Masters of Sex s01e12 Episode Script


Previously on Masters of Sex I wanted to give you this.
And I came up with the amount by, uh, adding up the times we've participated.
You son of a bitch.
I have cancer.
I'm not going to be around to see the testing become routine.
I'm going to have to hand the work off to someone who can fight the fight.
I know there have been other women.
He's queer.
You can't give your husband what he likes.
Your husband likes boys.
I've got to grab their attention in the first two minutes and then hold it for another 38.
Once you present the work, what'll be different? A university's stamp of approval makes the work legitimate.
When do you stop feeling like you've got something to prove? There's always something to prove.
Why don't you let me worry about everything? I want us to be a team.
Aren't we? We're a couple.
No, a team.
Like Burns and Allen.
Haas and Johnson.
It's got a ring to it.
Well, I think you have to say you're entertaining multiple offers.
Isn't that the point of going to LA? Are you going to Disneyland? Close to Disneyland, I think.
It's in Anaheim, which-- Well, you know what? I'm not really sure where anything is out there.
Don't act like you know Disneyland, Tessa.
I do know.
Pinocchio lives there.
And fairies fly through the air.
A UCLA offer could certainly help with, say, Passavant Memorial in Chicago Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City.
So, why do they call it a right angle instead of a left angle? It's a Latin term-- - angulus rectus.
- Got it.
Literally angle upright All right.
meaning the line that sticks up from the base.
Are you the smartest person in the world? Second-smartest.
Your mom got first prize.
And since I won't be seeing you kids for a few days, how about I tuck you in tonight? - Yay! - Yay! Then who tucks you in? Oh.
It's a big day.
Dishes in the sink, Tessie.
And grab your red coat from under the bed.
We need to hide the red coat better.
air force base in New Mexico Henry, I really don't want to have to run for the bus this morning.
Mom, look.
three years in the making, many starts and stops, but today Project Manhigh finally takes to the skies.
Major David Simons has seated himself inside an aluminum capsule and is ascending to a height never before achieved by man.
We now go to the Project Manhigh's Commander, who is speaking directly with Major Simons He's going into space for real, mom.
Major Simons, you are about to reach the high point of your career.
It's quite a day, Colonel.
Quite a day.
Every seat is accounted for.
We'll have at least two dozen standing.
My worry now is the gin and vermouth.
My hands will be arthritic claws by the time I'm finished.
"All male subjects expressed concern about a possible link between excessive masturbation and mental illness.
" Ah.
I'm coming.
So "Excessive"? What is that, statistically? Several times a day? I mean, obviously that would be overdoing it, but once a day Lester, you're fine.
Masters, do you want of the study available to the attendees? An even 100, to be distributed after the presentation.
But how do you know I'm fine? Because I'm a doctor.
I can spot a statistically average masturbator from a mile away.
I-I'll fix the feedback.
Bill, are you sure about the Martinis? 'Cause I could whip up a delicious Planter's Punch.
Punch is for bingo games.
The atmosphere here needs to reflect the significance of the study.
Well, then, maybe no alcohol at all.
Well, the study deserves a-- an open and receptive audience.
I think it can only help if everyone's a little looped.
It's about setting the stage.
Martinis set the proper tone.
It's your day.
Although, given it's a sold-out crowd, we will need another four dozen canapes.
"And all males defined 'excessive masturbation' to be a frequency more than they, in fact, indulged, it would seem, as a means of justifying their current habit.
" Last time you came in with a headline, the Japs had bombed Pearl Harbor.
Charles Albert Rutledge got a life sentence.
- Who? - State Vs.
Rutledge, an office clerk from Vernon.
The Missouri Supreme Court unanimously handed down a sentence of life imprisonment for his "Detestable and abominable perversions with a male teenager.
" Normally, I would never notice this story, but today I thought, "My God.
That could be my husband.
" The boy in the hotel that night Margaret, I'm not gonna talk about this.
You have to, Barton.
Because if you had just discovered, after 30 years, that I was a Martian the least I could do is explain to you life on Mars.
You slept with that boy that night.
Not that night.
But he was your your lover? I paid him.
Did you have feelings for him? Margaret I am so ashamed that all this time, I could never stop.
How many have there been? Oh.
I see.
And have they always been for hire, these men? Not all.
But none of them ever changed how I felt about you.
You never loved one of them? James Davenport.
He was the only one that That was so very long ago.
The summer before I went to college.
You loved a boy when you were 18? You knew you felt this way when you were 18? It wasn't so clear-cut then.
But you hadn't even met me yet and you already knew you could never want me.
I'm gonna make it up to you.
By waving a magic wand? I was 10 when you were 18.
Everything was ahead.
You cannot give me back the years.
I could've done something else.
I could've been with someone else.
Why wasn't that my choice, whether I wanted to spend my life with-- with a queer? Margaret Those were the only years I had.
You thief! Margaret, please.
I'm gonna fix this.
I'm seeing a doctor, a pioneer in the field-- Dr.
And he and I are gonna take care of this problem for good.
I promise you.
_ Wheelchair to Maternity Check-In.
Wheelchair to Maternity Check-In.
I believe I did credit you with our success in Tennessee.
Yes, but we could start a similar outreach here.
We could gather all the female employees at the hospital, and we could start a forum on women's health.
Maternity has already agreed to institute pap smears.
Well, yes, but it doesn't always have to be about pap smears.
For example, I read about this doctor in Houston, and he's developed this film that can detect breast cancers.
It's like an X-ray.
Robert Egan.
He's had great success detecting cancers in a breast after mastectomy-- no success at all with breasts still attached to a woman.
But it's still a radical, maybe lifesaving idea.
My point is, there's a lot you want to accomplish, Lillian, and I want to help you.
There are many other health issues-- You know what I did see on the department board this morning? Everybody saw it.
What is your point? It made me realize you're right.
Stop complaining about Bill and start emulating him.
In fact, I'm off to find the Chancellor now to show him just how much of a Masters I can be.
Expecting fireworks this afternoon, Bill.
Provost at Webster called me directly, asked if he could attend the presentation.
I hope you said yes.
Outside interest only helps our cause.
Your study's a cause now? It's always been.
You know that.
It's all ahead for you, Bill.
You'll wake up tomorrow and everything will be different.
We're having a dinner tonight at the house to celebrate.
I want you and Margaret to be part of it.
I appreciate that, but there are some personal issues.
Look, Barton, I know we hit a rough patch, and I-I know you only came around to this work reluctantly-- I was blackmailed.
Let's not mince words.
But we need to push past that now.
We need to present a united front.
Against what? You're drawing bigger crowds than "Pajama Game" at the drive-in.
What do you need me for? I I need you there.
Because today the work takes center stage, and that's where it should be.
And whatever comes from it it will be credited to us both and that's how it should be.
God help me.
You always could bend the universe to your will.
I imagine this is difficult for you.
You cannot imagine.
My life has been turned inside out.
You might as well tell me the sun now sets in the east, that babies grow on trees.
But if Barton is embarking on a cure, I want to know what it is because Well, I cannot spend another moment of my life in the dark.
He's going to undergo electroshock therapy.
It's a psychiatric treatment in which seizures are electrically induced-- I know what it is.
My friend Joan-- we play mah-jongg every Wednesday-- her mother's had electroshock, many times.
We've taken to calling it "Head zapping.
" Well, there are misconceptions about ECT.
But electricity would be pushed through Barton's brain, correct? He's anesthetized, so it's painless.
There must be consequences.
The hoped-for consequence is your husband no longer desires men.
And there are side effects.
The biggest one is memory loss.
It's usually temporary.
Sometimes it's permanent.
Can people die? But those are very low odds.
Surely there are other ways.
Oh, there are.
In fact, there have been tremendous advances in science in terms of curing homosexuality.
There's something called shock-aversion therapy.
Sometimes we apply the shocks directly to the genitals, which can enhance the treatment's efficacy.
There are psychotropic drugs.
There's chemical castration.
Chemical castration? The good news is, your husband can beat this, Mrs.
We just have to find the treatment that works best.
_ Dr.
Masters, I was wondering-- Jane, I said no distractions.
Then I'll be quick.
I was wondering if you invited Virginia this afternoon, because I didn't.
Is that a question? It's just She put so much time into this study, so much of herself.
What Virginia does this afternoon, or any afternoon, is none of our concern.
She won't come unless you ask her.
She quit.
And I resent you comin-- Just a thought.
God damn it.
I'll be down the hall for a moment.
I just wanted to say, uh, good luck.
You were coming to see me? I was heading in this direction, so Actually, I, uh Well, if you want to-- Gini.
Look at you.
I just ran out for some stuffed olives.
Bill had the inspired idea to serve Martinis at the presentation.
That is inspired.
Sets the right tone.
That's just what Bill said.
Uh, anyway, I'm sure, uh, Virginia's busy.
We'll see you at the presentation, though? Libby.
You must come.
After all your efforts Dr.
DePaul and I have a very full day.
I just wanted to wish you both the best-- on the presentation and the baby.
That very sweet of you, Gini.
Because I want Bill Masters' deal.
He has no secret deal.
No secret to you, or to me now, that Masters' patients pay him directly, that the university doesn't touch that money, that it allows him to pocket an extra 30%.
Can I interest you in a sandwich? It's on me.
Coffee's fine.
You might consider cutting back on caffeine.
I want your assurance I can have the same arrangement.
Bill Masters has that deal because of the enormous amount of business he generates for maternity hospital.
Over the years, he's brought literally thousands of patients through our doors.
You have no patients.
That's a gross exaggeration.
How many? My numbers grow every day.
And I see those numbers on my weekly report from Accounting.
The reason I have fewer patients is because the hospital doesn't forward new patients to me.
I'm last on the referral list when women call and ask for an OB/GYN.
You're 12th on the list.
And you know why? We can't sell you.
- To whom? - To women.
I brought you here because of your impeccable credentials and the hunch obstetrics might be opening up for female physicians.
But I was wrong.
Because when we do refer you, women make it very clear they don't want another woman looking up their skirt, except for the odd gal who thinks that's just swell, and those 16 women are your patients.
And they receive the best care this hospital has to offer.
It's not even a drizzle.
I'm on my way to Masters' presentation.
The entire hospital is talking about it.
Why don't you come up with something to grab our attention? Maybe that will rearrange the weather in your favor.
It's a big day, huh? Strange to think it started with us.
Masters' study will continue.
We can, too.
"Martinis are the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet.
" Up with invention.
Down with sonnets.
Those are actually HL Mencken's words, but, uh I have been engaged in an invention of sorts-- a study that began in earnest a year ago.
But in truth is a project more than 20 years in the making.
As we went about our business, we discovered, more than once, a stethoscope pressed up against the walls of Exam Room 5.
I took your curiosity and speculation as a good sign.
But those days of secrecy are over.
I am opening the door of Exam Room 5, and I'm eager to share with you my groundbreaking discoveries.
What happens to the body during sex? The one thing you can't do is take people's word for it.
Lies, half-truths, delusions, significant omissions-- what people wish were true-- will always muddy the waters of scientific objectivity.
So, I wired them up.
How many victims-- I mean subjects, Bill? So far? in 458 individual acts of sex.
So happy you came.
Now, if you're interested in raw data, I've collected it all together for you to read in the back.
But if you want to know what we learned-- Who's "We," Dr.
Masters? It's the royal "We," Dr.
Sex, it turns out, has a pattern.
When sexually stimulated both men and women pass through what are essentially four separate stages of physiological response-- excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.
Furthermore, we were able to disprove many myths.
For example, uncircumcised men do not have more ejaculatory control than circumcised men.
Circumcision doesn't affect impotency one way or another.
The male orgasm does not deplete physical strength.
So, if you have a big golf game this coming Sunday, please, have all the sex you want Saturday night.
My weekend just improved.
And rest assured, in terms of pleasing your partner, "Bigger is better" turns out to be another myth.
Our research revealed that smaller penises expand more when erect, larger penises expand less, meaning most erections land in a small statistical middle.
Combined with the distensive property of the vaginal barrel, a canal being as snug around a gloved finger as it is around a baby's head, it turns out a woman does accommodate a small penis as pleasurably as a large one.
And I can speak for myself when I say you've done a great service here today, Dr.
Let's hear it for the little guys, huh? Right, Bob? And so, let's move on to the girls.
This is the vaginal canal during sexual stimulation.
Oh, God.
Note the uniform lubrication-- actually a "sweating" phenomena.
Nobody knows it's you.
Note the wall color, the darker, purplish hue, as we arrive at the orgasmic phase, when the entire vaginal barrel undergoes contractions during orgasm, similar to an accelerated labor.
Until now, no one knew these contractions existed.
And yet here they are.
And we can measure them.
But that's not the whole story when it comes to the female orgasm.
Note the muscle contractions in the hands and feet-- myotonia.
The skin flush - Who is that? - vasocongestion.
The erect nipples perspiration, hyperventilation.
Physiological reactions are uniform and consistent.
Which brings us to the heart of the study and the most radical discovery of all-- when it comes to sex, women have capabilities vastly superior to men.
They can achieve multiple orgasms, they're orgasmic after menopause, and the sexual satisfaction they can achieve on their own is equal to, and sometimes even greater, than the satisfaction they achieve with men.
I think that's, uh, enough.
There are women in the room, Bill.
There were women in the study, Chuck.
We'll reconvene in my office later.
Actually, I-I have a Q&A planned.
This kind of smut does not belong in this hospital.
Of course they'll settle down.
They'll have to.
You remember how you first reacted when you saw our work.
I'd supported you for 20 years.
I was your friend.
You think I don't know the resentment in this hospital toward me because of my stature, my position.
Then why put out a fire with gunpowder today? I was presenting my work! Maybe it was a miscalculation to think my colleagues could be the first ones exposed to this material, given their petty jealousies, their insecurities.
This goes beyond jealousies, Bill.
Now is not the time to give in to small minds.
You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna publish this as a paper in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Journal.
Makes more sense to go through established channels anyway.
Those were the established channels right there in that room.
So this is what, you're turning on me now, too? Jesus, this is what you always do.
The first sign of trouble and you're gone, out the door! That's bullshit, Bill, and you know it.
No one has gone further out on a limb for you than I have.
I'm gonna back you on this because the work is good.
And I resent that small-mindedness, that oppressive choke hold of establishment thinking.
I've had a lifetime of it.
So, fuck them.
Yes, exactly.
Fuck them.
Thank you.
He's not in Barton's office.
Everyone hurried out so quickly, I couldn't distribute the study.
Although, Ethel from Accounting took two copies, she was so impressed.
Masters' office.
I'm-- I'm sorry to hear that you can't make it.
By the time I get back to my airless dungeon, everyone's gonna know it was me that shot that film.
You filmed that naked woman? No.
I don't know who shot that, but the film of your insides has my signature style all over it, and it's gonna cost me my job.
Masters will defend you.
Hello, Dr.
I suspect he has his hands full.
Then I will defend you.
- I understand.
- Not only was it pretty, with camera angles or whatever, the whole point of it was for science.
And frankly, this hospital should be supporting more of that, and I will say that to anyone who will listen, even the Chancellor of the university himself.
I need to make some calls.
If I could have the wheeldex please.
Bill I'm fine.
Are you sure? Dr.
Rish just called to cancel for our dinner tonight.
Well, we're better off without him.
I'd rather tonight's dinner be only people who appreciated the work.
Well, Ethel certainly appreciated it.
I think it was just the insecure men that didn't want to hear about how women are, you know sexually superior.
People didn't want to hear about the Theory of Natural Selection, either.
They wanted to believe that God created the world in seven days, not that man evolved from apes.
Darwin was attacked by both scientists and the church, and yet it's Darwin that survived.
And Elvis Presley.
He was panned on "The Milton Berle Show" last year.
Couldn't even show him from the waist down.
And he was accused of being obscene, by the way.
Now he's in "Jailhouse Rock" and his swiveling hips are 20-feet wide on every big screen in America.
Forward my calls to reception.
You can take the rest of the day off.
Masters, that's not necess-- And, Libby, you can go, too.
We have guests tonight.
We should be ready for them.
And I need a quiet office.
I have a lot of work to do.
The sky this far above the earth is purplish-black, and against that is well, many heavenly wonders.
He's up there right now.
Beyond the haze, there are thin bands of blue etched against the night sky.
They appear to be thin shells of dust that hover over the Earth like a succession of halos.
Major Simons is such a hero.
He is.
But there are lots of people that helped get Major Simons into space, like those men sitting right there.
- They're helpers? - Mm-hmm.
Yes, it takes helpers to do great things.
atmospheric layers, and the stars at 100,000 feet do not twinkle, but shine steadily.
Do you want anything else? We have enough food for 20 people.
I-I wish I had seen that film of the woman before you showed it.
And that would've changed what? I would've warned you against it.
You're used to seeing bodies in the throes of passion like that, but it's Well, it's-- it was a little shocking to me and to the other doctors, as well.
Doctors see naked bodies every day.
They don't see them having sex.
Who was that woman-- in the film at the end? What difference does that make? The two doctors sitting next to me thought it was Virginia.
Of course they did.
Since they were already acting like naughty schoolboys, spying on the naked neighbor lady.
You know, I've had 111 women in my study, I have hundreds of feet of film, and yet I go and pick Virginia as my subject? Does that make any sense to you? No.
No, I-I can't imagine why she'd compromise herself like that.
You've answered your own question.
But you haven't answered mine.
Who was that woman? You know I can't say.
Barton I spoke to Dr.
Ellenberg today.
I mean, some of those supposed cures sounded primitive, at best.
Some sounded worse.
Well, castration is off the table.
I suppose electrocuting your genitals is also a pass? Margaret, I'm doing the right thing.
Electroshock has been around for more than 20 years.
It's been tested.
It's now a perfectly acceptable form of therapy.
But Joan's mother doesn't remember she has a granddaughter.
We don't have grandchildren.
What if you forget you love to overtip everyone everywhere we go? What if you forget how Vivian smiles when you sing "You Are My Sunshine"? Wh-wh-what if you forget you've never won a tennis match against me, not once, not ever? I let you win.
Well, what if you forget that? Margaret, what would you have me do? I need to fix this thing.
If you don't fix it, I I don't know what kind of future we can possibly have.
But, I mean, listening to that doctor, I thought for all of our problems this is still not the life I thought I had, but the life I got with a man that I do love.
Margaret, I don't want to cause you any more distress than I already have.
If you don't want me to do it, I won't.
I don't-- I don't think I do.
We already have a hundred signatures.
He's finished.
I have half a mind to just rip it from their hands.
I can't believe they think a petition is going to stop Bill.
Johnson, that was more of you than I needed to see yesterday.
What did you just say? I'm sorry, but that is just ridiculous and rude.
And true.
I can see that you wish it were.
There's got to be a better way.
Lillian, I couldn't sleep last night, and so I picked up the latest journal of gynecology, and there's this pill that's been developed for irregular menstrual cycles that actually functions as birth control.
That's Gregory Pincus' work, funded by Margaret Sanger.
But the FDA has only approved it for severe menstrual disorders.
Yes, but now large numbers of women are reporting severe menstrual disorders just so they can get their hands on it.
It has serious side effects.
Yes, but a contraceptive pill.
Just imagine what that could do for women.
I'm not following your point.
The women's forum.
Why isn't this something we can explore? It's a distraction.
We have work to do right here in front of us.
Lillian, you're a doctor.
You are in the perfect position to be on the ground floor something thrilling, a pioneer in a new field! I don't have time for thrilling or "new fields," as you know.
I know.
I-- I'm sorry.
I mean-- My work is to-- To make pap smears available to every woman in the country.
I know.
It's not glamorous.
It's painstaking and it's slow.
I know that.
But it is an honest goal.
The one thing I can do that will hopefully make a difference.
Why isn't that enough for you? One small step at a time, Virginia.
There's nothing wrong with that.
as of this morning-- doctors, administrators, board members Now even people that didn't see your presentation want your study shut down.
I will not move my study out of this hospital again, Barton.
I refuse.
No, it's more complicated than that.
Chancellor Fitzhugh is waiting for us in his office right now.
We're both being let go.
As in fired? That-- No, that's a bluff.
With the money I bring into this hospital? It's no bluff.
I got word this morning.
It's a done deal.
He felt utterly blindsided by what he saw yesterday-- what everyone saw.
Made him look stupid.
He felt humiliated.
But more than that, it scared him.
Naked bodies, having sex-- that's not something the board can tolerate.
Heads must roll.
So Fitzhugh is firing us to save his own ass.
The truth is, Bill as much as I've loved you like a son, championed you as best I could I was always a little envious of you.
You have gifts that I don't-- raw talent, a vision.
You are an excellent doctor, Barton.
That was one of the reasons I looked up to you.
Then I took the easy way out-- made a living, supported a wife and daughter.
But now at my age You'll have a good chance of landing on your feet.
That's what matters.
Guess what I'm looking at.
Mickey Mouse.
I-I couldn't find Mickey Mouse's star on Hollywood Boulevard yesterday.
I did, however, see the new Capitol Records building.
Was that that crazy round building where Nat King Cole records? Did you know that there is a light on the top of that building that blinks out the word "Hollywood" in morse code? No, I didn't know that.
And now I'm looking at the Pacific Ocean.
Well, now I'm looking at Stella transcribe dictation.
You win.
I also have some big news.
I did get an offer from UCLA.
See? I told you.
Now you have the leverage you need.
It's a game-changing offer.
Oh? And this is not how I intended to do this.
But I don't want to wait.
I love you, Virginia.
I have from day one.
And I love your kids, love them as if they were my own.
And no matter what job I take, I want you and them there with me, for good.
So will you marry me? Ethan, I'm-- I'm not sure Stella should be a part of this discussion.
You can answer when I get back.
But whatever kind of life you want for yourself, for your kids, it's yours.
That wasn't science.
Pornography, maybe.
Grossly inappropriate, certainly.
But mostly that debacle of yours was a violation of everything this hospital and university stand for, undertaken, without my knowledge, by the two men I trusted most.
I've been trying to get my head around it, but frankly, I can't.
This study has been going on for a year? In hospital exam rooms, using hospital equipment? You were happy enough when those rooms and equipment generated huge revenues, monies that bolstered your position with the board.
Didn't hurt you at bonus time, either, I'm sure.
I gave you a special deal.
And I gave you a world-class obstetrics department.
I've made a mistake with you, Bill.
It's clear to me you've been given far too much rope to hang yourself by a man far too weak to stop you.
Which brings to me a very difficult decision.
The truth is, if you had supported me from the beginning, this wouldn't have happened at all.
I-I'm sorry? The reason I hid my study from you, Barton, is because I knew you'd forbid it.
I came to you years ago and told you of my plan to, uh, crack the mysteries of human sexuality, but you flatly said no.
You couldn't see this was the future.
You-- you couldn't envision the accolades and acclaim that such innovative work would bring to this hospital.
Acclaim? Are you drunk? That so-called work is obscene.
You didn't have the strength.
That's the one thing the Chancellor did get right.
And because you were weak, I went around you.
I did use hospital exam rooms.
I did use hospital equipment.
And I used the money you thought I was using for infertility research on sex instead.
In which case, Barton, you've been bamboozled by our lying, arrogant employee worse than I've been.
I leave the honors to you.
You know what needs to be done.
I will continue my study at this hospital no matter what you say today, no matter what you do.
You won't, Bill.
You're fired.
The Urban League is so grateful for all your generosity, ma'am.
I'm sorry I couldn't drive them over myself.
I feel like I'm carrying a sack of cement today.
Of course you do.
You know, we also take donations for our nursery, and we have a dental clinic.
Aah! Aah! Oh, my God.
What is it, ma'am? I need to call my husband.
We have to go back to Fitzhugh.
It won't change anything.
But I can't let this stand.
I can't.
It was-- The only thing to do.
It made no sense for us both to go.
Dear God.
What a thing.
It was Fitzhugh's secretary who told Patsy who told me that Dr.
Masters was fired.
Fired! That's like firing God.
I feel so ashamed.
What? Why? Because I showed myself my insides, my vaginal walls.
And those doctors thought that it was dirty or that something went horribly wrong, and now it's as if I brought down the entire kingdom.
That's not what those doctors thought, not about you.
How do you know? Because I've seen more of you, down there, than anybody, and I think your vaginal walls are beautiful.
You're just saying that.
I think the up-top parts are beautiful, too.
In fact, I think everything about you is perfect.
I'm sorry.
I didn't-- Uh, I'll come back.
No, Gini, come in.
What a day.
Uh, you don't have to leave, Lester.
I do.
Believe me.
I do.
Can you believe it? All of this just gone.
All these offices just gone.
Everything that he and you and me and Lester worked so hard on is just-- Gone.
Where is he? He called to say he'd be out for the rest of the day.
I don't know.
Do I pack up or? Bill can live without almost anything but not without his work.
And such good work from such a brilliant man.
A souvenir, I guess.
Or a doorstop.
Ma'am, I don't think we're gonna make it across town.
We have to.
I need-- Mnh-mnh, my hospital's two blocks over.
I'm taking you over there.
Now, what this is, ma'am, is a precipitous labor, so we'll get you in a room-- Precipitous labor? Wh-what is that? Quick.
Apparently, your baby has a train to catch.
No, no, I can't be here.
I'm supposed to deliver at Maternity.
Well, where you don't want to be is sitting in a car on Charles Avenue.
You don't.
I don't.
Listen to her.
I'm starting electroshock treatments.
I told Margaret I wouldn't, but I have to do something.
I've done two things right in my life-- you and my family.
But maybe I can get something else right, something ahead, if I fix myself.
You know the risks of electroshock as well as I do.
Well, what endeavor doesn't have risks? As we've seen.
But the reward The reward can make me a new man.
Now, haven't we spent our whole lives believing in science? We have.
So, tomorrow I'll admit myself, I'll have my treatment, and then I'll go home cured to a wife I love, to a better future, to a job, thanks to you.
But tonight I'm worried about you.
What are you gonna do, Bill? The same.
I'm gonna go home.
Masters sorry about the locks.
I, uh Well, I certainly wouldn't want to have to escort you out.
_ Mom.
Mom, come look! The craft has now touched down.
The pod door is opening, and he's emerging.
This is truly an historic moment in American history.
Welcome home, Major! Good to be home, Colonel.
How do you feel, Major? Good.
What did you learn up there in space? Man can go anywhere.
He just has to take his own atmosphere with him.
I can't wait till Ethan comes back so we can tell him.
You ready to call your husband now, Mrs.
Masters? Soon.
In a little while.
You put my name on the study.
You earned it.
No one believes in the work.
Scully, maybe.
No one else.
I do.
So do you.
But it doesn't matter.
Because it's over.
So, uh I have nothing to offer you.
That's all right.
Except, maybe the truth.
I finally realized that, uh there is one thing I-I can't live without.
It's you.