Masters of Sex s03e01 Episode Script

Parliament of Owls

Previously on Masters Of Sex So, the two of you catalogue what happens to the human body during sex.
- What else do you do? - Begin.
Of course we're not having an affair, Virginia.
I am a married man.
Let me understand-- it's okay because you're taking notes? Whatever this is between us, it can't be undone.
Honest to God, Bill, this is better than my bachelor party.
Soon there won't be a hospital left for you to storm out of! Whole space up here belongs to Masters and Johnson now.
I'm the new girl.
Betty can also help with the books.
I was wondering if you could use my help.
You wanna volunteer? I don't know why I want what I want, but Kiss me.
What things have we told ourselves that make it possible to do what it is we've done here? My husband has been having an affair for years.
I know that this thing that we have I know that I want it.
We have a greater purpose, Virginia.
It hasn't been about the study in years.
What sexual dysfunction are you proposing we treat? Mine.
We have an opportunity here to find a cure.
Think of all the people we could help.
Us-- a real couple.
You're not really worried about the kids, Gin.
It's that study that you're worried about.
I let my kids go for nothing.
I never meant to hurt Virginia.
You never do.
Our father was a monster.
"When you get down on your knees, son, and beg for mercy, that's when I'll stop.
" You were just a kid-- a-a boy.
Let the word go forth that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.
ooh ooh bah-bah-bah-bah see the pyramids along the Nile bah-bah-bah-bah watch the sunrise You awake? Mm.
One of us should try to get some sleep.
all the while, you belong to me bah-bah-bah-bah see the marketplace in Old Algiers bah-bah-bah-bah Again? What's gotten into you? send me photographs and souvenirs Nerves, I suppose.
I think you may be in heat.
just remember when a dream appears you belong to me I've-- I've hired a catered lunch for after.
We'll be fine.
But should I-- should I cancel the photographer? You should stop talking so I can fuck you properly before we try to sleep.
Because it would be unreasonable to teach anatomy of reproductive organs yet ignore how these organs work.
We categorically refuse to defend ourselves except in honest discussion.
It would be like studying the heart while disdaining any knowledge of how the heart actually functions.
If a review of our work appears, whether valid or farcical, we will not write a rebuttal.
There is only one defense to our research Stop eating.
and that is continued research.
You've all received advanced galley proofs of our book, "Human Sexual Response," to be officially published early next year.
Uh, we'll assume you've also read the material, given your presence with us here today.
But rather than me or Dr.
Masters talking at you about our work, we thought that it might be more illuminating to have an honest discussion, initiated by questions that you may have.
So, it would seem that our only question is-- do you have any questions? "This maculopapular type of erythematous rash first appears over the epigastrium.
" Why didn't you write this book in English? Mr.
Buckland, Dr.
Masters and I have worked in this field for many years, and we know all too well the emotional impact the work can elicit.
Meaning a candid, conversational discussion about sex, uh, sexual acts, even sexual organs, can incite some people, leading to accusations of indecency or pornography.
And so if the book seems obtuse and geared toward the medical community, it was done so deliberately.
I thought this was supposed to be an honest discussion.
I don't believe you did write this book for the medical community.
I find it curious a writer from The American Medical Journal would take issue with a text designed for practicing physicians.
I think this is a Trojan horse.
I think you have bigger plans for this work.
I think you've released this material to piggyback on the so-called Sexual Revolution.
A 12-year study does not piggyback, Mr.
We have built on the sociological work of Alfred Kinsey-- that is true-- but, uh, our work has far superceded that.
What Mrs.
Johnson means is that our work is based on empirical evidence.
Our study is, in fact, unprecedented.
As you can see from the data before you.
So, the idea that we timed this release to capitalize on the Sexual Revolution as some kind of ploy Mr.
Buckland, we are the Sexual Revolution.
_ If this is a joke to you-- I'm ticklish all of a sudden.
Honey, I'm sorry.
- Try again.
- So I can be ridiculed? It's sexual touching.
And I'm not ridiculing, honestly.
You could rub my I don't know.
Rub my rump? A rump rub? Sergio, who does my alterations-- sometimes he brushes up against my rear, and it can feel a little bit - A little bit what? - exciting.
That fruitcake? He rubs your ass, and you get? It is completely innocent.
And I'm only using it as an example.
Oh, so he's not a fruitcake.
There's a missed opportunity.
You're changing the subject.
Because you are forcing me to fondle you like a rat in a lab, Linda.
I don't even know what we're doing here.
We are working to save our marriage.
All right, Mr.
and Mrs.
Einhorn, this seems like a good place to stop.
Now, don't be discouraged.
If you have any concerns about the process, we can discuss them upstairs after you've dressed.
All right, baked beans, eggs, coffee, um Oh, you've been enjoying oatmeal lately.
It's one weekend once a year.
I've made my peace with the lake.
I'm sure the lake will be very relaxing.
You do know you're gonna have to walk the Einhorns through the next session-- from the beginning again.
If they come back.
Oh, they'll come back.
You can tell by the expression on the wife's face.
God, is there anything scarier? _ You could shoot a cannon off in here.
What? Oh.
You're free to go.
I know that-- since even Lester left, and you know how he avoids home now, what with the screaming kids and Caligula in curlers.
His nickname for the missus, not mine.
Anyhoo, you got a full tank-- should get you to the lake without a refuel.
"Thanks for seeing to that, Betty.
In fact, thank you for everything you do.
Honestly, if not for you, this whole operation would be right in the toilet.
" I say "Thank you.
" Thank you, Betty.
And this came from Little, Brown and Company.
They threw in a red pencil for free.
So, if we take six weeks to proof the galleys, then Little Brown's plan is to then send the corrected copies to a few select journalists and then hold some kind of exclusive press conference.
We are not gonna let the publishers decide how we release this book.
And why is that? Because they know what they're doing? No.
Because once it gets sent out to critics, we've lost control.
Look what happened to Darwin.
He achieved international fame.
He waited 20 years to publish his life's work, every detail checked and rechecked, only to have Cardinal Manning declare it a "Brutish philosophy with no God.
" Even his friends said he was the most dangerous man in England.
Believe me, I know the stakes here.
Darwin got off easy compared to what the critics will do to me.
Be careful.
I don't-- I don't want the pages bent.
A little R&R never killed anyone.
Do you know what I need? I need four months off, four months off now so I can finish my degree.
Good idea.
Like storming Omaha Beach, only to pause on the sand to, uh, study French cuisine.
I mean it.
You're excellent at proofing.
I'm terrible at it.
And I could get my degree in four months-- three if I really kill myself.
And before you say a word, let me point out that every time I bring up going back to school, you come up with some reason for why it's impossible.
That's hardly fair, Virginia.
You do, Bill.
You do.
Some obstacle or some subtle form of discouragement.
And yet not completing your degree has always been your decision ultimately.
Well, hasn't it? All right, all right, I-- I may have been, in the past less than encouraging.
Or-- or downright discouraging, I suppose, in some instances.
But, look, that is-- that is not what I am doing now.
Well, you'll forgive me if I'm a bit suspicious.
Oh, good.
We just got here ourselves.
How was the drive? Just fine.
Let me get that for you.
- Hi, Jenny.
- Hi.
Hi, Johnny.
Groceries in the kitchen.
Johnny, will you watch your brother so he doesn't wander outside? Hi.
Bill, I-- This suitcase is jammed.
I can't seem to get it open.
Where's Tessie? She did come with you, right? She's already down at the dock.
Bill, I broke off the little key in the lock.
And Henry just never showed up? Apparently Henry's coming up later.
What are you doing? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to-- See this box? No one touches this box.
No one thinks about touching this box.
That is all I ask for this weekend.
What's in this mysterious box? The galleys finally arrived.
And I was just making the case to Bill that-- Let's not drag Libby into this.
and a book is finally born.
Surely I can touch it.
Lib, don't you think that it's wrong Leave the dog alone.
for me to have to face a roomful of journalists with only two years of Drury college under my belt? It does-- It does seem wrong.
Jenny, please leave the dog alone.
That was not my point, right or wrong.
Besides, I reject the press-conference idea.
You can't predict a press conference.
You can't control it.
It's a bad idea.
We should tell them we're not interested.
Yes, but when the book does come out, I will be exposed in front of the press, in front of our entire readership.
The work speaks for itself.
Uh, no, no, I'm not discouraging, Virginia.
I'm only saying wait until after we publish.
Otherwise, you'll look like you're desperate, like you're trying to sneak a degree in under the wire.
Leave him alone! Howie, is that a marble in your mouth? "Under the wire"? Bill, that is so unfair.
You know that I have been trying to do this for years.
I'm only trying to point out how it appears and also reminding you that it takes all hands on deck to launch a book.
Yes, but if I wait until after publication, then it's too late.
Bill, will you grab the marble out of Howie's mouth, please? I'm not hurting Scooter! Ow! No bi-- He bit me! Howie, you can't bite.
You know that.
All children outside now! - Come on, Howie.
- Come here, boy.
Let me just remind us this is one of our few weekends together as a family, and I really don't want it ruined with arguing and unpleasantness.
You're right, Lib.
Bill and I will sort this out later.
Meanwhile, Virginia and I have a substantial amount of work to do.
I do have one other request, though.
- Of? - Of you.
I want you to talk to Tessa about sex About the risks of unplanned pregnancy, about the libido of teenage boys, you-- you, a solid male authority figure-- to put the fear of God into her.
That is absurd.
The answer is no.
Bill, she won't listen to a word I say.
Do you think that I haven't tr-- I suppose, um, George isn't up to the task? George? No, George is sleeping with an 18-year-old to mend his broken heart after divorcing Audrey, so hardly the person to give sound advice about responsible sex.
And I am the second least likely.
Tessa's always been fond of you, Bill.
I will not talk to Tessa! Virginia, you are her mother.
You have written a book about sex.
Libby, you are her aunt, essentially.
The girl follows you around like a puppy.
I'm sure, between the two of you, you can figure out how to talk to a 15-year-old about sex.
But what I will do is this-- I will ask for peace and quiet this weekend, no interruptions, no distractions.
I will take the same front room I took last year in order to find the solitude I now need to do the added work I have because Virginia has now said she's going back to school.
Tessa's in that front room this year.
Sh-she-- she can move.
I will finish up with the groceries.
I will open up the back.
Henry? Hello?! We're here! Hello! Hello? Hey.
When did you get in, mom? Uh, just now.
You? You know, earlier.
I'm just catching up on some sleep.
Really? You use the phrase "sexual tension" frequently in your book.
And I think I know what you mean by that.
Actually, I've got "Taber's Medical Dictionary" right here, and they don't recognize the term "sexual tension.
" It is the physiological elevation of sexual engagement, Mr.
Keller, usually expressed in increased blood flow to genitals, muscle tension.
Think of it as what the body does in response to sexual interest.
And you're not going to find it in "Taber's Dictionary" because we coined the term ourselves.
Uh, what in your background, Mrs.
Johnson, qualifies you to, uh, make up new medical terms? Well, I've spent the last 10 years in a lab, Mr.
Buckland, studying the physiology of human sexuality-- I meant what in your educational background qualifies you? Dr.
Masters has a BS from, uh, Hamilton College, a medical degree from the University of Rochester.
While Mrs.
Johnson has obtained her BA in psychology at St.
Louis University, she's also preparing for her MA in the same subject, possibly even obtaining a PhD.
You're saying you'll follow in Dr.
Masters' footsteps, Mrs.
Johnson? Become a practicing physician? That is one possibility among many because if there is one thing that our study has shown, it's that women are capable of almost anything.
Oh, well, time for a brief break.
We'll resume shortly.
Virginia? What happened? Open the door, Virginia.
Virginia? You-- you do realize the significance of today, perhaps the most important day of our professional lives.
You can't talk about my credentials like that, not in front of the press.
They asked.
I thought you'd be grateful.
I-- I rallied to your defense.
I didn't get my degree.
I haven't yet taken the final in my last remaining statistics course.
So I have not yet graduated.
I don't understand.
I-- I gave you three months off, against every instinct that it was a terrible idea, which it was.
And I will finish my degree, Bill! For God's sake, Virginia, calm down.
Is there not one square inch of my life that you haven't insinuated yourself into? I mean, my work, my home, my bed.
Can I-- can I not even have a bathroom stall to myself? All right, look, I-- I will accept your apology later.
For now, you have five minutes.
And then we are-- we are going back out there, and we are continuing this presentation like the polished and professional researchers that we are.
Five minutes, Virginia.
As the unrest in Saigon continues, along with Prime Minister Ky's crackdown on the Buddhist Rebels, including the arrest of South Vietnamese Buddhist leader Tri Quang.
And now to the weather Well, she either climbed out the back window or she's hiding in the cellar because Henry emerged from his room utterly alone, not a girl in sight.
It's daddy's turn.
Daddy! Your mother is playing for me! Maybe he's Houdini.
I mean, in less than an hour, he picks up a local girl, seduces her under our noses, and then makes her disappear.
That would explain how he makes his job opportunities vanish.
Mom, we're waiting for dad, which means we're waiting for you.
Is this, um, still the Masters vs.
The Johnsons game? Yes.
You as dad, me, Johnny are here.
I'm not playing.
Mom, Tess, and Harry Houdini here.
Anyway, uh, I will spin the spinner.
Two career cards for your father-- naturally.
"Life" imitating life.
Is there fresh coffee? Johnny, honey, will you bring your dad some coffee? Two, three, four, five, six.
No, you cannot have some of my cigarette.
But you can keep playing with the others.
I hate "Life.
" But I'll trade you, if you're insisting I join in the family fun.
All right, that's enough.
That's enough.
You know you can't do that at school.
You know that, right? Yeah.
Okay, so, I got the 35th Thank you.
I'm not playing "Life," either.
Well you should play.
I have to work.
I think they want us both to play.
Well, you should play.
It's fun.
That's the-- that's the point of our-- that's the point of our time here.
What does that even mean-- "Human Sexual Response"? Uh, my work's not for children, John.
You know that.
- Seven, eight, nine.
- Nine.
Well, look at that.
I am having children, two children, a boy and a girl.
History doomed to repeat.
Tessie, you always wanted a baby sister.
And I, for one, am thrilled to be having another girl-- and boy, of course.
And you have to put your kids in your car, and you have to name them.
Well, when I was your age, my very best friend was named Lisa Soracco, so I'm going to name my baby girl Lisa.
And does the boy drive an ice cream truck? Can you drive the truck to our house again, Henry, please? Speaking of, how do you not have a single shift this weekend, Henry? Isn't this a huge ice cream weekend? What can I say? I'm not on the schedule.
Well, what did Mr.
Hiskey say? Mr.
Hiskey likes his whiskey more than he likes ice cream Mr.
Hiskey's drinking issues aside, why is he reducing your hours? He's-- he's not reducing my hours.
I don't work there anymore.
Uh, Tessa and I made, this afternoon, of all things, a lingonberry pie-- This was not the agreement.
We agreed that you could defer college for one year for gainful employment only.
And I've had three jobs.
And you've lost three jobs.
I don't underst-- How could you get fired from driving an ice cream truck? It was-- what? It was too challenging, intellectually? Or too cold? I wasn't fired.
I quit.
Um, whipped cream, please, on my pie.
And you have never tasted a crust so buttery and flaky.
I don't understand about the job-- about the jobs-- why you keep losing them.
Maybe you just don't understand me.
Hiskey, feeling risky took his ice cream truck for a spin Making any progress? Uh, slow progress, glacially slow.
Well, um, Tessa needs the room now.
Everybody's headed to bed.
Sh-she can sleep with Henry.
They're too old, they say, meaning they're self-conscious about boy/girl issues.
This-- this is my work space.
During the day.
And for sleeping, you will have to head back to our room.
That-- that is, uh Uh, the mattress in that room dates back to the Confederacy.
You remember last time.
My back spasmed for weeks.
Bill, all of the rooms are spoken for.
There is a spare mattress.
You could drag it into the living room.
The living room is overrun with people.
Well, those are your only options, I'm afraid.
I will take the, uh, chaise in the backyard instead.
You're gonna sleep outside.
Under the stars, yes.
Isn't that the, uh-- isn't that the point of a vacation, yeah? Enjoying fresh air Communing with nature.
It's what they do in Hawaii.
- It's called a powwow.
- It's a luau.
And Howie and I think it's stupid, and we're going swimming.
Hey! Come on.
Psst! Do you need a hula partner? Yeah.
Maybe Henry will come out and dance.
Henry has been a little scarce today, but then again, who needs boys, right? Right.
We wave our arms like waves - like this - Uh-huh.
side to side.
Like this? - Good.
- Oh, thank you.
You're a very good teacher.
Thank you.
Do we do this then, too? da-dum, da-dee - Good? - Yeah.
Thank you.
You have to get like After hula, we have to head into town, Gin.
Guess I should have knocked even though it is my room.
Well, if you need something Wh-what I need is in town.
Can you drive me into town? Nope.
As you can see, I'm busy.
I started my period, and I don't have any Kotex.
I need to go into town.
Well, uh, your mom or-- or Libby can take you.
I think that would be They're already in town.
You're the only one that can take me.
If you can't, then you can't.
You cannot hitchhike.
You don't know the next driver isn't gonna be a sociopath.
I know you're busy, so we can try the General Store.
It's only halfway in.
And you don't have to worry.
I'm not going to ask you about sex.
That hadn't occurred to me.
No? I've heard Libby and mom saying that I need a talking to from a strong, male, authority-figure type.
For God's sake, Tessa.
I'm on your side.
We both agree you are the last person on earth who should be talking to me about sex.
just remember when a dream appears you belong to me You don't like Patsy Cline? Patsy Cline is fine.
Look If you do have questions about sex, teenage years being a confusing time, understanding the real risks of pregnancy and venereal disease is-- Oh, no.
We can't play into her hands like this.
Your mother just wants what's best for you.
And as I am a gynecologist and I do talk to young women every day You're really a sex researcher.
I am both, as you know.
I am a doctor and a sex researcher.
Along with my mother, who also calls herself a sex researcher, and yet is too chicken to talk to her own daughter about the thing she talks to perfect strangers about all day.
And whose fault is that? If she were sitting here now instead of me, you-- you would ignore every word she said.
And you wouldn't get the information you so obviously need to grow into a safe, responsible, sexually active adult.
You think I'm an adult? Hardly.
Although you-- you will be soon enough, so Just don't be foolish and ignore the advice of people who know better and who actually care about you.
How about I trade you? You let me drive your MG to the General Store, and-- and I'll let you talk to me about how my body works.
Oh, a perfect lose-lose for me.
So, do we have a deal? I think Tessa's been calling my mother.
She hasn't said anything, of course-- neither of them ever would-- but suddenly my mother is talking about how she wants to see the kids and how she and daddy live so far away and-- my favorite-- how the Arch has put St.
Louis on the map and how nice it would be to live in a city on the map.
They would move to St.
Louis? I can't imagine your parents moving anywhere.
Well, I can't imagine a lot of things.
And then they happen.
Three pounds ground beef? Well, one burger each for mine.
Maybe Johnny has two, given the swimming.
- Mm.
- And Henry and Tessa.
I haven't seen Henry all day.
Well, that's because he left the house and didn't tell anyone where he was going.
I have no idea what he's doing.
Sitting on a bench with a girl.
That the same girl that crawled out the window? That girl has clothes, but, yes, that is the same girl.
Henry your ears must be burning.
Mom, Aunt Libby, this is my friend Tina.
- Hello.
- Hello.
We shouldn't have to chase you into town to meet your friends, Henry.
They're welcome at the house.
Oh, in fact, we are just shopping for dinner now.
Tina, would you like to join us? That's so nice of you, but I-- I really can't.
My little one's waiting for me at home, and he gets anxious if I'm gone too long.
Of course he does.
Anyway, um, so nice to meet you both.
You, too.
I've got business in town, so I won't be home for dinner, either.
What business? You have to eat, Henry.
I already ate.
Why don't I go and get started on the shopping? - Okay, Gin? - Okay.
You can't guilt me into this, mom.
I've got business in town.
Henry, she seems lovely, but let her get back to her family.
That's not the business I meant.
I am not judging.
You know that.
Oh, I know.
Anything goes with you when it comes to that stuff.
Look, you wanted me to take charge of my life.
I'm taking charge.
You want me to show some ambition and get a job? I am getting a job.
I am buckling down, as you like to say.
I'll be home late.
The kids will want you there.
You want me there.
Henry, I insist.
I'm almost 18, mom, so, honestly, you insisting on anything Aah! Ugh! Henry! Henry - Christ.
- Are you okay? - What an asshole.
- I-I'm the asshole? - You didn't look.
- Call an ambulance.
I don't need an ambulance.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, you asshole! You absolutely need an ambulance.
Henry, do not-- Call an ambulance! Aunt Libby, really, it's okay.
It is not okay.
Do not goddamn move.
Somebody call an ambulance! No apology, no saying, "I'm so sorry for nearly killing you.
" He didn't really come close to killing me.
You don't know that.
I know my knee is scraped.
My pants need some mending.
You are not a doctor, Henry.
Libby Why don't you go back to the house and check on the kids? - George is on his way.
- Excuse me.
I'm sorry, but this young man was hit by a car, and we have been waiting for nearly an hour for someone to see him.
That is after driving him here ourselves because an ambulance never bothered to show up at the scene.
We do apologize, ma'am, what with the long weekend and all.
That's all you have to say? Libby, honestly, it's okay.
It's not okay, Virginia.
I mean, are you simply that cavalier about everything? You do not know that he is fine.
You don't.
Based on your-- your medical degree, your extensive knowledge of internal injuries, that he may be bleeding inside or have a-- a hematoma or a-- Libby-- I don't know what he has, either! All I know is that Henry could have died! The doctor's in with Henry now.
So far, everything seems fine Though he did call for a thorough work-up.
I didn't mean what I said.
I'm sorry.
Lib You don't have to tell me what's going on, but for a while now I've noticed that-- that you're not exactly yourself.
And I've been worried about you.
Bill has been worried.
I think my children deserve better than a mother that gets by on two Serax every day.
Serax? For anxiety? For, uh, depression? I just I keep thinking about the South - and how-- - The South? How dangerous it's become.
Over 30 people have lost their lives-- did you know that?-- Fighting for Dr.
King's cause, fighting for basic human rights.
it's a shocking number, but Perhaps there are better ways to process the daily news besides drugs.
I suppose you're right.
I-- Life is filled with loss.
It is ridiculous to think that you can stop it.
Your data seems to support a societal trend, the double standard between men and women that's vanishing, the "thou shalt nots" replaced with "thou shalt jump into bed with whomevers," meaning, with your emphasis on female sexual pleasure, can a woman feel free now to say no? Of course she can.
She absolutely can.
Our study gives women more freedom than ever to say no because a woman will no longer be making her decisions out of fear.
She-- Yes, Miss Delacourt? Ladies' Home Journal? Yes, ma'am, um I assume when you say "fear," Mrs.
Johnson, you mean the traditional fears women have always had to contend with regarding sex-- fear of disease, social ostracism, pregnancy, the biggest fear of all? Yes.
Yes, all stemming from-- Stemming from sexual ignorance.
Sexual know-how means a woman now will have a more sophisticated choice because it is her choice.
Yes? Peter Norris, New York Times.
So, is it possible, as some clergy predict, that the elimination of fear will break down all barriers, including barriers that protect us from disease, stigma, unwanted pregnancy? Exactly my point.
That depends what you mean by "barriers," Mr.
What do you mean by "barriers"? There is no universe where fear is a barrier worth preserving.
Masters, you don't believe people should be bound by any societal convention? You can misquote me however you-- We do believe in many social conventions, and we are seeing plenty of evidence that young men and women today are inclined to work things out emotionally rather than fixating on sex, per se.
So, no.
No, we do not believe that the removal of fear leads to the destruction of good values.
I believe whatever the arrangement between grown, consenting adults, it must begin with the truth.
You want a drink? Uh, the coffee will be ready soon.
A grown-up drink.
I suggest you dump this in the sink.
My mom lets me drink at home.
I doubt that.
She lets me drink on vacation.
You want to keep the sex research clean.
I'll dump it.
What happened to Libby? Is sh-- She was just worried.
She's gone home to be with the children.
Now, what did the doctor say, honey? He said I might be sore from the fall.
He recommends Aspirin, put some iodine on my knee.
That is one tough kid.
Make no mistake about it.
Sergeant Marcus Ivey.
Virginia Johnson.
Nice to meet you.
And I gather you've met my son, Henry.
I hope no one in your family is ill, Sergeant.
Uh, no, no.
Uh Henry called me because we had an appointment this afternoon that he obviously had to reschedule.
I'm just stopping by to make sure he's okay.
And I appreciate it.
I really do.
We look after our own, son.
That's what I was doing in town Heading to the recruitment office to see Sergeant Ivey.
I talked to him last year, too, when we were up here.
Ah Oh, I-I-- um, I didn't know that.
Listen, I'll-- No, you don't have to go, Sergeant.
So what I'm hoping, mom, is that you'll sign for me since I'm not 18 yet.
The Sergeant and I have discussed this, and I could wait until my birthday, but I don't want to.
I want to do this now.
Uh, you want to? To enlist.
I'm starving.
Where is everybody? I have no idea.
Am I having dinner with you? Uh I-I-I think we should wait for the others.
So he did say something to you.
A-and you just-- you what? You forgot to mention it to me? Gin, I didn't think he meant it.
It's like a kid saying he wants to be an astronaut or an Indian chief.
He meant it.
You'd hope that getting hit by a car would have knocked some sense into him.
You know, George, you have been a perfect shit in almost every respect, but especially for taking my kids away from me because if they had their mother around them more, - none of this - You have not once would be happening.
tried to change the custody arrangement in the last four years because-- let's be honest now-- it fits better with your life that I have the kids more of the week than you.
That is not true! That's not true! I'm not judging you.
I'm just saying what we both know is real.
I never should have called you.
Well, I'm glad you did.
Gin We have to sign that consent.
I will not sign it.
Then I will.
No, you won't.
It only takes one parent's signature.
This is not your decision to make, George.
No, no.
It's ours.
And I've done plenty of the heavy lifting with these kids for the past four years.
It even cost me my marriage, Virginia, so my vote counts.
And I know Henry well enough to know that if we meet him halfway on this, we can reason with him.
In two months, he'll-- he'll enlist anyway.
But if we go along with his harebrained plan, we can buy ourselves some leverage.
I'll swing by the cottage in the morning.
I'll drive him home.
That'll give me three hours to work on him.
I can get him to take a noncombat position.
No! Wh-what if it doesn't work?! It's our best shot.
How are you not completely terrified right now?! I am! I'm worried.
And I'm sorry for, you know, the hash that I've made of it as a parent a lot of the time.
But not always.
And on this one, I am with you, Virginia, lockstep.
And we're gonna do everything we can to make sure our boy is safe.
I cannot have our son come home in a flag-draped coffin.
John? Tessa? Oh, I'm s-- Oh, Jesus.
Oh, Tessa.
Straighten yourself-- oh, come on.
- Ugh.
- Take my arm.
Try to stand.
All right, just stay-- stay there.
For God's sake.
God, what are you thinking? Here, drink-- - Oh, no, don't.
Just put your dress back on, Tessa.
Mnh! Tessa! Tessa, stop it.
Don't you want to touch me? - Don't you want to touch me? - What are you doing? Touch my breasts.
You like my breasts.
- Jesus.
- Mm.
Oh, God.
Come on.
Do not move.
John? John? Tessa is, uh, unfortunately, drunk.
- Okay.
- It's not okay.
Sh-- it will be.
She'll sleep it off.
But you need to know that-- I don't want to talk about it.
Well, what you want isn't the issue.
What I'm saying is, she made the mistake.
And I don't want to talk about it! I just said, so shut up about it! Did you just tell me to sh-- to shut up? Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Just go do your work, you-- you fucker! You never kiss mommy, and then you kiss Tessa! Why would you even do that, you freak?! No, John! John! Come-- come here! John! John! John! No! No! Say you're sorry, you little shit! Say it! I'll never say sorry to you, ever! Y-you're-- you're grounded.
Sorry I'm so late.
I took a drive to clear my head.
It's, um-- it's been You put the kids to bed.
John an hour ago, Tessa just now.
You put Tessa to bed? She passed out, essentially.
She got into the liquor cabinet and drunk herself into a state.
I cleaned her up so her mother wouldn't see her like that.
God, it's as if hell has been unleashed today.
Believe me They were the least of my problems this evening.
I'm gonna-- I'm gonna drive home, uh, early tomorrow, get Little, Brown on the phone, order more galley copies.
When they come in, I'd, uh-- I'd like you to read the book You know, give me your, um-- give me your honest opinion.
If it seems in good shape, well, maybe we should have a press conference Trust that our-- our work can finally speak for itself.
All right.
I'll read the book.
Henry? Did the doctor say he'll be okay? Yes, Henry's going to be fine So fine, in fact, that he's in town celebrating with Tammy.
Whatever her name is.
She has a baby.
Do you want to come in? What are they celebrating? That is It's a story that can wait till morning.
At least your children are safe.
My children.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Lib.
I know that-- that your kids are not what's on your mind at the moment.
Actually um, my children are very much on my mind.
Uh I've spent a lot of time this past year medicating myself so that I wouldn't feel.
The strange thing is, I never sleep.
I feel like I haven't slept for-- forever.
Maybe you are depressed.
I have thought a lot about my marriage.
And I realized that I don't need Bill to be all things.
I don't even need him to be most things.
Lib, we don't have to-- No, no, I-I-I have to say this because because, well I-I think that a heart can only be broken so many times, and then it's done.
And I think that I'm done.
And I'm okay with that.
I am as long as my home and my family stay intact.
I need that for my children's sake.
And I see the way that you struggle with Henry and Tessa and time spent away from them on weekends and vacations split, belongings in two houses.
And, uh I know from living a childhood like that myself that while it may make you stronger it also makes you sad.
I want to spare my children a life of upheaval and pain.
And I know you can appreciate that.
We understand each another, Gin.
In fact, sometimes I think we understand each other better than either of us understands Bill.
Your home is safe.
Of course it is, Libby.
I always wondered what it felt like with you.
We, uh-- well, we took a risk asking you here today.
Some would say a calculated risk, others would say an unnecessary risk, but regardless of what you print when you walk out that door, we stand by our work.
We know the fear that surrounds the subject of sex.
All of you in this room suffer it.
The legacy of many generations, it affects us all in ways that we are only beginning to understand.
But it wasn't always this way.
You know, before the Industrial Revolution, uh, people lived on farms.
And mom would, uh, take pop's lunch out to the field.
And, uh, they would eat and then do something else right there under a shade tree.
In that world, sex was a given.
You know, it was valued, enjoyed even if it wasn't understood scientifically.
We believe our book, "Human Sexual Response," will reacquaint all of us with our natural selves, free of fear, but also full of understanding.
So We thank you for, uh, coming here today and-- and we appreciate your interest in our book.
- If I may-- - Really, Mr.
Buckland? Why ask for the floor now when you've hijacked it so unapologetically all afternoon? And I may have abused more than my fair share of time today, Dr.
Masters, because I believe your book deserves such scrutiny, deserves an honest evaluation as to the impact of such material societally, not just the immense scientific value it provides to the medical community Because the contribution is immense.
I mean, this study sheds light on an area that has, up until now, been the dark side of the moon.
And if we view the sexual union as so sacrosanct that it cannot be open to question, we should remember a similar view was taken regarding the stars in Galileo's day.
And I think we can safely say Galileo had the last laugh on that one.
You're pregnant.
ooh bah-bah-bah-bah _ see the pyramids along the Nile bah-bah-bah-bah watch the sunrise on a tropic isle bah-bah-bah-bah just remember, darling, all the while you belong to me bah-bah-bah-bah see the marketplace in Old Algiers bah-bah-bah-bah send me photographs and souvenirs bah-bah-bah-bah just remember, when a dream appears