Masum (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

You should go as well.
Sure, sure.
Could you give the balloons to the groom?
Go on dear, you get in the shot, too.
Come on, get in there.
Smile. Closer please.
Could you turn the light
that way a bit?
You know I had this
chick the other night
-We were hanging out at my place.
So sorry, sir.
So we were together with this girl, right?
Where have you been, son?
They're almost here.
I'm here, Mom.
Let's get going.
Congratulations again.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
I'm telling you,
my makeup has all come off.
That's normal.
Thanks to Father Cevdet, I feel
exhausted from all that dancing.
He drags me off to meet everyone, too.
He keeps telling them,
"She's my daughter now."
Are you going to call him Father Cevdet?
I don't know, I guess.
He's so friendly, so kind.
Trust me, I'm only saying that
because I mean it.
And I grew up without a father.
I never knew him.
I guess that's why I like this, too.
Then call him Dad.
Why do you call him Father Cevdet?
I guess I will, in time.
What do you call him?
You call him Dad, right?
The guy's nice, though a bit grumpy.
But it's their mother who's crazy.
I'm telling you.
Are you feeling okay?
I'm fine, dear, thanks.
Ruya, you can talk to me
whenever you want.
I mean, after all we're
Sisters-in-law now, right?
No, I wasn't going to say that.
I was going to say we're friends now.
If you want, of course.
I mean, I'm sorry, I was
I was talking nonsense.
Sure, I'd like that.
You know, to be friends.
And no, you weren't talking nonsense.
Their mom really is a bit weird.
Hi, you're from the office, right?
Have fun.
-You too.
Slow down, slow down.
What are you doing?
How long have we been apart?
Let's end this longing
and get together now
Slow down girl, slow down!
But the wedding was beautiful, right?
You were beautiful, honey.
You, too.
What's wrong?
Remember how my gown fell apart?
Don't mind it, honey, nobody noticed.
Don't worry about it.
What do you mean nobody noticed?
They just popped out.
Your tits were all over my aunt's lap.
Don't say that.
Stop laughing.
Baby, I love you big time!
-Where are you going?
-I'm going.
-I'm going.
Where could I be going?
You made me chug the whole thing.
Good evening, brother.
Good evening.
It's nice here.
Are you here every night?
Do I know you, man?
Let's get acquainted.
I'm Ahmet.
Anyway, I'll cut to the chase.
Good atmosphere, good music, good show.
And to be honest, a beautiful girl.
We're leaving, so how should we do this?
Huh, bro?
What are you trying to say, man?
What are you talking about?
How can I put this any more clearly, bro?
Don't waste my time, it's getting late
and I have to work tomorrow.
So let's make the transaction here
and get going.
We're going to Atakoy,
so how do we do this?
Are we dropping her off or taking her
with us? The car's out front.
What are you doing?
I'll fuck you up!
What's going on? Tarik!
Tarik! Get out of the way!
Get out of the way! Tarik!
Stop! Please!
You stay out of this!
Please stop!
What are you doing?
All of you ganging up on him?
Are you all psychopaths?
The real psychopath's right behind you!
-That prick hit me for no reason!
-Is he still saying, "For no reason"?
-Tarik stop!
-I'll kill you, man!
-I'll fuck you up!
-Tarik, I'm begging you, stop!
Get out of the way,
you don't know what happened!
It doesn't matter what happened.
Please stop!
He called you a whore.
So you were going to kill him?
-I'm saying he called you a whore.
-Tarik, I don't care what he called me.
Just because he called me a whore
doesn't mean I am one, right?
Our night just went to shit.
Was it worth it?
Look at your hand, was it worth it?
That fucking son of a bitch
tried to pay me.
-He thought I was a pimp.
-Tarik, enough!
What are you talking about, Emel? Please!
You went to the restroom
and he came over.
If you'd heard what he said,
you would've been furious.
I'm telling you he called you a whore
and he tried to pay me.
-All right.
-What was I supposed to do?
I was seeing red!
And he's still saying
it was all for no reason!
See how he got scared and pulled
back when I went at him?
Fucking punks!
Honey, I know you're scared
but please, for heaven's sake
All right, it's over now.
It's over, darling.
Let's go find a pharmacist
to wrap your hand.
To hell with my hand now, come here.
I was thinking about what
would've happened if you were alone.
What if I wasn't with you?
What if those animals came on to you
when you were by yourself?
That would've been really bad.
I'll lose my damn mind
if something happens to you.
Same damn thing goes for me.
Are you my hero?
Are we getting a little hungry, huh?
I was thinking about eating you at home.
What about
a grilled cheese sandwich first?
Honey, pass me
the smallest wrench over there.
Number eight, I guess.
Dad, they're so dirty,
I'm covered in grease.
Grease? You're glistening.
Don't make me mad,
just pass the wrench. It's right there.
How's it coming along?
Is it going to run?
I hope so.
If it doesn't run after this,
just sell me the damn car
and I'll go burn it over there.
It'll run, but it's okay if it doesn't.
You asked for a game and I bought you one.
We could've played backgammon,
if you knew how to play.
Thank you so much.
No problem.
Goddamn son of a bitch!
You come into my house like a rat
and play detective, huh?
Hush, quiet!
It works!
Dad got it to work, it's running!
Well I'll be
Even school buses have music.
Is there nothing to listen to here?
What do you need music for?
Look outside, smell the forest air.
Lower the window.
Lower it and breathe in the air.
I want music, Dad!
What's that got to do with the air?
Hold on little miss,
we'll find something for you.
Don't bother, please don't bother.
We've been doing everything for her,
we've spoiled her.
Don't be so hard on her.
Elif, we're not in your mom's house,
all right?
We shouldn't rain down
orders like that, all right?
That's nonsense, Dad!
These are a bit old, but if you
find something, we can play it.
Tarik, you have a look at them as well.
Wow, cassette tapes!
Tarik, do you hear me?
I'm not talking to empty space!
I hear you, Dad.
I'm telling you to pick some music.
-Will you?
-You pick.
Dad, look at Sezen Aksu!
She looks like someone else completely.
You want this one?
For how long have we been apart?
Let's end this longing
and get together now
-For how long have we been apart?
-Turn it off.
Turn it off, Dad, turn it off.
Don't be a buzzkill, we don't have
anything better to listen to.
Nothing else but arabesque.
We're listening, it's fine.
-I told you to turn it off!
-What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
What are you doing?
-Turn it off!
-Yusuf, stop! Stop, stop!
-Goddamn maniac!
You think maybe the song
reminded him of his wife?
-Maybe they used to listen to it together?
-To hell with the song
-Get over here, boy. Get in the car!
-I don't want to!
I don't want to, Dad!
Leave me alone!
Leave yourself alone!
Don't let those demons in
your head fuck up your mind!
-Get in the car!
-I don't want to, Dad!
I'm not feeling good.
All right, I'll walk. I'm sorry.
All right, wait here.
Don't go anywhere, wait there!
Hand me those cassette tapes, girl.
Give them here.
Put this on. Play it!
Turn it up!
Turn it up!
What are you doing, Dad?
Dance or I'll break your legs!
You're going to dance with your dad!
Come on!
Dance! Get your arms up and dance!
Yusuf, out of the car.
Girl, you too, come on!
What are we doing?
Let's get out.
Come on dance, dance!
That's it, dance!
-What are we doing?
-We're dancing.
Let's go!
That's it.
Yes, shake your shoulders!
What are you doing?
May Allah accept your prayer, Mom.
You want some more, dear?
You want pickles too?
Sure, Mom, pickles too.
I'll give my life for you, dear.
How's Tarik doing?
Good, thank God.
But he's been drinking.
I wish he wouldn't.
Is he taking his pills?
Is he taking his pills?
Your dad says that isn't necessary.
He's good.
If he just quits drinking too
Tarik doesn't know, right?
Poor thing thinks you're dead.
Otherwise he might let something
slip out when he's drunk.
He might come looking for you,
and we can't stand in his way.
I'll just have a beer, Dad.
There's no beer.
What do you mean?
We brought some.
We brought five and you
drank three of them, you idiot.
We didn't bring enough,
I told you I could carry them.
We brought enough,
but you drank too many.
Go sleep if you're bored.
Or sit down with me without drinking
so we can have
a real conversation for once.
What's up with him?
Nothing, he's bored.
He's not a mountain person,
he's all about the sea.
He likes going out on a boat and fishing.
He's not like his brother, huh?
-What's your daughter doing, sleeping?
-No way, she's being a little witch.
She's whining over there.
She left her phone.
She left her phone at her mom's.
That's her problem, if she had her phone,
she wouldn't even look at us.
That game you brought has
kept her busy for a while.
She's been playing but
she'll go to sleep soon.
There's a cave up the hill,
we can go there tomorrow.
Nermin packed some food for us,
we'll have a nice breakfast tomorrow.
We'll keep her busy, don't worry about it.
Thanks so much.
I've missed this place.
I spent my childhood here.
I spent my childhood here with your son.
We used to build fires.
We couldn't actually.
He used to wear a lens around his neck.
He took it everywhere,
and never took it off.
A lens attached to a long yellow string.
I used to try and start the fire.
Really struggling, sweating my ass off,
fanning it, but just couldn't do it.
Couldn't even get a spark.
Then he came over, told me to get
out of the way, told me not to look.
He was going to make a show of it,
a trick of his.
His magic trick
And suddenly there was smoke.
Right away he had a fire going.
I used to go crazy, ask him how he did it.
I used to beg him to tell me, but no
Then one day, he brought out the lens.
I found out his secret.
He used to buy magazines and stuff.
He was into it all:
camping, magazines, everything
I guess he learned the trick in one
of them, I don't know.
That's how he gave himself away.
But he fucked up that camera.
The camera, he fucked it all up.
Years ago
we asked my wife's sister for a camera.
A Zenith camera.
They are living in Germany.
I took two rolls of photos,
but the camera went missing
before I the third.
I couldn't find it anywhere.
I asked him, but he didn't know.
Anyway, one day
I was trimming the fig tree
in the back yard.
I found the camera over there, in pieces.
Bastard fucked up the camera
just to get the lens out.
I chased him all the way
to that old train station.
People came over and saved him from me.
May he rest in peace.
May you live long in his place.
There's no money, son.
Your dad gave it all to the sharecropper.
Don't look for it there.
Son, don't you ever say anything
to your dad about the gun.
Mom, I need to go.
I can't stay here.
They'll be back in two days.
Tarik can't stay there any longer,
he'll get restless.
Patience, son, your dad will let us
know when they're coming back.
Draw one, it's your turn.
Come on now, don't be a party pooper.
Look, you have to pick a card
then you have to draw
something to describe it,
and I'll try to guess what it is.
Pick a card.
Don't you think you're taking
a bit too much time?
Come on, enough already.
I can't promise anything
but I'll do what I can.
Nothing is the way it used to be for me,
I'll tell you that much.
I'm married now.
I have a wife,
I can't be a lone wolf anymore.
Emel went through a lot of trouble,
suffered a lot in the past.
Things happened to her
that she didn't deserve, she was hurt.
I don't want to disappoint her.
I have carried out all your
requests up until now,
I never opposed any of them,
you know that.
But now I'm expecting a bit
of sympathy from you, sir.
What, this?
No, this isn't important.
I was near the arsenal
at the time of the explosion
and the shrapnel from there
Nothing important.
No, sir.
The conflict was resolved without combat.
The Greek soldiers surrendered.
I already detailed the situation
in my report, thank you.
Sir, do you eat spicy food?
Because I'm making this a bit hot.
Yes, sir.
You lied to me.
You weren't supposed
to stop taking the pills.
It's forbidden.
They don't want me to.
It's my dad.
Good morning.
Well, you certainly slept a lot.
We certainly did,
the oxygen knocked us out real good.
Go wake the girl up,
I'll start cooking the sausages.
Wasn't Elif with you?
No, isn't she sleeping inside?
Haven't you seen her this morning?
Where's Tarik?
He's probably wandering around,
he'll be back soon.
Where are you, girl?
Where are you girl?
I went all the way down the path.
She's not there.
What's up, son?
Why are you staring at me like
you want punch me in the face?
That son of yours
What? What about him?
What are you saying?
Since he's a bit off his head
What if he does something to her?
Who do you mean? Tarik?
I mean both of them, Chief.
I mean both of your sons.
What are saying, man?
You brought us to the middle
of nowhere on purpose, right?
Not a soul around.
What are you saying, son?
Tell it to me straight.
How did Tarik get
early discharge from the military?
Why did they release him from the corps?
Why did his commanding officer sue him?
Why didn't he do his military service?
What are you getting at
with your half-brain?
You think I don't know
who sent you here?
That scumbag who sent you here
would run with his tail between his legs
if I stood up to him.
How did that report
disappear from the hospital?
Huh, Chief?
You're supposed to be a father, huh?
Raise a kid?
Be a daughter's father?
Do you know what a father will do
for his kid?
Can you handle it?
-Tarik! What happened?
-She took a real tumble!
She's bleeding.
What happened?
-Is she all right?
-She's bleeding.
Go on, quick, call the hospital!
How? There's no service here.
Start the car, run!
Help us! Nurse!
Get a stretcher!
Sir, you need to go to the ER,
we can't get her through here.
-Forget the ER, help us!
-Bring it over here!
Easy, easy!
Bring it here!
they know.
They know, they know that
I made the reports disappear.
The reports of our son.
They know.
Why are you talking about this
on the phone?
Have you gone mad?
-Don't be ridiculous.
I'm too tired, Nermin.
Hang up the phone. Where are you?
Have you come back to town?
She went in to surgery.
The doctor told us to wait outside.
Yusuf can't leave her side.
Look at me, did you do
something to the kid?
In the woods, this morning,
if you did something, tell me now.
-What are you saying, Dad?
-Where are you going?
-To smoke!
-Smoke shit!
I didn't do anything to anyone.
I found the girl in the woods,
picked her up,
and carried her over to you.
I didn't do anything!
But you did!
You broke my heart!
We're closed.
No, I was just going to ask you something.
Three days ago,
I was here with my husband.
I left my purse here.
You need to come back tonight,
there's no one here.
Actually there was a very important
document in it.
So if we could just check
the security footage
We were sitting right over there
and it was crowded when it disappeared.
I wouldn't have cared
if it were just money
but the document is important to me.
It's work-related.
Can we check the footage?
This isn't going to work.
I really don't know how to operate this.
I think you better come back tonight.
Look, I think we need
to enter the date there.
Let's do it.
The 24th.
No, the 24th of this month. Friday.
It came up, good.
Could you fast forward a little bit?
A little bit more.
All right, all right, play it from here.
Quit playing around, son, finish up.
-Where's Dad?
-He's out.
-Out where?
-I don't know, son.
As if he always tells me where he's going!
He never tells me where he's going.
He makes you regret even asking.
Mom, give me some pickles.
-We're out of pickles.
What do you mean we're out?
There were some when we left yesterday,
and you don't eat pickles.
I threw them away.
-You said we're out.
-There are no pickles, for God's sake!
You never bring food to this house
yet you're giving me a hard time
about pickles?
No more pickles.
I threw them away.
Finish your food,
I'll wash up and go to bed.
All right, why are you yelling?
Don't force me then!
Here! Take it!
That little girl was laying there
like she was dead, Mom.
Is Yusuf going to stay at the hospital?
He is.
No rooms were available but he
says he can sleep on the bench.
He doesn't leave her side.
She's his kid.
You would understand
if you had a kid of your own.
You would even sleep on the floor.
He's probably not
going to sleep at all tonight.
Do you need anything?
The cafeteria is about to close
and I don't think you've eaten anything,
so if you want to
Sir, the cafeteria is this way.
Spend it carefully, it's almost winter.
I don't shit money.
Come here.
Here, your mom sent you this.
You got the jeep fixed.
Get the fuck away from here,
don't hang around too much.
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