorry it's gonna fall to you to keep her entertained.
It's fine.
I'm happy for the distraction, actually.
Besides, she says that all she wants to do is spend time with her grandchild, which doesn't involve much more than this.
Hmm? Well, just so long as you're prepared to do a lot of caretaking.
The woman is helpless.
She can't make a decision.
She can't read a train schedule, can't balance a checkbook.
Sweetheart, in four months, we're gonna have another visitor who needs everything done for him.
Maybe we should look at this time with your mother as a dress rehearsal.
We ate all the sugar snacks last night.
Could you make us pancakes? Sure thing, buddy.
You and daddy had a sleepover? Yes, daddy slept over.
He slept.
He collapsed the second his head hit the pillow.
Henry, can you go wake up your sister? The bus leaves in-- it leaves in 20 minutes.
Sweetie, can you go wake her up, please? What the hell are you still doing here? I told you that you could not stay over! What's the big deal, Gin? The big deal is that he's going to think that his parents have gotten back together.
George, just say goodbye to the kids and go home.
Yeah, well I can't exactly go home.
Desalvo changed the locks on me.
I'm three months behind on my rent.
Baby, I am this close to having the car repossessed, I mean, I had to hock that old drum kit that I was gonna teach Henry how to play.
Did you know that you had been locked out when you came here last night? I thought I'd sleep on the couch.
Can you-- can you spot me anything, Gin? I'm living out of a suitcase.
I've been turning my underwear inside out since Thursday.
Well, I have been working 16 hours a day, and I can barely afford to pay for a babysitter.
Well, why don't I watch the kids for a couple of weeks? You can pay me slightly less than you pay your girl.
I am not paying you to babysit your own children, George Johnson! It's win-win.
You look as if you've seen a ghost! Mother, I-- Libby said you weren't due in till 10:00.
God, did I make a mistake? No, darling, no.
My sister got me to the airport very early.
And Darlene sends her love to you.
And I saw that there was a 7:00 leaving for St.
Louis, so I just hopped on it.
Uh There.
Thank you.
Oh, my goodness! Look at you! You are glowing! Oh, you think so? Let me see.
Turn sideways.
There's no hiding that.
Oh, I'm so excited for you.
For both of you.
I know what you're thinking, Billy-- red.
Well, I've decided to wear more color.
Four years in black is enough.
And I'm sure your father would understand.
Now, Libby, you must show me what you're planning in the nursery, because I have some ideas.
My goodness.
Marjorie, how've you been? Fine.
You? Stand anyone up lately? Uh I-I thought I explained what happened.
Um Yes, well, that endometrial ablation that you had to perform-- I checked the surgical schedule.
They were re-laying linoleum in the OR that night.
So I guess I'm not the only one who knows how you like your eggs in the morning.
Hello, Selma.
It's Velma.
With a "V.
" I meant to call.
I-- And I meant to put that on your plate.
What a heartbreaker you are, Dr.
Don't you have that backwards? Hi.
Remember me? Sure.
Sure, I do.
It's okay.
It was a long time ago.
I'd just turned 16.
Did I know you were 16? Well, sure you did.
You were at my birthday party.
Daddy invited you.
The band was playing "Embraceable You," and I screwed up my courage and asked you to dance.
You dipped me, like they do in the movies.
You are Provost Scully's daughter.
I'm in college now.
Daddy said if I did some volunteering at the hospital, he'd buy me a car.
So that was one good reason.
Want to maybe guess the other reason? I'll be 19 very soon.
Well, if it's a girl, Michella.
If it's a boy, Nicholas-- after my father.
I see you still working in the laundry.
How much longer do you intend to come in? My doctor says I can work right up until the baby-- my doctor before.
He is nice man, but he doesn't understand what I tell him, that this is my last baby.
Is it another cesarean you're worried about? - Because a lot of women-- - No, it's not.
I cannot afford another child.
I see.
This is your Second.
I have a son, Daniel.
He is eight years.
I know there is an operation.
And I know you could fix me after the baby comes so there are no more.
Well, there are less permanent ways to prevent a pregnancy.
Contraception-- My husband won't take steps.
An elective tubal ligation requires the husband's consent before the hospital sterilization committee will even consider the procedure.
Uh without it, they would never sanction it.
I'm sorry, my English.
I'm afraid I can't help you.
Virginia? I-- Virginia? What are you doing? Nothing, sir.
Just waiting for my mother.
What have you got underneath your coat? I'm sorry, sir.
I was just looking at it, and it just broke.
It's-- it's-- it's supposed to come apart.
It's a teaching model.
So you're not sore? W-why would I be sore? A stupid kid comes in and messes with my stuff, I'd want to knock some goddamn sense into him.
Gini, come meet my mother-in-law.
Mother, this is Virginia Johnson-- Bill's assistant.
- Oh.
- Gini, Estabrooks Masters.
- Hello.
- Essie.
Libby says you are absolutely indispensable to my son.
And to me, as well.
Well, we'll see how well he fared without me this morning.
I'm an hour late.
Did the kids hold you up? - Gini's got two.
- Oh.
No, actually, it was my ex-husband.
It's a long story.
Well, in my opinion, you have to draw the line with him.
You know how he would get the message loud and clear? If you started seeing someone else.
Any particular someone you have in mind, Libby? There are a few avenues that I'm scoring.
What are you doing here, mother? Oh, hello, dear.
I was hoping you might give me the five-cent tour while Libby is having her checkup.
I have a-- a very full schedule.
Why don't I see if I can shuffle some things around? You're late, Virginia.
I had a 9:00, and you were nowhere to be found.
Well, that was her ex-husband's fault.
He spent the night, and she couldn't get him out the door this morning.
On the sofa.
He spent the night on the sofa.
He's having some financial issues.
Well, is that gonna continue to be a problem? No.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
Will you excuse me? You're not gonna show me your-- Billy? W-why don't I show you Bill's office? Ugh.
It's a shame I didn't see the place sooner.
But you know, my husband so hated hospitals.
Oh, you met my boy.
When you said you couldn't afford another child, it had nothing to do with money, did it? Why don't you leave? And go where? There is only his brother, and it's the same there.
There is no one to make it better except you.
One day, maybe, with two babies, I could leave.
But with three or four, Doctor? I'd have to stay forever.
Oh? My bathroom scale said 16.
Let me guess.
You're one of those women who adjusts her scale to read five pounds heavier in order to trick herself into losing weight.
How well you know women.
Oh, believe me, a few of them are total mysteries, which is why I am swearing off them for awhile.
Oh, please.
You're the most eligible bachelor in St.
I could find you the perfect girl in five minutes.
I already found her.
Problem is she broke my heart.
That is right on track for 22 weeks.
Ethan, you have to be open to meeting someone new.
If this girl threw you back, then she wasn't the right one for you.
Oh, but she was.
You know how in that "Wizard Of Oz" movie-- - that girl, Dorothy? Mm-hmm.
How she goes on this amazing adventure that's all in glorious technicolor, right? And then she ends up back on the farm in boring black and white.
That's how it was with this woman.
Before her, I knew exactly how my life was going to go.
And then I met her, and suddenly I could see a totally different future for myself.
In color.
Once you've seen Oz, who wants to go back to Kansas? - How many tonight? - Three.
First one may be a no-show.
It's just a feeling.
He sounded strange on the phone.
I'll go check to see if anybody's here.
Am I in the right place? I'm here for the study.
Well? Anyone? - Yeah.
You ready for me? - Absolutely.
Uh, I'm Dr.
This is Mrs.
Walter McAddy.
Nice to meet you.
Walter McAddy.
I saw your flyer.
Looking forward to helping you two out tonight.
Take a seat.
Let's get started.
What we'll be doing is measuring your genital reaction, both intra-and extra-genital, to sexual self-stimulation.
Now, initially, you may be uncomfortable being observed.
It takes some getting used to, but people generally do.
We will be interrupting you occasionally to take some measurements.
And what we can't observe, these machines will help us to monitor your pulse, your blood pressure your perspiration, your breathing.
We will need you to remove your clothes - your panties - your socks.
Sir, your hat.
We're going to apply these sensors to your skin.
- The goal is to relax - lie back touch yourself how you generally do when you're alone.
Phase one.
Areolae at 4.
5 centimeters.
Tensing and thickening of integument.
Phallus at 9.
6 centimeters.
Maculopapular rash on epigastrium.
Moving into plateau phase.
Turgidity of nipples.
Color change in coronal area.
Testicular enlargement.
- Stop.
- What? Mrs.
Johnson needs to get a measurement.
What's that in inches? Orgasmic phase.
Withdrawal of clitoral shaft.
It's okay to close your eyes, you know.
That smells good, Essie.
Is that coconut? I saw the recipe in a magazine.
It's called Island Chicken.
There's pineapple in it, too.
I put the table leaf in.
Honey, can you do the place cards? And if you bring in the ice bucket, I'll give it a polish.
If I have a little too much to drink tonight, all I need is a little nudge under the table.
Since when do you drink? Darlene has a cocktail with dinner, and occasionally I join her.
All these years, your father only allowed scotch in the house, which was never to my taste, so Have you ever had a Tom Collins? It's delicious.
We can serve them tonight.
I'll see how we're fixed for gin.
I'm glad you're here.
Careful, or we're never gonna let you leave.
Do you mean that? Because I was wondering how you'd feel if I were to spend more time here.
You mean extend your visit? No, I mean move here to St.
Look at you, sweetheart.
You've gone pale.
Of course I wouldn't move in with you and Bill.
I'd get my own apartment.
It could be close enough so that I could help out with the baby.
Ethan? Who's Ethan? Ethan Haas, silly.
You invited him? And Virginia? You in-- you invited Virginia? Why, Christ, Lib, what are you doing, setting them up? They already know each other.
They see each other every day.
Yes, but that is a professional context.
She's not right for him at all.
She's much older than he is.
Divorced twice.
A woman of the world! Some men find that very alluring! She has two children.
Yes, and she is bringing them.
That way, Ethan can get to know them casually before he and Gini get serious.
Please and thank-yous, remember? - Yes.
- Napkins on laps.
And if you don't like the food-- here, if you don't like the food, - all you have you have to do-- - Virginia.
What're you doing here? What do you mean? Libby invited me.
Who's he? Who are you? I'm Dr.
And who are you? I'm Henry.
She's Tessa.
Haas and I work together at the hospit-- Why are you smiling? It's a fix-up.
She's fixing us up.
Did you put her up to this? Of course not.
I-I am as surprised as you are.
Do you give shots? Well, yes.
I don't like you.
I don't like him.
She's an incredibly perceptive child.
Come on.
Come on.
It took Caroline a period of adjustment, of course, but now I think she sees the value of having a set of grandparents living close by to the little ones.
How about you, Bill? The thought of your mother here living so close by-- that got you spooked? Oh, I'm not a meddler.
I know how to keep out of the way.
Look, I know why you're mad at me.
And I don't blame you.
But I didn't know about any of this.
All she did was invite me to dinner.
You could have said no.
Why? M-maybe I was hoping she'd introduce me to some girl, someone who'd make me forget about you although, honestly, I don't know if that's even possible.
Don't get sloppy, Ethan.
Henry, tell us, what is your favorite subject in school? PE.
That's not really a subject, now, is it? Essie.
What can you tell us about Bill when he was a little boy? Oh, yes.
Has he told you about his campaign for long pants? Oh, for goodness' sake, mother.
Well, he begged us for months, and I told him, I said, "Billy, your father's not gonna pay for a new pair of trousers until you've outgrown your last pair of knickers.
" Really, mother, no one's interested.
We are.
Aren't we, Gini? Yes.
Well, he had this one pair of knickers that were still too big for him.
So he went and got my sewing box and a pair of scissors, and he shortened the legs of those things.
He actually hemmed them himself, and he took in the waistline himself.
And it was as neat as any seamstress.
A surgeon even then, huh? Well, I thought he'd had a sudden growth spurt, well, but, his father didn't, uh, buy into that for a minute.
I was made to wear those knickers until I was 14.
Please pass the rolls, Marilyn, won't you? Ah, well, I think I've had enough, and it was quite good, if I do say so myself.
When Marimba rhythm starts to play dance with me make me sway like a lazy ocean hugs the shore You want to take your wife and child for a whirl? Hold me close, sway me more Come join us, you two.
Like a flower bending in the breeze bend with me How 'bout it, huh? If only to make Libby happy.
Byron, do you think there'd be talk if I asked you to dance? Sway with me My wife would say you're taking your life in your hands.
Well, I'm willing to take the risk.
Really, how bad could you be? Only you have that magic technique when we sway, I go weak Oh.
Wait, Byron.
Byron, Byron.
How about you be me, and I'll be you? You know how sway me smooth, sway me now This is not your first time.
Well, sometimes you've just got to show a man how it's done.
Excuse me, mister? - What did you do? - Nothing! I'm sorry.
Did you flush something down there? - He uses too much paper.
- Shut up! He shouldn't have eaten that coconut stuff.
He's got a sensitive stomach.
Shut up, Tess.
Ah, shit! We're not allowed to call it that.
I'm sorry.
Are you mad? No, I'm not mad.
Stop that! People wash their hands with those! I'll take care of it.
I want to help! Out.
Thank you so much.
Thanks again, Bill.
What do you say? Thank you so much for inviting us.
And I'm sorry about the mess.
Oh, don't give it another thought.
Right, Bill? These things happen.
Get your coat.
I'm taking off, too.
You're not taking the bus, are you? I'll drive you.
It's on my way.
You know her address? No, I-- just the general vinicit-- vinci-- vincinity.
That's okay.
We'll be fine.
Thank you.
Good night.
Thank you both again.
Let me understand this.
You'd rather, uh, haul your two kids on a bus at 11:00 at night than have me drive you home? I'll drive you home.
Come on.
That's stupid.
Bill, it's on my way.
- You know-- - I said I'm driving her home.
I'll need to take the Cadillac.
Um, the keys are in my purse.
Maybe you should have another cup of coffee before you go, Ethan.
Hey, you know what, Virginia? Fuck you.
It's okay.
Libby means well.
She just wants everyone to be as happy as she is which these days is an especially tall order.
She is radiant, Bill.
Yes, she is.
She's going to make a wonderful mother.
Did you know you were good at it before you had them? I don't know that I am good at it.
You left this the other day, in the cafeteria.
It had your address on it, so I thought I'd bring it by.
You could say "Thank you.
" Thanks.
I've had, um I have had a night.
Do you want to come in Vivian.
I'd love to.
Guess who's been standing at attention ever since the hospital last night.
Look, if I'd given you the heads up I was coming over, you would've said no.
Goddamn right, I would've.
That is my job.
What are you trying to do? Are you trying to get me fired? No, I was trying to make a buck-- which I did, thank you very much.
I bought some time with my landlord.
And you-- you got some measurements for your study.
So I'd say it worked out for both of us.
You honestly can't understand how your involvement could have compromised my standing with my boss? Because we're exes? No one's gonna know about that.
And I guarantee you that every other clown in your little study uses a fake name.
That little study is keeping a roof over your kids' heads, George.
It's keeping shoes on their feet, and it's keeping food in the icebox! Okay.
That is a hell of a lot more than I can say for their father! Sorry it's a mess.
I'm hardly ever home.
You don't have people over? - Girls? - Sometimes.
Sometimes I have girls over, and they never notice because I don't even turn the lights on.
What do you think about that? You like it with the lights off? On or off.
You? Depends.
You ever been with a boy you didn't like that much and pretended it was one you did? And did it work? Yeah, it didn't work that well for me, either.
What guy did you want it to be? If I told you, I'd probably scare you away.
You want another? You feel like taking your sweater off? Right now? Okay.
How does that feel? Cold.
But, you know, good.
Are you going to answer that? Fuck it.
What is it? No.
I can't.
Ask Ellsberg.
How-- how high is her fever? How far along? No.
Can't you find someone else?! Fine.
Prep the OR.
I'm on my way.
Can you give me a ride? Dr.
Haas? Dr.
Haas? We're ready for you now, Doctor.
There was nothing to write home about, but Lenore's taking us to see a few more places today.
There's a duplex on Fairfield she's excited for us to see.
Good morning! I was just filling Bill in on our real-estate adventures.
Libby, you know that two-bedroom with the green shutters? The one with the smoke stains above the mantel? You'd have thought they'd have painted.
I've decided to make an offer on it.
It's the first house you've seen.
We saw two others first.
Look, it needs some paint and a chimney sweeping.
But I can probably do better on the price if it isn't in ship-shape.
If it suits my needs, why not grab it? In a few months, if I don't love it, I'll find something else.
Well, that's a very cavalier attitude.
Look, it's not that my sister hasn't been generous, because she has.
But Darlene isn't the easiest person in the world to get along with.
She's got a very strong point of view, and you can't change her mind about anything.
And I think the sooner I find a place here, the better.
So Darlene is hard for you to bear? Well, she's-- she's very moody.
And I have had enough.
It's time for me to go.
Well, good for you, for taking care of yourself, recognizing your limits.
I'm trying to.
Oh, and succeeding.
I mean, look at you.
Traveling on your own, making decisions on the spur of the moment, taking the risk that things will work out someplace new.
I honestly didn't think you had it in you, mother.
Bill, what kind of a thing is that to say? It's better late than never, son.
Is it? What are you doing?! I said put that down! Daddy, I'm sorry! - No! How many times?! - Sorry! How many times now?! - One! - No! Two! Help me! Help me! Clamps and cup.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And there we go.
What do you have there, Florene? It's a boy.
After her father.
Hey, looks like there's a bleed in there.
I'm sorry, sir.
Where? Kelly clamp, please.
I'm not seeing it.
On the other side, too.
Isn't that her fallopian-- It's another bleeder, Farraday.
Are you certain, sir, becau-- Are you questioning my authority here, Doctor? No, sir.
Then let's tie them both off.
Plain suture, please.
Is your patient-- Fine.
Very, very lucky.
I'm sorry about last night.
I was punishing someone, but it ended up being you.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
I used to think I was a pretty good guy.
You were good to me.
Jesus, come on.
At my Sweet 16, I had these awful bangs and pimples and an overbite like Mister Ed.
And I asked you to dance because I knew you'd say no.
And that would confirm everything I already thought about myself.
But you didn't say no.
You said yes.
"It'd be my pleasure," you said.
You in your tux.
You looked so handsome in black and white.
I didn't expect it to take so long.
I was getting worried.
Hey, knock that off! Thanks a million, Doc.
We owe you.
If you ever need me to set you up with a set of tires, say-- What do you think of Nicholas? Andrew.
We're calling him Andrew.
Stan's brother.
Have you held him yet? I told him, I says, "You're gonna drop him.
" I wouldn't.
You can hold him when he's bigger.
But he'll just be heavier when he's bigger.
Hey! What did I say? My kid's got a smart mouth on him, Doctor.
Maybe this one will be a little better behaved.
And the next one, please, God, a girl.
You hear that, honey? Thank you, Doctor.
Can you look after this for me? Do you have that letter of recommendation I promised Hellwarth? Bill, I've made a terrible mistake.
Well, retype it, then.
No, uh, an error in judgment.
Well, wouldn't be the first time, would it? No, which is why I wanted to come clean about it right away.
Are you intentionally being cryptic? I allowed someone I know to participate in the study without disclosing the nature of our relationship.
My ex-husband.
I see.
Not that it's any excuse, but he-- he has lost a few gigs recently.
He's really strapped.
And he-- he saw that we were offering a fee to the participants.
How recently was this? I don't recall a Johnson.
Oh, he used a different name.
Which was? I would prefer not to say.
Bill, I know that I put the study at risk once before, but this is different, it shouldn't comprise our research in-- in any way.
Regardless of who he is, the data is still sound.
I don't think that you need to know.
I agree.
How many sexual partners do you estimate you've had? Two maybe? Any children? Praise the Lord, yes.
There's Linda-Lee and Marcus Jr.
Are you generally the one to initiate coitus? Well, these days.
She used to like calling the shots in bed.
She's-- she's like that, a take-charge kind of woman.
Sometimes we'd go dancing.
There'd come a point where I'd have to say, "You know, honey, sometimes it wouldn't kill you to let me lead.
" Walter McAddy.
Oh, you're so sweet to do all the dishes.
I get so tired in the evening lately.
I set a plate aside for Bill.
- Oh.
He often works late.
- Mm.
Try not to take it personally.
I don't.
Only sometimes you do.
To be honest, I-I-- I think he's on edge about the baby.
For a man who expects his work to change the world, he doesn't want his life to change too much.
Well, a baby changes everything.
What was Bill's father like? He doesn't talk much about him.
Well Francis wasn't a bad man.
That's not the same thing as being a good man.
Bill is a good man.
I know.
Maybe if he understood his father better, and-- and you and he talked more about him-- Oh, honey.
You don't know men very well.
Women look back.
But men, they just look straight ahead.
Disappointment and regret-- that's where we live.
But men, they run from it.
Toward what? Well, I guess, toward the best distraction there is-- pleasure.
Thank you for coming back, Mr.
So, you said on the phone it's just gonna be you? Uh, we've found that, uh, the presence of a female researcher can be inhibiting for a male and vice versa.
So we sometimes find it best to follow up, uh, with one-on-ones.
So, no jerking off, right? No.
Just talking about what attracts you to someone, how you receive pleasure, how you give it.
Chemistry, right? Uh, I didn't do too good at it in school, but I get an A-plus in it in bed.
There was a woman you mentioned in your interview, someone you said you see off and on? Yeah.
Oh, is it all right if I record this? Is intercourse always a mutually satisfying experience for you? You mean do we both orgasm? Yes.
Not always at the same time.
But sure.
Climaxing's not a problem for her.
And do you two rely on the same positions again and again? She likes to mix it up position-wise.
But we usually start the same way, you know, with me going down on her, and me warming her up.
She's not shy.
She'll tell me how fast to go, how long to stay in a certain spot.
Is this the kind of stuff you want to hear? She sometimes likes it when I half pull out, when I'm barely inside, and she'll just rock against me, to get me deeper.
Maybe I shouldn't be talking about this woman in particular.
She's not the norm.
If you're getting at what it's like with me in bed with a girl most of the time, - then this isn't it.
- And why is that? Because this one's different.
She knows herself.
She knows what feels good.
- Excuse me, Bill? - She'll tell you.
If I leave right now, I just might be able to put dinner on the table for my kids.
Do you mind? - No.
- Thank you.
Good night.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Good night.
And why is that? Because this one's different.
She knows herself.
She knows what feels good.
She'll tell you.
And she wants you to tell her what you want her to do to you, what your fantasy is, which is a fantasy in itself, am I right? I'm telling you, Doctor.
This woman is magic.
And to think all along now I've crossed to the unknown and I'm looking for a way back home where does this door go? I haven't been through it's not feeling normal I thought that I knew where does this door go?