Masters of the Universe: Revelation (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Poisoned Chalice

Ah, holy hell, the smell! I'm running full filtration and I can practically taste the stench! Ugh! Ooh! Ew! I know it's garbage, but something in here really stinks! Hey! I found it! Get your soap-stinkin' fingers off my merch, ya dirty Merc! Ugh, you know this stinker? Stinkor.
From my old life.
Sorry about the mess.
I can't thank you enough for finding the Glove of Globolah! The Glove is steeped in the oldest magic, so it was thought to be theft-proof.
Thank you for stealing it back.
Without the Glove of Globolah, our followers felt empty and broken.
No glove, no love.
What would Stinkor want with it? To sell it to the highest bidder.
Magical relics are at a premium because magic has abandoned Eternia.
You don't need magic to protect your Glove.
You just need better tech.
I tracked it with this.
And this wasn't conjured by some wizard.
It was hand-built by an engineer.
This engineer.
This is Andra.
I'm the brains.
She's the brawn.
The less people rely on magic, the better off we'll all be! Hear, hear.
Uh, can we help you, Miss? Majestra.
Help me? No, help comes free.
I'm here to pay you.
For a job.
What kind of job? You helped the temple reclaim what was stolen.
Do the same for me from a place that might be a bit of a challenge.
Secure the artifact I seek, and I'll pay you triple this amount.
Oh, you are on! What's the artifact? It's an old goblet.
A magical old goblet.
Not magical, just sentimental.
The goblet belonged to a dead friend my best friend.
I cannot bring him back, so I would pay any price to hold this tiny piece of him again.
Where do we steal this cup from? Snake Mountain.
The Snake Mountain?! Oh, you got a deal.
What?! Are you insane? No, I'm experienced.
Meet us back here in two days, we'll have your cup.
Yeah, if we're still alive.
Be careful at Snake Mountain, girls.
It can be such an evil place Scale the tail.
What took you? -A trap door.
If you're done having fun, let's finish this.
It would be rude not to share.
Whiplash got a kick out of that.
I'll go if you go.
That's new.
It looks like a pressure sensor.
We touch it boom.
Dismantle it, power down, breathe on it Impressive, if it wasn't between us and a major payout.
You can't deny it's got panache.
The door is airtight? Oh, yeah.
Certain death? Most likely.
So if you think we can't get in this way, they think we can't get in this way.
And if they think that, it'll be the only entrance they're not watching.
You got a way to get through solid metal? Snake Mountain has but one weakness.
So start digging.
I don't know what I was expecting, but They've redecorated.
Magic and those greedy for it have wreaked havoc across Eternia for too long! Neighbor turns against neighbor and father fights son because the flesh is weak! But not the machine! Motherboard is forever strong! Forever merciful! So drink from the cup and save yourself and your family from carnal chaos! Excellent.
One more enters the light! Glory be unto we who live and diode in the mighty Motherboard! Glory be unto we! Glory evermore to the Motherboard! What is this freak show? Get ready to move.
Thank you, Holy One.
We have made the long pilgrimage in hope of finding the new way.
A better way.
You have come to salvation.
We make your mediocre flesh ready for the digital embrace of Motherboard! Let us pray.
O sweet Motherboard, master of metal Meat or metal, we get through them and get what we came for.
I'll be the distraction, you go for the cup.
supple skin I seek to remake in your image.
In the name of Robotics, Automation, and the Holy Sprocket! Trap Jaw and Tri-Klops.
I thought I smelled dirty motor oil.
Teela! How dare you sully the sanctity of Snake Mountain! I sullied Snake Mountain? I don't even recognize this place anymore with all your new techno-crap! The defeat of the insipid Skeletor made us see the error of our ways.
Plan after pitiful plan, the so-called Lord of Destruction relied on magic and failed because magic is an empty promise! A false god! A sinner's solution! The true power in Eternia has always been man's mastery of technology! Sounds like you've got more than a few screws loose.
Happy to knock 'em back into place.
Go! Whiplash, déjà vu.
Don't worry, we're gonna get you out of Got it! - After them! Up and out? Down.
-I hope you know what you're doing! Cry havoc and let's slip these cogs of war.
Tripled our monthly income and foiled a couple of "mech-lomaniacs"! If that's what your old life was like, I don't know how you left! She got outwit, so she quit! Where do you keep popping out of?! The reward? Interested in finishing the job? We did.
What has been gained must now be given.
Help me deliver the goblet and I'll pay you twice again.
Deliver it where? There's more than one fortress of yore in this land.
What say you to completing the set? With Grayskull? Grayskull?! My grandfather told me stories about that place! Tell me, Captain, have you never wondered what you left behind? I'm done wondering.
I did find what I was looking for from Snake Mountain.
A reminder of why we failed.
When you go looking for it, there's always something to blindly fight against.
But what were we ever fighting for? Stories? Lies? I prefer something more tangible.
You won't find that in Grayskull.
Look, T.
I don't trust her any more than you do, but if she's trying something at Grayskull, someone's got to keep an eye on her.
I know you're out of the hero business, but maybe I don't have to be maybe this is my chance to mean something.
You do mean something, Andra.
As you.
Adventures being a hero it swallows you whole.
Well, that's a risk I'm willing to take.
Teela, you don't have to do this.
I go if you go.
After the final battle, the King decreed the castle a forbidden zone.
I thought there was supposed to be a big skull.
We're breaking the law just by being here.
Last time I saw this place was the day Adam died.
You look old.
All this magic all beautiful and all yours while the rest of us make do with what dregs remain.
I think it's time you told us what you really want, Evil-Lyn.
The Havoc Staff! You're hurting her! Cringer?! -I'm sorry, Teela, but we don't have time for any more fighting! I made this wretched journey to strengthen your Sorceress with what little magic that remains in the Havoc Staff! I don't believe your lies! Why would you ever help the Sorceress? Because I asked her to.
To save the last ember of true magic left in Eternia.
You trust me with this? I trust our interests are aligned.
If this ember goes out, the last of Eternia's magic is gone.
So guard it with your life.
Whether you serve Grayskull or Snake Mountain, we all gotta work together now, or else Eternia dies! The fearful feline speaks the truth.
Magic gave birth to Eternia the first planet in all of creation, the nexus of all space and time! And the Sword of Power is what binds that magic to Eternia.
But now that the Sword's gone, the magic is gone with it.
Without magic Eternia will rot and die like an unwatered houseplant.
And as goes Eternia, so goes the entire universe.
Teela, the only way to bring magic back to Eternia is to call on the power of Grayskull.
And to do that, you'll need the Power Sword.
But the Sword of Power was destroyed in the final battle.
Not destroyed, divided.
Legend has it the Sword of Power was made up of two ancient blades of steel one forged in the Hall of Heroes in Preternia, the other forged in Subternia the Land of the Dead.
When the Sword absorbed all of the magic from the exploding Orb of Power, it broke into its twin halves and returned to the realms in which they were forged.
So you must find the two halves and use the ember to reforge the Sword of Power.
Am I crazy or are they sending us to Heaven and Hell? You people never change.
I built a life of truth away from magic.
And now you want me to save magic? Yes, Teela, because you have a special Don't you understand? I am done with all of this! Let this crumbling castle keep its dead.
And let all their selfish secrets die with them.
Do you remember who named me Cringer? It was you.
I was just a little 'fraidy-cat, scared of my own shadow.
And when you were takin' care of me, you started callin' me Cringer.
With good reason, mind you, since I obviously know a thing or two about bein' afraid.
And we may show it in different ways, but I recognize what you're feeling right now.
You're not angry, you're scared.
You're scared because you're just now realizing that Adam trusted you with all of this.
And you're scared that you're gonna let him down.
Turns out I barely knew Adam.
You knew who he really was.
So did you.
He was really your best friend.
Do you think Adam would have made the sacrifice he did if he didn't know that you'd be here to protect Eternia when he was gone? He trusted you with more than his secret, Teela he trusted you with Eternia itself.
I may have known Adam's big secret, sure.
But, Teela, you knew his heart.
So ask yourself, what would Adam want you to do? Good kitty.
I wasn't eavesdropping, but, for the record, I'm totally with the green cat on this one.
You wanna go to Subternia, do you? The Land of the Dead? Race you to Hell.
There's no chance I'm letting you children steal all the glory.
There's somebody else we're gonna need.
I know of only one weapons master on the entire planet with the skills to reforge the Sword of Power.

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