Masters of the Universe: Revolution (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Even for Kings

[intense choral music plays]

At the heart of creation
lies the planet Eternia,
a wondrous world of dualities,
men and monsters,
wizards and warlords,
science and sorcery.
Like contentious siblings,
these powers have waged war
for eons,
though the champions of magic
reigned supreme.
But after
a cataclysmic revelation
[narrator] the secrets
are no more.
And with every revelation
comes the promise
of revolution.

[wind whistling softly]
[thunder rumbles]
[ominous music plays]

[shimmering tone]
[eerie snarling]
[Scare Glow]
Flee before your mind goes mad.
Trust not what Subternia shows.
For terror fuels
the fires of hell,
whose lord is called
I smell no fear.
Know ye not, mortal,
that this is where
despair displaces dream
and hope comes to die?
But even here
in the realms of chaos,
we believe in order.
The suffering starts
only after you offer up
the only possession any soul
still holds at life's end,
your name.
My name?
I am Adam,
prince of Eternia
and defender of the secrets
of Castle Grayskull.
The Champion?
[Orko] And I'm Orko,
his fearless friend
with the tiny ticket
to Subternia.
[Scare Glow] You.
[dramatic music plays]
We didn't come to fight,
Scare Glow.
Our friends
were sent to Subternia
by Skeletor when he stole
the Power.
So we ask that you let us leave
the land of the dead
with the souls of our friends,
Clamp Champ and Fisto.
Raenious and Malcolm
died as heroes.
So they belong
in a better place than this.
[chuckles] Where would that be
since the heavens fell
when Evil-Lyn destroyed
they're perfect additions
to my collection.
And if I give up
these treasures,
then I have to give up
all of their delicious fear.
Terror so palpable,
you can still hear
their screams.
[screams echoing]
I think I'll leave them
right where they are.
And you know what would look
even better
hanging beside them?
[Orko grunts]
So much for diplomacy.
Time for plan B?
By the Power of Grayskull
[exciting music plays]

I have the Power!
[Shadow Beasts snarling]
Since you're inviting
your friends,
I guess my friends
can drop in too.
[Buzz-Off] Anyone else
feeling buzzed?
[Snout Spout] I feel a sneeze
coming on.
[Shadow Beast roars]
Even cowboys get the pews
as in pew, pew, pew!
[both grunt]
[both grunting]
The chicken's making a break
from the coop
and coming your way.
[Shadow Beast snarls]
[blaster fires]
[Randor] Did you see that?
I got him with the first shot!
Not bad
for a guy with a crown, eh?
[blaster firing]
Good eye, soldier.
A Man-At-Arms always lends
a hand, Your Highness.
Hope you love
the "Cloud Crusher."
I made it myself.
Sky-Sleds, with me!
[both grunting]
[blasters firing]
[He-Man] Dad?
Is this bully bothering you,
[triumphant music plays]

[Randor] Well done, Adam.
That's my boy.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Scare Glow] Thieves!
You will all become part
of my collection.
Go get him, son.
[exciting music plays]
[Scare Glow snarls]
[both grunting]

[triumphant music plays]

[Orko] Teela!
Cover your eyes.
I'm turning on the lights
in this dungeon.
[shimmering tone]
[He-Man] Explosive entrance,
my Sorceress.
Just following your lead,
my Champion.
Flirt later, you two.
Let's get out of this hellhole.
"Cloud Crusher,"
we're on our way.
[suspenseful music plays]

- [blasters firing]
- [Shadow Beasts shrieks]
Seal the deal! Seal the deal!
[Scare Glow]
I will burn you alive
and feast on your flesh
while your souls marinate
in dark despair!
For I am
the Lord of Da
[Teela] Sorry, Scare Glow.
[seal thrums]
Subternia's officially
on lockdown.
[triumphant music plays]

[He-Man chuckles] It worked!
When you have the tech,
you have the talent.
And a little magic never hurts.
You were incredible back there.
[laughing] What about you?
Nobody's ever shattered
the gate to hell before.
- [laughing]
- [Rio Blast] I think
it's dadgum adorable
these two kids finally seeing
what the rest of us all seen
years ago.
What have you been saying
to people, Dad?
- [gasps] My king!
- Dad!
- [coughing]
- [Orko] Oh, no.
[tense music plays]

[Baddrah] "Oh, let's go
to Snake Mountain," he said.
"They're always hiring."
Two heads are not better
than one, so shut up!
Ooh, that's it!
You're getting a headbutt.
You're the headbutt!
[Skeletek] Minions
of almighty Motherboard,
there was a time when magic,
not machine,
was my weapon of choice.
And as plan after pitiful plan
fell apart,
did I blame
all of my silly spells
and idiotic incantations?
No, my children.
I blamed only me.
- Ah!
- Huh! Ugh.
[Skeletek] But the moment
I surrendered myself
to the technological touch
of my one true mother,
I realized the futility
of my failures
were not my fault
so much as they were the folly
of faith in magic.
And now that my mind is open,
I only trust what I see.
And all I see
is Motherboard!
Glory be to the Board Almighty!
Well done, Skeletor.
You honor your mother,
as well as your father.
[menacing music plays]

Another soul absorbed
for the Board, my Master.
And what about Skeletor?
After decades of desertion,
he has seen
the error of his ways
and serves only us, my lord.
He is now
a worthy Acolyte of the Horde.
Mistress Motherboard.
You have succeeded
at that which all others
have failed me.
And so the Eternian conversion
Make manifest my machinations,
my right hand,
for soon I will take
the prize long denied me.
And on that day, the skies
above Grayskull will teem
with the Horde Army.
[Adam] He wasn't hurt
during the battle, Mendor.
So what's wrong with my dad?
[shimmering tone]
It's a kind of organ failure
I've never encountered
before, Adam.
And we still can't find
the cure.
We discovered it
weeks ago, my lord.
But your father forbade me
from sharing the diagnosis
with anyone
but the queen and Lord Duncan.
[Adam] You knew about this?
How could you let him go
with me to Subternia?
His Majesty
would not be swayed.
Adam, fighting for the souls
of his friends
at the side of his son,
the Champion of Grayskull,
that was your dad's last wish.
Last wish? No!
Save him, Teela,
like you saved me.
[soft dramatic music plays]
[shimmering tone]
Even if she could,
I wouldn't let her.
Death comes for us all, my son.
Yes, even for kings it comes.
Save your strength, my husband.
What little I have left
I need to spend
on my two greatest loves.
I would like to speak
to my family alone, please.

[intense music plays]

[Teela] Zoar vazet ka,
Zoar vazet ka,
[straining] Zoar vazet ka,
[electric crackling]
Zoar vazet ka!
Zoar vazet ka!
[thunder rumbles]
[Orko] Um, I don't understand
what we're trying
to conjure here, Teela.
[Teela sighs]
I've been trying
to rebuild Preternia
so heroic souls like Raenious
and Malcolm have a place to go.
But now that King Randor's
about to die,
if I don't restore Preternia,
what will happen to his soul?
[shimmering tone]
I can't just let it dissipate
and be gone forever.
And Adam needs to know
his father is going on
to his great reward.
[Orko] Um, maybe
the Sorceress can help?
I'm the Sorceress now.
So I should be able
to figure this out by myself.
I can't run to my mother
to fix my problems
all the time.
[Orko] But asking people
who love you for help
isn't wrong either, Teela,
especially since King Randor is
running out of time.
My noble, beautiful queen,
you came to me from the heavens
like an angel
and blessed me with decades
of love and laughter.
The greatest adventures
I ever embarked on
as liege of this land were
the ones I shared with you.
Thank you
for making me a man who is
worthy of a woman like you.
And thank you for making
our son.
Adam, my pride and joy,
I pray you know
the same happiness
you've given me as a father
when you're one.
You always had more heart
than anyone in Eternia,
which means you have plenty
to share.
So don't wait too long
to tell Teela
how you really feel.
[gears rumbling]
Hi, Mom.
My little bird.
You make a glorious Sorceress.
But a mother knows
when her child's in trouble.
How can I help, Teela?
I've been trying
to restore Preternia
using the Power of Grayskull
and every ounce of Zoar magic
at my command.
But I can't do it, Mom.
I'm still figuring
all this out,
and I guess
I'm just not strong enough.
It has nothing to do
with strength, Teela.
Only the gifts of Zoar
were bestowed upon us
as Sorceress.
And Preternia was created
with magic
from all three of the old gods:
and Ha'vok.
So to restore Preternia,
you'll need the help
of all three powers
that created it.
The secret of Snake magic
was lost to humans eons ago.
[Sorceress] Then it will take
something more than a human
to find it again.
It will take a Sorceress.
Any idea where I should start?
[Sorceress] As Sorceress,
I was forever bound
to this castle,
and with Preternia gone,
my soul remains tethered
to this place,
powerless for all eternity.
But you, Teela,
you're the first Sorceress
who can leave Grayskull.
So seek Ka's craft
where it was last ever seen,
in the magical mists
of Darksmoke.
[Orko] Darksmoke?
Even Subternia doesn't scare me
as much as that place.
That's why I'm going alone.
[Orko] Well, that sounds
even more dangerous.
Thanks, Mom.
You can do this, Teela.
You've always shined
your brightest
whenever your heart
is on the line.
Why didn't you tell me
you were dying, Dad?
Because then
you would have done
anything in your power
as He-Man to save me,
and I don't want that.
[soft dramatic music plays]
Your place now is not
on the battlefield as He-Man,
but in the palace
as Prince Adam.
For once I draw my last breath,
you, my son,
will become king of Eternia.
Dad, please.
But will you rule as Adam
or as He-Man?
Because it cannot be both.
A king can't abandon
his subjects
for high adventure.
Being Champion of Grayskull
is already a heavy burden.
But throwing a crown
on top of it could break
even the most powerful man
in the universe.
So you will have to make
a choice, son,
a choice I never had
to make as king,
a choice between the scepter
and the sword.
No tears.
For I've lived a long life,
one in which
I've tasted triumph,
but never without paying
the price.
I've lost friends, family,
even a brother.
And yet I die
a luckier man than most.
Not because I was king.
Simply because I was
your husband
and your father.
[weakly] I love you both so
[Marlena sniffling]

[Duncan] You'll be
the only speaker, my lord.
And after you eulogize
your father,
that's when Queen Marlena
will crown you.
Do we have to do the coronation
so soon?
Dad's been gone a day.
Which means Eternia has been
without a king
for just as long.
[Marlena] Coronations
always follow funerals, Adam.
It's the price we pay
to wear the crown.
And as the new king,
you need to tell your subjects
that you're here for them,
even if you're
deep within your own grief.
What am I supposed to say?
[Marlena] Just tell them
the truth, son.
And the truth is that you loved
your father very much,
and he loved you.
[Cringer] Adam.
It's time.
[shushing and murmuring]
[wind whistles softly]
[breathes deeply]
Eternian hearts are heavy
from the loss of our liege,
because His Highness
King Randor was
[clears throat]
The king was a
The the king
[tender music plays]

One time
I wanted a billow-bike.
All the kids in Eternos
had billow-bikes that year,
and and I asked my dad
to get me one too.
But all the billow-bikes
had been sold.
So rather than order
his subjects
to make another one,
you know what he did,
my father, the king?
He built me a billow-bike.
He used my old bike
and added new parts.
And over the course
of four nights,
he customized the bike for me
all on his own.
[chuckling] My my father
never wore a tool belt
in his life
until that week.
And when he finally
presented me the billow-bike
that he'd built
with his own two hands,
well, I I didn't have
the heart to tell him how
how bad it looked,
how homemade.
I mean, I couldn't ride
this thing in public.
I'd be the laughing stock
of all of Eternia.
And I never once
rode the billow-bike
my dad built for me.
But now
I'd give all the money
in the world
to ride that billow-bike
just once.

We lost the best king
Eternia has ever known.
And as I prepare to wear
the crown,
I can only that I'm sorry
that I'll never be
half the man,
or king, my father was.
[person] Then don't accept
the crown.
[crowd gasping and murmuring]
Who said that?
[person] Someone who was robbed
of his birthright.
[thunder rumbles]
I am Keldor,
brother of Randor
and the rightful ruler
of Eternos.
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