Masters of Sex s03e09 Episode Script

High Anxiety

Previously on Masters Of Sex Allow me to introduce my wife, Celeste.
All I want is a baby.
She doesn't have anyone to have it with.
She asked me for my help.
It's Joy.
She collapsed.
And they're calling it a brain aneurysm.
What do you want from me? These past few months, all I have wanted to see come through that door is you.
I can't give you any more of myself because I have already given it all.
Your son was beaten up at school.
Yeah, that's why you lash out at other boys-- boys who are smarter than you, better than you.
Because you're stupid.
Look, Dennis, I owe you an apology.
You're a hell of a player.
You could be playing for Nebraska one day, like Coach Edley.
Uh, you're here for the surrogacy program? I'm not squeamish about sex, if that's what you're thinking.
Virginia and I talked about the surrogacy business last week, and she didn't sound exactly full steam ahead.
And what we'll be experimenting with, hopefully, is the subliminal scent.
The holy grail of attraction.
Is the cough in your throat or your chest? A little bit of both.
I think that I'll be fine as soon as I get out of bed.
How did the good doctor take it? Surprisingly well.
Dan Logan's study has reached a dead end.
Time for Dan Logan to go back to New York.
You were so quiet.
Hmm? Earlier, I mean.
I was thinking you were the quiet one.
It's strange, because I've gotten so used to your sighs and moans, the way your breath catches The way you call for God.
I was quiet because I was wondering why you were so quiet.
Because I'm trying to find a reason to stay.
In St.
Look, I came to you to bottle the smell of sex, and we came close.
But even after distilling the most potent mix, our-- Our results are still erratic.
I know.
Some women get aroused, some don't.
75% don't.
So you're leaving? Well that explains the lack of vocalization.
It's not exactly the right time to get in the habit of blurting out the wrong name.
There are no other names, Virginia.
And your wife? My wife and I haven't called out each other's names in a very long time or occupied the same bed.
We Well, you and George have an arrangement, right? My wife and I have an understanding.
But You want to stay in St.
Louis? Even though nothing's going to change, obviously, in our respective circumstances? I'm just curious.
I want to stay.
But I don't know if I can.
Jesus! Bill, you startled me.
I-I tried calling you, you know, several times.
So, I don't pick up the phone, and your solution is to drive over here? I didn't know where you were.
Dropping off my children and dealing with George-- not that I have to explain that to you.
I didn't say you did.
I-- I'm-- I suppose I'm not myself.
The Whitners have an intake at 8:00 AM, so I have to be at work early tomorrow.
Virginia, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry you're still angry.
How else should I feel, Bill? I'm out sick and you go and set up the surrogacy program behind my back! I-I know.
You're right.
You're right.
I shouldn't have taken matters into my own hands in that way-- with the surrogacy program or any number of things.
Other things.
In the past.
That affect my kids.
I'm asking you to forgive me and, uh, to keep an open mind.
Because Because I-I-- I can't think straight when we're estranged like this-- you know, when-- when we're not together.
We are together.
Bill, of course.
When are we ever not together? No, together in-- in that way.
Virginia, I-I don't want your hand or your mouth on me.
What man doesn't want that? I want you.
The way we've always been.
Oh, God.
I missed you so much.
I missed being inside you.
I'm close.
Are you close? Yes.
- Can I do something? - No, nothing.
I'm almost there.
Don't stop.
Don't stop.
Don't stop.
All better? I hope I'm not intruding.
No, no.
I I was just leaving flowers for Joy and That's your Robert? I'm so sorry for your loss.
I don't suppose anyone said that to you.
No one.
No one knew.
Except you.
I've missed you, Libby.
You won't so much as look at me since Joy died.
Paul, Joy was my friend, and I betrayed her, and now I-- Now you're plagued by guilt, right? Libby, we have both suffered, but we are lucky that we found each other.
We didn't find each other.
I was a crutch, as you were for me.
Now you have that rarest of things.
You have a new life ahead of you.
And you? I I have a lot of practice taking care of myself.
I will be fine.
Paul, I am making this easy for you.
I don't need it to be easy.
I want you to be happy.
Libby, I am happy with you.
I want you to be with someone else.
Are you in the mood for being escorted from the premises again, Ronald? Well, if that's what it takes.
The Lord has made certain knowledge available to me, and I am compelled to share that knowledge with you.
You must be petrified of me to keep this up.
No, I am just frightened of what you are doing.
Do you actually know what it is I'm doing, Ronald? I'm saving people.
Have you saved anyone lately? Yes.
By spreading God's love.
Yet everything you say is filled with hate and fear while I am actually helping people give and receive love, actual love.
So why don't you come back and see me when you're ready to be saved? I am compelled by the Lord to remind you of the damnation that awaits you, Dr.
Mas-- You will feel the pain of damnation firsthand if you ever come into this building again.
Look at me, Ronald! Because I have been sent by God as a warning.
It's okay to tell me about it if you want.
I promise I won't be shocked.
Well, she was a widow, or so I thought.
We'd planned to run away together, but she stood me up.
Turns out her husband wasn't so dead after all.
Opened a café after that, trying to forget her.
He's, uh, doing Bogart? What a difficult time for you, Rick.
It was.
Yet as time goes by-- You know, Rick, I get the feeling that you like movies.
- I love movies.
- Then maybe after dinner, we can see what's playing at the Hi Pointe.
That was deftly handled.
That's-- that's a great idea.
Thank you.
And thank you for coming tonight.
I don't really date much since I can't reach the end zone, so why bother taking the snap? Because dating isn't supposed to be a game or a contest.
The goal should be to have fun, and I really am having fun with you.
Here's looking at you-- Okay, we can leave it there, Lester.
Thank you.
Nora, uh, you made him comfortable.
You sensed both his vulnerabilities and areas of personal interest.
Very well done.
I've been taught by the best.
Uh Wendy, you're next.
And Lester, this time, a little less drama.
I just thought it made sense that Rick would develop secondary impotence after being jilted by Ilsa.
Well, let's just leave the politics of the Second World War out of it, shall we? Okay.
I'm Wendy.
So nice to meet you.
And you.
I'm Frederick.
Transferred from Cape Canaveral.
I'm a fighter pilot in the Air Force.
Um You're from St.
Louis originally? I'm sorry.
Did I-- did I say something wrong? - I didn't mean to-- - No.
It's just I have a brother who's a pilot in Vietnam.
It's a constant source of worry for me, but especially my mother, who is really not doing well.
It's a perfect example of my objections to the surrogacy program.
The surrogates themselves are unknowns and unpredictable.
It was a minor error, Virginia.
It's why we train them.
And married couples, who we should be focusing on, don't need training.
They already know each other.
That's a generous assumption, given some of the couples we've seen come through the door.
You asked me to watch with an open mind, and I watched, and-- I don't agree that your concerns are valid.
Look, each phase of our research - has involved trial and error.
- Bill And-- and this is no different.
And when we know that there are single men out there suffering and in need of our help-- Yes, of course.
The suffering male.
Um There are, uh, two new surrogate volunteers to train.
If it makes you feel better, then I will happily leave them in your capable hands.
Train them yourself, Bill.
I'm busy with our other research.
What other research? The research that I care about.
It's called the placebo effect.
We give patients fake scents? No, there's more to it than that.
For example, what is your best-selling perfume to date? Two coffees, please.
It's a cologne, in fact.
It's called Rake.
- Rake? - Mm-hmm.
Because men splash it on and think of gardening tools? - Sunday chores? - More Don Juan.
We think it sells well because men like to envision themselves as ladies' men.
It gives them confidence with women.
The idea changes the behavior, also known as the placebo effect.
I know this is gonna be hard to believe coming from a salesman, but I don't believe in fakery.
We won't be faking.
Our scent only arouses I wouldn't sell a shampoo that only cleans hair - one out of every four times.
- Yes.
But when the placebo works, it's effect on the body is very real.
We see it all the time in the clinic.
Somebody is suffering from a sexual dysfunction and they feel like there's no hope.
But then they hear about us, and all of a sudden, there's a way forward, a path toward a cure.
So, we continue with the study, but tell the women the thing they're smelling contains pheromones.
Because it does.
And that pheromones are nature's own aphrodisiacs, - which they are.
- We tell them that.
And then we see if our numbers improve.
Well, this research might keep me here in St.
Louis awhile.
You might be a genius.
Well, if you insist.
Now, I've been thinking a lot about this, and, uh, you said it yourself.
I don't know what you're talking about.
About looking the other way, you know? There has been far too much of that here, far too much deceit and subterfuge, you know? From now on, no more secrets, because secrets tear people apart.
Everything just out in the open.
Um You need to modernize your wardrobe.
Oh, I-I mean Virginia, Betty-- about her time with Dan Logan.
It's blinding her, you know, diverting her from the work that we need to be focusing on.
So, we need to find out what's really going on with Logan.
We meaning me? It is vital to the stability of everything that we have built here.
Hmm? Oh! Ah, hell.
You did good.
You did a great job.
Here you go.
It's full.
Paul, I'm-- I'm sorry I'm late.
It's okay.
I, uh, gave the speeches.
We're just, uh, waiting on you.
I got MVP.
Is my trophy in there? I'm sure it is somewhere.
Uh, hopefully, there are trophies for all the players that contributed.
Okay, Hornets, bring it in, guys.
Come on over.
Finally, now that the hardware is here, we're gonna give out some awards, okay? And, uh, I'm gonna make you guys suffer through some more boring speeches, and I apologize for that, so bear with me, okay? He is so good with kids.
I think coaching's been a real solace for Paul during this time of upheaval.
I think it has.
We should probably organize something with Joy's other girlfriends, make sure he stays fed, don't you think? Or, you know, I could just feed him.
It's been two months.
He's hardly wasting away.
Libby, I'm looking for an excuse.
You're gonna think I'm terrible, but how long, exactly, does a widower have to wait before he can start, you know eating? I don't know.
A year? Says who? Says Emily Post, I've heard.
Well, Emily post is also a divorcée, so she would definitely be on my side.
And a delicious man like that shouldn't go to waste.
Don't you want Paul to be happy? Of course I do.
Yeah, he's-- he's lost his wife, and you are recently divorced, so So you don't mind playing Cupid? Also, certainly, a thank you to Coach Masters for his-- his help on the field.
- Paul - Yeah? You remember Stephanie, Jacob's mom.
Of course.
How are you? You may not be aware, but Stephanie is, uh-- she's recently divorced.
Oh, well, that got to the point.
To the-- Oh, you're setting us up.
It was my idea.
I know.
But at some point, I thought, "Why be coy?" She's right.
I mean, you're both single, you're both smart and nice.
Smart and nice.
Stephanie, can I offer you a refill? - Yes.
Thank you.
- You're very welcome.
Here you go.
If we ever have a daughter, we should do her hair like that.
- Oh, like Jeannie's? - Yes.
No, no.
You got to be born in a lamp.
No, it's adorable! I could do it one day, and then you could do it the next day.
- But no hat.
- I love the hat! Hel, that hat looks like it's for a monkey who should be clanging a symbol.
How does the other guy look? Oh, no.
You're not gonna be one of those exes that shows up when he's drunk? Even though we're not exes.
Even though we only did it once.
They're gone.
What? Who's gone? My kids.
I lost custody of my kids.
All right.
Get in.
Austin, I'm so sorry.
It's all right.
The judge said, and I will quote him directly because he was such a complete and utter asshole Sure.
You know, get comfortable.
He said that I was unfit.
Now, all my life, people have told me that I'm very fit.
My Uncle Lionel was in the fucking Olympics, okay? I didn't know that.
Archery? Pentathlon.
So, to tell me that I am unfit now when my fitness really matters, when the fitness stakes couldn't be higher Here I am! With nothing left! Nothing! You have taken everything that has meant anything to me! You have-- Get a blanket.
What are you-- what are you doing? You're a doctor, right? I mean, you help people? I-I do.
I, um, heard you wrote a book about people's private parts.
About sex-- yes.
Yes, I did.
Is everything all right? I don't think so.
I think something's wrong with me.
And originally, it gets produced in here.
It's called a nocturnal emission or, colloquially, a wet dream.
It's incredibly common and perfectly normal.
Are you sure? I couldn't be more sure.
Hasn't your father or someone explained any of this to you? - Ow! - John! Get out of my house! This is my house! Get out! Austin, what are you doing? I can't sleep.
Can I sleep with you? When hell freezes over.
But I'm miserable.
I also threw up.
- Where? - In the john.
But I still feel awful.
I'll get you some ginger ale.
It'll settle your stomach.
I don't know how I got here.
I mean, how did I become, God, such a giant fuck-up.
You were a pretty good doctor and a really good diet-pill salesman.
That was all bullshit-- the opposite of when I'm with my kids.
That's when I was really myself-- watching "Lost In Space," playing concentration, grilled cheese.
Well, you are on their level.
That is for sure.
I always figured having kids would force me to grow up, but it was the total opposite.
I knew who I was with my kids.
It's the only thing I was good at.
That is not true.
You know it's true, Betty.
I know it's true.
That's the problem.
Can I have some more? You are here today because science is on the cusp of a startling discovery-- a discovery about how and why we are attracted to one another.
It appears that human beings emit certain chemicals.
Now, these chemicals-- pheromones, they're called-- work to attract us to one another.
Pheromones don't smell, and yet we believe that they're detected through the nose, sensed, if you will.
And these pheromones travel from one person to the next, sending secret messages of sorts, directly into our brains to grab our sexual attention-- a raw sexual attractant, pure animal magnetism.
Uh, I need some invoices signed, but the doc isn't in yet.
So, how you doing? Fine.
How's Dan Logan doing? Fine.
I think.
Can I say something, uh, you know, honestly, but also in confidence? Of course.
I think the doc is a little worried about Mr.
Logan, about the, uh-- the effect that he's-- well, he's having on you.
I'm sorry.
- Uh, the effect? - But, actually, I'm a little bit more worried about the doc, to be honest.
I-I think he's a little undone by Mr.
Logan's presence.
So, Bill sent you to pump me for information? He asked me to inquire.
But the only reason I'm even doing that is 'cause I came a long way to get to that desk chair out there, and I have no interest in watching this whole operation blow.
Nothing is going to blow.
Tell Bill that-- that we spoke and that I reassured you that everything is fine.
Logan and I are simply moving on to the next stage of the scent research.
Which is true, Betty.
Reproductive Biology Research Foundation.
Did you, uh, check on top of the fridge? I already looked there.
Well, then maybe Helen finished the frosted flakes.
But that's what I eat for breakfast every day.
Well, then fry an egg, then.
Just don't leave the refrigerator door hanging open.
Oh, I got to go.
Are you-- are you hiding from me? Hiding? No.
That would just be silly.
Because I-I just saw you talking with Virginia.
I'm hiding from you because I do not want to have this conversation.
Why? What did Virginia say? First of all, there is nothing going on between her and Logan.
She said that? Well, of course she said that now.
But what if you were to take her out for dinner, you know? - Maybe have a drink or two? - No! My responsibilities here are varied and far-reaching, but reffing a fight between mommy and daddy is not one of them.
Hey, hey.
Maybe I can spare you a lot of grief by sharing with you a tidbit I've picked up-- one you seem to have missed.
Trying to control other people doesn't work, ever.
The only person you can control is yourself.
So, you got no relevant information out of her - about Logan.
- Oh, for the love of God! Are you kidding me? The placebo reaction.
With scents? The preliminary results are very interesting.
Would you like to see them? So, Logan didn't get the, uh, results he wanted, and now he wants to test fake results.
No, I wanted to study the power of suggestion, something that you and I have talked about in our own work.
Virginia, it-- is there any, uh particular reason you're insisting he stay here? I'm making lemonade out of lemons, Bill.
I didn't want Dan Logan to join us as our principle investor, if you'll recall.
I wanted Hugh Hefner.
But you ignored my request, not for the first time, and as a result, I have found something in his work that adds value to our work, an avenue that invites study.
If you want to investigate the psychosomatic effects of treatment, in five seconds, I could design a study that is far more tailored to our work than some-- some phony sniff test with Logan.
Even if he does go, you can't force me to work on your surrogacy program.
- My surrogacy program? - Isn't it your program if you're going forward with it regardless of my objections? Bill, I haven't put my foot down about something that you are interested in, and so I would expect the same consideration from you.
In fact, I insist upon it.
The institute that bears both our names has enough room to accommodate us both.
Masters, sorry to interrupt, but, um, Jack Coleridge is here.
Go ahead, Bill.
I think we're done here.
Coleridge, allow me to introduce Nora Everett.
Miss Everett, Jack Coleridge.
Nora, I-I don't know what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting anyone so pretty.
You are too kind.
So, where are we going? Well, I guess I don't know what you would like, so I haven't really picked yet.
Well, how about you give me two choices you like, and then together we can decide what sounds best? That's great.
This-- this is nothing.
I hope not.
This is unexpected.
Yes, well, uh, turns out that Bill is gonna have to work late again.
Oh? Uh, so, we won't be able to use these ballet tickets, which is why I'm giving them to you and Stephanie.
Well, that's, uh-- that's very thoughtful of you.
Well, I can see the two of you are really hitting it off, and since I feel I had some hand in this, - and, uh-- - Wait.
You were watching us? No, I-- I was just getting the mail, Paul.
I can't help it if Stephanie's laugh travels like a hyena's.
Your friend Stephanie.
All I'm saying is, uh, please take the tickets.
I will.
And, uh, I better call Stephanie right away, see if she's available.
So cross your fingers for us.
Fingers crossed.
Enjoy the evening.
We will.
You're home.
As usual.
I supposed you want dinner, as well.
I, uh, haven't even given it a thought.
Where-- where have you been? I was just next door offering Paul our ballet tickets.
Uh, well, it turns out he's dating someone.
Her son was on the football team.
Good for him.
I'm not sure if it's good.
Have you been drinking? At work? Of course not.
Although, since my day has been extremely trying, I am gonna have a drink now.
Yeah, well, my day has been no picnic, either, so how about I join you? Sure.
Just completely infuriating how some people are so Treacherous? It's like one of-- one of our investors.
He's-- he's one of those people that's like a-- like a virus, the kind that mutates, metastasizes into a cancer.
Yeah, how do you get rid of people you want to get rid of? You redouble your efforts.
Why don't we ever do this? What? Drink together.
Because I'm always standing here and you're always in the kitchen.
No, I mean-- I don't mean like that.
I mean-- why don't we ever talk? - Aside from every day? - No, I mean-- I mean really talked or make love.
Libby, we-- we've been married a very long time.
Yes, we have.
God knows I'm not talking about fireworks.
But if you were dying and you had one final moment to look back at your whole life, at the things that mattered the most to you what would you say about our marriage? Well, we tried our best.
Both of us.
We gave it our very best.
I'm not sure.
Maybe the police? Who are you supposed to call when you think someone may have taken their own life? - Helen? - Betts! I just got home, and I found this.
What? Look at this.
Uh, "nothing to live for," and then at the ending, when he says about the St.
Louis Arch.
Oh, my God.
Well, he-- he can't mean the thing about the Arch.
You've got to be a sherpa to get up that thing.
So, where is he? I-- Oh.
I didn't hear you girls come in.
Uh, I was just doodling the way a depressed person does.
- Ha! - How would you even climb up the Arch? That was a thoughtless, childish, moronic thing to do! Okay, I'm-- I'm sorry, but on the other hand, what reason do I have to live? I don't know.
Why don't you ask the Arch? No, I mean it.
My kids are gone, I have no wife, even my parents have died.
I'm nobody's son, nobody's husband, nobody's father.
But you are the father of our child.
I'm not even that.
You said it yourself.
We did it once.
You helped us make a baby.
What? Are you serious? I just got back from the doctor.
I'm pregnant.
You're gonna be a father.
You, too.
So, even with the added ingredient of suggestion, our numbers are about the same.
Maybe a little better, but not better enough.
Well, a little better is not nothing.
It was a nice dream-- a cologne scientifically proven to attract women.
First of all, it should be marketed towards women, not men.
A perfume that a woman could put on to help her feel more sexual, perhaps even awaken a whole part of herself that's been dormant or repressed.
You know, it is what's happening out there in the real world-- a sexual awakening.
That's exactly right.
So, if we could tailor this research and turn it into a perfume - for women - But-- Give women a sense of power so they can take charge of their own lives.
"Do I want to feel sexy and aroused tonight? Yes, I do.
" Now, that-- that would be exciting.
Yes, it would if it were true, but it's not.
We don't have the numbers.
Virginia, I'm sorry.
I think my work here is done.
What are you guys talking about? - Mrs.
- She sounds like a duck.
Smells like one, too.
Oh, 'cause I thought he was asking you to explain how his penis worked.
What? Yeah, so, uh, Dennis went to my dad-- my dad's a really famous doctor-- and my dad had to show Dennis a book on how to fix his broken penis because he was too stupid to figure it out on his own.
Shut up.
Yeah, that's probably why you phoned three grades, Dennis.
You're always gonna have to rely on the smart people to explain things to you.
Smart people like my dad.
- You feeling ready for this? - Yes.
Remember, just a partridge in a pear tree.
Start with the arms.
When he's feeling comfortable, rub his arms again before moving on to his chest, and so on, and just keep building up from there.
I know, Dr.
We've been over it a hundred times.
- How are you? - Nervous.
Nora: Understandable.
I'm gonna take off my robe now, okay? Okay.
Um, I'm just gonna follow your lead.
It's okay.
Just remember the whole point of today is to make you feel good.
That's nice.
- Really nice.
- Good.
I'm gonna move on to your chest now, okay? Okay.
Although if you wanted, you could move a little further than that.
I don't know how long its been since I've seen that.
You're like a miracle worker.
It's all a part of the process.
But for now, your chest only, okay? It feels so good.
Could you maybe Not on the first visit.
It's been so long since anyone's touched me like that.
I know, but-- What if this is the only erection I ever get? I may not have another chance.
You will.
I promise.
I wouldn't ask, except it would mean a lot to me.
I-I'm not a young man anymore, and Please? I do not understand it when we've gone over and over this time and time again! I'm so sorry.
I-I-- You risked compromising his entire treatment! And for what? I felt he was so distracted by his need.
- I thought that if I just-- - You crossed a line that cannot be crossed.
And if the surrogate doesn't understand the boundaries-- But I do know the boundaries, and-- and he did end up feeling-- Do not tell me that it's okay because it worked.
You cannot play fast and loose with my patients that way.
I am sorry.
You're right.
I-I really apologize.
You have to understand how much this means to me, how badly I want to succeed at this.
I'm sure you do, but I really don't see how that's possible any longer.
But-- but I was meant to do this work.
Well, you might think so, but from what I saw today-- You saw one mistake! And I do understand the work, and I do understand you.
But what you don't understand is me, how hard I worked to to be a better person.
You think you know about my life, but you don't.
You have some vague recollection of my parents, but you have no idea what was going on inside my house.
You don't know that my father left and then my mother made me pretend he was still coming home every night when anyone asked.
You don't know that he told me that he loved me but that he didn't want a family, when I was the only child.
I was the one that made it a family.
I didn't know that.
You also don't know that, when my father was in the house he hit me.
A lot.
Of course, I thought it was my fault, that somehow, I was bad, that maybe, if I tried harder, he would love me.
If I just tried harder, maybe none of the bad stuff would happen.
I-I do understand.
And I hope you know that whatever you did, it wouldn't have made any difference.
I know that now.
And I know that I have love to give and that I have a kind heart and I was meant to share it.
And it's only sometimes, very rarely, that I go back to that old me, and I think I have to do what people say or they won't love me.
And so, just then, I slipped.
But it was just a slip.
And it's not the me I am now, if that makes any sense.
It does.
I really do want to continue here.
And-- and I am asking you for a second chance.
Well, um if the situation were reversed, I would hope that someone would give me that chance.
So Thank you.
Thank you, Dr.
And now I've kept you here so late.
You must be starving.
There's still-- there's still Chinese in the fridge.
How about I make you a plate? You probably shouldn't let yourself in here anymore.
Uh, I can leave my key if you want.
What are you doing here, Libby? It was my day on the meal rotation, and I thought you might like some braised chicken.
But maybe I shouldn't be so presumptuous, reading your mind about what you might want.
Well, what do you want? You.
You were right.
I am-- I am so sick of pretending all the time.
This is where I want to be.
I don't tell people that-- what a mess everything was when I was growing up.
Well, a sad childhood is not something people often discuss.
I won't even tell my boyfriends.
Although some of mine, they actually ended up being like my father.
That's a-- A common phenomenon.
I even felt it a bit when you were angry with me just then.
Felt it? It made me drawn to you.
Well, you know, it's good that you can catch yourself now when you see those patterns repeating.
And it's good I have someone I can talk to about it.
That's good, too.
I've always been the one that slips out the back door before the party's over without saying much of anything, really.
Bad at endings, huh? I've been accused of that, myself.
So I don't go to New York very often, but if I do, I will certainly-- You'll look me up.
I will.
You don't have to worry about New York.
All right.
I understand.
Because I'll still be coming to St.
But you said yourself that we have come to the end of the road.
I don't care about the road.
What if I just came for you? No.
I mean it doesn't work like that.
Well, it may not.
But the thought of not seeing you every day is not something I'm ready to accept just now.
So, what if I keep coming here because we love each other?