Masum (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

I went to town, asked around
checked the boathouse,
but couldn't find Tarik.
He's gone.
He heard me talking to Selahattin.
He found out his brother's alive.
He found out his wife had a lover.
It all went to shit.
Who knows what's going on in his head.
Elephants stomping in his mind.
I'm going to tell you something,
but don't get mad at me.
Don't roll your eyes like that.
-Get inside.
-Oh, my!
Get inside, go, go, go.
Go inside and stay there.
Yusuf. Welcome, son.
I thought you were angry with me
and would never come back.
Where's Tarik?
Tarik's missing.
His mom scolded him,
and the crazy boy ran away.
He's been missing since morning.
His brother?
His brother?
Tarik's brother, Chief.
I mean, Taner. Did you ask him?
That crazy boy might be with him.
What are you talking about, Yusuf?
God help us. Help us, God.
You've done so much for me.
God's my witness,
you've supported me a lot.
If it wasn't for you,
I might still be towing cars.
You believed in me.
You transferred me to homicide
and gave me my first case.
I can never repay you for all that.
May God bless your heart.
But let me do my job, Chief.
Let me walk the path
you showed me.
Don't get in my way.
We used to have pilaf
behind the old courthouse, remember?
There was this rascal
who sold pilaf there.
His poor father left him that
stand before he passed away.
He used to serve us
chicken that looked like hair.
He was there one day
and gone the other.
I didn't know why,
but we went there every damn day.
You used to tell me about his father.
Tell me that he was the real chef
and the boy was useless.
Then I asked why we kept going there,
why not go to some other pilaf place?
You gave me an answer that day,
do you remember what it was?
You said, "A lot of guys serve pilaf,
but I don't know their dads. "
Your sons are precious to you,
I understand that.
You want to see yourself in them, I know.
You wanted them to be cops,
but that didn't work out.
You wanted grandchildren,
but that didn't work out either.
You wanted them to be good people
We're at the end of the road now.
Please don't make things
any more difficult.
Taner's alive, I know that.
Tarik's sick
and you've kept it a secret for years.
They threw him out of the army,
and you hid the reports.
God knows what else you hid
about the night of the accident.
It will all eventually come to light.
Your sons have been up to
some shady business.
This tape recorder belonged to
the guy Tarik's wife was seeing.
Tarik took out the guy
and his wife.
His brother's trying to cover it up.
I saw Taner.
We met at the old docks.
Tarik was there too, I know.
He hit me in the back of the head.
Then they took me to
the middle of nowhere and left me.
I don't know how much you know about
all this, but this is my last visit.
Find your sons.
I'll hold back Selahattin until tomorrow.
But after that, it's a whole other story.
You better listen to me.
You're a hero in that station.
Don't walk in there in handcuffs.
Goddamn you!
-Listen, Cevdet.
-"Listen, Cevdet?"
I asked you a hundred times what
the hell you were doing that night.
You want to play in the big league
with that tiny brain of yours?
"Help me, Mom," he said.
"I don't have the face
to tell Dad," he said.
I got on the bus,
and the way to the old docks
I got off at the gas station.
I met up with Taner.
Where's Taner?
I swear to God, I don't know.
He found a car and took Yusuf
to the mountains.
He told me not to tell you anything.
Have you got Tarik involved in this, too?
He doesn't know anything.
He went away,
I thought he would come back.
I don't know where Tarik is.
Do something, Cevdet.
They're going to take away my kids.
Talk to some people, don't you have
anyone you can talk to in Ankara?
Get rid of this mess.
We're way past that!
Think hard, what did Taner tell you
that night?
Did he tell you where he was going?
No, I asked him but he didn't tell me.
He said he had some unfinished business.
Then he said he was going to
run away and he asked for money.
I swear I was going to tell you.
I was going to tell you everything
before Yusuf came.
Get up.
-Get up.
We're going. Call your sister
and say we're leaving town.
Get up! Come on!
Come on, don't just sit there, get up!
Sit back down, ma'am.
So, you finished it, huh?
I did.
Deliver it personally to the publisher,
all right?
Make sure.
How much longer are
you going to hide out here?
It's been six months.
I'm scared.
I don't know, we can go to
the police and tell them.
Please, listen to me.
No, sis, please don't
start with this again.
I told you before, it's not that easy.
I broke into his house, I stole her keys.
Who can we tell,
how can we explain all this?
The guy's dad is a cop.
He was a chief for 40 years,
he's got a lot of influence.
Are the cops going to believe me or him?
We can't deal with them.
I told you what that maniac did.
Please, please
I mean, all right, don't be scared.
Don't worry about me, I'm fine.
Please. Come on.
Dad, what if he goes to the police?
I'll go before he does and drag
you in there myself.
Fuck your dad.
Do you know where this guy lives?
Did anyone see you?
-Are you sure?
Yes, he broke into the house.
He stole Emel's keys and copied them.
I was going to water the flowers and
So, your incompetence
came to something.
Instead of being a murderer
Whatever happened between you two
happened at your brother's house.
You didn't come here last night,
and you didn't bring anyone.
You'll deny everything
he says at the station.
He burgled the house.
You said you were going to call
the police, then he ran away.
While you were trying to stop him,
he hurt himself.
That's all. Got it?
Got it?
There, there.
Don't be ridiculous, Tarik! A hospital?
We're going to the ER with a corpse?
Let's go to the police and tell them.
My wife's not breathing,
she's not breathing.
To the police? You bonehead!
Don't you call the police,
or I'll kill you.
You'll get us all into trouble, me, Dad.
You're the son of a chief!
Are you going to ruin his reputation?
All right, stop, listen to me!
Get in the car now and go home!
Can you drive?
All right, go, get out of there.
Leave it to me, I'll handle it.
Where is she?
You know the area.
You'll follow those black pines,
there's no settlement there.
If you hear a voice, hide.
There won't be any villagers
but hunters may be out there.
It's migration season.
Be careful, don't be seen by anyone.
There's food here for a week,
you'll handle the rest.
Don't get in contact with us for
about a month and then
As we said, okay?
Okay, Dad.
Do you have cigarettes?
About half a pack.
Give me one.
Did you tidy up?
What do you mean?
At the house.
Tarik told me they had
a scuffle before she died.
I mean, you should've tidied up,
so the super won't suspect anything.
-I did, Dad.
How could he do such a thing?
He was taking his pills, he was okay.
I don't get how he could have done it.
Tarik's sick, Dad.
She came to us
and begged us to help her.
How could I let her go?
Dad, have you asked around?
Did the guy go to the police
after that night?
Did he file a complaint?
What kind of kids are you, for God's sake?
People are normally proud of their kids
and play with their grandchildren.
And we're dealing with this kind of stuff.
I chased guys for 40 years,
murderers, psychos
Turns out they were all
in my own house for fuck's sake
What a shame.
What a shame.
What a shame.
Are you going, Dad?
Come here.
There was no other way.
You know that, right?
If they found out
Tarik had killed his wife
your brother would have
gone to prison or hospital.
And then Mom would have been next.
You be patient for a while.
I'll get you out of the country, okay?
I'll arrange something, don't worry.
You're young, you'll start a new life.
All right, boy?
Okay, Dad.
All right then.
I asked around, there's no complaint.
He probably just ran away.
I mean, don't worry about that.
-Thanks, Dad.
Come on, boy. Go on.
Come here.
No, Dad, you have to walk
all the way home.
Stop it!
Take off your bag.
Put this on.
To keep you warm.
Go on.
Go on, boy.
-Downtown station?
-Yes, this is Eskikapi Police Station.
I'm Cevdet Bayrakçi, retired captain.
-What's your name, boy?
-It's Yasin, Chief.
-All my best to you, Yasin.
-Thanks, Chief.
Look, I need some information.
What was your name again?
-Your name?
-Cevdet. Cevdet Bayrakçi.
I'm listening.
My son was supposed to come home
from Istanbul with his own car.
It's almost daytime,
and we haven't heard from him.
We can't reach him on phone either.
We're still up at this hour.
Has there been any news of an accident
around here, could you check?
Can I have the names?
-Taner, Taner Bayrakçi.
And his brother's wife was also
with him, Emel Bayrakçi.
I'm going to need a minute, Chief.
All right, I'm waiting.
Get up.
What happened?
Is he home?
We need to talk before Tarik wakes up.
Good night, Chief.
Who's Yusuf?
They're after you, son.
They know you're alive.
I just
How could you have fallen
for this trick, soldier?
They medicated me, sir.
They drugged me.
They tried to neutralize our unit.
But I got away
while the enemy was sleeping.
The enemy never sleeps, soldier.
Sir, I know where the arsenal is.
I can find it in the dark.
If you give the order, I can go back.
Sir, yes, sir!
Never, sir!
Yes, sir!
We can't keep him here any longer.
The detention period is up.
What are we going to do?
Do you want tea?
If you don't have any evidence,
don't be an asshole!
What did I tell you that day?
I told you to get me with
a patrol car if you ever find evidence.
What did you do?
You acted like an asshole.
Look where you're keeping a man
who served here for 40 years.
What happened to this institution?
Screw your police work.
You and that dog Yusuf.
Biting the hand that fed him.
The detention period's up,
what the hell are you going to do now?
Taner's in hiding!
And his mom did something stupid
and helped him!
What parent wouldn't do that
for their kids?
I don't know, I don't know where Taner is!
I have no idea where Tarik is!
I get headaches thinking about him.
Is he dead? Did he jump off a cliff?
He's sick!
We don't know!
What are you going to do, torture us?
Do whatever you're going to do!
Practice what you preach!
Arrest me if you fucking can,
and I'll see you in court!
You're only good for locking up Russian
broads in hotel rooms and beating them!
I know you inside and out, man!
Arrest me if you can, come on!
Are you hungry, son?
Don't be shy, she can make
you some tea, come inside.
No, Chief.
We better go, it's a long drive.
-Yes, ma'am?
-Do you have lemon?
Vanilla and chocolate, ma'am.
All right,
then give me two scoops of vanilla.
-Here you go, ma'am.
-Keep the change.
Don't be scared.
Was it you who told the police?
Did you make them open the file?
Did you go to the police, Ruya?
For that girl, for Emel
Don't speak.
Don't stress out.
I'm going away, Ruya.
That's how it's supposed to be.
I wanted to see you one last time.
I couldn't help it.
I don't have much time, I'm going abroad.
I've arranged a boat
and I'm never coming back.
Let's go start a new life together.
From scratch, away from here
Are you still with that guy?
Taner, go away.
I'm begging you, go away.
Are you waiting for someone?
Are you waiting for him?
What are you doing here again?
Cevdet, you're holed up in this room,
get up already.
Look, don't make me scared.
Come on, get up, that's enough.
Cevdet, my breadwinner,
don't be like this, please.
You haven't said a word for
days, I need you.
If you get like this too
Come on, please, get up.
Come on, dear.
Come on.
Go to the basement and check it out.
There are rats down there.
Poison them or set up traps,
do something.
I'm scared to death
that they'll get in our room and our bed.
Look, the trees in the yard
need to be trimmed, you like yard work.
Come on. Come on, dear.
Come on.
Come on.
Yusuf, go to Cevdet's house right now!
What's up, Chief, something wrong?
Taner, Taner showed up.
His ex-wife called me,
he found her and threatened her.
He's probably on his way
to the house. Go now!
Go to Cevdet's house now!
I'm leaving right now, Chief.
Yusuf, finish this, son.
Chief, I mean,
I hope it won't be necessary
I'm telling you he's dangerous, son!
Take him out, finish this thing!
He'll get away if you don't.
Walnuts are 30 liras a kilo!
They have no shame!
At the supermarket behind the school
everybody is pushing around a cart.
It's like a kids' playground.
They just fill up those carts.
People have shitloads of money.
How's that possible?
I paid twice what I normally pay
at a farmer's market.
I don't have the guts to show
my face their anymore.
Everyone's got their eyes on me.
People just talk.
Who's this, this late at night?
I didn't hear a car either, did you?
Cevdet, look, Taner's here.
Your son's here, Cevdet.
What's wrong with Dad?
Come on, kiss your father's hand.
Come on, son.
I've come to kiss your hand.
I'm going away, Dad.
Give me your blessing.
You hear me?
Cevdet, say something, please.
What happened to you, Dad?
Aren't you going to talk to me, Dad?
He's been like this for weeks.
They took us to the police station, son.
They put handcuffs on your dad.
He really took it to heart.
What are you doing here?
Can you put the rifle down, Tarik?
Put it on the floor.
Put the rifle down on the floor, Tarik.
Do you hear me, Tarik?
Tarik, look at me.
The rifle, on the floor.
Okay? On the floor, calmly.
Don't, don't, don't!
No, Tarik no, don't do it!
Tarik don't do it, no, no.
Don't do it, no.
Don't do it!
Do you hear me?
Chief, hold on.
Please, hold on.
Chief, hold on, please.
Has Cevdet left the hospital?
No, they'll release him next week.
Did you visit him?
Yeah, a couple of times.
He's always asking
about his son, Tarik.
He'll see him when he gets out.
Good thing she let us know,
Taner's wife.
Otherwise, I swear Chief
would have bled to death.
Taner's ex-wife.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Drop me off somewhere around here.
I thought I was dropping you off at home.
No, I have something to do,
I'll take care of it, then go home.
I've inconvenienced you this late, but--
Not at all, please.
-Good night.
-Good night.
See you.
If you uncover a clue or Taner
contacts you, please call me directly.
My cell number's there.
Day or night, you can call me.
All right.
Can I ask you a question?
A personal question.
How did you get those
bruises on your face?
That's enough Yusuf, all right?
We've already put enough
strain on the woman.
Practice what you preach!
Arrest me if you fucking can
and I'll see you in court!
You're only good for locking up Russian
broads in hotel rooms and beating them!
I know you inside and out, man!
Arrest me if you can, come on!
Yusuf, finish this son.
Take him out!
Chief, I mean,
I hope it won't be necessary
I'm telling you he's dangerous, son!
Take him out, finish this thing!
He'll get away if you don't.
Good thing she let us know,
Taner's wife.
Otherwise, I swear Chief
would've bled to death there.
Taner's ex-wife.
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