Masters of Sex s03e08 Episode Script


Previously on "Masters of Sex" We were just discussing your friend Keith and the possibility of finding him a surrogate partner.
You want to boff somebody from Mr.
Taybor's drama class? - I want to help! - I checked it out.
I went to three different adoption clinics, they do not let single women adopt.
I'm sorry.
But I want a baby.
I want a baby so bad.
Can I help you ladies? We have a favor to ask.
The sergeant and I have discussed this, and I want to do this now.
You want to do? To enlist.
Henry promised me that he would not take a combat position.
We had a deal.
You know what a soldier does? He gets through the day.
That's how I got through the war.
That's how your son's getting through the war.
I cannot begin to apologize for telling you what I knew about joy.
These past few months, all I have wanted to see come through that door is you.
That's the only thing I had to look forward to.
That was it.
Our science, with Mr.
Logan's commerce, is creating a happy marriage.
You're a woman who deserves more than coffee in some lobby.
What we might call a proper courtship.
Dan Logan's study has reached a dead end.
Time for Dan Logan to go back to New York.
Is the cough in your throat or your chest? A little bit of both.
Have you taken your temperature? It was 101 when I woke up this morning, but that was over an hour ago.
And I-I feel a thousand times better now.
Excuse me.
I think it'll be fine as soon as I get out of bed.
You're not coming in today.
But we still need to review the surrogate material.
You can come over tonight if you want, and we can discuss it then, but I have to warn you, I continue to have the same objections.
Well, let's push that conversation to next week.
Or tomorrow.
No, you're not coming in tomorrow, either.
The flu takes at least 48 hours to work through your system.
Besides, it's already Thursday.
This way you can take the weekend to recuperate.
If you really think that's best.
I've already sent the girls to George's so they don't come down with this.
I might even take the phone off the hook, try to get some more sleep.
Good, and make sure you drink plenty of fluids.
Aspirin every four hours for the fever.
I must say, it's a bit troubling how good you are at that.
How did the good doctor take it? Surprisingly well.
So, to get out of work, you called and argued why you should come in to work? It's important for Bill to think that it was his idea.
Well, I'm telling you, this dry desert climate is just the thing for you.
I've never done anything like this before.
- What? Call in sick? - No.
Dropped everything at a moment's notice to jump on an airplane.
You deserve the day off.
When was the last time that happened? I think dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
Nervous? It's a big swing.
Casino owners a long-term business strategy for them extends about as far as next week.
All you have to do is explain to them that this is a simple, practical idea.
Well, and soon everyone will be doing it.
Just imagine supermarkets pumping the scent of fresh bread into the aisles.
What smell do you pump into a casino? Crisp dollar bills? Okay.
I will, pick you up at lunch.
You just keep thinking about what you want to eat.
Why don't we just stick to room service? I'll be back by 2:00.
By 2:00? But that's six hours from now.
I didn't bring any work with me.
That's good.
That's the whole point of getting away.
What am I supposed to do all morning? Well, I believe the technical term is "relaxing," which I know you will refuse to do, so I've made an appointment for you to have a Swedish massage.
Now, Hilda will be here in Then you have an appointment at Duvall's Boutique, where Clarissa will help you pick out a nice, beautiful dress for this evening.
And afterwards, the beauty parlor downstairs will be expecting you.
I I would really rather not.
It's already been paid for.
You're on vacation.
Try having fun.
Good morning.
How may I help you? Yes, is this the concierge? Yes, ma'am.
It is.
I need to cancel an appointment Several of them, actually.
Turns out 40 gals participated in the sex study at least three times with different partners.
I call them the overachievers.
And you've contacted them all? Tried my best.
Cross-outs, I either couldn't get ahold of or they weren't interested, and everybody else on the list is a maybe.
And you've explained what surrogacy work would involve? In mind-numbingly dull detail, just the way you like it.
I'd like you to arrange interviews for this afternoon.
This afternoon as in today this afternoon? Well, we need to get this program up and running as soon as possible to meet the demand.
You do know Virginia's out for the rest of the day? And the way she was hacking a lung on the phone, I doubt she'll be back tomorrow, either.
She'll be returning on Monday.
Virginia and I talked about the surrogacy business last week, and she didn't sound exactly full steam ahead.
Well, it's a brand-new field of inquiry.
It's only proper that she would have questions about it.
She wasn't even sure if it was legal.
Paying these ladies to have sex with strangers sounds an awful lot like something else.
Hence, we're not paying the women.
It's volunteer only.
That wasn't her only problem with it.
We can't continue to debate a purely hypothetical program.
We need to put the pieces in place so when Virginia is back, she can weigh the merits of the idea in practical terms.
You're doing an end run around her.
Just make the calls.
Your first fertility patient is here.
Husband looks familiar.
Bill, it's wonderful to see you.
Um, allow me to introduce my wife, Celeste.
Last time I saw you, you were still selling diet pills across the hall.
Has it been that long? Well, after a few years at Cal-o-metric, I felt like I needed a a new challenge.
I was able to parlay my success there into a leadership position with an exciting young company called Della's Diets.
We were huge in 1963.
And in many ways, we were victims of our own success.
Six lawsuits, three audits, one criminal investigation by the state of Missouri into Della's Diets.
I'm lucky I escaped with my medical license.
Making "false" claims.
Well, obviously, I wouldn't have made them if I'd known they were false.
And then there's my real-estate investments.
Real-estate investments? On the side.
It's more of a hobby, really.
He's got a great nose for property.
The single worst decision I ever made Buying this place.
And I've made some bad decisions.
Two weeks after I sign the papers, we lose our liquor license.
The owner forgot to pay his bribes on time.
Turns out, not many people want to enjoy a lap dance with a cold glass of apple juice.
A lot of the dancers have surgical scars.
Is that on purpose? And so, how long have you been married? Three incredible years.
Best years of my life.
And you've had regular intercourse during that time? Above average, I'd say.
When did you begin trying to conceive? Let's see.
It's been Five years since I've even seen you, and it's not like we were bosom buddies to begin with.
You're everything a person could want.
In a sperm donor.
You're tall, you're handsome, you're brilliant.
I just don't know.
Making a baby with a Turkey baster Doesn't that seem Like our only option? I would consider it.
- Austin.
- Okay, maybe.
But I need something in return.
Betty will set up an appointment for tomorrow, and we'll be doing a full physical.
Does this one do everything? Answers the phones, makes the appointments.
Next you'll tell me she does the books.
I just I love to commend good work when I see it.
She's got a heart of gold.
Platinum even, which is better than gold.
At St.
Luke's, they just got in a few of those B-mode devices.
Picture quality is out of this world.
So I've heard.
Once you add color, you ought to start charging admission, selling popcorn.
Well, our first appointment is in half an hour.
Wilson is 34 weeks pregnant.
We found out at her last appointment that the fetus is in breech presentation.
I hope you weren't expecting a dull first day.
I worked in the emergency room for six years before this, so a breech presentation is about as dull as it comes for me.
What made you leave all that excitement for our humble little practice? Well, you know, punching in at 9:00 at night and punching out at 7:00 every morning, eventually you start to miss the little things.
You know like a quiet dinner with friends.
Or a night out at the symphony.
You strike me as someone who might like classical music.
In my experience, one classical music lover can often tell another.
So, Libby.
Short for Elizabeth, right? Has everyone always called you Libby? Not always.
Was it Liz or Beth or Betty sometimes.
You have a cigarette? You don't smoke.
No, but in the movies, after they've been in bed together, they always Why is that? Is a cigarette better after sex or I really don't know.
You could test it out.
It's almost 6:00.
I have to get home and relieve the sitter.
So, we just gonna keep doing this? Showing up here and jumping into bed, jumping out of bed, hurrying out the door? Barely exchanging 10 words to each other? Here.
My last cigarette.
See for yourself.
That was 10 words, wasn't it? Hopkins, Hopkins, Hopkins! Thank you.
Emily, the presentation will begin shortly.
Melanie Ungar.
Sit down.
Lester Linden.
The only people allowed in the presentation are those here to interview for the program.
Then I'm in the right place.
You have got to be kidding me.
If you can be a surrogate, I don't see any reason why I can't, too.
Single men are not the only ones who suffer from sexual dysfunction.
Besides, I was Dr.
Masters' first patient.
If it weren't for me, this program wouldn't exist.
In this new program, participants will be asked to commit to regular sessions over an indefinite period of time with the same partner.
Now, this partner won't be like the men you met in the earlier study.
These will be men suffering from a myriad of sexual dysfunctions, dysfunctions which you will be trained to address.
Another difference from the earlier study is in terms of your remuneration.
In that study, each of you was paid a stipend for your contribution.
Due to certain, legal limitations, for this work, we are seeking volunteers only.
And if that's a problem for anyone, now is the time to say so.
You're getting closer.
When it's close like that, that means you're due for a jackpot.
The machine just needs time to warm up.
Thanks for the advice.
Let me guess.
Your husband's here for work.
You got me.
I don't let mine take any business trips without me.
It's just too much fun.
He does his whatever it is he does all day while I get to enjoy myself.
Last week, we were in New York City.
I spent 4 1/2 hours at Saks.
I thought I must have died because this is heaven.
And and what does your husband do? He's in business.
What kind of business? Commercial.
To be perfectly honest, whenever he starts talking about work, I just sort of nod my head so he doesn't think I'm not listening, even though I'm not listening.
We do our part, don't we? We go to the client dinners, we try to keep the conversation flowing, and in exchange, we get to live a life most women can only dream of.
Excuse me.
Yes, yes, yes! My god.
My god.
Miss? Hopkins.
My first sexual experience? Wait.
Do you mean with another person? Why are you interested in surrogacy work? Because I want to help people.
I'm not looking for a husband, if that's what you mean.
Is that what you mean? I-I'm not trying to get back at Jane.
Why would I do that? Do you find that you have difficulty separating emotion from sex? As long as I'm in love with the other person, it's not a problem.
Is that what you mean? Would you have sex with a man to whom you are not physically attracted? Does it pay extra? Are you able to separate love from sex? Only every night.
Thank you, Lester.
That will be all.
Did I get it? I'll let you know when I have a decision.
Can I at least tell Jane that I got it? Shallow respiration, skin flushed, perspiration, vocalization.
- Excuse me.
- I'm sorry, sir.
So, you were saying? I saw four people win jackpots today, and every time the reaction was exactly the same.
Are you telling me those people were having an orgasm? No.
Not exactly.
There were obviously major differences, but it's impossible to ignore the fact that the - Ma'am.
- Thank you.
Physiological response to winning money is virtually identical to the body's response to sex.
This could open up an entirely new area of research.
So, in other words, you spent your day off doing field work? In between my appointments.
I couldn't help it.
Everywhere you look in this city, you find sex.
I saw a bride at the slot machines, dress still on from the night before.
Now, what satisfaction could she possibly be getting from pulling a lever that she'd rather be sitting in a casino than upstairs in her hotel room consummating her marriage? Well, your Vegas experience was clearly more productive than mine.
No one was interested in the idea? Not a one.
I suppose tonight's my last chance.
Well, how can I help? You've worked enough today.
All you have to do is sit back, relax, and be your charming self.
Now, why would the average customer choose one casino over another? They have the same table games, the same slot machines, the same decor.
Hell, even the cocktail waitresses look the same.
Logan I consider myself as open to risk as any businessman can be.
But I got to have the numbers.
I got to see them.
I got to be able to hold them in my hand.
And the idea of pumping smells in the air to generate revenue Um, it's a bit theoretical.
I couldn't disagree more.
I spent the afternoon in your casino.
The truth is, I almost left the second I walked in.
The smell.
Not just the flat beer and cigarette smoke, but the smell underneath all of that.
You see, the human nose is capable of differentiating between thousands of individual scents Failure, desperation, shame.
Maybe that's why you hand out all those free drinks.
Alcohol dulls the senses quite effectively.
Yes, going into a casino is Is much like going to bed with someone.
They're both a means of escape.
A way to leave behind the mundane chores of the day.
You walk up to a roulette table, and you place your bet excitement.
Spin the wheel plateau.
It lands on your number climax.
The adrenaline subsides resolution.
Although let's be honest, Mr.
Avery How often does the wheel land on your number? Now, most people in this casino will lose, and that has its own smell, a smell that the customer can sense the second he steps foot inside.
And much like sex, once the mood is killed, it's all over.
Your your secretary makes some interesting points, Mr.
No, I'm not his secretary.
- I'm his associate.
- Partner.
And a trained psychologist.
Johnson understands better than anyone the intimate links between the senses and the human psyche.
Well, I I can't give you an answer right away.
I need to talk to my associates.
In the meantime, to, convince you to get past your objections to the smell of my casino Yeah.
Please enjoy yourselves.
It's on the house.
We have one more candidate.
This is Nora Everett.
I'm sorry.
I can't seem to find your file, Miss Everett.
Do you do you remember what year you participated in the study? I didn't.
I was too young.
You don't remember me, do you? Nora? From the neighborhood? My parents were Kirk and Sally Everett.
I'm sorry.
I-I didn't recognize you.
Well, the last time you saw me, I had braces and those coke-bottle glasses.
And, you're here for the For the surrogacy program? I've been calling the office for months, asking if there were any volunteer opportunities available.
I wonder if this particular program is the right fit for you.
I'm not squeamish about sex, if that's what you're thinking.
Well, one's upbringing does determine a good deal of, one's relationship to sex.
And you think because my parents were stuffy Episcopalians, I must have turned out that way, too? I probably would have Until they made the mistake of sending me to my grandparents' farm in Clarksville when I was 12.
My job was to help the horse breeder.
Really? Some of the stallions, they would get nervous around the mares.
Any kind of distraction, and it was over before it even started.
My job was to keep them calm Pet them, let them lick my hand, make them comfortable.
Once they could relax, everything else would take care of itself.
It's hard to understand why people make such a fuss about sex after spending a summer doing that.
I just came to think of sex as another part of life.
I read your book, months ago.
I had never realized sex could be so Complicated.
Well, the book was written with a a medical readership in mind.
I didn't mean complicated in a bad sense.
More like Like a watch.
On the outside, it looks simple, but once you see all the gears and the springs, how each tiny part clicks into place just so, well, it's remarkable, isn't it? Well Thank you for coming in.
Training will begin at 9:00.
The look of love is in your eyes No, but then what happens is, they're both actually very happy and they both make out very well, because because the man The look your heart can't disguise I swear I put my keys in my pocket before we left.
The look of love is saying so much more - What in the world? - What? My don't move! don't move! - Give me your wallet.
- All right.
- It's it's not a problem.
- Jewelry, jewelry.
What's your name? - Take it off.
- I'm Dan.
I didn't get your name.
Back back up.
Back up.
T-tell her to hurry up.
Give me the necklace.
Give him the necklace! I'm going as quickly as I can.
- Hurry up! - I'm going Call the police.
Martin O'Reilly.
Private first class, U.
What are you doing? He's in the army? Not anymore.
He was discharged.
How old is he? "Date of birth December 5, 1947.
" So he's 19.
You need to call the police, Virginia, before he comes to.
Virginia, call the police.
Then give me the phone.
Johnny dissected a frog in school today.
He insisted on telling us about it at dinner.
Now Jenny says she'll never eat anything green again.
Do you remember Nora Everett? Of course.
Kirk and Sally's daughter.
She used to zoom by on her bike up and down the block every afternoon.
What made you think of her? She came into the office today.
Fertility treatments? No.
Actually, she volunteered for the surrogacy program.
You're joking? Please tell me that you turned her away.
Why would I do that? Nora Everett was Was a lovely young girl.
I You can't allow her to do work like that, h-have sex with strange men.
She's not volunteering to have sex with strange men.
She's volunteering to relieve the suffering of men in terrible pain.
- Through sex.
- Through touch.
Human beings cannot survive without being touched.
It's a basic biological need hardwired into us over millennia of evolution.
Now, not everyone can find an adequate partner on his own.
What we're providing is a temporary substitute.
Is that really enough? A stand-in? For some people, it's all they have.
You need to eat something.
You were in the army? Where? Y-you wouldn't know it.
In Vietnam? What what do you care? Hey! If it wasn't for her, you'd be sitting in jail right now.
Don't yell at him.
He had a knife pointed at us five minutes ago.
I understand that, Dan.
My son is there In Vietnam.
I'm sorry.
There's no need to be sorry.
He's coming back.
I guarantee you he won't be the same as he was when he left.
I did two tours in the pacific.
I turned out okay.
This war It's not like the war that you fought in.
Before I left, I had never even dranken a beer before, never smoked a cigarette.
But over there, for $2, you buy a bag of horse, you can disappear for a few minutes.
And that sounded like a fucking bargain to me.
I, came home six months ago.
My parents kicked me out a couple weeks back.
So I stole my mother's jewelry.
I pawned her grandmother's engagement ring for, 20 bucks.
I, took the bus down here and got a job at the hotel, working in the kitchen.
You've been robbing people's rooms on the side? This was my first try.
I don't think you have much of a future in it.
Does your mother know where you are? She doesn't give a shit, either.
No, I I don't think that's true.
You don't know my mother.
After what I did I know that any mother would want to hear from her son, no matter what he's done.
Telling her that he's okay.
So, what happens now? We could drop you off at the Police Station.
Isn't there a place that He could go, a program that could help you? I-I can't I can't afford something like that.
I can.
Before we do anything You're gonna call your mother.
Now, there are several major male sexual dysfunctions.
I thought you were asking us to name them.
Well We haven't quite gotten through all the material yet.
I guess I read ahead.
Never mind.
There's impotence, primary and secondary; premature ejaculation; Ejaculatory incompetence; and male dyspareunia.
What are some of the principal causes of secondary impotence? The concept of spectatoring - might be helpful here.
- Spectatoring? I don't believe that was in the material I gave you.
I read about it In an interview you and Mrs.
Johnson gave, actually.
It describes when a man or a woman observes him or herself during sex as if from a distance.
In the case of men, spectatoring can lead to self-consciousness, which can, in turn, lead to a loss of erection.
That is all very true In my experience As a surrogate.
Very first surrogate, that is.
When are we gonna talk about female sexual response? I suppose the two of us will have to have a separate course on the subject.
Remedial course.
You were singing a different tune last night.
Why don't we take 15 minutes? You seem to have a a gift for this material.
I just find it interesting, is all.
Did you take many science courses in college? The last science class I took was high-school biology.
I was lucky to escape with a "C" minus.
I started college but never finished.
I'd like to someday.
Well, so far, you're on track for an "A" plus in this course.
It's funny.
When I was a kid, I was terrified of you.
This one time, I was 10.
I fell off my bike right in front of your house.
My legs were all scraped up.
Masters saw what had happened.
She brought me inside, cleaned up the blood, gave me a glass of lemonade.
You had just walked in from work, and she told you you would have to take me home.
You didn't say a word to me the whole way, not even goodbye when I got out.
It was like I didn't even exist.
I don't know what it is, Dr.
Masters, but you've changed.
You're nothing like I remember you.
Here you go.
It loses some of its sparkle in the cold light of day.
don't you think? What light? No windows in a casino, so the morning never comes.
It just goes on and on forever.
Any news? Avery has decided not to move forward with my proposal for his casino.
I hope that I didn't I didn't ruin it.
It wasn't that.
Still I'm sorry.
Not just for the account, but You brought me here to relax.
I canceled all of those appointments you made me yesterday.
I assumed you would.
Do you think he'll be okay? I think we gave him as good a shot as we could.
You never had children.
You would have been a great father.
I can tell.
Well, it wasn't my decision to make.
We should really get some sleep before we make this flight.
You've got great hands.
Long palms.
A long palm is a strong indicator of the element of air.
Short palms I have short palms That's more the element of fire.
This is the children's line.
Most people have a few.
I only have one.
That's how I know this baby's meant to be.
So you read palms? No, I I read it in a book.
In my knitting circle, all the wives get together, and we gab and read books And knit, obviously, 'cause it's a knitting circle.
I'm afraid, from what I've seen today, that conception without intervention in your case would be impossible.
- If it's the only way - It's god's will.
Well, I think it must be, Mrs.
Given that the two of you have never actually had sex, I do believe it would have taken a literal act of god for you to produce a child.
I'm sorry.
I-I Mrs.
Langham's hymen is intact.
Now, this indicates to me that the three years you've spent trying to conceive must have consisted of heavy petting.
Look, Bill We're not really married.
Really? It's just All I want is a baby.
She doesn't have anyone to have it with.
And the the adoption agencies, they won't even consider a single woman.
She knew that you would never say yes to inseminating a woman who wanted to raise a child by herself, so she asked me for my help.
And what are you getting out of this act of altruism, Austin? Elise is trying to take what little custody I still have of my kids away from me.
She's using everything against me The Della's lawsuits, my s M-my current real-estate holdings.
I finally found this lawyer.
He's the first person I've talked to who thinks I might have a shot, but he has a a $1,000 retainer, and I'm dead broke.
They offered to spot me the money.
I know you're angry with me, Bill, but Helen would be a great mother.
She deserves to have a kid.
Helen? Helen? Um, could you do 9:30? Conference room now.
Hold on one moment, please.
Shut the door.
Before you get all "Betty this, Betty that" Tell me this isn't what it looks like.
This isn't what it looks like.
You went behind my back.
You deliberately deceived me.
You mean I did exactly what you're doing to Virginia? Starting up a whole surrogacy program without even telling her! don't try and change the subject.
You lied to me about a patient's identity.
You falsified records! What else was I supposed to do?! If Helen and I came in for fertility treatments, what would you have done Gone ahead with it? This is the single worst breach of professionalism.
Professionalism? I-I do not think that you are the best spokesman on the subject.
We keep our personal affairs out of this office! We both know that is not true! You can yell at me, you can scream at me, you can call me all the names in the book, but do me a favor do not insult my intelligence! I am a lesbian, not a moron.
You have every right in the world to can me for what I did.
But all I'll say is this, Doc.
I have been working here seven years.
And I have become an expert at looking the other way.
Maybe it's your turn to do the same for me.
Sorry about that.
We can do 9:15.
All right.
Thank you so much.
So, what do you tell him? Bill when he asks what you've been doing all day? He doesn't.
Boy, that can't be easy.
Going home, putting the kids to bed, sitting down to dinner, pretending like none of this is happening.
I mean, that is why you close the curtains, right, and shut off the lights? And why the second it's over you just rush out the door? And why you and I haven't once talked about what's going on here? It's because you feel guilty About Bill.
Really? Well, that's why you keep your eyes shut when we make love, isn't it? You have no idea what you're talking about.
So you can imagine somehow that what's happening here isn't real? Or or maybe you keep your eyes shut so you can imagine you're with Bill instead of with me.
It has nothing to do with Bill! Well, then what does it have to do, Libby?! His name Was Robert.
He spent the summer of 1964 registering voters in Mississippi.
The freedom summer.
He was arrested three times, and he had his nose broken by a police baton, and then he came home to St.
Louis alive.
And two weeks later, he was crossing Delmar Boulevard when this car ca came out of nowhere.
The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.
So often I thought about how we would say goodbye.
I mean, it had to happen eventually.
But neither of us would have just left without saying anything.
That was unthinkable.
Which is why I I still can't believe that he's gone Because Robert and I were We were, um We were good friends.
I I can't give you any more of myself because I have already given it all.
I just came to help Mr.
Logan finish packing.
He stepped in the shower.
Well, I hope that you're here because you've changed your mind.
Actually, I'm here to try to convince Mr.
Logan to change his mind.
See, it it Just doesn't make sense, you know? We're offering him every penny that he's asking for, and then all of a sudden, he decides to read the fine print, and he's no longer interested? - The fine print? - Yeah.
I mean, he should have told us he's unwilling to relocate to Las Vegas.
What's so important about his ties to St.
Louis anyway that's enough to make him turn down a $60,000 contract? Anyway, I want him to reconsider, so tell him to call me.
Thought you didn't have a liquor license.
What are you Eliot Ness? I was looking forward to missing the taste of whiskey for nine months.
Well, you're missing out on one kid.
I'm about to lose three.
No contest.
Those kids are the best thing Maybe the only good thing I've ever done.
You have to fight to keep that little bit of good in your life.
You're not losing those kids.
We're gonna give you the money.
I couldn't.
Doesn't feel right, you helping me without getting something out of the bargain.
I didn't say that.
I just want to say thanks for a great first week, Dr.
Thank you, Jonathan.
I-I'm sorry.
I have to ask.
H-how did I How did you how did you know? I-I-I try to be so careful.
Y-you you didn't give yourself away, if that's what you mean.
As a a classical music lover.
You know, it's my job to see things that other people don't The tiniest little blip on the monitor, the smallest fraction of a skip in the heartbeat.
I'll see you on Monday.
Queen Mary, she's my friend Yes, I believe I'll go see her again Nobody has to guess that baby can't be blessed Till she finally sees that she's like all the rest With her fog, her amphetamine, and her pearls She takes just like a woman Yes, she makes love just like a woman Yes, she does And she aches just like a woman But she breaks just like a little girl I didn't realize you were still here.
I was just refreshing my memory on some of the material for next week.
Well, I'm just locking up for the night.
I'll only be another hour.
I can I can make sure everything's locked before I go.
S are are you Are you sleeping here? I stayed here last night, but that was the only time, I swear.
I was late on my last rent check.
I came home, and all of my things were on the sidewalk.
People were walking by, picking through them like it was some kind of yard sale.
Surely they can't evict you because of one late check.
It wasn't just the one.
I was gonna stay here for a few nights until I found somewhere else to go.
I'm sorry.
I hope you know how much I've loved being here.
Where are you going? Aren't I kicked out of the program? Of course not.
You're my top student.
No, I-I can't.
It's it's not a lot, but it'll get you through next week.
Hopefully, by then, you can find another arrangement.
I can't take your money, Dr.
I insist.
Thank you.
Nobody feels any pain Tonight as I stand inside the rain Everybody knows That baby's got new clothes But lately I see her ribbons and her bows Have fallen from her curls She takes just like a woman Yes, she does She makes love just like a woman Yes, she does And she aches just like a woman But she breaks just like a little girl Bill.
How are you feeling? Better.
Much better.
A headache still, but other than that I hope I didn't miss too much at work.
- Nothing too significant.
- Well, good.
Chicken noodle soup.
From Katzen's.
Libby swears by it whenever the kids get a cold.
You're bringing me soup.
How very unlike you.
Is it? Thank you.
Well, I should probably get to bed.
I'm just exhausted.
Of course.
Well, good night.
Good night.
that you knew me when I was hungry, and it was your world Who was that? Betty.
You fake just like a woman She brought me soup.
Yes, you do You make love just like a woman Yes, you do Then you ache just like a woman But you break just like a little girl