Masters of Sex s03e10 Episode Script

Through a Glass, Darkly

Previously on "Masters of Sex" I just got back from the doctor.
I'm pregnant.
What do you want? You.
You strike me as someone who might like classical music.
In my experience, one classical music lover - can often tell another.
- Mm.
I am compelled by the lord to remind you of the damnation that awaits you, Dr.
Ma-- You will feel the pain of damnation firsthand if you ever come into this building again.
This is Nora Everett.
Uh, you're here for the surrogacy program? And you think because my parents were stuffy episcopalians, I must have turned out that way, too? You have got to be kidding me.
If you can be a surrogate, I don't see any reason why I can't, too.
Nora, you sensed both his vulnerabilities and areas of personal interest.
You're on track for an A-plus in this course.
The surrogates themselves are unknowns and unpredictable.
It's why we train them.
Train them yourself.
I'm busy with our other research.
What other research? The research that I'm interested in.
Is there any particular reason you're insisting he stay here? I have found something in his work that adds value to our work.
Dan Logan's study has reached a dead end.
Time for Dan Logan to go back to New York.
Johnson is an impressive woman, though it wouldn't surprise me if Masters was smitten with her.
He's more than smitten.
I know for a fact he's sleeping with her.
I'm sorry.
I think my work here is done.
Virginia! Virginia! What are you doing? You've got to pull yourself together.
If you can't control yourself, how are you gonna get control of her? You know what to do.
Flatter her.
Draw her in.
Make her feel like you're on her side.
You set the trap, and she'll walk right into it.
She always does.
I want to give myself plenty of time this afternoon for some sightseeing.
Sightseeing? In St.
Louis? You may not realize this, but St.
Louis is rapidly becoming Paris on the Mississippi.
Well, you've got the climatron at the botanical garden.
re-creating the climate of a lowland rainforest.
Well, so happy that you're enjoying your time as a tourist, but starting tomorrow, I need you back in your business suits.
We are beginning the next phase of scent research.
We don't have another round of scent research.
We do.
We are beginning to test scented lotions in sensate therapy.
Otherwise, if he sees us together I just don't understand why we have to be constantly tiptoeing around Bill Masters, making up fake scent experiments, parking a block away from the office In two weeks, Bill and I are going into Little Brown to present the initial research for our second book.
Now, if he finds out about us, he might even keep me out of the work, which he's done before.
He's a child.
You realize that, right? Constantly threatening to take his toys and go home if he doesn't get what he wants.
It's a little bit more complicated than that.
He needs me.
Or, he depends on me.
Just let me get through the next two weeks, please.
Once Little Brown signs off on the book, then Then what? ThenI will reassess.
If that's what you need.
Thank you.
God did not create marriage as a vehicle of our lust -- Mr.
and Mrs.
Carson, you're due upstairs with us, aren't you? I'm sure you've had enough chatting with Mr.
Sturgis here.
- Now, why don't you go on ahead? - Goodbye.
The chief of police is on our board of directors.
I could call him in an instant and have you arrested.
I'm just here waiting for my typewriter to be fixed.
Just leave my patients alone.
I feel sorry for you, Mrs.
Masters has brainwashed you.
He's warped your mind, and as a result, you've lost your way.
You are not the woman you once were.
And because you know me so well, you are certainly qualified to make that assessment.
I hope they fix your typewriter.
God knows what that man has done to you, what you've become -- tarnished, confused, a life removed from all that is good.
God knows this because God sees you, Mrs.
I didn't hear you come in.
Am I interrupting? In fact, I was just -- I wanted to talk to you -- I'm -- I'm sorry.
No, I interrupted you.
I've been giving a lot of thought to your reservations about the surrogacy program.
I know that I have been insistent in my objections You've raised some valid concerns.
And now I worry that I may have dismissed those concerns without giving them the attention they deserved.
Really? Frankly, uh the results have not been what I hoped.
At this point, I'm ready to, you know, look into all options, including discontinuing it completely.
But from the very beginning, what has worked for us is to have both a male and a female point of view.
So what I really need is your perspective and your honest evaluation.
But you can only offer that if you participate.
All right.
That seems only fair, that we should evaluate the work together before abandoning an entire area of research.
Well, t-that was my thought.
We should also begin preparing our presentation for Little Brown.
I agree with that, as well.
Uh, Lester is actually, uh, beginning a session right now.
Would you like to observe with me? Absolutely.
Now, Lois, I'm going to very slowly -- very slowly -- touch your vagina.
I'm -- I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry, but that word Is there another word you'd prefer we use? Kitty? Has there been any improvement in the dyspareunia? Limited.
She did have some increase in vaginal lubrication during the sensate therapy.
But intercourse is still painful? During manual manipulation, yes.
We'll take it very slowly.
You have a scar on your forehead.
How did it, um how did you get it? W-we should stay focused on you, okay? But how did you get that scar? Um, I had an unfortunate mishap with a compass in high-school geometry.
But what kind of a mishap? Um, I accidentally stabbed myself in the head.
Should we -- Did we go to the same high school? I -- I don't think that's pertinent.
But I -- I don't know anything about you.
You know plenty about me.
Remember our dinner? We -- we talked about how I'm allergic to walnuts, and you're allergic to cat dander.
Maybe if we could spend more time together outside of the lab It's my nephew's bar mitzvah on Saturday.
- Why don't you come with me? - Hmm.
My parents will be there, and my nephew, Gene.
He's worked so hard on his Torah portion.
He has the voice of an angel.
I actually have another bar mitzvah to go to, unfortunately.
It's my, um -- my grandmother's.
We'll stop there for now.
Well, obviously, something is not working, aside from Lester's complete ignorance of world religions.
I was raised around catholics.
And as far as following the therapeutic text with Lois -- You think there's a problem with the text? I wasn't even aware there was a text.
It's not the first time I've been asked about my scar or where I'm from or how soon I can meet their parents.
I was reading an article just last week about finches in the Galapagos, and it turns out the way females pick their mate is by finding the male who's built the best nest.
How is this pertinent? Because women are hardwired to want a provider, someone who will take care of them, raise their babies, bring home the bacon -- or, grubs, I suppose.
And I'm not trying to put myself out of a job here, but the women who are coming in aren't looking for someone to fix their dysfunction.
- They're looking for a mate.
- No.
No, you can't extrapolate from the mating behaviors of finches to make wild generalizations about women and sex.
Tell that to Darwin.
No, our research has shown from the very beginning that women are just as capable as men are in seeing sex in purely physical terms.
Would you excuse us, please, Lester? Please don't tell me that you agree with him.
You are absolutely right, Virginia.
This is why I need you involved in this work.
The problem isn't the women.
The problem is the protocol.
The lack of a protocol for male surrogates to use - in addressing dyspareunia.
- Exactly.
Lester isn't succeeding because I didn't give him the proper road map.
And quickly.
We need to observe more cases, compile more data Or we could solve the problem ourselves, see what it is that's going wrong.
That's the way we've developed every other procedure.
Together, testing it on ourselves.
Why -- why wouldn't we do the same thing now? Because now we're -- we're focusing on the book, the pitch to Little Brown.
But we've always put our patients first, especially the ones in distress like Miss Weiland.
You're right.
I suppose we could.
Mind if I join you? I'll do you one better, you can have the whole shower to yourself.
I'm on my way out.
Are you sure? Um Oh, I have a meeting.
I got to get back.
Well, I paid the babysitter for the whole afternoon, how long is your meeting? Uh, well, it'll take me all the way up till practice.
It's an all-faculty meeting, so I guess I'll go relieve the babysitter, then.
Well, no.
You should take advantage.
You got the afternoon off with no kids.
You should treat yourself to lunch or something.
There's that new sandwich shop on Davenport.
And you know what -- if you're gonna be downtown, would you mind running a couple errands for me? Errands? Yeah, I've had no time.
I've been jammed up with meetings all week, so Errands.
Uh, yeah.
Uh, some groceries for the house.
Um, I have a pair of slacks at the dry-cleaner I need picked up.
And, uh my watch broke.
I have to get that fixed.
There's that repair shop.
- On Davenport.
- Right.
Right by the the sandwich place.
That works out.
I'll just leave everything by the door, okay? Thank you, Lib.
You're a lifesaver.
Biparietal measurements for Cynthia McAffrey.
Hard to believe you can get all these numbers just by looking at all those dots and lines on the screen.
Well, sometimes it looks like we're searching for proof of the Loch Ness monster.
Our next appointment is in half an hour.
Say, Dr.
Scully, you don't, by chance, have plans tonight, do you? I have an extra ticket to see "Parsifal.
" My friend cancelled at the last minute, so Oh, I -- I don't know Tonight's the last performance.
I'm speaking on a panel on Saturday, and I haven't even begun to draft my remarks.
Well, you can do that tomorrow.
You're not gonna take "no" for an answer, are you? Don't we need to get to your dad's? That's the great thing about having parents that aren't on time to anything.
They can't get mad at you for being late.
So, uhthese "surrogates," they seem like normal people? Completely.
If you saw them on the street, you wouldn't even know.
This one girl, she's always there, and she says she doesn't even think about it when she's doing it.
He'll be on top of her, and she'll be making a grocery list.
Don't tell me -- bananas, bananas, bananas.
Cucumbers, cucumbers, cucumbers You want to try it? What? "Making a grocery list"? My mom will be home soon.
Maybe we can just make out a little bit? A little bit.
Virginia, your door's unlocked.
- W-what are you doing here? - What am I doing here? What are you doing in my mom's house? We have a work matter to discuss.
At night? At her house? What kind of work? - Let's go.
H-hold on.
Hold on until your mother gets here to discuss this with you.
I'll see you at school tomorrow.
That's fine.
It's fine? It feels good.
Why don't we proceed to the actual technique now? You're sufficiently aroused? I am.
All right.
Um Well, you're gonna feel my hand on your pubis.
And you're gonna feel my finger beginning to penetrate I think I understand what went wrong with Lois.
When I open my eyes, I'm suddenly aware of the other person -- his needs, his desires.
His scars.
So you think eye contact is a problem? Yes.
What if you kept your eyes shut? I think for a woman to be able to focus on healing herself, she needs to be completely free of the man's expectations.
What if you had your arms behind me? How would I do that? Um Oh.
Why don't you sit here, in back? Yes, and then that way, you can you can reach your hand like this.
So, that's good.
That's better.
More natural.
What if we gave her the sense of control? What if -- what if we let her guide his hand? Allow her to show him what feels good? Like this? Yes.
This is the way it should be done.
Yes, it is.
You're right.
There's no telling when she'll be home.
Her evenings are busy.
Why don't you go get us all a soda? I'm not thirsty.
Soda sounds good.
What were you thinking? But -- never mind.
I know what you were thinking.
But do you know what you should have been thinking about? Hmm? Her and her feelings -- and not just her feelings in the moment.
Her feelings tomorrow and the day after that.
You want to be a man -- want to be a real man? Yes, sir.
Well, this is where it starts.
You understand me? Yes, sir.
Where have you been? We had our meeting.
Stuck at the office.
Virginia, this is Matt.
Matt, this is Tessa's mother, Mrs.
Are you gonna call my parents? I haven't decided yet.
Well, how long have you two been seeing each other? - A while.
- Weeks? Days? Maybe five months? You were never around.
When was I going to tell you? There have been plenty of times in the past five months that you could have said something.
How many meals have we had together? Seven.
How many rides to school? - Three.
- That is unfair, and it's not even true.
The point is, you chose not to tell me.
You snuck around, lied by omission.
- You two have been having sex? - No! How could you keep such a huge part of your life hidden from me? You don't tell me about your life, I don't tell you about mine.
'Cause I am an adult.
You are a child.
That is a joke.
This is my fault, Mrs.
I -- I may have been unclear, in terms of my intentions with Tessa.
I understand that you're trying to help here, Matt, - but what you're saying is -- What I'm saying is, I have never felt about another girl the way that I feel about Tessa.
I should have been honest with her and with you and said that I -- I don't just like her, but I -- I love her.
Well Tessa, you and I will talk later.
And as for the two of you if you are going to continue to see one another, then at the very least, I want you to be safe.
Now, lucky for you, this happens to be a subject that I know quite a bit about.
Oh, hi.
Uh, thanks for helping me out.
Did you, uh, remember to pick up the dry-cleaning, or? Actually, I left it in the car.
Maybe you could go get it yourself.
That sounded like Jenny.
Surprise, mom.
We wanted to surprise you.
We've been practicing all afternoon.
That's why I had you run all those errands - Come on, Howie.
- Was to keep you busy so we could surprise you on your birthday, which I realize is not till tomorrow, but I figured you wouldn't mind celebrating a little early.
- Right, kids? - Right.
Okay, so, let the show begin.
Come on.
Let's go.
Right this way.
There once was a princess named Libby who lived high up in a tower.
Every day, she would stand at the window of her tower and brush her hair, and she would say "Oh, how lonely this tower is.
I wish there was someone to play with.
" One day, a boy rode by on a horse.
The princess called down to him.
Boy on a horse! But the boy couldn't.
There were no stairs up to the top of the tower.
Tessa? You awake? It wasn't my intention to embarrass you.
We should be able to talk about these things.
And sex is something to be taken very seriously.
It's the most intimate thing that two people can do together.
And I know that Matt is saying that he loves you, but before you do anything else, just -- just make sure that you feel the same way.
Giving that part of yourself to another person it's as close to a sacred act as there is.
So take your time.
Know your heart.
Make sure that he deserves you.
You know, when I invited you, I didn't think about the irony of a doctor watching "Parsifal.
" An opera about a king with a festering wound.
I was tempted to climb on stage and hand him a prescription.
Yes, the cut from a mad king's spear.
What would you have offered? Antibiotics, for starters Of course.
Jonathan! We thought we might find you here.
We saw you at the opera, and since there's only one decent bar downtown - that's open after 10:00 - Ugh.
Cal, Arnold, uh, this is, um Well, my boss, I suppose -- Dr.
Barton Scully.
Arnold works as an aide at St.
And I'm just the boyfriend.
Can we join you? Or are you two? Oh, not at all.
No, no.
No, please, uh, join us.
So, I think it's wonderful -- I'll, uh -- I'll refresh our drinks.
- Thank you.
- How've you been? Good! It's so good to see you! Two Martinis.
He looks better in heels than she does! Why don't you queers keep it down? We're not bothering anyone.
You're bothering me.
Hey, leave the pretty girls alone.
We're just trying to enjoy our drinks.
Bartender, can we get another round of pink ladies? - It's on us, I promise.
- Ignore them.
How about you faggots enjoy your drinks somewhere else? Yeah, if you know what's good for you.
- Excuse me? - You heard me.
- Yeah, I did hear you.
- Well, let's go, fags.
- Back off.
- No, let's go.
Why don't you say it again? Don't you dare touch me! Get off me! I'm surprised you're up so early.
You were tossing and turning all night.
I'm having dreams about my father.
Your father? I haven't dreamt about him for 15 years.
And now, the last few weeks Oh, God.
I'm sorry.
Here I am talking about -- well, nothing, really Is this for me? Of course it's for you.
Happy birthday.
Coffee? Please.
I've been thinking about everything you do -- you know, for the children, for me and, uh I wanted to get you something special, something to really mark the occasion.
Go ahead.
Open it.
I should have birthdays more often.
What is this? An itinerary? "Hello, Dolly" at the Shubert Theatre, the Chicago opera -- "Tartuffe.
" Well, you've always said you wanted to visit Chicago.
This is very thoughtful of you, Bill.
I can't remember the last time we ran off, just the two of us.
Well, this is a -- a trip for you.
Me? Alone, you mean A well-earned break from well, from all of us.
Don't worry about the children.
Between school and babysitters you're not happy.
I don't understand how you could think that I would want to do these things alone.
I was remembering the last time we went away, just the two of us, and you well, you sent me home.
And, no, you were right.
You were right.
I was ruining your vacation/ I don't -- I don't blame you.
So, this time I thought maybe, you know you'd be able to enjoy it more without me.
Was I wrong? Hold the doors, please! It didn't have to happen.
You and I were having a perfectly nice evening before your fancy friends showed up.
"My fancy friends" are homosexuals, just like you.
I'm nothing like them.
I -- I'm not saying that I don't enjoy the companionship of other men.
As long as it doesn't offend anyone.
Your friends last night, men like that make it harder for all of us.
They've got to put on a show with their voices, the way they move, giggling like a bunch of girls.
You know, why can't we present ourselves to the world as men, like any other men? Show that we're strong? Do you think that that's the first time they've been kicked out of a bar by angry drunks? Beaten in the streets? They've had to claw and scrape for every shred of dignity that they have.
And it's men like you, cowering behind closed doors in your business suits -- you're the weak ones.
I'll finish out the day.
After that, I'll be gone.
Dan, you're here early.
I didn't think we were starting the scent tests until 10:00.
Well, yes, there was something I wanted to discuss with you first -- a problem with one of our volunteers.
It's a bit delicate.
How'd it go last night? Not well at all.
Tessa's furious with me.
I tried to speak with her after Matt had left, but she pretended to be asleep.
What is he doing here now? Something to do with fragrances in lotions to help with the sensate.
Well, it shouldn't take precedence over our session with Lester which is starting right now.
How is it possible that I'm in trouble with her for something that she did? Because she knows why I was there.
She's too smart not to.
I think you're giving her too much credit.
And she's also angry because she knows I'm not the only one.
And what is that supposed to mean? She knows about Bill.
Dan, I have told you a million times that Bill and I -- Stop it.
Just stop it, Virginia.
Do we have to keep doing this? It was Tessa who first told me you were sleeping with him.
I thought you'd want to know, the doc's waiting for you in the exam room.
I have -- I have to So, you will be seated with your back against the headboard.
She will sit between your legs, with her back reclined against your chest.
She will use her hand to direct your hand to the areas that she would like stimulated.
She will further use her hand to communicate when she would like a change of pressure or directional movement And once she's sufficiently lubricated -- I can't do it.
- Which part? - Any of this.
I only signed up to be a surrogate to make Jane jealous.
And it worked.
She won't even speak to me.
And for what? All these women either want to marry me or they look at me like I'm some sort of torturer.
I'm scared to death that I won't get an erection, and they'll feel terrible about themselves, or I will get one, and Jane will hear about it, and I'll be sleeping in the office again -- which is murder on my back! Damn it, Bill, this is what I've been saying all along.
This program doesn't work! Uh, we'll, uh, canceluh today's session.
Virginia and I will talk to Lois and, uhdecide on our next course of action.
Oh, thank God.
Lester was never the ideal candidate for surrogacy -- We are attempting to conduct an experiment with an infinite number of variables and without any controls.
It's chaos, Bill.
Last night, we came up with a technique that actually could help thousands of couples.
I agree, and that is far more important -- So now you're just trying to placate me.
You mean more to me than any research program, Virginia.
Look, if -- if you're not comfortable with the surrogacy work, thenwe can't continue.
We'll finish the few surrogacy cases we have, and then we'll phase the program out entirely.
I just want it to be us again together.
That's what I want, too.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Is your mom here? She won't be back for hours.
We should get a beer.
The party doesn't start till 9:00, anyway.
Her boyfriend isn't here, either, right? Which one? Table for two.
Uh, yes, this evening.
Uh, you still have that filet mignon on the menu, I hope? Um, it's Dr.
Bill Masters.
Oh, very good.
Uh, thank you.
Thank you.
I -- I appreciate it.
Excuse me.
Bill? Do you have a minute? Uhof course.
I keep going over my session yesterday.
You told me to establish clear and direct communication with the subject, which I did -- I'm always good at that part -- but I still wasn't able to postpone ejaculation.
I'm just not sure what I could have done differently.
Uh, well, Nora, uh, we've discussed this.
It's not all dependent on you.
He failed to communicate how close he was to orgasm Sure, but when I pulled him out of me, I pressed right here right below the head of the penis, just like you told me to.
Is that the right amount of pressure? Should I have squeezed harder? Uh -- uh, the firmness of the, uh, pressure should be proportionate to the, uh, degree of erection.
And then I did as you instructed and moved it front to back using only the pads of my fingers and thumb.
Uh, you could possibly apply the pressure a little, uh, higher up on -- on the penis.
Like here? Yes.
That's right.
Uh, that's fine.
Thank you.
Uh, there's a -- a stack of client files in the conference room -- You want me to go through them, make notes, just like the last time? Yes.
Thank you.
Your ultrasound technician, Jonathan, handed me his notice.
It's a shame to lose him.
It wasn't the right fit.
I'm, uh -- I'm surprised to hear that.
I thought you two had a real nice rapport.
We'll need to start someone new right away.
I'll, uh, I'll call around in the morning, start asking for referrals.
Speaking of referrals, uh, a friend of mine, she just found out she's got a bun in the oven, and she's on the market for an O.
Well, if she and her husband want to set up an appointment Uh, that's the thing.
Umhusband isn't in the picture, and I'm sure you know a lot of doctors won't so much as take a lady's temperature if she doesn't have a ring on her finger.
Well, you can tell your friend that I'm very comfortable treating a single mother.
Um that's the other thing.
She's not single.
I -- I don't think I, uh She's my girlfriend.
I'd like to be there for all the appointments.
I want to be in the hospital room, holding her hand, pushing her hair out of her eyes while she's crying bloody murder, calling me all the names in the book.
I just, uh I don't want to be shut out.
I don't have a problem with that.
I -- I didn't think you would.
I don't know what Jonathan told you, but Oh, you don't owe me any kind of explanation at all, doc.
Well, but I'm not.
I mean, if -- if you think that I'm I used to pray every night to God to take me apart and put the pieces back together, only a little different, just so that I wouldn't have to feel what I felt, I wouldn't have to want what I wanted.
But then I met Helen, and for some reason I couldn't understand, she loved me, and I -- I didn't all of a sudden feel right.
But seeing myself through someone else's eyes it makes a difference.
It's gonna be a real pain trying to find another ultrasound technician.
Shouldn't we go to your room? What's wrong with in here? Come on.
Are you sure? This is what you wanted, right? On your mom's bed? It's bigger than mine.
What if she comes home? What if -- what if she comes in? So? What if she does? I -- I'm not so sure that this is -- Hey, you love me, right? Don't you? Libby? I thought you'd be at dinner.
I'm so sorry to just barge in on you like this.
It's -- it's okay.
Uh I have a little something for you now that it's, uh, actually your birthday.
I'm 40.
Did you know that? Doesn't matter to me.
I'm okay with an older woman.
Well, it matters to me, because, if I'm lucky -- really lucky -- I -- I -- I only get 40 more? Well, that's one way to look at it.
I don't -- I don't think it's the best way.
Happy Birthday.
Did I ever tell you about my wedding? Uh, no.
I don't -- I don't think you have, no.
Well, we got married at the city hall in Detroit.
And when we got there, we had to wait our turn because there was already another couple there getting married.
And the bride was blond, and she looked a lot like me, and, um sometimes, on my anniversary, I would think about her, and I -- I would wonder, was she still in Detroit? Did she have children? Was she happy? I would think about her, and I would hope that there was more for her in her life than there was for me in mine.
I can't -- I won't keep going like this.
There just has to be something better.
Libby, you can have something better -- with me.
But I'm gonna need that back.
Aren't I supposed to open it? Well, here.
Give me your hand.
Libby, uh I want you to be my wife.
There's a -- There's a lot that would need to happen to make that possible.
Yes, I know that.
And I'm willing to wait.
And I'm willing to help you with whatever it takes to get there.
But this is what I want.
Stand up and kiss me.
Actually, uh, I can't.
Right now, it's my knee.
It's an old football injury, and I'm stuck to the floor.
No, don't -- don't turn the light on.
Say you love me.
Tell me you love me.
I'm sorry.
But I -- I -- I want this.
It -- it was a mistake.
I made -- I made a mistake.
No, you -- you didn't.
Please, what can I do? No, no, nothing.
You -- you can't do anything.
It's -- it's me.
I've ruined everything.
You haven't.
I -- I want this.
But I don't! Look the one thing -- the only thing I've done right is loving someone so completely, with as much of my broken soul as I can muster and if I -- if I give up on that I -- I can't -- I can't give up on that or or I'll have nothing.
I'll be nothing.
I didn't know you were so devoted to your wife.
I'm, uh I'm sorry.
I should go.
It's not like I decided my life should be this.
It's not -- it's not like I -- I chose.
It's more like a long time ago, I walked through a door, and I found myself in a room with other doors, and I walked through one of those, and on and on and on and on, until here I am married to my ex-husband seeingtwo married men.
You don't have to explain yourself.
People are complicated.
And their lives get complicated.
I know that.
I'm hardly one to point the finger.
I'm afraid Tessa's the one who's gonna need help understanding.
But I don't know what I'm gonna say to her.
I think of all the -- all the times that I said that I was working late, and all the excuses, the late-night phone calls -- "I got held up at work, so why don't you just go ahead and eat without me, honey?" And every time she knew.
When I think of how she must see me how she must look at me It's as if I am -- I'm seeing myselfclearly for the very first time.
I'm gonna drive you home.
No, I can't go home.
Not yet.
I -- I can't I can't face her.
Well, then let me order you up a pot of coffee.
What happened? Nothing.
It's It's been a -- a difficult week.
Do you know where the word "holy" comes from? It comes from the Greek, "hagios," meaning separate.
So when God tells us he longs for us to be a holy people, what he means is literally at a distance.
'Cause every time we take away that distance, every time we put ourselves in great danger.
And we risk forgetting the line that separates us from them.
Nora, you've been difficult to reach the last week or so.
Has something? No.
Everything is -- is fine.
You know, you don't have to tell me how you've strayed from the path.
I just want to be sure you're ready to return to it.