Masters of Sex s04e09 Episode Script

Night and Day

1 JOHNSON: Previously, on Masters of Sex I am talking about intimacy.
JOHNSON: Daddy? What are you doing here, honey? Is Mom here? Does this look like a place your mother would come? That is what we refer to as lost wages.
You're a secretary.
You're not a lawyer.
Have you ever heard of a woman my age taking classes or going back to school? Are those my first patients of the day? No, that's the homosexual and his wife.
Our supposedly homosexual patient happened to achieve an erection last night with his wife! Because he was listening to you.
This needs to be a study.
Art, how do you feel about laying the groundwork? I'm going to meet Mr.
- Shh.
- NANCY: I turned it off.
We can make a fresh start, the two of us together at our own clinic.
In New York.
I shouldn't have just showed up like this.
Just not everyone here knows that I attend AA meetings.
This isn't about AA.
LOUISE: My husband was paralyzed from the waist down, and I was just hoping you could explain all this to me.
NANCY: You know that right now, Dr.
Masters and Mrs.
Johnson are on the road, investigating a pair of charlatan therapists who claim to be using our method? HARVEY: Marcia and I observe you and Ingrid from behind a two way mirror.
I love you.
Sultry music rhythmic music (CAR DRIVING AWAY OUTSIDE) (GROANS) I've typed up the notes that Bill and I took over the course of our treatment in Topeka.
These have already been sent to our lawyer, of course.
So what happens next? A cease and desist letter was sent this morning.
We believe, based on the evidence Sorry I'm late.
I must have lost track of time.
No problem at all.
We were just getting started.
So we believe that we're looking at a case of copyright infringement, possibly patent infringement as well.
NANCY: So, uh, any sex clinic whose work happens to be inspired by Masters and Johnson is committing a crime? Oh, inspiration is different than theft.
The Toplins' intake questionnaire was nearly word-for-word the same as ours, as was their protocol for ejaculatory incompetence.
Why didn't they just rephrase the questions and alter the protocols? We will have a cease and desist letter sent to the Toplins as soon as possible.
We already discussed that.
Bram sent one this morning.
- You spoke to Bram? - Called him first thing.
NANCY: A lot of this hasn't even been published yet, has it? The sensate instructions, the questionnaire, none of that is in your book.
ART: You're wondering how they got it.
NANCY: It's obvious how they got it.
You left it on the bureau last night.
NANCY: a pair of charlatans, two therapists posing as patients to steal our material.
Which means we need stricter screening procedures for all potential new patients, and our lawyer advised us to get signed copies of this from all staff members by the beginning of next week.
That includes Guy and Lester.
A non-disclosure agreement? Is that really necessary? JOHNSON: Well, the last thing we want is somebody coming to work at the clinic, and then leaving with our work and starting a rival business.
No, of course that makes sense.
I'm surprised the phone didn't wake you this morning.
My parents called at 6:00 to give their customary eight-hours notice.
They're coming to St.
Louis, staying through the weekend, and for some reason, my father is insisting that they stay in a hotel, so at least it won't be a problem for us to stay in the house together.
I know what you're going to say.
(SIGHS) You should've woken me before you left this morning.
(SIGHS) Neither of us got any sleep last night.
I thought it was best if one of us got an extra few hours.
But we had a meeting at 9:00 this morning.
I'm still in yesterday's clothes.
Didn't you get my note? I told you not to worry about the meeting, I'd handle it.
And you spoke to Keller without me.
I thought it was important to get the legal process started immediately.
Is there anything else that I've done wrong that you want to tell me about? (CHUCKLES) While you were whispering about my watch in front of Art and Nancy, they could had easily inferred that we were sleeping together.
We are.
What is it that we're hiding exactly? You don't have a wife anymore, Bill.
I don't have a husband.
Have we just gotten so used to keeping secrets, that we've forgotten that we don't have to anymore? Mmm.
Things are just moving very quickly.
Take all the time you need.
Go home, take a shower.
Maybe consider having a cup of coffee.
Quiet music (SIGHS) (GROANS) WOMAN: It's interesting.
Excuse me, I'm looking for Louise.
She usually runs the Thursday meeting.
I'm filling in.
Louise hasn't shown up to any meetings this week.
This this week? Did something happen? You know that I couldn't share any personal information with you even if I knew it, which I don't.
Are you joining us today or Yes, yes, I'm-I'm joining.
Let's let's try slowing down on the thrusting just a tad.
This isn't jackhammering a sidewalk after all.
What are we gonna do? Guy is already badgering me about those forms.
Virginia said she didn't need them signed until next week.
Okay, now, let's switch to female superior.
We won't have the forms signed ever, Nancy.
We can't.
As soon as we put pen to paper, we're - Shh, shh, stop.
I think Monday morning will give us plenty of time to look over the forms.
This position, you'll notice, allows for better stimulation of the clitoris.
We'll have to, um, shift things around though.
The conversation we talked about having with Mr.
Drag next week, for example, about his treatment plan? Why don't you go ahead and talk to him about it today? I still have some concerns about the treatment plan as we discussed it.
Such as? Such a That's right, look into each other's eyes.
Share the moment together.
That's right.
Such as the fact that Bill and Virginia might object to the number of follow-up appointments that we would like to schedule.
I-I think you're being overly sensitive.
I'm sure that Bill and Virginia would happily defer to us when it comes to the day-to-day management of the case.
Oh, my God, I did it.
(BOTH LAUGHING) And you'll do it again.
NANCY: Okay, Mr.
and Mrs.
Drag, when you're ready.
You can get changed and join us outside.
Don't forget, we deserve this.
Uh, anyway, the woman I've discussed in these meetings before for months now, I've done everything I can to resist her.
I have put up every imaginable barrier, but somehow uh, all the defenses that I had so carefully constructed they all just, uh just collapsed.
I mean, in an instant.
I well, I guess I've fallen off the wagon.
Thank you for sharing.
But, uh, well, I'm-I'm asking for your help.
BRENDA: And I don't know what to tell you.
The people in this room, we're all alcoholics.
That's what we're here to discuss.
Your problem seems to be about some woman.
But is-is there a difference? I mean, I mean, isn't addiction addiction? Who would like to share? Look, I-I'm sorry, but I have sat here week after week, listening to everyone else's problems, and to be honest, that meant weeks of listening to a lot of self-pitying stories, belly-achers blaming everyone else for their problems.
Greta, it was your sister that got the ballet lessons, and that's why you grew up to drink half a bottle of Jim Beam every night.
We don't use other members' testimonies.
If only Alan's wife didn't snore like a terrier, you know, he would never have turned to mixing Canadian Club with sleeping pills in the first place.
It's the same, isn't it? You feel bad, so you drink to to numb the pain, and then when it wears off, lo and behold, you feel even worse, so it's back to the bottle.
And then the cycle goes on and on and on.
Because it's not the drinking! Or or or the pills or the whatever that you're addicted to not really, I suppose any more than it is that I'm addicted to Virginia.
Well what we need, what we crave is the feeling bad part, the blaming and and the guilt and and the shame and we only feel like ourselves we only know who we are when we feel worthless.
I wasn't expecting to see you till tonight.
I thought we were meeting for dinner at the Marmaduke.
Your mother wanted to spend the afternoon shopping, and you know how I get around department stores.
Yes, like it's the Bataan Death March.
Actually, um, I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time.
Yes, of course.
I've have to level with you, honey.
We didn't come here just to see Lisa although we did bring plenty of presents, don't you worry about that.
I suppose it clicked for me when I saw you at that seminar last week.
Here I am, searching high and low to find the secret of fixing my marriage, when the answer has been in front of me all along.
You came for treatment? That's why I booked the hotel room, because I thought your mother and I would need a place to work on the assignments and such.
And obviously, we would want to see one of your colleagues.
I understand this is not a subject you want to be discussing with your parents.
Yes, I would certainly recommend that somebody else oversee the case.
I'm sor I'm so surprised that you got Mom to go along with this.
She has no idea.
If I'd have told her, she wouldn't have come.
When were you planning on breaking the news? Actually, I was hoping that you would consider introducing the idea to her first.
You want me to talk Mom into sex therapy? I would never ask this of you, Gini, except that Except you are.
Well, I thought today was a very productive session.
Frankly, I'm not sure I'd be achieving the same results with Bill and Virginia.
Look, those two, they're the greatest.
They're the Fred and Ginger of sexual dysfunction, but ever since you came on board, you've blown the whole thing wide open.
Until next week? Actually, there's something I was hoping to bring up with you.
It's somewhat well it's it's delicate.
Nancy and I have a proposal for you, an idea for a book.
A book, I see.
We've just begun a major new study on homosexuality.
We've already seen dozens of subjects.
We plan to bring in hundreds more by the time all is said and done.
When you say "we," who exactly are we talking about? Nancy and me.
Masters and Mrs.
Johnson, they're not involved in the study? They've left much of the nitty-gritty to the two of us.
Based on my work at the Kinsey Institute, I am something of a specialist in the subject.
So they know about this book idea? We haven't formally broached the subject yet, no, but I have every reason to assume they'll be supportive.
Even if I believe you, I'm in the business of selling books.
"Masters and Johnson," that's a name the consumer has come to know and trust.
"Dreessen and Leveau?" That just sounds like a Dutch guy and a Frenchman with a personal injury practice.
With all due respect.
What if I could promise you that was about to change? Nancy and I are opening our own practice in New York City.
I live in New York City.
I know you do.
We already have office space secured on the Upper East Side.
How many wealthy, well-connected Manhattanites are suffering from sexual dysfunctions and would be eager Do you know where you'll be living yet? Because there are openings in my building all the time.
Best location in the city.
Five-minute walk to Times Square.
So are you saying yes to the book? I'm saying I'm confident we can work something out.
In the meantime, if we could, you know, keep this between us.
Mum's the word.
JOHNSON: Do you have a moment? I've just spoken with a potential new client.
Is that right? Yes, he and his wife are in their 60s.
Evidently, their sex life has dwindled in recent years, and he's hoping to rekindle the lost passion.
Well, they'll have to make an appointment.
There isn't an opening for months.
I want to move them to the front of the line.
So these are VIPs, I gather.
They're my parents.
I didn't know your parents were having trouble.
Neither did I, till last week, when I ran into my father at that singles seminar.
He's dissatisfied in the marriage.
According to him, my mother is no longer interested in sex at all.
I have to say, I'm impressed your mother would even entertain the idea of treatment.
Seems unlike her.
That's because it is unlike her.
He hasn't told her a thing about it.
He expects me to convince her.
Uh, you said no, I hope.
Oh, Virginia, you can't get in the middle of your parents' marriage.
What choice do I have? They came to me.
He came to you.
And even if you did convince her, who's gonna take the case? Art and Nancy? Oh, no, no.
No, I can't treat your parents.
- Why not? - Because they're your parents.
My mother would never talk to strangers about the intimate details of her marriage.
You know that.
And you think she'd be more comfortable sharing those details with me? Don't fight me on this, Bill, please.
Help me.
I can't just stand back and watch my parents' marriage fall apart.
If they both agree, then Well, I'm seeing them both tonight, so hopefully, I can find a moment to take my mother aside.
You're coming over later, though, right? Uh actually, I'm, uh I'm concerned about a patient, Louise Bell.
She came in for treatment last week.
Uh, her husband had spinal injury.
Mm-hmm, well, I went to a meeting this afternoon, and no one has seen her in days, so I thought I would just, you know, drop by her house, see that she's all right.
Because you're still going to AA meetings.
I find they help.
With what? No, I-I'm trying to understand.
And that's exactly what I'm doing as well, trying to understand.
(JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING ON THE CAR RADIO) Civil Procedure is a must.
You're gonna want to sign up for that one.
Every first-year law student takes it.
Well, it meets Wednesday nights, which means I can still take Constitutional Law Tuesday mornings.
A paralegal at my firm did the same program you're doing part-time classes, nights and weekends.
He had his JD in six years.
(SNIFFS) (BREATHES DEEPLY) (GROANS) I think maybe we should find a hotel, finish the drive in the morning.
Just so we're clear, when you said that Albany was "a hop, skip, and jump" away, what you meant was a three-hour flight followed by a six-hour drive into the middle of nowhere.
For your information, Albany is often compared to the great cities of Europe.
Not favorably, but still.
So, this case of yours tomorrow, you gonna win? It doesn't matter either way.
You can't mean that.
Won't your client be in trouble if you lose? It's a test case.
My client intentionally set fire to the American flag to challenge the statute.
But what if the court doesn't overturn the statute? Three to five years in prison.
Who would volunteer for that? (SCOFFS) Break the law, get arrested, and then just hope it all works out.
Can't imagine being that brave.
Louise is usually the one to keep things tidy.
You know, some people, they relax after work by turning on the TV or reading a book.
Louise, she she vacuums.
When do you expect her back? She usually stumbles in around 5:00 or 6:00.
Sleep it off for a few hours.
You know where she is now? Bar.
Liquor store, hotel room.
I don't suppose it's a coincidence, Louise picking up a drink the week we began treatment.
How very astute of you, Doc.
See, you gave her hope.
She thought she had found a cure.
Abracadabra, I come in and you'd wave your magic wand, and just like that it'd all be better.
I tried.
I really did.
We did everything you you told us to do.
- You you had sex? She had sex, Doc.
She had sex, I didn't have anything.
I just lay there, waiting for it to end, so I could go about my night.
The two of you should have come to speak to me right away.
We could have discussed the experience together.
(SCOFFS) Look, I don't know about Louise, but I'm finished discussing anything with you, Doc.
You can see yourself out.
ART: Mason, Fred, and Karen NANCY: Are you sure you turned off the tape recorders? ART: Yes, don't worry.
I double-checked.
Now, what did we decide about New England? If they are closer to New York than St.
Louis, they are potential clients.
How long have they been on the wait list? Hmm.
Looks like Mrs.
Mason first called this office to make an appointment on February 15th, the day after Valentine's Day.
Fortuitous timing.
You know, Bob said there are openings in his building all the time.
Apparently, it's not too far from the theater district.
Surrounded by hicks from Iowa snapping photographs.
Not even a New Yorker yet, and already grumbling about tourists.
There's one thing I need to take care of before we go.
Yeah? What's that? I'm pregnant.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, my God.
Nance, this is I don't know who the father is.
So it it could be mine? Chances are just as good that it's Bruce's, or Randy's, or someone else's.
I'm gonna speak to Barton tomorrow, ask for the name of a doctor who can perform the procedure.
Or we could keep it.
Look, maybe it isn't mine.
I-I'm willing to live with that chance.
I don't need to look at a child and see my my father's ears, my grandmother's chin.
What about seeing Bruce's eyes, or Randy's dimples? Hey, look, we said that going to New York, this was our chance to start over, just the two of us.
This this is the it's the last thread tying us to our old life, our old marriage, our old selves.
Someday soon, we will have our own, and there will not be any question, and you'll see your father's ears and and your grandma grandmother's chin.
And that this will all have been worth it.
I-I just I promise.
Okay? Wasn't sure when you'd be coming.
You smell like a tavern.
I've just been to four of them.
Not to drink.
I was looking for Louise.
HARRY: Is that Bill? They insisted on coming back for a nightcap.
EDNA: You are joining us, aren't you, Bill? Oy.
EDNA: You missed a delicious dinner tonight.
Those lamb chops, didn't they just melt in your mouth? Mm.
I still think Lisa would have done fine.
Children do not belong in restaurants.
I think it's a sign of the times that so many parents don't seem to know that.
Maybe they just don't care.
How are your kids, Bill? My kids? Uh, they're they're fine.
Didn't Jenny just win a prize at camp this week? Uh, yes, yes, she she took home the blue ribbon in the science fair.
EDNA: The science fair? Oh, looks like you have a tomboy on your hands.
Uh, Jenny made a diorama of the moon landing.
I bet she wasn't the only one.
No, it was a very popular theme this year.
I sure there will be quite a few Neil Armstrongs at Halloween.
There was that one photo they keep showing in the paper of the astronauts planting the flag.
Yes, that was beautiful, wasn't it? HARRY: I thought it was just about the, uh, saddest damn thing I'd ever seen.
What in the world are you talking about, Harry? Well, all around 'em, there was nothing but black, and they were wearing those helmets too, so where their faces should have been, there's just more black, like, uh, they were lost or invisible.
Are you all right, Daddy? Harry, I think you've had enough to drink tonight.
I'm fine.
It's getting late anyhow.
Do you mind giving me a hand with the dishes before you go? Sure, sweetheart.
(KITCHEN DOOR CLOSING) I'm sure Gini mentioned that, uh, I came in to see her.
- Uh, yes.
Yes, she did.
I didn't even think I was gonna get up the nerve to ask her for help, but just been so down in the dumps about it, our marriage.
Honest to God, Bill, I don't know anymore whether it hurts more to stick together or hurts more to throw in the towel.
I'm so sorry you walked into that.
Didn't you speak to your mother? I tried to.
I told her how concerned I was about my father.
She told me I was just being dramatic.
So, what are you gonna do? I don't know.
(BREATHES IN) But let's not talk about it tonight.
I-I would like to talk about us, though.
Exactly what this is.
I would like to talk about that too.
But first I need this.
Quiet music WOMAN: They're my favorite.
What the hell is going on here? There are hippies everywhere.
I thought you knew about a shortcut.
This is the shortcut.
Can we turn around? It's one-way.
(CAR DOORS CLOSING) You can't just leave your car! This isn't a parking lot! Maybe someone can tell me what's going on.
Libby, stay in the car.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me, do any of you happen to know why traffic is at a standstill? Is there some kind of accident up ahead? There are no accidents.
We're all part of the big karmic wheel, man.
- Yeah.
- Thank you for that.
Are you all headed up to Albany too? Albany? - (LAUGHS) Nah, man.
- Nah.
Nobody here is going to Albany.
(GROANS) I mean, I knew there was a concert happening, but the advertisements said it was a "weekend in the country.
" It sounds less like a getaway and more like the Second Coming.
(CHUCKLES) "Three days of peace, love, and music.
" Have they seen the weather forecasts? More like 72 hours of thunder, lightning, and humidity.
I don't remember locking the door.
(GROANS) Excuse me? Hello? You have our keys.
You guys know why they call it The Show Me State? Because people always say, "Show me what's so great about Missouri.
" (LAUGHTER) What? Bill Masters, as I live and breathe.
This is this is Bill, everybody.
Wh-what are the odds of seeing you here of all places? Oh, slim, it turns out.
I've been looking for you for two days.
Here I am, about to buy drinks for all my new friends, because they are here for a sales convention.
(WHISPERING) They're from the future.
We're futures commodities traders.
That's what I said.
I need a round of drinks for my friends.
We have time travelers (WHISPERING) in our midst.
What are you doing, Louise? Oh, you(LAUGHS) came to scold me.
Go ahead, get it over with, because I got stuff to do.
I'm not gonna scold you.
The truth is you're not the only one who's fallen off the wagon.
What? You didn't.
Two nights in a row.
Well since we both have fallen, why not enjoy the way down together? (SIGHS) I've asked Guy to, um, clear my appointments for the afternoon.
Barton gave me the number of a doctor.
He can see me right away.
Nance, look, I-I hate this.
At least let me come with you.
You have study subjects coming in.
I'll reschedule them.
This is my responsibility, not yours.
Okay? Hmm? What do you think? For Tessa.
Isn't it a little short? She's got the legs.
I don't know why she wouldn't want to show them off.
I-I'd like to continue our conversation about Daddy.
Oh, are you still on about that? I'm worried about him.
In fact, I'm worried about both of you.
He came to talk to me about your marriage.
(CHUCKLES) I'm sorry, I must have heard you wrong.
I thought you said my marriage.
He feels that there is a certain spark missing.
- (LAUGHS) - And he would like you to consider treatment.
Your father's lost his mind.
Is he wrong? I mean, do you find yourself sexually satisfied? Some of us are trying to eat here.
I don't think that you realize how seriously Daddy is taking this issue.
If something doesn't change I'm afraid your marriage is on the line.
(SCOFFS) At least he's being honest, willing to admit that there's a problem here, instead of just burying his head in the sand.
I guess he told you about Colleen Goddard.
Since he's being so honest about everything.
He didn't bring up Colleen.
Who is that? Do you remember that dumpy dry cleaner's off Bradbury Road? Her husband owned it.
She was the tailor.
For the longest time, I was worried that your father was yoyo dieting, because he was constantly having his trousers taken in, then out.
And then I found a note she'd written him.
And he didn't deny it.
After that, he didn't even bother hiding what was happening anymore.
He kept seeing her? For six more years.
Six years? You just stayed with him? How was I supposed to leave him with a baby? I couldn't afford to have my child raised by sitters.
We got past it.
Then we had some happy years.
And this is exactly why I did not want to have this conversation with you.
I can understand that hearing this could be very upsetting to you, sweetheart.
Not at all.
Obviously, I feel sorry that you had to go through such a painful experience, but I can also separate whatever personal feelings I might have from my clinical understanding.
I have spoken to hundreds of clients with stories just like yours people who have found a way, through treatment to recapture what was lost.
Whatever is broken between you and Daddy I can fix it.
- Ahh.
God, rum was never my drink.
Well, I have always loved a man in uniform, and Captain Morgan is no exception.
You know, I know I've been a skeptic in the past, and I'm certainly in no place to tell you or anyone else how to lead their lives, but But you think that I should get to a meeting, and work the program.
Today is already shot.
So, I will go to a meeting tomorrow.
Marrying that man was so glorious.
This was the this was the song that we danced to, our first dance at our wedding, and We danced all night.
I mean till 5:00 the next morning.
I couldn't believe it when my feet were hurting, 'cause felt like they never touched the ground.
(BOTH CHUCKLING) So drink up (SONG CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) I owe you an apology.
I know that the work you did with your husband the work I encouraged you to do that's the reason we're here.
I'm the one who made the mistake of coming to you, thinking that my marriage could change, that things could be different.
They still can.
I know what my marriage is, 'cause I made it that way.
Maybe if he had the keys that night but he didn't.
I did.
What you and James have now, it doesn't seem like love.
It seems like punishment.
If you stay in this marriage, Louise, this will this will just keep happening.
Eventually, you will be right back here again.
Don't you think I know that? Well, then you have to leave, don't you? How do I do that? I put this man in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and then I just walk out the door? (SCOFFS) You're asking me to trade one form of punishment for another.
How do you know it would be any worse than what you have now? I don't.
I don't.
But at some point, you gotta make a choice.
I choose to stay.
And the laugh's on me Isn't there somewhere else that you can do whatever it is that you're doing? Can't you see? I'm dying.
Apparently, she is dying now.
You can't argue her out of a bad trip.
Oh, so now you're the expert on bad trips? Oh, poor thing.
She looks terrified.
Careful, Lib, she might bite.
I understand you're having a hard time? You're dying, I'm told? Maybe I could come in, we could talk about it.
Just you.
Not the guy that looks like an ape.
That was unnecessarily hurtful! (SIGHS) (SIGHS) What's your name? Allison.
Can I tell you a secret, Allison? Sometimes I feel like I'm dying too.
Because this person that I've always been this person who was sensible and cautious, every day (LAUGHS) little by little, that person is fading away.
Will you help me then? Since you've done it already, you can guide me.
Um (LAUGHS) Tell me what you see.
It's dark.
I don't see anything.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- (WHIMPERING) I want you to, um take a step forward.
I want you to begin to let go.
Let go of everything that you're holding onto, Let go of everything that's weighing you down.
All of the people that have hurt you, all of the disappointments.
(SOBS) The betrayals.
I want you to leave it all here.
It's of no use to you anymore.
Peaceful music Now, this is gonna be the hardest part.
Now you have to let go of you.
You ready? (WHIMPERS) I'm gonna count to three.
Okay? One.
You did it.
What happened? You died.
- That's so sad.
- No.
You had to.
It's the only way you could be reborn.
Well, I have to say, I wasn't sure you were gonna be able to pull it off, getting your mother to agree to this.
Well, it only took two hours of haranguing.
I didn't realize you were gonna sit in on the appointment.
I thought it would just be Bill and me.
Well, actually, I have decided to oversee the case myself.
Really? I will be conducting an intake with you this morning, and then a separate intake tomorrow with Mom uh, Mrs.
You're not gonna call her that, are you? Let's start by discussing the issues that brought you to treatment.
Well, um your mother and I haven't really had You don't have to say, "Your mother.
" Uh, Edna and I haven't had sex in years, and, uh, we haven't had good sex in God, I don't even know.
Was there a particular time in your marriage that you remember sex being the most satisfying? Well, um in the beginning, we really couldn't go a day or two without Have you ever been unfaithful in your marriage? It's a standard intake question I have to ask.
Um, the answer's no.
Never? Never.
Are you going to tell me about the drycleaner's wife or are you intentionally leaving that out? (CHUCKLES) Uh I'm not sure what your mother told you.
She told me that you slept with this woman for years.
Well, that was that was a long time ago.
And that she confronted you about it, but you continued to see her.
Why is this suddenly feeling like an inquisition? I'm just trying to figure out if this event had something to do with why you have these issues emerging between you and Mom.
Uh, Mrs.
Well, your mother and I never had any problems with sex.
I not back then, at least.
So you continued having sex with Mrs.
Eshelman during the time of your affair? How could How could you do that? I don't think this was a good idea after all.
Why? Because you can't answer the question? Because I thought that this was supposed to be about you listening to me, without judgment.
I'm not judging you, I'm just asking you how you could do that to your wife.
Well, I think that's a question you could answer as well as I can.
You and Bill, weren't you both married when that began, or was it just him? And and what about Dan Logan? I seem to remember he had a wife back in New York City.
Somber music And I am not judging you.
Hell, maybe you had the right idea get out while the getting is good.
Before the before the passion goes, before you find yourself arguing about Before you find yourself arguing about who forgot to close the cereal box.
Before it gets before it gets boring.
Do you know the only thing more boring than a one-night stand? A whole string of them.
On the surface, they may all seem different, but underneath, they're all exactly the same.
Same inane small talk followed by a few frantic moments of p of pleasure, ending with phone numbers being exchanged, only to be thrown in the nearest garbage bin.
But you and Mom, you you know each other, deeply.
You've built this real life together.
I know there have been so many ups and downs a million of them, but you're together.
But, honey, if you're saying that's what you really want then why don't you have it? (DOOR OPENING) It's over.
I was able to use a phone at a gas station to call the firm.
They have chartered a helicopter to pick us up in a hippy-free field 1/2 mile down the road.
I'm gonna stay, actually.
What? In a traffic jam? (LAUGHS) No.
Allison and her friends are walking to the festival.
It's 35 miles away.
Have you ingested something? (LAUGHS) You know, in the last few days, I have begun registering for night classes, and in six years I will be a lawyer.
In the meantime, I can keep my job with Herb, and I can keep my slot in the carpool.
When did my dreams get so small? They're not small.
They're they're reasonable.
Dreams aren't supposed to be reasonable.
They're supposed to be outlandish.
Like burning a flag and not knowing if you're a hero or a felon, or walking 35 miles, even if you don't know what you'll find when you get there.
Even if all you find is rain.
Come with me.
In half a mile, you're gonna change your mind.
I'll be here waiting.
Well don't wait too long.
Not to be the crying kind Not to be the girl You left behind What about your things? I have everything I need.
You gotta go where you wanna go Do what you wanna do With whoever you wanna do it with Babe you gotta go Go where you want And do what you wanna do Go where you want Has Bill been in yet today? I haven't seen him.
But it's not unusual, though, for Dr.
Bill to come in late on Fridays.
Why is that? (MOUTHING WORDS) What? (WHISPERING) There's an AA meeting at the Baptist Church on Hickston.
How is she? She's she's tired.
Some cramping.
Otherwise, I think she's gonna be okay.
(SIGHS) Oh, Art.
Gentle music NANCY: I didn't know who else to ask.
BARTON: No, no, I'm You did the right thing.
You can come to me with anything.
You know that.
I'm not gonna lecture you, try to talk you out of it.
I'm sure this is not a decision you've arrived at lightly.
You can tell them I've referred you.
Thank you.
I, uh, I know you and Art, you have an unconventional setup.
- (LAUGHS) - I'm just saying, I understand why you might be hesitant to raise a child when the parentage is in question.
It isn't in question, actually.
So you know who the father is? It's Art.
NANCY: Well, I'm very careful about these things.
I use condoms with everyone else.
Um a few weeks ago, though, I woke up in the morning and realized I hadn't worn my diaphragm with Art the night before.
BARTON: But I don't understand.
I remember you telling me how keen Art was to start a family as soon as you were married.
What happened? NANCY: Nothing.
Art is as keen as ever.
Then why wouldn't you keep it? I never wanted to get married.
He did and I agreed.
And I knew that this was just a ring.
It can be put on and taken off a hundred times a day.
It doesn't mean anything.
It's it's not that I even want to leave him I don't.
I just I-I need to know that I can.
NANCY: I need to know that there's a a door leading out, even if I never go.
And a baby whew it closes that door forever.
A a baby means that I can never leave.
I was hoping I could sit in on a meeting, see what it's all about.
It just ended ten minutes ago.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
So what happens here exactly? In these meetings? Uh, well, uh First of all we we go through the steps.
It's fine, I can finish up.
Good night.
And then, you know, if someone's new we encouraged them to introduce themselves.
"My name is Virginia, and I'm an alcoholic.
" (LAUGHS) I saw that in "Days of Wine and Roses.
" I'm I'm not an alcoholic though.
But for a long time I thought I was addicted to (LAUGHS) Well, to you.
I'm not your addiction, Bill.
Well, I-I know that now.
I've lived in a in a dark place for a long time, and I don't want to live there anymore.
And to be completely honest with you, Virginia, I don't know if you're the way out of that place or if being with you is just another way for me to stay in it.
You're scared.
Well, just so you know, Bill, I'm scared too.
Is it so bad that we're scared together? We've always just leapt into the unknown, the work or sex.
Been open to trying almost anything, really.
The only thing we haven't tried is just being.
Waking up together and having breakfast.
Watching the news at 6:00.
Discussing I don't know, whether or not to get a dog.
- A dog? - (LAUGHS) A dog, I know, from a woman terrified of being a housewife.
Having a dog is it means having a life together.
And having a life together means being all-in.
Both of us.
For better or for worse.
In good times or in bad.
(LAUGHS) Sickness or health.
For richer or poorer.
Rhythmic music Till death do us part.