Masum (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Please look at me
Take a look
Am I such a child?
You are a fragile beautiful baby
If that is true, how do I know to love?
No way, you are too young
Your heart is young and full of hope
I'm yearning for this
Maybe we could be happy
I am madly in love
-It'll pass
-I promise to love you forever
-It's just a dream
-No fantasy, dream or lie
This is our future
What happens if we get forgotten?
What if we dream a bit?
What if the fairytales are real?
You little rascal! You're a bandit now?
Let's go find your dad!
Allahu Akbar
Assalaamu 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah
Come on, Dad, that's enough.
You've turned this into a soap opera.
Stop crying already.
My love.
Are you hungry, dear?
They're about to bring the food.
They're going to bring weird
food again, that's for sure.
Yesterday's dessert smelt like
the inside of a mosque.
What's that supposed to mean, Elif?
What does that even mean?
Tell me what you want, and I'll go get it,
what do you want to eat?
-Where's Mom?
-She's upstairs with the doctor.
We're leaving today.
You're being discharged.
She's going to learn about your drugs.
Then we're going to leave.
You just tell me what you want to eat.
Not now, but maybe when we get home,
she'll make me some ravioli.
Of course she will, dear.
Of course she will.
With lots of butter
and tomato sauce on it.
Now I'm hungry too, for real.
Tunç loves it too.
He always has two servings.
He's a cow!
I hope he chokes on it.
Oh, Dad.
I was so scared something bad
was going to happen to you.
It already happened, dad.
What else?
I think you should be really nice to
me for like at least three months.
Stop crying, that's enough.
Okay I'll stop, I'll stop.
I feel a bit rundown.
You need to shave,
you scratched my cheeks.
All right, I'll shave.
I'll go check on your mom.
Take a shower while you're at it.
You must be feeling really good, then.
I'm not saying that for my own good.
You're with mom all the time.
I don't know, she might like it.
And come back home, too.
-Has she woken up?
-Ravioli with tomato sauce, huh?
Man, you used to order in
pizza five days a week for me.
What are you talking about?
Nothing. She's awake,
don't leave, I'll be back.
-Where are you going?
-To get a shave.
Is this really the time?
How have you been?
How's Elif?
I can see her, right?
No, man, let's not do that now,
she's sleeping.
Mom made some soup for her.
Bone broth.
Thank you.
She shouldn't have bothered.
Are you going to give me the flowers?
Why don't I give them myself?
Don't be like this.
You don't know anything.
The doctor's waiting for
me inside, all right?
I'm going inside now.
Thank your mom for me, okay?
All right, then.
Fuck your soup!
Why did you do
something like that?
I don't want any flowers, Tarik.
But I bought them for you,
they're your favorite.
I saw them on my way home,
and thought you would like them.
But I don't want any flowers, Tarik!
What did I do, why are you
so angry with me?
"What did you do?"
For 10 days
Tarik, enough!
What happened at the bar that night?
What happened, Tarik?
I'm asking you for the last time,
please answer me!
Why did you attack those guys?
Tarik, look at me!
Want to order Chinese?
Are you asleep?
Good evening.
You need to pay the maintenance fee,
the manager asked.
We're out of the building, sir!
Are you moving out?
The door to the armory is locked.
I'll contact the captain for
Goodness gracious!
-The flowers are in the sea, Captain!
-What are you talking about, man?
-I request reinforcements.
-What ? Where are you?
They locked the armory door!
Have you locked yourself out?
I don't understand. Speak clearly.
We can't reach the ammo!
Fuck off, man!
Have you been drinking?
Fucking lunatic.
Ruya, stop!
What the hell are you doing here?
Excuse me?
Would you like some candy?
No, thank you.
Do they still make those?
We had those when I was a kid.
No, they don't, I've been stocking up.
I robbed a candy store in 1997.
I have two boxes of those
umbrella-shaped chocolates.
They're at home if
you like those.
Stocking up, huh?
Thank you, it felt good to laugh.
All right then, give me some.
What was your name?
You're the IT guy, right?
I hope your husband's okay.
How do you mean?
The thing at the bar the other night.
I was there when the fight broke out.
That's right.
I hope he recovers soon.
I'm not sure if this is
the right thing to say but
I hope he's well.
I'm so sorry, I was being so direct,
like some jackass.
That's fine.
Thanks for asking.
Is your husband getting any help?
I mean, is he getting professional help?
I can't help but be interested in
such cases.
What cases?
My sister's a psychologist.
So? Is my husband sick?
I mean, I'm not the one to say, but
I'm sorry.
I'm talking out of my ass.
I just happened to witness
the incident that night.
I'm really sorry, I just
When were you born?
I mean, how old are you?
I mean, 28.
I mean
I was born in
'88 and I'm 28
You're a little smartass, really.
I'm so sorry. Really.
I think I was a bit tactless.
What's up?
Is this a good time?
Can we meet up if you're free?
-I don't know, we could go to the park.
Okay, say in 45 minutes?
All right, dear, see you then.
I'm sorry, I snapped.
That was unnecessary.
No, I deserved it.
Yeah, you do have a big nose.
I'm only joking.
Thanks for caring.
I mean, is there any candy left?
How silly I am indeed!
Your sister's a psychologist, huh?
Yeah, keep that in mind
if you need anything.
Chocolate tastes good.
The Captain, huh?
Yeah, all three of us live together.
Me, Tarik, and the captain.
Whoever that is
-What do you mean?
-How's the sex?
You're really strange like that,
right out of nowhere
I don't know
If all three of you go
to bed together
it can't be all that bad.
Wow, girl, you've gone all red.
So, I think I got my answer.
For God's sake, Ruya
Do you think I should see
a psychologist or something?
Tarik should see one, not you.
Yeah, how's that going to happen?
What should I say to him?
I think I should go first
and ask for some advice.
On how to act, how to persuade him,
how to tell him.
I can ask all those things.
I mean, that can't hurt.
Do you have anyone you know?
I mean, I know someone
who knows one.
I don't know, maybe
It's the sister of someone
in the office.
It's good she's a woman.
It's good, because
How you can tell all that to another man,
when you can't even tell me?
You should go
and tell that woman everything.
Tell her everything.
What happens in bed, the sex
If you're ever going to find a solution,
you'll find it there.
It starts in bed and gets resolved in bed.
If it's going to, it'll end in bed,
like all relationships.
Then ours isn't ending any time soon.
How come this doesn't come off?
Why doesn't this come off?
It doesn't come off.
Second Battalion Third Company
Private Restrooms Unit
is waiting for your orders, sir!
She's asleep.
Since Elif fell, I can't stop
thinking about that old guy.
What old guy?
What old guy?
I told you about him, at the village,
with Taner
The chief's son.
That radio repairman
whose house you broke into.
Damn, Yusuf.
Whenever something bad happens to us,
you always feel this way.
Remember when you heard about
your dad's disease, it was the same.
You tore your hair out.
Don't be like that again.
Don't feel that way.
Don't be hung up on something
that happened 30 years ago.
Don't ruin yourself for nothing,
you were kids and you acted recklessly.
Plus, you didn't even do it.
Did you hit the guy with the stick?
I've been thinking about his face
for the last three days.
Yusuf, snap out of this.
Yes, something bad happened to us.
Yes, our dear daughter is in bed
in bandages
but this is life. Everything happens
for a reason.
Promise me that you're not
going to beat yourself up.
Don't think about something
that happened 30 years ago
every time something bad happens.
This is not about paying a price,
this is life.
You're a good father.
Yes, you make a lot of mistakes, but
Yusuf, look me in the eye.
You're a good father.
My daughter's a very lucky girl.
She loves you like crazy.
Her eyes light up with joy
every time she sees you.
You say so?
Yeah, I say so.
We need to buy the drugs
the doctor prescribed, by the way.
She might have some pain tonight.
Do you really have to live
in this guy's house?
Now, where did that come from?
I mean, what are we talking
about right now?
How stupid was that? I mean
We were having a quiet,
calm conversation. I mean
-I'm sorry.
-Can we get back to the subject?
-You're right.
-Okay, I'm sorry.
-Are you going to pick up the drugs?
I'm sorry, I really am.
That was nonsense.
I mean, unnecessary
But it was actually really nice.
I mean
Having a genuinely sweet and calm
talk without arguing or fighting.
I've missed this so much.
Me too.
For real?
For real.
I'm going to get the drugs, okay?
-Don't worry.
You go get some rest,
we're really worn-out.
Yeah, I
I spoke to the nurse, too.
She's going to
The injection tonight
I'm going crazy now!
I'm really going crazy!
I've been paying the rent
for an empty house for six months!
For God's sake!
Do you really have to live
in this bastard's house?
You have a nice house, why not
take your daughter and live there?
Why not live in your own house?
She's uncomfortable too!
Go on, you live there!
Did I force you to pay rent
on an empty house?
I told you to move out of there.
Why do you go and stay in hotels?
Are you going to stay
in this tasteless thug's house?
-All right, I'm going.
-Hold on a second.
We're going to talk.
I have to tell you something.
Tell me.
Give us one more chance.
Feride, one more chance, please.
I'm begging you.
Let's talk this through, peacefully.
You can't talk to me peacefully, Yusuf.
You can.
I'm not that bad, Feride.
You're always focusing on my bad side,
that's not good.
Have some compassion.
I didn't just come out of some hole.
A mother gave birth to me,
for fuck's sake.
What the hell are you saying?
You're telling me to go live in
that house, how can I do that?
Does that make any sense to you?
Can you comprehend that?
I'm staring at empty walls there,
damn it!
I'm going to lose my mind!
I really am!
You're not there, Elif's not there
I'm going crazy.
How can I go live there?
I don't necessarily love staying
in those fucking cold hotel rooms,
like some character from an
old movie.
I fell in love with you when I was 16.
I haven't been with anyone
else for 20 years.
Yeah, sure
Like you didn't go to that bitch Cigdem
the day we got divorced.
Go away, Yusuf. Go on.
I really mean it.
I'll go get the drugs myself.
Go away.
And stop messing with Tunç, too.
Just give us a break.
Let us live our lives.
Yusuf, how is your daughter?
Is she all right?
She's fine, thank God.
She's with her mom now.
-Do you have a minute?
-Go ahead, son.
It's about that thing.
That thing?
About Chief Cevdet's file,
I was going to follow up on that.
Yeah, don't worry about it,
we'll talk about it later.
Chief, all suspicions were on point.
Cevdet, his wife, his son,
they're all in on this thing somehow.
I don't have any evidence yet.
Look. I gave that case to you,
and told you to go home and rest.
Chief Cevdet is a valued officer,
a respected retiree of the force.
When someone from the force is in
question, we need to be very careful.
You get me, right?
I'm not telling you to close the file.
I'm telling you we need to be sensitive.
If you find crucial evidence,
bring it to me and we'll talk about it.
All right? You can go now.
I have some business to take care of.
What are you getting at
with that half-brain of yours?
You think I don't know
who sent you here?
That scumbag who sent you here
would run with his tail between
his legs if I stood up to him.
What's happening, Yusuf?
Didn't I tell you we'd talk later?
Chief, what is this guy doing here?
We're talking about you.
Come over and have a seat
if you like, I don't mind.
Yusuf, stop!
Look at me!
Chief, what's going on here,
for God's sake?
Nothing's going on!
Do as I say!
-I'm pressing charges.
I'll sue you for
breaking and entering.
-We were discussing just that.
Chief Selahattin wants to settle this
out of court, good thing you showed up.
You see this, right?
You see that he's trying
to confront me.
Don't waste your breath.
This is such a shame
for the establishment.
If our taxes go to pay the wages
of guys like this
Fuck your taxes, asshole!
Fuck your taxes! Fuck your wages!
Get out!
It's fine.
I kept you waiting,
sorry about that.
Don't worry about it.
You know how to use these, right?
Look, the one I'm marking right now
Don't be in a hurry to make
him start using them.
We'll talk on the phone
and get him straightened out
with the other one first.
After that, you can use
this if necessary.
Keep your head up,
these things happen.
So, you're saying this happened
because I made him stop
taking his pills, right?
Yes, you should've asked me.
We can't afford him
not taking his pills.
I just can't stand it anymore.
I mean
When he takes the pills,
he stops eating and talking.
You should see it. He just stands
there, staring at empty space.
God, please give me strength.
His mother
found him scrubbing the bathroom
the other day.
She said he gave her a report.
I guess he thinks
he's in the army or something.
She said he saluted her.
He had been feeling okay, actually.
He hasn't been like this.
He was okay for a while.
I wouldn't wish this on
my worst enemy.
This is all because of that snake
called Yusuf.
Who's Yusuf?
He got confused.
He had actually forgotten about his
commanding officers and the military.
His experiences trigger these
kinds of things, you know that.
I'm prescribing these pills
to repress those symptoms.
He should avoid any distress.
Thank you.
You've been a great help again.
We'll sort this out, don't you worry.
You keep your head up.
The happier and stronger
you are,
the stronger and safer
he will feel.
It's all that bastard Yusuf's fault.
The kid's been out of control
since that snake showed up.
Where are you?
Could you tell me exactly where
you are right now, if you don't mind?
No, why would I mind?
I'm at the pharmacy,
getting Elif's medicine.
Why did you ask?
Great, what's the name
of the place?
The name?
Yeah, tell me the name.
I'll go check it out.
It's called Bahar.
What's going on?
God damn you!
What's going on, Feride?
To hell with your lies!
So, you're not following
Tunç's car right now, huh?
His car?
I can't believe this!
Did this asshole call you and tell
you I was following his car?
You're the asshole!
You're all fake, nothing but lies,
so you're the asshole!
I'll fuck you up real good,
get out the car!
-Get out the car!
-He has a gun.
-Get out!
-He's approaching my car.
-Get out!
-Yusuf Namli, police officer.
-Lower your window, motherfucker!
-This is what's happening.
-I'll break your window!
-This is an officer
I'll break it.
-Put the phone down!
-You can see everything.
-This is what happened.
-Are you man enough?
You can see it all.
This guy is supposed to be
in charge of our safety.
Who is backing you up now, man?
Huh, who?
Is Chief Selahattin
going to save you now?
He can't do shit!
I'll fuck up your life!
How was he able to send this
to you so quickly?
Sir, it seems like I spoke badly
about you there,
but I'd never do something like that.
It was probably just in the heat
of the moment, I mean
Yusuf, get out!
Yes, sir.
-Sir, believe me
-To hell with "sir"!
Are you fucked
in the head, or what?
What did I tell you?
Didn't I tell you to leave
that guy alone?
Didn't I say
all this was beneath you?
Am I just flapping
my fucking jaw?
Not at all, sir.
Shame on you.
-They've sent an inspector from Ankara.
-Did he send the video to Ankara, too?
Yeah, he put his phone in an envelope
and mailed to Ankara!
Son, are you an idiot?
Everybody's heard about this!
My wife called and asked what's going on.
She asked me if this was about me.
Get online and check it out,
this fucking thing's everywhere!
Now everybody's up in arms about
police brutality!
Nobody's got anything
better to do anyway!
You're famous now!
Way to go!
And we may become famous too,
thanks to you!
Still asking me if he sent it
to Ankara, what an idiot!
Chief, I don't know
about the Internet.
Maybe he recorded it and put it there.
I don't even own a smartphone.
Buy one now, son.
You need to buy the smart
version of everything.
Even smart boxers.
Because you're not even
slightly smart, not one bit!
Get out!
Get out of my sight, beat it!
Wow, Yusuf, they say you've been
offered a big role on a TV show.
Fuck off!
At ease.
How are you, Private?
Thank you, sir!
At ease, soldier.
What have you been up to?
Come here, sit down, at ease.
Let me see that knife.
Attaboy, sit down.
You've peeled
the potatoes, huh?
I have, sir.
What are you going to do
with them now?
We'll eat them, sir.
Sure, we'll eat them.
Why am I even asking, right?
Are you hungry, son?
What do you want your
commanding officer to make for you?
Should we cook these
with ground beef?
With lots of tomatoes and your
What do you say?
-Sure, sir.
Well done, my boy!
But we need
to do something first.
Yes, sir?
All right.
You clean this up nicely now.
Then come and see me.
We have a mission together, son.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
When did you come home?
I didn't hear you coming in.
Just now.
All right, welcome.
Come, have a seat.
Come here and take this pill, son.
Dad, what's going on now?
Tarik, come here,
come sit down.
Come on, son.
Sudden personality and behavioral
changes that occur
when a person loses
connection to reality
are called psychotic episodes.
Their severity may vary
depending on the person.
Patients may experience one episode
throughout their whole life,
or episodes may recur frequently.
During these episodes,
the patient's ability
to evaluate reality is distorted.
Mental reality replaces
outer world reality.
The case you've described
is surely challenging.
But I can't make a healthy diagnosis
without seeing him in person.
Have you contacted
a family member?
To be honest,
I'm not that close with his family.
I don't think I have the guts
to tell them about this.
You're going to have to do it
at some point.
The sooner, the better.
I wasn't expecting to see you here.
I live upstairs,
my sister has a spare room.
Until I get my own place, you know
I hope it went well.
for giving me the number,
it felt good.
I mean
I'm happy it worked.
See you at the office.
All right.
Selim, is that you?
Can I get a pen from your office?
Sure, honey.
Are you off work early?
I'll work for a bit in my room.
Then we'll have
dinner together, all right?
All right, honey.
Sudden personality and behavior
changes that occur
when a person loses connection to reality
are called psychotic episodes.
Their severity may vary
depending on the person.
Patients may experience one episode
throughout their whole life,
or episodes may recur frequently.
-Yes, dear?
Are you okay? You taking your pills?
Is there any pain?
Where are you?
At home.
What home?
Our home.
I say, "Whoa" to that!
Why, what happened?
Do you have something to do
with this, Dad? Tell me the truth!
With what?
Dad, please.
Elif, tell it to me straight,
I don't get what you're talking about.
Mom's gone crazy.
She's off her head.
She's packing our bags.
Because we're leaving.
We're moving out of Tunç's house,
we're going back home.
Mom threw a vase at his head.
He cried and begged and acted like
a total loser, then he just left.
Elif, put your mom on the phone!
Put her on the phone, right now.
Did that animal do something to her?
Did he hit her?
Dad, please don't play around with me.
Elif, put your mom on the phone!
Dad, get online.
I think you're playing with me now,
but whatever
Did your mom get mad at
the video Tunç uploaded?
Wow, you really have no idea.
Elif, don't make me mad, just tell me!
Dad, go to my room
and turn on the computer.
Type in Tunç's full name, right now.
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