Masters of the Universe: Revelation (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

The Power of Grayskull

In the center of the universe, on the planet Eternia, is Castle Grayskull, ancient fortress of mystery, its power sought by the dark forces of Snake Mountain, sanctuary of sin and sorrow, ruled by the demon Skeletor and his evil acolytes.
And the only thing that stands in their way is Prince Adam, who defends the secrets of Castle Grayskull as He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.
Only four others share this secret, guardians of Grayskull all, amidst an army of the honorable, committed to guarding Castle Grayskull from the havoc of destruction.
For those who control Grayskull control the power, the power to be Masters of the Universe! Marlena, Marlena, Marlena! Show me a single Eternian who doesn't love fireworks! The p-palace is under attack! It's just fireworks.
Take it from someone who's seen battle, Cat.
Well, someone might have wanted to alert the Captain of the Guard.
I almost called for an air strike.
Teela! You look like a warrior goddess! Thank you, Your Highness.
For the compliment, for this great honor and for making me feel like family.
For decades now, I've watched with pride as you grew to be a brilliant technician, a lethal warrior, and a master strategist.
But you being knighted Man-At-Arms? This is the proudest moment of my life, Teela.
I know our rank and position don't allow this kind of thing, but thank you, Dad.
Aw! Man-At-Arms is feeling "Man-y" emotions! Hey! You wouldn't pull that if Prince Adam was here! Yes, where is Adam? Even on Teela's big day, Snake Mountain takes no rest, I see.
I see as well, Witch.
I see the Guardian of Grayskull has been so easily fooled by my Shaping Staff! Behold the Lord of Destruction! Skeleto Poor Skeletor.
Did you really think your latest ruse could fool the Sorceress of Grayskull? Too loud! Too loud! Aw.
I can help you, Cringer! All we need is a little magic! This cat is scared and thinks there's trouble, so keep him safe inside a bubble! See? I'm protecting Cringer's hearing in a soundproof bubble! He's not scared anymore because he can't hear.
He also can't breathe.
Um uh There is no air, it's made things worse, come on, bubble, it's time to burst! Uh does anyone have the power to help me save Cringer? I have the power.
You're not Adam! -I am Adam! Prince of Eternia and Oh, oh, oh, okay! Okay! Ow! Ow! I fought the forces of Snake Mountain.
Did you think I couldn't defend against your attack? That attack is called a hug, Teela.
Today's the day, Adam! After years of defending the realm, I have finally shown everybody that this little orphan girl is Man-At-Arms material! Well, you never had to prove it to me.
You've always been the most ready person I've ever met.
But my dad says, "No amount of preparation can make you ready for the unpredictable.
" With all due respect to the king, that doesn't apply to me.
I know everything there is to know about battle, the palace, Grayskull -Everything? I'm pretty sure you still don't know who he really is.
He who? Even the great Sorceress of Grayskull was so easily manipulated by my latest deception! Because this isn't the real He-Man.
He's more of a Faker! You're no match for the malevolent magic of Evil-Lyn! Sorry, Sorceress, I'm not Clawful, but I can be awful! Time after time, you try to take this castle.
But you will never succeed, Skeletor.
Because you're not the Lord of Destruction.
You're nothing but the Lord of Failure.
Ah, but my repeated failures were but a bridge to my success, Sorceress! After all these years, I finally understand that Grayskull is not the prize I'm after! This castle is merely a shell! The pearl I seek is trapped inside! So I'm not here to take the castle I've come to tear Grayskull down, stone by stone! Are you strong enough to battle both me and the full forces of Snake Mountain at the same time? You are overwhelmed.
So call him, "Zoar-monger.
" Call your Champion.
Look at Duncan.
He's beaming with pride today.
That's parental pride, Adam.
Something I hope I can feel one day as your father.
He-Man! Hear me, wherever you are! Grayskull is under attack! I hereby dub you Man-At-Arms.
The Sorceress is in danger! Royal Guards, Grayskull needs defending! Uh-oh.
Lead us into battle, Man-At-Arms! For Eternia! Adam! Secure the throne room doors! Good people of Eternos! Follow your king and queen to safety! This way! Follow your king and queen to safety! This way! Be careful, Adam.
Orko! Get to Grayskull and use your magic to help strengthen the Sorceress! Ooh, I know! I'll encase her in a protective bubble! No more bubbles! Come on, Adam.
How 'bout we sit this one out till the bad guys go away? Sitting's for quitting, Cringer.
The Sorceress needs her Champion.
By the power of Grayskull! I have the power! Are you all right? Did they hurt you? You should be more concerned about yourself.
I'll handle this nightmare! You find Skeletor! You're not a Champion! Just his cheerleader.
Where are we? This is the Heart of the Castle, where the Council of Elders buried the Secrets of Grayskull.
All the magic that flows through Eternia Starts here.
And it's going to be all mine! Let this be our final battle! So glad you could join us, my dear.
Wouldn't miss it for the world, Skeletor.
Enough! You defile the heart of Grayskull with your very presence! Leave this place and never return! You first, Moss Man.
Smells like pine.
You can't tend the garden without pulling a few weeds.
No! You f finally used that sword the way it was meant to be used, boy: as the key to the Hall of Wisdom! The Hall of Wisdom was the storehouse of all the knowledge of the universe, where the Council of Elders concentrated their powers into this magical Orb! And to greedily protect their prize, the Elders created the illusion of Castle Grayskull to conceal the majestic Hall of Wisdom! And now finally, after all these years, the secrets of Grayskull will be mine! No! Everybody's frozen! I'm holding back time.
But time is stronger than magic, so we have to hurry.
Can you contain the blast? I'm not strong enough.
By cracking the Orb, Skeletor has released the very magical power that created Eternia and the entire universe! So when this moment unfreezes, we'll only have seconds before all of existence comes to an end! If we're all gonna die, then what was the point of bringing us here? Because I wanted to see you, Teela, one last time.
Me? What if I called on the power of Grayskull while I'm already in this form and used the sword like a conduit to contain the blast? What do you mean "in this form"? The Sword of Power could absorb the blast and save the universe, yes.
But He-Man, you would have to be wielding it.
The power of that much magical energy will kill anybody even you! You'll die if you do this, He-Man! If I don't do this, everybody dies! I can't hold it! We are out of time! By the power of Grayskull! He's just a boy! And that boy is holding all the power of the universe in his bare hands! No! That power is mine! Huh? Adam? My Lord.
My Lady.
I I regret to inform Your Highnesses that during the battle with Skeletor He-Man succumbed.
May he forever bask in the glow of his great reward in Preternia.
Grayskull has lost her Champion! Randor we've lost our son! What? No, Adam's fine! Isn't he, Duncan? My Lord, Prince Adam and He-Man No, it can't be.
My Lord, I am so sorry you had to find out like this.
But the Prince ordered us to keep his secret.
Get out My Liege? Get out! I strip you of your title and banish you from the palace forever! And if I ever see you again, I will have you executed! As you wish, my Liege.
Teela, get this disgraced Man-At-Arms out of my sight! No.
I am done with every one of you.
Teela You knew.
Didn't you? And you never said anything.
Not even to him.
Everybody I ever trusted since I was a child knew Adam was He-Man! I have laid my life on the line for every one of you but you're all a pack of liars! And Adam was no different! Teela, that's enough! Yes, it is! Because I've had enough! Enough of your secrets and lies! Enough of magic and the monsters it makes! Enough of the royal palace! And enough of Castle Grayskull to last me a lifetime! I am done looking out for the people who never told me the truth! He-Man is gone.
Skeletor is gone.
And now? So am I.
Wait! Don't go, Teela! We can get through his together! Like we always do! He-Man finally killed Skeletor!
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