Masters of the Universe: Revolution (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

The Dogs of War

[ominous music plays]

[thunder booming]
An ode to Prince Adam,
the boy who would be king,
whose fabulous secret powers
aren't terribly useful things.
He chose sword
over royal scepter,
but how could he
have ever known
that he'd descend
into the palace dungeon
while I ascended to his throne?
You played me.
And I won both the crown
and Grayskull
thanks to you, nephew.
So it's true.
You really are Keldor.
In the flesh.
Did my father know?
Ha! I didn't even know.
Hordak has a habit
of manipulating memories.
Anything that might challenge
a servant's blind loyalty
is erased as insurance.
When I joined him,
he took Keldor from me
and forced fiction
into my mind.
But when she rewired me,
Motherboard unwittingly
opened the door
to the memory
of my true origins.
I was a king denied.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Real kings never bend
the knee to invaders.
Your brother knew that.
'Tis a pity
his son wasn't as wise.
And what my brother,
your father,
did or didn't really know
doesn't matter anymore, kid.
Because your dad's dead!
And as a satisfying sidebar,
with no more Preternia in which
to receive his royal reward,
his soul will soon be lost
to time and space.
But you should remember,
my pathetic princeling,
that you have
so much more to lose.
[gasps] Mom!
I've taken your crown,
your castle.
But that's just the beginning.
Next will be your family,
your friends,
and even that new sorceress
you're so sweet on.
Soon you'll understand
what it means
to lose everything,
just like I did.
And once you finally reach
the depths of your despair,
that's when I'll finish you
once and for all.
A shame that Motherboard's
makeover of Grayskull
has blocked you from the Power,
because I'd kill to see
the look on the other guy's
face right now.
[door whirs shut]

[sighs] It's hard to pin down,
but I can sense Adam
in the palace.
They must be keeping him
in the dungeon.
You're supposed to be
looking for Skeletor.
We need to find him
and retrieve the Havoc Staff.
Look at what Hordak's done
to the city!
Preternia will have to wait
because Eternia needs
her sorceress now.
Hordak's been planning
this invasion for a long time,
but his fear
of the Power of Grayskull
has historically held him back.
And with Eternia finally
under his control,
he's not going to let it go
without a fight.
But if you can acquire
the Havoc Staff
and use the power of all
the ancient gods combined
Then we can use that power
to save Adam
and send Hordak packing.
[footsteps approaching]

[energetic music plays]

Teela! What the hell
happened to you?
What the hell happened
to your uniform, Man-At-Arms?
Man-Of-War, actually.
It's quite the upgrade.
though it's an ugly upgrade
that will win us this war.
And just what is that
supposed to mean?
Yeah, Dad, where have you been?
Playing matchmaker.
Does it work yet?
Do you work yet?
[dings, hums]
The Horde Fleet's filling
the skies above Eternia.
Why would Duncan just
leave us here alone like that?
To find He-Man.
What's the point of
modifying the Sword of Power
if there's no one around
to wield it?
[sighs] Well, how much longer
are these "modifications"
going to take?
Longer than we've got.
[Adam] Mom. Mom.
Mom. Mom, wake up.
Oh, thank goodness.
Mom, are you hurt?
I'm fine.
Just happy
they didn't inject me
with their tekno-virus.
Keldor wants us unharmed
for now.
Meanwhile, Grayskull's fallen.
The power is shielded from me.
And maybe if I had the Sword,
it could break through
the interference
the virus is creating,
and I could call
the Power back.
But I let the Sword go.
So there's no He-Man waiting
in the wings to save the day,
and it's
It's all my fault.
[Marlena] Adam,
you are He-Man.
And the sum total of your power
doesn't come from some
lightning bolt over Grayskull.
Love and the willingness
to fight for what matters
those are powers, too.
Even simple courage is power.
And you have more courage than
anyone I've ever known, Adam.
[gentle music plays]

[ominous music plays]

[eerie music plays]

[screen buzzes]
[snaps fingers]
How did I get here?
I had to step in
and give you a hand.
Look at her.
[chuckles] Pathetic.
So wrapped up in scanning
the secrets of this castle,
she doesn't even know
we're here.
Not so long ago, it was you
who commanded this throne room,
instead of Hordak's
metal mommy.
I don't need Grayskull.
I know where my talents lie
on the throne of Eternos.
Hordak has restored
my birthright.
Oh, has he?
So then why is it his banner
flying over the palace?
You're nothing more than
his little errand boy.
He put you in a box,
and you don't even realize it.
[Keldor] She's all that stands
between you and Hordak.
So pull her plug.
[tense music plays]

I'd forgotten the stink
of this place.
It's absolutely wretched.
Perhaps this small token
of my esteem
will take your mind off it,
my eminence.
Whatever gift you have to offer
will only pale in comparison
to the bountiful banquet
of complete conquest
finally won for me
by Motherboard.
I've given you
the technological power,
yet you remain
quite literally attached
to that arcane talisman.
The Havoc Staff, once held,
is not so easily discarded.
That's why you cursed Keldor
with it all those years ago.
But even though
you took the truth from me,
I should thank you.
Because I could have
wasted my life away
as Keldor, king of nothing,
on an island
in the middle of nowhere.
But you, Hordak,
you raised me out of all that.
You gave me purpose.
You gave me something
to fight for.
But now,
you've given me someone
to fight against.
Fight me? [snorts]
Acolyte, you work for me.
So did she.
[ominous music plays]
I've been getting in touch
with my inner self lately.
Turns out he's got a lot
of interesting plans.
[snarls, grunts]
Time for a revolution, my lord.
And Motherboard's isn't
the only head
on the chopping block.
Heads will roll, Acolyte.
And soon, you will learn
what all the universe
will come to know
I am Hordak,
conquest incarnate.
So let this be
our final battle!
[dramatic music plays]
[both grunts]
[distant booming]
What's happening up there?
We got to get out of this cell.
Ask and you shall receive,
Your Majesty.
Andra! How did you find us?
- [laughs] A tracker.
- [tracker beeps]
Sorry to let your mom
get caught,
but we knew they'd lead us
straight to you.
So grab your coat,
because I'm getting you both
out of here.
Thank you.
You just promise me
we're going to cure everybody
of this tekno-virus.
I mean it. Every last Eternian.
We'll do it together.
But since I can't
call down the Power
and transform into He-Man,
I'm going to need to get into
my father's private armory.
I knew we wouldn't be
welcomed back to the city.
But I didn't expect to be
fighting neighbors and friends.
They're all innocent
and under Hordak's control.
So we have to be careful.
Or we have to get away.
If you can do portals,
then why are we still here?
[Orko yells]
[Orko grunting]
How's that sword coming?
I think it's ready.
You think?
Now we've just got to get it
to He-Man.
But how do we get past
these mangy glondarks?
You have a sword! So swing it!
Oh, yeah.
[both yelling]
[dramatic music plays]

- Wha
- [grunts]
[both grunting]
[arm clicks, whirs]
[Hordak] And so the worm turns.
Oh, that worm turned
when you made that metal maiden
your right hand instead of me.
Motherboard was merely
an extension of my hand,
a tool of the Horde,
just like you.
You're the only tool here.
And now, your fate is
in my hand!
[energy whirs]
[Keldor laughs]
That's it.
Everything you know,
I taught you, Acolyte,
so there's no move you can make
I haven't already anticipated.
You left yourself open,
I could have easily killed you.
Oh, what's the point of this?
I'll never win against you.
You're too strong for me.
Fighting me is how
you get stronger.
Before you can accomplish
your goal,
you will have to battle foes
at least as capable as I am.
But how will this help me
take back my kingdom?
I thought I was going
to learn to use magic.
You will.
But never forget,
magic is a cheat.
Of use from time to time, yes,
but it will never
make you strong.
The might of the Horde
was built with technology.
And he who masters technology
masters the universe.
[ominous music plays]

[thunder booms]
Look at you.
What a disappointment you are.
[both grunt]

[Teela laughs]
Your Majesty.
Is everyone good?
I really haven't decided yet.
[blasters firing]
Friends, please!
This isn't you!
You're being controlled
by Hordak!
Lyn, watch out for
Yourself. Of course.
[grunting, blows landing]
Die, you pecksniffian prick!
Die and give me my legacy!
- Ah!
- [grunts]

[dramatic music plays]

The Horde will never
follow you.
Not until you fully embrace
your power.
Take it!
What is it?
Ha'vok is an ancient, powerful
magic that has lain dormant,
waiting for someone who was
born to wield such power.
Waiting for you.
Take it
and unlock your destiny.
Take it.
Take it and be reborn into
the ravenous maw of Ha'vok!

[thunder booms]
I'd have accepted Eternia
with grace and gratitude.
The Horde's footprint
would be cemented here
in the center of the universe
for all time.
you betrayed my loyalty
and tried to make me
settle for scraps!
[dramatic music plays]
What a disappointment you are.
You're a fool
if you think you can beat me
with my own technology.
I am as much its master
as I am yours.
This is Eternia.
Technology is only
half the battle.
You hate magic because
you don't understand it.
That's why you've always
needed an acolyte
to wield magic on your behalf.
You used to know that,
but you forgot it.
And while
the Havoc Staff showed me
how to tap into dark magic,
it's not the only source
of power in the universe.
I should have left you to die
on that filthy island, Keldor.
My name is
[surging music plays]

Hello, darling.
Miss me?
[laughs] I don't need that
childish talisman anymore.

[blasters firing]
- [device beeps]
- [grunts]
[wings fluttering]
[sensors chirping]
Teela, are you all right?
[clangs, whooshes]

[Teela] Adam?
You're green.
About that. I-I can explain.
I did it for you.
Well, for your father.
[Adam grunts]
You turned yourself green
for my dad?
No, I [grunts]
I needed to access
the ancient magics
in order to bring back
I thought if I restored
the afterlife,
I could give you
some peace of mind
knowing King Randor
would get to his great reward.
Teela, thank you.
But I don't need you
to do that for me.
All I need is for you
to be right here,
You got the Havoc Staff!
We can use it to defeat Hordak.
Hordak's dead.
Skeletor killed him.
Well, that's one problem down.
You don't understand.
We're next.
He's not Skeletor anymore.
He's somehow synthesized
both magic and technology,
so he's more powerful
than ever, and more dangerous.
Take the Havoc Staff.
We're going to need
all your power.
Everyone, stand back.
[dramatic music plays]



[speaking in Kudu-kesh]
- Teela!
- [whooshing]
[wind blowing]
[rumbling, clattering]
[falcon screeches]
I can't hold on!
[Adam] Teela!
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