Masters of Sex s04e08 Episode Script


1 JOHNSON: Previously on Masters of Sex The grandparents made it clear.
Family only.
You and me get married.
I then will adopt the baby so she is legally mine, and then the two of us will get divorced.
Nancy has struggled to find her footing here from the start.
Getting the Clavermores back would go a long way to making her feel her work here is valued.
It wouldn't hurt you either, would it? Being able to bring your wife a big case like that? I wanted nothing more than for you to be my mentor.
But instead, you just don't like me.
I like your husband.
Your lifestyle is hurtful and unfulfilling to him, and he doesn't dare say it for fear that you would leave him.
We should be observing homosexuals exactly the same way we did heterosexuals.
Art, how do you feel about laying the groundwork to broaden this into a study? I can start now.
Bill, it's Dody.
Maybe we should get together.
I can come to you.
William Masters? I'm expecting someone.
My wife.
She's not coming.
Has something happened to Dody? Aside from you breaking her heart? Therapists are stealing our work.
Put 'em out of business.
We go in as patients.
We go in there? Together? We each pick a clinic.
MASTERS: I'll take Topeka.
sultry music You really need to work on your penmanship, Guy.
I can't tell after Terra-Haute, do I go north or south? And I forgot to tell you you have to book Bill's room in Topeka and mine in Bloomington under the same names that you booked the clinic appointments.
I didn't get that far.
What do you mean? We both leave in the morning.
I mean I wasn't able to book those sessions for you or Dr.
MASTERS: I'm I'm so sorry.
It I mean, it didn't occur to me when I sent you the letter that, um but the last thing I want to do is cause you any trouble.
Well, I-I'm just so happens I'm gonna be in Topeka tomorrow.
It's a-a last-minute business trip, and, uh, well, I was I was hoping we could meet.
And please bring your husband.
Uh, I want to put his mind at ease about my intentions.
See you then.
JOHNSON: Do you have a minute? So, it turns out that these clinics only treat married couples.
Guy tried to book individual sessions at the Toplin Center and the Cleveland Sex Institute.
No go.
So, either we keep looking for places that do treat singles, or we send Art and Nancy, which, obviously, is not my preference.
Well, we should go to Topeka together.
That makes the most sense.
Okay, then.
If the Clavermores do prove to be a case of ejaculatory incompetence, it won't be sensate that you recommend Manual manipulation by the wife.
Don't worry.
I've got the protocol memorized.
I'm trusting you with them.
Gold-star clients.
Potential patrons.
I understand.
You need to make sure you have the Kinsey sixes paired with the other sixes, the fives with the fives, and so on.
Don't worry.
That's built into the experimental method.
And you have matched the heterosexual study in all other essential points? I have.
I highlighted the route.
Also a few sight-seeing stops.
Laura Ingalls Wilder's house is along the way.
Are we ready? Yes oh, one more thing, Guy Oh, I know.
I am typing up last week's intakes and bringing a casserole to Betty, and I will get the copier fixed.
Did you manage to make a copy of the Clavermore file before the machine broke? Yes.
It's in my office.
I'll go with you.
Women keep you waiting.
Or so I'm told.
Nancy, the other day what I said about your marriage, a-about Art's unhappiness with the arrangement I should not have said that.
I crossed a line.
It's fine.
There's no need to apologize.
I'm glad to know how Art really feels.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Put on some music.
Let's dance.
We don't have a hi-fi.
Nance Nance, what are you doing? La-la-la-la-la-la They've only been gone for a second.
They might come back.
A life lived in fear is no life at all.
Oh, this is a comfortable chair.
Let's see.
What would Virginia do? Oh, I know.
Art, could you bring me every single one of Nancy's case files? Well, she doesn't have time for that.
She's too busy plotting how to make Bill hers.
Oh, she tell you that? She didn't have to.
If I know Virginia, she'll take full advantage of this trip.
They're posing as a couple, after all.
They're going through treatment.
I think she's hoping the Masters and Johnson method will work on Masters and Johnson.
It's unbelievable the contortions some women will go through to bend a man to their will.
She's a world-class gymnast.
(INHALES DEEPLY) I could get used to this.
Lavery just sat there as he took the Irish Setter, both cars, the house on Long Island everything.
I was itching to just dramatically bang on the table or something.
Why didn't you? Who wants to hear from the peanut gallery? You have good instincts.
If holding out is in the best interest of the client, you talk them into it, you fight.
There's no such thing as an easy divorce.
Hell, I've been working through split number three since '66.
You're still married? Only on paper.
That remains unsigned.
For three years? Well, I have an exceptional lawyer, but he's exceptional enough to have a case load that puts my divorce pretty far down on his list of priorities.
Oh, I see.
You are representing yourself.
I figured I deserved the best.
The best probably would've settled two years ago.
I'll get around (TOOTH CRUNCHES) Oh! Oh, my God, are you okay? (GRUNTS) Oh, open up.
Let me see.
Oh, you broke a crown.
- (GROANS) - Mm-hmm.
You think it's possible my ex-wife planted this walnut shell? Was that in your food? God, that is absurd.
Uh, excuse me.
Uh, can you send the manager over here, please? (KELLER GROANS) I got to get to Doc Sugarman to either fix this or give me a fistful of Percodan.
You stay and gripe.
- Well, I okay.
- Ah! Ah! You're gonna run someone off the road.
I will drive you.
Easy, easy.
I'm gonna take this.
For evidence.
Do you think this will still pick up our conversation if it's not right at the top of the bag? Keller says we have to get these people on tape if we want to pursue a patent infringement.
What if we tell them we're both hard of hearing, and they have to speak up? Maybe that's how we met: at a mixer for the hearing impaired.
We do need a cover story, so who do you want to be? Ooh, I've always wanted to be an Earl.
Yes, well, I've always wanted to be a duchess, but I don't think it's a good idea to pose as English nobility.
I mean I've always liked the name Earl.
Earls are good guys.
Earls can tell your tires need air just by listening to the engine.
Maybe something more neutral.
(SCOFFS) Didn't you just buy me a moustache and a suede jacket? I think that makes me an Earl.
And you're uh, what color is the wig you bought? Blonde-ish.
Ingrid Sorenson.
Ingrid Sorenson MacAfee.
I will be Ingrid if you don't talk like you have a plug of chewin' tobacky in your cheek.
- Hey.
- What's our issue? I think you should be frigid.
Don't you think ejaculatory incompetence would work better? - Better for whom? - Better for us.
After all, we have a very specific methodology to treat it, so that's one way that we could see if these clinicians are cribbing our protocol.
So, what's our backstory? Mm, Mr.
Clavermore suffers from ejaculatory incompetence.
I have his file.
Why don't we just use their history? Filched identity to expose a purloined therapy.
(SOUTHERN ACCENT) I guess two wrongs make a right in your book, huh, darlin'? You're not really gonna talk like that, are you? - (NORMAL VOICE) Like what? - Like a hillbilly.
I'm very good at accents.
No! No, you're not.
You just think that you are.
It's like how everybody thinks that they have good taste.
That can't be true.
How would that explain lava lamps? Okay, Clavermores, what is your inciting incident? Oh, hi.
Austin Langham to see Bill or Virginia.
Langham? You're Betty's friend.
Uh, Betty's husband, actually.
So, you two did it.
You tied the knot.
- Yep.
- How's Betty doing? She will be better when we get the baby.
And how soon till that happens? Uh, I filed for custody.
Hearing's in a few weeks.
Uh, between now and then, I need to prove that I'm capable of supporting the baby financially, so Oh, so, you came to pick up Betty's paycheck? Sure.
Yeah, yeah.
Every little bit helps.
But, uh, you know, actually, I'm-I'm-I'm, uh, here to see the docs about, uh, an exciting new product.
It is the, uh, finest men's (CLEARS THROAT) Health appliance on the market.
The Virility Vacuum.
Patent pending.
It's a penis pump.
Hello, Lester.
Uh, and yes, in everyday usage, that's correct, but - May I? - Sure, sure.
I see you've gone back to selling snake oil.
Hoping to repeat your success at Fat-O-Metric? Cal-O-Metric.
And this isn't snake oil.
This is a life-saving medical product.
It's a cure for impotence that I have come to offer your patients.
That's not what we do around here, Austin.
What we do here is rooted in science.
Well, this this is science.
Yeah, this this is hard science.
Guy, don't let him talk you into buying anything.
(SCOFFS) He's never liked me.
So, uh, if I could speak to Bill or Virginia Neither of them is in today.
Oh, well, uh, in that case, I'd better leave some pamphlets, maybe even put up a display.
I got a sandwich board in my car.
- Is that a good idea? - Well, I wouldn't want anyone in need to miss the chance, you know? And, um, every dollar I make goes to helping me and Betty get the baby back, so I'll be right back.
Well uh well You're the manager here, correct? Hair in the soup? What? No.
I should probably stop guessing in these situations.
I have a dental bill to discuss with you.
A customer of yours was accosted by a stray walnut shell.
Accosted? He broke a crown.
I'm sure you heard.
I haven't.
But I have heard that the eggs are too runny, the coffee is cold.
I run a diner.
If I handed out money every time a customer wasn't satisfied He's not dissatisfied.
He is disabled.
Oh, yeah, that's rich.
He had to miss half a day in court in order to have his tooth fixed.
That is what we refer to as lost wages.
Who's "we"? I saw you come in here twice yesterday 'cause you didn't get your boss's ham loaf on rye quite right.
You're a secretary.
You're not a lawyer.
So you're as able to take this to court as I am.
Just leave the lawsuits to those with a degree.
Come on.
I need two navy bean.
Let's go.
Step it up.
As you can see, all the treatment rooms are upstairs.
- Mm-hm.
- I see you've travelled quite a ways.
Have you ever sought out any treatment closer to home? Well, Ingrid and I are, uh we want to deal with our situation, uh, aggressively.
- Ah yeah.
- It's gone on long enough, and, uh, so when we saw you offer a-a one-week program Is that really enough time? It is the first question Harvey and I are usually asked.
- Please, sit.
- (HARVEY LAUGHS) Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it, Earl? Go ahead.
M-may I call you Earl? - Yep.
- MARCIA: Ingrid? We don't like to be too formal.
We've found a truly immersive approach yields the best results.
By taking time out from your daily lives, you're you're making your sexual relationship a priority.
- Mm-hm.
- Yeah.
We'd like you to see this as kind of a holiday - HARVEY: Mm-hmm.
- an opportunity to relax and explore and fall in love all over again.
And-and you treat couples together, a-as a couple? Well, there are parts of the process we find more productive to divide up - along gender lines.
- HARVEY: Mm-hmm.
MARCIA: People are often more comfortable speaking to a therapist of the same sex.
Um, is that something that y-you discovered yourselves, or is that standard among therapists? HARVEY: It's not standard at all.
Years of work with couples have led us to develop a very specific technique that, uh, works more quickly and effectively than others.
MARCIA: What's also unique is our intake method.
HARVEY: Mm-hmm.
Questionnaire that covers your sexual history that functions as the foundation - of our treatment.
- HARVEY: Yeah.
MARCIA: Couples learn a lot about each other - during our process.
- Hmm.
Often, they discover things they never knew.
Are you ready to begin? (BOTH CHUCKLE) MARCIA: Here you go.
(SIGHS) We wrote it down in our questionnaires.
Do we need to go through it again? It's helpful to hear things described out loud.
It's part of the therapy.
Why don't you begin with the incident that occurred around the time you found you could no longer orgasm during intercourse? It was two years ago.
We were in bed, making love.
I felt myself getting closer, about to orgasm.
But then something happened.
I heard a noise, and the door opened.
And then I saw our daughter Juliet's youngest - Our son - VIRGINIA: Benjamin.
Benjamin standing there in the in the doorway in-in his pajamas.
I knew I should stop.
But I couldn't stop.
I you know, I was already coming.
And he-he looked scared.
He thought I that I was trying to hurt his mother.
And that's how our problem started.
Is that something that can be treated? It is.
Do you masturbate successfully on your own? - I do.
- He does.
Good, then we can skip a few steps and, uh, begin with teaching you how MARCIA: to manually stimulate your husband.
Once Earl is comfortable including you in his masturbation, you can move towards the second step which involves stimulating him until he reaches what we call the first phase of orgasmic return.
That's when it feels inevitable to you that you're going to orgasm.
You then move over him into the female-superior position and capture his penis NANCY: introducing it into the vaginal canal.
As he ejaculates, you begin a series of pelvic thrusts.
It's a process that moves the two of you towards orgasm without being stopped by any memory of the triggering event.
Your story is consistent with a pattern we find in many cases of ejaculatory incompetence.
The presence of a specific traumatic episode which blocks a man's ability to ejaculate introvaginally.
He feels too much shame.
Shame's a powerful inhibitor not just to sexual health, but to true intimacy.
Previously in your marriage, Earl, when have you experienced that kind of shame? Never.
- (MARCIA SCOFFS) - HARVEY: Never? Really? (CHUCKLES) Well, you'll forgive me, but never is the kind of word intended to block further exploration in its tracks.
So let's-let's stay on this for a moment.
You've never felt shame at failing to please her? - You've never come too fast - Yeah.
Or on occasion not gotten hard? Mm-hmm.
Perhaps you've had fantasies that don't involve her, or you wanted to engage her in behavior that you worry she might consider perverse? Uh, actually, uh, Marcia, from the beginning, uh, my husband and I we've had a very satisfying sex life.
Uh, we've always been extremely open with our desires.
Unafraid to express ourselves.
There's really nothing, uh, that either of us have wanted that we've hesitated to ask the other.
- Really? - So, role playing, positions, toys, language none of it has been off-limits? - Wow.
- That is wonderful.
I mean, how lucky you are to have found each other.
We're very lucky.
MARCIA: S-sometimes, sexual dynamism of this sort l-launches out of non-traditional circumstances.
Such as? - MARCIA: Affairs, for one.
- HARVEY: Yeah.
MARCIA: The clandestine nature of a couple's beginnings might serve as erotic tinder.
Were either of you involved with other people when you met? Well, that's a very loud silence.
(NERVOUS LAUGHTER) I-I-I was married.
Do you want to say more about that? No.
No, Harvey, I don't.
Eh, it might help, Earl.
I don't see how.
Well, perhaps the shock and disapproval you fear from your son is really what you fear from your former wife had she walked in on you and Ingrid making love.
Perhaps, uh, your ejaculatory issues are a form of penance for having betrayed her.
I-I-I don't think it's that at all.
Maybe the judgment and condemnation you fear - is your own, Earl.
- HARVEY: Mm-hmm.
Maybe on some subconscious level, you've decided that you're undeserving of pleasure, of a satisfactory resolution, - of a happily ever after - HARVEY: Mm-hmm.
Literally undeserving of finishing what you started.
Maybe the boy standing at that door, watching, is you.
NANCY: So, tomorrow when you come in, you'll have the option of doing the exercise at your hotel or here in one of our treatment bedrooms, where we can personally instruct you.
We will prefer to do them alone in our hotel.
Uh, Nina's right.
Privacy is best for us.
But I'd I would like to see the rest of the clinic.
Do you have time to give us a tour? - Charles - Well, there's no harm in having a look.
I would be happy to show you.
This way.
How many square feet is this place? Four thousand? Five? God, somewhere in between, I think.
Uh, but there's another hallway with a bedroom studio and exam room.
Yeah, and it's zoned for the medical arts, huh? That is a, uh, a not-for-profit business, which means a tax deduction against the market price.
Is that right? Shall we take a look? Oh, we'll be doing the exercises at home.
Your husband seems to be interested.
Uh, Charles is not interested in the treatment.
He's falling in love.
Oh, don't worry.
Not with your wife.
My husband doesn't fall for other women.
He falls for other businesses.
I thought he was in asbestos.
It's his father's business.
For Charles, it's merely a fund for other businesses.
(LAUGHS) A couple of weekends ago, we took our grandson to Coney Island.
By the end of the afternoon, we owned an ice cream parlor.
(LAUGHS) Nina, they're seeing eight couples a day, and there's still a three-month waiting list.
Here in-in St.
Louis, of all places.
Can you imagine the business you'd do if this were in New York or Philadelphia? I've said the same thing to Art a dozen times, haven't I, Art? Uh, she has.
Do you know that right now, Dr.
Masters and Mrs.
Johnson are on the road investigating a pair of charlatan therapists who claim to be using our method? There are clinics popping up everywhere.
I just I keep saying to Art, "Shouldn't it be us opening one?" After all, we've been properly trained and endorsed by Masters and Johnson themselves.
It's a terrific scheme: you two take the Masters and Johnson method to the masses.
Why make them come to a town where there's only one decent hotel? (BOTH LAUGH) CHARLES: Well, we weren't even sure where to make a reservation for dinner tonight.
I am so sorry.
We should've thought of that and-and given you some suggestions.
Marmaduke, Le Dauphine if you want French.
Uh, Alberto's for Italian.
Well, why don't we do one better? Why don't you two pick a place, and we'll all have dinner together tonight? Lovely.
Did you like how they took credit for the questionnaire, 75% of which is ours? MASTERS: Yeah, the protocol is nearly identical too.
Even the language in the handout: "Once the man's interest in sensate focus has been aroused, the woman is encouraged to manipulate the penis with authority, specifically asking for direction in stimulative techniques.
" MASTERS: "With authority" isn't ours.
Well, no.
We say "demandingly," but that hardly matters.
Keller says this is precisely what we need to pursue a claim against them.
"With authority" is good.
It's better than "demandingly.
" I hardly think that anything of theirs is worth appropriating, Bill.
Well, they may be thieves, but they're not quacks.
You have to admit they demonstrated a certain level of insight.
What, exactly? To fabricated circumstances? Do you really think that the ejaculatory incompetence that you don't suffer from was caused by shame from your fictional childhood? But it's interesting, though the suggestion that feeling undeserving of pleasure can affect the way a man perceives himself, um, choices he makes.
There's nothing to be learned from people whose entire practice is founded in dishonesty.
You know, anyway, we should we should go over the specifics of what we're going to tell them tomorrow, so how many times shall we say I manipulated you to orgasm? What makes the most sense? What sounds reasonable? Twice? We should say twice.
I think.
(SIGHS) I'm sorry.
I'm starving.
I can't even think straight.
I saw a fried chicken place across the street.
Should we get some? I was thinking of calling it an early night.
- (GRUNTS) - Oh.
Are you sure? Well, it's been a long day.
Let's go over our story in the morning, Virginia, okay? Okay.
LIBBY: We're gonna take this to court, right? And we'll win? We'll win big.
Will a judge preside over a $50 suit? Suit? (LAUGHS) I thought we were in some kind of role play, which, by the way, is the only reality where you could actually sue the diner.
But it was gross negligence for them to be so cavalier about their food.
It's not their negligence.
It's product liability.
The negligence is contributory, meaning Well, I know what contributory means.
And you can't prove that what happened was entirely the cook's fault, so you've got nothing.
You only pursue legal action when you know the tort in question is egregious.
But those cases don't exist.
That is not true.
And I'll give you a perfect example.
A woman who carries on an affair with husband's intern - Mm.
- The fault in the divorce is clearly hers, and yet, the ex-wife has the gall to demand Well, she is not your ex.
Not yet.
So, when you said you hadn't gotten around to the divorce, what you meant is you're refusing to negotiate.
She doesn't want to negotiate.
- Uh-huh.
- She knows what she wants.
- The canoe I built, hmm? - Hmm.
The suit of armor I bought on our honeymoon, the jade earrings passed down by my grandmother.
What are you gonna do with jade earrings? Hmm? What does it matter? You want a black-and-white case, this is it.
This is when you take a stand.
Over trinkets? And you want to bring a diner to financial ruin over a $50 dental bill.
It's the principle.
The difference is I have the law on my side.
I can't say the same about you.
It's you.
Uh, what just just you? Your husband? Oh, no, N-Nathan's not coming.
He thought it would be awkward, the three of us.
What, so, he's all right? Because last week, uh I think you asking him to join us made him feel comfortable declining.
Shall we? I made a reservation at a very nice Italian restaurant.
At least I think it's nice.
I've never been.
All I know is that it's dark.
I-I wanted someplace dark, because, well, 30 years is a long time.
Oh, stop it.
Come on.
You look lovely.
Oh, you're gonna need a tie.
It's that kind of place.
Um, hmm, I'm not sure I brought a tie.
Maybe there's one stuffed away in my suitcase.
Come in, please, won't you? Oh, okay.
(BOTH SIGH) Uh oh, tie.
Oh, we can go someplace else.
Or we could just stay in.
Oh, there's a-a fried chicken place across the street.
It doesn't matter to me.
W-well, um, why don't why don't we have a-a conversation here? - Oh.
- Just get some things - out of the way? - Okay.
Your husband said that I-I broke your heart all those years ago.
I honestly, I-I don't I don't know what I did.
Unless maybe you saw my note as-as some kind of joke? - Your note? - Yeah, the-the note I sent you at the hospital with the roses the two dozen long-stemmed roses.
There was no note, no roses.
No, the-the roses I left at the hospital.
It was after visiting hours, so I gave them to the nurse, and told her to prop the note up where you'd be sure to see it.
Well, she didn't.
I didn't get it.
Gentle music And I didn't understand what I had done.
Why you pulled away.
Well, I-I was waiting for you to say uh, something.
And when you when you didn't (SCOFFS) Oh.
(BOTH SCOFF) (CHUCKLES) You should've said something.
Why didn't you? Well, I thought you were telling me something with your silence.
But I loved you.
Couldn't you see that? I guess I'm I must have had a hard time believing that believing that a-a girl like you would ever see something worthwhile in-in me.
What did the note say? Well, what does it matter now? Because I want to know if I might have had an entirely different life with a different man.
Did you ask me a question in that letter, Billy? I did.
(SIGHS) I would've said yes.
(RATTLING) MAN: Need a hand? Oh, uh, do you mind? Not at all.
Glad for the distraction.
Just waiting for my wife.
Have a nice stay? No, we didn't, uh yeah, she-she doesn't know I'm here.
(GRUNTS) I taught her how to drive, but, uh, she never really got the hang of the rearview mirror.
You followed her? Uh, she told me she was going to Darla Barroli's house to help organize the book drive.
I mean, before she left the house tonight, I saw her try on two dresses and three shades of lipstick.
Wonder if she did that for Darla, or if the, uh, book drive is now headquartered in the Jojim Arms, room 211.
Two eleven? Are you sure? NATHAN: It's an old boyfriend of hers.
No, he's more than that.
If she were here, she'd probably tell you he's the love of her life.
(SIGHS) Hell, I thought we were happy, you know? I mean, should I have brought her flowers more than just on her birthday? Sure.
Do I watch the TV out of the corner of my eye while she's going on about her piano students? Sometimes.
Okay, fine.
But not all the time.
I try.
I do.
He's, like, this big-shot doctor.
Like a like a sex doctor.
Can you believe? Jesus Christ, the guy's probably doing stuff And you're just sitting here letting it happen? Why? What would you do? Kick the door in.
Pull her out of there.
I'd-I'd teach that guy to keep his hands off my wife.
Maybe I will.
You should.
I would, if I were you.
I wish you would say something.
It would be better than all this silence.
Just tell me what you're thinking.
All right, you want to know what I'm thinking? - Yeah.
- Here's what I'm thinking: I think by agreeing to dinner with patients, you overstepped every boundary of your professional relationship with them.
As if that weren't bad enough, you spent half the meal talking about the ways that the clinic, where you are a trusted employee, could be managed better.
It's I-I don't know what the word for it is.
Uh, indecent, maybe? Shameful? Wh (LAUGHS) First of all, we-we had to say yes to dinner, Art.
It was clear they were nervous about the treatment and seeking a deeper therapeutic bond.
- Oh, come on.
- It would've been unprofessional and unkind not to go.
You were angling, trying to impress on a very rich man that he should invest in our version of a clinic.
I that's not what Do you remember that ski vacation we took at Tremblant? Second year of med school? - (LAUGHS) - You were about to be evicted from your apartment do you remember? You got on the lift with that couple from Westmount? You didn't even know them.
They needed a house sitter and-and I needed a house.
Well, most people do not come away from a five-minute chairlift ride with a two-year lease on a Mount Royal penthouse.
So I'm not most people.
So what? Come on.
That was that was mutually beneficial, which this could be too.
So, you admit you were angling? Yeah.
He took the lead, and I followed.
Would've been a fool not to.
Come on.
You have to admit that we have been treated terribly at this clinic.
Our talents have have been overlooked and undermined by a-a lounge singer with a degree in typing.
That woman trusted us with these clients.
And we've been asked to take the lead on the homosexual study.
That's an exciting piece of research, which will yield a paper or two or three.
A year from now, our names will be beside Masters and Johnson in respected medical journals.
Why shouldn't our names stand on their own? Especially if we are doing most of the work? Come on, Art.
You-you studied at Kinsey.
You know more about homosexuality than either of them do.
Why not do the study at our own clinic? Because we aren't liars or thieves.
I'm not, anyway.
And I'm not ready to leave the clinic when we've barely begun our tenure.
And I'm not willing to put up with as much as you are.
(SNIFFLING) Oh, I'm sorry.
How I must look.
Raccoon eyes, huh? (CHUCKLES) And here I I wanted to take your breath away.
As if I still could.
Oh, I'm sure you take your husband's breath away.
Oh, he-he doesn't look at me.
Or he does.
He just he doesn't see me, you know? He goes somewhere, drifts away when I'm talking to him.
So I've just stopped.
(CHUCKLES) All that silver in your hair.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) What troubles brought that on? (SIGHS) Have you had a happy life? I'm I'm not sure I know how to be happy.
I'm trying.
Trying to learn.
ONE THING'S CLEAR: I need to stop falling in love with women who don't love me.
But that isn't our story.
You know that now.
Is that the story of your marriage? No.
There was someone else.
Another woman.
Well, I thought she didn't love me.
Maybe the problem was I was thinking, "How could she possibly love me?" Oh, God.
Did that uncertainty come from me? Maybe I could Would you let me make it up to you? I'd like to try.
Oh, Dody, no uh, no.
No, I-I didn't I didn't come here for that.
I see.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
You're sorry? You're sorry.
Well, I'm embarrassed.
No, don't be.
Rejected again.
No misunderstanding this time.
Don't talk like that.
- I should go.
- No.
Dody, please.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm just a silly woman who's read too many romance novels.
Good luck to you, Bill.
Maybe the next woman who wants to love you you'll be brave enough to let her.
So, I-I made some notes.
Uh, we'll say we had three encounters.
Uh, the first one when we got back from the session.
Unsuccessful, um, protracted plateau phase although we can't say "plateau," of course.
You stayed in all night? Uh, yes.
Uh, then I thought I'd say there was a sensation of inevitability that subsided after about two minutes I know this all sounds very technical, but we can, you know, work on the language.
You weren't alone, though, were you? You had a visitor.
Uh, yeah, an old friend dropped by last night.
She lives nearby.
Oh, I've never heard you speak of her before.
Well, we've only just, um, recently renewed our acquaintance.
So, should we say that we had another go around I don't know, what do you think about three hours later? Uh, using the lotion this time Were you lovers? Uh, we were.
- A long time ago.
- Last night? No.
I don't believe you.
(SIGHS) Well, it's the truth, whether you choose to believe it or not.
Why would I? The fact that you hid her very existence from me if it took me asking you for you to even reveal that she stopped by I'm not an idiot.
But is she the reason why we came here? To Topeka? Because you wanted to see her? Do you have feelings for her, Bill? Because if you do, I think that I deserve Oh, God.
(SIGHS) Look at me.
I'm (SIGHS) Is this what it's like? Is this how it feels? How what feels? I'm j I'm not I've never been this person before, Bill.
I don't I can't sleep, and I stay up all night wondering imagining what's going on on the other side of the wall.
It's fucking awful.
How many times did I make you feel this way? Once or twice.
Or a thousand times.
I'm so sorry.
Ah, Ms.
Masters, attorney at law.
Now, I never called myself that.
She may have made assumptions.
Going to my wife? Pretending to be my lawyer? - What made you think - That wasn't my intention.
I simply called to see if her bottom line had changed after a year of being stonewalled.
I built that stone wall very intentionally.
It was hard work.
You think it wasn't part of a long-term strategy? (LAUGHING) No, Bram, I think your strategy is to punish her.
Trust me.
I understand.
I spent ten years with a husband who smelled of another woman.
I have had the moral high ground, and the truth is knowing you are right is the worst weapon that you can have in an argument.
It makes it impossible to let go.
This is why we hire attorneys so that cooler heads will prevail.
Mm? And what assets has your cooler head secured for me? Give up the Cadillac you never drive it and the jade earrings.
You got her to give up the suit of armor? Hm, I subtly suggested you couldn't possibly part with the car, so, naturally, it became the only thing that she cared about.
(LAUGHS) Screw the cooler head.
You've got actual negotiating skill.
It's a wonder you couldn't settle something amicably with the diner.
I don't want to be amicable.
I-I realize that bringing a $50 dentist bill to court is ridiculous.
But I couldn't help but fantasize seeing myself standing in a courtroom.
I mean, I sit at that desk all day, and and I sit in the back of rooms as wives get taken in their divorces, and the idea of standing up in front of a judge, even in small claims court, is Intoxicating.
Have you have you ever heard of a woman my age, um, taking classes or going back to school? It's not common.
But there's not much about you that is.
Anytime between noon and four.
Yes, the homosexual study is completely anonymous.
Happy to help.
Boy, you've been doing a brisk business.
Not a single pamphlet left.
I haven't seen anyone take one.
Well, they must've done it when you weren't watching.
Yeah, sadly, there's still a stigma attached to impotence.
Not that I personally have suffered from it.
LESTER: Don't even bother putting those out.
I threw the last batch out.
I'll throw those out too.
Why would you do that? Were you listening yesterday? A penis pump is precisely the kind of nonsense gadget the kind of Band-Aid solution that the foundation does not condone.
Well, that makes no sense.
You got a broken arm, you don't walk around with it hanging from your shoulder.
A broken pecker? Why not fix it? I'm sure Bill and Virginia would agree.
They wouldn't.
And if you had any idea about what we're doing here, you would know that.
I know exactly what you're doing here.
I was a part of the work before you.
I was patient M0001.
Remember - I know what that is.
- You were a volunteer? I was the first volunteer.
And "volunteer" isn't even the right word.
" That's the word.
Neil Armstrong? Guy's got nothing on me.
You don't think you're being a little self-aggrandizing? One small step for man.
I've been thinking about volunteering.
You won't regret it.
It's not just a contribution to science.
It's meeting someone anonymously and connecting with them physically to see how your parts fit together, no strings attached.
Well, okay, there are wires, but, man, that just heightens the whole experience.
Honestly, it was the best sex of my life.
And the first blonde they paired me with? Oh, what a bombshell.
She was she was gorgeous and she was built, and, like, oh, God damn it, was she ready to go, you know? - (GRUNTS) - (ALL GASP) Oh! You asshole! That blonde is my wife! Going over the data? Well, it's it's very preliminary, of course, but the homosexual couples take a longer time in the prelude to sexual connection, and You going somewhere? I'm leaving early.
I'm, uh, I'm going to meet Mr.
I turned it off.
Was that a good idea? If they figure it out, they can fire me.
Or I'll quit.
Clavermore has found a building for us.
Since yesterday? He's had his eye on it for some time, and now he's brought his lawyer to town so we can begin to talk about terms for a partnership.
Before you say anything, let me say I know that you don't want to leave this place, that you feel valued and fulfilled here, and I'm glad about that, because, Art, I want you to be happy.
I have always wanted you to be happy.
That sounds ominous.
I'm gonna take this opportunity, Art, and I know you don't want to, but maybe that's okay.
Maybe it's time that we let each other go.
You're you're talking about splitting up? I'm not happy.
I haven't been for a long time.
I'm sorry if this hurts, but I need to be honest with you.
I'm tired of pretending.
Pretending what? That I can continue to stomach our arrangement.
That I still want to be with other men and that I don't mind you being with other women.
You don't want me to be with other women? I know that before we got married, I was the one who insisted on this setup, but I didn't know that when you wake up with someone every morning, pour each other coffee, split the-the newspaper, that you want to go to bed with that person every night too.
You want to be monogamous.
But I know that that would be constricting for you.
I know how much you love the openness and variety that swinging brings.
I love you more, Nancy.
You mean you'd be willing to give up being with other women? Yes.
Then this offer from Mr.
Clavermore is like Kismet.
It could not be more perfectly timed.
Don't you see that? We have the chance to go someplace where nobody knows us, where we don't have friends or colleagues who think of us as-as swingers.
We can make a fresh start, the two of us together at our own clinic.
In New York.
JOHNSON: I think the first time we tried was my fault.
Oh, we don't say "fault," Ingrid.
I was too tentative.
HARVEY: Did you give feedback, Earl? Tell her what felt good to you? Sometimes, if you put your hand over hers, it allows you to direct the pace and intensity of her stroking.
I did that the second time.
And the third.
So, three times? And you were able to ejaculate Twice.
Well, good job, you two.
How do you feel? We're very encouraged.
And looking forward to what's next.
So, orgasmic inevitability followed by intromission? - Oh - (BOTH CHUCKLE) Earl's been reading up.
- MARCIA: Yeah.
- Yeah.
Just anxious to get this show on the road, so to speak.
Well, first things first.
It's not a show.
That's the wrong way to think about it.
You won't be performing for us.
In fact, most couples say after a few minutes, they completely forget we're even there.
- Even where? - In the room with us? BOTH: (CHUCKLING) No, no.
- Of course not.
- No, no, no.
- 'Cause it sounded - No.
HARVEY: Marcia and I observe you and Ingrid from behind a two-way mirror so that you can derive the benefit of our step-by-step instruction without our being too intrusive.
I don't understand.
I thought that you were going to send us back to the motel with exercises.
You've made great strides by your own account.
Let's use that momentum to take the next step.
Uh, I don't think we're well, I'm not ready for that.
MARCIA: I think you are, Earl.
I know you are.
How about you just tell us what to do, and we'll report back? HARVEY: But this is how we've been able to yield the results we have in so short a time.
- But other therapists - Frankly, they take twice as long and charge twice as much.
The process doesn't have to be so drawn-out.
In fact, we've found if you hold up intercourse as this big event that requires weeks of training, the psychological pressure that causes can be very destructive.
I'm sorry, but no.
If it's not for you, it's not for you.
We certainly won't force you, but (SIGHS) If you aren't willing to trust us or our approach, I think you have to ask yourselves, "Why did you come here in the first place?" Honey, maybe we should discuss this.
Uh, could we have a moment alone? - Certainly.
- Oh, of course.
Take all the time you need.
- It's out of the question.
- Bill.
I am not going to.
They they should not be having couples coupling this soon, anyway.
Two days into the treatment? We are not here to critique their methodology.
We're here to see what of ours they have stolen.
- And we've done that.
- So you just want - to walk away now? - Yeah.
I guarantee you we will not be the first patients to balk at being observed we've seen it ourselves.
We don't know if they've co-opted our entire protocol.
Uh, our questionnaire, yes.
A few exercises.
But we have a very specific technique for intromission.
If they employ it, we I Virginia, I-I can't.
We've done this countless times before, Bill, and for a higher purpose than our pleasure.
There's nothing different now.
Why why did we come here if not to amass enough evidence to protect our legacy? What are you afraid is going to happen? It's just sex, Bill.
All by your lonesome? Art's staying late at work.
What about, uh, Cissy? She's in Cincinnati for a realtor's conference.
I could open up a bottle of wine, maybe order in some Chinese.
(SIGHS) Sultry music How's your hand? (SCOFFS) How's his face? I got him good, didn't I? Really felt like I connected.
You did.
You-you definitely did.
I'm-I'm sure there's gonna be some bruising.
Or worse.
I shouldn't have let him off so easy after what he said about my wife.
Of course, coming from someone with Langham's intellect, that was practically poetry.
(SCOFFS) I hope you're not gonna listen to him about volunteering for the study.
I just thought I'd fill in the form, see if they take me.
Oh, they'll take you.
I've watched 877 couples have sex on the other side of the glass.
Most of them I never saw again, so I can't say that I know what happened to them, but some, like Langham, I know exactly what came next.
It screwed him up.
His marriage crashed and burned.
He lost his kids.
Langham has other kids besides the baby with Helen? Three.
Four, actually.
He knocked up one of the girls in the study.
That's what I'm saying.
But I'm not married.
And I'm definitely not gonna get anyone pregnant.
No, that it's not just that.
Ever since Jane was in the study, she treats sex like it's a performance.
The curtain goes up, and she's on stage in a starring role.
Why else would she marry the man on the other side of the glass? Because she loves you.
Because I'm her audience.
I have front row seats, a lifetime booking to her drama: crushes, affairs, breakups.
I'm sorry.
But you've been doing this work for years.
Y-you're telling me you don't believe in the work? I do.
I believe in the science.
Just like I'm glad there's a polio vaccine.
But I wouldn't want to be the rat that tried it first.
Listen to me.
Throw that away.
You don't know what's real and what's a performance when there's someone watching.
Doing it behind the glass it changes you.
Gentle music Now, Ingrid, take hold of Earl and begin to manually stimulate him.
Look-look at each other.
Ingrid, connect with him.
MARCIA: Earl, show her what feels good to you.
Tell her when you're close.
Now, Ingrid, move over him into female-superior.
HARVEY: Now keep hold of him, continuing to stimulate him while you put him inside you.