Matador (US) (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Quid Go Pro

Matador! Matador! Matador! Matador! Matador! Matador! Matador! Matador! Matador! _ Ooh.
Next time I complain about work, remind me of this.
Too bad it'll be such a short trip.
I know, right? Welcome to the Maya.
Margarita? No, I'm good.
Don't mind if we do.
Spring break, Ruben.
Loosen up.
You're on.
I don't think he's ready for this.
Ah, Ruben, a couple margaritas, he'll be fine.
Checking in? Si.
De la Torre.
Señor de la Torre, you'll be staying in room 317.
For the spa.
No gracias.
"Fragi-ley"? My Spanish is a little rusty.
What do you want from me? Let's do this.
Dinner's on me back in L.
I'm thinking Roscoe's.
_ _ _ _ Pretty sure that means he wants to pat you down.
My friend's language skills leave something to be desired.
It's a filthy language anyway.
Ruben, introduce me to your friends.
This is Gabriel.
Guess you scored the upgrade.
Oh, no, I have an ownership stake in the property.
I hope you boys are hungry.
I made my bockwurst from scratch.
Yeah, you know, people love it.
They say it should be in stores.
So I have already a slogan.
"Do your wurst.
" You see? It's a play on words.
You get it? Food I mean, it should be fun, no? Hell, I'd buy it.
Let's have a drink.
What, you're not going to join us? Ah, me and Tequila don't get along so good.
You haven't had Tequila like this.
I only offer it to certain people.
It's good, yes? Yeah.
The beer in this country wouldn't pass for German piss, but I do love their liquor.
Do you get back much to Europe? My family hasn't been back since opa came west in 1945.
If I don't seem properly assimilated, this is by design.
My family they kept our bloodline pure.
Purity the leaving of things as they were intended.
This is the greatest respect one can pay to their creator.
Pure lineage.
Pure sustenance.
Pure product.
How pure are we talking about? You could cut it with half the lactose in Baja.
No one would care.
This little bit more weight than old Ruben usually handles.
We got a lot bigger market share.
Still, you're carrying it across the borders.
This presents risk to me.
So I'm going to need some collateral to make sure that you don't talk if something happens.
So one of you will stay until I know that the other has crossed.
We can't do that.
I've got more Tequila.
Hmm? You can help with the sausage.
We'll get Sebby to pull up some girls from the pool.
We're walking.
Sausage is a two-person job! - I told you guys.
- We're fine, Ruben.
English! - I didn't want to do it.
- Ruben, it's fine.
This was part of the deal.
Oh, Ruben.
Hmm? Tell me what it is that you have done.
They're DEA.
Aah! Taking your own guy hostage.
How does that work? Who, him? He's just an intern.
Aah! Aah! Shoot him! - You okay? - Go! Look out! Look out! Look out! Out of the way, out of the way! Move, move, move! Watch out! Move, move, move! Oh, it is on! Ugh! You can't shoot me.
You have to play by the rules.
I'm sorry.
But I have to do this.
I warned you, I don't do Tequila.
_ Tony's here.
Tony's here! Javi, Tony's here! Voy, voy.
Damn, girl.
Your hair got long.
- It smells amazing in here.
- Oh.
- Okay, everybody sit.
- What's up, man? I made some sangria.
She made me wait for you until I could have any.
How you been, jefe? I go to work.
I come home.
My life is simple, bubba, unlike yours.
After the weekend I just had, I'm good with simple.
Come on.
Let's get that sangria.
Can't believe you're turning 15.
When did that happen? It happened because you work too much.
Hey, leave the boy alone.
He's doing important work.
Yeah, but does he have to do it 24 hours a day, three months at a time? That's the job, ma.
Can't be undercover part-time.
Oh, okay.
So maybe you can get promoted to an office, so you can be yourself.
Tony, your mother just worries about you.
We all do.
I know.
So did you kill anybody this time? Cristina, what kind of question is that to ask? He's not allowed to talk about those things.
And I don't want to know.
What are you gonna do this summer? School's almost out, right? Oh, summer's gonna be super fun, helping out at dad's office and planning my Mexican bat mitzvah.
We're gonna have the party right here in the house.
Yeah, and we're hoping your brother can make it if his parole hearing goes well.
I wouldn't hold my breath.
- Cristi.
- What? You know he's gonna blow it the way he shoots his mouth off.
She's right, jefe.
The odds of a violent offender getting early parole Ricky is not a violent person.
He was provoked.
He's not built for that place, Tony.
He pretends when I talk to him, makes it sound okay.
Just know he's suffering in there.
It's been very hard for your mom, Bravo.
It's enough she has to worry about you.
You got contacts.
Couldn't you put in a good word for him? Tried, Javi.
I did.
I just don't have that kind of pull.
You sure I can't drive you home? - It's a long walk.
- Aw, come on, man.
It's a mile.
I got it.
Night, jefe.
Good night, Bravo.
You looking for a dance partner? What? Our steps were almost in sync back there.
Get that thing out of my face.
You are not really in a spot to be making demands.
Neither are you.
Now if you would kindly dismount my friend.
- Who are you supposed to be? - You first.
I'm just a guy trying to get home.
Antonio Bravo.
Alhambra certified automotive service technician license number 3345337.
So unless you two threw a rod getting lost on your way back home to Brentwood, I don't see what you have to gain from the situation.
The mechanic gig is just a cover.
You work for the DEA.
Central Intelligence.
- For real? - No, it's fake.
We're role-playing because our marriage is stale.
Come with us.
We'll explain everything.
You know what they say.
Never follow a spook to a second location.
Then I guess we'll just have to tell all the locals here who their friendly neighborhood grease monkey really is.
You're gonna have to wear this.
It goes on your head.
You know, you should really think about washing that thing.
It smells like somebody died in it.
Please tell me no one died in that hood.
If we can establish mutual trust, we can do away with these types of security measures.
Yeah, well, 30 minutes ago, you pulled a gun on me and threatened my cover, so mutual trust is gonna be a process.
Sorry about that, but you were beating up my operative.
I think that's overstating things slightly.
"Beating up.
" Somebody want to tell me why I'm here? Five days ago, this man was killed.
Made to look like a mugging.
What makes you say it wasn't? Well, then that means you brought me here to look at pictures of a mugging.
That's your seasoned analysis? The wounds low at the femoral artery, high at the jugular.
Goal here was max drainage.
This was a hit.
- Who was he? - One of our assets.
His death has left an intelligence void.
That's where you come in.
Why me? Because you have deep cover experience, you get results, and there's this.
What the hell? We can map coordinates on these satellites to the foot, deduce ground speed to the millisecond.
All of which times out to you running a 4.
3 40.
This is my favorite part.
Like something out of The Fly.
So you want me because I can run fast.
For the job in question, it's a requirement.
Are you a soccer fan? This is L.
is anyone? You used to play.
All-state high school, two-A scholarship you were good.
Yeah, well, not good enough.
Why are we talking about soccer? The L.
Riot are having open tryouts.
There are two rounds of evaluations.
We need you to make it past the first.
Try out for a professional soccer team? With passage to the second round, you'll briefly gain access to some very exclusive company.
So this is about access.
Well, who are you after? We don't want to split your focus.
We'll give you more details later.
If you make the cut, which let's be honest it's a bit of a long shot.
It's a one-time op, in and out in four weeks, and then you can go back to the DEA with a bump up to GS-11.
You can take me back up the rabbit hole now.
Your brother's coming up for parole.
On the off chance you weren't compelled by competitive spirit, we thought that we should have a plan "B.
" And what is that exactly? You complete the mission, we'll make sure Ricky comes home.
How'd it go with the division head? Fine.
As far as anyone knows, I'm on accrued paid leave.
Could've saved ourselves a trip.
I'm a crack shot.
You're not here to shoot guns, Bravo.
You're here to shoot goals.
To make it through the first round of tryouts, you're gonna have to shake off the rust, and quick.
Who's gonna train me, you? Nope.
She is.
Meet Jenny Soccolo.
Gold medal winner in Beijing 2008 and London 2012.
She'll do.
Has he ever played soccer before? Yeah.
Jesus, Rick.
What happened to your face, man? What? Oh, this? You should see the other guy.
Yeah? Nah, he looks fine.
I think he actually came out looking better.
I told you you need to keep your head down in here.
Right, 'cause it's my fault dudes can't take no for an answer.
What? They trying to get on you? Hell no.
They're all about the recruiting up in here.
You're supposed to know gang stuff.
Big DEA soldier and all.
Well, whatever.
Just lay low until your parole hearing.
Yeah, like that's gonna make a difference.
You should try being more positive.
Why? I'm not gonna make first cut.
You never know.
Are you gonna puke? I heard that was kind of your thing.
During your tryout, you're gonna scrimmage against the Riot's first-teamers.
Alec Holester.
He's their striker.
He scored eight goals for England in the last World Cup.
He's past his prime, but don't tell him that.
Big talent, bigger ego.
Caesar Arguello.
He was a dancer before he got into soccer, and it shows.
You've played the game.
It's like poker.
Players have their tells.
Spotting one can give you that split-second advantage.
Damn it! If by some miracle I do get out of here, you're looking to hook me up with a job working for the man? Actually, I'm kind of looking to make a move myself.
Yeah? I'm trying out for an open slot on the L.
Like for what? The mascot? You're serious.
I know it's a long shot.
Try to be more positive.
Ahh! The Riot's main enforcer, Gregor Zupan, aka The Bull.
The most booked player in the league seven red cards.
But he gets his opponents booked just as often, so don't let him get into your head.
So what brought this on? Saw the announcement.
I looked at my life, and I figured, why not? You don't operate like that.
Something else is going on.
Your dad, your real dad.
Wasn't he, like, your age when he died? - Yeah, so? - He was a soccer player.
Don't you think that's related? Nah, I hadn't really thought about it.
Well, you know who owns the Riot, right? - Andres Galan.
- Yeah.
- Big telecom mogul or something.
- Oh, no, no, no.
That's just the tip of the iceberg, bro.
The way I hear it, Galan is a key player in establishing a one-world government.
New world order, man.
- Heavy shit.
- It's a soccer team, Ricky.
Is it? Either way, hope you make it, 'mano.
We're going in circles on the deal.
His people are dug in.
I hate to say it, but maybe it's time to ask yourself just how important Alec Holester is to this team.
Now, you know the answer to that, Lloyd.
Holester's my biggest draw.
You just have to get creative.
I've done everything I can.
You are capable of much more than you realize.
We all are.
It all comes down to motivation.
You know, they say there's a part of our brain that remembers when we were living in caves, when we were at the mercy of the elements, when we were afraid.
Memory passing through our DNA for tens of thousands of years It's why we fear snakes from birth and darkness.
We're programmed to fear.
Throughout history, fear has been man's greatest motivator.
And so it should be yours, Lloyd, right now.
Uh, I'll have to see what I can Looks like a promising batch of new recruits.
- You can look, but don't touch.
- Come on, dad.
These are driven, healthy, upwardly mobile young men with good genes and bright futures.
I mean, some of them even went to college.
I can't have these boys thinking they can get one over on me.
So don't test me, or I'll redraft my will faster than your chones can hit the floor.
You don't know me very well, do you, daddy? I haven't worn underwear since grade school.
Why are you here, Senna? Rates for studio time are going through the roof.
Creepy's here.
Are they all in there? Maybe more.
Depends on how things play out.
But we'll have them before your departure.
Mapson, Ritchie, Wieck, Bravo, you're up.
Let's go.
You're playing for second place, Paco.
He's a disaster.
Give him a chance.
That boy can fly.
Come on.
All in the heat of battle, right? Is there a plan "C"? You make quite the impression, I'll give you that.
Might have tried doing it without buggering our entire season.
I was defending myself.
Everyone in this locker room gets that.
We're all professionals here.
It's the ones out there you need to worry about.
Zupan has some rather passionate fans, followed him from whatever slav island birthed him.
Bloody barbarians if you ask me.
What's their deal? They ate a guy once.
A ref red-carded Zupan in a rather tight match.
Cops found the poor bastard the next morning.
Hands gnawed to the nubs.
Nose chewed off.
Had an eye missing.
From what they could tell, it had been sucked out of his head.
They thought it might have been an animal attack, save for the numbers carved in his chest a four and a five.
All right.
Listen up.
We talked to the hospital.
Prognosis on Zupan is four months.
Someone's going to have to step up, fill those size-17 shoes.
Three of you will be moving on to the next round.
If we call your name, hit the showers and report to the team doctor for a physical.
And rent a suit.
You're getting to join the team at Mr.
Galan's house this weekend for the tasteless display of wealth, otherwise known as our annual kickoff party.
Lafell, Saurian.
You're in.
The mechanic? Now I've heard everything.
Not bad, right? Anybody want an autograph? What you pulled with Zupan could've derailed our entire op.
Yeah, well, a man's entitled to stand his ground.
Ask Florida.
You're not entitled to anything.
Not as long as you work for me.
All right.
Well, then let's talk about Andres Galan's party.
That's the real mission, right? Congratulations, Bravo.
You've determined the obvious.
Before bleeding out in an alley, that asset you had was employed as a satellite engineer at Galan's company Unafonica.
- Less obvious? - Eh.
So what's Galan into exactly? He's involved with an international syndicate that's had influence in a range of global disturbances: The Dubai debt standstill, the BCCI scandal, and a number of silent coup d'etat.
They've generally kept clear of the U.
, but we have good reason to believe that a domestic event is imminent.
So you need me to get intel on this event.
Five months ago, Unafonica launched a communication satellite.
On its face, nothing suspicious.
They have 14 in orbit, but he's kept this one off the books.
We think it's being used to facilitate private transmissions between him and his buddies.
You can catch me puking on a third-generation Nazi from 100 miles up, but we can't figure out a way to tap a phone call? Not without knowing the satellite's frequency codes.
See, before our asset was killed, he found out the codes were rotated every two months and then disseminated to representatives.
One of whom is this man.
Gideon Khan.
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Terracor Energy.
It's a natural gas concern out of Israel.
Also a member of Galan's club.
And he's on the guest list tomorrow night.
So you think that's where they'll make the exchange? Yes, and our window of intercept is very small.
Khan is booked on a red-eye back to Tel Aviv.
He'll be leaving straight after the party.
So you'll need to locate him while he's there, access his tablet, and copy the codes.
- Without him realizing it? - Khan is a diabetic.
A high dose of insulin will put him into shock, incapacitating him, giving you a window to access the data.
You can do this, Bravo.
Or not.
And then your brother gets to keep his position as resident speed bag at Chino.
Come on.
Let's get you a suit.
The stars are out tonight for the L.
Riot's 2014 kickoff party, and there is reason to celebrate.
Only four years after founding the league's newest expansion team, Riot owner Andres Galan saw his team finish in the top half of the table.
But a pall has been cast over tonight's proceedings by the loss of star defender, Gregor Zupan.
Thank you.
- Damn.
- Say again? Didn't catch that.
Everything all right out there? Yeah, good.
Heading in.
Enjoying the view? - What are you doing here? - I'm your plus-one.
You didn't think we'd trust you to do this alone.
You envy these people? Little bit.
Trust me, this life gets old.
How would you know? Once upon a time, I lived it.
Let's see if he'll let me buy him a drink.
Date walk out on you already? You can borrow one of mine.
I'm good.
You really should make the most of it, Bravo, because come the next round, your life goes back to Well, your life.
Carry on.
He's an amazing talent and a fecal human being.
You know, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity.
Thank Didi.
You were his idea.
Ernest, how are you enjoying the party? You know me.
I live for parties.
This is a new recruit, Tony Bravo.
- Mr.
- Ah.
When I hear that the man who knocked out Zupan has been advanced to the second round, it makes me wonder if my coach is secretly on the rival team's payroll.
For the record, that was an accident.
An expensive accident.
I'm paying Zupan $2 million a year.
With the insurance you got on a guy like that, I figure you'll come out ahead.
Someone seems to think you have talent.
But unfortunately, this is Los Angeles.
I need more than talent.
I need stars.
Enjoy the party.
You got me Off balance Something is wrong - Excuse me.
- Yes? Could you please pass me that purse? Oh, of course.
Thank you.
You were gone so long Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
- Cheers.
With your favorite song Candy's in the jar, folks.
Got it.
Keep me apprised.
What can I get you, sir? Well, I'm a beer guy, but I figure this party calls for something special.
- Mm-hmm.
- No Tequila, though.
Got any ideas? I might.
Your boss is my dad.
No, he's not my boss.
I'm just trying out.
The odds of me making this team are not great.
Well, maybe I can put in a good word? You don't even know me.
I know you sent Gregor Zupan off the field on a stretcher.
That's pretty impressive.
So what, you're in school or I'm in a band, actually.
I'm a singer.
Right on.
Would I have heard of you? Probably not, but that's gonna change soon.
You got a lot of confidence.
Arrogance, actually.
I've learned from the best.
Here you are, sir.
A Martinez.
- Martinez? - Forerunner to the Martini.
I'd say it's time for a comeback.
What's your name? You got eyes on Khan? T-minus five to sugar crash.
I'm on it.
You are brazen, coming here.
Hey, uh, I was just looking for the bathroom, man.
And instead, you found hell.
You aren't security.
I will show you what I am.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
I mean, no judgment.
I mean, to each his own.
But this whole bondage thing really not my cup of tea.
Do you know these numbers? Zupan.
Don't speak his name.
- Hey, he came at me, bro.
- Oh, yeah? How do you say, again? Oh, yes.
An eye for an eye.
Ugh! Ah! Aah! Ah! Ah.
What the hell was all that about? Soccer fan.
Okay, Khan's headed upstairs.
Target's down.
Going in.
Standing by.
- Come on.
- Aah! - Stop! Stop! - Oh, yeah.
Are you in? Do you have the tablet? Shut the door.
I've got another situation.
Galan's daughter's in a spot.
You're not there to babysit, Bravo.
Finish the job.
Bravo! Son of a bitch.
You like that, little rich girl, don't you? Ugh! What do you think you're doing? Working on my header.
You good? Wasn't the thank-you I was expecting.
- I was trying to get laid here.
- But they were attacking you.
What can I say? I like to play rough.
I guess you do too.
You were just gonna let them take a video of you? I guess.
Well, in about five seconds, your father's security's gonna be coming through that door, so if I were you, I'd stick to my version of events.
Okay? Okay, I'm with the target.
About time.
Where the hell did you go? Got the tablet.
Hard start it after you connect.
I'll do the rest from here.
Connecting Now.
Hang tight.
Okay, downloading now.
Almost there.
Almost there.
And we're good.
Stick him and get out.
Jim, hear me out.
Totti would love Los Angeles.
I can offer him five more years here.
Not a chance.
Francesco Totti ends his career in Rome.
Gervinho then.
Sell me Gervinho.
You know, that's about as funny as your ascot.
I've got a plane to catch.
Oh, come on, Jim.
You own the plane.
It's not going anywhere without you.
I know.
This ascot was a gift from Pelé.
Evening, Andres.
Amazing party as always.
Ah, thank you, Señorita Flores.
Can I offer you a sound bite, a prediction, perhaps? Actually, I have something for you.
It's about your new walk-on, Tony Bravo.
There's something you should know.
What is it? See for yourself.
Over a million hits in the last six hours.
It's gone viral.
They're calling him "Matador" because he speared the bull.
Has a nice ring to it.
So where's Matador now? So no Spanish, but put a gun to your head, and suddenly you're conversant in Hebrew? Spent six months on a task force targeting an Israeli ecstasy ring, picked up a few phrases.
Not bad.
Hello? Yes.
Thanks for the call.
Who was that? The Department of Corrections.
About Ricky.
What about Ricky? They're letting him out.
He's coming home.
He's coming home.
Baby, oh, mama.
_ Welcome back, Samuel.
I trust America is treating you well.
Well enough.
I'd like to see them.
There's the Matador.
Where's Annie? She's still decrypting the data from Khan's tablet.
I'll be handling your debrief.
I did the job.
What's there to talk about? Not before putting the entire operation at risk, so you could peep Senna Galan's menage.
I thought she was in trouble.
Like you said, job's over.
Now you get to go back to busting two-bit pot dispensaries for the DEA.
- So that's it? - That's it.
Don't you think it'll look suspicious if I just walk off the team? You won't be walking.
Not well at least.
You see, the plan was to have you play the second round, flame out, and pack it in.
But given your penchant for improv, we can't risk letting you go any further.
Sit down.
The story will go like this.
While driving through the less-than-savory barrio, you got carjacked, resisted like the tough guy that you are, - and took one in the leg.
- Wait.
- Bright career cut short.
- Wait a second.
You're not gonna believe this.
Galan just sent out a press release.
Tony is being offered a year-long contract.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- This changes everything.
Knowing we have someone on the inside for this long means we can plan.
We can use him in ways we've never conceived of.
You can count me in.
Wait a minute.
Just hold on, hold on, hold on.
Consider that my signing bonus.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm good.
This is gonna be fun.
Lots of fun.