Masters of Sex s02e02 Episode Script

Kyrie Eleison

Previously on Masters Of Sex If you keep on like this, you will end up alone.
My mother will go back to Ohio.
So you'll need to get a nanny.
There was a disagreement with, uh, management about my sex study.
And you want to get it going again? I do.
Then I've got a proposition that might be right up your alley.
So, you were able to accommodate Bill's study? And with Bill Masters comes his study.
Attention all hospital staff.
Austin Langham has spent the last two months fornicating with his sister-in-law.
I've gotten a grant to use the same technology from your study with Dr.
I was wondering if you could give me some background and advice.
I'd be willing to pay you.
I've been trying to reach Barton.
On the phone, long distance.
Well, I'm starting a new job.
My wife and I would like a room for the night.
May I get a name? Holden.
in terms of how we proceed I'm assuming that it's not an accident, meeting in a hotel in Alton, Illinois Of course we're not having an affair, Virginia.
I understand.
Did you try on the gloves? They're too tight.
My arms can't breathe.
Don't be a martyr, Rose.
Your mother's right.
You should respect those gloves.
I remember your mother at her cotillion, like a beautiful butterfly leaving its cocoon, everybody chasing after her.
I just stood very still, and sure enough, she landed on me.
Rose! Sit down and finish your steak.
Mother, I just want to go to bed.
After searching for quite a while, I found them, all of our study files.
Buried deep in the basement by the sulfa drugs and jars of leeches.
So I went to see Scully to see if he would allow me access to the basement, and his secretary said that he was at lunch.
So I went back after lunch, and she said that he was gone for the day.
And then this morning, she said that he was "Out," period, while she shuffled papers and refused to look me in the eye.
She gave no details? The secretaries aren't exactly forthcoming with me about anything these days.
I did try to call Barton the past few days, but, uh I can't seem to get anywhere.
And, also, because I wasn't sure when I would be starting at Memorial, I haven't yet told Lillian.
Now, she talks a good game, but she has become more and more reliant on me.
So we need to handle this extremely delicately.
I need to give her plenty of notice.
Doug Greathouse feels, uh, he's stuck his neck out far enough with the study.
It may not be, uh, possible for you to come over to Memorial for a while.
For a while? I'm trying to correct his mistaken impression that, uh, you don't have the proper credentials to justify you to the board as a research hire.
My name is on that study.
As I've pointed out.
Then I'll start as your secretary, as a temporary arrangement.
I've done it before.
It seems the position already comes with a secretary.
You should be able to hire whoever you want.
Well, I told Greathouse it's my study, I'll run it as I want with whom I want.
He said I'd thank him later, as this secretary is, in his words, eminently qualified, knows the hospital, and is a "Gem.
" There is no more qualified "Gem" than me, Bill.
I know the structure, the methodology of the study.
I helped to develop it with you, let's not forget.
And Dr.
Ditmer was so impressed with my contributions, he's hired me to advise him on using cold light fusion for gastroenterology.
You're working with Frank Ditmer now? Not to mention the fact, I'm the one that recruits the subjects.
Is this a permanent position with Ditmer? Who knows how long it will take before Greathouse comes around.
Well I mean, obviously, I'll, uh I'll broach the subject with him again.
Never mind.
I will handle this setback in my own way.
It wouldn't be the first time that I've had to work around secretarial obstacles.
We have to tread carefully.
I can talk to her first.
Why? Why dirty yourself at all? I'll talk to her.
I'll take her to lunch.
Secretaries come and go.
I'll simply drop by tomorrow and help this one on her way.
Do we have a plan Dr.
Holden? It appears we do.
Good morning, Mr.
Doctor Masters.
And you? Uh, I'm Coral, Sir-- Doctor.
I'm here to care for the baby.
I believe that's your cue.
Miss Libby asked me to wait here.
Perhaps she meant that for when the baby wasn't crying.
Yes, Sir-- Doctor.
I'm-- I'm looking for my, uh Jay Jacobs shirt.
It's hanging on our bedroom door.
It's not hanging-- I see you've met Dr.
Masters, Coral.
It's a very exciting day for all of us.
Your first day with us, of course, but also Dr.
Masters' first day at Memorial Hospital.
Libby, my shirt is not-- Coral, please get Dr.
Masters' shirt.
It's hanging from our bedroom door.
You hired a child.
She's 18 and came highly recommended by Mrs.
As what? You said to handle this, and I have.
The girl needs her own nursemaid.
I thought we agreed we would hire someone who could actually help.
She is helping.
She's coming with me on my errands today.
And who's staying with the baby? The baby is coming with us.
For a fun family day, out in the world, shopping, having lunch I'm sorry, ma'am.
I don't mean to interrupt.
You're not interrupting at all.
Masters and I were just discussing how, uh Well, he has his way, and I have mine.
He may know what's best for his patients' babies, but here at home, that is my domain.
There was no shirt on the door, ma'am.
All right, then.
We will just go find that shirt together.
Teamwork, huh? That's what we're doing here.
Like the Three Musketeers.
This is probably ho-hum for you, but for me and Betts, well, it's just, um Anyway, thank you for what you're doing.
You know, Gene Jr.
and Betty Jr.
, even though they're just twinkles in their mother's eye, they thank you, too.
Oh, let's not go counting chickens now.
You know, the doc's got a whole hen house to worry about, not just my lousy eggs.
I know.
You know what? It's me being a salesman.
I get my foot in the door, I can't stop talking.
So I'll wait in the car while you work your voodoo, huh? Mmm.
She thinks if I go in the room with the gadgets and the lights, that it's gonna ruin the magic.
You got your crosswords? Yes, and my cup of Joe.
All right.
I'll see you after the heavy lifting, huh? What kind of "Lifting" did you tell your husband you're doing? Hmm, fertility treatments.
Oh, that specific? I'm open to suggestions if you wanna, you know, make it sound fancier.
What could be more fancy than the fact that you're sterile and yet engaging in fertility treatments? It's not my problem.
Uh, I would say it is.
Last I looked, your new job came with all the zeroes on that check my husband wrote.
Three days, we're done.
Or we're done when I say we're done.
Unless you liked your study when you were peeping through brothel doors.
I'm sure the girls miss having you around.
Comic relief and all.
Barbara Sanderson.
Uh, don't worry about this mess.
I will have everything shipshape by lunch.
Dear God.
Actually, uh, I'm Mrs.
Masters is some other lady that drew the short straw.
Mor-- Mrs.
Moretti is here for her fertility treatments, which she will wait for out in the hall.
Oh, she's good here.
She'll wait in my office, then.
She'll wait right here, in this chair, until the cows come home, if that's what she pleases.
Ahh! The fastest speculum in Missouri.
Great to see you, Bill.
I hope you're treating him right, Barbara.
Because this one, he's got a bigger following than "Gunsmoke.
" Of course, Dr.
Turns out there's been a slight change of plan.
I was going to show you around, introduce you to the guys, take you to the private dining room, but unfortunately somebody's bleeding out in the ER.
Upside? It's a good opportunity for you to get your feet wet.
What's the case? A daughter of VID.
Uh, "Very Important Donor.
" And after that, we can grab lunch.
She's in shock.
What's her BP? She has a temperature of 103 and a respiratory rate of 30.
I need a D and C setup.
Why is she bleeding like this? I also want 35 milliliters of corticosteroids run every four hours for possible sepsis.
Yes, sir.
Legs up.
Doctor, please.
What is happening to my daughter? If it's what I think it is, I'm not even close to touching the top of the uterus.
Set up the OR for a laparotomy.
Keep an eye on her blood pressure.
Yes, Doctor.
Is she going to be all right? Do you know when this happened? She didn't come down for breakfast this morning.
I went upstairs and there she was, on the floor, blood everywhere.
The blood loss is due to a perforated uterus, most likely sustained during the curettage.
Do you know any details? How far along was she when she had the procedure done? Far along? So you have no idea when your daughter terminated this pregnancy? The physician begins by inserting the speculum into the patient's vaginal canal, which allows access to What? Why did you stop? Because I look like I should be sitting on Edgar Bergen's knee.
That's funny.
Charlie McCarthy.
My kids love Charlie McCarthy.
They call him "The Wooden Boy.
" Lillian.
Please relax.
I don't know how I let you convince me to do this.
Because it's a good idea.
It's for doctors.
They know it's an instructional film.
And they're not expecting Lauren Bacall.
Well, then, I won't disappoint.
For shine.
Just a little.
And what does make-up have to do with medicine? Fine.
If it's so important.
You do it.
Your mother didn't teach you about make-up? That would imply my mother knew she had a child.
No, mother's passion was bridge.
As in cards? No, as in the structure over the Missouri.
I suppose your mother powdered you like a little doll.
Every chance she got.
Please stop moving.
And did she clap when you ate your vegetables? My mother had big dreams.
Much bigger than vegetables.
Big dreams for you? For us both.
See? I don't understand why pamphlets aren't enough.
And I understand that you don't want to be in front of a camera.
But if you want to be the face of this crusade, Lillian, you need to show that face.
If you feel silly telling people it was tennis, tell them you jumped into traffic, risking life and limb, to save a kid from a speeding car.
Heck, make him an orphan.
Quite an imagination.
That explains the comic books in your waiting room.
You gotta know your audience.
Kids and old people.
That's who breaks bones.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
It's none of my business but, uh, I am sorry to hear about your breakup with Ethan.
I'm going through the same thing.
A breakup, I mean.
I heard.
I guess that's what happens when your dirty laundry is aired over the hospital intercom.
My wife moved back to her mother's in Alton, Illinois.
I got to drive across the river now to see my kids.
She also hired the best divorce attorney in St.
Louis, some guy named Sherman, as in the tank apparently.
Oh, but enough about me.
If you ever need to talk About what? Well, I don't know.
This, that.
I am versed in a wide array of topics.
How much longer do I need to keep this cast on? The ca-- Uh, four to six weeks.
Is it true, what your wife said? About my sister-in-law? Well, what can I say? She's a spider.
I got trapped in her web.
I'm late for a lunch engagement, and then the PSA shoot with Dr.
DePaul is this afternoon, but tomorrow Tomorrow fits my schedule perfectly.
And to give you adequate time to prepare, my primary area of interest is your work with Ulysses.
Then I'll bring her along-- him along.
Isn't "It" a mechanical device? Yes, uh, with an electric motor controlled with a handheld rheostat.
Sounds intriguing.
I-I will say, my respect for the work you and Dr.
Masters did grows exponentially the more I read of it.
Thank you.
That means a lot.
So tomorrow, then? Tomorrow it is.
Oh, no.
Is it broken? Tennis injury.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Does it hurt? Well, um, I'm-- I'm glad I ran into you.
I've been thinking about your dad.
How is your dad? He's been gone the last few days.
He's taken a leave of absence.
A leave of absence? Why? They've gone to Venice.
Mother thought daddy had been working too hard.
Why are you really talking to me? I was worried about your dad.
And, to be honest, Vivian, now I'm even more worried.
Don't say my name like you're my friend.
Or did you forget that I was engaged to Ethan? Of course I didn't forget.
And you're right.
I should've come to you, talked to you.
Why did you sleep with Ethan? Because you were, what, bored? Needed attention? I had a whole future planned, and I was happy.
And you took that future and ruined it.
You devastated Ethan.
Why did you do that? What was the point?! I obviously did not plan for things to turn out that way.
Poor Gini, can't plan ahead.
Doesn't see the consequences of her actions.
Well, I see clearly.
You'll do anything to get what you want.
You're upset with me, but I suspect more upset with Ethan.
I would never date a friend's boyfriend, and to be perfectly honest, Vivian, we aren't really friends.
Well, why the friendly act, then? Because you may get away with this now, but eventually, people will catch on.
And then all you'll be is old and ugly and alone.
I'm saying a hysterectomy is unnecessary.
Whoever performed this last procedure left tissue in her uterus, which I've removed.
I've also sutured her minor lacerations.
She should be back on her feet soon.
And then what? Rose moves on with her life.
And what kind of life is that? Whatever life Rose chooses.
I don't think you understand the choices Rose has made so far! Her bedroom was on the first floor until she was 13.
But that became impossible.
So we moved her up to her brother's room on the second floor.
We did everything but chain her to the bed.
She still snuck out every night.
When she was 14, we caught her naked with a boy.
Palmateer, did you or your husband know about this procedure? No.
Not this time.
When I asked you for her medical history It's the second termination that we know of.
Today, she almost bled to death.
Next time, she could die.
My husband is so sickened by this, he can't even be near her anymore.
The only option left is sterilization.
Rose is 18.
She has her entire life ahead of her.
That decision is hers.
That decision is ours! And I refuse to be held hostage another minute because my daughter can't control her sick impulses! Bill, if I may, you're new here.
That is completely irrelevant.
This is a medical decision.
I want this done, Doug.
You know that we are a loving and generous family.
And my obligation is to my patient's well-being, not her mother's.
Nobody advocates a hysterectomy on a whim.
Meaning what? Meaning that maybe in this particular situation, the family truthfully knows what is best.
Palmateer, the surgery will be performed as you requested.
Honest to God, it is criminal what's going on in there.
I I'm no expert, but how do you think you're going to get pregnant just from sitting in a chair? Through the miracle of modern medicine.
Oh, and look at that.
Time's up.
I hope it's a boy.
Oh! Dr.
Masters doesn't want to be disturbed.
At least, I think that he doesn't want to be disturbed.
Actually, um, I was here to see you.
I'm Virginia Johnson.
I was Dr.
Masters' secretary when he was at Maternity.
Oh! Barbara Sanderson.
Uh, Barb.
Oh, boy.
It sure is nice to meet somebody who knows the ropes with this one.
Well, I I brought some files for you.
No, for you.
They-- they might be helpful.
You are an angel.
Could I buy you lunch? Any chance? I could really use a friend here.
I'm doing so many things wrong.
Like this morning, when I brought Dr.
Masters his coffee, he didn't say anything good, bad, nothing.
He looks at me like he wishes I were gone.
Or worse No.
I Oh, I Dr.
You-- We have a surprise guest.
Yes, I can see her.
I was in the area.
So I thought I would drop off some files.
For me.
Isn't that swell? May I speak with you a moment? Barton wouldn't do this unless something were very wrong.
Did Vivian say how long he'd be on leave? Just that he was in Venice with Mrs.
Something about stress.
What else did she say? Well, Vivian was-- she was anxious to be on her way.
But if hear anything else, I will let you know.
Virginia, what about you and Uh, Barbara? Uh, aren't you going to lunch? Aren't you gonna help her on her way? I'm afraid I've lost my appetite for that.
You're 20 minutes late.
I I got held up.
I'm sorry.
Well, as long as you're sorry.
Can we get this show on the road now? Like we rehearsed.
Take one.
And action.
I am Dr.
Lillian Uh, cut.
It just feels silly saying my name.
You-- you should definitely say your name, Lillian.
It's your program.
I'm not going to say my name.
No name.
Let's, uh, go again.
Take 2.
You are watching an instructional film to teach you the simple steps to perform a very submerged pap smear procedure.
The equipment required for the part is following.
Laboratory ring form.
Patient gowns.
Shapes for patient modernity.
A vaginal spectrum.
Schamen containers.
A cytology brush.
Gauze swans.
Did she just say Something about swans.
The statician should begins with putting into the specutum, a patient, a cervix, and henny swaubs Stop.
Uh, cut! Lillian The words The-- the words that you're saying I'm following the script as you constructed.
Constructed? Is she drunk? No, she's not drunk.
She's just nervous.
Lillian, would you rather hold the script on camera to get the words right? No, my words are fine.
My words are fine.
All right.
Uh, all right.
Well, let's just start from the top.
If the team here isn't satisfied with my Lillian.
The lights.
It's too hot.
It wasn't the lights.
You weren't making any sense.
And a couple of weeks ago, you had a bruise that you couldn't or wouldn't explain.
I wanted pamphlets.
You wanted a movie.
"Let's make the program bigger.
Let's make it more bigger.
" What? Dr.
Johnson, nothing is ever big enough for you.
Your eye is always on some other prize.
It's true.
I'm not going to stand here and defend myself to you or anybody.
You need to see a doctor.
I am a doctor.
A doctor not pigheaded and suffering from a severe case of pride.
Yours must be in here somewhere.
Rose? I'm Dr.
I want you to know that the bleeding's stopped.
You're safe.
I also want you to know that I I've been talking to your mother who wants me to perform another surgery.
I know.
You're aware of what she wants me to do? Just make sure it's done before my cotillion.
Mother spent a fortune on my dress, if she hasn't already told you.
I'll tell your mother that you refused the hysterectomy.
No, I didn't say that.
Will you do it? I mean, maybe it will help.
Rose If you're trying to protect your mother My mother doesn't need protection.
I do.
I don't understand.
Of course you don't understand.
Nobody understands what this feels like.
Well, I-I can try.
It's like there's this dark thing inside of me starving.
And every time that I think about a boy, or a man, I can't stop until I have him.
It's like no matter what my brain says, this other part, it's like It's like it's against me.
It just wants, and when it wants, everything else just goes away.
And then after when I think about what I've done What I am Rose, uh whatever feelings you might have, if you go through with this surgery, you will never have children.
What kind of mother would I be anyway? I don't want these sick thoughts anymore.
I don't want to feel ashamed.
So if taking out a part of me makes it go away do it.
Cut it out of me.
Oh, here.
Let me show you how to fold it.
Masters is very particular about his shirts.
They all look pretty much the same.
It makes shopping for him easy.
May I ask how that happened? A grease fire when I was 9.
I was cooking for my brothers.
My aunt come over, wrapped it in honey.
Was your mother working? Mama had passed a few months earlier.
My mother did also-- uh, pass that is, when I was 8.
Boiling oatmeal when I was 11.
Not quite as dramatic.
Might be best we both stay out the kitchen.
My aunt says hard men do the best doctoring.
'Cause they don't waste time talking about the weather and other nonsense.
They get to the point.
Well, Bill does get to the point.
No small talk either.
I loved that about him when we first met.
Made him seem so substantial.
Like a man whose greatness couldn't be interrupted by idle chit-chat.
Sometimes a chat is good.
Sometimes a chat is essential.
Sometimes it's fun or sweet.
I could chat about Baby John for hours.
That is one nice baby.
Thought he would do the trick.
For Bill, I mean.
Having our son.
I mean, I-I knew that my husband was reticent about children.
I know Bill didn't have a happy childhood, but again, no chitchat, so I'm vague on the details.
If you can believe that.
After all these years.
I was just so sure that-- that when Bill finally held his own child, all that worried him and hurt him, it would all just melt away.
But instead, it's like he's worse.
More cut off.
Like he's scared of that perfect, innocent, beautiful boy.
Who ever heard of a grown man being afraid of his own child? Thank you.
I know, and the report is due on Thursday.
Sunday? Okay, perfect.
Are you? I was waiting for you.
Tennis injury.
It was clumsy.
That reminds me of when you were 10, and your tennis teacher, the-- the pro at your club Flip.
You trounced Flip.
Destroyed him on the court.
In fact, from that day on, it was difficult to find an adult that you couldn't beat.
Your dad was so proud of that.
Vivian, I-I don't think that you broke your arm playing tennis.
It was like one of those slow-motion nightmares.
My mother and I both saw him hanging there, but it was almost like for a second our brains couldn't put the pieces together.
He had this electrical cord digging into his neck, and his feet were kicking.
It was only a few seconds, but it felt like forever before we realized what was happening, that that my father had actually done this to himself.
I probably shouldn't be telling you this, it's just Well, daddy thought the sun rises and sets with you.
Mama says daddy's been under a lot of stress at work.
He apparently almost got fired from Maternity.
Can you imagine? But then you left, and mama said that was very hard for him.
But it had to be an accident, right? You know how sometimes you just feel so heartsick, and everything seems so hopeless? So for just a minute, you forget that there are people who love you so much That you have a family.
I'm not making much sense.
Is he really in Venice? The postmarks are from Europe.
Mama writes every day, and she said that he's feeling better.
He always said he wanted to see the Tower of Pisa.
He said, "800 years of leaning.
Can you imagine how tired that tower must be?" He will get better, won't he? He just needs some rest and he'll be okay? He-- he just needs some rest.
Um, we were driving in this morning, and I thought, "Funny, isn't it, how overnight, something so cuckoo can seem normal as pie?" Oh, speaking of pies, gene's been driving us by Carondelet's every morning now.
It's like a it's like our little ritual.
He calls it the "Treatment Treat.
" Apricot cruller for him, powdered sugar for me.
And this morning, I got you a Danish-- it's prune.
Does it ever occur to you that I have patients in actual need, people that are sick, people that are desperate for real help? So forget the prune.
This is not a joke, Betty.
You will put an end to this shameful charade today.
Because if you don't, I will.
I will tell your husband myself.
No, you won't.
Because you care too much about your dopey sex study.
That study is anything but dopey.
You have no idea how people are suffering! You-- you do not lecture me on suffering ever.
'Cause what I've seen of suffering makes all this look like amateur hour.
Uh, Dr.
Greathouse is waiting in your off-- For you, Babs.
Prune Danish.
Eat it.
You were supposed to perform the already agreed upon surgery.
I never agreed.
You violated my orders! And now I have to clean up this mess! That girl deserves a chance at a normal life.
Normal? Sneaking out all hours of the night screwing every Tom, Dick, and Harry? You think that's normal? What if that was your daughter acting like a whore? You know, for hundreds of years, people who fall outside the bounds of normal sexual behavior have been labeled deviant, amoral, whores.
But that kind of thinking, Doug, is just reactionary and stupid.
There are sexual dysfunctions in this world.
They are real.
Maybe psychological, maybe neurological.
Sexual dysfunctions? Nymphomania, fetishists, homosexuals.
Also known as sluts, perverts, and queers.
Bill, is this our role now, to take a deficiency of character and label it a disease? If it means putting the truth center stage, no matter how uncomfortable, yes.
Well, regardless, the board are on me.
I'm going to have to oversee your surgeries.
You can't be serious.
Just a couple months at the most, and then I'll stop breathing down your neck, provided that you behave.
Now let's drop this dreary subject and move on to the thing that interests us both.
The sex study.
How's it going on my new favorite project? We started off with a simple camera lens and enough light to illuminate the vaginal cavity without distortion.
But then we modified the device into a movie camera to capture physiological phenomena in actual living color.
And why couldn't it be modified to do the same for gastroenterology? I think it could be.
May I see? Of course.
And, uh, what kind of data were you able to gather with Ulysses? The study had documented to various internal and external stimulation.
Heart rate, brain waves, blood flow to all sexual organs, both male and female, in addition to-- You mean the vasocongestion that occurs before intercourse? So you did read our study.
I flipped through it.
The tax code makes for better reading.
I-I want to get into the ground-breaking research.
What you read is ground-breaking.
Well, what about different kinds of sex? Different how? Point of entry, for example.
I mean, everything doesn't have to go into Into the vagina.
But the length and-- and width.
A woman's vagina can accommodate a baby's head, let's not forget.
But how did the subjects respond once such a large phallus was inserted? Respond as in? What did it feel like for the women? Was there discomfort? Pleasure? There was pleasure.
It's designed for-- for pleasure.
But you would be observing the esophagus, not the vagina.
Well, both organs do secrete fluids.
Glands in the mouth produce saliva.
The vagina actually lubricates in a way that more resembles sweating.
Can you tell me more about that? The position of a penis as it enters the vagina is something that can, of course, vary considerably.
We have collected data documenting dozens of positions.
Male superior, female superior So, if a man and a woman want to do it hanging from their ankles off the MacArthur Bridge, your attitude basically is "Whatever Works"? Well, our data reveals that physical agility can play a role, but essentially, where there's a will The way sweat collects to prepare the vaginal walls for penile insertion and thrusting.
But again, h-how would this apply to the esophagus? What you feel in one organ can easily be replicated in another.
The sensation, the feeling of it is-- But your patients would be anesthetized.
They will still have to accommodate this device.
This tool.
This enormous phallus.
Big enough to induce vaginal sweating, secretions that will coat a woman's insides Dr.
Ditmer Don't you see, Virginia? Mrs.
Gastroenterology is the study of the entire alimentary canal.
All the way from a woman's mouth down to her Oh "To bruise her breast immune to pain, to make in her astonished flank a wide and gaping wound.
" "Fleurs Du Mal.
" Baudelaire.
You've read him, of course.
Somehow I missed "Flowers Of Evil.
" Hmm.
For a Frenchman, he knew a lot about the Greek way.
You know, they didn't invent olive oil just for cooking.
I think this is a significant direction for our new study.
Greathouse, you wanted me to remind you about your 9:30.
I did, Barbara.
Thank you.
You know something, Bill? It is a rare bird that understands that particular call.
And trust me, they're out there.
And when you have one in the hand, you don't even bother with the bush.
Hold the elevator! I'm finishing up with Mrs.
Delessi's blood work, but you're free to go.
We have an appointment.
Tomorrow at 2:00 with your oncologist.
Hey, Virginia.
I want to show you something in my office.
You really are one of the lost boys.
let's fall in love the Dutch in Old Amsterdam do it So this is your answer to getting kicked out of your house and your life being a shambles? Sorry.
You got a better answer? No.
some Argentines, without means do it You know what they tell you to do when you're driving on a slippery surface and you lose control? Scream.
That's what most people do.
They panic.
They, uh, slam on the brakes, end up skidding into a ditch.
What you're supposed to do is hit the gas and steer into the skid.
The car automatically straightens itself out.
That's all I'm doing.
I'm hitting the gas and I'm steering into the skid.
Well, still feels like a ditch.
Come on.
I'm sorry, Austin.
You're very gifted when it comes to crepe paper.
Care to dance? Well, it seems impossible for the staff here to think any less of me.
I think that might do it.
Do you really care? Although I do take your point.
We've hit a rough patch, you and I.
We'll bounce back.
We're a team now? Well, not in a romantic way.
Do you know why we will never be together in that way? It's hard to know where to start.
Ha ha ha.
Well, because we're lone wolves.
Driven from the pack by our refusal to conform.
Is that it? You sure we weren't asked to leave because we couldn't play nice with the other wolves? Lone wolves don't always play nice.
They're wild, unpredictable, always on the hunt for new prey.
Well, that sounds lonely.
You know what's four floors directly beneath us? The morgue.
That's lonely.
let's do it, let's fall in love We're dancing.
I just want to go home.
I need to talk to you first.
Well, I won't listen.
I asked you, I begged you to perform that surgery.
I know you did.
I know.
But, Rose doctors take an oath, the Hippocratic Oath, which says "First, do no harm.
" That surgery would have harmed you irreparably.
I couldn't live with that.
Who cares about you? Four years ago, the polio virus killed half a million people each year.
Now, thanks to Dr.
Jonas Salk, we will likely see polio eradicated in our lifetime.
My problem is not polio.
I know what your problem is.
This is an intrauterine device, or IUD.
It's been used since the turn of the century, but Dr.
Jack Lippes recently refined it using something called thermoplastics, making it the most effective and simple method of birth control available today.
Birth control? My mother would never allow that.
You're 18 and don't need your mother's permission.
As your doctor, I am telling you, this is the first step in solving your problem.
Some little thing made out of plastic? How is that supposed to stop me from acting like a whore? Don't Don't say that ever again, Rose.
There is such promise of hope ahead.
You are not gonna have to suffer like this forever.
But while we wait for the answers that will surely come, the least we can do is make sure you don't get pregnant again.
Hunger, gas.
You're not wet.
What are the other reasons a baby cries? Babies like a tight swaddle.
I'm gonna heat another bottle.
You're home late.
Did something go wrong at the new job? The new job is fine.
Seems home is a different story.
He's only crying because he's hungry.
I was about to heat a bottle.
Swaddle needed to be tighter is all.
I think I might have mentioned his swaddle.
And I been telling Miss Libby about my auntie's swaddle all day.
My auntie was the queen of the swaddles.
Long may she reign.
Maybe you were right about the girl.
She does seem competent.
Um, I-I need to talk to you about something.
About Rose, that girl with the witch of a mother, trying to yank out her uterus.
Have you been looking through my patient files? The way you were yelling, people in space know about Rose.
My point is, I know these kind of situations, and you need to talk to her, have a real heart-to-heart-- I will not discuss my patients with you ever.
Is that clear? 'Cause you know everything! Ooh! I'm sorry.
Can I help? Oh, my God.
$50 shoe, and it breaks just like the $5 kind.
You're making house calls now? Thanks for your concern.
You don't remember me, do you? Enjoy your day! Nice to see you again.
Who was that? Nobody.
Good samaritan.
Positively the-- the original hellfire and brimstone speech.
It looked like to be more than-- You needn't worry.
It isn't you I intend to hurt, it's your brother Carl.
So don't worry, then.
You seem to like television stories better.
I mean, compared to the radio stories.
We do love TV.
At night, my brothers watch westerns.
"Wagon Train," "Bat Masterson.
" But come 1:00, it's "Love Of Life.
" I don't care what type of fit they throw.
Of course, I work here at 1:00, so I appreciate you turning it on for me.
In the summertime when the boys are home, I "ax" my auntie if I can watch it at her place.
Mainly so they don't interrupt me with all their roughhousing.
" Ma'am? "Ask.
" Uh, you said "ax.
" The proper pronunciation is "ask.
" Oh.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
Oh, you don't have to apologize.
I'm always grateful when someone points out something I could do better.
Give it a go.
Go? The pronunciation-- "ask.
" Ax.
Uh, "ask.
" "Ask.
" In the future, it would get confusing if the baby's talking one way with you and another with me.
Since we'll be the two essentially raising him, it seems a good idea the two of us operate as a team.
Don't you think? Yes, ma'am.
I am so sorry, Lillian.
Metastasis was always a possibility.
But surely there are options.
What are our options? It's a good question.
Lillian, you should probably get dressed.
We can meet in my office, go over what's possible and what's not.
I don't want anyone to know about this.
Of course.
I won't say anything.
I'll give you your privacy.
A little late for that, don't you think? Virginia.
What good did this do? I I know what to research now.
You're going to research my metastasized, terminal cancer? Is that so hard to believe? Then you don't know me.
But I know you.
And you are a fighter, Lillian.
So am I.
And so that is what we are going to do.
We are going to fight.
Well, every good fight begins with pizza.
You said pizza.
What did you mean to say? Pizza.
After we talk to Dr.
Lyons, is there someplace close to here that serves pizza? Gaetano's, a couple blocks away.
I don't eat pizza.
I don't even like it.
But suddenly I'm craving pizza.
Technician Marshall, please report to X-ray.
Rose Palmateer? For me? Who are they from? Oh, uh, no card.
Probably a secret admirer.
Well Thank you.
Oh, I didn't catch-- Oh, I'm Betty.
Yeah, just one of the hospital busy bees.
I also work with Doc Masters.
He's my doctor.
Oh, is that so? So-- so you're leaving, then? Yeah, my mom's gonna come pick me up.
It's-- it's-- it's funny with mothers, isn't it? One of my earliest memories of hospitals, uh, my mother had to go to one.
She had an accident, uh, ended up blind in one eye.
And it had to be removed.
Um, she had a glass eye till the day she died.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Actually, I did it to her.
See, my mother had a habit of making me feel real lousy.
She would call me a tramp, she would say I was a disgrace to her and myself.
And I took it for the longest time, her opinion of me, until one day, I don't even know what set it off, but I took off one of my pumps-- it had one of those real pointy heels-- and I stabbed her right in the eye with it.
Not that blinding people is the best way, uh, but there's a life lesson in there somewhere about standing up for yourself.
A life lesson I am happy to pass on.
You talked to Dr.
Masters about me? Oh, he didn't say a thing.
I swear.
I snooped.
I feel better now anyway.
I'm very grateful for what he said.
He said something useful? He said that I'm just somebody who needs help, like all of us.
And then he said, "I'll tell you what you're not, Rose.
You're not your worst part.
" I'm not my worst part.
In the morning.
The case just came in, so I Fairly late I'm afraid.
I can keep your dinner warm.
No, Lib.
Don't wait.
Don't wait.
Uh I'll eat here.
You should get some sleep.
I am so beat.
In the morning, then? In the morning.
It might be late.
This day has been, well, a crazy one, and if I don't finish my paperwork Don't worry, Virginia.
The kids are already down.
I can sit here.
I have loads of homework to finish.
Well, I appreciate it, Pam.
You do what you need to do.
Everything here will be fine.