Masters of the Universe: Revelation (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

The Most Dangerous Man in Eternia

It makes sense you've resorted to piracy, Skeletor, because your face is on their flag.
Mer-Man and I have teamed up to form an unholy alliance against you! Because while we are different in so many ways, we share one thing in common: our hatred of He-Man! When the brine fills your lungs and you've taken your last breath, know that it will be me, the Mer-Man, who pries the Sword of Power from your cold, dead hands.
I'd look forward to our next tussle, but I won't hold my breath.
What if we painted this ship a nice granite? Thanks to Man-At-Arms, you're all wet, Skeletor.
He actually said, "You're all wet"? He-Man had the sense of humor of a teenager who didn't get out much.
He-Man was a glorified goody-goody.
Now, Man-at-Arms, he was always the real threat.
I told every Snake Mountaineer time and again that he was the most dangerous man in all of Eternia.
The man with the underwater lasers? I gotta meet the guy behind that gear.
Ah, the folly of youth.
I, too, was intrigued by dangerous men when I was just an idiot girl like you.
Excuse me? Don't waste your time on dangerous men, child.
They're only in it for themselves.
You can't fix them, and they'll never return your affection.
Take no life advice from the likes of Evil-Lyn, Andra.
Remember, she's the only one here carrying around a Skeletor in her closet.
But I'm not the only one here carrying a torch, am I, Teela? I don't know why I thought the lady named Evil-Lyn would be nice.
Stupid old cripple! There's not enough magic to go around, and you spill an entire cup of some of the only enchanted water left in Eternia?! You're gonna pay for that.
Halt the heretics! Motherboard demands a sacrifice be made of their fetid flesh! Magic is dead! Long live the Holy Sprocket! I shut it down! Who dares?! Time to merge with Motherboard.
All those eyes and you still couldn't see me coming.
I have no quarrel with you, Beast Man.
Anyone who threatens her makes an enemy of me.
Leave these pathetic pilgrims to their magic water and begone, or I swear by the bones of Skeletor you'll die.
Pity we don't see eye to eye.
I'm impressed.
You handled yourself well when you defended that old man.
Being an old man is a subject I know a bit about.
Duncan? My sun and my moon, I beg your forgiveness.
I'm sorry I kept so many secrets from you for so long.
If you give me another chance, I swear to you, I'll Ugh! We don't have time for these broken family theatrics.
We need the skills of a Man-At-Arms.
"We"? We need you to reforge the Sword of Power.
Oh, is that all? Do you remember that if I so much as weld two pieces of metal together, I can be executed? I lost my rank by royal decree.
But if I don't get this cup back, I'm gonna lose a lot more than a rank.
I'm going to lose a friend.
Teela? Is that you? This little guy looks sick.
Not too sick for a magic trick.
This room's too dark, uh, not much fun, so fill it with a little sun.
Ah, I'm sorry, Teela.
I guess I am feeling a little under the weather.
This will help.
Drink the enchanted water, my little friend.
How did this happen? Since there's no magic left in Eternia, all the mages like me and this little buffoon have been hit the hardest.
That's the Royal Buffoon, thank you very much.
Not to mention the only Trollan in the palace of good King Randor and gracious Queen Marlena.
Well, until the king and queen sent me away.
After Prince Adam after He-Man You still miss him.
Every day.
I thought it would get easier with time.
So did I.
This is all very touching, but one look at Orko and it's clear that we have no time to waste.
We came here to ask the disgraced Man-at-Arms for his help.
So, will you help us or not? I'm sorry but my world-saving days are behind me.
What about your responsibility to Eternia? I was responsible for Prince Adam, but he's not here, is he? So I'm not fit to render service of any kind to the Royal Family.
You know, you almost had me believing that you changed.
But you're exactly what you were when I left: a broken old man with so much concern for the Royal Family and so little concern for his own.
I assure you, that's not true.
Roboto! Family can be many things, Teela.
The surrogate daughter you raise like your own.
The surrogate son you build to be the best version of yourself.
The fearless friend who trusts you with his secrets.
Even the imp from another dimension.
Family is what you make of it.
And as much as I love you, Teela, I can't abandon this family.
Well, I can! Let me come with you guys.
Out of the question.
You're too sick to even walk.
I don't need to walk.
I can float.
It's not safe, Orko.
We're going to Subternia, the land of the dead.
From the look of him, I'd say we're already there.
I appreciate the intention, little guy, but you should sit this one out.
Please, Teela.
I had the best times of my life with you.
And that's the only thing that can help me right now: more life.
But life is out there.
So bring me on an adventure like you used to.
Just this one last time.
I won't let you down, like the old days.
I promise.
I'll be good.
Even if you do come, Orko, only Duncan knows how to reforge the Sword of Power.
What about someone with Duncan's memories? You? You're not going with them.
What are you, some kind of fool? If I am, then we are a pair of fools, because my neural pathways are based on yours.
I was built by the younger you, so I'm only attempting to do exactly what you would've done.
I operate from all of your memories, which means if you know how to reforge the Sword of Power, then so do I.
And since you're me, I know I wouldn't have taken no for an answer either.
Well, if you're both going then I'm following my family.
No? What do you mean, no? Roboto can reforge the sword, so he comes with us.
Duncan is going to Grayskull.
Grayskull? I know you're mad at me, but Randor decreed that It's the Sorceress, Dad.
She's dying.
She only has Cringer to protect her.
And if Tri-Klops and his technocult are so hell-bent on tearing down magical totems, how long will it be before they go after Grayskull? I said no more secrets, so there's something I have to tell you Oh, no.
We don't have time for any more family feuds.
The Orb Ember is at almost half the height it burned only yesterday.
A story for another time, then.
If we're lucky.
I don't know how I feel about the past anymore, but if you want to make it all up to me save the Sorceress, Dad.
It's so amazing.
I like places like this.
You didn't like it too much the last time we were here.
I liked the Crystal Sea.
It was the company I didn't care for.
You were always going on and on about He-Man.
Uh, you used to go on and on about Skeletor.
And what a fool I was.
My devotion to Skeletor blinded me to the obvious: that I could've been a Master of the Universe.
I was born to rule.
But instead of fulfilling my destiny, I spent a lifetime helping him fulfill his.
Well, he's dead now.
So move on.
Like you? You haven't moved on.
You've just run away.
If something is dead, you bury it.
If it isn't, you nurture it.
But you have to face it, or it will haunt you to the end of your days.
Save your lecture.
I've found peace.
Said the warrior en route to Hell.
It's days like this you don't think you're gonna remember.
What? Look at this.
Of course I'll remember today.
Why wouldn't I? I spent years fighting alongside Eternia's greatest warriors.
And now I forget more than I remember.
All my memories just blur together.
So if you're gonna lead the life of an adventurer, Andra, you might wanna keep a journal.
Write down everything you ever do, even the silly stuff that you think is forgettable.
Because when the adventures are over, that's all you're left with: good friends and happy memories.
What was that? Aquaticans.
Mer-Man, release us at once! The Sea Liege has no time to hear your pitiful pleas for life, but I have enough time to hear you die.
You traitorous trout! We fought side by side with Skeletor.
And when Skeletor died, we could've taken control of Eternia.
With you on the land and me in the sea, we could've ruled the universe together! Without Skeletor's raging ego and with no He-Man to stand in our way, we could've taken control.
But no! You forgot all about Mer-Man.
Now you'll never forget Mer-Man! Shall I filet this fish, milady? No.
His command of the sea can still help us.
I told you to go to Grayskull.
And I told you that I love you.
We offer you a trade, Mer-Man: You get us safely to the gates of Subternia, and we will return you to the deep.
If you refuse you'll rot in the sun till even the seagulls won't eat you.
Magic must be stronger here than in Eternos.
I'm feeling more myself.
Which means the Power Sword we seek is nearby.
I've held up my end of the bargain.
Free the flounder.
The sea never forgets, Evil-Lyn.
And neither do I.
Something fishy about that guy.
Oh, what? We were all thinking it.
Get in and get out of Subternia as fast as you can.
Nothing lives long in the land of the dead.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Gate to Subternia.
Well, how do we open this thing? Stand back.
I have to go.
But I'll understand if you choose not to join me.
This place is only darkness and terror.
It's okay, Teela.
I'm not afraid.
Then you really are a fool.

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