Masters of the Universe: Revolution (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

More Things in Heaven and Eternia

[dramatic music]

[thunder rumbling]
[Stonedar] Your vicious horde
has reduced my world to rubble
and holds
my peaceful people hostage!
I believe violence is
always a last resort,
but it is the only language
you seem to understand.
So for the fate of my people,
I stand before you
and challenge you to fight me,
For uncountable eons,
I have spread across
the galaxies like a virus,
conquering 10,000 worlds
to hone my Horde.
And on every planet,
there has always been a hero
- [Stonedar straining]
- [Hordak] The one. The champion.
Each has inevitably come
to this same moment,
stalwart in the belief
you are all that stands between
the freedom of your people
or the systematic subjugation
under the Horde Empire.
Each of you is so sure you're
not only going to fight me,
but that you might even triumph
as well.
And ultimately,
each of you always discovers
I never do my own fighting.
- [snarling]
- [Stonedar grunts]
[Stonedar groaning]
[suspenseful music]

[Stonedar groaning]
I hire well. [laughs, snorts]
[Hordak sighs]

Mistress Motherboard, report.
The Keldor deception
has advanced
to stage three, my lord.
In his Gar disguise,
Skeletor has been crowned
King of Eternos.
So the Champion is unwittingly
under our control.
And as goes the Champion,
so goes Grayskull.
Oh, you should've seen us
in action! [cackles]
I played the part of Keldor,
Motherboard played me,
and we played all of Eternia
for suckers.
Especially Little Lord
my newfound "nephew."
All because
those royal boobs fell
for our fabricated
family history, hmm?
Arrogant as ever, Acolyte.
But your weaponized words
were woven
from the tapestry of truth.
How else do you think
you've got this far?
Truth? You mean
Keldor was a real person?
Keldor's banishment
was the royals'
deepest, darkest family secret.
And there's no
worst wound inflicted
than the damage family can do,
often more horrible
than the horrors
hurled by Hordak himself.
And I've been the herald of more
horrors than a hundred hells.
Now leave me.
[dramatic music fades]
[Motherboard] Insolent servant!
[SkeleTek grunts and groans]
Babbling like a barmaid
before the overlord
of the holy Horde Empire!
[aggressively] I'm
[meekly] Uh, so sorry.
I was just surprised to learn
the Keldor fiction wasn't fake.
Forgive me, my merciful Mother.
I lost my head.
[SkeleTek groaning]
[ominous music]
If you embarrass me
ever again, "acolyte,"
I'll take your head.
[SkeleTek groans]

[SkeleTek groans softly]
When will I finally be realized
for my superior intellect?
[tense music]
- [laughter]
- Hmm?
Who dares to laugh
at the Lord of Destruction?
[Keldor] I'm laughing
at the "superior intellect."
Well, I'll be damned.
All it took was hearing
one little voice in your head
to finally shut you up.
Huh. Must be
some kind of crossed wire.
[SkeleTek gasps]
You think
I'm busting your bones?
I'm really you!
You're really me!

Skeletor is really Keldor.
Get out of my head!

A fissure has been fixed.
When that metal maiden
put the squeeze on our brain,
something snapped.
Motherboard unknowingly
unlocked an area of our mind
where a dark truth has been
long hidden from us.
- [electronic buzzing]
- Behold.
[dramatic music]

[Skeletor straining]
[baby crying]

[Skeletor screams]
[somber music]

I am actually you?
You're no
interdimensional demon.
You really are Keldor,
son of Miro, his first-born,
denied the throne of Eternia.
Hordak bamboozled you into
believing a lie is the truth
and the truth is a lie,
as he used Skeletor
to empower himself.
But we were never meant
to serve.
We are meant
to master the universe.
[dramatic music]

You're not worthy
to wield the Staff of Ka.
You were nothing more
than a bait-and-switch.
Are you trying to kill me
with your snake magic?
Heinous, vicious witch!

In the vain hope that perhaps
nothing will stand
between you
and your lumbering love?

[grunts] That's it.
Admit it, you've always thought
of me as a threat
because of the way
He-Man looks at me.
Why would he ever
possibly want you?
I'm the forbidden fruit
that lifts his loincloth.
Malicious enchantress!

You have faced the great dragon,
and yet you can't face
how you really feel
about the most powerful man
in the universe.
[Teela snarls]
[Lyn gasps]

[panting] Yes! Excellent.
Now bring it back. That's it.
You control your passions.
They don't control you.
[chuckles] What a rush.
I have never felt
anything like that.
[sighs] It's euphoric!
That's because you've only ever
harnessed the power of Zoar.
Ka was the god
of carnal desires,
the sensual experiences
of existence itself.
So we have
to provoke your passion
until you harness
the Staff of Ka.
Are we sure you dropped
the "evil" part of your name?
Because those things you were
saying about me and He-Man
[scoffs] They aren't true.
Do you think I'd be able
to get all of that out of you
if I wasn't tapping directly
into your very real,
very human emotions?
Adam and I are just friends.
And if you had any friends,
you'd know there's no distance
you won't go for them.
I followed Skeletor
great distances,
but never out of friendship.
I know love when I see it.
Lyn, the King
The King what?
Needs a Preternia
for his soul to go to?
You are hell-bent
to rebuild heaven,
but do you know what really
would've been heaven for Randor?
Seeing his only son
in your arms.
Your pride denied the King
that parental pleasure in life.
Will you rob him of it
in death as well?
[soft somber music]
[rotors whirring]
Look at that Eternian ingenuity.
When I was amongst the Gar,
I spoke so highly
of the technology here
and the elders always scoffed
and heckled me with, "Eternos?
They still believe
in magic there!"
But they'd love
this metal marvel.
Our Andra makes impressive tech.
My people may be biased
about magic,
but we know how powerful
a little magic can be.
Don't we, nephew?
Wait a minute. The sword.
That's what's missing.
He-Man's normally never seen
without it.
I sent the sword out
for repairs.
I hear you broke it before.
Ah, no matter.
I can wait until it returns
to ask for your service.
[chuckling] Come on, Uncle Kel.
I can serve without the sword.
What would you have me do,
my king?
We can either fight off
the next attack by SkeleTek
and his new master, Motherboard,
or you can take the fight
to them, He-Man!
[soft dramatic music]
[Orko] Huh.
This door's not very big, is it?
The locksmith is small
in stature,
but he's tall on talent.
Kind of like you.
Come to think of it,
you two are quite a bit alike.
[soft suspenseful music]
[mechanical whirring]
[Gwildor chuckling]
Oh, boy. Look at these two.
If you're here to tell me
the good news about Zoar,
I'm an atheist.
Open up, old friend.
It's Duncan.
I was Man-At-Arms back when
we traveled across the universe.
[Gwildor] Man-At-Arms?
Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no!
If you're here,
that means there's trouble!
Trouble means Skeletor.
Skeletor means
another adventure!
And how many times
do I have to say it?
I don't like adventures.
[door slams]
[Orko] Well, uh,
if that guy can't help us
enhance the Sword of Power,
maybe there's
a magical solution.
[Gwildor] Magic?

Magic is only used by people
who are short
on technical ability.
And I mean really short.
[Orko] Are you saying
that I am short?
Who do you think you are?
Ha! I am Gwildor of Thenur,
locksmith and inventor.
Which is why we've come
for your help, Gwildor.
We need the man
who built the Cosmic Key
to invent something
that can augment this.
[gasps] Get in, get in, get in!
Ready for a return to the days
of high adventure, old friend?
[Man-At-Arms] I sure am!
He-Man, Battle Cat,
and Man-At-Arms,
off to another adventure
Where we goin', guys?
We're headed to Snake Mountain.
But I ask that you stay here,
Andra, at the palace.
We need a backup plan,
and all of Eternia knows
you're the biggest brain
we've got.
Well, if you're going
to Snake Mountain, take this.
- It's no Power Sword, but
- [crackling]
Activate it
when the battle begins.
Let's go, Battle Cat! [grunts]
[soaring dramatic music]
[somber music]
"Stay here, Andra,
at the palace.
We need a backup plan."
I don't want to do
the backup plan.
I want to do
the plan-plan, He-Man!

- [Keldor] Drop something?
- Your Majesty!
I'm so sorry.
I was I mean, I just
[Keldor] Just what, exactly?
Expressing your disappointment
at being pushed aside,
Mistress Man-At-Arms?
Well, as your new king,
do you know
what I have to say about that?
Been there.
Putting all our hope
in some random troll
in the middle of nowhere
to do who-knows-what
with the Sword of Power is,
at best, a long shot.
And once again,
it forces us to rely on magic
and the "Power of Grayskull."
I think we need
a more practical solution.
Don't you?
And I have an idea, but
I'll need the help of my
Man-At-Arms to accomplish it.
Me? I mean, me!
I can do it!
I am at your command, sire.
When SkeleTek attacked,
we saw what their techno virus
was capable of.
Motherboard's nanobots
must've enhanced them
and infected
Eternians' biometrics.
That's what gave them
their unnatural strength
and durability.
What if we tried to do the same
for our people?
Think of it, Andra.
Not only could we inoculate
our people against the virus,
we could imbue every man, woman,
and child across Eternos
with the strength
to defend themselves.
They wouldn't need a champion
to defend them.
We can give the power
to the people.
The samples we've collected
should allow us
to reverse engineer
the technology,
but I can't do it alone.
You can count on me, sir!
[Keldor chuckles]
I knew I could.
You want me to tamper
with the actual, one and only,
"by the Power of Grayskull"
Power Sword?
That is a tall order. [chuckles]
Probably why he didn't ask you
to do it, half-pint.
[Orko snarls]
[Orko] Will you tell
this Thenurian wurbat
that I am exactly as tall
as he is?
And I can float!
Save it, shorty.
May I?
As a locksmith and inventor,
I deal in spindles, not spells.
And you want me
to manipulate magic
with science and technology?
If anyone can calibrate
the Sword of Power
to counteract and cure this
Motherboard virus, it's you.
[Orko] Or me, Orko the Great,
all-powerful wizard.
[laughing] Wizards!
Tone-deaf torktums.
Always playing notes
they never understand.
Any advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic,
but that doesn't mean
it is magic.
The universe is
a delicately balanced symphony.
Each chord hums
at its own perfect frequency.
What you're asking me to do
is synthesize magic
and then pass it
through a modulating filter.
One errant sound,
and the repercussions
could be catastrophic!
Please, Gwildor.
We know what we're asking.
But we wouldn't be here
if we thought
we had more options.
He-Man trusts you. I trust you.
[Orko] I don't.
Help us. Please.
[Gwildor sighs]
[Gwildor] This may be the most
elegant tool ever invented.
But I will do my very best
to make it, uh
[Orko] That's not even a word.
[dramatic music]

[He-Man grunts]

[Keldor] Science and sorcery
have always lived in harmony
in Eternia
an alloy made stronger
by the mix of its metals.
If one path is closed
to the average Eternian,
why shouldn't you walk
the other?
[suspenseful music]
This magnet will provide
the bracelet
with impulses from your brain
so that you can utilize
the enhanced biometrics
and become a stronger,
better you.
[cheers and applause]
[dramatic music]
[Battle Cat snarls]

[electronic chiming]

[Webstor screeching]
[Battle Cat snarls]

- Hey, numbskull!
- [Battle Cat growling]
[tense music]

Where's your crown, my liege?
I don't need
a pointy hat to lead,
so I left it on my chair
at home.

[He-Man gasps]
[dramatic music]

[Screech cries]

[Teela shouts, gasps]
So much data.
For centuries,
Eternians built
a glistening society
of advanced technology

Until they weren't satisfied
with the might of their machines
and sought, instead,
the power of worthless magic!
[Battle Cat snarls]
- [Teela] He-Man!
- Teela!
It was a setup.
They're going after Grayskull.
[Teela] Hear me,
wherever you are.
- Grayskull
- Teela? Teela!
Something's interfering with
my telepathic link to He-Man.
We've got bigger problems.
[dramatic music]

[people screaming]
Everyone stay calm! Don't panic!
Everything's gonna be just fine!
[electronic chiming]


Hey, wait! Don't follow him!
[Man-At-Arms groans]
[Man-At-Arms gasps]

And so began the great wars,
plummeting Eternia
into a never-ending conflict
betwixt magic and technology,
science and sorcery.

But with today's triumph,
I've proven once and for all
technology is
the master of the universe!

[both gasping and groaning]
Adam, are you all right?
The power
Is okay,
but something's blocking it.

Learn to work together somehow.
The fate of Eternia
depends on it.
[ominous music]

[thunder rumbling]

[Motherboard] It is
as you strategized, my lord.
Grayskull is now yours
to control.
As are the people of Eternia.
You've proven your mettle.
At your service.
I wasn't talking to you.
You've proven your mettle,
Mistress Motherboard.
After years of failed attempts
with miserable magic to blame,
it was technology that finally
triumphed to win me this world.
[He-Man] Keldor!
How could you?
He was your brother!
You sold out your family for
[SkeleTek cackling]
Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
[SkeleTek cackling]

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