Masters of Sex s04e03 Episode Script

The Pleasure Protocol

1 [Johnson.]
Previously on Masters of Sex.
I've done other things for the good of the study because I believe in it.
At the end of the day, the work is what endures.
Virginia, I'm I'm sorry, but I needed you to see for yourself.
That he has a wife? You think I didn't know that? [Alice.]
Do most people assume you're married? You seem married.
- Don't they seem married? - They're not married.
The charges are pandering and promoting prostitution.
I can handle the details of the pending court case, hire an attorney.
Good, since I was the one that argued against the surrogacy program in the first place.
I'm going to AA meetings now.
Did I tell you that? It's court-ordered.
What are you doing here if we're not speaking? [Libby.]
I'm here to see my lawyer.
I came to drop off the retainer forms.
I thought our next appointment wasn't until Tuesday.
I am here for a job.
For 12 years, I've tried every way Every misguided way to win your heart only to realize you wanted somebody else.
You should know that Dan called me last week.
I would appreciate it if we could keep this between us.
That you never got married? For now, because it's important for my work.
Bill and I are pursuing the work separately now.
I will only become a major investor if you stay together.
We would have to hire new people.
New partners.
We will have to keep a close eye on them.
[sultry music.]
[upbeat jazzy music.]
[elevator dings.]
Welcome to the party.
Glad you could make it.
What do you say we grab a cocktail and head to the rumpus room? We have two guests with us tonight who might just be the perfect fit for Playboy.
I'm talking about preeminent sex experts and authors of the best-selling Human Sexual Response, Dr.
William Masters and Virginia Johnson.
We're thrilled to be here, Hef.
Don't let their elegant exteriors fool you.
These two are at the forefront of the sexual revolution.
You might say they are the sexual revolution.
In fact, you could look around this living room and say these two are responsible for all this.
Is it true you used volunteers for your research? Our volunteers were the cornerstone of our work.
These people, from all walks of life, were exceedingly generous and, I might add, very brave.
We've observed and recorded the data from, uh, over 2,000 participants.
Even I haven't seen that much sex.
Did you all get married before or after you started watching people have sex? - Oh, I - Oh, no.
We're we're not We're not mar I'm I'm married, but to someone else.
Although, uh, I suppose you could call Dr.
Masters my work husband.
And would you call her your work wife or is there a real Mrs.
Masters? Uh, there is.
Uh, well, there was.
Well, she's not dead.
I we had You have to admit.
It would make a great story.
Two sex researchers whose research was so good it led them straight to the altar.
[light laughter.]
Sex and love, a mysterious thing.
Hugh, you can say that again, brother.
Oh! Ladies and gentlemen, Mr.
Sammy Davis Jr.
Hello, Madam Sex Researcher.
How about a song, Sammy? How about a drink? You got it.
[piano plays.]
I'm more of a love researcher myself.
What kind of fool am I Who never fell in love Hold on, hold on.
Wrong key.
We'll get it right.
That's a cut.
[bell rings.]
Okay, background, five minutes.
Crew, that's a reset.
New setup.
Sounded terrific, Sammy.
One more time, okay? [Sammy.]
The canary tuned me.
Ah, I can see why.
[clears throat.]
Figure out what key it's in, okay? Actually, uh, not so fast.
We need some publicity stills.
Maybe, uh, we could get the two of you dancing.
[light electronic music.]
I don't understand why Hef keeps promoting us this way, as a couple.
Whatever the reason, he needs to stop.
It's a marketable concept.
I can see that.
I assume he thinks it's sexy.
But it sends the wrong message.
It's borderline unprofessional.
I'm sure it requires some explanation from you when you get home.
Dan can't enjoy this kind of publicity.
He understands it's part of the job.
He's good like that.
Johnson and I are done.
Hello, Dan.
Hello? Oh, I see I see you have one of those new phone answering machines.
Uh, anyway, it's me.
You'll never guess who kissed my hand tonight.
Show Business himself, Sammy Davis Jr.
It was really quite something, although that's not the reason why I'm calling, obviously.
Uh, I'm calling because I had a thought which is that it's an early start tomorrow.
First thing up is our intake with the new couple.
The, uh, the Buckseys, but even before that we have a meeting with our attorney um, in the well, in our pandering case.
I say we meaning Mrs.
Johnson and myself, but, well, I'd like you to be there as well.
Of course, Dr.
If you want me there, I'm there.
I do.
And going forward, if I'm attending a meeting, then you will attend as well.
We will work on every aspect of the clinic's business together, so I'll need you available at all hours, which means morning, noon Should I come over now? [Masters.]
Now? It's ten thirty at night.
You're probably wondering why not speak to a girlfriend or an analyst, instead of burdening your home phone answering machine.
Um, but I I recently came across a fascinating study in the American Medical Journal about the neuropsychology of remorse, and it turns out that, uh that upwards of 75% of people come to regret spur-of-the-moment decisions within a four-week period.
So there will be after-hours dinners and symposia, cocktail parties, where I'll also need you by my side.
I am more than happy to To be your date.
Date no, no, I don't I don't want a date.
I know that I caused enormous pain.
And I I deeply regret that.
I need you there because Virginia will be there with her husband at those functions and, well, there's no pleasure in being a third wheel now, is there? So what I most want to say is Is that I'm sorry.
So I'm glad we got this settled.
I'll see you tomorrow.
What was that? Him making a pass at you? It's hard to say.
He's either really lonely, really demanding Or really attracted to you because you're beautiful and sexy.
Maybe the best approach is a mild, harmless flirtation.
A fizziness that doesn't shut him down but doesn't exactly encourage him, either.
Well, however you decide to handle it we do need to tell him about us, hon.
Sooner than later.
Before all this blows up.
And we will.
We will tell them.
Just let me become indispensable first.
Uh, two coffees to go, please.
You betcha.
You look gorgeous.
Let me guess, it's your first day, something in the medical profession.
A law firm.
What a happy coincidence.
I'm an attorney myself.
Bram Keller.
What kind of law are you practicing? Uh, assisting for a divorce attorney.
Ah, divorce.
Well, I'm sure you know the four magic words, right? Four words every divorce lawyer loves to hear, words that guarantee a big settlement.
And they are in no particular order, indignities, cruelties, desertion, and everyone's favorite, infidelity.
I do remember those.
If you get into any trouble, call me.
Or if you want to get into trouble, I'm at the Plaza Hotel.
I admit, it's a very swanky camera.
Nikon F.
The same one David Hemmings uses in Blowup.
That's a movie.
I like TV.
Anyway, um, I've been moonlighting for a private investigator, and since you're an expert in these things, I was wondering what constitutes incriminating evidence, photo-wise.
To prove someone's been cheating? Yeah.
Didn't the guy you're moonlighting for give you any tips? Uh You're spying on your own wife.
- No, that's not - Sorry to hear it.
Here's my card.
I don't know for sure that Jane's been cheating.
You need four clear frames to use it in court.
Hello, Lester.
Hello, Mrs.
Masters or You're not Mrs.
Masters anymore.
It's okay, Lester.
Oh, thanks, but I never touch the stuff.
Agitates my angina.
Well, just answer the phones, keep my Cheez-Its bowl full, and make sure no one kills each other in the waiting room.
I kid.
By the time they're here, they're usually past murderous rage.
[pleasant music.]
With Mr.
Keller's hourly rate, why can't he afford his own office space? Well, I suggested it was more convenient for him to work with us here.
How cozy.
It's practical.
Good morning.
Hello, Nancy.
Luckily you get to skip this one.
It's a legal meeting.
I asked Dr.
Leveau to join.
As our new partner, there's no reason why she shouldn't be involved in all aspects of the clinic's business.
Well, if you follow that logic, then our new partner Dr.
Dreessen should also join.
And while we're at it, why not Hank, the security guard downstairs? Well, if you think Hank would be helpful, then by all means, invite him in.
Thank you.
After you.
As a strategy, I think we'd do best to look back to the Scopes trial.
That was a case in Tennessee where A schoolteacher, John Scopes, was convicted of teaching evolution.
Holstein, try not to condescend to the client.
Uh, your case, like Scopes, represents another instance of science running up against deeply-held cultural and religious prejudice.
The Scopes people didn't like being told that Adam and Eve were descended from monkeys.
In our case, people don't like being told that Adam and Eve had sex.
Dysfunctional sex, at that.
The question that matters here is what are our chances of winning? Acquittal is one goal but winning in the court of public opinion It's even more crucial.
I mean, this case could tell the world about the work that we do.
Our book has sold nearly a million copies.
The world is already well aware of the work that Dr.
Masters and I do.
So, I would say that acquittal is not one goal.
It's our only goal.
Someone ordered black, two sugars? Yes, thank you, Miss.
Holy Mary.
What? Now you want some coffee too? Me? No, the other guy who's staring at me like I got three heads.
Um Okay.
Keep up the good work.
I assume the prosecution will be looking for any damning evidence.
They will, so we'll need access to all your case work, case studies, research data, financial information.
Johnson, if you could gather all the necessary files and organize them Actually, my name is on the door as partner, Mr.
Keller, not secretary.
And seeing as I had nothing to do with the genesis of this mess, I know that you'll excuse me.
I have a business to run.
Um, just give me one second.
Um, Virginia.
You're worried about the files, but don't.
I've already destroyed them.
You've destroyed our Our personal files.
Our personal experimentation with protocols, our sessions together, I disposed of all of it before I left for Las Vegas.
Any trace of our work together is now permanently gone.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Stuck in a meeting.
One that will include you next time, Dr.
So, w can we help you? I was just explaining to Miss Jackson that we might not be able to assist her.
Oh, why is that? See, I read your book, Dr.
Johnson, and I was hoping that you'd teach me how to be [chuckles.]
Multiple orgasming? Multi-orgasmic.
Well, you are not the first to ask.
Because in your book it says some women can have five, six, even ten orgasms, all in a row.
I mean, who wouldn't want to learn that? And I was saying the work we do here is helping with sexual dysfunctions.
We don't offer how-to courses.
Unfortunately, that is true.
Which is really too bad because I was gonna be the guinea pig, and if it worked for me, all my girlfriends were going to sign up.
But treat her for what? There's nothing wrong with her.
Well, technically that's true, and yet there she is, asking for our help anyway.
Okay, clearly you have an idea.
Well, our clinic is designed to treat dysfunction and of course that must remain at the center of our work.
But You're wondering if there's room for people like Miss Jackson who simply want to have better sex.
You're a quick study, Dr.
It's an interesting idea.
Expand the work beyond dysfunction.
Well, for example, people exercise a healthy heart to make it stronger.
Right, so why shouldn't the sex life get the same opportunity for growth and exploration? Not to mention, we grow the work this way, we're sitting on a gold mine.
A quick study and a breath of fresh air.
[elevator dings.]
Oh! Hey.
I got it.
I got it.
It's okay.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, uh, forgive me for asking.
Do you really not recognize me? You, uh, I'm sorry.
I really don't.
Uh, we met a long time ago at that place you worked.
Nope, doesn't ring a bell.
I don't I don't blame you for forgetting.
I I was a wreck.
I was shaking so much you thought I was having a seizure and then, um, it's all coming back to me.
Now, uh, you put your hand on my arm to calm me and that's when I finished.
Can you grab that box? Yeah.
I was so embarrassed, and you were so kind.
You even said that, uh, I could go another time, but as soon as you said that, I just finished again.
Look, you are mistaking me for another person.
Understand? Yes.
Of course.
Um, you're obviously very accomplished and successful now.
I mean, not that you weren't before.
But I'm just saying that Anyway, I should just shut up.
You should.
But if you were talking to that other person, which you are not, I would say to you, which I am not, that what happened is very normal for first-timers.
Uh I have learned so much since then.
I can do much better now if you're open to it.
Open to Trying again.
You and me.
I can't remember the last time I, uh, satisfied her, and I do things, um, bring her flowers, dim the lights.
All the romantic stuff they say to do.
None of it seems to work.
And have you asked her what might satisfy her? "Can I do this? Does that feel good? Is that too fast?" He asks my permission for everything.
And you would prefer he Take control, say what he wants.
I don't think that's so unusual.
By take control you mean Be a gentleman.
That's how I was raised, and I thought that's how my wife was raised too.
Mm, being a gentleman might also mean feeling uncomfortable about expressing your needs sexually.
My needs are to make her happy, treat her with love and respect.
So your sex is tame as a result? Meaning do you ever envision Something like in that movie.
That movie? Which movie? There's a movie playing down at the Odeon.
Franny thought that I thought it might give Gary some ideas.
So I'm watching this movie, and I am thinking, "Jesus, there is something wrong with my wife.
" Then ten minutes into it he stormed out.
Just stood in the lobby until it was over.
I mean, I love her, but if you saw that movie, you'd think the same thing I did.
She needs help.
It's a film called The Defilers.
Yeah, I saw it last week.
On accident.
I thought it was a Western.
You know, The Searchers, The Defilers.
Anyway, turned out to be your run-of-the-mill roughie.
Roughie? Most B movies either have a lot of sex or a lot of violence.
Roughies have both.
Sort of a something-for-everyone combo.
I think we should see this movie ourselves, get a better sense of what it is Mrs.
Bucksey has in mind.
You think they have matinees? Now? On a workday? [Nancy.]
And if we're feeling really crazy we could order popcorn with extra butter.
Or none of those things.
All right.
Let's get out of the office then.
It could be fun.
[woman laughs.]
[man whistles.]
This feels about as risqué as Beach Blanket Bingo.
It is hard to imagine what Mr.
Bucksey would find objectionable.
[woman in film giggles.]
[woman screams.]
[objects crash, woman yelps.]
[solemn music.]
I could use some air.
[spanking continues.]
It seems there are two ways in which women have multiple orgasms.
The first is spontaneous.
We saw this in the lab.
Uh, serial climaxes in a rolling or wave-like pattern that you see here.
With no refractory period.
The other way, still multiples, but in these cases the women apparently have to work at it, if you will.
They orgasm and then pause in the plateau phase, and then after a minute or two they can stimulate themselves back to orgasm and then they can do this over and over again.
That would be the kind we would have to teach.
Yes, seeing as the spontaneous variety requires no instruction at all.
But how do we go from all this raw data to creating an actual protocol? Is there a specific process that you and Dr.
Masters followed? For instance, how did you develop the protocol for impotence? That one always struck me as almost visionary.
It was hours of recorded data, going through trying to find possible patterns among participants.
Same as all the others.
Why don't I spend some time with the research this evening, try to come up with the potential protocol for multiple orgasms and then we can start with Miss Jackson tomorrow? [piano plays gentle music.]
We missed something with Mrs.
In her past, perhaps, a history of violence.
Causes her to pair sexual pleasure with pain.
Or I am wondering if maybe Mrs.
Bucksey just needs a little excitement.
I I dated a guy once who liked to blindfold me, tie me to the bed.
Carl somebody.
I liked it.
And I don't have any past traumas.
Everyone has traumas.
Some people are just more aware of them.
But aren't pain and pleasure two sides of the same coin? Both elicit the same physiological reactions.
Increased heart rate, perspiration, shortness of breath.
A well-adjusted individual knows the difference.
Not always.
It can be oddly romantic, even erotic, the sensation of pain, of punishment.
Haven't you ever gone after something you knew would hurt you because it also felt good? [man.]
And then the last brunette I went out with, she Well, she broke my heart.
Please allow me to apologize on behalf of all brunettes.
Yeah, well, she was one of those people who leaves a trail of wreckage in her wake and never looks back.
It's why I stay on the road.
Always a new city, new sights, new faces.
New life insurance policies to sell.
Hey, I don't sell life insurance policies.
I sell peace of mind.
What do you know about orgasms? Ha.
I know I like them.
Because I have a proposal for you.
Kind of a challenge.
I'm a researcher.
I'm currently working on a very interesting project studying the innate ability of women to be multi-orgasmic.
So I guess what I'm asking you is Yes.
Yes! Yes! [both panting.]
That was really good.
You're doing such a good job.
No, no, no, don't move.
Plateau achieved three minutes, 21 seconds.
- Who are you talking to? - Shh, I need to concentrate.
Actually, can you pass me that pad, Lou? Lee.
That's what I said.
You know, I'm kind of losing my hard-on here.
Just keep keep touching my breast for six seconds.
And my hard-on is gone.
Really? That's hardly helpful.
No thanks to you.
All vaginal and clitoral stimulation avoided.
- Could you move over, please? - What? Gonna do this on my own.
I need space.
Leaving plateau phase in ten, nine, eight, seven, six [phone rings.]
Um, this is Libby, the the woman you met earlier today at the diner.
I'm, uh, happy you called.
Me too.
I think.
It sounds like you're drinking but please, don't drink alone.
Come to the hotel.
Meet me for a glass.
What? No.
Thank you.
Uh, the reason that I'm calling is, um, because, well, I'm calling as a political act.
I like the sound of that.
Tell me more.
I'm in this consciousness-raising group, and, um, we decided that for a woman to call a man she doesn't know is an act of rebellion.
Against the patriarchy.
Well, bravo, rebellious Libby.
I really never do things like this.
So let's be rebellious together.
I'm not coming to your hotel.
Doesn't mean we can't get to know each other over the phone.
What are you wearing? What? [Keller.]
Go on.
Tell me what you're wearing.
I can wait all night, if you want.
I I'm wearing a dress.
Hello again, Dan's phone answering machine.
It's me.
I'm so sorry for calling so late but I know that you're a bit of a night owl so I thought maybe I'd catch you.
I I suppose that I still am hoping that you'll call me, not that you're under any obligation to, of course, but I I don't know.
I've been having trouble sleeping lately, so I suspect that it might have something to do with leaving things so upended between us, and I do think that a certain closure would help both of us to move on is all I'm saying.
[clears throat.]
So if you get this, please, uh, do call me back.
It would be nice to hear your voice.
You know, I've been studying the surrogacy cases.
It's incredible what you guys were doing here.
Cases that were filmed and cataloged in a very Robert Flaherty Nanook of the North kind of way.
Okay, like this one.
Uh, male, 36, he had sex once in his life and it went so badly that he was considering the priesthood.
And then in the follow-up notes it says that after his treatment here, he went out and met someone, a nice girl, and now they're engaged.
I'm just a sucker for a happy ending.
Were you one of the surrogates? I'm just saying since All I'm saying is that this is God's work.
Noble, like what you did for me back then.
You're welcome.
Now for the love of God, stop talking to me about this.
[camera shutter clicks.]
So I went back through the data last night and I think what I mentioned is correct.
Some women may have the ability to have multiple orgasms from the plateau phase if they submit to the re-application of effective stimulation.
Effective stimulation being Stimulation of the breasts, the buttocks, the neck.
Anywhere except the vaginal or clitoral areas.
Which are too sensitive following orgasm.
So maybe it's a matter of the couple remaining engaged but removing focus from certain hot spots.
I'm not sure that I would use that term, but I think it might be possible.
And all of that was in the data? It required some reading between the lines, but yes.
Well, Miss Jackson is here but has a problem.
She couldn't find a partner.
Apparently every man she asked said it was stressful enough providing one orgasm, but multiples, forget it, so we can tell her to come back as soon as she finds someone.
Or we could bring her in.
A woman doesn't need a partner to experience pleasure.
We'll start with mapping your sexual response, and when we have an idea of your resolution phase That is, the amount of time it takes to recover after an orgasm.
And once we determine that, hopefully we'll be able to guide you towards achieving multiple climaxes.
This feels sad, doing this alone.
It's not sad at all, Dawn.
Think of yourself as a pioneer.
Like in a bonnet, pulling a wagon across the dusty plain? Well, there's a long tradition of brave women going it alone.
[knocking at door.]
Uh, there's a lady here to see you.
Says she's an old friend.
I'm in the middle of a session, Betty.
She seems insistent.
I will be right back.
Oh, and also I like to make sure that Ulysses isn't cold before a session.
A warm towel usually helps.
I will warm Ulysses.
I know they know what they're doing.
Just didn't think it was going to be like this.
I thought I'd be looking into someone's eyes, you know? All that pleasure, both of us feeling so sexy and good.
Maybe I should wait until I can find an actual person.
My receptionist said you wanted to see me? Hello, Virginia.
Said it was God's work, remember? I did, but then you told me to stop talking.
Because I don't like to broadcast my previous life, okay? But I did spend a lot of years helping out men, and now there is a woman in that room struggling in the same way you did when we first met and this is your chance to, you know, repay the favor.
Having sex with a stranger? I was a stranger.
Look, you say you're such a stallion in the sack, why don't you go in there and prove it? I wanted to prove it to you.
And like the Pope going on a date with Sophia Loren, that is never gonna happen.
Will you at least watch me? So this is what a sex researcher's office looks like.
I'm not sure what I imagined, but it wasn't this.
These your children? Alice, I hope that you're not here to ask me to intervene between you and Dan because that would be highly inappropriate.
Yes, I'm aware of that.
I'm here because I wanted you to understand that I know what you're going through.
I'm not following.
I know you've tried to contact Dan.
Well, I'm not sure who told you that.
No one told me.
I heard your messages on the machine.
Dan and I have reconciled.
I'm back home with him now.
Sorry, you flew all the way from New York to tell me this? Dan has a habit of leaving messes behind as I'm sure you can imagine, and when he's finished with his latest distraction, I'm the one that comes in and cleans it up.
Make sure there's no false hopes for reconciliation.
Oh, I think that you might be confused, Alice.
Have you been drinking? Well, you can't say I didn't warn you, Virginia.
He didn't come back to you.
I left him.
The only reason why he's back with you is because I broke his heart.
Well, everyone has their story.
No, no, no, no, it's not a story.
It's the truth.
We were due at the wedding chapel at seven o'clock, and at four that afternoon I went downstairs to the tables.
I found a nice man with a Pearl Harbor tattoo, and I took him upstairs and let Dan discover us.
That's the real reason why he's back with you.
I don't know who's more deserving of pity in that story.
What kind of woman beds a man on the same day she was meant to marry another? Forgive me for cutting this short, but I have work to do.
I must say, Virginia, I was so touched by your messages.
I cant count the times I've been drunk, calling late at night, searching for the smallest bit of solace.
If anyone knows the sound of a lonely woman, it's me.
But I'm sure you'll find someone.
You really are so beautiful.
And from what Dan says, you've never had a problem attracting men.
[man and woman moaning.]
We found a partner.
Betty found him, actually, and he's a natural.
Not that he can see me, but you know, good for him.
Can you hear me in there? If you can just ease up on the movement for a bit.
That's right.
Now, don't disengage, but don't stimulate the vaginal area either.
Try touching her breasts.
Do you want to add anything? So far two orgasms in eight minutes.
Yes! Steve! Yes! Oh! Scotty.
- Oh, sorry.
- It's okay.
Oh, yes, Scotty, oh! [Art.]
That's three in ten.
They just met, so there's no intimacy or love or knowing each other's bodies.
It's just a purely physiological response.
Congratulations, Virginia.
We may be on our way to a brand new protocol.
When people are attracted to pain I'm not attracted to pain.
Well, the movie that you found stimulating, Mrs.
Bucksey, enacts fantasies of rape and violence.
She found it as sick as I did.
It was a movie, Gary.
That's all.
I was just hoping to bring some excitement back into our marriage.
In our discussions yesterday, you told us you wanted Mr.
Bucksey to take more control.
Yes, that's all I was saying.
I'm not sure that is all.
Is it not also possible that you want your husband to to hurt you? Just tell the truth, Fran.
And even if you do want Gary to hurt you, we are not saying that's wrong.
Although we have found in our research that patients with your psychological profile, they often have episodes from childhood Abuse of some sort, that they haven't yet resolved.
Abuse? But My father tapped me on the bottom maybe once when I was a child, but I wasn't abused.
Bucksey, would it be fair to say that, uh, what you want is to feel desired? [Mrs.
I want to feel Like he's hungry for me.
Like those men in the film.
"The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.
" Exactly.
Madame de Stael.
It's a French philosopher.
The point is, women want to feel desired, sometimes aggressively so.
Well, I don't want to hurt her.
I can't.
So don't.
But what if it were just a little rough? Could you do that? [Nancy.]
If you're willing to try, Mr.
Bucksey, we are here to help.
I like that.
It can be harder.
It's what I intuited about her all along, that what she's asking for is not rooted in pathology.
Are you sure you want me to? Yeah.
You can start softly if you want to.
That wasn't so bad, was it? She just wants something that feels a little dangerous.
I understand it.
Like that? Mm-hmm.
It feels a little gentle.
Better? You don't have to keep asking, honey.
Just just do it.
Honestly, I can barely feel you.
If you're gonna hit me, hit me.
- Ouch! - Like that? Yes, but maybe not Ouch! No, just a little.
Ouch! Ow! Gary, stop! What the fuck do you want from me! [yelps.]
Gary! Mr.
Bucksey, Mr.
Bucksey! That is that is enough! [sobs.]
Virginia? Yes.
I, um, I know we said we were going to keep things separate between us, but there's a case, uh, there's a couple Um [clears throat.]
Well, I I suspected there was a past history of, um, trauma of some kind on the wife's part, but I, uh, I misjudged the situation and, um, it's the husband.
There's something very wrong there.
Possibly, uh, severe childhood abuse.
I see.
That would be a difficult case for you, treating someone with that history, especially with a new partner.
So, you want my help? Although, if you're unable No, I'll help.
Of course I'll help.
I appreciate it.
Oh, Libby.
Aren't you clever, tracking me down? More like lucky since I'm looking for Elizabeth Masters.
E lizabeth.
Oh, sweet Jesus.
Are you blushing? I am I'm just trying to figure out a way to say this.
I am, um, here to ask you to put your divorce on hold just until your husband's trial is over.
You're Bill's lawyer? Isn't that a small world? I thought Walter was handling the divorce for Bill.
I'm his criminal attorney, but just just so you know, this doesn't have to change anything that happened between us.
Nothing happened between us.
Of course not.
Of course not, but um, there is There's one other small thing while I'm here.
We meaning the defense team, were hoping that you would testify at the trial.
You would make an excellent witness.
A witness to Your husband's character.
You, um, you want me to take the stand and talk about the kind of man that Bill is? Well, it's really It's very simple.
Yeah, should I start with What were those four words again? Oh, right, the indignities that I suffered while married to Bill? Well Or how about I talk about the desertion? Is that right? I know it can be very difficult.
What about mentioning the cruelties that I endured during my marriage or I could skip straight to the infidelity.
I'm gonna go now.
And I'll let you just mull it over.
Yeah, I don't have to mull a fucking thing, Mr.
Apparently not.
May I just say, you would make an excellent lawyer.
Get out.
My husband left me for another woman, and the feelings were there no matter how much I drank.
You know it's bad when you wake up passed out on a park bench in Central Park on a Sunday morning while people are sitting in it, or vomiting while you and your husband walk into the symphony, even if it is Mahler.
I was so angry.
I probably still am.
But I'm not drinking anymore.
It's been a month now.
Um, but best of all, my husband's come back.
We're together again, so that's something to stay sober for.
And so I realized if I didn't do something drastic, then in four hours I would marry a man who didn't know me.
Yeah, who knows anyone? Who cares? Well, as it turns out, I care.
Since, uh, since I've seen you leave here with three different guys just this week, I'd like to be number four.
You are Lady Luck.
What in the world are you doing here? Um, Betty said I might find you here.
I was looking for you after work.
I I wanted to maybe take you out for a drink.
Sorry, pal, I already called dibs on her tonight.
I have no idea what he He's drunk, obviously.
Come on, let's not be coy.
Get away from me.
Hey, hey, buddy, I think you better shove off.
What She fucks every other guy in the place but I get the sob story? You can have her.
Fucking psycho.
Are you all right? Yes, I'm fine.
I should I have to get home.
So you go to AA for the stories? Well, I'm not an alcoholic.
I try to attend meetings when I travel, but this is the first time I've ever run into someone I knew.
Sorry if it was awkward for you.
So [clears throat.]
Uh, Virginia and Dan never married.
We knew they wouldn't.
You knew Virginia would never give up her work and I knew Dan would always return to me.
We predicted it and we were right.
We know our people.
Oh, Virginia is, uh Not my people.
Jesus, I've been So you come all this way to St.
Louis to clean up after him, to tell his lover to back off? Someone had to.
All for someone who lies to you, who, uh disregards you? Who ultimately cannot love you.
Can you possibly hate yourself that much? Sometimes I do.
But sometimes I don't.
Surely people like us feel we deserve a certain punishment? Or these things wouldn't keep happening.
What matters for me is Dan loves me and I love him.
That's not love.
That's torture.
And why were you taking pictures of us? I was practicing my long lens technique at various shutter speeds when you and Dr.
Dreessen just happened to barge into frame, lips locked.
Is there some crime against kissing? No, but if Dr.
Masters and Mrs.
Johnson find out I kept something like this from them, well, I don't want to tell.
But if you won't, I won't have any choice.
I don't understand.
They're married.
To each other.
I just spoke with Nancy and she confessed to it all.
[exhales sharply.]
I don't know what to say.
And I don't know what we should do.
There's only one thing to do.
We can't allow our employees to lie.
We'll have to let them both go.
I'll bring them in here now.
Bill, before you do If they lied to us about this, who knows what they're capable of? But if we gave them a chance Why would we do that? Because I'm sure they had their reasons.
Everyone who lies has reasons.
All I'm saying is I'm sure they would have told the truth eventually.
And why would you be so sure of that? Because people can't live with a lie forever.
So that's your decision? Well, I think since you have spoken to Nancy, I'll speak to Art.
We'll let them both know that they are on notice and then we move on.
To say that we are disappointed would be an understatement.
I don't recall ever seeing Dr.
Masters so upset.
I can explain.
I'm uninterested in your reasons for lying.
If it were up to Dr.
Masters you would be fired.
And I agree with him.
But given I have a more compassionate nature I can see that you do.
I might be willing to fight for you and Nancy but it would require you never lying to us again.
Yes, that is understood.
And I would also have to know that you understand the importance in this office of discretion, and for example, I would need to know that you would never mention to anyone seeing me last night.
Last night? Of course not.
I I have no intention.
What you saw Well, my husband and I, we have an agreement, an arrangement, and that is nobody's business but our own.
Please, you don't have to explain.
In the interest of never lying again, I'll tell you I'm also in an open marriage.
So I judge no one, ever, when it comes to these things.
All right then.
So we understand each other.
[breathes heavily.]