Masters of the Universe: Revolution (2024) s01e02 Episode Script


[soft music]

[thunder rumbling]
[Keldor] Careful.
If anything's even a micron
out of place, Father will know.
We don't want
to make him angry.
He's always kind of angry.
[Keldor] No, he's just serious.
Being king is
a big responsibility.
Aha! Found it.
Father's secret stash!
Of what?
Technically, fruit juice.
[distant conversation]
[gasps] He's coming!
He's coming!
- Shh!
- [conversation approaches]
[Amelia] You promised
his mother, Miro,
on your name and honor,
to send the boy home
when he came of age.
- He is my blood!
- But not your heir.
What waits at court
for the bastard son of a king,
except the agony
of watching his younger brother
wear a crown denied him
by his parentage?
It is denied him by law.
Then change the law,
Your Majesty.
It is more complicated
than that.
His people do not trust us.
They are forbidden
from leaving their shores
and setting foot upon our own.
If I send my son there,
I am effectively banishing him.
Eternos is banishment for him!
In Anwat Gar, he would have
a chance to flourish.
Here, he will always be second
to his younger brother
until Randor produces an heir
to make him third.
Keldor is a part of me, Amelia.
And Randor thinks
he hung the moons.
Which is kinder, my love?
Keeping him close,
condemning him to a life
in service of a crown
that by divine right
should be his
or sending him home
a home where
he can build a life
out from behind
the shadows of kings?
[dramatic music]

[Keldor] He knew she was right,
of course.
I was gone within a week.
After I was returned to
Anwat Gar, the Horde attacked.
I was wounded.
Rumor spread
that I had perished.
But I lived.
And I chose to let
the rumor live as well.
I thought my death
would make things easier
for your grandfather
and for Randor.
So he blamed himself
for what happened?
Yes. Well, Randor
always took responsibility
for everything.
So I guess he was born a king.
But was he?
You need to know, Adam,
back then, I wouldn't have
accepted the crown.
Why not?
You're the firstborn son
of King Miro.
It was your right.
But not my duty
and certainly not my desire.
Miro's blood may flow
within me,
but it's Saryn's,
my mother's blood, Gar blood
that made me
the man I am today
more accustomed to feats
of engineering and mathematics
than diplomacy and politics.
Not to mention the feats
you perform, Adam.
Or is it He-Man?
I'm no politician either.
Just a warrior.
Yet, soon to be king
a sizable burden
for just one man,
even a man of your strength.
My father believed
that no one man
should carry both
sword and scepter.
He felt that
having that separation
between king and champion
was the will
of the power itself.
And what do you feel?
[sighs] Confused.
Why would the power
reveal itself to me
if I was only ever destined
to give it up?
[Keldor] Destiny can be
quite confounding
when it's met out of time.
If I've learned anything,
it's that.
I do not desire
for the throne, Adam.
And I think neither do you.
Eternia needs a king.
And a champion.

- Mom!
- I'm okay, Adam.
He-Man I mean Adam.
King Ada Your Majesty,
we have trouble.
Duncan, who's attacking us?

Oh, dear. I know that look.
Everyone, stand back!
By the power of Grayskull,
I have the power!
[epic music]

[wind whistling softly]
[dramatic music]

The Armistice of the Three.
There aren't four towers.
There are no towers at all.
[ominous music]
Not since the cataclysm
when Preternia fell. [coughs]
Lord Granamyr,
Your High Eminence
and Most Excellent Grace,
- I am
- [Granamyr] Oh, I remember.
What did she call you?
Ah, yes, "Little Bird."
Taking up your mother's charge,
it seems,
has mellowed
your late impertinence.
there were days when honeyed
words would win my favor,
but now diplomacy
is a time-consuming effort.
So go on before it's too late.
[Teela] Too late?
To say goodbye, my dear.
That is why you've come, yes?
To bear condolences
from your king
over my impending demise.
You're dying?
I'm sorry.
I-I-I didn't know that you
And I'm afraid
the king is dead.
Well, long live the king.
I'm actually on a mission
to help him
well, his spirit, really,
and all the noble spirits
that wander, or will wander,
untethered since the cataclysm.
The legends tell us
that Granamyr the Magnificent
once granted humans access
to Ka, snake magic.
I mean to resurrect Preternia
to restore their great reward,
but I can't do it
without the power of Ka.
I'm here to ask for help.
[Evil-Lyn] Well, you won't
get it from him.
So you can stop your warbling,
Little Bird.
[dramatic music]
[people screaming]

[people coughing]

What is that?
Maybe we should ask him.

[Orko] Skeletor!
I'd say he's more like
SkeleTek? [chuckles] I like it.
Did you come up
with that yourself?

[Orko] Keldor?
Ooh, heroes come in blue now.
Is that all you got?
Hardly. [snaps fingers]

[Orko] How is he doing that?
It's those smoke bombs.
They're laced with
some sort of nanotechnology.
Wait, I don't want to hurt you.

[SkeleTek] Long ago, Eternia
embraced only technology.
The ancients constructed
massive mechanical marvels
to combat the malevolent
forces of magic.
For eons, they've laid dormant,
buried deep underground
and forgotten.
But with a little help
from Motherboard,
Eternia's great technological
age can begin anew!

One of the Techno-Titans
a remnant from an era
of Eternia's glorious
technological past!

Orko, I need a hand here!

[Skeletor laughing evilly]

how are we supposed to

Man-at-Arms! I have a plan.
[He-Man] That's far enough.
but I do so enjoy excess.
Let him go!
Just remember, He-Man.
Today was but an opening salvo
from almighty Motherboard.
[laughing evilly]

[child crying]

[continues crying]

[people shouting]
Battle Cat, bring it down.

Orko, we need
to keep that thing still.
with these modifications
from my Gar wristband,
we can use your blaster
to upload
the Titan's
self-destruction sequence.
How do you know all this?
The Techno Titans
were developed
from ancient Gar technology.
You'll want to aim
for the central processor.
- It should be
- Let me guess.
Is it the big red eyeball?
[Keldor] That's the one.

Yes, it's working!
Keep it up.
Guys, I don't know
how much longer I can hold him.
The sword.

Eighty-three percent.
Just a little bit longer, Orko.
We're almost there.


The upload didn't complete.
[pounding footsteps]
Look out!



[Keldor] Andra,
we have one last shot at this.
I'm redirecting the rest
of the self-destruct sequence
to your blaster.
We just need one clear shot
to finish the upload
and bring that thing down.
What if I miss?
I've seen you in action.
You're the Man-at-Arms
of Eternos.
If anyone can make that shot,
it's you.
[Battle Cat roars]



[distant people cheering]
Are you all right?
[soft music]

- [people cheering]
- [gasps]
[cheering continues]

[Teela] Okay, so what part
of "exile on Trolla"
did you not understand?
The Trollans know I'm here.
And why are you here, Lyn?
It seems that my tampering
with the cosmic balance
produced some
unforeseen consequences.
You mean Granamyr's condition
Is because of me, yes.
Wait, so you're here
to, what, care for him,
like a nurse?
Oh, my Zoar, you are.
- Why?
- It's not your concern.
Neither is Preternia,
for that matter.
As you can see, Lord Granamyr
is in no condition
to grant you a kind word,
let alone access
to snake magic.
You're wasting your time.
[Granamyr] Humans
desirous, covetous humans.
I did grant Ka
to your ancestors,
and they promptly used it
to rain down war and death
upon this world.
I learned long ago
that the only reliable
human trait is lust for power.
And here you are once more,
begging for it.
Well, the answer is no
to war, to death, and to you.
[ominous music]
[chuckles] She's an even bigger
fool than you said.
I didn't say "fool."
I said "simpleton."
What? It's nicer.

Preternia isn't something
I can just forget about.
And it's your problem, too.
Especially yours.
You know, your being here,
helping Granamyr,
looks a lot like penance.
I don't know
if you're working an angle
or if you're really trying
to be better,
but either way, what greater
amends can you make
than to help me restore
that which you destroyed?
[Evil-Lyn scoffs]
The resurrection of Preternia
wouldn't just mean salvation
for the wandering souls
of fallen champions,
but redemption for you,
Help me convince him.

Unless you really haven't
changed at all.

[He-Man] The power
of Grayskull protected me.
So I tried sharing
a small portion
of the power with the child,
like I do with Cringer.
And he was cured of this
Motherboard's techno virus.
[Orko] Great.
Then you can just point
the sword at everyone
who's been infected.
We have dozens of citizens
already infected.
And with those bombs,
the virus spreads too quickly.
You'd have to use the sword
on all of Eternia at once.
Which is unfeasible,
but if we can somehow
amplify its reach
[Duncan] If it's possible,
there's only one man on Eternia
who could do it.
[dramatic music]
Orko, I'm entrusting
the Sword of Power to you,
old friend.
By the power of
Orko, no!
Just kidding. [giggles]
Though maybe this isn't
a good time to crack jokes.
[clears throat] Um,
I won't let you down, He-Man.
You never could.
There's still time
to change your mind.
No, this is how it has to be.
- Eternia needs a king.
- Eternia needs you.
Sword, scepter, pen, and ink
it's all one.
Take it from an old man.
It's not about
what you hold in your hand,
but what you hold
in your heart.
[soft music]

You've been awfully quiet.
Why waste my breath?
You and I have been
through enough by now
to read each other like books.
Sometimes I need to hear it.
This decision is yours.
And I will follow you
and stand beside you
in any arena you choose.
But since it is also
my future in question,
I suppose you should know,
though it may surprise you
to hear it,
that I have loved
being your Battle Cat.

[He-Man] I had some real
ups and downs with my dad.
Sons and fathers, right?
While it's no secret
he wanted me to follow
in his royal footsteps,
he also felt one man
should never be
both king and champion.
So his passing left me
with an impossible choice
that is, until the return
of my uncle Keldor
the true and rightful heir
to Miro's throne.
And so, with the repeal
of the outdated, cruel law
that denied him the crown,
I no longer face
an impossible choice.
All of Eternos today witnessed
Keldor's bravery and ingenuity
as he risked his life
to save countless Eternians
from the forces of evil.
He's proven his mettle.
He's revealed his heart.
And if he'll give us
a second chance
I can think of no better man
to lead our people
into the next chapter
of our great history.
It is my honor and privilege
to present to you
King Keldor I!
[person] King Keldor!
[people cheering]
[triumphant music]

[cheering fades]
For the last time,
the answer is no!
Please Lord Granamyr,
there is no one else alive
with the power to help me.
- I promise that
- Your promises are worthless!
So is that it, then?
Ugh, no.
Let me make this
painfully clear.
You, Granamyr,
are as good as dead.
Save your treacherous breath.
I've already made peace
with the fact that my soul
shall wander time and space
and then fade.
Wander and fade?
Your soul?
The soul of one whose
legendarily disastrous judgment
led to the bloodiest wars
this world
perhaps this universe
has ever seen?
You spent centuries
hating humans,
blaming them for your mistake.
Yes, they abused their power,
but it was a power
that you gave them.
Did you really think
that you could heal yourself
of that responsibility
by hiding in a cave
and hoping for the best?
I didn't come here
to help ease your passing
because I enjoy the smell
of rotting dragon flesh
and childish bravado.
I came to earn my absolution,
lest my foul crimes pave
the way to an eternity
of hellish torment
in Subternia.
That is what awaits us both.
It is arrogance unabated
to assume the soul
of Granamyr the Monstrous
would not face untold horrors
of a measure equal to mine.
we have a chance, you and I.
If the new sorceress
of Grayskull
can, with our help, resurrect
the afterlife dimension,
then, perhaps,
it could still hold a place
for the likes of you and me.
The universe isn't finished
with you yet, either of you.
There's still time to do
something good.

What's happening? Did it work?
Are you gonna help?
[scoffs] First, a riddle.
There's always a damn riddle.
Mm, an appropriate one,
at that.
A paradox that's blind
to mage and king in kind.
Unlike the snake,
the more you take,
the more you leave behind.
What is it?
Oh, obviously, power.
No, not power.
The more you take,
the more you leave behind.
The answer's footsteps.
perhaps you are ready.
The staff's but a conduit.
She'll need training
in calm and havoc.
Leave that to me.
[Granamyr speaking
[dramatic music]

It was the perfect gambit.
The hapless fools
suspected nothing.
And now each piece
is in its place
pawns, knights
and king.

Speak of the devil.
Oh, my exalted one.
I am certain you mean devil
in disguise.
Long live the king.
[laughing evilly]

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