Masum (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

What are we having?
Ravioli, with tomato sauce.
Just the way you like it.
Sound good?
The birthday girl is sleeping.
-This late?
She said to wake her
when you got home.
Go check on her.
Yusuf, you're feeling better, right?
I am.
Don't be scared, son.
Don't be scared, it's me.
What are you looking at?
You're looking at the tree?
How it has grown?
It was just a little sapling,
we planted it together.
There was that woman in the village
who sold saplings, remember?
Poor woman had a crippled leg.
We planted it together, son and dad,
then you gave it life.
Is Mom crippled?
What do you mean, son?
I'm talking about the woman in
the village, her leg
Did you miss your mom?
Should we call her?
She went to Ankara, to see your aunt.
She said goodbye to you.
You were lying on the sofa outside.
She kissed you on the cheek.
Yeah, yeah, she kissed you on the cheek,
Should we take the medicine, son?
It's almost time, huh?
Let's do it.
Let's take the medicine, son.
Here, son.
Go on, drink it. Come on, dear.
How about we lie down
for a while, huh?
Do you want me to tuck you in?
Do you want to rest for a bit?
Come on.
Come on, you big baby.
I'll take you in.
My boy.
My champ.
Oh, Selahattin!
What brings you here?
What's up, Cevdet?
I'm good.
Your face looks like
a piece of watery bread.
What happened?
Do you have time?
I only have time; I don't have shit.
Look, a piece of advice from me.
Do whatever you need to do
and put off your retirement.
Because this isn't good.
I swear. Get inside, come on.
So, Selahattin, it's been a year, huh?
Selahattin the Viagra guy!
Are you still fooling around with those
Russian girls?
Do they still say, "100 bucks
and we take a shower too"?
Don't worry, there's nobody home.
My wife's in Ankara,
visiting her sister.
So, are you hungry?
Do you want some meat?
Should I bring out the barbeque?
No, I'll have a glass of water,
that's all.
What's going on?
You're scaring me.
This is an official visit, Cevdet.
And I don't have much time.
Come on in, please, let's sit down.
Little Yusuf, I'm sorry.
I didn't want it to be like this.
But you gave me no other option,
you wouldn't get out of my hair.
Please, stop messing with my mom and dad.
Especially Tarik.
The poor guy doesn't know shit.
His wife was fooling around
with a dickhead.
This tape recorder is
a memento of his.
But Tarik doesn't know anything about it.
He doesn't know anything about
the guy or the recorder.
But someday this recorder is going to
come in handy, so don't ever lose it.
You were right, life turned me into
the walking dead at the old docks.
Trust me, I'm not a huge fan of it either.
My time's almost up.
I have one more little thing to
take care of. Then I'll go away forever.
You're never going to see me again.
Our last encounter was a bit unfortunate,
sorry about that.
I left you my good luck charm,
for old times' sake.
You'll remember me every time you see it.
You'll need it now, it's really cold.
You were so jealous of it when you
were a kid, now it's yours.
I hope you go camping with
your kid a lot, and light big fires.
Well, that felt like a poem
It's boar season, Yusuf,
there'll be stray bullets flying around.
People drink raki and go hunting.
Watch your ass,
it would be a shame otherwise.
Give me your blessing, brother.
See you on the other side.
I know your younger son's
mental health isn't sound, Cevdet.
There's nothing to hide.
That military report that went
missing doesn't change anything.
There are eyewitnesses,
and we've spoken to their neighbors.
Tarik's behavior is always a problem.
That's nothing to be ashamed of,
The kid's sick.
The more you try to hide it,
the worse it's going to get.
Selahattin, drink your water
for God's sake.
We suspect
Tarik might have killed his wife
and the man she was seeing.
Actually it's beyond suspicion.
As Yusuf dug deeper,
we were bothered of course.
Look, you served this institution
for 40 years.
Honestly, I could've come
here with a patrol car.
We wouldn't have just sat and talked.
I would've taken you
and your son into custody.
You know this kind of thing
better than I do.
You would've done the same, right?
I came here alone,
out of respect for you.
To talk.
Yusuf's been missing since yesterday.
I've come to hear if you
have anything to say.
1996, Izmir.
Pinarbasi Nightclub.
We were drinking at the Bulgarian's joint.
They radioed, "Two shots fired."
Your wife was pregnant back then.
You got a phone call
from Istanbul that morning.
You told me first.
You told me you were
going to have a daughter.
We hugged, and I felt your heartbeat.
Beating like a drum in Ramadan.
I said, "Let's go drink on it."
We went to the Bulgarian's joint.
Then we left after
we heard the radio.
We couldn't stand up straight.
We went around the backdoor
of the nightclub and saw the first body.
Screams were coming from inside.
That asshole was yelling,
"Shut up, bitch, just shut up."
Before we rushed in,
the fucker fired his gun.
The woman went silent.
I held my hand up like this,
showed you two fingers.
Two bodies.
I fed the bullet into the barrel.
Then we heard another scream,
a girl was running towards us.
She opened the door,
and just as she came out,
the asshole shot her in the back.
Poor girl hit the ground
right in front of us.
A young girl,
with makeup and everything
Three bodies.
And two more from the radio,
makes it five
We're counting the bullets.
When he ran out,
we were going in.
Then we heard the sound,
the shithead reloaded.
God knows what else
he had with him.
He had come to that
club with a full arsenal.
Like he was Rambo.
I looked at your face,
you were petrified.
Of course I realized you were
thinking about your wife
and your kid on the way
Screams coming from inside
The guy was shooting
If we went in,
he would shoot at us too.
I looked and saw your jaw trembling.
The piece in your hand was shaking.
I said, "Selahattin, don't go in."
"You stay here."
I went in alone.
He shot me in the gut first.
I shot him down,
but he shot me again from the floor.
Here, in my right shoulder.
Six bodies.
One waiter, the rest all girls.
One of them was just 19 years old.
I really wanted to have a daughter,
but I never had one.
I wanted your kid to grow up with both
her mom and her dad by her side.
I hope God never gives you
any grief to do with your children.
I hope God never gives that to anyone.
Now drink your water
and get the fuck out of my house.
If you're going to come back,
come back prepared.
With evidence, with that patrol car
Don't come here to make me talk.
Screw your respect!
You're right.
I don't have any evidence.
But Taner's alive.
He's hiding.
I know that.
If you know that too
it means you've thrown away your
40-year professional reputation, Cevdet!
Ma'am, we won't be stopping again
until the last stop.
-So if you're going to get off
-All right. Thanks.
Tarik, where are you, son?
Go ahead.
No, not yet.
But we'll find him, don't worry.
Calm down dear, what did I tell you?
Calm down, we'll find him.
All right.
All right, don't be like this now.
I'll call you back, I'm driving now.
All right.
All right now, hang up.
All right.
Damn it, brother!
You have one new message.
Hi, it's me, your phone's off.
I think you're still
at your dad's house.
Anyway, I'll come directly
home Wednesday night.
I'm leaving this message for you
when you get back home.
Let's talk when I get there, please.
Real nice, like the way we used to,
all right?
missed you like water.
The person you have called
cannot be reached at the moment.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Where are you, for God's sake?
I've been calling you for three days.
You could at least call me back.
Anyway, I'm coming back.
I'll come directly to your place.
I hope you're there.
-I'm checking out.
Are you looking for Selim, ma'am?
It was Selim, right? The IT guy?
He was going to help me with something.
Have you seen him? Is he here?
He hasn't been here for three days.
The manager asked for him as well.
-I called him too, but his phone's off.
-I can help you. What was it about?
Where are you?
In bed.
Why do you think?
Come here.
You come here.
Come on, don't stay there,
it's not going to happen now.
Have you been drinking?
I didn't realize you were there.
Can you get me some ice?
How was the retreat?
Are you okay?
You're shivering.
Are you cold? What's up?
Are you
What's happening?
Come here.
What's going on?
Who's this?
What do you mean "someone"?
Someone nice.
Who's this?
-What happened?
What happened?
Who is this?
Are you not going to tell me?
You're scaring me Emel, please.
Me? Scaring you?
Honey, welcome
Is there anything to eat?
How about you?
Who's this?
What are we going to eat?
No, I mean you
I just started.
after eating and stuff
But we haven't eaten.
What's going on, man?
Why did you show me this picture?
Stop playing games Emel,
for God's sake.
What games?
I said it's someone.
You-- You don't look like yourself.
Who do I look like?
I don't know, someone,
someone else.
I'm hungry, Tarik, really,
I didn't eat anything on the road.
What do we have in the fridge?
I'll check.
Something light.
Cotton candy.
Is that fridge broken again?
This is freezing cold!
No, it's fine.
I don't know.
There are plums too,
but they've gone gooey and soft;
you don't like that.
Did your folks give them to you?
Yeah, from the garden.
They gave us a ton, again.
There are some pastries from Mom too,
if you want.
What did you do when I was gone?
Like what?
What do you mean? What did you do?
I was at my dad's house,
you know that.
When did you get back?
This morning.
Were you always there when I was gone?
I just figured it out,
being the idiot that I am.
Figured what out?
Your mood, honey.
Emel, don't be ridiculous, please.
Of course I didn't go
to see that yoga girl.
I told you about that on the phone
because I wanted nothing to be
kept hidden between us.
It was a one-time thing.
I regretted that so much,
and I'll never do it again.
I apologize, with all my heart.
I really just--
My love.
My dear.
My love.
Not you.
You asked who that
was in the picture
He's my love.
We have grapes too, if you like.
What's that, Tarik?
What's that, there,
look, that, what's there?
-What, this?
-Yeah, that. What's that?
I don't know, what's this?
Where did that come from? Huh?
Why did you put it there?
Just tell me, what did you do?
Enough, please, that's enough,
drop the game!
Please, I'm too sick of this,
I'm too tired, I can't stand it, please!
What did you do to the guy?
What game, are you mad?
What is this?
Are you asking me?
Didn't you put it there?
It wasn't here.
Where was it?
Who put it there?
I did.
You did!
What did you do?
Please, I'm begging you, tell me.
Please tell me, I'm begging you,
what did you do?
Fuck off! Stop acting crazy,
what are you asking me?
I don't understand,
what are you asking me about?
Whose is that?
I don't know, I found it here,
in the house. It's not mine.
My brother had been to water the flowers.
I thought it was his,
so I put it there so it wouldn't get lost.
What would your brother do
with a tape recorder?
Are you trying to fool a kid?
Am I a fool?
Don't yell, for God's sake, don't yell.
We can call him and ask.
I'm just saying, it could be his.
If it's not, then I don't fucking know!
I don't know!
Enough, please!
I want to talk about other things,
I want to talk about nice things!
You left a message on the machine
about talking nicely!
And look at us now!
Please, just please!
I don't want us to
shout at each other.
I'm feeling better, Emel.
You were right,
I had to see a doctor.
I took medicine
when you were gone.
My dad found a doctor.
It's something light, no side effects.
I've been looking
forward to your coming back.
I've missed you a lot, you and us
I've missed us, Emel.
Just like our first days.
Who's this guy?
I told you, someone.
-You told me he was your lover.
-Then why are you asking?
What are you talking about, Emel?
You're sick.
You, your dad, your mom
-You're all sick.
And you want to make me sick too,
Who's this guy?
My lover!
Screw you!
Fuck off!
What did you do to him?
What did you do to him?
What, you scared?
You scared?
Tell me!
Call your commanding officer!
Where's your commanding officer, huh?
Call him over!
Is he here? Call him over!
What did you do him?
Aren't we going to have sex? Huh?
Aren't we going to fuck?
-Piss off!
You said you missed me!
Come on!
Aren't we going to have sex?
Murderer! You're a murderer!
Shut up!
Shut up!
You're a sloppy murderer!
Shut up! I told you to shut up!
-You lied, right?
-Shut up!
Those fishing lines got tangled
underwater, right?
They tangled up underwater, right?
I told you to shut up!
Just shut up now!
I told you to shut up!
Shut up!
Just shut up already!
Shut up!
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