Masum (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

When is your wife coming back?
Why did you come here, Dad?
I've come to take you home.
Come stay with us
until your wife comes back.
I heard you're not going to
the office anyway.
Did my brother say that?
He doesn't want me there.
He doesn't like it when I work,
and he complains if I just sit around.
He scolds me in front of those young kids.
Then he comes to you and
complains about me? Fuck him!
Your brother complains about you.
Your wife complains about you.
Everybody complains about you, Tarik.
What are we going to do with you?
Emel's been to the village, huh?
Go on, boy. Pack a small bag.
You'll make me take the pills
when we get there, right?
I talked to your old doctor.
He prescribed a drop, something light.
You can stay with us for a while
and ease your jitters
until your wife gets back.
If I take drugs,
Emel will leave me for good.
You know how it is, Dad.
I'll be of no use to anyone anywhere,
in life or in bed.
Look, Emel's a good person,
she wouldn't do such thing.
You're married, and she didn't
marry you just to play around.
This is a disease, we can't do anything.
Some people have stomach aches.
You get brain aches, whatever that is
She'll understand, don't you worry.
If she doesn't,
I'll find you another girl.
All right?
She'll be gone for good
if you don't take the drugs.
You know, everything will build up
and eventually break her.
She's not your mom or dad,
she won't just turn her back on you.
Come on, boy. Pack your bag so
we can get there before nightfall.
Come on.
The flowers?
They'll die. We should take them too.
To hell with your flowers, Tarik.
Your brother's got a key,
he can water them.
Come on, boy. Go get your bag ready.
Come on.
What trip is Emel on?
Corporate, with her colleagues
She can rest
her head for a bit, too.
What's this?
A recording device.
I take notes, for my novel.
It's damaged.
Go on, get in the shower.
What happened?
Why did you call?
Is everything all right?
Yeah, all right, thanks.
Should I go?
That'd be good actually.
All right.
I can pack my bags.
-I'm sorry.
-No, that's fine.
I'll go pack my bags anyway.
I'll be in my room if you want to talk.
Yeah, you were going back today, right?
Yes, I am.
How's the novel coming along?
We never had a chance to talk,
and you don't let me read it
Emel, it's fine, really
Please, take it easy.
Tarik called.
I can see that.
Is everything all right?
He's going to his parents'
house in the village.
He's going to stay there until I get back.
I don't know, he sounded fine.
I should go.
Don't rush out.
You can wait if you want to.
I'll get in the shower
and we'll talk when I get out.
About your novel and stuff,
if you want to.
Sure. We don't have to talk
about the novel, of course.
You'll read it when I'm done.
I mean, if you want to
Are you crazy? I'd love to.
Go on, get in the shower.
Emel, I'll go down to the reception
desk and check the bus schedule.
You got my key, right?
Take the key to the room if you want.
I might not be out of the shower
when you get back.
Okay, I'll take it.
What is this, Dad?
Doctor said it's something light,
that it'll relax you.
Come on, son.
What do you say mom?
To what?
The drug.
Should I take this?
I'll be like a ghost.
Your dad deals with the medicine.
Leave me out of this, he's the pharmacist.
That was the last thing he didn't know,
but he learnt it.
He doesn't want it,
are you going to force him?
I didn't say I didn't want it, Mom.
What are you saying?
Are you playing with me?
I'm saying I'm afraid.
I'm asking you.
You could say, "don't be afraid, son."
Or "drink it, it'll be fine."
Drink it, son. it'll be fine.
I wish I only saw you in my dreams, Mom.
What did he just say?
-You couldn't just caress his head, huh?
-What are you talking about?
You would've made him drink it
if he was older.
-Don't mess with me.
-Am I lying? Huh?
Pray to God all you want. But won't
you be questioned in the afterlife
about your younger son too?
You do everything for the eldest,
when it's the youngest--
-Cevdet, stop.
-I won't!
You sour-faced woman, I won't stop!
He's a nutcase because of us.
The doctor said it's hereditary, remember?
There must have been someone
in the family with the condition.
Shame on you! What did this poor guy do?
Did he kill someone, commit arson, what?
He's begging you
to caress his head, or hold his hand
or say a couple of nice words.
He's just asking for help!
I don't have a disease
like this in my family!
Goddamn you!
Your phone's ringing.
Is Ruya there, Mom?
No, why would she be here?
What happened?
Put dad on the phone, is he there?
Say something, you're scaring me.
Emel's husband, Tarik
his mental health was not very good.
Emel suffered a lot,
she always told me about it.
We used to talk.
And he was prone to violence,
and very jealous of her.
Emel was seeing someone then.
But, I don't know if Tarik knew about him.
Do you know the guy?
No, I don't.
I don't know his name either.
I think he has a sister,
Emel mentioned her.
She's a psychologist.
Emel got help from her.
Taner's family is like a dark well, sir.
I mean, I don't know how much
you know about them, but
I spent years with those people.
I know them well.
That girl suffered a lot.
Because of Tarik and his family
And she didn't have anyone else.
Her father passed away when she was
young, and she lost her mother too.
Do you think that Tarik was
also there during the accident?
Maybe, I don't know
I was told back then that
Tarik was in the village with his family.
And Taner was driving Emel there.
The car went off the road
and fell in the sea.
They found Emel's body
but couldn't find Taner's.
They took Emel's body out of the car
because her seatbelt was on.
And Taner's body was lost in the sea,
probably drowned or something.
Taner and Emel were not close
in any way, sir.
I mean, it wasn't an everyday occurrence
for Tarik's brother Taner and Emel
to drive to the village together.
Emel could've taken the bus
if she wanted to go there.
Even if Taner insisted out of courtesy
I don't know
I mean, I have an uneasy feeling
about this.
But I don't know very much.
Can I ask you something?
A personal question.
What do you mean?
I don't want to upset you
in any way.
If you don't mind, your face
How did you get those bruises
on your face?
It's all a mess now.
What are we going to do?
You need to go back to the village, Yusuf.
Seems like it.
Open up!
There's no Ruya living there.
I know ma'am.
Then why are you yelling like crazy
in the middle of the night?
Where are the people that live here?
-They're gone.
I don't know.
They left early this evening.
They carried their bags to the car
and just left.
Yes, Dad?
Did Ruya show up?
-No, Dad.
-Damn you!
Don't say that, Dad,
you don't know anything.
What more do I need to know?
You left the girl alone
in the middle of nowhere, you animal!
Have you just called to curse me out?
Is that my brother?
She might be in the forest,
are you sure she's come back down?
-I'm sure.
I just am.
Dad, tell him not to forget
to water my flowers.
Tarik, to hell with your flowers,
hold on a minute!
What's he talking about?
You have the keys
to your brother's house, right?
I do.
Okay, go water Tarik's flowers
when you can.
Call me back
when you hear from your wife.
Yes, sir!
There are no shoes at the door,
the hallway's empty.
A tidy and boring house.
The inside of his head was like
an empty room full of mechanical clocks.
A few teacups.
Antique teacups
belonging to the guy's family.
A gift from a woman,
an old woman, his mother.
They're not doing it on this bed.
The guy doesn't want to.
They do it in the doorway,
on the counter
in the living room,
on the floor, she likes it too.
The guy doesn't sleep with anyone else.
He's very into sex but
he's incompetent when it comes
to doing it with other people.
No, he's afraid.
He's just afraid, and the woman
How you doing?
I'm in a meeting at the publishing house.
This late?
Is it about your book?
Good, how nice.
You're coming back
on Wednesday morning, right?
I mean, I guess I'll be in town
some time in the afternoon.
Are you going to come to my place?
Right away?
If you want to
I'll be at home, waiting for you.
My sister's in Germany.
She's not back until the end of the month.
Yeah, that too
Your sister, I mean you and me
I don't know.
I mean, I wonder
what she would say if she knew.
Are you coming to my place?
I don't know, I'll think about it
and let you know.
I've missed you like water.
What does that mean?
I don't know, like water.
I mean, a lot.
Like I'm thirsty.
I don't know, it just came to my mind.
Why are you laughing? Don't laugh.
All right, okay I'm not laughing.
Didn't you like it?
I did.
I'm waiting for you,
Wednesday afternoon.
We can hang out until night,
if you want to, of course.
No pressure.
Okay, bye.
We're not home,
please leave a message, thanks.
Hi, it's me, your phone's off.
You must still be at your dad's house.
Anyway, I'll be back Wednesday night.
I'm actually leaving this message
so you'll hear it when you get back.
Let's talk when I get there, please.
Real nice, like it used to be, all right?
missed you like water.
Please, let me go, please.
Please, please
I've done something very wrong, really.
I'm so sorry.
How did you get in?
How did you get in?
I had keys.
With keys.
Where did you get them?
I stole them.
I stole the keys, I stole them.
I didn't take anything, no,
I didn't touch anything.
I didn't steal anything.
Please, I'm not a thief.
I don't mean any harm.
Look, I
I've made a huge mistake.
I mean I
I write
Novels, I write novels.
Does she know?
Does she know you're here?
I told you, I stole the keys
from her bag, and copied
She doesn't know about anything.
Really, I've made a huge mistake.
You'll never see my face again, really.
Not you, not her, I swear
Never again.
I mean, I don't mean to cause any trouble.
I don't mean to hurt anyone.
I just
You just what?
I just
What's this?
Please, take it.
You can do whatever you
want with it, really.
Just notes and nonsense
They're not doing it on this bed.
The guy doesn't want it,
they do it at the doorway
on the counter, in the living room,
on the floor, she likes it too
The guy doesn't sleep with anyone else.
He's really into sex
but he's incompetent when it comes
to doing it with other people.
No, he's afraid.
He's just afraid, and the woman
Is this the novel?
I told you, it's nonsense.
Nonsense, really.
It doesn't mean anything.
What doesn't mean anything?
Can I go?
Who are you?
Older brother.
But she doesn't have a brother.
Not hers.
I see.
I see.
I see.
Am I not in the novel?
-Goddamn you!
Fucking idiot! Goddamn you!
So you're a murderer now? Huh?
A murderer?
What kind of a man are you?
-What kind of a man are you?
You're supposed to be
the son of a police officer! Damn you!
I've served as chief for 40 years.
Now you've dragged my name
through the mud! Bastard!
I was afraid of the little one
but you're the murderer!
Are you the murderer?
Are you the psycho?
Goddamn you, shame on you!
Shame on you, you fucking scum!
I don't have a son called Taner anymore.
Dig a hole, do whatever
you're supposed to do.
Get the fuck away from
here before sunrise.
How will I to do it alone?
The same way you murdered him alone!
You're alone now.
You don't have a home, or a family.
You messed up your wife,
and your marriage too.
You don't have a mom or a dad anymore!
-Fuck your dad!
Show yourself, Mr. Walking Dead.
Hands in the air, man.
Up. Up, come here.
Up, hands up, man!
Holy crap!
What kind of shit
have you been up to, Taner?
You have a beautiful daughter.
What did you say?
God bless her.
I wanted to have a kid
myself so bad, but
It didn't work out.
You said we'd talk, so I'm here.
Stop bullshitting.
Why were you hiding all that time?
You're rushing everything, Yusuf.
You've always been like this.
Wow, so old friend
that pushover Yusuf
has become a cop, huh?
You always wanted to be like my dad.
You used to play with his gun.
We couldn't pick it up with both hands,
the gun was so big, remember?
Keep your hand up.
Keep your hand up, man, get it out!
Damn, why do you fucking
sweat it so much?
Let's just go sit over there for a while,
to the dock, like the old days.
You broke into my house!
You hit me over the head in my
daughter's room, man!
What are you talking about?
I followed that guy for you, man.
I filmed him with that broad.
Was that so bad?
I helped you out, man.
I saved your wife from that cocksucker!
You took the necklace, too?
My necklace is precious to me, buddy.
Of course, I took it.
Remember all those fires we lit with this?
You found it in the forest,
bless your heart.
How did I leave this behind?
I'm surprised. I wouldn't do such a thing.
And my idiot father took you so close to
my tent, of all the places in the world.
Taner, get going.
-Where to?
-We're going down to the station.
You serious?
Go, man!
-That's a bit of a problem, dear Yusuf.
-Let's go!
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