Masters of Sex s02e01 Episode Script


Previously on "Masters of Sex" I-I simply want to answer the question What happens to the body during sex? Dr.
William Masters.
He's the Alpha dog of coochie medicine.
So are you interested in the job or not? How can I help? You will be participating in a medical study that examines the physiology of sexual response during automanipulation.
This study will never be seen as serious science, and you will be labeled a pervert.
You Pretended to have an orgasm? Is that a-a common practice amongst prostitutes? It's a common practice amongst anyone with a twat.
I want my tubes untied.
I'm getting married, and my fiance wants lots of kids.
Your fiance, the peanut king.
It won't be possible for you to get pregnant.
First, I get the "Just friends" Speech.
Next thing I know, she invites me in.
I am going to marry that woman.
I can't imagine my life without you.
You don't want me, do you, Barton? Sweetheart, he's a homosexual.
I'm gonna fix this.
I'm seeing a doctor.
I've run across a few treatments.
Jesus, Barton.
Two of us should undertake the research with each other.
Have sex with our patients? With each other.
We're scientists.
Let's see.
Lillian Depaul.
Whom we were lucky enough to lure away from Cornell.
My work is to To make pap smears available to every woman in the country.
I know.
It's the one thing I can do that will hopefully make a difference.
I have cancer.
I'm so sorry.
I'm going to have to hand the work off He deserves a family.
You don't have a condition, Libby.
It's Bill.
He's the one with the problem.
I saw your file.
You're pregnant.
That's not possible.
It is.
This conversation is over.
That's what your father always used to say.
Don't even begin to compare him to me! I wanted to give you this.
You shouldn't be selling yourself short.
I wouldn't sell myself, period.
I quit.
I see you still need a secretary.
I was wondering if you invited Virginia this afternoon, because she put so much time into this study, so much of herself.
What Virginia does this afternoon, or any afternoon, is none of our concern.
When it comes to sex, women have capabilities vastly superior to men.
This kind of smut does not belong in this hospital.
We'll reconvene in my office later.
The world isn't kind to mavericks, Bill.
You're fired.
Will you marry me? I finally realized that, uh there is one thing I-I can't live without.
It's you.
Adler, please call 824.
You need to leave right now.
This is the ladies' room.
Ever since I saw you in that presentation, - naked like that - That was not me! I can't stop thinking about you.
And even if it were I want to take you to dinner.
What? No.
No dinner.
No nothing.
Crane, you should know that I am not above kneeing you in a very delicate spot.
Oh, come on.
Dennis, what the hell? Nice shot.
I'm just saying you can't take it personally.
Crane's a nephrologist, okay? They're all perverts.
It's not just kidney doctors.
Ever since the presentation, I'm propositioned a dozen times a day.
I get notes on my windshield.
Just today, somebody left a dildo a dildo on my desk.
One of the girls in the bullpen, no doubt.
Women are so vicious.
The financial repercussions are even worse.
Depaul's salary It doesn't even cover essentials, forget about extras.
And I have no chance of getting a raise here because apparently I now wear the scarlet letter.
That study.
Honest to god, it's worse than the mummy's curse.
Hey, what about cal-o-metric? I don't know Cal.
No, um, Elise was going stir crazy.
She was tired of junior league.
She'd had it with scout mothering.
So she decided to start selling cal-o-metric.
It's a new diet plan for housewives.
No, it's easy.
You just follow a script.
A script telling women they're fat? A script telling women like, say, Phyllis here From the waist up, Rita Hayworth.
From the waist down, Henry viii.
You'd be able to tell Phyllis that her long, lonely Saturday nights are now over because you've got something that can make her ass match her face.
Don't listen to me.
Ask Elise.
She lost all of her baby weight.
She had a ton of energy.
Plus she even made enough money to buy herself a whole new wardrobe that included French lingerie.
Your wife still cares about you enough to buy French lingerie? My wife deserves a medal for her forgiving heart.
And my wandering ways are a thing of the past.
Well, how much, uh, French lingerie was she able to buy? An extra 100 bucks a month worth.
Listen to me, Virginia.
Leave the mummy's curse behind.
Because when Lord Carnarvon opened Tutankhamun's tomb back Whenever the hell that was, four months later, he died from a mosquito bite.
And what did it say above that tomb? "Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturbs the peace of the king.
" Well Our study did not have a tomb or a king.
Oh, it had a king.
Conners to emt room 201.
They do said they don't want me to drive after.
And since, uh, Margaret doesn't know I'm here I'm only gonna impose on you for this first one.
Once I get a routine going, I-I can handle it myself.
I also told Dr.
Anders that you would be observing.
He's got a solid reputation.
Seems on top of things.
Anyway, I appreciate this, bill.
What? What is this? You're in the hospital, Barton.
The treatment ended an hour ago.
Treatment? Why? I I don't You need to rest, Barton.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I I don't understand.
It's just a suit.
Where's Margaret? I want Margaret.
Please, I Why am I here? Please call Margaret.
I-I don't understand.
This confusion will be gone shortly.
What? I I Rocket science, it's not.
You buy the product, keep the money from your sales.
Well, not all.
Small percentage goes back to headquarters.
I'm headquarters.
But I I can't buy the product outright.
That's why I'm here to make money, Money that I don't have to spend on diet pills.
Well, I could give you the pills but the cut to me on the back end goes up.
Up from? Steep.
Yeah, well, you don't make the poor richer by making the rich poorer.
Your motto? Winston Churchill said it first.
Are you sure these pills even work? When I was on the stuff, I weighed in at 98 pounds.
Okay, 198.
Then I read about all those starving chinese, you know, The great famine over there, and who knows if we're next? You young girls can panic over fat.
I look at it as insurance.
Just follow the script.
Oh, I-I actually do much better when I speak to people spontaneously.
You know, from the heart.
Then I suggest improv theater.
If you're gonna work for me, you stick with the script.
I'm fine to drive.
It's only a few blocks.
You're not driving.
Really, go.
I feel much better.
I don't think this is the answer, Barton.
I think electroshock is unpredictable.
It can have permanent side effects.
And there's no hard data to prove it cures homosexuality.
I think you should stop the treatment now.
Well, you've been a good friend.
Just think about what I've said, please? Dr.
Holden, welcome back.
Rough day, sir? Oh, yes.
Sick patient.
It's god's work that you do, sir.
Shall I sent the laundry up to the room? I'd appreciate it.
And some ice, too.
Have a good evening, Dr.
You're taking my pulse? More like flying blind.
There's no instruments, no points on a graph.
How will we possibly interpret what's happened here? You gonna get it? It's late.
Something might have happened.
It's Ethan.
He'll keep calling until I pick up.
Like a collie.
Keeps barking until someone tosses it a treat.
Actually, Ethan has asked me to marry him.
And? What did you say? Nothing Yet.
No, I'm here.
Ethan, I'm sorry.
Things have changed.
I don't.
It has nothing t And you're a good man and my kids love you to death.
But it is.
It's where I belong.
And see how his second toe is longer than his big toe? Aww, I read somewhere that's a sign of great intelligence.
I half expected to hear you had canceled this morning.
Why would I do that? You said three weeks was his first major check-up.
I simply mean that it's very brave of you to come back here, this hospital, After that debacle with Bill.
My husband and the chancellor didn't see eye to eye on his study.
God, it's funny, isn't it? We never know what we're in for when we first say "I do.
" The important thing is that you don't blame yourself.
Did Eleanor Fish know what she was getting into when she married Albert Fish? Albert? A Brooklyn vampire.
He killed a bunch of folks, mostly children.
There was rumors of cannibalism.
And the whole time, There sat his wife, completely unsuspecting.
Begner, my husband is a first-class gynecologist and obstetrician, beloved in this community with more diplomas and commendations on his wall than you could ever dream of.
You must be new here.
I'm Gini, Gini Johnson.
What department did they place you in? Admissions.
I'm Yvonne.
What you got there? Well, I have just discovered an amazing new product, Yvonne.
Cal-o-metric for weight loss, specially designed for women.
For example, do you know, uh, how it feels when you're still carrying that extra baby weight? I've had two myself and, darn it, If it isn't hard to fit back into your favorite I didn't have a baby.
Yeah, I know.
Um I did, and and some day, you will, too, and with three small tablets of cal-o-metric a day, you can start those happiest nine months of your life without an extra ounce of padding.
Look how his little chin quivers.
I know.
That usually means he's about to cry.
You take him.
Go on.
I'm sure you're way better at this than I.
- Okay.
- See? He smells like milkshake.
Right? So did Henry.
Tessa was more like cinnamon.
Are you selling diet pills? No.
I mean, well, I haven't I haven't sold any yet, but Are you taking them? Why would I need them? I've already landed the youngest, most eligible bachelor in the hospital.
Our young bachelor who needs a new pediatrician.
Since our last one just compared Bill to a psychopath.
What? Dr.
Begner? And when I waved at Dr.
Rosen, he looked the other way.
One study like nuclear rain falling on us all.
I get scorn or pity.
And Bill It isn't good for Bill to sit around the house all day.
I could really use some advice.
Honestly, how do I make him get back to work? Lib, when when has trying to make Bill do anything ever worked? Never.
If he feels like he's being forced I know.
It will backfire.
But say you were me.
If I were you, I would take care of little milkshake here first off, right? And most of all, I would take care of myself.
It's all you can do.
Louis community chest is a worthy cause.
Plus Doug Greathouse and his wife, Tatti, are hosting.
Doug Greathouse is an imbecile.
Well, he was just promoted to head of the obstetrics department at memorial.
Oh, so that's why you're dragging me to this to suck up to Doug Greathouse so he'll offer me a job? You two should be on the top of a wedding cake.
Now, Essie, there's extra formula in the refrigerator.
And I called Mrs.
Havers next door and told her you were sitting, just in case.
Darling, nothing will go wrong.
This little one is with his nana now.
Such a little miracle, isn't he? Like a fresh start.
Beautiful baby boy, brought into this world to save us all.
He's not Jesus, mother.
But he is yours, Billy.
Your son, to be worshiped and adored as much as any messiah.
I said such a thing.
I think so.
All right.
Let's get this started.
I'm Doug Greathouse, as you all know.
I don't usually emcee these things, But, uh, as my wife says, "There's more to life than the problems between a shapely pair of knees.
" Uh, tonight, we tackle Rubella.
Rubella, or German Measles as it's more commonly called, is a worldwide scourge.
No disrespect to any Germans here tonight, But it's called German Measles because it was discovered by a Kraut.
Now, it could have just as easily been discovered by a Jap.
And then we'd be calling it Fried Rice.
Uh, German Measles isn't the only disease worth fighting.
Tonight, we are here to stamp out pertussis.
Or, as we say at memorial, give a whupping to whooping cough.
You should grab him now before he gets mobbed.
I would rather be boiled in oil.
You might be the best sight in this boring night.
Come here.
Come on.
Oh! Look who it is.
Oh, yeah.
Of all the gin joints.
Well, I might say the same, Betty, Since I would be expected to be at a medical fundraiser.
Oh, I get invited to all these rubber-chicken deals, it's not 'cause they like me.
It's 'cause they like my money.
- And everybody loves my wife.
- Yeah.
But it is pure luck running into you tonight.
You know, um, well, Bets and I Are, uh, we're having a hell of a time getting in a family way, if you catch my drift.
Uh, yeah, he catches it, uh, honey.
Uh, uh, but this isn't really the time or the place.
We're gonna come, uh, see you, doc, 'cause you're the big dog, right, When it comes to, uh, female plumbing? Well, unfortunately, I'm, uh, I'm not working at a hospital right now.
I've left Washington university since there was a disagreement with, uh, management about my sex study.
Sex study? Is that is that the beginning of a of a joke? Oh, yeah.
It's a good one.
A priest, a monk, and a rabbi all walk into a sex study.
Actually, it's a legitimate study Mapping the human body's physiological response to sex.
I intend to start it up again very soon in a more receptive hospital environment.
Uh, what what hospital? I don't know yet.
You know, I hear a Manhattan straight up extra cherry calling my name.
Uh, I sure do.
So, uh, so a birds and the bees study? No kidding? Um, and you want to get it going again? I do.
I will, somewhere.
Then I've got a proposition that might be right up your alley.
It's just impossible to get a word in with Greathouse.
Man that makes pretzels is absolutely monopolizing him.
I'll call Greathouse myself in the morning.
Maybe it's not such a bad idea to get back to work, after all.
This is why I love you.
After all these years, you still surprise me.
What is it? You can't sleep again? Can I stay here tonight? - In my bed? - I want to be with you.
Uh, B-Barton, I-I don't think I want to look at you.
You're so beautiful.
Let me see you this way.
Yeah, over.
Oh, yeah.
You you can't pretend I'm something else.
- I'm not.
- Then look at me.
Look at me.
Margaret, I'm trying.
You you have to let me try my way.
By pretending I'm a boy? There is only a shred of me left that still feels like a woman.
You can't take that.
I won't let you.
All right.
L-let me let me try again.
And this time, I'll look at you.
But w-why? Look.
Please, I I can do this.
I can and I will.
Just touch me again.
Touch me now.
Margaret! What has happened? Damn it! Help me! If you don't help me, we have nothing.
Don't you understand? We can do this.
We can make it work! We just have to try harder.
Margaret! Stop fighting me on this! Maggie.
I'm only saying you hardly know Lester, that's all.
And California's so far away.
But I've always wanted to be in pictures.
You know that, Virginia.
Pictures where you can actually see my face.
And Lester's job as a production assistant is for a real studio, which means he's gonna be a director soon and he wants me to be the leading lady in his first film.
Why shouldn't I follow my dream? Of course you should.
I-it's just And you should come with us.
Follow your dream.
You could sing.
Sing? Jane, that's ridiculous.
There's nothing ridiculous about it.
In Hollywood, they have the capital records building.
- What does that have to do with anything? - Well, what do you have here? My life! My kids.
Oh, because kids hate beaches and sunshine.
My work.
Pap smears with Dr.
Depaul? That's not my only work.
Oh, right.
You've been hawking cal-o-metric diet pills to the local butterballs.
Virginia, I know you.
I relly don't think that's your work.
What would make me really sad is if you're staying here for the study because I know Dr.
Masters put your name on it, but Dr.
Masters is gone.
The study's dead.
And to pin your hopes on something that just can't be when you should be reconsidering Ethan's proposal Y-you're talking to Ethan now? He called me, yes.
And, yes, his heart is broken in two.
But if you changed your mind, he would take you back.
And what Ethan's offering you is something real.
Whereas Dr.
Masters' study It's not real.
Not anymore.
Holden, nice to see you again.
And you, as well, Thomas.
That is a fetching color.
Your scarf, I mean.
What do you call it? Uh, celadon.
You can call it green.
Well, green suits you, Mrs.
Enjoy your evening.
You put my name on the study.
You earned it.
Ethan has asked me to marry him.
And? What did you say? Nothing Yet.
- Hi.
- Hi, doll.
I was beginning to think you weren't gonna pick up.
No, I'm here.
I just want to tell you I'll be home tonight.
But I also want to ask if I should be making a dinner reservation for me and my beautiful fiance to celebrate.
Nothing too fancy.
- Just champagne, caviar, more champagne.
Ethan, I'm sorry.
Meaning? What? You can't be sorry.
Things have changed.
How? How have they changed? Why? - Do you love someone else? - No.
My God.
Don't say you love Bill Masters.
No, Ethan.
I don't.
It has nothing to do But it is.
It is Bill, isn't it? Jesus Christ, Gini, do not let him manipulate you like this.
I'm the one who will give you the life that you want, a future for you and your kids.
You're a good man.
Ethan, you are, and my kids love you to death.
But it's just not Just what? Virginia, what is it Bill can offer you? Work? This cannot be because of work, because of that study.
It just It cannot be.
But it is.
It's where I belong.
Excuse me.
Johnson! I was wondering, uh, well, if I could speak to you.
It's, uh, it's about your study.
The, uh, the sex study with Bill Masters.
- What a surprise.
- Oh, is it? I am not interested in drinks, Dr.
Ditmer, or dinner or a weekend away at your country house on the river or a toss in the backseat of your Impala.
But thank you.
Thank you so much for your interest.
Oh, perh oh, wait.
I I'm sorry.
Were you hoping I would, what? Lay down right here on the sidewalk and just offer myself up? I've gotten a grant to use cold-light illumination for esophageal surgery.
It's the same technology from your study with Dr.
I was wondering if you could give me some background and advice.
I'd I'd be willing to pay you to apply your skills to my study.
And the study's well funded, if that helps.
I-I am so sorry.
I thought that Well, um, I would love to.
But, unfortunately, I am already working for Dr.
Thank you.
I-it could be in your off hours or during lunch, whatever is convenient for you.
I-I'd be happy to accommodate whatever best suits your schedule.
I'm going because Tatti Greathouse was kind enough to include me in the women's auxiliary brunch this morning.
It's important that I go.
It's not important.
I told you I would call Doug Greathouse myself today.
You can't mend fences overnight.
Th-there are no fences, Libby.
And for you to grovel for forgiveness for something that requires no apology Tatti Greathouse is a friend and I am going.
She's a rung on a social ladder.
Johnny is asleep.
All I'm asking for is two hours.
I can't.
I have an appointment.
You said you would be at your desk today re-working the study proposal.
Bill No one knows more about babies than you do.
There is nothing that could happen here with Johnny you couldn't handle.
Club number's on the counter.
I'll be back before you can blink.
Dillon, please dial extension 358.
Dillon, extension 358.
Good morning.
Are you looking in my in your desk, yes, for a stapler.
Instead, I found three dozen of these.
Are you pushing pills here in the hospital? On staff or patients? Pushing pills.
Those are diet pills.
Which are usually off-market amphetamines often combined with sugar paste or talc.
In liquid form, they're often 90 proof alcohol.
How does the other guy look? - I'm sorry.
- Your eye is bruised.
Watch out for medicine cabinets.
Lillian, that's what everyone says when it's not a medicine cabinet.
What is that supposed to mean? It means, what is going on? You don't date ever, so you can't possibly have gotten involved with a man who hits you, have you? Although, if you have, Lillian, That that is something you can talk to me about.
Like Stanley Kowalski? Stella.
Stella! Don't be silly.
I hit the medicine cabinet.
And don't change the subject away from your dealing in illicit drugs.
It reflects poorly on both of us and this office.
Lillian, those drugs are to supplement my income, which, as you know, is not enough to support my family.
Now, if you refuse to have an honest conversation with me about what's really happening with you, I Dr.
Langham, Dr.
Depaul and I are having a discussion.
I'm not here.
No matter what, I'm not here.
Austin! Austin, where are you? Where are you? Dr.
Austin Langham, where is he? Dr.
Langham, where are you? Austin! You know where he is, Virginia.
Spit it out.
- Dr.
Langham? - No, the Pope.
Did Austin send you out here to fend me off? No.
No, he didn't.
Elise, why don't you and the children come with me? I haven't seen you in so long.
Honestly, Virginia.
If women can't stick up for each other, can't stand together in the face of the most grotesque violations of human decency, Well, then I guess there's no hope for any of us, is there? Oh, no, no, no.
Attention all hospital staff.
Austin Langham, known here at Washington University as your resident philanderer and insufferable cad, has spent the last two months fornicating with his sister-in-law.
That is correct, my baby sister Rosemary.
Because apparently little Rosie was the last woman in all of St.
Louis that Dr.
Langham hadn't skewered like a pig! You've done our profession proud.
My feelings exactly, Doug.
And I'm I'm sorry, I didn't get to speak to you more last night.
Yes, I said the same to Libby.
Uh, uh, through his wife, Betty.
We do know most everyone through their wives, pudendum.
Yes, more than their husbands see, yes.
Uh Look, I how about if I swing by this afternoon? Good.
I'll look forward to it, Doug.
You don't knock? Libby called.
She asked me to check and see how you were doing with the baby.
Well, from the look of it, about as well as you did.
Back in the day.
Son, we have to find another way.
Somehow, we do, because We're family? Well, a family's what you make of it.
Billy, what you're making is Intolerable to you, I know.
Y-you made that clear.
You made it very clear that you don't approve of my behavior.
Honey, all I'm saying is that every baby cries.
And parents, well, sometimes, when when their nerves are just shot and they can't bear another minute I meant my behavior with Virginia.
The fact I have sex with Virginia regularly with no plans to stop.
You don't approve of my behavior because you're afraid it means I'll turn into my father.
Well, pressure's off, mother.
Your fears are realized.
II am my father.
You know it.
And now my son knows it, too.
You know, the real magic here, like some dark, malevolent slight of hand, is that I have now also turned into you.
So Now what? I'm prepared to buy you a whole new wardrobe and then we'll have a three-martini lunch and then I might even buy you a car.
He's sound asleep.
You're a magician, a baby magician.
Or was it Essie that quieted him? My mother will go back to Ohio for good.
So you'll need to get a nanny.
What happened? I need Essie.
I depend on her.
It's done.
And it's the last time we'll speak of it.
I need to go out for a few hours.
Maybe you can use this, uh, moment of quiet to start making calls.
The hired help should start tomorrow.
Phoebe was thinking of transferring to Brown Mackie herself.
Their school of nursing does have an impressive reputation.
It would be good for me to get out of St.
Louis for awhile.
Well, it'd also be good for you to stay here.
I know, mom.
You want me to stay and daddy is desperate for me to stay.
You both want me to live here forever until I'm a spinster.
Oh, Vivvy, that's not fair.
How about I visit often? That is a beautiful color on you.
Maybe I'll even get you a kitten before I go.
Something to keep you and daddy company.
Oh, it's that basement window.
It's okay.
I'll get it.
Uh, you have to you have to make You have to hear it latch, and then you know it's locked.
Oh, God! Oh, God! No! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Get a knife! Get a knife! Hurry! Hurry! Barton! Hold him.
Barton! Barton.
Breathe! Breathe, damn it! To Dr.
Bill Masters.
May his tenure with us be long and fruitful and may he make us all rich.
Oh, well, it does feel like a new beginning for us.
So thank you.
Thank you both.
Well, it's a quid pro quo deal, like everything in life is.
There is not a hospital in St.
Louis that would not want Bill's formidable skills along with his clientele.
But he drives a hard bargain.
It is a shrewd man that gets a pretzel vendor to do his dirty work for him.
Babies can be messy.
I don't know if I'd call them dirty.
Well, making them can be plenty dirty.
Douglas, please.
This is not a beer hall.
Of course.
So, you were able to accommodate Bill's study in addition to his obstetrical duties.
Gene Moretti, the, uh, the man who owns that pretzel company, he made a sizeable donation to the hospital.
With strings attached Uh, big strings due to your husband's arm-twisting.
That with the money comes Bill Masters and with Bill Masters comes his study.
Oh, I'm I'm so glad it's back.
Uh, will Virginia be joining you? I think she's anxious to get back to the work.
Although these details aren't interesting to our host.
Oh, they're interesting to me.
And that just proves what I've been saying all along.
Libby Masters is a saint.
You, my dear, are not married to a saint.
You are to keep 100 miles away from that study.
Join me for a powder? Kick me under the table next time.
I just hadn't told Libby the details.
It all happened so fast.
Well, if I stepped in it, I apologize.
Officially, and as department head, and as the man married to Anttila the Hun over there, I agreed to sign off on your sex study because it came with the deal.
Unofficially, I am very interested in what happens behind closed doors very, very interested.
Hello, Margaret.
Uh, forgive me for arriving on your doorstep unannounced.
I've I've been trying to reach Barton for the past few days.
Uh, right.
His schedule has been complete madness.
I see.
I-I was hoping I could see him now? On the phone, long distance, with Stanford about new specialists.
Will he be long? I-I can wait.
It will be long, yes.
Can I give him a message? I, um Well, I'm starting a new job Tomorrow at Memorial Hospital.
Just came through.
I just thought I'd, uh Of course.
You want to talk to him about it.
First time you haven't worked with Barton in Nearly 20 years.
Has it been? I will tell him you came by.
Have a good evening, Margaret.
Will you stay much longer? I'll definitely be out by midnight.
You should take the night off.
What's left of it, anyway.
Do we have glasses? Mugs.
So you do find this as funny as I do.
It's not funny.
It's sad, really.
It's a drink, Lillian.
It's supposed to be fun.
It's sad that no one would ever think I got a black eye from a jealous lover.
You didn't think that's what really happened, did you? I didn't.
But I am curious.
Do you know why? Why? Why you knew it wasn't a man that got the better of me? Because I am not reckless.
I have never been reckless.
I am always too carning.
I mean, careful.
I am always too careful.
Unless you've been drinking.
Then, apparently, all bets are off.
No, that's not such a bad thing, being careful.
So, what do we do now? Well, I suppose I should, uh, apologize for showing up on your doorstep last night.
There's no need, Bill.
So In terms of how we proceed Well, I'm assuming that it's not an accident, Our meeting in a hotel in Alton, Illinois, A half-hour outside of town.
Freud probably said it best.
There are no accidents.
Then we're of the same mind.
I think we are.
And I think it's good that we clear this up.
Anyway, uh, I imagine it's a difficult time.
Ethan must be taking the breakup badly.
He can't understand it.
Well, he will When he gets some distance.
I don't think so.
You know, it is a rare man that could understand how a woman could choose work over love.
Is that what you told him why you ended it? It was the truth.
I assumed you were listening.
We could have an affair.
Millions of people do.
But an affair, it is a fairly pedestrian thing.
And the story always ends the same.
Does it? What we have between us is so much more than that, More than a simple affair.
We have the work.
And we've, uh, participated in the study many times.
But at your apartment, some-something was different.
There were no wires.
And that interests me.
Uh, you kn, perhaps there is a, an immeasurable, uh, quality, a psychological component a-as you've always insisted, Uh, that can bear directly on the reactions of the body, physiologically.
I-I-I feel there's a whole separate line of inquiry, Uh, opening up.
And I think it would be a mistake to, uh, to end it now.
I agree.
But that does bring me back, uh, to my apology.
I-I think I think you may have misunderstood what happened between us.
You refer to this as an affair.
And you've mentioned the idea of an affair.
Of course we're not having an affair, Virginia.
We never were.
I'm a happily married man.
So I think, uh, continuing the work is a good idea, but only if you understand the terms.
I-I don't want you to feel like you've been led on.
I understand.
May I help you, sir? Uh, my wife and I would like a a room for the night.
I can help you with that.
And may I get a name? Holden.
Dr Francis Holden.