Masters of Sex s01e05 Episode Script


Previously on "Masters of Sex" Bill! It happened from time to time when I was a kid.
Do you think it might have been triggered by anxiety about the baby? You look as if you've seen a ghost.
Mother What was Bill's father like? Francis wasn't a bad man.
That's not the same thing as being a good man.
Nice to meet you.
I'm, uh, Anonymous.
I'm Anonymous, too.
The higher-ups didn't appreciate the doc's vision or something like that.
I was so excited about the study.
Sorry it's over.
I can't conduct my research in a brothel, and this study will suffocate.
Dear God, you are a dog with a bone.
You know, I met a young man at the brothel, uh, a prostitute, a homosexual.
Men who pay to see him, they're salesman or lawyers or a provost of a major university.
I'm begging you to reconsider.
What the hell is this, Bill? You are Provost Scully's daughter? Vivian.
You feel like taking your sweater off? Okay.
I'm sorry about last night.
I was punishing someone, but it ended up being you.
You and Daddy had a sleepover? Yes, Daddy slept over.
He slept.
He collapsed the second his head hit the pillow.
I told you that you could not stay over.
He's going to think that his parents have gotten back together.
Hi, Mommy.
What are you doing home? Daddy dropped us off early.
Dad's not coming in 'cause he doesn't want a lecture.
Really? Tessie, can you hand me a towel, sweetie? Dad wants to live here.
How come you let Dad sleep here sometimes and sometimes not? Henry, he slept here once.
Now, let me have the bathroom to get ready, okay? I've missed you guys.
I want to hear all about your weekend.
You can tell me over breakfast.
We already had breakfast.
Why are you always so mean to Dad? Henry, I'm not mean, and if that's what he's been telling you One weekend with Dad is better than a million days here with you.
officially the size of a cantaloupe.
Last time it was a navel orange, and the time before that was a grape.
Listen for yourself? Is that the heartbeat? It sounds like a submarine.
Everybody loves the second trimester.
Nausea subsides.
You get a boost of energy.
Feet are still visible.
I can still see my toes Barely.
We will fix that soon enough.
Next checkup is at 26 weeks.
Counting the days.
We've been trying for six months since the wedding night.
We know we're young, but we felt the calling.
Well, youth is the best ally to fertility.
Your menses are regular? Your monthly cycle? We've prayed on it Like Abraham and Sarah.
She was barren, but she never lost faith.
The Lord gave them descendants as countless as the sand on the seashore.
Hebrews 11.
But still, we are starting to worry that children may not be in God's plan.
God may have created the heavens and earth, buthe's not an obstetrician.
And when you say you're "trying," uh, what exactly is your regimen? Just like the Bible says.
We lie together every night.
The missionary position, I presume? What positions have you tried? Positions? You're joking.
They thought "sleeping together" meant actually sleeping.
Enoch begat Methuselah.
Elkanah, son of Jeroham, lay with Hannah.
I finally told him, if you want a family, forget the good book.
Follow my ten commandments.
Thou shalt have no other gods besides Bill Masters? Well, then their faces, when I explained the nuts and bolts, the wife looked like she'd seen the second coming.
Wait till she sees her husband coming.
Uh, is your appointment already over? Mm-hmm.
Uh, did, uh, did Dr.
Haas take your blood pressure? And urine? I'd just as soon not discuss my urine with my husband in the hallway.
But, yes, all was tested, and all is well.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna reward myself with a trip to the nursery.
She loves staring at the babies.
Why wouldn't I? It's cheaper than a matinee, and you are guaranteed a happy ending.
Well, I'm headed that way myself.
Popcorn? See? Everyone loves babies.
I'm surprised I had to hear it from Vivian that your paths had crossed.
It was nothing, really.
Uh, I mean, it was something, of course.
Your daughter is lovely.
And it was, uh What did she say it was? A date.
It wasn't a date? I saw her once in the cafeteria.
And then, uh, later, briefly, and, I guess, again in the cafeteria.
A big eater, are you? No, although I am a man of restrained appetites, for the record.
Well, the truth is, my daughter thinks you're the pussy's whiskers Always has, ever since she was a girl.
Well, I'm very flattered.
Of course you are.
She's a special girl.
Always has her heart right on her sleeve.
Very sensitive.
All I said was, "Maybe one of these nights, Dr.
Haas will take you out for an egg cream.
" It's inherent to the process that at some point, we will have observed enough of the four stages.
It does seem that each new subject fits on the already-established curve.
And with this being our 200th observation of auto manipulation Happy 200th.
Subject F-096 And solidly on the curve, which further confirms every masturbatory act we've witnessed follows this same pattern of excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution.
We have those numbers, so let's move on.
Get back to couples.
How does one partner affect the other's phases? It's interesting.
The only problem is it won't be a controlled study.
In fact, it will be controlled since we'll follow the same protocol.
Yes, but that doesn't take into account the factor that we can't predict attraction.
Take Take Langham and Jane, for example.
Obviously they're attracted Where is that in the data? I don't need data.
I saw him try to pull her into a janitor's closet.
Just because you can't reduce it to a number doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
"It," meaning what, uhchemistry? Something that can't be explained or quantified? That Yes, that spark.
Attraction has to play into how a how a couple moves through the stages of sex.
It has to.
How often they climax together Climax together.
There's an event as rare as Halley's comet.
Where's that data? It's not rare at all if the couple is well-matched.
Orgasm completed at two minutes and two seconds.
State of the art.
But a certain amount of chafing is unavoidable.
Small price to pay for freedom.
Am I right, corporal? The study is back.
The whole shebang Couples and everything.
What wonderful news.
Are you signing up? Please say "yes.
" Virginia hasn't asked me yet, but heck yes! Yes! I haven't been this excited in, wellyou know.
You were there.
I've really missed being a pioneer on the front lines of science.
Me too.
Wear that perfume I like.
I think there's been a mistake.
No mistake.
What about Jane? This is your partner for the evening.
I'm F-102.
Take your time.
Little sleepy, isn't he? I don't know what, um I-I've never not risen to the occasionever.
Well There's a first time for everything.
I'm really glad you called.
And I am really glad you didn't hang up.
I wanted to make up for last time Take you on a proper date.
A diner is proper.
A bar is fun.
I thought you'd enjoy an egg cream.
Why would you think that? I'm about to turn 19, you know.
Two years away from legal drinking.
And I'd hate for somebody to get the wrong idea your father, for example.
Although I'm sure you haven't said anything to him.
Well, I haven't told him we were drinking whiskey in your apartment the other night.
Which is a felony, by the way.
Corrupting a minor.
That was a lapse in judgment.
One of several.
And I apologize.
Too bad my father's not here.
That's who your apology is really for, because you're afraid maybe I'll talk, maybe he'll fire you.
Vivian, no, that is not it.
It'sa little bit it, but mostly You are beautiful and charming and someone who deserves a steady boyfriend.
Who says that that's what I want? I mean, is that what you want? Someone steady? No.
I'm definitely not the settling-down type.
Then why should I be? I'm young.
I have everything ahead for me.
Why are you so sure I can't have a casual relationship? Something fun Easy.
Maybe a little bit daring.
Why can't two people just have a good time and leave it at that? So, anything you like, or? I like you.
Aah! What's the matter? It's good.
Oh! You can keep going.
Actually, I can't.
Obviously I I did something wrong.
No, it was I'm all wet down there.
That That's me.
Why are you bleeding? Is it midnight? It's not midnight, but it's late.
Honey, what are you still doing up? Where's Pam? In with Tessa.
Why do you even bother coming home at all? That's not a nice thing to say, Henry.
When Dad lived with us, you worked at night and then you worked in the day.
But now you work at day and at night.
What's the point of even having a mom? It probably does seem like I work all the time.
'Cause you do.
So let's plan something fun.
Tomorrow night.
Come on.
I will have Pam take you to the hospital.
We'll go eat at Freddy's, and you can have all the cherry pie you want.
And then we'll ride the Ferris wheel just you, me, and Tessie.
But after the Ferris wheel, I'm gonna go live with Dad.
I don't want to live with you anymore.
Bill? Bill! Bill, wake up! You haven't had a checkup in ages.
Are you sure you shouldn't see someone about this? It's not a medical condition.
Doctors being the worst patients.
All they really are are dreams.
Odd dreams.
Standing up, acted out.
I know something's bothering you.
Yoo-hoo! Let myself in.
So we see.
Good morning, mother.
Good morning, you two.
And you needn't scowl, Billy.
I was invited.
We have a shopping date.
They're doing wonders with maternity clothes these days.
Lovely fabrics and styles.
Only the best to cover our darling, little You cannot trick us into blurting out baby names, mother.
Well, I can try.
We can't blurt out baby names because we haven't picked them, because your son has been too busy to discuss them.
Oh, but there's a system.
The first son after the father's father.
The second son after the mother's father.
Third son after the father's eldest brother.
We're not having a litter.
Don't forget we have the Scullys tonight.
I'm stumped on a gift.
What do you give a couple for their 30th anniversary? I think 30 is pearl.
We do need to think about names, Daddy.
If it's a boy, he can have your name, but if it's a girl If it's a girl, we can discuss it later.
What I mean is, Vivian Scully forced herself on me, which means I am now completely screwed, because it turns out Vivian Scully is was a virgin.
You de-flowered the provost's daughter?! She duped me.
And now her father thinks I'm the pussy's whiskers, and he asked me to their at their country club.
Don't guys like being a girl's first? Are you crazy? It's too much responsibility.
Suddenly you're everything.
They want your love, your time, your devotion.
They're basically glued to you for the rest of your natural life.
It's like those signs you see in thrift shops.
You break it.
You buy it.
And they say chivalry's dead.
Scully could fire me if he finds out.
And if I don't send her flowers or something I'd hope you'd at least send her flowers.
But But I don't want to give her the wrong message.
I think having sex with her took care of that.
All right.
All right, then.
A dozen roses seems like I'm chasing her, but one rose One red rose means "I love you.
" Scratch that.
What about white roses? - White is for brides.
- Lavender.
Means "love at first sight.
" - Peach.
- For closing a deal.
Are you making this up? Yellow.
Yellow means friendship.
Send her yellow roses.
But only six, right? Why is it scientifically impossible for a man to put himself in a woman's shoes even for one second? Think about how she feels.
How does she feel? Lousy.
Send her a dozen.
It was sneaky and under-handed and unprofessional! I mean, what the hell were you playing at? Do I look like a lab monkey to you?! Some Some specimen you can just throw in the deep end! Hey, exhibit-A, mate now with exhibit-B! I'm not a toy! I'm not a puppet and you You are not my puppeteers.
That is a lot of mixed metaphors.
The reason I couldn't fuck that woman is because I was expecting Jane.
Nonperformance is an equally valuable part of the study.
I am not going down on the record as a "nonperformance"! It wouldn't be a bell curve if everyone was at the top First of all, Austin, we're sorry.
We were trying to collect data that wasn't skewed by attachment A controlled study.
You should have told me that.
Yes, we should have.
Now you know.
So, last night Goes in the shredder! I am not a sexual lemon! You could also end your participation in the study altogether.
I can't end it! The only way Jane will sleep with me is in the study.
Austin, this is not a dating I-I-I know.
I know where you're going, Bill.
Just spare me.
Okay, look, I'll continue with this next phase, but only ifI get to use Jane as my baseline.
After that, if you're gonna put me with someone else, the least you can do is warn me.
God knows I've not been perfect in my marriage, butI do have feelings.
It could have been about Bill's anxiety.
But why should Billy be anxious? He has everything.
Fancy job, a beautiful wife, baby on the way.
In my day, a woman went away in her fifth month and didn't come back again until her tenth.
I think maybe it is about the baby.
Because when I saw him there, crouched over the suitcase, I thought, "Well, he's packed all of my things "for the hospital my maternity clothes, my toothbrush" It was sweet in a "first-time-father way.
" But he also packed all of the baby's things Booties, blankets, that little lamb night lamp.
Well, he didn't know what he was doing.
Did he when he was a boy? Bill said he did this a lot as a child.
Did he? Well, but it was always in the cutest way.
Oh, I do remember one thing.
His father and I heard something in the living room, we came in and he was trying to fly a kite.
Got it stuck behind the wireless.
He He never did anything disturbed in his sleep or violent? Oh, goodness, no! It was always something darling like a little wind-up toy, tottering about.
I swear, if you hadn't walked through that door tonight, I would have joined the priesthood.
You wouldn't last five minutes.
Partners again? Do you want me to do anything for you? To get you ready? I'm ready.
Is there something I can do for you? Just a second now.
It's okay.
It happens.
Almost there.
One sec One sec.
Well, he's not adhering to any pattern now.
None whatsoever.
All right, you two.
Why don't we try another night? When you're rested up.
Good idea.
Let's get a cup of coffee.
Why won't my dick work?! Fuck! It's an ashtray.
Tahitian pearl.
Turns out, I suppose 70 is granite.
Matching headstones His and hers.
I, uh, I-I did think of a-a girl's name.
Um Catherine.
Libby Masters! You are radiant! Oh, is it revlon or hormones? Margaret.
You should have given her a baby years ago.
Come, let's get some champagne.
- Is that for me? Mm-hmm.
Congratulations, Barton.
Chancellor Fitzhugh, Ethan Haas one of the rising turks in the department.
Watch out for this one, Fitzy.
He's gonna bury all of us.
If he'll be the one kowtowing to trustees, I'll help him dig.
Every 30 years, Margaret lets me get a word in edgewise.
And before she changes her mind, I want to tell you about my favorite hat.
It was a homburg same one that Anthony Eden used to wear.
This was back when I was a surgical resident at the dawn of man.
And this hat, no kidding, cost more than my car.
But one evening, I'm walking home in the rain, and I realize I'd left my hat at the automat.
By the time I ran back there, it was gone For good, I thought.
Except I had written my name in the label, just like my mother taught me.
And a few days later, I walk out of a fasciotomy, and there is this girl.
A vision.
And there in her hands the homburg.
I gathered my wits, asked her to dinner, and the rest, as they say, is biology.
So, after 30 years Margaret Scully, my love, I'm awfully glad I lost that hat.
Oh, you didn't! So that's the famous Ethan Haas.
I was expecting wings and a halo.
He hasn't spoken to me all night.
Oh, I'm sure Dr.
Haas just doesn't want to seem forward.
Men don't know what they want, sweetheart.
That's why they have wives to tell them.
Certainly sounds like Barton knew his mind when he picked you.
Oh please.
That old hat story? Truth is, I showed up at the hospital every day for two weeks, and he never once noticed me.
I had to finally pretend there was a Sadie Hawkins dance and ask him out myself.
You have to make them love you.
That's the real story.
Vivian, your mother and father are inside.
So is the chancellor of the university.
You did get my roses, didn't you? I did.
And I didn't drag you out here for a repeat of last night.
I feel absolutely dreadful about that.
If I had had any idea It would have happened the same way.
It wouldn't have.
You just seemed so world-wise and grown up.
It never occurred to me that you hadn't I seem grown up to you because that's how you wanted me to seem.
And I guess that now I really am grown up.
But I brought you out here to tell you, you don't have to worry.
The physical part will get better.
I know it will.
And as for everything else, well, you have my love and devotion, because you and I, we were meant to be together.
This song always makes my heart melt.
We can still dance, you know, despite my girth.
I'd rather lure you home instead.
I've got a splitting headache.
Isn't that a girl's excuse? In this case, it's the truth.
Maybe the sleepwalking has something to do with Barton.
This iciness between you.
Why won't you tell me what happened with him? People aremysterious creatures.
With you, my dear husband, being the most mysterious of all.
I'm gonna use the girl's and let you think about that dance.
Hemoglobin, hematocrit, draw blood and cross match, then prepare two units.
Go, now! The most important thing is the bleeding has stopped.
Could you hear it? I can't find the heartbeat yet, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.
The baby could be in an odd position.
And bleeding doesn't always mean the end of the pregnancy either.
Sowe'll check again later.
Later? Give it a chance to shift.
In the meantime, you sleep.
I'll give you a sedative so that's possible.
No, stay with me! Libby, I-I need to, uh, uh, go over your chart, and I need to order you demerol.
I'll I'll call Virginia Have her sit with you until I get back, okay? Then I'll stay right here until you're out, all right? It could all turn out to be fine.
Completely fine.
Couldn't it? It could.
It could.
They're very excited about the Ferris wheel.
Even Henry, who likes to pretend he hates everything.
Yeah, I've noticed.
So, tomorrow might be another late night.
You don't have to sound so apologetic, Virginia.
I don't mind the long hours.
Thank you.
I need a piece of cherry pie this minute! How about you guys? Right now! Let's go already! Mom! Let me just get rid of this one minute.
What the hell happened? You were with her at the party.
I thought you knew With her case What did you miss? I didn't miss anything.
Her blood pressure's been perfect the entire time Urine's been negative No sign of protein.
Uterine growth's been completely normal.
By the fifth month at the umbilicus You missed something! If anything, I have been overly attentive knowing I'd have you breathing down my neck.
Her first fetal heartbeat? I also checked her hemoglobin every four weeks No sign of anemia.
Did you check the growth of her uterus by palpitation? Of course I palpated! Bill, do not pin this on me when what's really eating at you is your own guilt.
And why would I feel guilty? You could have been your wife's doctor, and you chose not to be.
for Mrs.
Sorry he sent you down here.
Libby I would be here anyway.
Because Bill Bill can't sit here.
I mean, because if he did, he'd have to admit he has no control over any of this, and he would rather roam the hallways than face that.
Well I think that's all men.
Bill is different.
I've seen it before, you know Once right after Bill's father died.
He just fell apart.
Lost his mind.
And I-I couldn't reach him, and it was so scary.
But I stayed there and I wouldn't leave and I wouldn't budge until he let me in.
And he loves me for staying, and he resents me for staying, because Bill doesn't really want anyone to know him.
It's the same thing with his sperm count.
Lousy We both know that.
And he lied to me.
We both know that.
And yetone lonely swimmer in that batch of lousy sperm wanted to fertilize an egg, and that egg wanted to grow in a procedure that involved a plastic cap and no actual sex of any kind, and yet I mean, what are the odds of that? The odds are slim.
But it happened.
So this can happen, too.
My baby Yes, I know.
It is your baby.
And GodI mean, God cannot be that cruel.
I'm so sorry about the pie, honey.
And the Ferris wheel.
I bet Henry's pretty mad.
He was cursing a lot.
Is he in the bathroom? Where is he? It's bad, Mommy.
He ran away.
I've checked every unlocked door on every floor.
I've looked in the cafeteria, in processing So he's hiding.
He'll come out as soon as he gets hungry.
No, you don't understand.
I know that he's left the hospital.
I know that he went to go look for George.
- I don't know George.
My ex-husband.
He even may have He may have tried to walk to his apartment, which is 16 blocks from here, or gardels.
The nightclub over in coon town? I need a car.
You have a car.
How does a kid even know about gardels? Because George used to play there, I used to sing there, we would take Henry.
To gardels A kid? I don't need your commentary.
I need your car! The hospital gives me a company car for night rounds, but I'm sure as hell not giving that car to you.
No, you're going to drive me, unless you want it to be on your watch that an 8-year-old boy disappeared.
What the hell? The apartment is on 14th and Green.
We have to start there.
And what if your husband's not there? The landlady or the neighbor Somebody must have seen him.
Is Henry dead? Henry's dead.
He's not dead, Tessa! We just have to find him.
Please, God.
Here, get in here.
Stan, wait up! Is that Mrs.
Johnson? We're on our way out.
She may want to take this call first.
You had to call her? Told you I had to.
She just pretends she's worried.
If that is an act, it is a very convincing one.
She asked me if you were headed to your dad's.
I always thought my dad was the greatest guy in the world.
My dad is the greatest.
And my mom, wow.
What a nag.
My mom's a nag, too.
And you know what I wish? I wish I had a stun gun a real one to zap my mom so she'd explode into particles.
Radioactive particles? 'Cause that would kill all life on Earth.
At least neutralize her.
But here's the thing I know your mom, and she's a really bad pretender, which means you really did scare her.
And if something bad did happen to you, she really would explode into particles Little tiny pieces that could never go back together again.
I want my dad back.
I'll try again in a bit.
In the meantime, turn on your left side.
That might move things enough to hear the heartbeat.
Of course you'll hear it.
Of course you will.
Darling, don't worry about anything.
Everything is going to be okay.
Maybe Libby would like some time to herself, mother.
I wouldn't have called her if I wanted time to myself.
And I know what we need to do.
We need to pray.
Oh, for God's sake.
It's for Libby's sake, Billy.
And if God wasn't invented for a time like this, then why invent him at all? What do you think, darling? I could go and get the hospital chaplain to join us.
I-I've met the chaplain.
I prefer to keep my supplications to myself.
I'll be back.
We'll try again later.
Later is now, Bill.
Stop talking to me like I'm your patient.
You are my patient.
No, right now.
This minute.
I am your wife.
And I want the truth.
Is the baby gone? Lib, there's a protocol a process to try and determine every few hours whether there's a viable heartbeat.
No, it's been hours! And I I don't want protocol! Just Just look at me.
Just look at me and tell me Is this baby gone? I'm so sorry.
The procedure is fairly straightforward.
We put you to sleep, we induce you, and then it's all over.
I can schedule for the morning.
No, do it now.
Virginia It's over now.
It's okay.
It's not okay.
I am doing the best that I can, and it is not good enough.
It's not Henry hates me because I work all the time.
I don't blame him.
He also hates me for not letting him live with George.
I can't blame him for that either, because I could never tell him the truth that that George doesn't want him.
For a weekend, maybe, but George never wanted kids.
I did.
When he drops them off after a visit, I can see the relief justwash over George's face.
Kids never want the parent that's really there for them.
No, kids want both parents.
That's what they really want.
It orders a kid's universe to have both of their parents there.
It orders an adult's universe, too.
Not meant to do this alone.
My Saturday coming up is pretty open.
I could toss a ball around with Henry.
Maybe take him to the science museum.
Ethan That's very generous and kind.
You are on your way to sainthood tonight.
But, honestly, why would you take on that responsibility? It's not a responsibility.
I like Henry.
He's a good kid.
I think that might also confuse things between us.
You don't have to worry about that.
I have a girlfriend now Vivian Scully.
The provost's daughter? Good move.
So, you and I We can be friends.
Start an I.
V 500cc pitocin.
increased to 40 after 5.
Another 150 demerol.
I'll be waiting for you in recovery.
Bill, we didn't make this baby together.
Not really, we didn't, but Can't we at least lose it together? This one thingplease? I know you.
Come here.
I was going to take the kids home, but I can stay if you still need me.
No, that's fine.
I'll see you tomorrow.
All right.
Give me fundal pressure.
Kelly clamps.
I can cut the cord if it's easier.
I can do it.
One more push for the placenta.
It's done.
You just need to rest now.
What was it? A girl.
There's more roast, dear.
Potatoes? I've got a cobbler for dessert.
I'm going to try and get a few hours' sleep before morning.
Thank you for the food.
It's the least I can do after such a terrible ordeal.
But you will have another.
I know you will.
We'll have another.
Why would you say that? Because you will.
And everything will be Fine.
Everything will be fine.
Why would you say that? That it'll all be okay.
That we'll have another.
Well, I'm just trying to What, make things better by telling me everything's fine? We should talk in the morning.
No, let's talk now.
In fact, I got a second wind.
And I'm sleepwalking again.
Did you know that? Libby's worried about it and has no idea what it's all about.
But we know what it's about, don't we? Sleepwalking?! When you were small, it was just a harmless Ah! There it is again! You know, there's a term for this curious habit of yours, mother.
It, uh well, we could call it "wishful thinking.
" Or self-delusion.
Or a sickness.
Yeah, our sickness.
Let's call it that.
And you know what's even more curious about this habit this this sickness of ours? How it spills over everything.
Quite a pair, aren't we? You with your head stuck in the sand.
And me Just a chip off the old block.
Those days are over, son.
They are dead and buried.
Bill I just wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss.
Actually, I'm I'm the one who's sorry, Barton.
Well, I would give you a hug, but I wouldn't want it to be misconstrued.
I guess there's enough sorrow to go around for us all.
Car's parked out front.
I say this, because, uh, well, I love you, Lib.
I love you with all my heart.
We have to be done with this.
I can't ever see you go through that again.
So, we have to stop.
But we'll be okay.
Uhwe have each other, andthat's all we really need.
Let's go home.
I brought you fresh coffee.
You seem busy.
I am trying to organize our couples study Refine the pairing system.
Uh, I've decided that, uh, the criteria for our couples should be two things Similarity of age and anonymity.
That's curious, because I-I came to the opposite conclusion That we should only use actual couples who are together.
No, my way is best.
Actual couples present too many complications.
All right.
You let me know when you'd like to resume the study.
Tonight is fine.
We're not working tonight.
It's fine.
You can go back to your desk now, thank you.
It's not fine Bill, you and Libby Virginia, am I talking to thin air? We can resume tonight.
Virginia Please leave.
I do not want to dis It wasn't your fault, you know.
What happened was not your fault.
Wasn't it? So, whose fault was it? Libby's? Yours? The baby's? It was no one's fault.
I had, uh, I had mixed feelings about being a father.
Did you know that? Those thoughts were in my head.
And then last night, Libby stood up and Bill You are a powerful man, but you are not that powerful.
Even you can't think something into being.
Close your eyes.