Masters of the Universe: Revolution (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

he Scepter and the Sword

[exciting music plays]

[exciting music swells]
- Boo.
- [gasps]
- [laughs]
- [grunts]
A king is defender of the realm.
So you can't lead
if you can't fight.
I am fighting! [gasps]
You're holding back
because we're friends.
They're making me
Man-at-Arms tomorrow,
and I still haven't finished
teaching you
how to fight your enemies.
Well, if my enemies are half
as battle-chatty as you
[both grunt]
[exciting music softens]

Then lesson learned, Teach.
Thanks for everything,
- There you two are!
- [Adam] Whoa, Orko!
Teela and I were, uh,
just training.
Right, Teela?
[dramatic music plays]

- [grunts]
- No, Adam. Stay back.
What's happening to her?
[Lyn] The Three Magics
are tearing Teela apart.
- [Adam] How do we help her?
- We need more power.
[Gwildor] Oh, goody.
Because I've always wanted
to say this.
I have the
Here, He-Man!
I can't hold her!
I can.

[groans, straining]
Teela, hold on!
- [screams]
- [Adam] I'm coming!

What the devil are they doing?
[dreamily] Training.
By the Power of Grayskull.
[triumphant music plays]

[soft romantic music plays]

It's about time.
You know, I think those two
might have the hots
for each other.
Lesson learned, Teach.
You ready to scuttle Skeletor,
You finish what you started.
Restore Preternia
and bring back the afterlife
so if anyone dies today,
they'll find their rest
and reward.
You have the power, Teela.
And I've got Skeletor.

All right, while the Sorceress
channels her power
to restore Preternia,
I'll need all your help to
Well, if no one else can muster
the courage to say it
[clears throat]
He-Man and Teela,
sitting in a tree,
Orko and Lyn, protect Teela
so she can bring Preternia back.
Duncan and Andra,
handle the Horde.
- Man-at-Arms?
- Man-of-War.
Gwildor, old friend,
are you sure
the sword is safe to use
on all the infected Eternians
at once?
If my calculations are correct,
it should do the trick.
Mm, but since I was inventing
on the fly
while running for my life
[chuckles]there's also
an Orko-percent chance
that it will flatten reality
as we know it.
whatever you're going to do,
you'd better do it now.
Ready, buddy?
So all this time
you could've hugged me
into being Battle Cat?
[ominous music plays]
Children of the revolution!
For eons, the mystics of magic
and the titans of technology
waged war over which was truly
Master of the Universe.
But tonight, we witness
the dawn of a new Eternia,
one that embraces both magic
and technology.
Hordak sought
to rule the Universe.
But why simply
rule the Universe
when I can remake
the Universe instead?
Like I remade myself
by bringing together
disparate halves
to form a horrible whole.
You will all be remade
in your king's beautiful image.

[He-Man] Hey, numbskull!
Beauty is only skin-deep.
[adventurous music plays]

And skin is something
you're seriously lacking.
[Skeletor] Huh?

[tense music plays]
It's over, Skeletor.
I see we've both found the nexus
of magic and technology.
But you're not the only one
with new upgrades.
Meet Skeletor 2.0!
I've mastered technology
with magic,
so I can stop you
and whatever the hell
she's trying to do up there.

Don't worry, T. We got this.
We'll keep them off you.
Just bring back
what I destroyed.
[heroic music plays]

[both scream]
[both grunting]
[dramatic music plays]

Come on, He-Man.
Say "Uncle."
[He-Man] Aah!

I like my uncles once removed.

[alarm blaring]
[groans, laughs]
If you keep breaking
my new toys,
you'll just have to play
with the old ones!
[all scream]
[electronic whirring]
[all screaming]
[engines whooshing]
[electronic chirping]
[all yelling]

[shimmering tone]
Teela, look out!
Is that Granamyr the Monstrous?
No, that's Granamyr
the Magnificent.

[Granamyr] So swears
this servant of the fire of Ka.
[in dragon speech]
You shall not pass!
[emotional orchestral music

[Lyn] Granamyr!
She comes to nurse me
one last time.
Only with a balm
for your spirit.
Wandering souls,
search no longer.
Find peace
in the fires of creation!
The Tri-Sorceress
commandeth thee,
return, Preternia!
[Lyn] Look up, my Lord.
[triumphant music plays]

You did it, Granamyr.
You saved your soul.
No, my dear.
You saved my soul.
And you know
what that makes you?
Good, Lyn.
[Lyn cries]
[dark music plays]

- [groans]
- [Skeletor laughs evilly]
[Skeletor] It's not
the most original sentiment,
but I think I've earned
the right to say it.
I have the Power.
- Dad?
- Is this bully bothering you?
[Skeletor] Aah!
You all look like you could
use a little help, Adam,
so I brought along
some friends.
[dramatic music plays]

[bright music plays]

You are bound no longer, Mom.
My little bird.
[sweeping orchestral music

- All dads go to heaven.
- Whoa! Aah!
Not if I have anything
to say about it.
So bow down to me, nephew,
or I'll send my brother's soul
to Subternia
for the injustice
of stealing my crown!
You still think
you're the victim?
[dramatic music plays]

[Skeletor screams]

- [He-Man grunts]
- Aah!
- You were given your crown.
- Aah!
What did you do with it
but subjugate and destroy?
You may have been
born Keldor
but you'll always choose
to be Skeletor.
So you're no victim here.
- Because in any timeline
- [growls]
[both scream]
you're always the bad guy.

[gentle music plays]

[He-Man] When my father died,
I wanted to do
what was best for Eternia,
so I crowned Keldor,
thinking he would be
the better king.
But I made a mistake.
I was wrong.
And not just about Keldor being
the better king.
I was wrong for thinking
that one person
could ever decide
what's best for you,
the people of Eternos.
Granting power based on blood
instead of choosing someone
to oversee the needs and dreams
of the people strips Eternians
of their agency.
It led directly to the
destruction of the Palace.
And maybe
well, maybe it was time.
[Eternians gasp]
Because as wrong as he was,
Keldor was right
about one thing:
the power should belong
to the people too.
There's a far greater power
than even
the Power of Grayskull,
and that's the Power
to govern yourselves.
And so as of today,
we decree a dissolution
of Eternia's monarchy
and grant the power
to all of you,
our fellow citizens of Eternia!
[cheers and applause]
And for the moment,
Eternia has earned
a well-needed rest.
But if the forces of evil
should ever rise again
to cast a shadow
over the heart of Eternia
I'll always be here for you.
Happy Independence Day,

I've witnessed firsthand
the might and muscle
of the most powerful man
of the Universe,
across more adventures
than this old man
can possibly remember,
but what you just did
for the people of this planet,
that's the strongest thing
I've ever seen you do.
You've become greater
than any king.
You've become your own man.
Do you think Dad
would've approved?
I do.
Your dad was many
wonderful things, Adam,
but traditional wasn't one.
I mean, after all,
he married an alien.
[Man-at-Arms] My liege.
Not anymore.
And with no more royals,
that means you're not
technically Man-at-Arms.
I'm Man-Out-of-a-Job,
but I'm okay with that.
I want the next adventure
I embark on
to be fraught
with way less demons
and two-faced villains.
Which is ironic
because she's talking
about running
for an elected office.
Someone has to look after
all these people
once this party's over.
Well, you've got my vote.
Mine too.
Start shaking hands
and kissing babies,
Candidate Andra.
Speaking of kissing
I think I'll leave
you two alone.
[wistful music plays]
Ah, alone at last.
[laughs] Oh, um, you know,
I-I should probably, uh,
keep an eye on Gwildor.
- So.
- So. [laughs]
Now that there's no monarchy
and no palace,
I guess I gotta find
somewhere to live.
Well, you wanna stay
at my place?
I mean, it's a little chilly
and way out of town,
and there's a psychotic bad guy
locked up in the dungeon
who will stop at nothing
to control or destroy it,
but other than that,
it's it's, like,
the safest place
in the Universe.
The safest place
in the Universe for me
has always been
right by your side.
And it always will be.
By the Power of Grayskull,
By the Power of Grayskull,
[dramatic music plays]

Today we learned a lesson
in balance.
Both technology and magic
working together were needed
to end the revolution.
And you played no small part
in that,
Lyn of Zalesia.
Thank you, Lord Zodac.
[Zodac] And because
you have brought balance
not only to yourself,
but also to the Universe,
I welcome you
to the Cosmic Enforcers.

[unsettling music plays]

Rest, oh Exalted One.
Horde Prime
will make you whole again.
And when you have healed,
we shall return
to Eternia together
to destroy Skeletor.
And this He-Man.
[unsettling music swells]
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