Masum (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

There's this place we always
order take-out from.
The same guy brings the food
every time.
I saw him the other day in the street,
said hello, but he looked the other way.
I didn't understand it, and I dropped it.
Then we wanted to order something
from the same place again.
We ordered online.
An hour went by, but the food didn't come.
I called the restaurant,
a woman picked up.
She was mad, and told me
they were not delivering to us anymore.
I asked why, but she hung up on me.
I called again, and she hung up
as soon as she heard my voice.
I was mad, so I went there,
in the middle of the night.
I went in the restaurant,
the delivery guy saw me and ran off.
Then the woman came
and told me to go away.
She threatened to call the cops.
I was going crazy, I begged her
and tried to make sense of all this.
Then she called the delivery guy over.
He came over, trembling.
She told him to tell the story.
But the guy was quiet.
I got really scared then.
I figured something was wrong.
Tarik had followed the guy.
The guy dropped off the food,
left the building
and saw Tarik following him.
Then he turned around
and asked what was up.
went ahead and hit
the guy in the face.
He said, "Leave my wife alone
or I'll kill you."
I can't stand it anymore.
I really can't do this alone.
I wouldn't want to upset anyone,
especially you.
But the situation is pretty clear.
And when I went to the bar,
believe me, I saw it with my own eyes.
I saw him attacking those
guys for absolutely no reason.
He needs help.
Not just my help, your help too.
Our help.
Is there a farmer's market
close to your house, dear?
Excuse me?
You could live a better life instead of
going to bars and eating out.
Being married isn't just about
putting on a wedding gown.
I wish it was, but it all starts
after you take off that gown.
If there isn't hot food at home every day,
there won't be any peace in that house.
Men want attention and to be looked after.
The honeymoon is over.
You visited some places,
traveled all over.
Isn't there a weekly
farmer's market nearby?
You can shop there,
cook good food,
and always have some food in the fridge.
That's how he was brought up.
It's not easy dear; marriage isn't a game.
It's bad for both of you.
I told him it was too early for
you to get married.
You'd been together three months
and Tarik kept insisting
on getting married.
I told him you should've gotten
to know each other first.
His dad insisted too, told me to leave
it alone, told me that he was in love.
We left you alone and we kept quiet.
But I feel sad now
because of what you just said.
You say you don't want to
upset anyone but I'm a mother.
You don't know how that feels.
I can't help but be upset.
The chief's here.
He's going to want to start
the barbecue now.
I'll go get some firewood.
Are you going to stay for dinner?
Are you listening to me?
No, thank you.
I'll get going.
Suit yourself, dear.
Oh, welcome, Emel.
Good thing you came. Where's Tarik?
Thanks, Dad. Tarik's not here though,
I came alone.
When you call me Dad like that,
I feel so happy, I can't even describe
I'm the father of a girl now,
thanks to you.
So, is Tarik coming later?
Good thing I bought extra meat,
I had a hunch.
We'll light up the barbecue now.
Do you like lamb?
I'm not staying for dinner, Dad.
Tarik's not coming, I came here alone
and I'll go back alone.
-I came here to talk to you.
What happened, dear?
Poor girl, don't be like that, here
Here, wipe those tears
out of those beautiful eyes.
What happened?
-What did that idiot do now?
-Tarik's not feeling good, Dad.
-What's wrong with him?
He's doing odd things,
he's so short-tempered.
I tried to tell your wife but
Did she say something bad?
Don't mind her, she's always
protective of those rascals.
Tarik's doing crazy things.
I'm afraid.
Please, I can't deal with it alone,
I really can't take it anymore.
Please help me.
Oh dear girl
Oh, my beautiful girl,
don't stress yourself, please.
That idiot!
What did he do?
Look, my little brother,
his uncle, he was like that too.
He used to do weird things when
he was little too, just like Tarik.
Just to get attention, he's jealous of
his brother and he does weird things.
But he means well.
He's so fond of you,
that's why he's like that.
He's just trying to get attention,
I swear.
I'll talk to him, don't you worry.
That idiot!
Why are you afraid?
He should be afraid.
He should be afraid of me,
I'll kick his ass.
I talked to a psychologist,
to get help.
But we need to persuade
him together, all of us.
She's ready to help,
after I told her
Hold on a minute,
what did you tell her?
About Tarik,
about how he's been behaving.
But of course,
she can't exactly diagnose
anything without seeing him in person.
Now that's not good!
What are you doing, girl,
talking to psychologists and doctors?
This is a matter that must be
solved in the family.
We don't need doctors
or anything like that.
Good God!
Why would you go and do that?
Is he sick?
Why would you go to a shrink?
Is he sick?
I'll talk to him,
don't you worry about that.
But don't go see a doctor again,
that won't work.
This is not good.
I'm really surprised. Good one
Go on, get up.
Get up, dear, come on.
Good boy, come on.
Good boy.
This way, in here.
All right.
Sit down.
Good. Lie down.
Let's just
Let's take these off.
Should we stop giving him those pills?
Should I go to town and talk
to the doctor?
The pills he took before were better.
The new ones ruin the poor kid,
he just lies there like a big sack.
You hear me, Nermin?
What will change?
You went there many times before.
Quit trying, there's obviously
no other kind of pill.
Let him lie down, don't just
stand there at his bedside.
Clean this place up;
there are leaves everywhere.
The garden looks like a mess.
Speak nicely for once.
Look, don't get me started!
You haven't already?
Why didn't you do something
in the first place?
Don't get me started again.
You threw him off balance,
you made him sick again!
What are you talking about?
You let that snake, Yusuf, in our house.
I told you a million times,
I told you he was evil.
I told you he wouldn't
be good for the kid.
But you kept insisting he should stay.
You're bad on the inside.
Did I do that just for kicks?
I wanted him to have a friend.
I wanted him to be able to chat
with a buddy.
I wanted him to see a face in this house
other than your ugly mug.
Just say one nice word for once!
Forty years!
That evil mouth of yours
has tortured my ears
more than I tortured any of the
anarchists at the station!
Shame on you!
You don't want me to speak nice words,
Cevdet; you want me to tell lies.
I don't have fancy words for you.
You can go see all the doctors you want
now, but what happened happened.
You drove him mad and now you're
talking about cutting off his pills
so he can come and cut us
into pieces. You want that?
I told you not to let Yusuf
in but you didn't listen!
Did you say something, Dad?
Are you not going to work?
Why are you staring, Dad?
I like what I see.
You're back home, on your bed.
I just like it, that's why.
Don't get used to it.
Mom says we're leaving.
I don't know.
She's going to get a new house.
She says we're not going to live with you.
Your mom's an idiot.
As if you're not
I'm stupid, she's an idiot.
Are you hungry?
Your mom's going to be late.
Let's go make something to eat.
She's going to go see Tunç,
you know that, right?
She's going to give back her keys.
That's unnecessary.
She could've gotten a courier
to send them.
All right, relax.
It's all over.
I hope so.
Let's go eat something, I'm starving.
Elif, come on, girl!
What's this, Dad?
Have you been going through my closet?
So what is it?
-Where did you find it?
Mom did.
How long are you going to stay?
Two weeks.
Corporate stuff
The last meeting
is at the beginning of the month.
But I think I can stay a little longer,
I don't know
Getting away for a while
will be good for you.
Leaving the house was really hard.
Did he try to stop you?
No, not our house.
Tarik was sleeping when I left home.
I meant his parents' house.
I should've never gone there,
I knew they wouldn't listen to me.
Especially his mom.
She told me to go to a farmer's market
for God's sake! I still can't believe it.
I told her that her son was sick.
She told me to always have
some food in the fridge.
She held me accountable
for everything, just like that.
That's so typical of her.
We always face denial from
families in these kind of situations.
Going away for a while is going to
be good for me, for real.
It's crucial that you do
some things for yourself.
When you get there, try to stay away
from all this as much as you can.
Leave your husband and Istanbul behind.
Just try to focus on yourself
and your peace of mind.
Did you find that book
you were looking for?
No, I went to a couple of second-hand
stores but they didn't have it.
I really wanted to take it with me,
and read it again after all these years.
I'll look for it again when I get back.
It clearly represents your
life before your husband.
The beautiful things that make you
who you are without anyone else.
I always kept that book on our bedside
when we first met.
Tarik thought my ex gave it to me
so he got rid of it.
He never admitted to it
but I was certain he did it.
Now I have no doubt he did it.
He somehow made that book disappear.
Get up.
What's up?
Let's go on a picnic together.
I'm not going to the office today.
What are you talking about, Taner?
Picnic. You love it.
Let's go.
We'll swing by the village,
get my dad's old jeep.
Go up to the mountains and camp.
We went there once before.
Please, come on.
Let's have a change of mood.
Where's all this coming from now?
I'm just feeling overwhelmed,
and the weather's nice.
You going to the office?
I'll call the guys.
I'm paying them butt loads.
They can handle business for a day.
Really come on, we'll buy some meat,
you'll make a salad
Are we going to stay there?
Yes, but we can come back
tomorrow if we get bored.
We'll swing by my dad's,
we didn't visit them over the holidays.
Then we'll pick up the jeep.
Do we really have to go
to your parents' house?
Let's just go straight there.
We have a car, you know.
For just one hour, Ruya,
I promise it won't be longer.
You know, since we are already there
Your phone's ringing.
All right, you get up.
Let's beat the traffic, come on.
She's gone.
Who's gone?
Gone where?
What are you saying?
She's gone.
I got up, she's not home, she's gone
Help me.
I'm not feeling good, Mom.
Who says so?
You're fine.
Don't be afraid, I'm here.
You're fine.
I'm here.
Do you know where Emel is?
She's not home.
She packed her bags and left.
That's what he says.
She's gone to a corporate retreat.
He already knows, she told him ten times.
Then why does he talk to me like that?
Because your brother's crazy.
What are you talking about, Ruya?
She went to talk to your mom
but she didn't take her seriously.
He's not okay, and he's hurting Emel, too.
Plus, let her rest her head for a bit.
Is there someone else?
Bullshit, Taner, there's no one else.
Who do you think she is?
She's just overwhelmed,
you need to help her.
Your brother needs to go see
a psychologist or something.
He's been doing weird stuff at home.
He's been talking to his
commanding officer and stuff like that.
Your brother has really lost it.
I'm telling you, you need to do something
as soon as possible.
Poor girl is there all by herself.
Why didn't she tell me anything?
She could've spoken to me.
She's afraid of you.
What does that mean?
What do you think?
Emel, we've ordered coffee,
come down here.
I All right.
I mean, I'll be right there.
All right, dear.
I guess they can't get it started.
That car won't start.
They shouldn't have bothered.
We could've taken our car,
why even bother?
-I just--
-Don't even bother girl.
They'll just growl at you
and send you back here.
Men in this household are stubborn.
That's right.
You want tea?
I can go and
You just sit, you're a guest here.
Not at all
No, I don't like that kind of stuff.
All the women around here
in the village are like that.
They want their daughters-in-law
to do everything for them.
I don't like those old ways.
When we come to your house,
you can bring the tea and we can drink it.
You're a guest here.
I can get you something if you're hungry.
No, we grabbed a bite
before we left, thanks.
All right.
Try it again now.
Dad, should we just give up?
If you're bored, go sit with your mom.
Why would I be bored?
it just doesn't work.
And we've been poking at everything,
tinkering with it
as if we know what we're doing,
we probably made it worse.
Look, this light was on but now it's not.
I unplugged its thing.
-Way to fucking go!
Okay, I'm plugging it back in now.
Don't, don't do it, don't touch it.
I'll check the fuses later.
All right.
Fucking ruin it, yeah
Check the fuses and ruin them too.
What are you saying to yourself, man?
I'm saying I'll go check on Ruya.
I left her alone with Mom, poor girl.
Drop it, your mom's
probably already bitten her by now.
Where you going?
Come here.
Come here.
Have you heard about
this thing with the psychologist?
-You mean Emel?
She went and talked to a shrink
about Tarik.
She doesn't mean any harm,
Tarik's lost his shit again.
We need to talk to him.
Why did you speak to Emel like that?
She just came to talk to us.
What did we do?
I told her not to go to the shrink,
I said I'd take care of it.
Well, she just, you know,
she was afraid
Whatever that dickhead did to her
I hope she hasn't done anything.
No, Dad.
Ruya would've heard about it
if that was the case.
She's an honorable girl,
she was just afraid. What can she do?
We need to shake Tarik up a bit.
He's been on with the officer stuff again.
Where you going, Dad?
Get your own car.
Do you really need the jeep?
As if you're going up
fucking Mount Everest
-Why are you snapping at me?
The only thing I like about
this company is these retreats.
-How fun was the last time!
Were you there the last time?
No, I was working on
a different project then.
-Oh, you missed it.
-It was great.
Getting away for a while
will be good for you.
Leaving home was really hard.
Did he try to stop you?
No, not our home.
Tarik was sleeping when I left home.
I meant his parents' house.
I should've never gone there,
I knew they wouldn't listen to me.
Especially his mom.
She told me to go to a farmer's market
for God's sake! I still can't believe it.
I told her that her son was sick.
She told me to always have
some food in the fridge.
She held me accountable
for everything, just like that.
The weather's so nice.
Open your window.
In this good weather?
Just open it, you're not
going to melt in the rain.
Take in the fresh air
and the scent of the earth.
Oh, mighty great world!
-Stop, you're crazy.
-Shout, you shout too.
We're in the middle of nowhere,
so just shout and fucking relax.
Go girl!
You rock!
What time is dinner?
At 8:00, I guess.
-What floor are you?
-I'll call you before I go.
What was your room number?
Excuse me.
What was your room number?
What was it?
Anyway, I'll call you on your cell.
You're the IT guy, right?
-See you.
-See you.
-Don't, stop it.
Stop, please.
Let's go to your room.
-Come on, let's go.
-Selim, please
Selim, stop.
You're rushing it.
We're already late, Emel.
I can't wait anymore.
Why are you being so stubborn?
What are you waiting for?
I don't get it.
Don't you want me?
What's the deal here? Tell me.
I'm married, Selim, don't be childish.
Just give me some time,
this isn't right.
Yes, you're married, but to a maniac.
If that lunatic ever tries to hurt you
Go away!
I called you.
I saw.
But we agreed not to talk.
Do you remember?
Then why did you call?
Are you okay?
How is the hotel?
It's good.
You know, it's by the sea
It was a bit hard to get
up and not see you.
I forgot you were leaving.
We talked about it
before we went to bed, Tarik.
Don't you remember?
You knew I was leaving today.
Is there a bathtub in your room?
You like it.
Have you filled it up?
No, not yet.
Where are you?
Shall we break up?
You and me, shall we get a divorce?
Where is that coming from now?
Don't you want to break up?
Didn't you say so last night?
Can we talk about this when I get back?
Talking about this over the phone
I left you some food, have you had some?
I told the super as well.
I cheated on you.
You know that yoga dude?
He actually doesn't exist.
What are you saying?
Tarik, what are you talking about?
It wasn't a dude; it was a girl.
I lied to you.
Emel, are you there?
Isn't that Grandpa's rifle?
Why did you tell her that just now?
I told her the truth.
Do you need to say everything
just because it's true?
Where did that rifle come from, Mom?
Oh, my boy, my naive boy
It was always here.
You just never saw it.
Where did you get that scarf from?
Your mom gave it to me.
My mom?
That's odd.
We were just sitting, then she went
inside and got me this.
She said, "Take this,
you can wear it if you like."
Your mom's an interesting woman.
I mean, I don't know
You know how I've always
been kind of afraid of her,
always shy and distant?
Today, I felt a little different.
I mean, I felt close to her.
I liked it.
-You want coffee?
-Is there any left?
I think so.
Can we leave a bit early?
The coffee was great.
Why are we leaving?
Tell me.
What is this?
This much, really?
All right, don't get mad,
I can't help it.
You know, we came out here,
had a good time, now let's get back home.
It'll get dark soon.
Come on, please.
What are you doing?
Go now.
You were right, I rushed things.
I was childish. Sorry. Selim
Who is it?
Where did you buy this book?
I didn't.
It's mine.
I don't know,
it's an important book for me.
It's not just some book.
I wanted to give it to you.
I thought you might like it.
Are you crazy?
I am.
Oh, no.
Not because of the book,
because of what you said.
The guy you called a lunatic
is my husband.
I crossed a line, I know that.
Why are we standing at this door?
You're right, I'm sorry, come inside.
No, not like that.
This is good, by the way.
I'm not going inside.
Why are we having this talk?
Yes, why?
Surely because I like you.
But I'm in this just to fool around.
Not for sex, for example.
Sex isn't something I can't do
with my husband.
I let you in my life as a person,
as a friend.
Because I thought you understood
what I'm going through.
Because I thought I found someone
who knew and understood me.
I am getting even more
baffled by this every passing day.
In such a short period of time,
you've done so many bizarre things that
And now you're giving me this book.
This is my book, too.
This book is the only thing
my dad left me.
I carried it around with me for years.
It's missing now but
Things like this are very,
very precious for me.
Thank you.
For the book, and for everything.
But give me some time,
to sort my life out.
Don't rush things,
and don't make me rush.
All right, of course.
You're right.
You sure you don't want to come in?
Don't get me wrong, just to sit.
We'll have a drink.
I should go.
Whatever you like.
I can't believe
you're giving me this book.
Why did you hide it, Yusuf?
I didn't hide it, I put it away.
What is this, an answer?
Feride, I didn't want to scare you.
It was so hasty.
Please, don't be like this.
You came over here, devastated,
because of that scumbag Tunç.
I didn't want to say it
on top of all that.
He was in our house,
and he hit you over the head.
Have you gone mad?
When were you going to tell me?
I love that mouth of yours
that says "our house. "
Yusuf, be serious.
We shouldn't be here,
we shouldn't stay here.
What if Taner comes and--
Don't you think I know that,
and think about all those things?
Why do I never leave our daughter's side?
Why do I never leave the house?
I was going to tell you, I swear.
I waited for you to come back home.
I swear.
I set up a place for us to stay.
You remember Erkan?
We used to play cards
with him and his wife.
He said his house is empty.
He's going to be in Erdek
till the end of November.
He said we could use the house.
We'll go stay there
until I sort it out.
That's not going to happen, Yusuf.
Why would I go and stay
at somebody else's house?
When she gets out of the shower,
we are going to my mom's.
I mean, you can stay at Serkan's
place if you want.
Just don't stay here.
Erkan, not Serkan.
You know, cross-eyed Erkan.
They bought Elif a swaddle blanket,
You know his wife too, they're great
people, why are you acting like this?
Good God!
It's not like we're
going to stay there forever.
We'll come back when this is over.
It's not happening, Yusuf,
I'm going to my mom's.
Feride, come here please.
Why would you go to your mom's?
She's going to make a fuss now.
They already blame me for all this shit.
She'll be mad at me again.
Go then!
Run away!
Where are you going run to?
I'm the father of your child!
Leave me out of this!
Dad, there's no hot water.
How so? The guy just fixed it.
He clearly hasn't, it's not working.
The fucker charged 200 lira!
Watch your language with her!
It's fine, she has a towel over her ears.
I'll be there.
Yes, Chief?
Yusuf, where are you, son?
I'm home.
Come to the station, quick.
What's up, Chief?
Something wrong?
-Don't talk to me.
Please, just hear me out.
Fuck off!
Chief! Where am I going?
In my room.
Let's hope for the best.
Chief, you better not come with.
Let me go in alone.
All right. Break a leg, son.
Welcome. Yusuf Namli, homicide.
You wanted to talk to me, right?
I know you, sir.
You don't know me,
but I know all about you.
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