Masters of Sex s02e12 Episode Script

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Previously on Masters Of Sex So, you consider the relationship to have a higher purpose? We are uniquely qualified to develop a treatment, to prevent countless marriages from dissolving.
Cannot present ourselves as the saviors of the sexually dysfunctional without having cured a single patient first, including me.
The two of you could finally teach America how to have sex.
On television? I don't know why I want what I want, - but if you would - What? kiss me, then maybe I could figure it out.
I have a a-a condition.
I can't do anything with a girl.
I-I also have a condition.
I got a gig.
Six weeks backing Floyd Desouza.
We want the kids to come, too.
- To Europe? - Why not? No.
My answer is no.
So you would rather that they come home from school every day to a babysitter and hope that they can stay up late enough to see their mother? You push back on this-- on a reasonable request-- you could be opening up a whole can of worms.
I don't think you want to do that.
I feel we may have stumbled upon something interesting.
That night, after the camera crew left, that was the first time that we had ever touched-- just touched.
Without the ulterior motive for touching being sex-- even an-- a-an attempt at sex.
And then that other night when you were so upset and vulnerable after the fight with your brother, I comforted you just by touching you.
And I was able to have sex.
Given that I think we have to come at this with a different approach.
Intercourse off the table, but, also, the touching of genitals.
Also off the table.
Nonsexual touching only.
Well, you're definitely aroused.
S-so maybe now is a good time to try.
So now what? All right, if-- if we put touching genitals back on the agenda But still stop before actual sex.
No expectations being key.
That seems the logical next step.
We now know sexual touching works.
Maybe we should continue into actual sex.
Let me initiate first.
And you just feel-- feel feel me.
Feel your body.
It's interesting if you look at the progression.
Seven nights of nonsexual touching, multiple erections.
With a few unmitigated disasters.
But still.
And then followed by seven nights of sexual touching.
Again with multiple erections if you don't count-- I don't.
We're focusing on the positive.
And now we've had seven nights of successful And successive Yes, seven nights of successive and successful coitus.
So based on these results, at what point can we consider you cured? After 14 years on the national scene, Senator John F Kennedy of Massachusetts, selected by the Democratic Party, began his campaign for president, showing the same enthusiasm he displayed while seeking the nomination.
You left the water on in the shower.
I did? How stupid of me.
Uh, I'm going in today to volunteer.
At CORE? I thought you'd given that up.
The leadership has been in Atlanta, protesting the arrest of Dr.
They're back today, and, no, I have not given it up.
Your mother should be here soon to stay with the children.
I love you.
I love you both so much, hmm? So, so much.
You have no idea.
Miss Braddock is running late.
Actually, you're late.
Miss Braddock's on time.
That's why she took the other parents in-- the ones who were already here.
Well, they must've been early-- trying to impress Miss Braddock, no doubt.
Well, would that be such a bad thing? I did see Henry's last report card.
Hey, I got a call from Johnnie J yesterday.
He offered me a regular gig at The Cosmopolitan Club.
John's Trio is now playing there four nights a week.
First Europe and now St.
I've been thinking What if the kids, uh, spent a little more time at my place during the week? Instead of just the one night, maybe two or even three? You just had them for six weeks in Europe.
Yeah, and I've never seen them happier.
Well, that's because you hardly ever see them.
My point, Gin, is to change that.
And my point is don't make me regret giving you an inch, George.
I mean, seriously.
Where is this all coming from? Audrey? Why can't I have changed? You have changed-- changed for Audrey.
And while I'm so pleased that she has managed to acquaint you with fatherhood in these past six months, let's not forget I'm the one who has been here for them since the beginning-- all of the conferences and the vacations and the sleepless nights when they've been sick and-- Fine, okay, but let's not forget that you've had your own problems in the parent department.
I mean, we're being honest, right? Neither of us is particularly great parent material, Gin.
But you know who is? Audrey.
No, she loves the kids.
And she spends more time with them than either of us put together.
And don't our kids deserve to have at least one parent who puts them first? No, I-I am going to pretend that I didn't hear that.
Well, actually, I want you to hear it.
No, George.
You can have our kids once a week like always, as we've agreed.
And while it is your night tonight, you did just have them for six weeks, so I'm going to keep them at home with me tonight.
What's that, a punishment for suggesting something that might actually be good for the kids? Shh! Miss Braddock! The Johnsons are here.
Oh, I-I don't need tissues, thank you.
This is, uh, it's a small matter really.
As you know, I share custody of my children with my ex-husband, George.
Oh, h-how was the European tour? Fine, I suppose.
But I'm here because I-I may have been a bit sloppy when I dissolved our marriage.
Sloppy? Yes, you see, George never even wanted children-- not even from the beginning.
And so when it came time to finalize a custody agreement-- You don't have a signed one.
Well, it-it just-- it seemed irrelevant at the time.
But now he's found Jesus.
My point is, George will back off quickly enough when he's confronted with an actual lawyer, which I do think is important now that there is a new wife in the picture.
New wives are like francium-- the most unstable of all the elements.
You dabble in chemistry? Eh, in another life.
A life where I thought there was order to the universe.
Now I know better.
So now I get contracts signed.
In the heart of the Midwest, along the banks of the Missouri river, lies the sparkling city of St.
With a quarter of a million people living Is this for the St.
Louis Tourist Board? I'm sure they're just setting the stage.
The idea was to ease the audience into the subject matter.
There are many building blocks to a prosperous society, but one essential element is marriage.
A strong, happy union between a man and a woman is crucial to both the family unit and to the community at large.
But what makes a happy marriage? To answer the question, what kind of changes occur physically during moments of marital intimacy? I think I phrased it, "What happens to the body during sex?" Well, people are sophisticated.
- They'll read between the lines.
- Sexual response.
And where we observed, uh, many physical phenomenon.
An accelerated heart rate in both men and women.
Respiration also increased, as did perspiration.
There's a consistent skin flush in both subjects called vasocongestion.
I'm fairly certain I said "Skin flush in both sexes.
" You did, but the network preferred the word "Subjects.
" Uh, we looped it from another part of your interview.
And in both men and women, there is a marked increase in blood pressure.
All the symptoms of a heart attack.
Yes, but here, we're talking about sex.
I must've missed that.
The study continues here in America's heartland, as Masters and Johnson are now poised to break new ground in the treatment of physical dysfunction.
Physical dysfunction.
It could imply Gout or amputation.
Because we see the couple going into your offices, Bill, we know the context.
The dysfunction is sexual.
Our goal, first and foremost, is to promote understanding, to start a dialogue about a subject long considered taboo.
Okay, well, that's just a rough cut, but it gives you the general layout of the piece.
Now, CBS is very pleased.
No one else has a story like it.
And I feel it's not a moment too soon.
I did some more digging into your, uh, Dr.
Joseph Kaufman at UCLA, and it turns out he is publishing his work, something called "Man And Sex.
" A book for general publication? Publication is two months away.
Now, we're gonna be out there first with this, and as I've said, once you've marked your territory, the next guy to come along often looks like yesterday's news.
But not always? N-not to worry.
Once the film airs, there's gonna be follow-up press.
There's gonna be interviews and profiles.
We're in great shape.
By taking the focus off St.
Louis, we now have to re-energize our base.
Like we out of sight for a few months, - and suddenly we're out of mind.
- Mm.
Welcome home.
Glad you came in.
We're, uh, back to work, obviously.
We can use an extra pair of hands.
We're, uh, sending a letter of intent to everyone on the housing board.
The envelopes need to be addressed and stamped.
I can do that.
Glenn, go and get Mrs.
Masters settled by the mimeo.
Manny, I want you with me when I call Supervisor Drake.
A presentation of our work that puts sex back in the closet.
I'm not saying that it wasn't sanitized.
It had all the gravitas of a toothpaste commercial! It wasn't specific.
But Shep's point, which is well-taken-- I also told Shep to take out that reference to sexual dysfunction, yet there it was anyway, against our wishes.
Physical dysfunction, and we made no promises in that regard.
Virginia, stop defending the indefensible.
Uh, we barely have a handle on dysfunction ourselves, let alone any statistical success with actual subjects-- other than me.
This is-- this is new work in, uh, a delicate and fragile state.
The work is? Or are we talking about something else? Uh, look, if we have found something as-- as radical as this appears to be, to-- to-- to fix something as intractable as impotence, you first turn the focus entirely away from sex.
Yeah, and that would be groundbreaking and-- Yes, it would be.
So it cannot be jeopardized.
You're right.
We are nowhere near publishing.
But that doctor in Los Angeles, he is.
And if his book happens to catch the public's fancy and we are cut out of the discussion entirely Bill, I agree with you.
I know that the film is not ideal, but being cut out completely, that is worse! The film will air.
Millions of people will watch, and they will say, "Yes, Masters and Johnson, the sex researchers.
" Who knows? Maybe we'll even become household names.
And then when we are ready to present our work and do it our way, there will already be an audience that is ready and willing to take us seriously.
Spleeb, please, have a seat.
Oh, no.
That won't be necessary.
I had a chat with husband George.
And thank you so much.
It's not signed.
George wasn't in the signing mood.
Uh, I'm not sure I know what you mean.
Well, not only will George not sign your original custody agreement, he has retained an attorney of his own.
Look, I don't know what's bothering you, but don't take your bedroom problems out on me.
I have no bedroom problems.
There's nothing in my bedroom that bothers me! Ohh, that's too bad.
It's not like we don't all know how it's gonna end.
and-- and work out some sort of schedule Guy falls in love with girl, girl falls in love with guy, complications develop hilarity ensues, love conquers all, roll credits.
Shh! Now, from the hour to the half-hour, the phone That's two hours of our lives we'll never get back.
I-I liked it.
I-I thought it was funny and very clever.
Art's not supposed to be clever.
It's supposed to be true-- true to life.
In real life, you can't fix bedroom problems by calling up a party line and redecorating an apartment.
I know that.
I just wanted to forget real life for an evening, anyway.
Well, I can't forget-- not even for a second.
It's because I look at you, and I think I should sweep a girl as pretty and as sweet-- I should sweep you off your feet Not just stand here like a-a cripple.
But you know I'm crippled, too.
No, it's okay.
I-I accept you no matter what problems-- I-I accept you, too, Lester.
I If-- if you're saying that you're upset because we can't, you know, do that I am upset because we can't do that.
Well, then let's do this.
What? Uh, w-we-- we can go see movies.
Or-- or we could play Scrabble, which we both love.
We could go out dancing.
Maybe we could even sleep together.
No, Barb.
I'm telling you, we-- I can't-- I know.
I-I mean just sleep.
When we admitted publicly that the U-2 belonged to us Looks like someone worked up an appetite.
I missed lunch.
we were doing something that in a modern world I swear, slap a beard on him, he's a dead ringer for father time.
Come Friday, we'll have a president with a full head of hair.
That's a first in my lifetime.
When I first saw a picture of Jackie, I thought, "Now I know what the American dream is.
" And John Kennedy? He is living it.
I was junior class president.
Um, best year of my life.
But we also had a hell of an inauguration.
Well, the real one's gonna be buried under a foot of snow apparently.
I'm bringing an extra pair of earmuffs in case the first pair freezes.
You're going to the inauguration? That reminds me, I need you to man the office on Friday while I'm out.
You do know you get a much better view on television, don't you? My family has good seats.
that they are condemning the United States My kid brother's working for the new administration.
Bobby pulled some strings, got him a job in Justice.
Although, without my father, Kennedy never would've won Missouri at all.
It's not cheap running for president, and daddy knows exactly whose hands need greasing.
You don't go from being an immigrant pickle peddler who can't speak a lick of English to owning the biggest hardware chain in the Midwest without learning something about retail politics.
Hardware as in Packer Hardware.
Th-- You're that Packer? If you knew how many of these fundraising dinners I've been dragged to And this party tomorrow night.
There-- A party here in St.
Louis? Yeah, a big shindig for the Democratic Party of Missouri.
All those governors and senators in the same place It's enough to make a shark sleep.
and work for a different kind of world.
Uh, well, what I'm asking, I-I suppose, is, uh, a favor.
A Dr.
Joseph Kaufman, uh, in Urology, he's publishing a book.
It's called "Man And Sex.
" In a couple months, apparently.
Well, you can imagine.
I'd also-- You could do that? Well, I-I would be most grateful.
I would.
Honestly, I-I wanted to apologize.
For sending a lawyer to my house.
That was Your drinks.
Thank you.
It was an overreaction.
I-- The situation at work has been, um, so taxing.
I was-- I was exhausted, and I, uh You overreacted.
So you want to spend more time with the kids.
So let's talk about what might make sense.
I think our lawyers should talk.
I don't have a lawyer.
No, Mr.
Spleeb is-- he's just somebody who works in our offices, that's all.
I don't think you want to walk into court unrepresented.
Why would I walk into court at all when we can just sort this out ourselves? Well, because Audrey and I have been talking.
And, honest, I thought one more day a week would be enough.
But when you really think about it, the kids have to know where home is.
Henry and Tessa do know.
It's with me.
Yeah, when you're there.
But how often is that? I want a judge in open court to hear a typical day for our kids.
I want an impartial opinion about what it is you're doing.
Has someone, uh, been, uh, telling you some ridiculous lie about my hours? The kids tell me.
They're not babies anymore.
They know when you come and go.
I have to think about what's best for them now, Gin.
And my lawyer was crystal-clear, given the court's bias against fathers, if we hope to win any sort of settlement in my favor with the kids, then we have to show the court that you're that you're unfit.
Un-- I'm not unfit.
Look, if the situation is gonna change-- I-I'll rearrange my schedule! It's not just the schedule.
It's gonna come up in court in front of the judge.
The fact that you watch people fornicating.
Fornicating? Fucking.
That you're having an affair with your boss.
W-what?! Well, how else do you explain that two nights a week, you don't get home until midnight because you're working? What's anyone supposed to think hearing that? Do you even realize what it is you're saying? Of course I realize it.
You're saying that you would take my kids, that you would discredit me, that you would discredit my work by dragging this into public? Yeah, see? And there it is.
You're not really worried about the kids, Gin.
It's that study that you're worried about.
It's my treat.
Uh, you can change in there for, uh, privacy.
And clean towels.
Thank you.
Oh, the-- the door is still open.
Okay, so, they, uh-- They're a little big.
Um, should we-- Uh, yeah.
I have other pillows.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
These-- these are perfect.
Good night, Lester.
Good night.
I'll be honest.
I'm not used to having guests at 2:00 in the morning.
I hope I didn't wake Coral.
No, uh, Coral's still in Atlanta.
Yeah, she insisted on going and insisted on staying.
She's real committed to the work now.
I'm really proud of her.
It's very impressive.
Uh, I do apologize for the hour.
You know, don't, really.
In fact, uh, I'm the one who should be apologizing.
Well, at work, I know you need to maintain a certain professionalism.
I mean, I'm, uh sorry about that night at your house.
I'm not sure what you mean.
I'm not sure why I let it happen.
"It"? It wasn't something that you let-- But it was.
It was, and now I need to take responsibility for that.
It was-- it was reckless, dangerous, and a betrayal, even.
Goes against everything we're working so hard for.
"We're"? Oh, you mean CORE.
And if I'm real honest with myself, well, it may even be why I did it-- the danger of it.
A woman so outside my world.
Maybe a part of me still wants to throw a brick through that window.
I don't really know.
I won't come here again.
I am sorry.
Stop saying that! What if you did it because you wanted me? What if that was the reason? Okay, but who's askin'? Oh, all right, then.
Hold on a moment, please.
Uh, Mr.
Hugh Hefner is on the line.
Would like a moment of your time.
Hugh Hefner from Playboy magazine? Mm, little ears, fluffy white tail.
Take a message, please.
Lester, can I see you a moment? I'm not interested.
I understand your hesitancy, given that things didn't go particularly smoothly.
- With the hooker? - This is different.
You have a cure for impotence? I didn't say a cure.
But perhaps the beginnings of a protocol-- a-a treatment.
Well, I have a girlfriend.
A Barb.
Barbara Sanderson-- one of the other failed experiments.
So-- so you two have-- have been able to engage in successful sex? We don't need to.
We've found a new way.
We can be together.
We can be happy by removing sex from the equation entirely.
Well, not as a-a permanent solution.
That-- that would be no solution at all.
How do you know? Because you How old are you? I'm 29.
I'm not a kid.
I understand you don't get everything you want in this life.
We're not talking about a Cadillac, Lester.
You wouldn't be able to sustain it.
A romantic relationship with no romance? We have plenty of romance.
A relationship with no sex Sex is as basic as breathing, eating.
Your entire being will eventually rebel.
Isaac Newton invented a lot of calculus.
He had no sex at all.
Well, he was a virgin by choice.
And unless you're coming up with the next law of universal gravitation, eventually, you're going to realize you do not want to live without this.
And Barbara is gonna come to the same conclusion.
Trust me.
I've asked you to trust me before, I know.
But this time is different.
I'm asking you to consider a new way.
Are you excited about the party tonight? Over the moon.
Listen, I have a weekly poker game at The Athletic Club at 8:00.
It's always a lucrative evening.
But I've been thinking about you going to this boring political thing all by yourself without a date.
Obviously, we don't have a conventional relationship, but I am fond of you.
Well, what I'm saying is if you need me to be there tonight-- to-- to be there for you Okeydoke.
Are you saying I should come? No.
You already have a date.
Then I-I I don't understand.
My family-- they're not like other families.
A week before I see them, I have to read "The New York Times" every morning cover to cover like I'm studying for a test.
I have one brother who's a lawyer, one brother who-- well, he says he works for the government.
He's probably CIA.
The other's now working for the new administration, hence this evening.
Your point being what? Because if you're implying that I can't keep up you know, intellectually let me remind you I went to medical school.
I am also a doctor.
One does tend to lead to the other.
I am also very interested in public affairs.
I've even considered going into politics myself.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
I didn't know that about you.
So, why was NATO really formed, aside from being an attempt to rein in Soviet aggression? I mean, who would ask that at a party? I mean, you cannot be embarrassed by me.
That-- that is physically impossible.
I didn't say "Embarrassed.
" But you are, aren't you? Well you Let me get this straight.
You run me around like I'm your personal inseminator, but when it comes to me meeting your family? Honey, it's not you.
It's them.
They'll take one look at you and say, "Wow.
He really is blond.
" Are you calling me a dumb blond?! Austin.
Women pay a lot of money for that color in a hair salon.
So, of course, I'm talking to my attorney, who's talking to George's attorney.
But the truth is, I might have to quit.
- Would you really quit? - I - Have you told Bill? - No.
I haven't said anything.
I'm trying to figure this out.
But my only option may be to quit.
But even if you quit, won't George still take you to court? Yes, he will, but he won't be able to hold the work over my head any longer.
Won't his lawyer? I mean, won't his lawyer say you've been doing this work all these years, and you've only now just quit to make it look better to a judge? I don't say that to be discouraging.
I just In case I know.
I-I have to fight him somehow.
I-I I-I-I will think of something.
I-I-I will think of something.
I'm just imagining if Bill did this to me-- tried to take my kids.
My beautiful, perfect children, whom I love and adore beyond reason.
It's And yet, those children-- when I think that they may be all that there is for me, it's not enough.
They cannot be the only thing-- just them and only them, or I will-- I will die.
If not literally, then at least-- Lib.
Has something happened? What if God, what if you just let go of everything that you thought your life would be? What if we both did? Just-- what then? It's my children.
I know they are.
They are.
But what really matters when you think about your children? No, not something on the cover of Woman's Day, but-- but deep down.
T-t-they're safe.
I don't know.
That they're-- that they're happy and that they know-- they know that they're loved.
Maybe that's the key-- to let go of some ideal.
To live the life that you have, not the life that you thought you would have.
To finally just accept what is.
_ I'm gonna be heading out.
That was in the top-secret envelope? Mm-hmm.
No address to or from.
The kid that delivered it wouldn't say who sent him.
So, uh, I figure it's either a blueprint for the A-bomb, or Jackie sent in a personal invite to the swearing-in.
It's, uh It's our competition The doctor at UCLA.
This is his book.
A real page-turner? It's thin, conversational.
It's written for the layman.
Not much science.
No annotating of data-- hardly any data at all.
Hmm, more like summer reading.
More like our film.
Whereas our work-- our real work-- is miles beyond Dr.
Our work will leave Dr.
Kaufman in the dust.
I used to poke fun at your bow tie in the past, anyway, but that regular tie they put you in for the filming-- that wasn't doing you any favors, either.
I just mean it wasn't you.
So I'm, uh, scheduling these follow-up interviews now.
But may I suggest stick with the bow tie? I cannot believe I am saying that.
I'll take that under advisement.
I need to, uh-- I need to talk to you About our film uh, about, uh, this manuscript.
I want to talk to you about a-- well, a-a possible Virginia? What are you doing? Uh, I'm waiting for Herb.
Who's Herb? Our tenant.
My attorney.
You hired Herb Spleeb? To do what? Uh, to give my husband what he wants.
What does he want? Our kids.
George-- he wanted to put my fitness on trial, as a mother.
He-- he wanted to make it a matter of public record the prurient nature of our work and the hours I spend I here and the hours I spend with you.
Apparently, his lawyer had already begun asking questions at the Park Plaza Hotel.
- George.
- Mm-hmm.
- George is doing this.
- Mm.
Meaning we would have had two debuts-- one on CBS-- the two of us being introduced to the country as groundbreaking researchers, while at the same time, a judge in some court would also be presenting us to the world as sleazy, amoral smut peddlers.
You-- you-- you cannot be put in that position.
Virginia, that's-- that's completely untenable.
So-- so what we do-- No, no, no.
It's already done.
Herb is presenting an offer to George as we speak.
And the terms are very favorable to George.
All he has to do is keep it out of court.
An offer? Yes.
You haven't, uh-- you haven't given up your children, have you? Don't say it like that.
But once the film airs, I will get them back.
Virginia, you didn't do-- Because I will use the film to show that this work-- that my part in our work is respectable and legitimate and one day, very soon, I will drag him into court and I can use the sterling reputation of CBS to get the kids back.
No, you cann-- No, you have to get them back now.
I can't.
It's already done.
It's only temporary.
Hey, mom.
Did you know George Washington really loved dogs a lot? And his favorite one was named Sweet Lips? I didn't know that.
Did you know Greece was an island? Ooh, here's my question for you.
Um, your dad and I were talking about something that you might think is fun.
Going to Greece? I want to go to the Potomac.
Not to Greece or the Potomac.
But an adventure of sorts.
Do you know how-- how you spend all week here, except for Wednesdays, when you're with your dad? And then on the weekends, it's every other weekend with your dad? And Audrey.
And Audrey.
Uh, well, my question is, uh Well, you like staying at your dad's place, right? - Yes.
- A lot.
All right, well, what if-- what if we were to flip-flop it so you spend the week with him, and then you're here on Wednesdays with me, and then I-I would take every other weekend, just-- just to see how it goes, see how we like it? Why? Uh, because Because your dad wants to spend as much time with you as I do.
Yeah, he does say that a lot.
Yes, well, you would be seeing him a lot more.
That's all.
It would be pretty much the same, just reversed.
But all this talking means we're gonna be late, and I can't be late today.
And you're still in your bathrobe.
Virginia? Hello? University of California at Los Angeles, where behind closed doors, we have discovered a groundbreaking study under way.
The surprising details of which will be revealed in a controversial, soon-to-be-published book called "Man And Sex.
" I realized several years ago that not only has male sexuality been ignored as a serious science, but the field of sexuality, in general, is also uncharted territory.
I am as furious about this as you are, Virginia.
Believe me.
I-I don't understand.
Well, it's painfully simple.
Somebody has massively fucked up.
It wasn't me.
My team is meticulous when it comes to protecting my clients.
And they would have been the first to hear about a potential scoop from a competing network.
All I know is I've heard the word "Sex" three times in a four-minute story.
Well, maybe you were indiscreet, Lester.
Maybe that's how this happened.
Me?! Hell, no.
You can make an ac-- I assure you that I'm gonna get to the bottom of this, despite the fact that, most regrettably, that's not gonna change the outcome with CBS.
They thought they had something newsworthy with your story, but now with Dr.
Kaufman beating us to the punch like this CBS already called? They're not? Our piece is not gonna air.
and unnecessary stress.
Bill, no.
It seems Dr.
Kaufman has a partner.
like, how does a male recognize chemistry with a potential mate? What kind of responsibility does the male bear with regards to sexual encounters? And there's also room to explore the role of women with regards to their interactions with men.
And that includes sexual attractions.
Do you know the younger one? He used to work with me.
Virginia also knew him.
Ethan-- How-- how can that-- I must have caused this.
Virginia, you did not cause this.
I let my kids go for that.
Noth-- For nothing.
The film wouldn't have changed anything.
- Yes! Yes! - No.
- Yes, it would have.
- Don't you see? Yes, it would have.
My kids-- my kids-- they're gone.
I am I am so, so sorry.
All we can do now is-is get back to work, okay? So we're gonna-- we're gonna put our heads down, and we're gonna work.
We're gonna do our work-- the work that matters.
That's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna get back to work.
Talk about life-changing.
Antonioni is just Grim.
But what a love story.
They-- they barely even liked each other.
Exactly! It's not one of those Hollywood fairy tales.
It's not "Happily ever after.
" It's real and complicated and very sexy.
You didn't think so? The way they looked at each other, the way he kissed her.
Y-y-you've seen this film before.
Four times.
So you wanted me to see something in it.
I wanted you to see us-- a real, messy, complicated couple, but a couple that has that.
That? This.
Will you not give up on this with me? Please.
Well, the book part was easy.
I called up that reprobate that broke my daughter's heart and made it very clear he owed me one.
Getting the book to a competing network-- that, uh took a little more doing.
Well, you're still a connected man, Barton, because whatever you did, our film is now officially dead.
I thought you'd look happier about that, Bill.
It was what you wanted, wasn't it? I mean, why you called me.
Thank you.
All right, then.
Your work is better than Kaufman's.
You know that.
You just aren't ready to show it to the world yet.
You bet on yourself.
I bet on Virginia, too.
What I, uh-- what I didn't realize when I called you was Virginia was in the middle of a custody dispute.
You did tell Virginia you were killing the film.
I-I was gonna tell her, of course.
I was just, uh, setting the wheels in motion, getting all the-- the pieces in-- in place.
After you already decided what you were going to do? Believe me, if I co-- if I could take it back You would.
You sure about that? That reminds me of when you wanted your study at Maternity Hospital, and instead of trying to convince me that you were right, you blackmailed me.
I don't-- I don't say that to scold you.
But blazing ahead like this-- always the one-man show, always your terms and your terms only-- well, it's hell on the people around you and no picnic for you, either, as far as I could tell.
I know what it's like, Bill, living scared-- scared to let people in.
That's why my life is simple now.
Being a doctor again, working at a clinic, steady routine.
I'm not saying everything is fixed.
I mean, Margaret hasn't left me, although what she does with her time But I took a leap of faith.
Decided to trust.
I told her.
As tough as it's been, at least we're in it together.
I-I never meant to hurt Virginia.
You never do.
This has got to stop.
You know that.
I don't know anything.
Well, no.
That's not entirely true.
I know that my husband has been having an affair for years.
And I-I used to just pretend that it wasn't happening.
And then I looked the other way.
And then I focused on my children.
And then I met you.
And I know I know that this thing that we have I know that I want it.
That is something that I know.
I know I want to feel.
The motorcade has just arrived at the Capitol where the attending dignitaries have assembled for the inaugural ceremony.
Now taking their seats are members of the Kennedy family.
Kennedy with her mother Cal-o-Metric, where the new you is just three small tablets away.
Hold, please.
Vice President-Elect Lyndon Baines Johnson, and the last to take his place, President-Elect John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Look at that.
No top hat.
President Truman, Reverend Clergy, fellow citizens, we observe today not a victory of party but a celebration of freedom.
For I have sworn before you and almighty God the same solemn oath our forebears prescribed nearly a century and three-quarters ago, symbolizing an end, as well as a beginning, signifying renewal, as well as change.
For which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe-- the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God.
We know that we've failed you both-- that you've shared your struggles with us.
And trusted us to devise a-a treatment, yet we made little discernable progress.
And-- and worst of all, our approach discouraged you, filled you with despair.
But we don't think that has to be the end of the story.
We have developed-- Are in the process of developing a protocol-- A path back, if you will-- steps that you can follow-- That may lead you back to a happy life, a full and satisfying life.
But the key is, it takes both of you to make a leap of faith.
Of trust.
Working together.
In it together.
That is the key.
We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution.
Let the word go forth from this time and place to friend and foe alike that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans-- born in this century