Masum (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

All right, Mom!
Come on, Elif!
All right!
Come on, get in.
What happened, honey?
Stop! We need to go back.
Not happening, Elif, I'm sorry.
Mom! Say something!
Can you please tell us what you forgot?
My diary, I thought I put it in my bag,
but it's not there, I checked.
Is this a joke?
We need to go back!
Don't yell, Elif!
Why are you shouting?
Mom, please!
Don't waste our time, hurry up.
How are you doing, Captain?
What's up?
-Thank you, sir.
-Do you know yet?
We do, sir. It's a boy.
-A boy?
-Yes, sir.
Great, I'm so happy for you.
Thank you, sir.
Yes, sir?
Let's celebrate over drinks, then.
-As you wish, sir.
-That's not an order, man!
We'll just have a few drinks.
Who's Tunç Bayraktar, son?
You've issued a search
warrant for his office.
You've been wandering around his house.
Am I right here?
Tell me you haven't been doing
all of this just for the hell of it.
Chief, his firm has
been issuing false invoices:
illegal tenders, tax evasion,
you name it.
Hand it over to the financial crimes unit.
What's this got to do with you?
I never heard of a homicide detective
dealing with invoices or taxes.
Listen, Yusuf.
How long has it been
since you divorced her?
I didn't divorce her, Chief.
Her family stepped in
and made her file for divorce.
And she did file.
A judge evaluated the file
and approved the divorce.
The case is closed, Yusuf.
It's not right for you to bother that guy.
My daughter's living in
that guy's house, Chief.
This has to do with my daughter.
My daughter went to live in Canada.
She followed some guy
all the way to Canada.
I don't even speak the guy's language.
The bastard's got tattoos
all the way down to his ass.
Tell me, what am I supposed to do?
No, Yusuf! Just no!
Your marriage didn't work,
it's over now.
She moved on and got herself a new life.
You need to respect that.
Are you not allowed to see your kid?
Are they keeping her away from you?
No, Chief, that's not the case.
I can see her, thank God.
If that's not the problem,
you need to disappear, Yusuf.
You need to get out of that woman's life
and let go of that prick, too.
If he's up to something,
then hand the case over and get out.
Let's not talk about this
ever again, okay?
Don't put me between
a rock and a hard place.
And let's leave this behind
for good, all right?
You got me, right?
Take this.
See, we've got
bigger fish to fry now.
All right man?
Go on, go away for a while.
You get what I'm saying, right?
And keep the file to yourself,
don't share it with anyone.
For now.
He's sleeping, leave him alone.
Why are you poking the guy?
What kind of sleeping is that?
You sure he's sleeping?
He's a deep sleeper.
I've been hollering, didn't you hear?
I'm sleeping, too.
You have a free room?
I'm a light sleeper.
So, buddy, are you working here?
Yeah, we're working here.
Okay, do you have a free room?
So, how should we do this?
How many nights?
I don't know yet.
We have a booking, starting Monday.
A group coming over from New Zealand.
So, if you're staying for long
No, if you could just for tonight
Fancy a bath?
Hot water? Should I turn it on?
You said you were tired.
Yeah, no.
No, I'm fine. Thanks.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
Come on.
I fell in.
You're my brother's friend.
Excuse me?
You're my brother's friend.
I know you.
Who's your brother?
Taner Bayrakçi.
From around here.
Are you Chief Cevdet's son?
-His youngest son?
Cevdet was my teacher at the academy.
-Are you police now?
I'm sorry I didn't recognize you.
Don't worry, it's normal.
My condolences, by the way.
Where are you staying?
At the hotel by the fountain.
Salkim Hotel.
-Whoa, is that place still open?
It's full up.
There's a group coming over
from New Zealand next week.
-You don't say!
There used to be two weird brothers there.
They're still there.
Did they remember you?
No way, they've both gone full retarded.
The older one was sleeping and
the younger one's already off his head.
I mean
But you're saying the hotel is full.
Sure, it's packed.
-New Zealand, huh?
One of them once smashed a chair
over my brother's back.
Yeah, the older one.
We used to steal their grapes
and they'd go crazy.
It left a pretty bad mark
on his back though.
Your brother was crazy too.
You know what he did the day after?
He came back
with big gardening shears
and fucked up all those grapevines.
Fucked them all up.
I'll tell you what,
let's go have some sundowners
in his honor.
I don't know, no.
-No, I mean--
For my brother
Come on!
I'm trying to be careful
with my drinking and all
All right, we'll be careful while
we drink, come on get up.
Sit back down man, finish your coffee.
Come on, just one glass,
we'll eat something too.
Are you hungry?
Come on get up,
I'm buying, I'm serious.
For my brother, come on.
Come on, let's go.
You've been telling our son
not to drink too much
but you turned him into an alcoholic.
If the bastard were an alcoholic,
he wouldn't get drunk.
Go to bed, go on.
You're being a bad role model.
Go on, go to bed.
Don't stay up until morning.
You hear me?
Yeah, yeah.
It's bumpy here.
-Can you get out by yourself?
-Of course.
Who's with him?
Good evening, Chief.
Oh, where did you come from?
Who's Yusuf?
Cevdet, who's this kid?
I'm so sorry,
I didn't want to leave him alone.
No, no, it's fine.
Good evening!
So, you trashed yourself again, son?
Go on, get inside.
Good thing we're here on vacation, right?
Well, you're a chatty bunch!
Why don't you order yourself some wine?
So, you're telling me to drink
my wine and shut up, huh?
Yeah, make it white wine,
I'll have some too.
Elif, please put down that phone already.
Elif, are you not hearing me?
What, Mom?
Give me a break!
Watch your language now!
He's the same, too.
Why are you on my back, huh?
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
Come back here and eat.
What's happening?
Calm down, for fuck's sake!
-Where are you going?
-The restroom!
You disgraced us in front of everyone!
You're a grown man,
have you got no shame?
You turned me into the mother of a drunk!
The whole town is talking about us!
Shut up, woman.
Why are you yelling at the kid?
You think he can hear
you when he's like this?
Don't yell, Mom.
We have a guest here, it's rude!
To hell with your guest!
Don't yell.
He's your favorite son's friend.
That's just rude!
They cut up all the grapevines together!
Is Tarik all right, Chief?
He's had one too many.
He's had one too many
and his mom has one screw missing.
Welcome to the madhouse.
Don't say that.
When did you come to town?
What brought you here? Tell me.
Just today.
I've been thinking about coming
here for a while to rest a bit
but I never had the chance till now.
But my boy didn't let you rest,
even on your first day, huh?
No, no we just talked, had a nice chat.
How long are you staying?
I don't know, for about a week I guess.
I'm thinking about visiting the cemetery.
Maybe going up to the plateau.
Do you still have a house there?
No, they sold them all.
No house, no land, no relatives
But I'm still attached to this place.
Of course, you are,
you were born here, you grew up here.
Chief, my condolences by the way.
I heard about it but couldn't
My condolences.
So, the plateau huh?
Yeah, I guess I'll go there.
Not with my car though.
That's not possible.
But maybe the beekeepers can take me.
Do you still have a house there?
At the plateau?
No, we never had a house there.
No, in the village.
Any house or land passed on
to you from your dad?
No, we sold it all.
Excuse me.
You're sick! You're a psycho!
What kind of a man have you become?
Who do you think you are, huh?
Feride, why are you yelling?
What are you talking about?
I don't understand.
Do you think you have the right
to do something like this?
I'm hanging up
if you're going to keep nagging like this,
because I don't
understand what you're saying.
Is this how you act
as a role model for your daughter?
By breaking into the house like a thief?
The real thief is that asshole
who owns that house
you force my daughter to live in!
-Are you not ashamed?
-And it's my job to catch assholes.
Who told you this, huh?
Who told you this?
Did Elif tell you this?
Did Elif tell you
she's ashamed of her dad?
I wish, Yusuf
If you hadn't messed with her mind,
she could have told me herself.
But she wrote it down
in her diary instead.
She thinks it's a skill,
just like her father!
Are you reading her diary?
Please don't try and shift the blame
to me now.
Elif, stop!
Stop! Listen to me, please!
-Come here!
-Let's go!
Hello? Feride?
There's no coverage here, son, let it go.
Go down by the sea,
you can call them from there.
No. I mean, thanks.
I'm just-- I'm taking care of it.
I've made you coffee,
don't let it get cold.
I don't know if you like it
with sugar or not, but
It doesn't matter, thank you so much.
You shouldn't have.
Don't drink it if you don't want to.
Thank you so much, madam.
Who am I? Your French teacher?
Sorry, I just
I think you meant to say ma'am.
Let him call you what he wants,
leave him alone.
Are you staying the night?
No, I'm not, I've got a hotel room.
What did I say?
If he's going to stay,
I'll make the bed for him.
If he's not staying I'm going to bed.
All right, go to bed.
I'll take care of it.
Take care of what?
Is he staying, or isn't he?
For God's sake!
No, no, I have this hotel room and
all my stuff's already there, and
I'll have a change of clothes.
And I don't want to disturb you here.
I didn't you say you were
disturbing us, I just asked.
I was just going to spread
a bed sheet after all.
Nermin, please go to bed now,
for Heaven's sake!
All right then, I'm going to bed.
Don't stay up until morning.
You had that coffee,
you won't be able to sleep now.
Nermin, please go to bed already,
I'm begging you.
For God's sake, go to bed.
Good night.
So, you have a daughter, huh?
God bless her.
Thank you.
I always wanted a daughter, too.
I told her that too,
but she didn't want it.
She said, "What if the third
one's a boy too?
What am I going to do with
four men in the house?"
So, she didn't want it.
Well, I can't even handle one daughter.
No, no, daughters are good.
Daughters bring joy to the house.
We weren't lucky with our
daughters-in-law either.
You know what happened with
the older one, he couldn't make it work.
I guess you know the situation
with Tarik too, right?
Yes, I do.
That's why he drinks.
He was devastated
he lost his wife and his brother
in the accident that night.
He couldn't handle it.
He's a good kid, actually.
Well-educated and respectful.
He wrecks things,
but he knows how to clean up.
He used to play great soccer.
I always told him I supported him,
told him to never stop playing.
I told him he could play for Fenerbahçe,
but he didn't want to.
Sometimes, he wakes up in
the middle of the night and starts crying.
Repeating his wife's name.
It tears my heart to pieces.
That's why I stay up all night.
His mother's a sound sleeper,
she doesn't hear him.
I go to his room when he wakes up.
I stroke his head and tell him it's over,
tell him it's okay.
I guess he believes me
and he goes back to bed.
But it's never over.
Some pains are temporary,
but this isn't one of them.
It's this big, dark cloud
that doesn't seem like it's going away.
He doesn't have friends anymore.
Everybody's there when things are good.
But when the going gets tough,
people disappear.
People can't handle pain, Yusuf.
Pain is our job, our profession.
People giving pain, people feeling pain,
they're all our clients.
But it's not like that for normal people.
Everybody's gone, he's got no friends now.
They don't go near him
because he drinks too much.
All kids grow up and leave home.
But ours grew up young
and came back home to live with us.
Talk to him for a while, huh?
Be a friend to him.
Sure, sure, Chief.
He's a brilliant guy.
I can always help him, don't worry.
His brother left him to you.
Think about it that way.
Be a big brother to him.
It'll be good for me, too.
Get your stuff tomorrow
morning and come here.
You can do your laundry here,
eat real food.
It's better than a hotel room.
No, Chief, thank you,
but that's not necessary.
I've already got the room,
all my stuff's there,
and I don't want to cause any trouble.
Come on, what trouble?
Don't mind my wife,
she's been a little rude.
But that was
because you were a friend of our dead son.
You reminded her of him,
so she got a little emotional.
Don't worry about her.
Not at all.
So, I'll just get going then
Sure, but I'll be waiting
for you tomorrow morning.
Yusuf, tell you what, do you
know anything about cars?
Yeah, I know a thing or two
about them. What do you need?
I know nothing about cars.
We have a rust bucket, four-wheel drive.
I bought it from a retired colonel
back in the day, just out of curiosity.
It's been sitting in the garage for years.
You can take a look at it.
If you can get it to run
you can go up to the plateau with my son.
Yeah, sure, I'll have a look.
But, you know,
I don't know that much about cars.
It's all right.
Maybe you can come, too,
we can go together, all three of us.
We'll see.
All right.
Good night then.
Good night.
What happened?
You couldn't sleep?
Have you gone crazy?
What are you talking about?
That kid can't stay here, no!
No, I don't want him in this house!
He's a good kid, he'll just stay
for a few days and then leave.
Cevdet, isn't he a cop?
Yes, he is.
He was one of my students.
Then how can we trust him?
Have you lost your mind?
Nermin, he's not going
to do us any harm.
You're only saying this
because you miss your son.
Don't be like this, you worry
me and you worry yourself.
Please, go to bed now, go on.
He's exactly the kind of person
who's going to harm us.
Shame on you, great Chief!
Don't be so naive.
How can you be sure he
accidentally bumped into our son?
Wasn't it you that told me
not to trust anyone?
And not to talk to anyone?
You didn't even let me tell my sister!
He's been in our home!
And you're offering him a room!
You don't think he's going to
try and learn something
from our son, who is drunk all the time?
Damn, son! You're already starting?
What am I supposed to do?
It's hot, I need to cool off.
Then jump in the water.
Do you want some?
-Coffee, want some?
Yeah, sure.
I remember this flask.
It was my brother's.
We used to go up
to the plateau with your brother.
We used to go to that place called
Uludere. We used
to go there and camp.
He used to love that kind of stuff.
You know camping,
making fires, hunting and stuff.
He used to love those things.
This guy used to insist on coming.
He used to pack his bag the night before.
And his brother would always stall him.
One time
he ran off at dawn while
this one was still sleeping. Right?
Then he woke up and got angry
to see his brother had already left.
He threw his bag up at the wall.
He even peed on his bed one time.
Yeah, I went into the room and caught
him peeing on his brother's bed,
just because he didn't take him camping.
What? Are you upset?
Why are you upset?
Get me a beer too,
this tastes like shit.
Do you want a beer?
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, Feride?
Have you spoken to Elif?
No, when?
Yusuf, she's missing.
What do you mean she's missing?
She's missing.
She got really upset with me last night.
She overheard us talking.
She heard that I read her diary
and she just left.
I thought I shouldn't follow her,
you know, leave her alone.
Then I came back to the room and
thought she went to bed. I don't know.
Feride, calm down.
Didn't she take her phone with her?
She left if here,
she left all her stuff here.
She only took her purse and left.
I'm losing my mind.
I've been looking everywhere,
but I can't find her anywhere.
Yusuf, do something.
Please, do something.
Is the water okay?
Is it cold?
Kind of.
I think you should go in.
You'll cool off.
I want to, but
But what?
Never mind.
Go on, tell me.
I can't.
You can't what?
You know.
I don't have my bikini on.
I see.
All right, thanks.
I'll be waiting for your call.
All right.
The boys are going to look into it.
Don't worry, it's nothing.
She's just a young girl, she got upset
with her mom, she'll turn up.
I've seen many things like this before.
You know how it is.
If you worry too much,
the police can't do their job properly.
You're right, but
Do you think we should head back?
Because I may be heading
out of town.
Sure. Sure, why not!
Where's Tarik?
He's probably over at the rocks.
We'll find him.
-How's the water?
Should I get in as well?
It's kind of hot.
No way!
-Not before I get out!
All right!
Close your eyes.
Come on!
-Should I get in?
-No, close your eyes, I'm coming out.
Turn around.
Turn around.
-Are you done?
-No, no, wait!
All right.
Thank you.
Let's go!
I need to go back.
What is he doing?
We're going.
Tarik, we're going back, come on!
Is that your dad?
And the other one is your brother?
My brother's dead.
You were with him that day,
You were in the car together.
Don't you remember?
Who is he talking to?
I don't know.
What do you want from me?
Forgive me.
What happened?
Did he drop something?
What happened?
Tarik, did you drop something?
-Is he looking for something?
-I don't know.
Please, go help him.
Stop the engine!
Tarik, what are you doing?
Stop the engine, Dad!
Stop the engine, it's going to hit her!
Hit what?
Stop the fucking engine, Dad!
-Tarik, stop!
-Fuck off!
Tarik, this was the second time.
I swear, I won't jump in
to save you a third time.
Stop, stop!
-What happened?
-Stop, stop!
Are you mad?
What are you doing here?
I came to be with you, Dad.
I went to the hotel
and they said you left.
I was so afraid I thought
I wouldn't find you.
Please don't send me back.
Where did you come from?
How did you get here?
Who brought you here?
Your mom is worried sick, Elif.
I took the bus.
I heard you were here
while you were talking to Mom.
Please don't send me back,
let me stay with you, please.
Are you hungry?
We don't eat at this time of the day.
Do you want me to make you a sandwich?
A nice sandwich with grilled cheese
and tomato paste, you want one?
What do you mean, a sandwich?
You never step in the kitchen.
Well, I mean, a sandwich!
Is she really going to wait for
you to make it,
and set the dinner table,
and all that? She's starving!
So, do you want one?
All right, I'll be quick.
And I'll bring you
something to drink as well.
Do we have yoghurt?
Yeah, we do.
Do you have any sausage?
Of course.
And from a butcher. Not from
the supermarket like in the city.
I'm going to make you a sandwich
with some sausage, right away.
Look at Dad go.
What's your name, sis?
Elif, kudos to you.
She's afraid.
She's afraid you're
going to get mad at her.
Of course, I'm going to get mad.
She just left us.
She's upset with you.
This is all because of you.
You spoil her, and then she
makes an enemy out of me.
For God's sake, I'm hanging up.
Stop! Is she hungry
or does she need anything?
I don't understand,
how did she get there?
She took the bus and came here.
What part of that do you not understand?
Please don't be so dramatic,
we found her in the end.
I'll talk to her and have her call you.
But please leave her alone for a while.
And you take it easy as well, relax.
She's just over there.
I'll go see her now.
She must be feeling pretty strange
being here right now.
Tell her I'm sad about everything.
All right, all right, I'll tell her.
I'm hanging up now.
Where's the chief?
He's making a sandwich for me.
A sandwich?
He shouldn't have.
Go tell him to make one for you as well.
He's running a deli in there.
No thanks, madam. I'm full.
Go on, son, finish picking these out.
You're okay with staying
in the same room, right?
We don't have any more spare beds.
No, that's fine, it's no problem,
but we can go back to the hotel.
What hotel?
That's not happening.
Nermin, go get the room ready.
Here's your sandwich little miss.
I've put a little hot sauce in it.
She's fine with hot sauce, right?
-I love it.
-Good for you, go on then.
Thank you so much.
Don't worry about it.
This is our little daughter, a spinster.
What a cheerful girl.
She is, but she scared us to death.
She's courageous too.
She's come all the way here on her own.
She's like Calamity Jane.
Who's she?
-Cevdet, come here!
What happened?
Where are you?
I'm in here.
What happened?
I opened up the wardrobe to get sheets.
And the evil thing jumped out.
You scared me to death, woman.
Open the window,
it'll find its way out.
Don't stand there, go!
-Tarik, get that thing out of here.
For God's sake!
Don't kill the poor thing.
Elif, your mom's calling.
Talk to her just once,
so she'll calm down.
Dad, tell him not to kill it.
Come with me.
Is it Mom?
-Come outside.
-Don't you kill it.
We'll open the window and
let it out. Poor thing.
You killed it!
You're a murderer!
What did you say?
Mom? What's up?
They're after you, son!
What are you talking about? Who?
The police.
They know you're alive.
It's what I was afraid of.
Run, son!
I'm begging you. Run!
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