Masum (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Come on, boy, bring out the cake.
Where are you, son?
There's nothing to be scared of, son.
Yeah, go on, you keep rolling dough.
Do you want tea while doing that, too?
Tarik's missing,
and you're out here rolling dough.
How can you be so calm?
If it was your older son
you'd be going crazy,
running all over the place.
He's not missing, he just
wanders around then comes back.
This isn't the first time,
so relax already.
You're wearing yourself out.
He'll show up any minute,
hungry as a wolf.
I'm not making these for myself,
for God's sake!
Where were you last night?
Look, I'm asking you
for the last time, Nermin.
-Where were you last night?
-What are you going to do, put me in jail?
I told you,
I went to see my sister.
Do I need to explain myself to you?
If Taner tempted you into
doing some shady thing
I swear I'll make a real fuss.
Cevdet, give me a break, for God's sake.
Get inside, don't mess with me,
leave me alone.
God, please help my son.
Please forgive us, God,
we're not bad people.
Dear God, please help my Taner.
Don't be scared.
Remember me? I'm Taner.
-You remember, right?
-Where is he?
-Where is he?
Your brother.
Where's your brother?
I don't know, I just came
through the door, I don't know.
Where's Tarik?
I don't know, I just came
in through the door.
Where is he?
How long have I been
I don't know, I
I just came in
and tried to wake you up.
I guess you fell and hit your head.
I-- I was there.
I was over there when I fell.
I wasn't there.
I was right here when I fell.
I don't know, I saw you when I stepped in.
I wanted to wake you,
I tried to wake you.
You're okay, right?
Good thing I came.
-Really, where is he?
-The cigarette.
Your cigarette.
How long have you been in here?
What's going on here?
Really, where's Tarik?
You came back today, right?
I just stopped by.
I thought you'd be home.
-The flowers--
-Where is he?
I'm telling you, I don't know.
I don't know.
I think you fell and hit your head.
-I didn't fall.
-What do you mean?
Your brother,
your brother wanted to kill
Your brother tried to kill me!
What are you saying?
That's ridiculous for God's sake.
That's not possible,
what are you talking about?
How long have you been here?
You're okay, right?
Are you okay? Should I get you
some water? I'll get you water.
He killed
He killed him!
What are you talking about?
Who killed who?
You're not yourself right now.
I'll get you some water.
You hit your head really bad,
don't move.
I'm telling you, I didn't fall by myself.
I passed out.
Your brother thought I was dead,
so he just got the hell out of here.
What are you talking about?
Stop talking nonsense!
You're not yourself!
Why are you acting weird like this?
I don't know, was it a fucking dream?
-Stop talking nonsense!
-I'm not!
Why are you here?
What are you doing here?
What do you want from me?
You're acting strange.
Excuse me, but I just don't understand.
I tried to help you, was that a mistake?
Have I made a mistake?
Why are you acting like this?
I haven't done anything to you,
why are you acting like this?
Please, stop it, please.
Welcome home.
Thank you.
My brother told me to go home,
and not to say anything to you
until he gets here.
I said we should go to the police
or the hospital, but he didn't listen.
He said, "What are we going to do,
walk into the ER with a corpse?"
"Leave it to me, I'll handle it," he said.
Goddamn idiot!
-Are you talking about me, Dad?
-Both of you!
You and your brother!
Goddamn you!
I wish I'd never had kids like you.
I thought a lot on the way here.
I thought I should just drive
off a cliff and die.
I tried twice but couldn't do it.
I pulled over at the curve
leading into the village.
The place where you used to take us
to enjoy the view.
I stopped there.
Pulled over, looked down
and thought I should just jump.
Then I heard the sounds of
a wedding in the distance.
My jaw started shaking.
And I felt like my heart was
shaking with it as well.
The night I got married, I remembered
what you said to me that night.
You pulled me aside when
we were about to get in the car, remember?
I had a cigarette in my mouth.
And you pinched it,
pulled it out of my lips.
Then you took a drag
and threw it on the ground, remember?
You said to me, "No matter
what kind of shit you do,
don't ever go to bed on an argument."
Remember, Dad?
I thought about that.
I'm not giving you my blessing.
That goes for you and your brother.
She's dead, Dad, she's dead.
I killed her.
Me, your son.
I killed the woman I love.
Is this yours?
What is that?
Is it yours or not?
When did you last see him?
Your brother.
I don't know, I don't remember.
Long time ago.
Remember, please.
Before or after I went away? When?
When you were gone. You
Yeah, you were gone.
About two weeks.
He told me he was at your dad's house.
He was there the whole time I was gone.
Did you go there?
Did you see him there?
What's going on?
Are you interrogating me?
Why did you lie to me?
You said you woke me up as soon
as you stepped through the door.
Your cigarette was about to go out.
Why did you lie to me?
I had it in my mouth when I came in.
I put it there and woke you up.
What's happening?
Why are you acting like this? What
Why, I mean
What's wrong with it?
I just stopped by here, that's all.
You're talking strange and acting weird.
What's going on, for God's sake?
Come on, get up, let's go to a hospital,
let's do something. Where's my brother?
I told you already, didn't you hear?
Your brother tried to kill me!
Then he just left!
Then maybe he sent you,
how could I know?
Why would he do such a thing?
Why would my brother want to kill you?
He missed you like crazy,
he counted the days.
You've been gone for a while.
I'm sorry, but I don't understand!
I don't get it!
You've been drinking like a fish again.
You reek!
Pin back your ears and listen to me.
We'll go find your brother,
and we'll take him to the police.
Your brother murdered someone.
Are you okay, Mom?
What did we do to you?
What did we do wrong, son?
What was missing?
Your dad's trembling in there.
What did you talk about?
What did you say?
What did you say to make
him tremble like that?
Did you take your pill, Mom?
Dad said you should take it.
We're messed up, son.
By God, we're messed up thanks to you.
I'm all done.
I swear I pray that I'll just die.
Don't be like this, Mom.
Your brother's a whole different case.
It's the same, whatever that is.
He's like a clone of your dad.
It's like they're two peas in a pod.
I told him a thousand times to speak,
but he wouldn't.
I asked him why his wife left home.
I said these things happen.
I told him marriage is a tough job.
Making it work is hard,
and you need to talk.
But no. He just looks at you like a pig.
"Mom, stay out of it."
We did stay out of it,
and this is where we ended up.
Look at me.
Does your brother really
beat his wife?
We went to their house one time,
and Ruya's eye was all black.
Look, you need to tell me if it's true.
You shouldn't keep
something like this from us.
-That girl has a family, too. People--
-I don't know, Mom, I don't know.
I don't think he beats her, why would he?
I don't know, maybe he just
bottles up his feelings and then
Look, if that's the case, please tell me.
Is he drinking?
I don't know, Mom. Stop asking questions,
you're killing me. I don't know.
Don't snap at me! Don't!
Disrespectful dog!
You keep coming back here
with your tail between your legs, huh?
You've got a big mouth, and you
scold me with no shame, huh?
I gave birth to a dog!
Just give him his bowl of food,
so he can eat then bite your hand.
You sucked the life out of me!
You've made my life miserable!
Go inside,
there are some pastries on the counter.
Heat them up and eat them.
It's almost morning
and you haven't eaten a thing.
I made them for your brother.
It's getting late, where's he been?
Why would my brother want to kill you?
Go ask him.
Why would he want
to do something like that?
Why did you beat up your wife?
I don't beat my wife.
Mind your own business.
Yeah, those big sunglasses
are just real trendy, right?
Is there something wrong
between you two?
Did you have an argument or something?
Why would he want to kill you?
I don't know.
He loved me a lot, maybe that's why.
He really did.
You doubt his love for you?
What does it matter?
Maybe you love Ruya a lot, too.
Don't get her involved, stop.
My wife is none of your business!
I'm asking you about my brother!
Your brother is sick.
You all know it.
You all know it very well!
And you do nothing about it!
Not you, not your mom, not your dad!
Cool it!
Get up.
Get up, we'll go find your brother.
-Sit down.
-Get up!
-Sit down.
-I said get up, we're going!
Sit down, damn it!
Sit down!
Sit down!
I haven't laid a finger on my wife.
Never laid my hands on her.
Ruya, stop.
What are you doing here?
Have you been following me?
Why would you do something like this?
-Taner, stop, please.
-Let go!
Taner just stop, listen to me.
Don't make this harder than it is.
We spoke about this and agreed on a deal,
you accepted this.
-Don't do this now.
-Let me go, Ruya.
Look at me, look at me.
Look me in the eye.
If you knock on that door,
you'll never see me again. Understand?
Look at you!
What kind of madness is this, man?
What kind of madness is this?
How could you let something like
this happen?
Are you hearing me, Taner?
I want to see that son of a bitch!
I swear on my dead mom,
I'll leave you and go away!
We made a deal with you.
You knew about all of this, even
before you put this ring on my finger.
I never kept anything hidden from you.
I said we could part ways
if you didn't want this.
But you said no, you said you couldn't
be without me, so you agreed.
You promised me.
Go knock on that door.
If that's what you want, go knock.
But then you can forget about me.
You either go knock on that door
or you keep your promise and we go home.
Come on, decide,
let's not stay here for long.
Her lover beats her up.
That son of a bitch.
Nobody knows about it.
Not my mom, my dad,
my brother, no one
We kept it a secret.
He's been in her life since I met her.
He's married and has a grown-up kid.
He's known Ruya for a really long time.
They were kind of on and off.
I thought it was finally over
every time they were off.
I thought the nightmare was over.
I was happy.
Then a phone call
And we were back to square one
every time.
What are you doing?
Go now.
-Don't talk to me.
-Please listen to me, Ruya.
-Fuck off!
You don't have to go.
He needs me.
I told you nicely,
I told you it's almost nighttime.
You fucked up our day.
Why couldn't we just go back home?
Look what you did,
you're acting like a child.
We could go home!
Then you'd hop out the car
and go straight to that son of a bitch!
Who fucked up the day?
Me or him?
I fucked it up.
I did it, all right?
I fucked up our day! I did!
I fucked up our marriage,
I fucked up our life, I fucked you up!
I did! I fucked up!
How many times have I told you?
I told you I was a mess,
and that you should save yourself!
I said, "Walk away if you want to,"
but you didn't listen!
Come help me so we can find it!
Taner, help me find the key!
I spent so many long nights
talking to her.
It melted my brain,
and my heart ached.
I kept patiently thinking
maybe she would give up.
But no matter what I did,
it didn't work.
She went to him again.
I wanted kids, but she didn't.
I told her we could get away from here.
Get away from it all.
But she didn't want to.
I've become the wife of my wife.
I fell in love with my wife.
I didn't become her husband.
She didn't want it.
So that's why she didn't talk to me.
I asked her about the bruises
all the time.
But she always avoided the subject.
My brother may be sick, that's right.
My mom and dad, you know
It's not easy for parents to tell
that their kid is a nutcase.
You need to understand them.
You're right, too.
You've obviously suffered a lot as well.
Marriage and the responsibility,
it probably threw him off balance.
It happened when he was
in the army, too.
He was completely damaged
while in the army.
There was an officer who was
very hard on him. So he idolized him.
We had a lot of trouble.
So they gave him
a report and an early discharge.
It's the same at the office, too.
When I give him a job, a responsibility
-and put him under a little pressure
-I've never put pressure on him.
Never, about anything
That's not how it really is.
I'm not saying you did something
on purpose.
If you ask my mom, she would say
she'd done everything she could for us.
She would say we were
in the lap of luxury.
These are sensitive matters.
We don't know how his brain works
or the kind of movie that plays
in his head.
Tarik gets puzzled when you give
him a job or a responsibility.
When we were kids
we used to go fishing.
And I'd tell him to hold the wheel
while I hauled in the fish.
He'd just take it too damn seriously.
He'd tense up his body
and his grip on the wheel.
He'd lose control of the boat.
But if you just let him be
if he takes on work voluntarily,
he does a great job.
He's a jack of weird trades.
For example, I don't know
he could draw this wall down
to the very last detail.
That rascal could draw it
like a draftsman.
Every subtle detail.
He's a weird kid.
My brother's a weirdo.
But he loves you.
Know that.
Get that into your head.
To love someone,
you don't need brains or logic.
You don't need every last
screw in your head
to be in place.
You need love to love.
That's it.
Are you okay?
One can love two people.
You, me
Your brother
Your wife
There's someone that I'm seeing
From the office.
This tape recorder is his.
I know that Tarik brought him here.
Your brother stuck his nose
into my heart.
Why are you telling me all this?
He's missing.
He's not home.
I was scared.
He hasn't been around for three days.
His phone's off.
I went to his house,
I went to the office
He's not there.
I called the publishing house,
he's an author, he writes novels.
He's nowhere to be found.
Then I came home.
Your brother was waiting for me,
he was in a good mood.
Then I saw this recorder.
Your brother had put it
there on the counter.
I was petrified.
He brought him here.
I don't know how he found
out or who told him.
I don't know, I don't get it.
But he found him when I was gone.
I don't know how he persuaded him,
how he got inside in his head,
or what happened between them.
I showed him his picture,
he didn't say a thing.
I pushed him to the limit,
but he played dumb.
He lied to me.
Your brother looked me
straight in the eye and lied to me.
He wanted to kill.
He tried to kill me, too.
Your brother's going to pay for it.
What's that?
Whose is it?
I don't know.
It's girly.
It's nice though.
Go on, take it if you like.
No, thank you.
Let's go.
Let's go!
Stop, stop!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot, man!
Quick, quick!
What, son?
There's a guy down here.
Are you all right?
Did we shoot him?
You all right?
Did we shoot him?
What are you doing here, man?
Are you okay?
You almost shot me for a boar!
What are you talking about?
I've been yelling at you, didn't you hear?
The wind.
It must be the wind,
that's why your voice didn't travel.
Anyway, it didn't happen.
-I need to get to town quickly.
-Son, take point. The car's up there.
-I'll help you.
-I'm all right.
-This way?
-Yeah, this way.
Give him some water,
he's shaken up.
The car's up there, keep going.
When we get service,
can I use your phone?
I should call home.
My daughter's probably worried sick.
I can give you my phone,
but you won't get service.
You can call
whoever you want at the car.
All right, thanks.
You have just one daughter?
Yeah, that's enough for me.
God bless her.
We go hunting like this, father and son.
When he was little, this one
was even afraid of a dead rabbit.
Now he hunts boar with me.
Great! But you almost got me, too.
Anyway, good thing it didn't happen.
Well, having a daughter
must be a different story.
You can't take her hunting, but
Nah, we don't hunt.
We play cards, backgammon, board games
That's good, too.
What happened?
Please, stop messing with my mom and dad.
Especially Tarik.
The poor guy doesn't know shit.
His wife was fooling around
with a dickhead.
This tape recorder is a memento of his.
Tarik doesn't know anything
about all this.
He doesn't know about
the guy or the recorder.
Where are you?
Yusuf? Are you all right?
Where have you been?
We were worried sick.
I'm good, I'm good. Where's Elif?
The game, uh, the picture game,
you know, the picture game
Where is it?
What game, Dad?
What are you talking about?
Yusuf, just tell us,
just calm down, for God's sake.
Don't scare us.
Elif, dear, we went camping
up in the mountains.
You brought a game along,
and then you fell.
There was a game, before you fell,
a picture drawing game
Where is it?
You didn't throw those papers away?
Yeah, I guess that's it.
Good girl, good girl.
Yusuf, did something happen?
Elif, who drew this?
Tarik, the chief's son, the crazy one.
He drew this at that campsite.
Welcome, soldier!
Thank you, sir.
Come on boy, bring the cake.
We'll take the boat to the cove from here.
You'll stay in and clean up there,
all right?
All right, got it.
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